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Nifty - Bisexual - Young Friends - A Lifetime Of Sex - A Lifetime Of Sex 11

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 22:07:38 -0500
From: Mike Tyson <>
Subject: A Lifetime of Sex - Part 11

I never did tell Kenny about sucking the guy off in the park. I never told
him about the next guy I sucked off either. But before that we got some bad
news. Kenny and his family were moving to Toronto. Kenny's Mother moved up
there right away but Ken and his father moved in with his Oma
(Grandmother...I think it's German). It wasn't bad for us with Kenny living
their, sex wise. Kenny's father would work all day and alot of extra hours
at night so save up for their move and he was gone up to Toronto on the
weekends. They were actually moving to Oakville, a sub-burb of
Toronto. Kenny's room as upstairs and his Grandmother pretty much stayed
downstairs all the time. She also worked so again we were home alone all

I'm not exactly sure why Kenny and his father stayed down in Windsor. It
was pretty long ago, but I think it might have been to let Kenny finish the
school year here.

We were both about 15 now and had started to date girls, but continued
fucking and sucking at every chace we got. It was actually while dating a
girl that I had my next notable gay experience.

I had been with a girl for about a month and we started having sex. A
couple times on the weekend I'd tell my parents I was sleeping over a
friends house and than actually go and sneak over this girls house after
her parents had gone to sleep. She would sneek me in the house and we I
would spend the night with her and than get up early in the morning and
sneak out.

It actually worked once but the second time we weren't so lucky. I had
gotten to her house around 12:30 am and she had snuck me in just fine. We
undressed each other and got into bed and were just starting to get into
fucking when her mother barged in the room and caught us. She was furious
at both of us and kicked me out of the house. First I had to get dressed
though and didn't waste anytime. I got out of bed completely naked and get
dressed in front of her mother while she yelled at us so she saw my hard
cock glistening with her daughters juices.

So there I was about 5 miles from home with no way to get there. Buses had
stopped running around 1:00 back than and I didn't have enough money for a
cab. I started my long hike. The thought of finding a park to go jack off
in crossed my mind more than once but I was pretty far from home and didnt'
really know any parks in the area or especially any parks that were dark
enough to stip naked in.

I made my way to the main street and walked down it about a half mile or so
and told myslef that his walk was going to take forever. I made up my mind
to hitchike. I was walking anyway so it wouldn't hurt to stick out my thumb
and maybe get lucky and have somebody give me a ride. Even just a couple
blocks would be a big help.

I had been hitchiking about 15 minutes, finding a park was still crossing
my mind. The more I thought about it the hornier I was getting. Not only
that but I had been fucking my girlfriend for about 10-15 minutes before we
got caught and I hadn't cum, and also I kept thinking about my girlfriends
mom seeing me naked. The thought of that was really making my cock hard. I
started fantasizing about fucking both of them at the same time while I
walked home. I started wondering how the mother looked naked and what her
pussy would taste like as she'd slide it over my tongue while my girlfriend
grinded her pussy on my cock at the same time. I needed to get home so I
could jack off so bad.

That's when someone finally pulled over to pick me up. A car pulled right
up to me along the curb. I saw an older man inside leaning over to roll
down the passanger window. He had on a trenchcoat even though it was pretty
warm out but never really thought anything of it. "Need a ride?" He
asked. He was probably around 60 years old bur very friendly looking.

I answered him "A ride would be great! How far are you going?"

"I'm not going anywhere in particular. I just thought it was a nice night
to drive around a little bit." He answered. "Come on in, as long as your
not going to far I can get you at least close to where your going."

I figured what the hell and slide into his car.

He pulled out onto the street and started driving. Not even a word had been
spoken yet when he undid his trenchcoat and let it fall to his sides. I
looked over instictivly at the movement and got a little shock. The guys
pants were pulled down to his knees and he had a nice hard cock sticking
straight up. When he saw me looking he spoke. "Would you like me to pull
over to let you out? I won't keep you in the car if this bothers you."

I was completely shocked and couldnt' answer right away. All I could get
out of my mouth was "Ahhhh. It's ok. I don't mind." My mouth must of been
hanging open as I stared at his dick.

He didn't really say anything else, but he reached down and grabbed hold of
his cock in his hand and started stroking it. I couldn't take my eyes off
of it.

"Do you want to touch it?" He asked, thrusting his hips up a little bit at

I couldn't believe I was going to get to touch another mans cock. I didn't
ever think I'd get to relive the experience I had in the park a couple
months before with the older man but here I was with a man who had his cock
exsposed, asking me to touch it. I reached over and gently took his cock in
my hand and savoured the feel of it. The silky smooth skin, the hard shaft,
the precum leaking out of the piss slit. My cock was semi erect before I
even got in the car but now it was as hard as it had ever been.

"Can I suck it?" I asked.

Now it was him who was shocked and he had a hard time
answering. "Ahhhh. Yeah. Ahhh. But why don't we go park somewhere, it might
be a little two risky and dangerous doing it while I'm driving. I know a
place we can go not far from here."

I agreed with him and he reached over and ran his hand up my leg to my
crotch and began fondling my cock through my pants. "Let me see your cock."

I undid my pants and managed to take them down to my knees. His hands
wrapped around my naked cock and he began to stoke me. Mmmmmmm. If felt so
good having this complete stranger jacking me off.

As he drove he talked dirty too me telling me I had such a nice young cock,
and he got me to confess about alot of the sex I've had, which turned us
both on. I loved telling him how much I loved dick and how I've been
sucking cock my whole life.

He drove down by the river. We turned down this little side road which
turned into a dirt parking lot. There was about 4 or 5 other cars in the
lot and we backed into a spot between 2 of them. The other cars were about
15-20 feet on either side of us. It was dark but they were close enough to
see that there was a guy sitting in the car on my side. I saw guy in
another car get out and walk into the bushes which had a pathway leading
into them. There wasn't alot of trees, just big overgrown bushes. Well I
was pretty nervous with having other people around and I looked around
alot. I could have swarn the guy in the car beside us was jacking off but I
told myself he couldn't be.

The guy I was in the car with told me it was safe here and that the guys in
the other cars were just as horny as we were. He than told me that I saw
guys going into the bushes because that is where they had sex. Sometimes
they would have it in their cars (on colder days) but most of the time guys
would meet in the bushes and have sex with each other.

I had alot of questions and we played with each others cocks as he
explained this whole place to me. That guys would just come here when they
are horny. Some guys like to suck cock and some just come to get
sucked. Sometimes they will fuck each other as well. He told me that even
on the very rare occasion a guy would bring his wife here for everyone to
fuck as well. He than told me about bathhouses as well and told me where
one was. He told me they were alot less risky and you could get completely
naked there and alot more comfortable.

All this new information was amazing to me and extremly arousing at the
same time. Hearing that guys came here for sex made me realize that the guy
in the next car probably was masterbating than. I looked over and squinted
my eyes to get as good a view as I could. I could clearly see his hand
coming up into view on every upstroke that he made. He had to be jacking
off. I was still staring when the guy I was with leaned over and took my
cock into his mouth.

Just as I noticed the guy in the next cars hand coming into view, that guy
noticed the man's head coming into view as he bobbed up and down on my
cock. He turned on the overhead light in his car, raised his hips off his
seat and showed me his cock as he stroked it. I started cumming like
crazy. He kept sucking and swallowing my cum until my cock began to go soft
than finally pulled his mouth off my cock. He told me that he didn't
usually swallow cum but sucking off an young boy like me really turned him
on he wanted to taste my boy cum.

I was still watching the guy jack off in the next car and just as hard as
I'd gone soft, I was getting hard again. I was really nervous about sucking
this guy off and having the other guy see me but at the same time the
thought was really making me horny so horny that I didn't care anymore and
I leaned over and started blowing this older man.

I gently fondled his balls while I slide my mouth up and down the length of
his cock. He had alot of precum and it was coating my tongue. I love the
taste of precum and was trying to suck every drop of it out of his
dick. While I was blowing him he for the window handle and started rolling
the window down. I looked up and the guy from the next car was standing
right beside us just outside the car. His pants were pulled down to his
knees and he was stroking his naked cock.

I was really nervous and confused and pulled my mouth away from the cock in
front of me. Once the window was down all the way the guy outside the car
stepped in closer and the guy I was sucking took that guys cock into his
mouth. The guy getting sucked told me to go back to sucking this guy off
and that he really liked watching it. So I did. We continued our 3 way suck
off for a couple more minutes before the guy standing outside the car asked
if we'd like to go in the bushes and we could get a little more

The guy I was sucking looked down at and saw my confusion. "Come on. It
will be fun. Don't be scared or anything. Nobody is going to make you do
anything you dont' want to do. You have my word. The second you say you
want to leave, we'll leave. I'll drive you right to your house."

I gave him a little smile and with the he opened the door and got out. He
pulled up his pants a little bit but still kept his cock exsposed. The guy
standing outside dot down on his knees and started blowing him. I never
realized how erotic is was to watch a guy suck another guy off. Know I knew
why Mrs Patterson got so turned on watching me and Kenny. I got out my side
of the car and pulled up my pants leaving my cock exsposed as well. When I
got around to the drivers side the one guy stood up and we all headed into
the bushes.

We didn't go in very far and there were 2 other guys in the bushes as
well. One guy was on his knees sucking off the other. He just kept on
sucking as we walked up to the 2 of them.

I'll have to give everybody names to make this a little bit less
confuing. I have no idea of their real names though. The guy who picked me
up hitchiking will be John, the guy that asked us in the bushes will be
Carl, the guy sucking cock as we walked into the woods will be Bill and the
other guy will be Mike.

As soon as we were beside the other 2 guys Carl dropped to his knees and
started blowing me, telling the other guys to look at my nice young cock
before sliding his mouth onto my cock. I reached over and grabbed John's
cock which was still wet from my saliva. I could tell he was eager to have
me sucking his cock again.

I was enjoying the blowjob I was recieving but the thought of sucking cock
with these other guys watching was over powering. Carl didnt' want to take
his mouth off my cock but I slowly pulled it out of him and dropped to my
knees and went right to work on John. He grabbed the back of my head and
began fucking my mouth.

Carl stood up beside John and rubbed his cock against my face. I slide my
mouth off of Johns cock and onto Carls. I went back and forth from cock to
cock sucking both men off even at times taking both their cocks in my mouth
at the same time. I couldn't get the entire lenths of their cocks in my
mouth but they managed to get the heads in together.

It wasn't long before Carl announced that he was ready to cum. "Have you
ever swallowed cum before?" He asked me. I moaned a yes around his cock in
my mouth. "Do you want mine?" I just sort of knodded my head and really
began sucking him off. Faster and faster he slide his dick into my mouth
ramming into the back of my throat. Suddenly his cum was spraying over my
tongue. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and squirted onto my face. I
loved the show we were putting on for the 3 other guys so I opened my mouth
and let him shoot the last 3 spurts inside me. When his spurts were just
dribbling out of his cock I took him back into my mouth and sucked the last
of his cum from his cock. John began rubbing his cock in the cum that was
on my face and when Carl finally pulled his dick from my mouth John slide
his cum covered cock right back inside me.

Carl pulled up his pants and quickly left.

Bill stopped sucking Mike's cock and they came over and stood on either
side of John. I reached up and stroked their dicks while I sucked Johns
cock. I was getting asked alot of questions and there was a lot of dirty
talk going on making me hornier and slutier. They took turns shoving thier
cocks into my mouth and I just sucked as best I could on all of them.

While Bill was not getting fucked he reached leaned over to me me a bit and
slide his hand all over my ass, grabbing my cheeks and than sliding his
fingers up and down the crack finding my hole. When his finger landed on my
hole I pushed back a little to konw I wanted him to finger fuck me.

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Nifty - Bisexual - Young Friends - A Lifetime Of Sex - A Lifetime Of Sex 11