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Nifty - Bisexual - Urination - Young And Old - Young And Old 5

Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 10:12:23 -0800 (PST)
From: Jaxon Renick <>
Subject: Young and Old Pt V

                      Young and Old Part V

After that date night, where Kellie got her first glimpse of my dad's big
cock, had me finally pop her cherry in that back alley and got back to my
house where we found my old man asleep on the couch and we ended up sharing
his dick, she was coming over more often.

Dad normally only fell asleep on the couch during the weekends, but
whenever Kellie would come by and pick me up for our date, when she'd drop
me off we would always find him in his robe, asleep on the couch.

Convinced that he was a dead sleeper, Kellie loved to have a final fuck
with us including my passed out father. How he kept his composure and
managed to remain `asleep' with us licking, sucking and fucking ourselves
on his meaty cock was beyond me. When she'd finally head for home, I'd head
to my dad's bed and fall asleep cuddled in his big arms, more often than
not with that big dick of his planted firmly up my ass.

Kellie came over one day while my dad was at work and we spent the
afternoon just fucking ourselves into blissful oblivion. The simple
vibrators that she'd carried around in her purse so we could probe and fuck
each other's assholes while sixty-nining were replaced by two big vibrating
dildos. They weren't quite up to matching Dad's cock in length or width,
but that didn't stop either of us from pretending that it was him up our
asses when we used them.

After a last orgasm, we fell asleep in each other's arms on my bed. When
Kellie woke up, she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She had
woken up horny and took one of the dildos into the bathroom with her. In
the mirror she examined her naked body, sliding her hands over her perfect
tits and bubble butt.

At 5'5" she was perfectly proportioned with full C-cups and had just the
right flare to her hips to make any male drool with desire. She had a full
mane of fiery red hair that fell to the middle of her back and framed her
face in such a way that she looked like an angel and while she shaved the
lips of her pussy, she kept the rest of her bush lush and full, the effect
was devastating to behold.

Kellie had closed the bathroom door when she went inside so when it opened
as she was sliding the head of the dildo thru her pussy lips, rubbing the
tip of the big rubber cock over her clit she thought that it was me, having
woken up and looking for her. Instead, it was my dad, home from work and
naked for his afternoon shower.

She wasn't the only one surprised. Dad always took a shower when he'd get
home from work and for the past couple of weeks it wasn't out of the
ordinary for him to find me in the bathroom, hosing out my ass with an
enema in preparation of taking that big dick of his while we enjoyed an
afternoon fuck in the shower. So his cock was already revving up for some
action when he strolled down the hallway from his bedroom to the
bathroom. It wasn't until he opened the door that he realized that he'd
just passed my bedroom, where the door was wide open and he'd seen my bare
ass sleeping in my bed.

My two lovers stood there, taking in the naked surprise before them. Kellie
just stared as she saw Dad's cock surge to full erection before her, while
Dad watched as she unconsciously continued to rub that dildo over her

"Would you like some help with that dear?"

Kellie looked down at her pussy, realizing that she was rubbing herself.

"That's quite a cock you've got there, looks like it's definitely a two
hander. Mind if I see it?"

He held out his hand and Kellie automatically handed the dildo to my

"Wow, that's really got some heft to it, doesn't it?"

She could only nod her head in agreement as she looked from the dildo in my
dad's hand to the bigger cock sticking out from his crotch. Dad brought the
toy to his face, giving it a good sniff before licking the clear pussy
juice from the head.

"Damn, but that's some tasty juices you got there."

Kellie fought the desire to tell him how tasty his cock was and just
watched as he held the toy up to his cock, measuring the two against the

"Does this big thing really fit in that pretty little pussy of yours?"

She almost told him that they both fit just right, but instead simply
nodded again.

"Really?...What if I said that I doubted that very much?...Would you show

Kellie finally found her voice again and told my dad that if he didn't
believe her, that maybe he should try it for himself and sat on the counter
top, spreading her thighs to reveal her wet, pink lips.

Dad almost tossed the toy aside in favor of simply skipping ahead and
giving her his own big cock, but decided to make the most of the moment.

He knelt down in front of her, inhaling the fragrance of her aroused pussy
and admired her beautiful, delicate folds with some of my earlier cumload
dripping from between them, before leaning in and tonguing her inviting
pussy. Kellie's hands immediately latched onto my dad's head, holding him
firmly in place as his tongue snaked into her moist hole and began licking
her to within an inch of her life. When he was satisfied that she was
ready, Dad took that dildo and looked deep into Kellie's eyes as he gave
the toy a good lathering of spit before using one hand to spread her pussy
lips and probing her cunt with the head of the rubber cock. Slowly he
worked that toy thru her lips and drove it deeper in her pussy. Dad
expertly toyed her pussy until she was a writhing heap of teen womanhood.

"Well, what do you know? You really can take that big cock."

He stood up before her with the dildo buried up to it's rubber balls in her
young pussy, the lips stretched tight around the thick shaft and his cock
straining from his hairy groin at full erection.

"Care to see if this one will fit?"

Kellie gave a little 'Yip!"' as she pulled the dildo from her pussy with a
wet slurp, leaving her lips gaping from the sudden withdrawal of the thick
dildo. Dad didn't hesitate in replacing the toy, plugging the fat head of
his dick between her slick petals before they could close and both watched
as inch after inch of his wonderful cock slowly sank into her inner depths
with a single, steady thrust. Dad teased her by pulling his cock very
slowly back out until just the head was still between her pussy lips and
then repeating the whole process over and over. His hands played with her
breasts and paid special attention to her sensitive nipples, being gentle
then rough as he tugged, pinched and twisted those hard nubs taking her on
a rollercoaster ride of pleasure. Actually the ride was just beginning.
Letting go of her tits, Dad thrust all of the way in and grabbed Kellie by
the ass, lifting her off of the counter top and began to just slam her
along his long length as he stood there in the middle of the bathroom. The
mirror on the wall offered them an unrestricted view of her little pussy
taking all of my dad's giant fucktool and his big finger working it's way
up her little butthole.

I had woken up and found Kellie missing from my bed, needing to pee I
figured that she probably was in the bathroom already...Hooboy, was she in
the bathroom already! It sure wasn't what I was expecting to find when I
opened the bathroom door, but it was definitely a sight that caused the
blood to surge straight to my dick. I'd swear that my sudden boner smacked
against my belly but with the wet slapping of their bodies reverberating
around the small room and the heady scent of sex assailing my nose, I was
immediately lost in lust. Kellie hadn't seen me enter the room, catching
her riding my dad's cock, but Dad did and he just smiled as he saw my
hardon. I quickly rubbed some spit along my cock and bellied up to the bar,
so to speak.

Dad pulled his finger from Kellie's butt and held her steady on his cock
as I began to slide my own up her backside. I'd fucked her a number of
times by then while whatever hole I wasn't in was stuffed with a dildo, but
this time, with Dad's monster dick filling her pussy, I found Kellie's ass
to be the tightest hole I'd ever stuck my cock into. She was babbling
nearly incoherently as we started to double fuck her. With Dad doing the
heavy lifting, my hands were free to roam over her body and further
increase her pleasure. I fucked her ass for only a minute or so before I
silently mouthed over her shoulder to my dad and nodded towards the
shower. Kellie gave a small groan of disappointment when I pulled my dick
from her wanting ass and followed Dad into the shower stall. Again he held
her impaled on his prick to let me re-enter her ass and the fuck was on
again. From Kellie's cries of pleasure I knew that she was getting close to
another orgasm. I signaled Dad to hold still for a moment and with my cock
buried balls deep in her butt I let loose with a hot load of piss. Dad held
Kellie's ass still while I gave her a piss enema, but he kept fucking her
pussy with his fat cock, the combined actions sent her into orbit. Kellie
kept cumming again and again, each one seemed to be more powerful than the
next. I pulled my cock from her ass and with the next climax, she shot all
of my piss out of her butt and all over the shower floor while she wailed
in orgasmic bliss. Before the last drop had fallen, I was back up her ass
and we took her like only a father and son tag team could.

She was begging for more and we gave it to her, slamming our cocks balls
deep with every thrust. Kellie was drooling from every hole. Piss from her
ass, pussy juice from her cunt and a long strand of spit hung from her
bottom lip as Dad and I went for our own orgasms. I actually felt my dad's
cock flex in her pussy as he began to give her his massive load of cum. I
was right there with him and gave her ass my load of teen cum. How neither
of us fell to the shower floor after draining our balls into her, I'll
never know.

I'll give Kellie credit for not just collapsing onto the floor after we
disengaged from her clenching holes, but she did have to hold onto the
towel holder on the wall, which really worked out just fine as Dad and I
got down on our knees and slurped each other's cumload from her dripping
holes. My face was just covered in my dad's load as Kellie's convulsing
pussy squelched out gobs of his cum while Dad came away with a face
glistening in cum and piss.

Finally, whatever reserves Kellie had been using to hold herself up gave
out and we gently helped her to the wet floor. I held her in my arms as Dad
sucked my cock clean and then stood up and offered his cock to my willing
mouth. He was still half hard as he took his dick in hand and aimed it at
the two of us before letting loose with his load of piss. Under his spray,
Kellie and I shared a passionate kiss.

Afterwards, the three of us showered together, the soapy hands sliding all
over our naked flesh soon had us hotter than the shower spray. We dried
each other off and headed for Dad's bedroom where we continued our mini

From that day on, Dad was a near constant third during Kellie's and mine
sex romps. Always available before or after we'd go out on a date...that
is, IF we even left the house. Sometimes he'd take us out for dinner and
we'd take him to one of our little secluded hideaways and fuck our asses
off in the great outdoors. I didn't think that life could get any better
than it already was...but that was before Kellie introduced her mom to my
dad. Our folks hit it off right from the start, but it was that first
camping trip that we took together over a long weekend when we found out
that Kellie was just a chip off the ol' block. Her mom fit right in with
our horny little trio and quickly made us an ongoing foursome that are
still going strong to this day!


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Nifty - Bisexual - Urination - Young And Old - Young And Old 5