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Nifty - Gay - Adult Friends - Every Which Way And Loose

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 07:40:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Every which Way and Loose

Hi guys, hope you enjoy this one. And let's help Nifty huh in donating so
that he can continue to provide these stories for our pleasure?

Every which way and loose!

I think one of the nicest things that happened to me was just after my
eighteenth birthday when my new mate Jimbo as I called him, took my jalopy to
the coast and hired out a caravan for the weekend.

And what a weekend it turned out to be!

Had we not spent a night in the same place we may never have achieved the
secrets in our minds, inhibited as they were because I guess neither of us
wanted the other to know of our leanings.

There was always the thought that by doing so it may ruin a perfectly happy
friendship which I certainly didn't't want to jeopardise that - even if
privately, I fancied the pants off of Jimbo.

Imagine the surprise when I realised, through a stupid accident, that Jimbo
felt exactly the same about me and for similar reasons did not want me to
know of his carnal thoughts.

But I tell you what; it made for a very thrilling and exiting exposure when
that evening, chilling in the caravan and listening to our favourite
numbers, we could not get out fast enough our tell of our deepest aspirations
for each other, and what made it all the more exiting was that our fantasies
were similar.

When I felt the bottle of cider slip through my hands as I poured it out
into Jimbo's glass I just could not stop it and the whole caboose spilled
over onto his shorts.

I was lost for words, dumbfounded as on the one hand I wanted to apologise
but on the other felt the sex buds arouse nto my being as I pleasured
myself with the look of him in wet nylon shorts, what is it about wet shorts and
wet vests what can be such a turn on? He had a beautiful lunch- box which
the glistening wetness showed up in almost every detail, the size, the
outline of all his tackle.

I guess the apology did eventually come out but also the expression on my
face must have been obvious that I was attracted to him - and so from that
moment things quickly progressed and it was me removing his wet shorts and
squeezing them out in the sink, then hanging them out on the garden line to

When I got back Jimbo just stood there. He was holding himself in such a
way I could tell he was so horny even although he was slightly turned away
from me - I could still see the tip of his erection from where I was

He didn't say a word, I guess this was all about my response, would I react
favourably or not - and that if I did would I be doing anything about it?

It must have seemed pretty obvious I wanted to get to know him in that way
by then, I felt my face heat up as I stood there motionless, waiting for
hopefully his next move...

He turned around fully displaying a wonderfully gorgeous hunk of manhood to
me, it looked even bigger than I imagined and I felt no embarrassment at
all about closing to him, kneeling and taking the head deeply into my mouth.

My first memory of that was the earthiness of its flavor and the pungent
smell which was an instant turn on.

At that moment that is what I wanted to do - like it was the most natural
thing in the world and to start sucking him was instinctive, like the way I
massaged his wonderfully firm ripe balls.

The sounds he was making even made me feel more horny than ever I could
have imagined.

"Don't stop, don't stop Pete" he said grasping the back of my head,
pressing it like he wanted me to take him deeper - and I was soon learning the
art of deep throat sucking, learning by trial and error just how to do it
without gagging, taking short inhalations between sucking. The feel of cock
in my mouth soon became one of the most exiting things I enjoyed with Jimbo
next to his fuck.

That night I felt his fuck for the first time. We had talked most of the
evening after he'd cum over my face about ourselves - and those pent up
feelings now freed and it was so wonderful. It soon led to our touching and
feeling each other in different ways, discovering that we both liked best.

At that time going through my mind was who would play the guy part, for me
I felt it would be nice to take the feminine role, the thought of him
entering me was electric. But I needn't have worried, I did not have to say
anything because the way he wanted my ass said it all - and I was pleasured to
the most wonderful massage stretched across his lap as he said he would
like me, stripped naked and all, it felt so good to be subservient to him, to
feel the excitement in his hands and fingers as he let his feelings free
and experimented doing things to me down there.

It was so wonderful that Jimbo and I had discovered our real leanings, and
with each other too, it was not easy for him get inside me that first time,
I was tight but he seemed to take the occasion to press his head neatly
between my cheeks, stretching them as wide as can be and gave me a good long
sucking, balling and wanking at the same time which really was heaven on

I suggested some ;lubrication and he quickly went to the bathroom returning
with some baby oil and eventually with care., slipping first one finger up
me and then two and then three, he sighed that I should be ready then. I
felt I was, I felt numb and very wanting, I certainly knew my leaning then
if not before, bending over the edge of the bed was the best position
decided for the first go, I felt him touching me with that stiff extremity so
warm and so good, he seemed to be missing the centerpiece in his haste to get
it into me and I grasped him and guided him to the spot, and then feeling
it stretch me where his fingers had just done before was so thrilling even
although it hurt some.

Somehow, Jimbo in grasping my thighs to make for a steady implantation,
eventually entered me with some trepidation and I felt the need for more cock
inside and told him so,

"You want cock, you shall have cock" he yelled with gusto, revving his sex
up now which I liked very much, the initial pain soon changed to a
wonderful pleasurable numbness as he worked his ripe cock into me, was this going
to be a precedence of things to come, that he would master me and take me
at his will, I hoped so because the idea suited me fine, at that moment I
simply wanted to be all ass for him any which way and loose? He could fuck
the sense our of me until I was numb, until I could still feel him inside me
after his fuck and still taste his nectar in my throat.

So the caravan weekend was not just a holiday as that which was deemed. But
much, much more and it has given both Jimbo and I a wonderfully new look
at life and just how good sex with another guy can be.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Friends - Every Which Way And Loose