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Nifty - Bisexual - Young Friends - Three Boys And A Tomboy

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 16:53:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bill <>
Subject: Three Boys and a Tomboy - 1

Three Boys and a Tomboy
By Bill

Time: Summer, 1964

It was 10:15 in the morning, and I was trying to go back to
sleep. Sleeping late was a summer ritual, but my full bladder
was beginning to ache. As I got out of bed, I noticed that my
penis was fully stiff with a morning erection, pushing out the
front of my white briefs. Waking to `morning wood' had been an
increasingly common occurrence in recent months, and just the
thought of having a boner made me get horny. Maybe Doug and Lee
would be interested in getting together for a meeting of our
secret club later on in the day!

Standing in front of the toilet, pushing my stiff cock down so I
could pee, I looked out the window and saw a moving truck in
front of the new house across the street. That was quick! The
workmen just finished building it last week. One less
construction site in the neighborhood for me and the guys to
play around in. My family moved into one of the first houses in
this suburban development about 6 months ago, and a steady
stream new people had been moving in ever since. I was
pleasantly surprised to find that living in a brand-new
neighborhood was a big help in making friends. I had always
been kind of shy, but it was easy to connect with new kids who
didn't yet have neighborhood friends.

After I finished peeing, and my penis was back to being soft, I
looked back across the street and noticed a boy around my age in
the side yard of the new house. He had a baseball glove and was
throwing a ball high into the air and catching it. His tee-
shirt had the logo of our local major-league baseball team on
the front and the name and number of my favorite player on the
back. I also noticed, even from a distance, that the kid was
really good-looking. His hair was fashionably long sort of a
Beatles cut - feathering over his ears and neck. (My parents
made me keep my hair cut short... just barely long enough on top
to comb to the side.) Standing at the window in just my
underpants, I started wondering if the new kid might be
interested in joining the Sex Club. It would be awesome to have
a fourth boy participating in our adventurous sex-play. As I
fantasized about what he might look like naked, my dick got
stiff again. I was on my way back to my room to stroke my boner
(a skill only recently acquired), but Mom called to me from
downstairs to say she was making me breakfast. Mom is great;
letting me sleep late, but making breakfast for me when she
hears that I'm up.

I got dressed quickly, picked up my baseball glove, wolfed down
a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs, and headed out the door.
As I crossed the street, I caught the new kid's eye. He smiled
and called out "Hi". We exchanged small-talk for a couple
minutes, and he told me his name was Bobby. But something was
strange. It was a combination of his voice and his appearance.
He wasn't just good-looking; he was androgynously pretty. And I
could help but notice Bobby's chest. Budding breasts were
pushing out the front of the loose tee-shirt, and my eyes seemed
to be glued to the sight. I was trying to figure out how to ask
the awkward question, but Bobby noticed where my gaze was aimed.

"Yeah; I'm a girl," she said, grinning. "Bobbie is short for
Roberta." Then she quickly changed the subject. "You want to
play catch?" And she tossed the baseball to me before I could
answer, forcing me to look up from her chest.

We threw the ball back and forth a few times, increasing the
distance between us and the velocity with each exchange. She
had a good arm! When one of my tosses went wild and almost hit
a window, I said: "Let's go up to the elementary school.
There's a lot of open space."

"How about we ride bikes up there?" she suggested.

"Sure!" I immediately felt more comfortable around this tomboy
than I did with the other girls I knew. In fact, as we played
catch and rode our bikes around the neighborhood it was like she
was just one of the guys. She made it clear in her words and
actions that she had no use for femininity. We actually had a
lot in common. Both of us were 12 years old and had just
finished 6th grade, had baseball card collections, were into
Civil War history and science fiction, and obsessively followed
all of the pro sports teams in our city.

We ended up hanging out together the entire day. When we came
across any of my friends, I introduced Bobbie to them, being
careful to include a female pronoun (she/her) so that they
didn't make the same mistake that I did. We ran into both Doug
and Lee at different times, and both of them seemed to like her.
I showed Bobbie all the good places within biking distance, and
we even hiked out to the lake. In the late afternoon, I showed
Bobbie my room. As she looked around, she admired a trophy I
got for winning my weight class in a wrestling tournament
(wrestling being the only sport in which I excelled).

"So you're a wrestler, huh? Let's see if I can beat you," she
said, while grabbing me playfully. We wrestled briefly on my
bed, not very seriously. She was clearly strong and athletic,
but we were both only going half-speed and laughing as we rolled
around. The more we wrestled, however, the more aware I became
of the sexual implications... especially when my hand came into
contact with her breasts. To my immediate embarrassment, my
dick got totally stiff. I was so distracted at having a hard-on
that I lost all my concentration on wrestling. Bobbie ended up
on top of me, holding down my wrists as I lay on my back. I
don't know if she was aware of it, but as she straddled my hips,
her crotch pressed down on my rigid penis.

"Pinned ya!" she exclaimed triumphantly. She was breathing hard
and her face was flushed with excitement. Her eyes glimmered
with an expression that I couldn't really interpret.

I, on the other hand, was totally mortified. I presumed that a
12-year-old girl would know nothing about boners... or if she
did know, she'd be repulsed that I had one. I twisted away from
her and sat up on the bedside, awkwardly folding my hands over
the bulge at the front of my shorts. Bobbie must have noticed
my embarrassment, because she immediately got off the bed and
started checking out my baseball cards on the other side of the
room, without looking back at me.

"Which cards are your best ones?" she said casually as she
rummaged through the shoebox in which they were kept.

I was so relieved that she was ignoring my boner that it quickly
went soft. In just a few moments we were back to the casual
relationship we'd had earlier. Soon afterwards she went home for
supper, and I had time to think about what had happened. In the
privacy of my room, lying on my bed, I fantasized about her
being on top of me, with her crotch pressing down on my cock.
And I tried to imagine what her budding breasts might look like.
Of course, my cock immediately became stiff again. My hand
rubbed it from outside my pants, and I felt the now-familiar
glow of horny sexuality. And that made me think about boy-sex
and the Sex Club. I called Doug's house and then Lee's to see
if we might get together after dinner, but both were doing other
things. Instead we arranged a meeting of the Club for late the
next morning, in my room.

The next day Doug, Lee, and I were sitting on my bed, with my
door safely locked. I had told Mom that we'd be playing the
game "Risk" for a couple hours, and I knew that she wouldn't
disturb us.

"Let's draw cards to see who strips first," said Doug. At 13
years old, he was a year older than Lee and me. More sexually
mature and experienced too. The Sex Club had been Doug's idea,
not long after he moved into the neighborhood at the beginning
of the summer. He was the alpha-male of our little group,
always guiding the sexual activity. Lee and I had previously
been clueless about sex, and both of us were happy to let Doug
lead the way in our erotic games.

We each picked a card, and Lee had the lowest one. He stood up
and faced us as we continued sitting. The sly smile on his face
demonstrated that he had no problem at all with going first. He
quickly pulled off his tee-shirt, kicked off his shoes, and
removed his khaki shorts. Standing before us in just his
underpants, he was grinning broadly as his hand rubbed the small
bulge that was pushing out the white cotton briefs.

"Come on!" urged Doug. "Show your boner!"

Lee slowly pulled down his undershorts, revealing his immature
erection hairless (like mine), circumcised (like mine and
Doug's), almost 4 inches in length, and nicely shaped. He
stepped close to us, and Doug and I took turns feeling up Lee's
cock and balls. I was still new to sex, and I got of this

I had the next-lowest card, and I stood up to put on my own
strip-tease show. Lee took my place sitting on the bed, still
naked and playing with his stiff boner as he watched me strip.
When I had removed all my clothing, my slender cock just under
5 inches - was totally erect without having been touched. I
shivered slightly with anticipation as I inclined my hips toward
my two buddies, offering my rigid penis and dangling half-size
balls for them to feel up. The tension in my body increased
rapidly as their fingers stroked and fondled. But it was soon
over, as Doug and I switched places.

Doug put on more of a show when it was his turn to strip,
dancing in time to his off-key wordless singing. But he was soon
as naked as Lee and me, moving his hips to make his impressive
6-inch erection bob and sway. Of the three of us, Doug was the
only one who had pubic hair and produced sperm when he orgasmed.
As I lavished attention on the 13-year-old's cock, my mouth was
watering in anticipation of the next phase of our sex-play.

"Time to do dares," said Doug, continuing his leadership role.
We each drew another playing card and turned them over. Lee had
the high card; I again had the middle; Doug had the low card.

"Hmmm... what should I make you do?" Lee said theatrically to
Doug. After a dozen meetings of the Sex Club, we all knew what
Lee's dare would be. "Get on your knees and suck my boner!"

Lee remained seated on the bed, leaning back on his elbows and
spreading his legs. Doug knelt on the floor and ran his hands
over Lee's hips and thighs a few times. Then he dipped his head
down and captured the entirety of the pre-pubescent erection in
his mouth. Doug's head began to bob up and down as he slid his
lips and tongue along the boyish boner, from the acorn-shaped
crown to the hairless base. My eyes were glued to the erotic
scene as I thought about how much I loved being sucked by Doug,
while simultaneously thinking how much I also loved sucking
Lee's cock, having experienced both a number of times in the
weeks since we formed the club.

As Doug was performing an expert blow-job he was far more
skilled at cock-sucking than Lee or me - Lee was struggling to
keep his squeals and gasps of pleasure to a low volume. His
body was trembling, hands gripping at the bed covers, and he
began thrusting his hips up into Doug's slurping mouth. I felt
so much vicarious pleasure sitting right next to the action that
I almost brought myself to climax playing with my own penis.
But this one belonged to Lee, and he practically went into
convulsions as the powerful dry-orgasm wracked his young body.

"Damn! That was the best one EVER!" Lee said at last as he
panted for breath.

"OK. Let's pick cards again," said Doug as he wiped a trail of
saliva from his chin.

This time the cards were exactly reversed, with Doug high, Lee
low, and me being the bystander once again.

"First," said Doug, "I want you to suck my cock to get it nice
and slippery, and then I'll fuck you."

"I don't know..." Lee said unenthusiastically. "It hurts when
you fuck my butthole."

"But the last time you ended up liking it after I'd been going
for a while; remember? I'll put it in real slow this time and
use that lotion instead of just spit. You'll love it. Just ask
Bill... you like it, right?"

I gave a non-committal shrug. I knew exactly what Lee was
talking about. I was ambivalent about the mix of pain and
pleasure that I felt on the two occasions Doug had fucked me
with his nearly-mature cock. On the other hand, I had honestly
enjoyed the times when Lee slid his slender penis inside my ass.
And for some reason, I was a total wimp when it came to topping.
I had yet to fuck either of my buddies (or anyone else), being
squeamish about putting my dick into a butthole.

"Tell ya what," said Doug. "How about I fuck my cock between
your butt cheeks, but not inside your hole?"

Lee thought about that for a moment and said: "Sure!"

Doug positioned the younger boy face-down on bed, fondling Lee's
shapely buttocks and spreading some hand-lotion on the cleft.
Then he lay down on top of the 12-year-old's body, aligning his
cock with Lee's butt-crack. His hip-thrusts began slowly and
then picked up some speed. As I stood beside the bed, looking
down on the scene, still gently stroking my boner, it looked
just like he was fucking Lee's asshole. Lee seemed to like it,
vocalizing little sighs of satisfaction. And Doug DEFINITELY
liked it, grunting as he slid his cock back and forth between
the younger boy's plump ass cheeks. But just as Doug seemed to
be close to shooting his load of spunk onto Lee's back....


"Hey guys! It's me; Bobbie. Can I come in and join you?"

There was momentary pandemonium in the room as we rushed to
throw on our clothing. "Just a second, Bobbie," I said as I
pulled on my cut-off jeans and shirt. (For some reason, we
didn't think of just telling her to go away.)

When I finally opened the door, Bobbie was standing there with a
quizzical look on her face. "Your mom said you guys were back
here playing Risk." She looked around the room, noticing the
lack of a game board but a proliferation of shoes and underpants
strewn around on the floor... not to mention Lee wearing his
shirt inside-out and backwards. "So... uh, what game were you
guys playing anyhow?" From her bemused expression, she seemed
to already have a good idea about what had been going on.

I wasn't about to tell her the truth. "We were just doing some
boy-stuff. You wouldn't be interested."

"Bet I would," she replied. "I always like doing boy-stuff."

I was at a loss for what to say next, but Doug stepped in.

"We have a sex club, and we were getting naked together. You
ever gotten naked with boys?"

Ack! How could Doug have told her such an embarrassing secret?

I expected Bobbie to run away in horror at hearing this, but
instead she smiled and replied: "Yeah; I've done that before.
Can I join your club?"

"We feel each others' privates too," Doug added. "Have you ever
done that with a boy?"

This time a slight blush came to Bobbie's cheeks, but she
answered: "Yeah; a few times."

"And we suck each others' dicks," said Lee, chiming in. "Ever
done that?"

I was totally mortified to hear this. But my penis didn't seem
to mind at all, becoming rigidly erect in my pants.

All three of us were intensely interested in Bobbie's answer,
and she paused for a moment before giving it. "Maybe," she
said, as her mouth formed a sly grin.

"Cool!" said Doug. Then the biggy: "We also fuck each other."

"How can two boys...?" Bobbie started out. "You mean.... Oh!"
She looked directly at me. "For real?" she asked. I nodded.

"You ever been fucked?" asked Doug, boldly as ever.

"Hmmmm.... maybe," Bobbie repeated.

I glanced over at Doug, and saw that he could barely contain his
eagerness. "So," he said to Bobbie, "you still want to join the
club? You'll have to do all the stuff that we do." He didn't
even think to ask Lee or me about having her in the club.

"Yeah; I still want to join. But I won't do anything unless I
see you guys doing it, so don't try to put one over on me."
Bobbie was obviously no fool when it came to boys and sex.

As he always did when it was just us boys, Doug assumed the
leadership role. "Fair enough," he replied. "We usually draw
cards to see who goes first and who gets matched up for stuff.
But since you need to go last, how about I call the shots?
First we strip, one at a time, and lie on the bed to get felt
up. Lee first; then Bill; then me; and finally Bobbie. OK?"

We all nodded our approval. I felt vicarious embarrassment as I
watched Lee undressing under Bobbie's gaze, but my dick was
erect, almost uncomfortably so. He slowly pulled down his short
trousers (his underpants were still on the floor) to reveal his
pre-pubescent boner. He lay down on the bed, spreading his
legs, and waited to be felt. Doug jumped right in, quickly
running his hands all over Lee's body before fondling the
younger boy's cock and balls. I wondered at first why Doug was
feeling Lee's skinny chest and playing with his tiny nipples.
He even got Lee to pull back his legs so Doug could run a spit-
slick finger around and then inside Lee's asshole. It
eventually dawned on me that he was setting the stage for doing
comparable things to Bobbie when she was lying naked on the bed.

When it was my turn to feel Lee's penis, I gave it a perfunctory
fondling. I had already done it a short while before, and I was
eager to see what Bobbie would do.

She went right for his stiff little cock, sliding her fingers
along the shaft, pulling it up and letting it slap back against
his belly... even masturbating his circumcised cock-head with
her thumb and index finger formed in a circle. It was so erotic
watching a naked boy getting felt up by a girl!

Then it was my turn to strip and be felt-up. As I was getting
naked, I felt a tightness in my chest that I hadn't experienced
since the first time I stripped with Doug and Lee at the initial
meeting of the Sex Club. As I pulled down my pants, I felt a
surge of modesty that almost made me cover my penis with my
hands. Fortunately I resisted the impulse. Standing beside the
bed completely naked, with Bobbie's eyes focused on my hairless
erection and dangling balls, I started feeling more aroused and
less embarrassed by the second. By the time I was lying on my
back and spreading my legs invitingly, I was totally psyched for
Bobbie to feel me up.

Doug again went first, doing the same full-body survey that he'd
done with Lee. It was a little weird at first for him to massage
my chest, but actually felt kind of good as he played with the
stiffening little nipples. And while Doug was reaching below my
balls to finger my asshole, Lee began fondling my cock. That
combination definitely felt good!

But now it was Bobbie's turn. Again I felt my muscles tighten
with nervous tension, with my heart thumping against my chest.
When she reached down to wrap her hand around my hyper-erect
cock, I let out an audible gasp, lifting my hips off the bed as
my back arched. Her initial exploration soon became a slow
masturbation stroke, while she fondled my loose balls with her
other hand. She knew how to jack a cock surprisingly well, and
I was silently praying that she would keep doing it until I

Bobbie seemed to be thinking the same thought. "Do you sperm
yet?" she asked.

"You mean shoot cum?" I replied, using the vocabulary that Doug
had taught me a few weeks earlier.

"The white stuff," she clarified.

Now I was embarrassed and tongue-tied by my sexual immaturity.
"Well, I...." My words trailed off awkwardly.

Doug gladly filled my silence with his boasting. "I can!" he
said. "I've been shooting cum since last year. Lee and Bill
can't shoot yet; just dry-cums." When he realized he was being
semi-insulting to us, he diplomatically added: "I couldn't do it
either when I was their age."

I couldn't tell how Bobbie was reacting to the knowledge of my
pre-pubescence, but she kept feeling my stiff penis and making
it feel awesome.

"OK; now it's your turn to strip," Doug said to Bobbie with
unmistakable excitement in his voice.

As we three boys watched, Bobbie took off her high-top sneakers
and eased the cut-off jeans down her smooth shapely legs. I was
momentarily surprised that she was wearing boy's briefs snug
fitting white jockeys with a fly-front, like I wore. Then I
considered that all her other clothing had been equally boyish.
And in any case, my full attention was quickly focused on Bobbie
pulling her loose-fitting tee-shirt over her head. I was
holding my breath in anticipation, and I think Lee and Doug were
as well. In another moment, Bobbie was standing before us
wearing only underpants; her small shapely breasts prominently
on display.

I had seen Playboy magazines before (Doug had a couple) with
naked women showing their large tits, but I'd never seen a
pubescent girl bare her chest. Now, right in front of me, a
cute 12-year-old was showing off her beautifully-shaped breasts.
I found them to be vastly more erotic than the over-sized boobs
in Playboy.

"Keep going," said Doug. "Pull down you underpants and lie on
the bed so we can feel you."

Bobbie peeled off the boy-undies and immediately lay down on her
back. All three of us crowded around to look and - after some
initial hesitancy - to touch. Her pubic mound and girl-slit
were adorned with a light covering of downy hairs. And when she
spread her legs, the slit parted to reveal the moist pink flesh
of her pussy.

Naturally, Doug was the first to feel her, caressing both of her
tits with his hands. Then he moved a hand down to her crotch.

"Is this how to do it?" he asked her, as his middle finger
probed her slit.

"Like this," she replied. Her hand covered his and guided his
finger up to her clit.

"That's the pleasure button?" he asked. (Despite his
uncertainty, Doug was still clearly way ahead of me in his
knowledge of female sexuality.)

"Yeah; it's called a clit. It's basically the same as your dick.
When it gets rubbed, it feels really good."

"My turn now!" said Lee, reaching down to feel the girl's naked
body. Doug backed off, and Lee proceeded to feel Bobbie's tits
and pussy with a look of wide-eyed wonder on his face.

Then it was my turn. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, my
eyes were locked on Bobbie's tits little mounds of soft flesh,
tipped with slightly-puffy brown discs that surrounded pert
nipples. The nipples weren't pencil-eraser-size like on the
women in Playboy, but they were certainly more prominent than
our boy-nipples. My hand covered the nearer breast and cupped
it gently, feeling its warm softness. Yes, this was nice! Then
I was feeling both tits, and my fingertips toyed with the
stiffened nipples.

"Feel her pussy!" Doug encouraged. (I think he was just trying
to move things along to the upcoming sex-games.)

My hand slid down along the outside of her left hip, then up the
inside of her right thigh until it reached her special place. I
tried to imitate the way Bobbie had shown Doug and Lee how to
rub her clit. I must have been doing something right, because
she let out a soft moan as my fingertip massaged the little nub
of pleasure-flesh.

"OK," said Doug; "now we'll get down to the real action. How
about Lee sucking Bill's dick."

"Sure!" said Lee immediately. He had become an enthusiastic and
reasonably-skilled cocksucker in weeks since Doug had initiated
him and me into the wonderful world of sex-play.

I was still a little embarrassed about Bobbie watching me do sex
stuff, but I didn't want her to think I was a wimp. Additionally
I was quickly coming to realize just how incredibly erotic it
was going to be to have a tomboy as a member of the Sex Club.
So I sat on the edge of the bed, then lay back propped up on my
elbows, as Lee knelt down between my spread legs and dipped his
head down to my crotch. As his mouth smoothly enveloped my
nearly-pubescent boner, I looked up at Doug and Bobbie both
still nude standing on either side of where Lee knelt and
watching his aggressive blow-job. Doug's sturdy adolescent body
and nearly-mature cock were totally familiar to me. But
Bobbie's body was still a wonderful revelation boyish in some
ways, but on the verge of developing soft feminine curves. And
as I stared, her right hand eased down to her pussy, and her
finger began to grind on her clit. I could see the look of lust
in her eyes as she watched Lee sucking my cock while she was
pleasuring herself.

Maybe it was from seeing Bobbie's arousal or maybe from
feeling my own but from that moment, I felt eager for Bobbie
to watch me engaging in boy-sex. I gloried in exhibitionist
display, not holding back as my body experienced its familiar
build-up to orgasm. My hands went to Lee's head, and I guided
the speed and depth of his sucks as my hips bucked up in a
fucking motion. I moaned and sighed with raw pleasure, careful
only to keep the volume down so that Mom wouldn't hear it from
the other side of the house.

As my climax neared, my vision was focused exclusively on
Bobby's sexy body, and the excited look on her face, as her
finger made urgent little movements at her crotch. Our eyes
met, and we wordlessly shared a connection of mutual lust.

Lee continued moving his mouth in smooth up-and-down motions
along my cock, and finally finished me off with his hand a
ring of his index finger and thumb rapidly brushing back and
forth on my spit-slick cock-head. Less than 30 seconds later my
dry orgasm arrived in an intense explosion of sexual pleasure,
and I had to stop Lee from jacking me anymore. Wow! Nice one!

Lee stood up and grinned with satisfaction at his
accomplishment, and his 4-inch penis stood up in stiff erection
to document the pleasure he had taken from the encounter.

"Now Lee gets to fuck Bill's butt," said Doug, still the MC of
the show. Bobbie had required a demonstration of the kinds of
sex we did, and Lee and I were apparently assigned to do the
demonstrating. Doug was saving himself for later events, when
Bobbie would be involved.

As I mentioned previously, I had no problem being fucked by
Lee's slender pre-pubescent cock. It wasn't my absolute
favorite sexual activity (having my cock sucked or jacked were
considerably ahead), but I liked it well enough. Lee enjoyed
fucking a lot more than he liked being fucked, and he was
instantly psyched to slide his boyish boner into me.

I was already in position, needing only to draw my legs back to
my chest to expose my asshole for fucking. Lee slathered his
boy-cock with spit and then applied some to my hole. Leaning
forward, with his knees resting on the edge of the bed, he
pressed his boner into me and slid in smoothly. Ah... nice!
Yes; I definitely enjoyed the feeling of a young boy's stiff
slippery penis sliding back and forth through my anal muscle.
It was a different experience altogether from being fucked by
Doug's more mature cock. My own penis had remained stiff even
after my orgasm, and I started to masturbate it while I enjoyed
the erotic sensations of being butt-fucked by Lee.

I noticed that Bobbie was continuing to finger her clit as she
looked on, though my view of her was obscured by Lee's body
humping me face-to-face. I could tell from the grunts that he
was making, and the quickening pace of his thrusts, that Lee was
about to have his orgasm. I squeezed his soft rounded buttocks
with both hands, just the way he liked it, and urged him on to
climax. Lee squealed with joy as his pistoning fuck-thrusts
culminated in a pre-pubescent orgasm.

"Wow!" said Bobbie. "I never knew that boys could fuck each
other. That's so cool!"

I would have guessed that a 12-year-old girl would be grossed
out by the idea of boys butt-fucking, but that certainly wasn't
the case with Bobbie. Now, as Lee pulled out of me and stood
up, I waited for what Doug would order up the next sex-play
scenario. I had a pretty good guess what it would be.

"How about now I fuck Bobbie's pussy," said Doug.

That was what I had guessed.

"OK," said Bobbie. "But only if you use a rubber."

"Uh... what if I don't have one?"

"Then you can't fuck me. My friend back in my old neighborhood,
he always used a rubber when we fucked. He said I'd be an idiot
to let a guy shoot his cum in me."

"Oh," Doug replied in a dejected tone.

"How about me?" Lee chimed in. "I don't shoot cum yet!" All of
a sudden, puberty was an unwanted burden.

"You had your dick inside an asshole," she said. "It's probably
all slimy now.... But I'll let Bill fuck me."

I was momentarily speechless. My cock was still rigidly erect,
but I wasn't at all sure I was ready to fuck a girl. I still
hadn't even fucked a boy yet.

"So get to it!" said Doug encouragingly. Even if he couldn't do
it himself, he certainly wanted to watch.

Bobbie was already getting onto the bed, lying on her back and
spreading her legs wide. When I didn't make a move to get on
top of her, Bobby looked up at Doug and said: "I've got an idea.
You can use your tongue on my pussy to get me ready to be fucked
by Bill."

"Sure!" Doug replied, not seeming to mind that Bobbie was now
setting the agenda. "But, uh, you'll need to tell me what to
do, `cause I've never... you know."

"Just put your face down here and start using your tongue,
especially on my clit. I'll let you know if you need to do it
different." She used her fingers to spread the sides of her
girl-slit apart, revealing the pink inner flesh.

Doug seemed to have a pretty good idea of what to do after all.
He brought his mouth down and extended his tongue, licking in
broad strokes as Bobbie purred her approval. When he focused
the tip of his tongue on her clit, he got immediate feedback as
the girl's body tensed, and she gasped with pleasure. Bobbie
closed her eyes, tilting back her head, open-mouthed, as the
pleasure rushed through her. She held Doug's head in her hands,
grinding her crotch up into his face, as the boy quickly figured
out how to work his tongue to best effect. Lee and I both stood
right beside the bed, looking on in wonder, diddling our erect
penises as we quickly expanded our educational horizons.

After a few minutes of diligent and intense pussy-licking, Doug
came up for air. "Man! My tongue is getting sore!" he said as
he wiped at his chin with the back of his hand.

Bobbie was breathing hard, and her eyes blazed with arousal.
She looked over at me and said, in a tone that was both
insistent and pleading: "Fuck me, Bill!"

I wasn't entirely clueless about the basics of heterosexual
fucking. And Bobbie's pussy was puffy and moist from oral
stimulation, clicking a primal urge in the hard-wired part of my
brain. As I switched places with Doug, I knew instinctively
that my youthful boner belonged inside Bobbie's vagina. I
climbed into position between her spread and slightly-bent legs,
not unlike Lee and I had been when he fucked me minutes before,
and stabbed my cock in the general direction of its target. Not
surprisingly, I missed. But Bobbie reached down and guided my
slender 5-inches inside her warm slippery passage.

The feeling was indescribably pleasurable! My hips began an
urgent pace of thrusting, right from the start, driving my cock
rapidly back and forth inside Bobbie's wonderfully tight pussy.
Already fully lubricated and half-way to orgasm, Bobbie had no
problem dealing with my fucking starting out at full speed. She
wrapped her arms around my back and her legs around my hips,
pulling my chest against her soft little breasts as she held on
tight. I didn't know for sure if I was doing it right, but the
feedback I was getting suggested I was. Bobbie's mouth was
right beside my ear, muttering breathy encouragement that I fuck
her faster and harder.

Most of what entered my ear, however, were the rhythmic cooing
pleasure-sounds of a sexually-mature young girl building up to a
stattering climax. "Oh!... Oh!... Oh!... Oh!..." she moaned
again and again each time my cock slammed to the hilt. I fucked
her with increasing confidence that I was doing it right,
sliding my arms behind her back so I could hold her as tightly
as she was holding me. I was oblivious to the two spectators
hovering above us... oblivious, in fact, of everything else in
the universe except Bobbie, my cock, and the act of fucking.

It wasn't long before Bobbie's sexual verbalizing became more
insistent and needy, and her back arched up as if she were
having a seizure. As Bobbie orgasmed, the walls of her pussy
seemed to vibrate around my racing cock. I kept fucking her at
full-blast as her orgasm continued much longer than a boy's
orgasm. Even when she relaxed from her full-body tension, it
was only for a few seconds before the shuddering spasms took
control of her again.

When I finally had my own dry-cum and stopped fucking, we were
both exhausted Bobbie more than me, or so it seemed. When I
rolled over beside her, I finally noticed Doug and Lee. Lee had
a look of amazement on his face, and his hand was still jacking
at his boyish cock. Doug was licking cum off his hands, his
erection half-hard and softening.

"Wow! That was a good one!" said Bobbie, sitting up on the bed.
"We gonna do some more sex-stuff now?"

"Nah," said Doug, reverting to his role of calling the shots.
"Usually fucking is the last thing we do at a meeting of the
Club. And I need to get back home anyway." He began to put his
clothes back on, his lust sated by a masturbatory orgasm.

"Yeah; me too," added Lee, as he too got dressed.

Bobby and I sat on the edge of the bed, still naked and
lethargic, and in another 2 minutes we were alone in my room.

"That was incredible!" I finally said to Bobbie.

"Yeah," she responded. "You're really good at fucking."

"I am?"

"Definitely. Your dick isn't as big as my friend's back in the
old neighborhood, but you last a lot longer. Before now, I
could only cum from fucking when three guys did me one right
after the other."

I thought about what she just said and felt a tingle of renewed
sexual excitement shivering through me. Images of Doug, Lee and
me doing a gang-bang on Bobbie flashed through my brain.
"You've done fucking a bunch of times?" I asked.

"Not really," she replied. Maybe a dozen times total, all but
once with my friend. I did it for the first time on his 14th
birthday, around the end of March. Then one time it was him and
two other guys. That was pretty wild!" There was a moment of
silence before Bobbie reached over and touched my penis with her
fingers, beginning to stroke it stiff again. With a friendly
grin she said: "So... want to do some more sex-stuff?"

The End.

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