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Nifty - Bisexual - Urination - Randys Love For The Woods

Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 10:35:39 -0500
From: Ham Barker <>
Subject: Randy's Love For The Woods Bi-sexual/incest/urination

Another one for my scat friends and thank all of you for writing and your
much appreciated comments.
I love hearing about your likes and dislikes as well as how you became
envolved in the act of scat.All mail will be answered.Thank you all again.

Randy's Love For The Woods

Randy sat looking through the field glasses to see if they had arrived
yet,he looked forward to them every month.
He had had his breakfast and was having coffe as he looked around from his
cave half way up the hill,Randy was a homeless boy who was sixteen and lived
in a state park.

Once a month a girl scout troup,along with a boy scout troop would come in
and help clean the park.
The first time he had saw one of them hide in the brush and pee he had
become hooked and never missed a chance to watch.

Twice he had seen the girls leader and the boys have sex back in the
brush. With his glasses he could see up close and had seen the girls pussy as
well as the guys bare ass as he plunged his big cock in and out of the
girl. After he had finished the boy tied a knot in his rubber and threw

When they had all gone Randy snuck down and retrieved the rubber and
returned to his cave where he brushe it off then sucked on it awhile,
tasting her pussy then opened the rubber and drank the guys cum'he loved the
taste of cum.

Later he saw the area they were working and would hide in the brush where he
could see them as they moved around.
Sometimes the sight of those cute little bare legs would give him an
enormous hard on.

Once two of the girls were giggling and whispering then quickly snuck back
into the trees.Randy could see every move they made because his hiding place
was only feet from where they stood.
"You watch for me Mitzi,then I'll watch for you".The girl whispered.
"Ok Amy,but hurry."

The girl rasied her green skirt and removed her panties,Randy could see her
cute little rounded ass as plain as day.He was amazed by how much of her
pussy he could see from behind,the bald puffy lips as her stream of pee
gushed from her pee hole.

Randy felt his heart rate increase just as his breathing had,then his breath
caught as he saw the turd oozing from between those pretty cheeks.
It was of golden color,round and maybe six inches long as it dropped from
her ass.

That seemed to be a pretty good size turd for a girl her age.
Mitzi handed her some paper and Randy damm near come when he watched her
wiping her sweet little ass.His mouth water as he visioned licked the crack
of her ass for her.

He was a bit confusd by his excitement,he had never been aroused by someone
shitting before,but then he had never seen it close up before either.
Amy stood and put her panties bacl on then dropped her skirt as Mitzi took
her place a little ways over.

She was facing where Randy was hiding and he could see her pussy plainly as
she also removed her panties as her piss spewed out splashing on the ground
then she to began to shit to.
When she stood he had a clear view of her pussy and wanted desperatly to
rush out,shove her down and eat her.

Someone was calling for them and the girls quickly jumped and headed for the
Randy walked to where they had been and to his surprised got on his knees
and began sniffing the turds that lay there,what was the matter with him?He
had never done anything like that before.

He was shaking all over as he stuck his tongue out and toouched the tip to
the pile of shit,a sob escaped his through as he quickly licked it then
jerked his head back.
Never had he been this excited before,not even when he had licked his aunts
ass or when her boy friend had held him down and fucked taking his cherry.

His hand shook as he picked up the long slender turd and stuck it in his
mouth as he began to suck.
It broke in two and he chewed the piece in his mouth and swallowed it
down,it quickly came right back up.

He heard a noise and stood up,that was when he saw the white panties,the one
named Mitzi must have forgot them.
He grabbed themn and shimmed back to his hiding place as the girl returned
looking for her panties,she was completely confused when she saw they were

Randy was to enjoy chewing on the crotch of those panties for several days
till he finally had the taste of pee and her pussy chewed out of
them.Sometimes he would watch the boys as well as the girls while he wrapped
the panties around his cock and jacked off.

Maybe we should pause her and explain just how Randy became a homeless wharf
at such and early age.
He had lost his parents when he was four and had been taken in by an aunt
and uncle,when he was seven his uncle abandoned them.

His aunt met another guy and he moved in with them and from day one it was
obvious he had a thing for Randy.
He was to learn later the guy was gay and had caught him several time having
sex with other men and neighborhood boys,some the same age as Randy,who was
ten at the time.

Randy had to admit that when he peeked at Burt having sex with one of the
boys he would become excited inside and his little cock would become hard.
He had found he was able to come at when he was eleven,almost twelve and was
fasinated by the sight of the cream which would shoot from his dick.

In time he dipped his finger in the cream and found he liked it's taste,from
then on he began eating his own cum.
Burt had caught him peeking one afternoon and chewed his ass out good.
It was a couple of weeks later that he came into his room while his aunt was
at work and began loving on him.Randy could smell the booze on his breath.

He had always beenm afraid of Burt and never faught him as the man took
Randy's clothes off then stripped off himself.
Randy gulped at the sight of the mans dick,it was huge.
He tried to turn his head when Burt went to kiss him but the man held his
face and pressed his lips to his,forcing his tongue into his mouth.

As he slid it in and out of Randy's mouth his hand was massaging his
cock,then he took hold of Randy's hand placing it on his dick and ordered
him to jack him off.
As the boy played with the mans dick and he continued to kiss him,he felt a
big finger fighting to get inside his ass.

He was pinned on the bed,Burts body on top of him,his tongue fucking his
mouth as Randy jacked him off and his ass being raped by a finger and
although he was scared at first he began to calm down and was shocked by the
fact he was enjoying it.

Burt finally stopped and ordered him to remain where he was then left the
room,when he returned he had a can of crisco from the kitchen and had him
get on his knees on the bed.
Randy felt him poking the crease up his ass then felt the bed give as the
man on on it behind him.

He felt Burts hands spreading the cheeks of his ass and just as the head of
his cock touched his anus it regestered what he was planning to do.
The boy tried to jump up but was held securly by the hips as the big cock
spread him open sliding up his ass.

He had never had anything hurt or burn so bad in his life and screamed out
till Burt covered his mouth with his big hand drownding out his cries.
Once the long cock was inbedded up his virgin ass the man held him pinned to
him till the pain began to subside then he began moving back an forth as he
held his hips tight.

Randy continued to sob at first as the thought entered his mind,he was being
fucked,just like Burt had fucked his aunt.Did this mean he was a queer now?
That was just the first of several times the man took him as his sex

He even forced his aunt to let Randy fuck her while he made a video of
them,then had her do the same as he made love to the boy with Randy first
sucking his cock then being fucked by the man.
Even though he enjoyed eating his aunts pussy,that was what made up his mind
to escape.

At the ripe age of fourteen Randy became a homeless statistic.He had been on
his own for two years now and hid out in his cave in the state park.
He made money to live on by selling himself to older men,he was surprised at
the things they asked to do with him.

The thing with the girls shitting had aroused him to a new high and although
he had a pleased feeling about it,he was a bit shaken as well.
Each time he thought of it he could taste the girls shit that he had licked

All the girl scouts were twelve and up as was the boy scouts.Their young
bodies just begining to develop nicely,with the exception of a few who were
more advanced.
He had continued to watch for the two who he had watched going to the
toilet,hoping to see them again.

It was sometime before he was rewarded with the pleasure,but in the meantime
he saw the leader of the boy scouts with one of the girls who looked to be
aound thirteen sneak off into the brush.
Randy quickly made his way near the spot,he had all kinds of hiding places
in the woods.

He lay watching as the man kissed the girl and it was plain to see she was a
willing party as she returned his kiss.
In no time he had her small titties exposed and was sucking on them as his
hand massaged her crotch.

After a few minutes the man checked to see if anyone was near by,then
returned and lay the girl back on the ground as he lifted her skirt and
removed her panties slinging them aside.
As the man buried his face in her crotch and began eating her pussy Randy
quickly snatched up the girls panties and skiried back in his hiding place.

His cock was throbbing badly but he did not want to come yet as he watched
the man lift her legs and begin licking her ass,this really excited
Randy,why?He was not really sure but he could almost taste her ass as well.

Finally the man sat on her chest as he held his cock to her lips.At first
she refused then gave in and began sucking his dick.It was so huge she was
unable to get much of it in her mouth.
She sucked awhile then the man slid down her body and guided his cock to her
pussy,entering her.

The girl arched her back and gasped as the big dick filled her then began to
move in and out slowly at first,then faster and faster.
As the man fucked,Randy could see the girls ass hole as well as her pussy
with the cock plunging in and out.

He wanted desperately to eat that ass and pussy,even the mans ass hole was
inviting,he must have shaved it because it was smooth and hairless.
After the girl's body began to shake and she had arched her ass upward a few
times she relaxed and the man shot his load.

He ate her pussy some more then told her to wait till he was gone a few
minutes then she could follow.
The girl nodded as she smiled up at him and closed her eyes,then the man
staightened his clothes an walked to the path.

As the girl lay their with her pussy still bare and her eyes closed,Randy
quickly stripped off naked and slinked out to where the girl lay.
He was on top of her with his dick inside her pussy before she realized what
was taking place.

He cupped a hand over her mouth as he pumped his ass like a piston,feeling
his cock wrapped in a warm pussy full of cum and joy juice.
"Be quiet and I won't hurt you,ok?"He whispered and the girl nodded as she
looked at him wide eyed.

Needless to say the boy came quickly and lay panting on top of her.
When he had his breath back he whispered to her again.
"Will you let me eat you,your pussy and ass I mean?"
Again she nodded,much to his delight,then he was sucking and tonguing her
pussy,eating the cum and joy juice it supplied.

His mind was reeling now as he rolled her on her belly and began rimming her
She seemed to like it and this pleased him as he began sucking hard on her
ass hole.

He felt it first before it regestered in his mind then it popped into his
His gave over comletely to his lust as he began to whimper and chew the ball
of shit that had escaped her ass.

The girl lay staring back at him as she realized what he was doing.
Then he was begging her to do it again in his mouth.
Sweat ran down the girls face from the excitiement of it all as she licked
her lips and squatted over his face.

She instantly filled his mouth with several small turds.Just as he began to
chew them up she sliped and her ass pressed down over his mouth and he
quickly held her hips holding her there till he had swallowed her shit.

Even the girl was surprised when she dumped more in the boys mouth and he
ate this as well,then asked her to wash it down with her warm girl piss.
It was a first for them both and he asked if she would meet him again the
next time they came to the park,he damm near flipped when she agreed and
asked if she could bring a friend.

Randy sucked on her panties for days after that.He knew in his mind he was
hooked on eating shit but by now his desire to be fucked again had become
demanding in his mind also.
He made one of his trips in town,he knew just where to stand and be picked

A car pulled up and an older man asked if he was looking for someone.Randy
said he was and it was him.
The man opened the door and let him in,he admired Randys smooth legs and
bare midrif which showed his belly button.

The old guy rubbed his hand over his legs as he drove then cupped his hand
behind Randys head urging him down in his lap.
Randy knew the routine and freed the mans dick from his pants licking the
precum from it's pee slit before taking the shaft in his mouth.

A hand slid beneath his shorts and a finger began to massge the crack of his
ass then tease his ring hole.
The finger was working in and around in circles inside his ass then the man
removed his hand and began to suck his finger.

Soon they pulled into a motel and the man rented a room then retuned and
they went inside.
The old guy lost no time in getting naked and Randy was just as quick.
As the guy hugged him Randy asked what it was he wanted to do.

"Before you leave I want to fuck you,but before that I have something else I
"What?"Randy asked.
"Have you ever dumped on anyone?"
"Sure,is that what you want?"

"Yeah,I want you to shit on me boy,ok?"
"I can do that,you want it on your body or in the mouth?"
"I want you to shit on my chest first then rub it all over me before you do
it in my mouth,can you do that?"

"Sure,but it's going to cost you a hundred."
The man removed his billfold with shaking hands and handed Randy five
twenties which he stuck in his pants pocket.
The man went to his kness and sucked Randy's cock awhile before licking the
crack of his ass,then went to the bathroom and lay in the tub.

Rand straddled the man and squated as he strained out a nice sized turd
which landed on the guys chest.
Then he began to rub it all over the guy,smaering his cock and balls,even
his face and rubbed some on his lips.

The old guy surprised him and pulled him down on top of him pressing his
mouth to his kissing him.
Randy could feel his shit smearing between their bodies as the old guy
frenched him,smearing the shit in his mouth.

The guy was breathing so hard randy was afraid he would pass out as he
squatted over his open mouth and began to fill it with more shit.
The old guy was sobbing as he ate it as though it were candy,then began
tonguing and licking Randy's ass.

Randy could taste his own shit in his mouth and began to lick his lips and
swallow also.
Once the guy had swallowed the shit he placed Randy on his knees and buried
his shit covered cock up the boys ass fucking like crazy.

It wasn't long before he blasted up the boys ass then fell back panting as
Randy smiled and went down on his cock which was covered with cum and shit
sucking the old guy clean.
They showere and they guy continued kissing him before sking if he would
piss in his mouth.

Randy was glad to oblidge and emtied his bladder down the old guys throat.
When he left,the old guy handed him another fifty and asked if he could get
back on his own.
"No problem."Randy said smiling,then kissed the old guy hard on the mouth
before leaving.

That night as he lay in his cave naked,he had a dream about being with three
of the girl scouts and after fucking each one up their ass he ate from their
ass hole.
Then the dream turned to the scout leader and he was being fucked like crazy
by the guy.

He did meet the girl and her friend later and invited them to his
cave,something he had never done before,but took them the long way around so
they could not find it again.
Both said he could fuck them but only if he would eat their.what they called

Needless to say he had a full belly before the two had went their merry way.
As he sat thinking of them later,Randy knew he would never leave this park
nor his warm little cave,why would he,he had everything he wanted right
her....and then some......

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Nifty - Bisexual - Urination - Randys Love For The Woods