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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - A Boys Education - A Boys Education 7

Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 13:18:43 -0500
From: Zachary Taylor Burns <>
Subject: A Boy's Education Chapter 7

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by Zachary Taylor Burns

Chapter Seven

"So what do you want for your birthday?" I asked Daniel one Saturday
afternoon, a week before Thanksgiving. We were lounging in front of the
fireplace, curled up in a blanket on the floor watching a movie on
television. There was a commercial, and I took the opportunity to voice
the question that had been whirling around my brain for the last few

"Christopher," he instantly replied.

I stared at him for a second before replying: "And who is that? Some kid
at school?"

He shook his head, blushing. "He's my twelve-year-old cousin. Don't think
I'm weird, but he's so adorable and I just wanna bury my face in his ass
and never leave."

"You don't even like rimming that much," I reminded him, thinking of the
last time I had asked him to do it- he hadn't been too thrilled.

"I know," he replied with a smile and giggle. "But there's just something
about him that makes me wanna do nasty things with him. You'll probably
get to meet him on Thanksgiving."

"Thanksgiving?" I asked, perplexed. "But I thought your mother was
throwing a huge family dinner."

He looked at me with that `duh' sort of look. Then his face fell and he
started laughing. "Oh my God, I never told you that you're invited!" he
said and took my hand in his. "She said she wants you there because you're
so special to me."

"What about your father? And what will we tell the rest of the family?" I
asked, unsure about putting myself into that type of situation.

"Dad agreed to it, on the condition that we not touch, smile, wink or
anything else to each other," he said. "But at least you can come!"

"I'll be on my best behavior," I said by way of acceptance. "What time do
I need to be there?"

"Four-thirty," he said and cuddled into my chest, his ear pressed right
above my heart. "And make sure you look nice, that way you can make a good
impression on everyone."

"Don't I always look nice?" I said and gently thumped him on the ear as the
movie came back on.


I couldn't believe that I had told Peter about wanting to do stuff with my
cousin Christopher! I just blurted it out without thinking, and now it was
too late to take it back. But oh, my little cousin is so adorable and
sessy! Sandy blonde hair, light brown eyes and the cutest butt I've ever
seen, with a cute mouth that I want to fill up. My dick sprang to
attention at the thought of doing something sessy with him, and I quickly
stripped, lay flat on my bed and started stroking myself, imagining that
Christopher was secretly watching me. I put on quite a show for my
imaginary hidden admirer, rubbing my hands all over my body, grazing my
nipples, cupping and fondling my balls, fingering myself as I got closer
and closer to that sweet moment. And then I imagined Christopher sneaking
out of his secret hiding place and joining me on the bed, where I hold his
head in place as I shoot my cum, giving him his first cum facial.

Oh, fuck, I wanted to do that to him so bad! If I could actually admit my
crush to Peter and get to have amazing sex with him, why couldn't I just
admit my feelings to my cousin and hope that things turned out the same?

I answered my own question- because things rarely turn out that way. He
would probably tell his parents, and I would get in trouble with mine. No,
the best thing to do was to keep my mouth shut about it and just secretly
fantasize about him.


I arrived at the Labrie household promptly at four-thirty on Thanksgiving
Day, as requested. Kathy answered the doorbell and expressed a warm
welcome, inviting me inside. This was the first time I had set foot into
Daniel's house, and was greeted by a warm and cozy atmosphere- the living
room was done in earth colors. A warm, chocolate brown for the sofa and
armchair, a brick wall that showcased the fireplace, and a large area rug
that perfectly complimented the sofa and cream-colored walls.

"Please, have a seat," Kathy said and gestured to the sofa as I removed my
shoes. "You're a bit early, but that's all right."

"Daniel told me to be here at four-thirty," I said with a shake of my head.
"What time are we having dinner?"

"Six," she replied with a smile. "Please accept my apologies that he
didn't relay the new time, but I had to change it due to his uncle Todd's
canceled flight this morning. He should be landing soon, and will be here
in about an hour."

"It's fine, no big deal, that gives me time to help you in the kitchen if
you need," I said and stood back up.

She smiled and shook her head. "You just sit there and relax, you're a
guest and I refuse to allow you to help. I'll go get Daniel." I nodded,
and she disappeared down the hall.

Daniel appeared a few seconds later, looking all excited and anxious about
something. "Come here, quick," he said and motioned for me to follow.

"What's up with you?" I asked with a laugh.

"Christopher will soon be here!" he whispered in a conspiratorial tone.
"Wait until you see him!"

I looked at the door, afraid of being reprimanded by his father for being
in Daniel's room alone with him. "Where is your father?"

"Oh, he went for a drive," he replied with a wink as he closed his door.
"We have time for you to take me on my own bed. Mom said she'll warn us
when he gets home." He pulled his shirt off and threw it to the floor.

"I don't think that's a good idea," I said as I stood up, intent on opening
the door again. "I don't want to do that under your parent's roof. It's

He didn't reply as he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them to the floor,
his boner raring and ready to go, his smooth balls dangling down and
looking absolutely delicious in their sack. "Please, I need you. I want
you to make love to me on my own bed instead of just fantasizing about it."
He sat down on the bed and laid back, legs spread, giving me a peek at his

I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help myself, not when he was laying
there completely naked and ready for me! "You're sure that your mother is
okay with this?" I whispered as I crawled onto the bed and kissed him.

"Yes," he replied and started to unbutton my shirt and running his hands up
and down my chest. "Love me please, do it just like my fantasies."

"And how do we do it in your fantasies?" I wondered as he fumbled with the
button on my pants.

"Bent over the bed, my ass spread apart for you as you slide your dick deep
inside of me, thrusting and moaning my name, digging your nails down my
back and spanking my ass as you fuck me."

I moaned at the images in my mind and only nodded, eager to have my dick
inside my lover. "Roll over," I said, and he complied, his feet firmly
planted on the floor, his ass spread, winking at me, begging me to fill it.
He reached back and fondled my dick for a second, making sure it was hard
and ready to go, which it was. "What about lube?" I asked, and he just
told me to spit. I laughed as I spit in my hand and rubbed it up and down
my dick before I pushed a finger against his hole, spreading the wetness in
and around him. "Ready?" I asked as I got into position.

"I've been ready," he said with a laugh as he wiggled his ass at me.

I pushed the head of my dick against his opening; he arched his back in
anticipation, making his hole open just a bit. He relaxed and I pushed,
sliding all the way inside in one motion. "Oh fuck," I moaned as I started
to thrust inside of him. "Your hole is always so tight." All Daniel could
do was moan in response as I made love to him in his own bedroom, bent over
his bed.

We were really getting into it, and I was about thirty seconds from
blasting my cum deep inside of him when all of a sudden the door opened as
I heard the words, "Daniel! Guess who's---" and the voice trailed off.
There, standing in the doorway, mouth open in surprise looking like a fish
out of water, was most likely Christopher, at least according to Daniel's
previous description of his cousin.

Kathy appeared the doorway a second later, apologizing profusely. "I'm
sorry, I heard him come in and I had my hands full of turkey. He came back
before I could stop him." She stood with her hand shielding her eyes as
she guided Christopher out of the room and pulled the door closed again.

I couldn't move, I was so stunned. We'd just been caught having sex by a
twelve-year-old! Then Daniel burst into a fit of the giggles, and as the
laughter caught on, I pulled my dick out. Of course, it had deflated in
the surprise. Nothing like a mood killer worse than being caught!

"That was Christopher," Daniel said as he doubled over with laughter,
unable to move from the bed.

"I gathered that," I replied, more worried now about him telling Daniel's
father than being caught. I pulled my pants on, buttoned my shirt,
straightened my tie and left Daniel, who was still giggling on the bed.
Feeling my red-hot face as I walked down the hall, I took a deep breath as
I entered the kitchen. Kathy was holding Christopher in her lap. "I'm
sorry," I said as I sat down next to her.

"Don't apologize," she said to me. "I gave him permission. I didn't think
anyone else would come this early. Now, Christopher," she said to her
nephew, "it's just something we adults do."

"I know all about sex," the youngster replied. "We learned about it in
health class. I'm not stupid."

"I didn't say you were," Kathy said and hugged him closer. "It's just that
sometimes a man likes another man, and that's what I'm worried about. I
don't want you to think that it's a bad thing, what you saw."

"I know all about gay sex too," Christopher said and struggled free of her
lap, standing up and looking at me. "I've just never seen it before."

"I'm sorry," I said to Christopher. "I'm Peter, and I'm---"

"Daniel's boyfriend," he finished. I nodded. Daniel appeared in the
doorway a second later, face flushed from the excitement. I noticed the
bulge in his jeans, as I'm sure did his mother and cousin. "I'm fine,"
Christopher added. "It was just a shock."

"Please don't tell dad," Daniel said and frowned. "He'd kill me if he knew
I was having sex here."

"I won't," Christopher replied and smiled.

"Okay, good," Kathy said and stood up, wiping her hands on her apron. "I
was so worried."

Daniel's father Stephen arrived home a few minutes later, at which point we
all went our separate ways. Daniel took Christopher to his room- the door
remained open, of course. I stayed in the kitchen to give Kathy a hand.
After introductions were made, Stephen pulled me aside and said, "I don't
want any funny business here, that understood?"

"Of course," I replied. "I wouldn't dream of doing something like that
while you were around, especially in your house." Kathy caught my eye and
winked. I struggled to suppress a smile.

"Good," he said and left the room, taking up a seat in the living room.

Kathy came over and leaned down to whisper in my ear: "That was so close."

"I'm sorry," I whispered back, apologizing again for the indiscretion.

"Don't worry about it," Kathy replied with a shrug. "It's too late now
anyway. As long as Christopher keeps his mouth shut, everything will be
fine. Besides, I'm sure Daniel is in there talking to him."

At that point, the obvious caught up with me, and I asked, "Where are
Christopher's parents?"

Kathy replied, "They'll be over in a bit. They only live a few houses


"What's it like?" Christopher asked as he sank into my desk chair, pulling
my laptop into reach and opening it.

"What, sex?" I asked and sat on the bed, watching my cousin as he
practically took over my computer. Not that it mattered though, because I
wanted to keep him happy, and if that meant him using my laptop then so be

"Yes," he replied and pulled up Google. I watched in surprise as he typed
`Gay sex' into the search bar and hit enter.

"It's amazing," I replied, surprised that we were even having this
discussion. "I love every second of it."

"You never thought it was disgusting?" he asked as he clicked on a link for

"No, I've always wanted to do it," I replied, unable to believe that he was
Googling sex even as we talked about it.

"Have you always known you were gay?" he wondered and clicked the back
button before clicking on the `Images' link. Photos of nude guys flooded
the screen, and he stared in amazement.

"Yes," I answered his question, keeping an eye on the door. I wanted to
get up and close it, but I didn't know if it would freak him out being in
the same room as me now that he knew I liked guys.

"You should do that to me," he said, and pointed to a picture of two guys,
one with his legs bent backwards over his head while the other had his dick
buried inside the bottom's ass.

Nothing could have surprised me more than those six words. "W-what?" I
asked, unable to comprehend the entire situation.

"I want you to do that," he said and pointed again to the screen. "I want
to do what you and Peter were doing."

"I can't do that to you," I replied, face burning at the thought.

"Why not?" Christopher asked and closed the laptop. "He was doing it to

"Because he's my boyfriend," I said proudly. "I'm not going to cheat on

"Fine I'll just go and tell your dad what you two were doing," he replied
and stood up.

The sneaky little shit, trying to blackmail me. He was right, of course.
I couldn't risk having dad know that I was having gay sex under his roof.
He'd castrate me before he killed me!

"Well we can't do it right now," I said, and he sat back down again,
frowning. "We'll have to wait until we're alone." The smile on his face
said it all- he knew he was going to get what he wanted. "It doesn't
bother you that we're related?" I wondered.

"No, should it?" he replied. "Look, I've been jacking off for a few weeks,
and now I have the chance to have sex! I'm not gonna pass that up."

"I'll have to make sure it's all right with Peter," I pointed out. "He at
least deserves to know." Christopher replied with a nod.


At quarter before six, Daniel's uncle Todd arrived at last, as well as
Christopher's parents Michael and Diana. After introductions were made, we
all settled down at the table while Daniel's father carved the turkey and
Kathy placed all of the delicious-smelling food in the center of the table.
Before I could stop him, Daniel sat to the left of me, which earned a glare
from his father. Next to Daniel were his parents, then Christopher, who
was directly across from me. His parents were next to him, and lastly
uncle Todd was sitting to my immediate right.

Kathy served everyone a glass of red wine, which surprised me. "She always
lets us drink on special occasions," Daniel said to me, as I must have
looked surprised. "Although it's only a half glass," he said with a frown.
"She's always told me that if I want to drink, I am supposed to do it at
home rather than out on the street and be stupid about it," Daniel

"And she's right," I replied with a nod. "You shouldn't be out with
friends driving around or whatever, getting wasted and being

"Yes, dad," he said, emphasis on the word `dad'. Stephen looked up from
his turkey carving and gave me another glare. Oh, how I wished I could
call him out on it, but I sat there, took a sip of wine and kept my
comments to myself. After all, I was a guest in his house, and needed to
show the utmost respect for his rules and wishes.

"It'll be okay," Daniel whispered to me, and I felt his foot rub against my
left. That made me feel at ease.

"So what do you do for a living, Peter?" Todd asked from my right.

I turned in my seat and we chatted briefly while Stephen finished up with
the turkey. "I'm a teacher, tenth grade Communications."

"Oh, of course," Todd replied with a genial smile. "Kathy did mention that
on the phone last night. You're Daniel's teacher."

"Yes, I've been giving him private tutor lessons," I said with a nod,
trying not to allow my facial expression reveal too much.

"So I've heard," he replied with a wink.

I was surprised. Did he know? Had Kathy told him? That was definitely
something I needed to find out. Did everyone here know what was going on
between Daniel and me? Then I felt Daniel's foot rub against my right
foot. I turned to look at him, and then realized that as flexible as he
could be, there was no way for him to be rubbing my other foot without
feeling his leg against mine. Realization dawned on me and I looked at
Christopher, who was staring at me with a guilty smile.

I leaned over and whispered to Daniel that his cousin was playing footsie,
and he quickly peeked under the table cover. When he came back up, he
looked pissed off beyond words, but didn't say anything. I simply sat up
straighter and tucked my legs beneath my chair, crossed at the ankle. I
looked across the table at Christopher, who was still smiling in that
devilish sort of way.

Kathy finally sat down at the table as Stephen carried the silver
serving-platter of freshly carved turkey and placed it in the center of the
table. It looked delicious, juicy enough that I hoped it would melt in my
mouth. I stared around at the veritable feast before us- mashed potatoes,
baked corn, green bean casserole, a dish with baked marshmallows that I
could only assume was sweet potatoes, a large china boat full of gravy, and
a large basket of rolls. Everything smelled amazing, and I couldn't wait
to dig in.

"Before we eat," Kathy said and raised her glass of wine and spoke to me,
"we always say a few words about what we are thankful for. Would you like
to start?"

I picked up my glass of wine and nodded. "Sure. I'm thankful for being
invited to this amazing dinner with amazing people. If Daniel hadn't been
in my class this year, I wouldn't be sitting here right now."

Next was Daniel. "I'm thankful for having the most amazing, supportive
family and the best boy---" he stopped himself and cleared his throat,
"teacher in the world."

Kathy reached for Stephen and Daniel's hands and said, "I'm thankful for
having a wonderful husband and boy who treat me so great."

It was Stephen's turn. "I'm thankful for having a steady job so that I can
provide this meal to all of you."

Christopher said, "I'm thankful for seeing what I did today," and giggled.
Kathy gasped and dropped her glass, spilling wine all over the tablecloth.
She jumped up from the table and grabbed a towel from the counter.

"What did you see?" Diana asked her little boy, curious at what had made
Kathy spill her drink.

"Nothing," Christopher said and took a sip of wine. By now, Kathy was back
and dabbing at the wine, trying to soak it up.

"Do you have any club soda?" I asked and stood up.

"In the pantry next to the alcohol," she replied.

"I'll get it!" Daniel said and jumped up from the table.

Just then there was a high-pitched whistle issuing from Stephen's mouth,
and everyone stopped talking and moving. "I want to know what Christopher
saw that he refuses to talk about."

"Oh for goodness sake Stephen," Kathy said with an exasperated sigh, "it
was nothing. I was in the kitchen, dropped something and bent over to pick
it up. My boob popped out and Christopher saw it. I said not to mention
it because he might be embarrassed. Okay? Can we try and get this stain
out now?"

I was equally surprised and impressed by the lie Kathy had just told her
husband. Stephen looked at Christopher, who was beet red with
embarrassment anyway. "Is that true?"

Christopher stared at his uncle, mouth opening but no words coming out.
"Goddamnit Stephen!" Kathy shouted. "Can we please just get through this
dinner without you worrying over everyone finding out about Daniel and
Peter!" Then she realized what she had said and apologized to her son, who
by now had returned with the club soda and another towel. She apologized
to me as well, but I didn't mind and reached for the club soda and towel
from Daniel and helped her blot up the stain and apply the club soda.

"You could also try boiling water," Diana piped up from the other side of
the table. "We'll have to take the tablecloth to the sink, though." I was
impressed by how well she avoided the elephant in the room, and I agreed
that hers was a good idea too. Daniel disappeared again to boil the water.

Stephen never looked as angry as in that moment. "So that's it? We're
just going to pretend?"

Diana stood up and started to remove plates and silverware from the table
as she spoke to Stephen: "You're my brother, and I love you with all my
heart, but this is not the time or place. This is about family, and
friends," she added with a nod to me. "Besides, we've all known about him
being gay since that time Kathy found him dressed in one of her gowns. Now
hush up and relax. We don't give a damn."

"Yea Steve, settle down," Todd added from my right. "You're making it into
much more of a deal than it needs to be."

Stephen shook his head in surprise, took a deep breath and left the room,
slamming the living room door behind him as he exited the house. "He'll be
fine," Kathy said and shook her head in dismay.

"Of course he will," Diana replied and finished clearing the table. By now
the stain had started to lift, and Daniel announced that the water was
boiling, so she gathered up the fabric and carried it to the counter, where
she stretched the stained area across the open sink. "Grab a chair for me
please," she said, and Kathy obliged.

I took the pot of water off the stove and stepped up onto the chair, having
heard that boiling water poured from a height of about four feet also
worked at removing a red wine stain. "Ready?" I asked, and Diana nodded.
I started to pour the water, careful not to splash it any more than
necessary to avoid burning anyone. Smiling with satisfaction, I watched as
the stain literally disappeared before my eyes.

Once all the water had been poured, Kathy took the fabric and said, "I'll
just throw this in the washer," and disappeared into a door that I assumed
led to the basement.

"Let's get back to dinner," Todd suggested with a smile and started putting
everything back on the table. Michael, the only one who had remained in
his chair, looked like a starving prison inmate who hadn't been fed in a

Christopher and Daniel were standing in the corner of the room, hurriedly
whispering back and forth. Both looked upset, and I wondered what they
were talking about.

"Crisis averted," Kathy said upon her return to the kitchen, and was
surprised to see that dinner was already back in place, ready to be eaten
at long last.

"Should we wait for dad?" Daniel asked from his place in the corner next to

"No," Kathy replied after a moment's hesitation. "If he wants to act that
way, then we can get along without him."

"But it's Thanksgiving," Daniel replied, frowning. "If dad doesn't eat,
then I don't want to either."

"I'll go and talk to him," I said, bravely willing to put myself at the
hands of the tiger. No one objected, and I thought with a laugh that I
guess it was only fitting, since I was the one he was most upset about
being here.

I pulled on my coat and headed outside. Stephen was in the garage, his
electric blue Mustang parked halfway out. He was tinkering with someone in
the engine. "Can we talk for a minute?" I asked as I stepped around the

"Why don't you just go home?" he said, not looking up.

I was taken aback, surprised by his bluntness but undeterred. "Look, you
may not be okay with Daniel being gay, but that's the way he is and you
need to accept it. I understand that you don't like me, and that's fine
because we don't need to get along. But your son, your flesh and blood, is
in that house, upset because he thinks that you hate him."

That got his attention, and he finally looked up at me, a grease smear on
his right cheek. "I don't hate him."

"Then stop being such an ass about it," I said, deciding to be as blunt
with him as he was with me. "He looks up to you, respects you, and it
drives him crazy that you might disapprove of him."

"Of course I disapprove!" Stephen said and stood up, the two of us staring
into each other at eye-level. "He's sixteen, and you're what, thirty?"

"Not until next year," I replied, standing my ground.

"So you're a pedophile who only goes after underage boys?" he said,
standing straighter to appear more intimidating.

I shook my head at his ignorance. "With all due respect, you don't know
shit about me. I didn't come into this relationship looking for him. He
came to me, told me how he felt, and it went from there. I care for him
more than you could ever understand."

"And from what I understand," he said and wiped his hands on a grimy,
grease-stained towel that was laying on his workbench, "you took him back
to your place and fucked him!"

I didn't dare show how I felt, or all would be lost and I would lose a limb
or two to the tiger. "Yes, I admit it probably went a bit too fast, but
how long did you know Kathy before you two starting fooling around? I've
done the math. Daniel was conceived before you two married."

"Don't bring my sex life into this," he replied, looking at the ground for
a split-second and then continued his stare unabated.

That brief flicker of lost eye contact said that I had won the argument,
and pressed on. "Then don't bring mine into it either. What Daniel and I
do behind closed doors is no one's business but our own."

"He's a fucking minor!" Stephen said and took a step toward me, using his
appearance and muscle to threaten me even more.

Once again, I stood my ground. "Then go ahead and report me if you think I
deserve it. But first think about how much you're going to hurt your son
if you do. The cops will be involved, word will spread around school that
he is gay and that we're together, and then he will have to deal with all
the bullying and bullshit that goes along with immature teenagers not
knowing how to handle information like that. Are you prepared for the
backlash? If you report me, I'll go to jail and won't be there to help
protect him. As it stands now, I can keep an eye on him without anyone
knowing that I'm actually doing so. Your choice, but frankly I wouldn't
want the responsibility of losing Daniel if you do, because let me honest
about this: If you report me to the cops, you will lose him and his respect
and love and adoration for a father he thinks doesn't love him in the first

I didn't give him a chance to reply and walked away, entering the house
with the intent of saying my goodbyes and going home. With me leaving,
there was less pressure on Stephen. Kathy wouldn't have it, grabbed her
jacket and went out to talk to her husband.

"What did you say?" Daniel asked as he came over and wrapped his arms
around me.

"That's between us," I said and looked around at everyone else in the room-
Michael, Diana, Todd and Christopher, all of which were watching me. No
one looked like they were about to throw stones, so I thought that was a
step in the right direction.

"We're glad to see Daniel so happy," Diana said as she came around the
table and wrapped me in a hug. "I hope you make each other very happy."

"Thank you," I replied with genuine sincerity. "That means a lot."

"I second that," Michael added, raising his half glass of red wine.

"As do I," Todd said from the corner.

"Hear that?" I said to Daniel, "I told you that your family wouldn't mind
that you're gay."

"Except for dad," he replied with a sigh and sat down in his chair at the

"Everything will be fine," I said and sat next to him. "I can feel it. We
won't have anything to worry about. I talked to him, and now your mom is
talking to him again. If he loves you at all, it won't matter who you date
and have sex with."

"I hope you're right," he said and took a sip of his wine before putting
his hand on my knee. "I love you so much, and I don't want to lose you."

"Aww," Diana said and raised her glass in salute. Christopher just
scoffed, and she slapped her son on the back of the head. Then she
stopped, her hand in mid-air, turned to look at me, then looked at Daniel,
back at me, then to Christopher, and finally back to me. Her mouth opened
into an O, and she looked at Christopher, Daniel, and back to me once more
as she dropped her hand to her lap. "He caught you having sex, didn't he?"

"Of course!" Todd piped up. "It took you this long to realize it?"

Diana shot Todd a look and said, "I'm sorry but I don't know much about
these gay things, other than how happy they look together."

"One would think that by now you had a handle on these sort of things,"
Todd replied and sipped his wine.

I thought that was an odd thing to say, and looked at Todd for a long
moment before I finally figured it out. He just sat there and smiled at me
the whole time I was staring. "You're gay too."

"I've been gay for longer than Daniel's been on this earth," he replied
with a laugh. "The moment Kathy found Daniel wearing her dress, I was
sworn never to say anything. I guess she was always worried I might rub
off on him."

"So is everyone gay?" Christopher asked.

"Most of us, apparently," Daniel said and stared at his cousin.
Christopher shut his mouth and sat back in his seat, not saying another
word. I just smiled, remembering the little game of footsie earlier.

"Well it's no wonder that Stephen is upset, with Christopher catching you
two having sex," Diana said and put her elbows on the table.

"Oh, he doesn't know about that!" I said, nervous that someone might
accidentally spill the beans on the whole secret.

"Then what had him all pissed off?" Todd wondered.

I explained. "Because I'm here, for starters. Last Saturday, Daniel told
me that I was invited, that Kathy wanted me here because now I'm a part of
the family. I arrive here at four-thirty, Stephen is gone, and Daniel
invites me back to his room. He closes the door, and tells me- well,
that's personal, but we end up having sex and then Christopher comes in and
catches us and I thought for sure the world was going to end. Kathy talked
to him, we got everything straightened out, and he promised not to mention
anything. Then Stephen comes back, we're introduced, and he warns me about
not touching or looking at Daniel, or anything of the sort. Then later you
guys arrive and we sit down to dinner, and Daniel sat next to me, which
earned me a glare from Stephen. And then, to make matters worse, Daniel
explained about only being given a half-glass of wine, and I said it was
good that his parents allowed him to drink here rather than out on the
street, and he said `Yes dad', which earned me another glare from Stephen.
I haven't been in his good graces since the first moment of meeting him."

"No, correction," Todd said and patted my shoulder, "you and I haven't been
in good graces with him since he found out that Daniel is gay. He'll get
over it." I raised my glass to that, and we all took a sip of wine in

As we sat our glasses back on the table, we heard the front door open. A
moment later, Kathy and Stephen appeared, both looking haggard and upset.
Kathy smiled though, putting up an appearance of festive cheer, and said,
"Now that everything is taken care of, let's finally eat this dinner that
is probably cold."

Stephen didn't say anything; he just sat down, drank his wine and started
digging into the food, piling it up high on his plate. We each took a cue
and helped ourselves before digging in and oohing and aahing over how
excellent everything tasted.

The rest of the meal went flawlessly, and not even Stephen could dampen the
mood anymore because Kathy kept the conversation as lively as she could.
Everyone, the boys included, pitched in and the rest of the evening went
along as if nothing had happened between Daniel's father and me.


After that horrendous dinner at mom's, I decided I was going to spend the
night with Peter. My dad was being such a pain in the ass, and I didn't
feel like being around him. I just wanted to be happy, and what made me
happiest was being in Peter's arms, cuddling, holding each other and making
love and just being together as a couple.

As we were getting settled into bed that night, I was sitting on the edge
of the quilt, legs perched on the floor. "Um, I have a question," I said,
and Peter turned to look at me from his position at the closet, where he
was putting away some clothes fresh out of the dryer. "Well, it's about

"And what about him?" Peter asked and continued hanging up his clothes.
"Did you two fight about what happened?"

"Not exactly," I said, fidgeting with my sock. "But he has a price for his
silence and not telling dad."

"Oh geez," Peter said, stopped what he was doing and came over and sat next
to me on the bed. "What did he say?"

"He wants me to fuck him," I replied, completely nervous.

"That's it?" Peter asked.

"That's it?" I said, surprised by his reaction. "That's a lot! I'm not
going to cheat on you like that!"

"So bring him here and do it. I'll watch," he said with a wink, and I knew
he was only playing.

I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor before lying back in bed,
arms over my head so he could bury his nose into my armpit the way he
likes. He did, and moaned as he inhaled my scent. "Baby, you said
yourself how much you want him," Peter said as he kissed me around my lips,
not quite kissing me directly. "If you want to, and he wants you too, then
go for it. He'll keep quiet, and you'll get what you want."

"You would really be all right with me having sex with Christopher?" I
said, surprised at the suggestion.

"I would have suggested it even before what happened today," he replied and
kissed me on the lips.

I ran my hands up and down his back, loving the feel of his skin against my
own. "Let's imagine that he's here watching us make love," I said with a
burst of inspiration.

"You naughty little devil," he said and kissed me again. "And what would
you like him to see that he hasn't already?"

I slid down, gave his nipples a quick graze with my tongue, and engulfed
his dick down my throat, swallowing it whole while I held his heavy balls
in my hand, rolling them around and gently squeezing. He moaned at my
touch, which always made me super horny. I loved knowing that I could turn
him on so bad with just my touch, and as I sucked him harder I slid a
finger down between his cheeks and he spread his legs for me. "I want to
fuck you," I said and stared at him.

"Really?" he said, surprised that I didn't want to feel his dick inside me.
I did, but I wanted to do it to him more. Besides, I wanted to get a feel
for it when the time came to fuck Christopher. I nodded, and he agreed,
reaching for the lube. "You've done it before, right?" I asked.

"A few times," Peter replied and smiled at me as he pulled the lube from
the drawer. "You're sure you want to do this?"

I nodded and took the lube from his hand. "I've been thinking about it all
evening, and I want to try."

"All right," my lover said and reclined on the bed. "What position would
you like to do it in?"

"Which do you like best?" I wondered as I applied the lube to my dick,
which was eager for some action.

"They're all great," he replied. "I would say that the ideal position for
a full-on complete, deep fuck is when you are on your knees, doggy style.
But it's your choice, you do it however you think it will feel the best on

"I want to bend you over the bed like you were fucking me when Christopher
caught us," I said, eager to recreate as much of the scenario as possible.
I had secretly loved that he had caught us having sex, and couldn't wait to
be able to have sex with him for real!

"It really turns you on, doesn't it?" Peter asked as he got into position,
and I nodded. "All right, let's pretend that he's watching us from the
closet through the slats in the door, that he's in there naked, jacking off
while we have sex. How's that sound?"

"Oh God," I moaned at the thought and got into position behind him, my dick
aching to bury itself inside Peter's ass. "Ready?" I asked, looking over
my shoulder at the imaginary Christopher, pretending that I could see him
in there wanking his dick. Peter nodded, and I slowly pressed the head of
my dick against him, and he relaxed, I pushed more and I was in! Oh my
fucking God! It felt amazing! His hole was so tight, like nothing I had
ever felt before! Jacking off would never be the same after this, that's
for sure. Once I was buried all the way inside if him, I slowly pulled out
until just my head remained inside, and pushed back in, slowly gathering
speed until I was making love to Peter at a pace that didn't quite match my
jack-off sessions but wasn't necessary because this was a completely
different feeling! Fuck, oh fuck, I couldn't help but moan as I slid in
and out of his hot hole. No wonder he loved to fuck me! This felt
absolutely amazing! I grabbed his hips and held on while I slid in and
out, the feeling of a pending orgasm building in my balls. "Oh fuck," I
moaned aloud.

"Yes baby, you like fucking me don't you?" Peter asked as we fucked in
tandem, a matched syncopated rhythm. "Christopher in the closet stroking
his hairless dick, almost ready to shoot his cum all over the door as you
fill me with yours."

"Oh fuck yes," I groaned. Almost... there...

"He wants you so bad, wants you to fuck him like you're fucking me right
now," Peter continued, keeping up his banter with my thrusts. Fuck, oh
fuck, his dirty talk was so fucking hot! Just a few... more.... "Wants
you to slide in and out of his hot, tight little ass, fill him with your
dick. Shoot your cum inside him, make his ass all wet with your sweet
honey." I erupted, my cum spewing all over inside him, my balls feeling
completely drained as they emptied their contents inside my lover. "Oh
fuck," he said, "that felt so good!"

"You're so naughty," I said as I slumped against him, kissing his back and
neck. "That was so hot."

"You're the one who wants your little cousin to watch us again," he pointed
out, and then there was a tense pause as he stared at me for a few seconds.
"Oh hell," he said at last.

"What's wrong?" I wondered as we got into a position better suited for
cuddling, my head cradled into his chest.

"Your father accused me of being a pedophile," he said and heaved a huge
sigh. "Maybe I am."

"Don't say that," I said and put a finger to his lips. "You didn't try to
seduce me, or kidnap me or rape me or anything like that. I've never heard
you talk about wanting to fuck some little boy. The only one you want to
be with is me, right?" He nodded. "I'm sixteen, the age of consent.
You're not doing anything wrong, you're not the one who wants to fuck

"But---" he started to object, and I pushed my finger harder against his

"Do you have any underage porn on your computer?" I asked, trying to prove
my point. He shook his head. "You don't have any at all?"

He sighed. "Well, there's a pic of this hot redhead in blue underwear
stepping out of a pair of jeans. He's adorable, smooth all over with milky
white skin and adorable feet. I don't even know how old he is, but that's
the only one I have. It's not even a nude, except that you can see a bit
of the left side of his balls."

"Do you have any desire at all to have sex with someone younger than me?" I

"No. I'm surprised I even did it with you," he replied and kissed me.
"But you're so sexy, I couldn't resist you coming on to me."

"You're not a pedo," I said and kissed him back. "Those type of guys make
me sick, the ones always on the prowl for some hot young ass to fuck. They
get off on the fact that they're fucking some hot teenage or preteen boy
and don't care about the consequences. They just love the thrill of using
some young kid and taking away his innocence and all that other bullshit.
You're nothing like that. I love you, but I wouldn't be with you if you
were anything at all like one of those disgusting people. I trust you, and
I know you wouldn't do anything to jeopardize what we have."

"I would never," he replied and we kissed again.

"As for Christopher," I continued, "if you don't feel comfortable enough
with us having sex, then I won't do it. He can tell dad, I don't care. I
love you too much to risk anything."

"Honestly, it doesn't bother me that you want to do it with him," Peter
replied and took my hand in his. "But don't do it because he threatened to
tell your dad. If you're going to do it, then make sure it's under the
right circumstances. Completely enjoy it, thrill in every moment of it,
and then after it's over you will have an amazing memory of doing something
you only fantasized about. If you do it because he told you to, it won't
be the same."

"Do you want him to tell dad?" I asked.

"Of course not," he replied, kissing me again. "But if he does, then so
what? We'll deal with the consequences."

"You're so amazing," I said as I settled back into his embrace, relishing
in the warmth that his body radiated. "I hope this never ends."


After Daniel fell asleep, I tucked him tightly under the covers, crawled
out of bed, picked up Daniel's cell phone from the dresser, and went
downstairs to make a phone call. I searched through the contacts for
`Mom', and when I found it, hit the dial button and it started ringing.

"Hey baby," Kathy said after it rang twice.

"Kathy, it's Peter," I said, and before she could reply, continued:
"Nothing's wrong, just please hear me out. It's about what happened today.
There's something I think you should know."

"What's that?" she asked, worry resounding in her voice.

"After Christopher caught Daniel and me having sex, he threatened to tell
Stephen about it if Daniel doesn't give him what he wants. And what
Christopher wants is for Daniel to have sex with him." I went on to
explain the conversation Daniel and I had before he went to sleep, about
accepting the consequences if Christopher should tell Stephen, and about
the feelings Daniel has for his cousin and the things he wanted to do.
"Please understand," I added, "I'm not telling you all of this because I
want to betray Daniel. I'm doing it because I don't want anyone to get
hurt. If Christopher really wants to have sex with Daniel, it should be
loving, caring, and perfect, not a forced arrangement."

"I'm not thrilled about the idea of those two doing anything," Kathy
replied at long last. "But I'm not in a position to stop them. I mean, I
can tell Daniel no until I'm blue in the face but that really isn't going
to stop him if he really wants to do it."

"I'm in the same position," I replied with a frown. "My biggest concern is
Stephen finding out what we did. I don't like the fact that Christopher
might not like me after this, but I'd rather have him on my bad side
instead of Daniel's father."

"You leave my husband to me," she replied with a laugh. "I'll tell him
myself, and then you and Daniel are out of the line of trouble, and
Christopher can't use it as bait to get what he wants. As for Daniel and
Christopher having sex, please leave me out of it and keep the information
to yourself if it happens."

"It's a deal. I appreciate everything you've done for us so far. It means
the world," I said with genuine conviction. "Someday I'll make it up to

"You just take good care of my son, and we'll call it even," Kathy replied.
I agreed, we said our goodbyes and hung up. I sat there, pleased with
myself for handling the situation. My only hope was that once Stephen
found out about Christopher catching Daniel and me in flagrante, that the
wrath would be kept to a bare minimum.


To be continued...

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