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Nifty - Bisexual - Urination - Younger Bully Owns Joey - Younger Bully Owns Joey 11

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 12:29:13 +0930
From: Mathew Elizabeth <>
Subject: Younger Bully Owns Joey Part 11 (Bisexual, Authoritorian, Urination)

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it
is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live,
then please stop now. This author will not be held
responsible if this work gets into the wrong hands. This
story contains consensual and intimidating descriptions
of sexual activity between boys and older people. Please
write: I would like to hear if
you like my story.

"Younger Bully Owns Joey" pt 11 - Meet The Boys!

Arc 3- part 1 of 4

** The following four chapters will consist with the '13-
year-old Timeline'.

13 year old Joeys early teenage years were obviously
unpleasant. It had been six months since Chad and his
gang of 12-year-old bullies attacked him on the way home
from school. Joey being so scared and weak, allowed these
boys to take over his home and make him their pig bitch.
Chad, the leader, managed to seduce Joeys single mother
Monica, and she willingly became his sex slave. Chad was
treated like a god, no doubt about it. But why was this?

Because he was gorgeous looking and brew with
unbelievable arrogance with himself, he was an
unstoppable force to sexuality. All the boys cheered as
he fucked 32-year-old Monica for the first time.
" I don't know how he does it!" Evan said about Chad, "
But he always gets the bitches to give up their asses to

Joey could still remember the violent words blasting out
of Chad's mouth.
"You see this faggot!" Chad yelled to Joey still pumping
aggressively into his mothers butt for the first time.
The sound of his busty mother huffing and squealing as
Chad's slim young body slammed and slapped into her cushy
tushy was an unbelievable scene.

"This means I own you. I own this fucking house and I own
yours and your momma's asses. I am the new man of this
household, your new daddy!"

Joey remembered being filled with humiliation and dread
with tears streaming down his face. Joey was the very
opposite to Chad in every sense of the word. Chad was a
cool kid; the type of boy Joey fingers his bum hole over,
because he is overwhelmed by Chad's superior presence.
While Joey was unbelievably beautiful to look at, he had
a large voluptuous bottom, which caused a lot sexual
tension between the horny boys at his school. Joeys bum
made him walk like a two-dollar whore, and boys of all
ages would laugh and ster around him observing the way it
wiggled and swayed. It was bound to get some attention,
no matter how derogatory or sadistic these boys
intentions may be.
Before meeting Chad, the boys before him were never game
enough to explore Joeys thick womanly butt flesh. While
they all drooled about it, they merely beat him up naked
and pissed on him out of anger for turning them on and
being a 'faggot dicktease'.
Joey remembered getting home from school when he was
eleven and twelve, taking of his school gear and pink
fairy underwear. He would get on all fours on his bed and
poke his big pale bottom towards the mirror on his closet
door. He would spread his milky ass cheeks and rub his
index finger against his raw pink asshole. Joey as a
young 11 year old would finger his young fat bum-bum and
squeal as he looked at himself doing this slutty thing in
front of the mirror. He blushed as he fondled with his
cheeks and murmured sexual fantasies as he masturbated
his ass.

"Please.look at my naughty bum-bum" He would squeal like
a baby.

"Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!"

"Oh! It's so big! Don't hurt me!"

Joey also lacked in personality when it came to his male
companions at school. Lets face it; Joey acted like the
biggest homosexual stereotype there ever was. It wasn't
just the way his ass wiggled, it was the way he talked,
the way he swayed his arms. Not to mention he was pretty
and feminine like a girl. When Chad came into his life
everything changed.


Among the group of boys that were part of Chad's group
was 12-year-old Evan, Chad's best friend. Evan had that
pale white skater skin tone and wore his cap backwards
over his short brown hair, very much like Chad, who was
slightly more tanned. Evan was taller though and his eyes
were stunningly intense. While 12-year-old Evan has
experienced numerous occasions seducing 'the milf'
Monica; faggot Joey (her son) had sucked his cock many
times at school during class, or under the tables. He
even made Joey put out in the playground. Evan had also
fucked Joey up the ass one night.

It happened about a month ago. All of Chad's young 11 to
12 year old friends (about 8 boys) organised to gangbang
'The Milf' Monica. All the young boys were very excited
and eager to fuck this juicy looking mother. When they
all entered the room their jaws hit the ground when they
saw this fat bottomed woman, on all fours, with her ass
poking up playfully before them.

All the 11 to 12 year old boys dove and pounced onto the
bed, stripping off their clothes and snarling in lust as
they rubbed their naked bodies against hers. Three boys
pumped a hole each as the other five boys surrounded her,
rubbing, licking and sucking her naked body in lustful
hunger. Evan was claustrophobic and couldn't get a
chance of mounting her fat ass, as all the other boys
were frantic in having a turn. So he left the room
frustrated and walked in Joey's room to beat and torture

However, Evan found Joey on his hands and knees with his
round butt facing the door, fingering his pink ass hole
again. Evan licked his lips as he watched. Joey would
continue to rub his fat bottom, grasping and fondling
with his cheeks as he lifted them and felt them wobble
when he let them shift back into place. 12-year-old Evan
drooled at the bum before him.
"Damn this faggot slut likes it up the ass," he thought.
He snuck in and walked over. He instantly stripped and
mounted Joey's big round ass tightly. Joey squealed in
discomfort as Evan confidently rubbed his dick between
Joey's luscious and smooth boy bum. "Come on slut, I know
you want my dick in your ass, your dad Gail fucked you,
Chad fucked you, I heard Little Jake fucked you too. And
now its my turn, its time for uncle Evans dick to break
your butt." So 12-year-old Evan fucked 13-year-old Joey's
ass hard that night and listened as all the boys in the
other room moaned as they fucked Joeys mother, Monica.


There was also 12-year-old Little Jake, the small and
slim little blonde boy who was known for losing his
temper on numerous occasions. While your basic member of
Chad's Group 'Little Jake' made himself a known, and loud
member. He particularly enjoyed breaking down "Faggot
Joey's" self-esteem. Six months ago he violated Joeys ass
in the school showers in front of all the boys in his
class while they all laughed and pulled at their dicks.

"Turn around and bend your pretty ass over," Little Jake
told him. Joey wanted to think of anything to get him out
of this current situation. He merely said " Jake, can I
have a rest for a little while, I hurt all over and I
don't think I would do a good job,"

All the boys gasped in surprise, except little Jake, who
suffered from a severe case of 'little man syndrome' and
was aggressive and mean when he didn't get his way in
front of his peers. He angrily pushed Joey's naked body
on the change room floor, where he fell on his back
squealing like a girl. Jake then quickly dove down,
wrestled and straddled his half naked body over Joey's.
Jake then began slapping Joey in the face yelling at him
"You fucking dick sucker!! You do what I fucking say!
You're nothing! Nothing you hear me! You're nothing but a
fucking piece of meat to fuck and abuse!! After I'm done
with you I'm going to let Chad know about this! And you
will wish you never talked back to me!"

"No! No, please don't tell Chad! Please! Please! He will
kill me!" Joey said terrified and screaming. All the boys
laughed in that evil typical way again and started
masturbating. Joey had become hysterical; he just shook
his head and screamed, "Don't tell Chad! Don't tell
Chad!" He was silenced when little Jake squatted his
little naked rear end into Joey face. The boys laughed
and laughed.
"Smell it! Smell my butt you fucking pig!" Jake then
proceeded to run his smooth butt up and down Joey's
pretty face. "You like that? You like how it smells fag?
I swear to god you better say yes or every boy in this
room is going to bash you!"

"Yes!" Joey squealed defeated, but not entirely lying " I
like the way it smells,"

"You want my cock up you fat ass, right?" Jake added

"Yes, I want your penis in my fat ass!" Joey retorted,
his voice muffled by Jakes firm little butt over his
face. Joey's face was then shoved into the wall and 12-
year-old Little Jake brutally fucked Joey's naughty fat
bum. He grunted and heaved as he slammed his fit little
waist against Joey's bubbly and jiggling cheeks. Joey
could only cry, moan and squeal like a piglet as all the
boys cheered on Little Jake. Little Jake laughed and
grunted as his dick wedged right into this faggots rear


There was also Lance Orail, a handsome athletic boy who
let his hair grow beyond the reaches of the cap on his
head. He was Joey's age, 13, and regularly pushed Joey
around in class, right back when they were in elementary

It was fair to say that Lance Orial was Shane's first
bully. In fact it was Lance Orail that ruined Joeys one
potential friendship at school.

Back in elementary school when Joey had just turned 11-
years-old; a new boy named 'Shane Basker', who was also
11 had arrived. Joey wanted to make friends so he took
the opportunity, at the teacher's request. to show Shane
around the school. Shane was mostly friendly at first, as
it seemed that he had no one else at this stage.

Joey even at 11-years-old admired how gorgeous and
dominant Shane looked. Shane was from the bigger city and
walked with attitude and charisma, his big seductive eyes
and short blonde hair made a lot of girls melt. He was a
born Jock and athlete.

But 11-year-old Lance Orail, who was very popular at that
time, introduced himself to Shane and took him away from
Joey "Why you hangin wif that fag yo? Come sit with us

"Yeah man, this bitch just showing me around the school
being a lil teachers pet." Shane said right in front of
Joey "Now I can finally do what I wanted to do all

11-year-old Shane Basker then turned around and punched
Joey square in the jaw. Joey flung and fell on the
concrete pavement, shocked and heartbroken. Shane laughed
evilly and lifted Joey onto his knees by the shirt. He
turned around, squatted and cocked his leg for a fart. 11-
year-old Shane Basker released a dry and raspy fart into
Joey's humiliated girly face.

Both boys laughed and flipped Joey off as they walked
away from him with their arms around each other's
shoulders like they were best buddies. Joey was on his
knees, with a bleeding lip, all alone in the school

Later on in the day, the two boys wanted to prove further
that Shane didn't like Joey. So before class started they
both attacked him. Lance forced Joey to bend over in a
headlock and Shane aggressively pushed Joey into the
teacher's table. Joey was bent over the teacher's table
with Lance restraining him. Shane excitedly pulled down
Joeys school shorts and revealed his pale girly bottom to
the entire class of laughing boys and girls.

Shane swatted at Joeys bare ass, while Lance had him bent
over the table in a headlock. All the kids laughed and

Joey felt the erotic feeling of humiliation and
degradation as he looked back at his peers giggling
faces, laughing hard and pointing at his big bottom as
Shane, 'the now cool and accepted new kid', spanked it
harder than Joeys daddy did. He was Joeys second ever

"Your daddy does this to you every night doesn't he",
Shane said softly to Joey.

"And a whole lot more I bet," Lance added toughly as he
held Joey in place, "This fucking pussy has a bum that's
begging for it. Look at this fat thing!!"

11-year-old Lance then excitedly jiggled Joeys plump
white cheeks and gave them a burning single swat with the
power of the palm of his hands


"OUCH!!" Joey squealed.

It wasn't true that Joeys Dad 'Gail' had fucked him.
Though Joey would wish that he had. However Gale would
later fuck Joey 2-years later when Chad reigns over
Joey's life.

Lance and Shane would later violate Joey's ass in the
Junior-High-School showers 2 years later.


"Suck our dicks," 13-year-old Shane Basker said sternly.
13-year-old Joey didn't need to be told twice. He got
down on his knees and started sucking both Shane and
Lance Orail off, holding both their dicks in the Junior
High shower cubicle.

"See man, its hot huh," Lance Orail said, " I always knew
this bitch was a fagget,"

"Yeah man," Shane said "Chad is a fucking legend, not
only is he controlling this faggot, but he gets to fuck
this bitches hot mom every day,"

Both of them continued to fuck Joey's mouth, calling him
names and laughing at him while they used his body to
satisfy their sexual sadism. Wet soap bubbles were all
over his body. They both got carried away and started
slapping Joeys face whenever he didn't do a good enough
job. Afterwards, they pulled him to his feet and began
punching him continuously in the stomach. Then they made
him turn around and bend over for them.

His hot fleshy pale ass was ready for penetration and
they were going to give it to him. Both 13-year-old Shane
and Lance stood side by side and grasped a butt cheek
each. They then slapped at the cheeks continuously to
make it red and stuck both their fat, long penisis in his
puffy hole. He was getting double penetrated as they
punched into his back calling him a worthless butt slut

"Yeah take that you fucking girly ass sissy," Lance said

"Yeah fuck you! We all hate you, you dick teasing piece
of shit!" Shane yelled.

Lance and Shane were a great team. In fact, over the many
years that Joey served Chad and his friends, he knew this
very well. Together they were an incredible dominating


Shortly after 12-year-old Chad's income had increased
after selling Monica and Joey's ass, he had decided to go
on a holiday in the tropics with Joeys mother and his two
friends Evan and Little Jake. This meant that another one
of Chad's thug friends was going to take charge of the
household, with 13-year-old Joey at their mercy. But who
would it be?

13-year-old Lance Orail was the proper candidate

Joey was on his hands and knees watching as Chad exited
the door, handing the leash around his neck to Lance who
had a smirk on his face. Monica, Evan and Little Jake
followed and entered the car as they drove off to a
relaxing holiday. The door shut and Joey was left alone
with one of his most curious bullies.

13-year-old Lance Orail looked at Joeys kneeling naked
body and smirked. "We are going to have a great time with
your ass for the next two weeks faggot."

"We?" Joey thought instantly. Did that mean that Lance
was going to bring someone else over?

Nevertheless, over the course of the next few hours Lance
Orail had dominated Joey in various ways. He began by
throwing Joey over his lap bare assed. 13-year-old Lance
Orail spanked the sissy faggot's bottom like he did with
the various girls he met and fucked. Joey squealed as he
hung over his peer's young lap. Joey still at this point
couldn't believe that a boy his age was spanking him like
he was his parent.

"You get your bottom spanked when your naughty don't
you," Lance smirked at Joey, talking to him like he was
an infant.

"Suck daddy's dick baby," Lance said lustfully, the same
way he talks to the girls at parties.

Joey hopped up on the couch on his hands and knees and
passionately sucked on 13-year-old Lance Orail's cock.
Lance fiddled with Joey's thick ass-crack, attempting to
dig his fingers all they way through they womanly booty
to his hole. Joey let out a girlish squeal while he
passionately sucked Lance's big jock boy penis. "Yeah!"
Lance said in lustful excitement "suck on that dick! You
like doodle? You like penis don't you? HUH?!"


13-year-old Lance Orail aggressively swatted Joey's ass.
His cock was still shoving in the faggot's mouth. Lance
laughed at how Joeys ass cheek slightly rippled in
response to the swift blow. Joey squealed passionately as
he further took Lance's cock.

"That's enough sucking for now faggot," Lance told him.13-
year-old Lance got up from his sitting position, faced
his briefed ass towards Joey and squatted. "I want you to
smell and suck on my ass crack. It's been really itchy
and sweaty lately, and I want it cleaned."

Joey stared at Lance's hairless 13-year-old Jock ass in
white briefs. Ass crack sweat could be seen between the
two glorious globes of his healthy tanned bottom.

Lance got angry and grabbed 13-year-old Joey by the hair
and shoved it into the crack of his ass. "I said smell
it! Suck on it!" Joey proceeded to run his lips and nose
into the sweaty sporty crevice of Lance's ass crack. He
smelt and sucked at it as commanded. It smelt like farts
and sweat, the way a real jock boy smells.

"Yeeeaahh. Get a whiff of that faggot." Lance Orail said,
grinding and wiggling his fit bottom against Joeys
sucking lips. "This aint over yet," Lance continued. He
pulled down his briefs and revealed his two tanned butt
cheeks and a well-defined bum crack. The smell of farts
and ass sweat became ten times as strong. Joey was
overwhelmed by the intoxicating boy smell. Lance grabbed
Joey by the hair again and rubbed his wet sweaty crack
against the fags nose and mouth. Joeys face was wet and
salty from the ass crack.

Lance then ripped a massive, raspy and smelly fart right
against Joeys face. Joey squealed in distress and tried
to pull his pretty face away. 13-year-old Lance grabbed
his faggot peer by the hair even harder and smooched
Joey's head and nose further into his crack, with his
nose touching his hole.

"Smell it! Suck on my stink you filthy fucking faggot!"

Lance Orail started to get into the fetish of 'ass
sucking' a year before when he was 12-years-old. It was a
different time, before they met Chad, the cool new kid
much like Shane Basker. There time in elementary school
was about to end and Lance's best friend Shane Basker was
going to let him in on a little secret.


Both 12-year-old Lance Orail and Shane Basker were
talking among their group of boys and girls. " My little
sister puts out." Shane quietly said to his best friend.

Lance Orail almost coughed while drinking his drink.
"Really?" he whispered back. Little chubby 9-year-old Amy
Basker was giving out her cute little rear end, and Lance
didn't know about it? No way!

"Its true man she's been sucking my doodle for a couple
of months now, right after she comes home from ballet
class." 12-year-old Shane added proudly.

"No way!" Lance Orail, who was the same age, retorted,
"That's unbelievable man!"

"Ill share her with you tonight, as a celebration into
going into Junior High."

"Oh man this is going to be awesome!" 12-year-old Lance
Orail had always been attracted to little 9-year-old Amy.
He slept over Shane's house one night and got to see her
jumping and skipping in pyjama bottoms. Just the sight of
her cute little face and bouncy bottom on her porkish
little squatting thighs made Lance want to devour her and
gobble her up.

"You better get ready for her too, because she likes to
do some kinky shit!" Shane said between Lance's daydreams

"Really? Like What?"

Shane was reluctant to continue at that voice level as he
looked around him observing the talkative peers around
him chatting about their own business. They all seemed to
be talking among themselves and no one seemed to be
listening in. He knelt over towards his friend and said,
"She sucks on my bum crack,"

"What?" said Lance Orail, wide eyed with a dirty smile.

"Its true man, she crazy bout ma asscrack. And she licks
my poo hole too."

Lance Orail didn't quite believe the story. Obviously it
had to be seen to be believed.

Nevertheless, 8 hours had passed since the conversation.
12-year-old Shane commanded his half naked 9-year-old
sister to get on her knees like a bitch and wag her
little hienie like a tail, right in front Lance in there
own house. 12-year-old Lance Orail was more than
convinced when both he and Shane double-teamed Amy spit
roast style.


13-year-old Shane Basker was walking down a bright summer
street. He had just come home from school and received a
blowjob from his pretty 10-year-old sister. However, one
thousand blowjobs weren't worth the price of the
situation he was marching to the afternoon.

Shane walked into 51 Crest Street without even knocking.
He could hear murmurs and squeals over towards the living

"Smell it! Suck on my stink you filthy fucking faggot!"
Shane walked another few paces revealing an amazing
sight. 13-year-old Lance Orail was shoving his bare ass
into 13-year-old faggot Joeys face.

"Wow man!" Shane said with a wide-eyed evil grin

"Yo bro!" Lance smirked to Shane as they both laughed at
Joey being smothered and overwhelmed by ass-crack.

"I see you teaching the fag his place yo," Shane said
laughing, slapping his knees.

"Yeah man, we gonna have fun for the next two weeks,"
Lance replied

Joey recalled Lance implying that someone else was going
to join him. Obviously it was Shane Basker.

"Tell me faggot," Shane said stripping slowly in lustful
anticipation "When was the first time you got dick in
that porky ass?"

Joey didn't reply, he could only hear Shane's voice with
his face wedged between Lance's hairless, sporty ass.

"Was it Chad? Was is Chad faggot?" Shane said in a
derogatory wide-eyed curiosity.

"Nah man, it was his Dad who took his cherry yo," Lance,
replied a matter a fact fully.

"Really?" Shane said wide-eyed in horror. Shane then
looked at Joey in a derogatory way again and yelled,
"Wow, you're a fucking stupid sick faggot! How could you
get your dad's dick up your ass? You're fucking

Lance threw Joey to the ground on all fours.

"Get your fat ass up in the air fag boy!" Lance said.

Joey spread his legs on all fours and poked his bubble
bottom up in the air for these powerful Jock bullies. He
spread his cheeks and fondled his fat ass in front of
Lance and Shane for their amusement. He remembered two
years ago, when he was 11-years old, fondling his bottom
in front of his bedroom mirror dreaming about this type
of treatment by his peers.

"For the next two weeks, you call us Daddy," 13-year-old
Shane said perversely

"Yes Daddy," Joey replied on all fours giving them one of
his 'Ass Shows'

10 minutes later, both boys were willing and horny. They
both approached him angrily and said "Time to get Daddy's
dick faggot!"

13-year-olds Lance and Shane double-teamed and penetrated
Joey non stop for 12-hours.


Chad and his group of 12-year-old boys were cheering in
their large motel complex, as 32-year-old Monica was
rubbing and fondling with an equally voluptuous black
milf named Nakisha, who was 34. The two women tongue
kissed and touched each others naughty bits to please the
horny 12-year-old boys cooing them. Nakisha didn't even
mind that her son was one of the ones cheering and
jerking to the horny sight.

Her 12-year-old son Mika had pimped her out for a couple
of years. He was also an African American boy with a fit
muscle tone and knew how to take care of himself.

As soon as he knew how to dominate his mom as the man;
his life became very easy fast. Much like Chad, he
decided to go on a holiday in the tropics after being so
successful with pimping out his mother's fat black ass to
the local homies. It was just a bonus that Mika ran into
Chad, who was pimping out a faggot's mom, and controlling
the faggot's life. Mika was inspired and thought it was
very cool, he always hated fags.

All four boys were drunk and high on weed. They had each
other's arms around each other's shoulders as they
watched these beautiful busty mommy's go 'ass 2 ass'.
Monica and Nakisha slammed their fat asses together with
a double-ended dido between them, squealing and howling
in pleasure like mommy bitches in heat.

"You should come visit us in 51 Crest Street yo," Chad
said to Mika. " Maybe you could teach the fag a thing or
two about what you think of their kind,"

12-year-old Mika laughed evilly "Maybe I will bro, maybe
I will,"

To Be Continued.


"Younger Bully Owns Joey" pt 12 - Daddy's

Sorry about the long wait guys. I hope you enjoyed the
first installment of the series for 2010. Please write: I would like to hear if you
like my story.

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