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Subject: REPOST: (untitled) (gay/man-boy/non-violent/consentual)
Sender: (The Anon Administrator)
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1993 18:41:49 GMT

Okay...Let's see if I can get it this time. Goddam server
chopped off the story.

Anyhow, I repeat, I haven't written in a while, so I am a
bit rusty. In fact, this is my first sex story. I haven't
really proof-read or spell-checked the story yet, so please
bear with the technical mistakes. I am, however, looking for
some feedback.

If you aren't into Man-Boy sex, or you really hate non-violence
and consent, press 'n' now. You have been warned, so don't gripe.

Now, this story is the first chapter of a fantasy I had the
other night. It's a little dull (just a little bit of fondling
so far), but it should pick up once I get into writing the rest.

Please remember, this is an un-proofed first draft, and it
really needs alot of work. Please send me comments, ideas, positions,
gifs, that I can make this story worth reading.

And remember, practice safe sex: do virgins! :-)

~Title: [None yet]
Author: (-C-)

Chapter 1: [No title yet]

I don't often spend my Friday evenings cruising boys, but it had
been at least six weeks since I last picked up, and I was feeling
rather anxious. My photo periodical was no help either. The new
issue had just come in, and there weren't any pictures of nude
boys to satisfy my craving. I decided to head out the the Arcade
to get myself one of Bernie's boys.

The Arcade is a large video-amusement house owned and operated by
Bernie. He also runs a little whore-house, so to speak. His
hookers are boys between nine and fifteen. At first. I felt a
little guilty doing business with Bernie, but he runs a clean
business. He keeps his boys out of the drugs and gangs, feeds them
well, and never hurts them. When the boys are too old for tricks,
he gets them jobs at the strip bars.

I walked around the Arcade a few times looking for the boy I would
take home. This is not as easy as it seems, I mean, only a few boys
there are waiting to be picked up. I approached a few boys and made
a few subtle moves on them that only Bernie's boys would spot, but
I had no luck. 'I knew I should have come earlier,' I thought.
Discouraged, I walked to one of the quieter corners of the Arcade to
be alone for a few minutes.

I found a stool and sat. The area was barren except for one boy
playing some shoot-em-up game. I could only see his back from my
vantage point. When he fed another token into the machine, I saw
his face. He was beautiful! His blond hair was closely shaven except
for the front, where it was long enough to brush against his lightly
freckled nose. His lips were small, but slightly pouty. His skin
was smooth and clear. He must have been about twelve or thirteen; a
little older than what I was looking for, but I was willing to lax
my criteria.

I walked over to the machine he was playing on. I put a token into
the machine, casually brushing my arm against his leg in the process.
I stood close to him as I played. Unfortunately, my game was over
rather quickly; I couldn't seem to concentrate. But I stayed and
pretended to watch him play.

'You're not very good,' he said.

'No, I guess not,' I replied a little nervously.

'I can show you how to play properly. Why don't you try again?'

'I don't have any more tokens,' I reported. I had used up most of my
tokens trying to pick up some boy who seemed disgustingly ugly next
to this beauty.

'I have some in my pocket. Take one.'

I stood motionless for what seemed like an hour. He was busy with
his game, and made no effort to remove a token from his pocket for
me. I looked around nervously. The corner was still deserted. I
slipped my hand into his left pocket-he did not resist. His pocket
was empty. I brushed my fingers across his left testicle as I pulled
my hand out.

'Nothing in there,' I said.

'Not _that_ pocket, silly!' His eyes were focused on the screen.

I slipped my hand into his right pocket. My fingers touched the
tokens, but I decided to feel the other treasure the boy had in his
pocket. I fondled his right testicle momentarily, then stroked his
young penis-it hardened almost instantly.

'You must have found a token by now,' he giggled. Still, he showed
no signs of resistance.

I took a token from his pocket and inserted into the machine.

'Don't start just yet,' he said. 'Let me finish my game first.'

Before he could finish his sentance, some demon-creature thing jumped
from out of nowhere and zapped him with a fatal energy blow. He gave
me his joystick, and pressed the start button. He placed his hands
over mine and guided me through the maze. But I could barely
concentrate. The more he helped, the more my mind fluttered. It
didn't take long before all the tokens in his pocket were used up
(and I did not have the pleasure of fishing them out myself).

'How 'bout coming to my place so that I can show you some of my
games,' I said.

He bit his lower lip and lookup up timidely. At first I thought I
had scared him away, but he grinned shyly and said, 'Sure!' A few
minutes later, we were driving down the autoroute heading to my
apartment. I reached over and caressed his leg. Still no resistance.
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