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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - A Man And A Boy - A Man And A Boy 3

Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 19:07:53 -0800 (PST)
From: John Chappell <>
Subject: a man and a boy, part 3

This is pure fiction and doesn't advocate any practice. It is for
enjoyment in the mind. Have fun.

A Man and a Boy, Part 3

Bob walked out of the bedroom but had left two things behind, his sexed-
up nephews and my rectum filled with a heavy load of his fresh man
cream. Ricky had left his clothes on the floor next to the bed when he
and his uncle had stripped while waiting for Jimmy and me to get out of
the shower. I now reached down and picked up his undies and brought them
to my face. I couldn't get enough of the smell of that kid.

"If you want I'll put them back on," Ricky said. "Uncle Bob likes to
play around with clothes and stuff."

"Yeah," chimed in Jimmy, his older hot teen brother -- the one I had
fucked earlier on the back lawn. "I could put my speedos back on, or
maybe the black nylons that Uncle Bob likes, or I've got an unwashed
jockstrap. Anything?"

I told Jimmy that his jockstrap might be nice for now, and he went
over, took it out of the drawer, and slipped it on. Meanwhile Ricky had
his undies on and I just had to give them my full attention. He was
lying on his back on the bed where I gently eased his legs apart. Lying
down with my head between these smooth kid's legs I started licking his
silky boy thighs, working up to that little bulge in his undies. My
mouth soon arrived there and smelled the musky little boy odor that
filled his crotch. I immediately got my tongue working over his mound,
tasting and smelling the boy sweat that lingered there. I never realised
how wonderful a young boy could be. I could feel his tiny prick pushing
up the cloth and I put my lips on it. He raised his hips slightly and
pushed his undie-covered dick into my mouth.

I could feel his little boy tool through the covering and grasped his
dickie tight in my lips. Ricky started to move his hips, fucking my
mouth as his uncut penis slid up and down in its foreskin. As my spit
soaked his undies, more of his boy scent reached my nose and the better
he tasted. I needed another peek at this little boy's cock and balls so
I slid my hand up his leg and pulled up the edge of his shorts. Nestled
in there was the cutest pair of hairless boy balls and a stiff kid dick.
I first gave his scrotum a good licking before putting that peepee
between my lips for a quick suck.

Not to ignore that hot horny teen lying next to us, I gave Ricky a quick
kiss and then moved to a wetter and more passionate one for Jimmy.
Aching to get a whiff of that well-used jockstrap he was wearing, I then
positioned myself strategically between his smooth teen legs.

"Go for it, Kent. Oh take me," he begged. "Talk dirty to me. Talk

"OK fuck boy," I said, glad to oblige. "Open your legs and let me smell
your fucking jock. Let me smell all the jizz that's squirted into it.
Raise your hips and show my your young fuck hole, pussy boy. Show me the
hole that sucked the cum out of my fuck stick."

I plunged my finger into his anus and felt it clamp tight around it.
Massaging his prostate with my slippery finger, I moved my other hand
onto his stomach and slid it down under his waistband, feeling that soft
mound of pubic hair and that hard, uncut teen prick. I gave his teenboy
crotch a good working over and then stretched out on my back.

"Sit on my face you hot piece of fuck meat. Put your cum-filled fuck
chute on my mouth," I directed, "and let me eat your hot fucking teen

Jimmy slung his leg over me and straddled my head, lowering his sweet-
smelling arse to where my tongue eagerly licked his well-fingered teen
hole, loving the smell and taste of that recently-used teen pussy. He
moaned and kept repeating "oh, fuck, oh, fuck" and "eat me, eat me," and
I knew that I was getting him close to the edge.

I instructed him to get up and take off his jock and give it to me.
Meanwhile, I spread my legs and asked Ricky to get between them.

"I want to hump you, Ricky. I want to give you my love juice," I said,
"but first I want your little weewee inside me -- your little boy pecker
giving me a fuck."
Always willing to please, that kid Ricky got into position and I reached
down, took his little penis between my thumb and forefinger, and guided
it to my waiting.hole. I smiled as I felt that hairless boy dick slip
into my rectum and start pumping me like a pro. Jimmy was now out of his
jockstrap and placed the inside where his cock and balls had been over
my nose and mouth. It was damp with his sweat and precum and the aroma
of teen crotch was enough to send me into heaven.

While licking Jimmy's jockstrap and exploring his body with my hands,
Ricky had pulled out of me, got his mouth on my cock with lots of
saliva, and then straddled me and slid down on my stiff tool. I had
never been inside a kid that young and I had to warn him not too fast or
I would sperm him then and there.

"Then fuck me like a woman and cum in me," he replied.

Well, that's just what I did. Getting on top of that kid I fed my cut
penis back into his tight hairless anus. I went really slow, not wanting
to hurt that lovely fuck kid just waiting for my injection of semen.
Jimmy made some comments about mounting me like a stallion and, while
enjoying the pleasure of entering a smooth, tight little boy, felt my
own anus being filled with that thick uncut love tool of one of the most
beautiful teens I had met.

More urgent now, I started to pump the tight little rosebud that my
thick cut man tool had just entered. Jimmy was already working my pussy
hole with smooth even strokes while his balls slapped my ass cheeks.

"C'mon, Jimmy boy," I encouraged. "Fuck my hungry hole. I love that
gorgeous teen piss stick way up inside me. I need your cum in my
slippery hole. Give it to me babe. Empty your boy juice in me."

While Jimmy was moaning "oh, yeah, oh, yeah," Ricky was repeating "fuck
me, fuck me" almost in a whisper. I knew that they both were reaching
their climax as I felt my balls tighten. I looked down at my penis
servicing this hot kid and his hairless weewee so stiff.

"I'm going to cum, Kent," Jimmy announced. "I...fill cream...kid"

He put his arms around my waste and held tightly as his teen dick
spasmed, injecting squirt after squirt of thick sticky cream into my hot
waiting rectum. He sighed as he finished, but left his uncut teen meat
in me to enjoy the feel while I spermed his kid brother, and left his
arms around me and started to masturbate Ricky's tiny erect peepee. I
was about to fill a cute hairless young kid for the first time.

"Here I cum, Sweetie ... a nice big load for your tiny bum," I said.
SFucking my little boy...oh shit...I'm cuming...cuming...kid
fuck...oooooh...aaaaaaaah." And with that I blew my load up that little
boy's rectum

"Eeyow," Ricky yelped, and I knew this boy had another of his dry

Jimmy's now soft dick slipped out of my anus and I could feel that I was
leaking back there, considering that I had had two heavy loads of man
cream shot into me in the last hour. Picking up his well-used jockstrap,
he cleaned me off back there and then in front. Leaning over between his
brother's legs he gave his now-fucked kid hole a healthy lick.

"Taste's good, Ricky boy," he quipped.

(to be continued)

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - A Man And A Boy - A Man And A Boy 3