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Nifty - Bisexual - Urination - Family Fuck Fest - Family Fuck Fest 7

Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 20:43:27 EST
Subject: A Family Fuck Fest Bi Insest ch 7

A Family Fuck Fest 7
Author: Melissa Allan
Screen name: Lissa A Green
catagory: Bi Insest

A Word From The Author: this story invovles the whole cast. little emotional
little kinky I'm sure you'll like tho. Special thanks to my good friend Trey
for the ending idea.

Early the next day Andy and I were still asleep in my room. Heather came
out of Jackie's room for some water and spotted an interesting scene on the
kitchen counter.

Heather backed up and watched.

My father was sucking off my baby brother while he was laying on the
counter. My brother was making these cute giggling noices he makes wheenver
we touch his pee pee.

I can imagine Heather's expression to what she saw. I know I would have
came if I saw it.

"Your daddie's special little boy Davey." she herd him say.

Heather was shocked at the scene. but it also turned her on. She begin to
fiddle with ehr clitty and continue to watch the father son ritual.

Heather fiercely finered her clit and she felt herself about to cum
that's when my dad noticed her there.

"Shit i didn't see you there Heather!"

"It's ok Mr. Downey."

"Your fingering yourself?"

"Yes. The Scene turned me on. At first I thought you were molesting your
son but then I herd him giggling he must be enjoying it."

"Yes he is. Look heather I'm sorry you saw this, I figured you kids were
still asleep."

"I'm the only one up. I came to get some water. Can I watch a little?"

"Watch? Davey and me?"

"Please I won't tell anyone I promise I want to watch you guys."

"What do you say baby, wan Heather to watch us play together?"

"Yes daddy!"

"Ok You can watch, but don't bring it up to anyone ok?"

"Of course."

"And you have to finished fignering that cunt of yours."

"I already planned on it."

Heather continued to watch the hot scene of my father and brother. My
brother was laughing and enjoying the attention he loves having his wee wee
sucked and his balls tickled. The scene must have turned on Heather a lot cuz
she was moaning like she was in heat.

"Did you cum Heather?' asked my dad.

"Yes Mr. Downey." Heather took her fingers and waved them over my
father's nose. He inhaled them and sucked them off.

"Your pussy smells sweet Heather."

"Mr. Downey, let me kiss Davey's pee pee? Please?"

"What do you say Davey? Want her wet lips on your pee pee?"

"Yes daddy!"

"Go ahead Heather give him a good lick."

Heather went up to davey and fondled his baby cock and put it in her
mouth. He was so soft and silky she never had a baby cock in her mouth before
but Davey seemed to appreciate it very much.

Dad said he started moaning and groaning as soon as Heather's lips
touched his prick.

"You like that Davey?'

"Oh yes daddy! She's good kisser her mouth feels good."

"I think my little guy likes you Heather."

"MMmm I must say i'm found of you too Mr. Downey. I've fantazied about
you a lot. At night I finger myself thinking about how you look naked."

"I hope I don't dissapoint you."

"You mean you'll show me what's under that robe?"

"Only if you show me what's under yours."

Slowly my dad untied his robe he allowed Heather to see him in all his
glory hardon and everything. Dad was wearing ball rings as well so his dick
was extra hard.

"Oh baby I like very much! it's going to fill my fantasies for a month!"

"Ok baby now your turn."

"I wouldn't deny your reward Mr. Downey."

"Call me Jack."

"Call me easy."

"So Jackie speaks the truth of you then."

"Yes sir. My number is on the boys bathroom at school and boys dressing
aera in the gym."

"Shit I can see why look at those boobs! MMM man what I would give to
drink milk from them."

"I don't have any milk for you but you may suck them, if I can suck your

"Shit girl you are easy!"

"Do you blame me?"

My dad reached for her boobs and carassed them a bit and began to suck
them for all their worth. he sucked and licked and bit on her sweet nipples
as she fondled his hard stiff cock. I almost wish I had awoken from my
comfortable place in Andy's arms to witness this but notice I said ALMOST.

"Shit girl I'm gonna cum!"

"So what are you waiting for big daddy?"

Dad didn't hesitate he began to shake a bit and he juices oozed out down
his leg and on the floor.

"daddy shot a lot!' cried Davey as Heather helped him down off the

"I had help son, why don't you get dressed and we'll make breakfast, for
real this time."

Davey hugged Heather and ran off to his room, leaving her and dad to
clean up the place.

"So Jackie talks about me huh?"

"Yeah, she said you were a huge slut. She said that you even slept with
your biology teacher to get a good mark on a test."

"Hay I did it fpr both me and Jackie, we're a couple of dummies you know."

"Yeah that's true, you don't biology in life anyways. Witht hat hot ass
and huge boobs you sure as hell wont need it to get a good job."

"That's my point exactly. So your whole family does this? I mean with

"Yes, we are all very close and very open withe evrything. Heather you
really have to keep what my family does with each other, i hope you
understand howmuch trouble we can get into."

"I won't tell Jack I promise. I think it's kinky. I wish Jackie told me
before but I can see why she didn't. You got one hot daughter you know."

"I know she's a good bitch ain't she?"

"Fuck yeah she's my little slut."

"She was mine first."

"True that. But seriously It turns me on the thoughts of what you guys
all do to each other, I mean you even let Davey in on it."

"Yeah well we figure at his age he's going to be charging into rooms and
poking around so why should we stop int he middle of a huge climax just
becuase a little boy popped his head in? So we brought him into the act when
he was three, same with all the children int eh Downing family.."

"That's really exciting! Jack I know I'm not a member of the family, but
Jackie and I fool around I assume you knew that, and Davey and I just had a
little cop a feel same with you and me, I was hoping, well, I was hopign I
can be part of this? I'm practiclly a member anyways with how many times I
come over ehre for dinenr and weekends."

"You got a point there babe, but it ain't up to me to let you play. The
one in charageof the orgy is Joe, the kids grandfather. I'm sure he'd love to
have you join us but you have to ask him properly.."

"How do I do that?"

"You have to look whorey and slutty, you have to be on your hand and
knees and you have to know how to take it rough and raunchy and raw think you
handle all that?"

"I've always fantazied it that way but I'm sure I can handle it. When
should I ask?"

"No time better then breakfast. ANd here comes my helper now Hay partner!"

"Hi daddie! Mommie's up! So is Cody."

"Ok Champ, why don''t you get the milk and butter out for dad and we'll
start cooking. And you Heather, should get dressed up, you have a show for us
to put on."

"Yes Sir."

"Good start slut."

Breakfast was always a big production at my house. Dad is a fabulous
cook. He makes the best blueberry pankcakes. We always have a uge breakfast.
Pancakes, waffels, muffins bacon toast and cereal. Sometimes we even get
donuts but that's mostly on special occassions.

I was waken up to my favorite aroma bacon. I felt my cock stiffen as I
remember Andy was ontop of me sleeping like an angel. I ran my fingers
through his golden brown hair.

"Hay babe it's time to wake up."

"Let's spend the rest of the day in bed. I'm to tired."

"No no come on baby, besides my dad's cookinf breakfast and I promise you
won't be disapointed with that."

"I haven't been disapointed so far."

We kissed for a while then we dragged each other out of bed and throwon a
shirt and went down to set the table.

During breakfast my family has discussion. Where we just talka bout
things that are happening in our lives. Usually we talk about different
sexual desires or fantacies but since we had compnay we just talked about
sports, school and news and boring things.

I noticed Heather looking remarkably hot that morning it even made me
hard, but that could have been becuase Andy was secretly rubbing my crotch
under the table.

He got me all worked up again that I asked if we can leav the table.

"Go ahead sweetie, but don't you guys stay out to long your sister and
Heather aren't going to clean the basment by hemselves today!'

"Yes mom!"

Damn I forgot the basment. I sluggard upstairs bummed out.

"Don't worry baby we can still have fun."


"We still haven't taken a shower we can play in there come on."

Andy grabbed my hand and we went into the bathroom and got the shower

"I've always wanted to do this with someone." he said sexually and took
off my underwear.

I couldn't say anything ot that becuase I've have done this before with

We slowly undressed each other and felt the steam coming out of the
shower we knew the water was just right.

Andy and I got in and started to make out.

"What if someone comes in?" he asked suddenly worried.

"Don't worry my door is locked and they are still eating anyways."

I pushed Andy against the wall and continued to kiss his lips. Our
tounges wreslted around togeher and his hands folded my hard cock and balls.
I wanted tot ake him right there.

"Let's ake this one slow ok baby? We had sex already but we never made
love." he said.

"You got it baby."

I wanted to please him more then anyone. and he was right whenever we had
sex it was wild and rough but we never took our time we never explored each
others bodies we just rammed our cocks in and out not that it was abd of
course, but I wanted to feel him all over and have him do the same thing to

I took the bar of soap that was on the dish and lathered him up. I soaped
up his backside and cute ass. I even took the soap and stuck in his tight
hole. I herd soft moans coming from his mouth.

"You don't have to worry about making noise baby, like I said they won't
come up here." I said hoping he would moan louder. He took my advice. I was
glad I could make him feel so good.

I soaped up his front side paid close attention to his cock and sac as I
was soaping it up we kissed some more. I don't know who taught him how to
kiss but everytime we did I was out of breath.

I then took the shower handle and spread off the soapy suds. It was a
gorgous sight. I loved seeing his body all wet and dripping int he shower.

I continue to lick hi neck and around the back of his ear. I can herd him
panting a little.

"Damnit Cody I'm going to cum and you haven't even sucked me yet!"

"I wasn't planning on it either." I said with a grin.

"Will you make love to me Cody? Please?"

I kissed him deeper this time for my answer and he turned around facing
the wall. I use the soap on my to make it easy to slip into his ass. I gently
spread his cheeks apart and pushed my cock inside.

My arms automatically went around his body as my cock went deeper in his
rectum. I loved the feeling I can tell he did too. His ass was hugging my
cock and trapping it inside.

His head turned around and we kissed more.

"I love you Cody."

"I love you too baby. But I hate to spoil the mood here but I'm going to

"Keep it int here baby, I want to feel you cum in my ass."

I did as he requested and soon he was rewarded with my liquid oozing in
his hole. I was exhausted but I was happy.

Andy and I cleaned up some more and fooled around a bit then we got out
and got dressed.

"Andy I'll be right back okay? I'm going to see if I left my basketball
down in the basment."

"I can tell you where you left two of your basketballs." he said and
groped my dick. Even after that intense orgasem we just had I still go an
immediate hardon just by his touch.

Ok truth here; I lied to Andy I knew where my bat was but I wanted to
check the cose to make sure it was clear view, however when I got there I saw
a surprising scene!

Heather was kneeling infront of my grandfather giving him what looked
like the best blowjob he ever got! My eyes were wide open! I couldn't believe
Heather was doing this infront of my paretns? I was too shocked to put the
pices together, not realizing that Heather must have either walked in on a
scene simular to this or Jackie must have slipped her the news.

I was about to just go back to my room when I was spottoed.

"You guys continue it's ok I'll talk to him!" I herd my father call out.

I felt embarrassed for some reason and jealous though I don't have a
reason to be. I could have had Heather kneeling for me like that infact I
probably could have had that last night but I had Andy instead so I wasn't
sure why I was jealous but I was, like you know you get when you see
something you wanted or least someone who wanted you and when someone else
get's them your heart breaks, well I was feeling like that, well sorrt it's
too hard to explian what was going on in my heart at that moment.

"Cody wait a minute!"

"Dad it's okay you don't have to tell me what's going I kinda figured it

"Cody you don't know the whole storey."

"Ovbiously! Look I gotta go out with Andy I don't have time to listen to
it nor do I really want to, I'll be back later, just clear up the scene with
in ten minutes so I can bring Andy down."

I know it was rude but I couldn't help it. I didn't know how long this
was going and why I wasn't told.

I went to grab my basketball and went back to my room.

We went off to the school to play some one on one (On the courts not in
the sec) Andy was beating me ten to eight I just couldn't consentrate on the
game. I was too pissed off at my family. I think ANdy could tell something
was wrong. he kept making corny jokes to get me to laugh but it just wasn't

"Okay babe what gives? Your old man yell at ya or something?"


'What's wrong? You've been so moody since we left your house."

"Ahh it's nothing hon, le'ts not talk about it ok?"

Andy stopped dribbling the ball and came over to me. My eyes got watery a
bit and then the tears fell. i was so angry at my parents for keeping this
from me when we are supposed to so open and sharing! I only wondered how long
they've been screwing around wirh Heather. But how could I explian all that
to him without telling him about my family. But then I figured if they can go
and tel Heather about everything then I should be able to tell Andy, my best
friend my lover.

Andy put his arm around me and hugged me wich felt real nice.

"You don't have to tell me baby, just tell me what to do to make you feel

"I'll tell you, but you might freak out."

"I can handle it."

"I hope so."

"Baby there isn't anything that could freak me out. I'm eleven and herd a
lot of shit. So what happen? Did he hit you or something?"

"No nothing like that."

"Well then what's wrong?"

"Andy I'm going to tell you something, this is something so incredibly
taboo that I shouldn't even know what it is."

"Shit Cody your freaking me out just tell me already!"

"My family and I, well.. We have sex together. It's been going on for a
while now in fact for years and I,"

'You what?!! Your telling me they fuck around with you?!"

"Andy I,"

"That's sick Cody! That's so sick when where you going to tell me this?
How long have they been doing this to you?"

"Since I was three."

I saw the look in Andy's eyes. He looked like he was going to be sick. I
thought he was going to kill me. I flinched as he put his arm around me.

"I'm just in total shock Cody, I mean you go on in life as if there's
nothing wrong at home your always happy and joking around even making sex
jokes and your always horny and ready for me I would never ever guess
something like would be happening inside your home. Shit your family seemd so
nice and normal geezes I slept over there last night! No wonder why you said
they won't bother us. God Cody If eel so bad about this."

I was confused I wasn't sure if he was angry upset or what. But he just
hugged me I even herd himc rying a little.

"Andy why are you crying?"

"Gee I don't know the guy I love just told his family is molesting him.
Sorry Cody I didn't mean to say it like that."

"Whoa whoa, Andy they aren't molesting me."

"But you just told me,"

"Yeah, but I mean they aren't forcing me to do this."

"So your saying you screwing with them by choice?!"

"Yeah." I said meekly.

I was afriad to look up at him. But I was curious to his expression.

He wasn't even looking at me. His lips were sealed tight and his fits
were looking like they were were gonna hit me. I was scared.

"This is great. Just great. I can't believe I confided my feelings into
you! After all those time we fucked around you went to your parents after I

"No!! Infact I haven't done anything with my parents since we became a

"So I assume they know about us then!!"

"Well yeah they do. I knew they could take it well."

"SO after we both agreed not tell anyone about each other you go off and
tell the! I bet you tell them what we do too! I bet you entertian them a lot
with our sex life!"

"Andy please don't be mad at me ok? I told them we were dating and how I
felt about you but I haven't told them what we do."

"I don't want to hear it!!! I can't believe I fucking trusted you with my
feelings! I can't believe I let you make love to me! I "

"Look, I know your really mad at me right now,"

"I'm so beyond mad, no actually you what, I don't even care about it

"So your okay with this?"

"NO! But you know I'm just going to pretend it ever happened, which means
I'm pretending you ever happened!"

With that he got up and left the gym. My heart stopped in the middle of a
beat when he said that. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.
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Nifty - Bisexual - Urination - Family Fuck Fest - Family Fuck Fest 7