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Nifty - Bisexual - Rural - My First Cornholing

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 19:12:50 PST
From: Tom Rogers <>
Subject: My First 'Cornholing'

This is a true story concerning something that happened to me several years
ago and I still have trouble believing that it really happened. I have
always wanted to tell someone about it, but was afraid I would be found
out. I have never attempted to write an erotic story before, so please bear
with me.

I am presently in my mid 40's, married with three children, very straight,
except for the incident I am going to try to tell you about. I was born,
raised and presently live in Tennessee. Being from this region of the
country, I never considered having sex with another male when I was growing
up. Of course, while I was in my teen years, I would joke with the other
boys about it, but none of it was serious except for one boy.

We lived in a town of about 10,000 people, but my father owned three farms
outside the town. He had a man living on the largest farm who was I guess
was what you might call an 'overseer'. The man had several children, and I
hate to say this, but the whole family was rather crude and what would now
be called a bunch of 'rednecks'. My father would sometimes drop me off at
their house so I could go hunting with the man's boys. I think I was about
15 when I first found out one of the boys had a sexual interest in me. He
was about 2 or 3 years older that me, big, and probably not overly
bright. I had been hunting with him several times, but always one or more
of his brothers was also with us. One day when my father dropped me off
this guy, whose name is Ben, went with me alone. After we got down in the
woods and set down to wait we started to talk, at first about girls. He
wanted to know if I had ever screwed a girl and I told him I had not, but
wanted to real badly. He said he had screwed several girls (probably a
lie), but what he really liked to do was, in his words, 'cornhole' boys. I
remember I felt really strange when he started talking about this and
didn't want to talk about such things, but, at the same time, I guess I was
curious. He said he had done it to all his brothers several times and I
think the youngest one was only about 9 or 10 at the time. He said his
older brother, who was away in the army, had done it to him and how much he
liked it. He then wanted to know if we 'city boys' were doing it to each
other. I told him I didn't have any friends who would consider doing such a
thing. Then he said something I have never forgotten, " Have you ever been
'cornholed', I sure would like to 'cornhole' you". This really started to
scare me and I told him if he didn't stop talking about this I would tell
my father. He might have been stupid, but he knew what his 'place' was so
he shutup and never mentioned it again. At that time some of the old
Southern class system was still recognized and I am sure he thought I was
much higher on the social scale than he was. I never went hunting with him
alone again, but I really probably didn't have anything to worry about
since I think he was actually afraid I would tell.

I never thought much about this incident for several years. I went on to
college, got married and started a family. When I was 22 my father passed
away and I inherited all the land he owned and the guy, Ben, who was
married now, still lived on the property. I guess I was 26 or 27 when I
became obsessed with anal sex due to a couple of unrelated incidences. A
friend of mine had some old 'stag' movies he loaned me to watch. These were
the old black and white 8mm movies that were around before VCR's. I took
them home and, one night when the wife was out of the house, I watched
them. They were all about the same, but one stood out. It didn't have any
women, just a man and what looked like a teenage boy, and the man proceeded
to fuck the boy in the ass. This just about blew my mind, but I hate to
admit it I was really turned on.

At that time I had never had a complete physical exam and my wife had been
bugging me for quite a while to have one. So I finally broke and made an
appointment. I had never really thought much about what the doctor did to
you when you got a complete physical, but I found out. After the usual
x-rays and drawing of blood, etc. the doctor came in and started to look me
over. He had me lower my briefs and he checked me out in front. Then he
told me to turn around and bend over so he could do a rectal exam. I was
never so embarrassed, because, even in my naivete, I sort of knew what he
was going to do next. He asked if I had ever had a rectal exam before and I
told him I had not. He then told me I would probably find it to be a little
uncomfortable, but just to relax. He put some lubricant on his gloved
finger and started to massage my asshole. Even in my embarrassment I have
to admit it sort of felt good. He then pushed his finger in me and
proceeded to probe around for quite awhile. It definitely hurt, but, at the
same time, it was a turnon and I actually started to get a partial
erection. This scared me because I didn't know what the doctor would think,
but he seemed not to notice. When I got home I immediately had to
masturbate and couldn't wait for my wife to get home so I could fuck her.

From that time on I couldn't get anal sex off my mind. First I just had to
fuck my wife in the ass. This took a lot of persuasion, but see finally she
gave in. I have to say my wife is a wonderful woman and I really appreciate
her. She is a 'proper Southern lady' and to submit to such an act took true
love on her part. At first she couldn't stand it, but endured for my
sake. I just couldn't get enough and after a period of time she got where
she actually asked me to do it sometimes. As much as I enjoyed my wife I
knew I needed more. I hated to admit to myself, but I wanted a man to fuck
me in my ass and I wanted it bad. My thoughts really bothered me and it
worried me that my desires made me a 'queer' or some other weird type
person. I was not turned on by men's bodies and did not want to fuck them,
but I couldn't get the idea of getting fucked off my mind. I became
obsessed by the thought of being 'taken' by another man to the point I
actually had fantasies about being made up and dressed like a woman while I
was being fucked. This went on for about a year and it was becoming such
an obsession I was actually losing sleep over it. I finally resigned myself
the fact I was going to have to get ass fucked or go out of my
mind. Looking back on it all I realize how dangerous this could have been,
but this was before the AIDS scare and I had never really given 'safe sex'
much of a thought.

Now I really had a problem. I did not know where I could find a man to take
care of my problem. I knew a couple of guys everyone said were gay, but
they both were definitely on the feminine side and what I was looking for
was a real man. After a lot of thought I remembered the guy, Ben, and our
teenage chat. Ben now worked for me so I did see him at least once a
month. I thought long and hard about this before I made up my mind. The
more I thought about it the more it seemed he was just right. Although he
was definitely a crude clod he was also definitely very manly in an animal
sort of way. Also, since he lived on my property and worked for me I felt
like I had a hold on him and I could trust him to keep his mouth shut.

Very soon after I had made up my mind he came to the house to settle up for
some crops. I always believed he liked coming to my house just to look at
my wife. Anyway, after we finished with the finances I followed him out to
his truck. I was nervous, but I asked him if he still fucked other guys in
the ass. It definitely took him back, but he finally was able to say he had
not done it in a long time, but still would like to if he ever got a
chance. Then he asked why did I want to know. I said I just remembered the
time years ago that he told me he wanted to 'cornhole' me. That really made
him nervous and he said he was just a kid then and he was sorry. He was
very polite and always called me, "Mr. Tom". I then told him if he ever
said anything about what I was about to tell him I would kick him off my
property. He nervousness made me braver. I then told him he could be honest
and asked him if he still wanted to fuck me. It took awhile but he finally
managed to say he would. I then told him I was still a virgin, but lately I
had thought a lot about it and had made up my mind I wanted to experience
taking it up the ass and not only I wanted but wanted it the worst sort of
way. I could tell he wasn't sure I was serious, so I assured him I was very
serious. He then started to loosen up a bit and asked me when and where did
I want to do it. I knew I had reached the point of no return so I asked him
what he thought about me coming down to the farm the following Saturday
mourning. He said that would be great and then he left.

After he had gone reality set in about what I had just done. The next
couple of days were pure hell. I was so nervous I could hardly sleep or
eat, but Saturday finally came and, although it has been almost 18 years
now, I can remember that day like it was yesterday.

I would like to say I had always worked out and ran ever since I was in
high school and in those days I was a pretty nice looking guy. Looking back
on it now I guess I had the kind of ass a guy would like the fuck because
it was definitely firm and muscular. After we had breakfast my wife had to
run some errands, so as soon as she left I gave myself a very thorough
enema. I not only did this for sanitary reasons, but I was honestly afraid
I might not be able to control my bowels with all that thrusting going on
in my ass. I showered, got dressed and set out on my journey. I figured he
would have some sort of lubricant, but I took a tube of KY with me just to
be safe.

It is almost 10 miles from my house to the farm and I almost lost my nerve
before I got there. I had always considered myself to be all man and I had
still had some misgivings about letting another man fuck me in my ass, but
I didn't chicken out. He was setting on the porch when I drove up and he
met me at the car. He had a strange sort of grin on his face and said he
really didn't think I would show up. He said he thought his wife would be
gone, but she was still at home so we would have to go down to a barn that
was about a quarter of a mile behind the house. Anyway, that was really
much better since no one would bother us back there. I agreed and he got in
the car. I noticed he already had a pretty large lump in his pants and that
both scared and thrilled me at the same time.

Neither one of us said a word while I drove back to the barn. When we got
to the barn he said we should climb up in the hayloft because it would be
very private up there. So we did. It was a fairly common hayloft with a lot
of loose hay lying around with lots of bales stacked up in the back. He
then told me that he couldn't believe this was happening and how much he
wanted to fuck me. I knew that the moment of truth had arrived and there
was no turning back now even if I wanted to. He also asked me if I knew it
would probably hurt quite a bit the first time. I told I did, but I wasn't
going to whimper or whine and if I did I didn't want him to stop. I had
wanted this for quite a while and now that it was about to happen I wanted
to be fucked good. He really smiled then and assured me he was going to do
a good job and when he was finished I would know I had really been
fucked. He said he had always wanted to fuck a city boy's ass and my ass
was the one he had wanted most of all. I figured he had a lot of experience
so I asked him what position he wanted me to get into and he said it would
probably be best if I got down on my knees and laid me head on a bale of
hay. I asked if he had brought some lubricant and he just laughed and said
he was well prepared. So we both took off our pants and briefs and I got my
first look at his cock. I am fairly well endowed, but his was not only
longer but quite a bit thicker and he was so turned on it was sticking
almost straight up. I knew then for sure I was in for a rough time, but
part of the 'thrill' of my fantasies was really being 'taken' by another
man. I guess to know I was surrendering my body like a woman was what I had
wanted and now I was going to get it.

I got down on my knees and leaned over the nearest bale of hay. He got up
behind me and told me what a nice ass I had and how much he would going to
enjoy fucking it and I was going to like it too after I had gotten used to
it. Then he said I had come to the right person to give my 'cherry' to
because he had done a lot of ass fucking and was good at it. He then put
his hands on my buns and started to squeeze, massage and spread them
apart. I was still a little uptight but I was trying to relax. I knew he
was looking at my asshole and this along with all the other attention he
was giving my ass started to relax me and I started to feel an erection
coming on. Next I heard what sounded like him unsrewing a jar or bottle and
then I felt a glob of cold lubricant being put between my cheeks. He then
began to rub it around and into my rectal opening. He took quite a while
which was a blessing, because as much I had wanted it I also didn't want to
suffer any lasting injury. He probably also knew he didn't want to chance
tearing his landlord's asshole. Next came his finger and after a short time
it started to really hurt because he started to use two fingers. He said I
was really tight but that would all change in a little while. He probably
did this for a couple of minutes but it seemed to be a long time. By this
time I really had a very hard erection. Then I felt him pull out his
fingers and I felt what I knew to be the head of his cock pressing against
my asshole. Then he started to really appIy pressure and I felt the head of
his cock slowly stretching me and starting to go in. It hurt like hell and
I still remember how my opening burned like it was on fire, but I also knew
once it had worked its way in it wouldn't hurt as much. At that time I
started to question my sanity about ever doing something so stupid, but I
finally felt a sudden relaxation and I started to feel his cock slide into
me. Even though I had made up my mind not moan or groan, the sudden
realization of his big cock was actually going deep into my ass made me
gasp. I never looked back during any of the act, but just looked down at
the bale of hay and clenched my teeth. He pulled backed a little and pushed
forward again. After he did this three or four times he managed to get all
the way in because I could feel his pubic hairs rubbing against my ass
cheeks. Along with the burning I now had very full sensation. I would have
thought he was going to kill me if I didn't know that my little wife took
almost as much into her tight little ass many times and she never had
seemed to suffer any lasting damage. I am sure Ben wanted me to suffer
some, because I know he thought I looked down on him, but I have to give
him credit where credit is due. He probably did as a good a job of taking
my virginity as could be expected. He started with real slow, short
strokes and slowly increased the rate and length of thrusts. It really
didn't last very long before I felt him shooting his hot cum into my
insides. He sort of leaned over on my back and started to catch his
breath. I had lost my erection with all the pain of his entering me and all
thoughts of lust had left me. I was somewhat disappointed and ashamed of

I was ready to leave, but Ben had other ideas. He never had pulled his cock
out of my ass and although he had just cum it did not seem like it was
getting any softer or smaller. He said my ass was so tight he couldn't help
it but he came before he wanted to. He also said he would be ready again in
a few minutes and he would last a lot longer next time and it would be
better for me since the worst was over. I really had had all I wanted, but
I figured that, if I had come this far, I could go a little farther. Anyway
by this time my asshole was sort of numb.

After he had rested a few minutes he started to slowly move inside me again
which quickly increased to some fairly hard strokes. I still continued to
look down at the hay bale as he continued to fuck me. Although there was
still some pain, the original lust that drove me to this started to return
and along with that my erection. I can't be sure, but I feel certain he
fucked me pretty hard for 15 or more minutes. Finally he came and just
about collapsed on top of me. After he lay there for a minute or so he
pulled his dick out of my ass which did not immediately close up because I
felt cold air up inside me after his withdrawal. I sort of stumbled to my
feet and I felt somewhat dizzy, but my cock was hard as a rock. Ben told me
to turn around and face him and took my cock in his mouth. I didn't expect
this, but I really needed it and it wasn't long before I came in his mouth.

After we sort of cleaned up and put our pants back on, Ben asked me how I
liked it. I told him I had mixed emotions and now that my curiosity was
cured I didn't know if I wanted to do it anymore. He said he hoped I would
let him fuck me again sometimes, because he had never fucked such a hard
and tight ass. I should try it a few more times just to give it a fair
chance to see if I liked it. I told him I would think about it and I
left. All the way home I felt like I was in a daze, like I was somewhere
else. When I got home my wife wanted to know what was wrong with me. I told
I didn't feel well and wanted to take a hot shower. In the shower I
gingerly washed my asshole. I was definitely sore and stretched and I was
worried I might be bleeding, so when I got out of the shower I squatted
over a mirror to check out the situation. I was red and enflamed but no
bleeding was evident. I think it took at least two weeks before rectum
started to feel normal again and it never has been as tight as it was
before he fucked me.

I did think I needed to give it a honest chance to see if I really liked
it, especially since I had gone through the worst part of the 'break-in'
process, so I returned to the farm 3 other times over the next 5 or 6
months to get thoroughly fucked. It did get better and it was a real turnon
at times, but it never lived up to my fantasies.

Well, I hope I didn't do too bad a job. I haven't been fucked in the ass
since then, but I do think about once in a while and I may have to have it
again sometimes.
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Nifty - Bisexual - Rural - My First Cornholing