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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Asian Youth

Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 11:34:56 -0400
From: Moore
Subject: Asian Youth

Asian Youth

By Moore

Chapter One

The Singapore Airlines' first class lounge with private
bedrooms and baths for weary travelers is the best of its
kind in all of Asia. Today the lounge is staffed by three
lovely girls and two equally lovely guys. The girls hold
little interest for me, but Simon and Henry, according to
their name tags, are testing the limits of my Calvin
Klein thong. The flight to Columbo, Sri Lanka is delayed
so there's ample time to relieve my throbbing erection
while having some fun with these sexy Asian fellows.

My name is Stephen C. Rilestein, fifty one years old and
a committed homosexual. Yes, a fag. I've had consensual
sex with many other homosexuals as you might expect, but
servicing the heterosexual community has long been my
greatest pleasure. It's fair to say that all fags suck
cock, but wrong to assume that all cock suckers are
alike. Some of us have a severe case of DIMS. That's Dick
In Mouth Syndrome to those uninitiated readers who have
never experienced the unique thrill of orally engaging a
mature penis until ejaculation.

Interestingly, since my dreaded fiftieth birthday which
I celebrated at a delightful club in Bangkok, I find
myself increasingly attracted to the smooth, naked bodies
and maturing cocks of adolescent boys. The club, I should
add, had an excellent selection of sweet boys on display
in all their natural naked glory. Two beautiful, brown
skinned Thai boys with small but exciting erections and
tantalizing testicles; twelve year old virgins I was
told, shared my bath, my bed and my sexual appetites on
that memorable occasion.

I've had sex with many delicious adolescent boys since
that night in Bangkok. Not in the States, though, where
the demand for boys is incredibly high and the supply of
young boys willing to have sex with a man of my age is
limited and costly. Also in the States, as opposed to
Asia where the authorities choose to ignore the man on
boy sex trade, the penalty for getting caught with a
naked youth in your say nothing of getting
caught with his sweet penis in your mouth, is a long
stretch in the slammer.

Frankly, I'm a bit old to do time on my back as Bubba's
bitch or be passed around the cell block giving daily
blow jobs to a score of horny convicts. I'll stick with
Asian boys.

Call me a pedophile, an old queer or a perverted faggot
if you must, but after forty one years of happily serving
other males I offer no excuses. Not only for my sexual
orientation and submissive nature, but also no excuse for
my shameless delight in having sex with willing young

I began giving blow jobs when I was only ten years old.
Sucking cock became an immediate addiction. I can't
explain why it was so, but a dick in my mouth and the
taste of warm sperm made me tremble with joy. And thanks
to a scout master with an unusual fondness for his boy
scouts, he caught me on my knees going down on his son,
I became a pussy boy before I turned thirteen.

A counselor at summer camp introduced me to the joy of
gay sex. He showed me his prick and asked to see mine.
Then he got down on his knees and took me in his mouth.
He sucked my little prick for a while and then he said it
was my turn. His prick got much bigger and thicker and
harder in my mouth, a throbbing erection that almost made
me gag. And then he held my ears firmly in his hands and
taught me how to suck cock.

I sucked without much skill, but he quickly climaxed
anyway and flooded my mouth with spurts of warm sperm.
Not knowing what else to do I swallowed his sperm, loved
the taste, and a cum-crazy cocksucker was unleashed on
that hot summer day.

While still on my knees he asked if I liked his big cock
in my mouth and the taste of his cum. I looked up and
said that I really did like his cock and cum. He laughed
and said that made me a cocksucker and probably a faggot.
I laughed too and readily agreed that I was a cocksucker.
I knew nothing about faggots. Then he asked if I wanted
more cocks to suck. I nodded my agreement so he slipped
his dick back into my mouth for another exciting blow job
and another mouthful of tasty cum.

Well, I did get a lot more wonderful cocks to suck and I
also learned what it meant to be a faggot. For the rest
of the summer I gave head to every counselor. Blow jobs
and cumming in my mouth was a daily event that everyone
enjoyed. Young faggots have no choice so I went along
with the circle jerks, with me in the middle of the
pissing contest and the ultimate sperm shower. The jack
off contests into my wide open mouth convinced all the
counselors that I was not only a cum eating cocksucker,
but truly a faggot. I even sucked the little, hairless
cocks of the curious campers who would often piss in my
mouth, but were too young to cum. I was a faggot alright,
a submissive boy that was grateful to have any dick,
large or small, in my cocksucker mouth.

Camp ended all too soon, but not my love for sucking cock
and eating cum. It was a very different boy, a changed
boy...a faggot that returned to school that fall. My
classmates eventually reaped the rewards.

To my great disappointment not a single boy wanted his
dick sucked until I got to junior high. That's where
masturbation, girls and sex in general was on a lot of
minds. During the second week of school I heard some
older boys talking about blow jobs and fags in the play
ground. So I boldly stepped up and offered my services.
They thought I was kidding until we went inside to an
empty class room and I got down on my knees. When the
school bell rang thirty minutes later I had sucked off
three surprised boys and swallowed three loads of cum. My
reputation as a fag and the class cocksucker was secure.


I'm the president of an apparel company and I travel
throughout Asia, visiting the factories where our
products are produced. My ex-wife used to travel with me
on occasion. That ended rather abruptly, along with the
ill-advised two year marriage, when she returned to the
hotel from a shopping spree in Hong Kong. The astonished
look on her face was absolutely priceless when she saw me
in bed with a hardon...impaled on the cock of an equally
naked young man I had picked up in the lobby. She didn't
wait around to watch him finish fucking me to a mind
blowing orgasm.

Yes, I've had great sexual encounters with scores of
Asians. Blowing the cabin attendant in the lavatory on
the flight here from Taipei being the latest. What a dick
on that fellow. I can still taste his cum as I plot my
next move.

"Welcome, Mr. Rilestein," Henry says in pretty good
english. "May I bring you a cocktail?"

I suppress the urge to say that I would like to suck on
your cock. That will happen very soon I suspect if Henry
is like so many others. Few young men can resist the
offer of a blow job. "A scotch on the rocks, Henry, in
one of the private rooms. I would like to shower and rest
for a while before the flight."

I am down to my thong when Henry comes in to the well
appointed room with my drink. I am down on my knees at
his feet before the door is fully closed. He clearly
doesn't know what to make of the situation so I get right
to the point. "I'd like to give you a blow job, Henry,"
I say. "Suck your cock," I add to be sure my intentions
are perfectly clear.

"Mr. Rilestein, sir," he stammers. "I, ah, I do not know
what to say."

"You don't have to say anything except...suck my cock."

"But I've never had my cock sucked, sir."

"Then you're in for a real treat, Henry, because I am an
excellent cocksucker."

Henry is trembling silently as I unzip his pants and pull
them down along with his underwear, exposing his uncut
cock that is beginning to get hard. Silence turns to
soft, breathy moans when I kiss the pink tip of his
rapidly rising dick and then slowly work my way down the
light brown shaft to kiss and lick his beautiful balls.
One ball then two fit comfortably in my mouth with just
enough room to roll them around with my tongue.

"Suck my cock," Henry cries out. "Please suck my cock."

With pleasure I think as I spit out his nuts and fill my
mouth with his throbbing erection. He climaxes instantly,
flooding my mouth with an ocean of salty sperm.

"Thanks, Henry," I say as he hikes up his pants. "You've
got a great dick. Now tell Simon I want to see him."

Simon comes in with a knowing smile on his face and a
well defined hardon in the left leg of his pants. The boy
is hung and hot. Henry has obviously told him what
happened and he's probably expecting that I'll give him
a blow job too. I will certainly lick his balls and suck
his cock, but he won't be cumming in my mouth. Sorry
Simon, I hope you won't be too disappointed, but I have
other plans for your dick.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Rilestein?"

I get right to the point. "Did Henry tell you that I gave
him a blow job?"

"Yes, sir."

"What did he say, exactly?"

"He said that you licked his balls, sir, and took them
both in your mouth. Then you sucked his cock until he
climaxed and you swallowed his sperm."

"Would you like me to lick your balls and suck your cock?
Would you like to cum in my mouth?"

"Yes sir, if you want to."

"Take off all your clothes. I want you naked."

Simon's tawny body is gorgeous. Like most Asians he's
hairless except for a patch of silky pubic hair and a
tuft of silk under each arm. I lick his tight balls and
suck his cock briefly, then I guide his erection to my
lubricated asshole.

"Fuck me, Simon," I cry out loud as he thrusts deep
inside me. "Fuck me hard."


"Stephen Rilestein," I wearily announce to the pretty
desk clerk. British, if I had to guess. "I've got a

The Oberoi Lanka is my favorite hotel in Columbo. Sri
Lanka, formerly the British colony of Ceylon, is a jewel
of an island. The Indian Ocean with soft blue waves,
white sand beaches and dark skinned boys is a short walk
from the hotel. Some boys wear a skimpy, thong-like loin
cloth, but most of the boys on the beach wear nothing at
all. Naked boys at play in a modern Garden of Eden. Naked
boys unashamed to expose their bodies and not infrequent
erections. It is a glorious sight, certain to make any
boy-loving-man tremble with sexual desire.

"Welcome back, sir. "How was the flight from Singapore?"

"Long and exhausting," I respond.

"You need a soak in the jacuzzi, a nice cuppa tea and a
good night's sleep to overcome the jet lag."

All good suggestions, but what I'd want in addition to
what I need is a willing boy to join me in the tub and in
my bed. A young dick in my mouth and a nice load of sperm
will rejuvenate me.

"Ishan will take your bags and show you to your suite. He
will unpack while you bathe and bring tea."

I follow Ishan, a sturdy lad in his late teens, to the
private elevator that will take us up to the penthouse
floor. He's older than I'd like, but it's late and he's
the only boy around. The suite is grand, sitting room,
bedroom and a large bathroom. I waste no time in taking
off my clothes and jumping into the jacuzzi while Ishan
goes about his business.

"Why don't you take off your clothes and join me," I
offer when Ishan comes into the bathroom with a steaming
cup of tea. "You must be hot and sweaty after working
all day. A bath is what you need."

My dick stiffens in anticipation when Ishan nods in
agreement and takes off his shirt. He's about to drop
his pants when the cell phone hooked on his belt comes to

I finish my bath and climb into bed...naked and alone.
Oh, well. I'll just have to wait and see what room
service delivers in the morning.


I am awake well before dawn and immediately call for
orange juice, coffee, toast and scrambled eggs. I barely
have time to piss and brush my teeth before I hear a soft
knocking. I open the door, nude, delighted to find a wide
eyed boy with my breakfast tray.

"Come in," I say. "Put the tray on the table."

I put the DO NOT DISTURB sign in place before closing and
locking the door. This boy will not get away.

"What's your name?" I ask.

"Nihal, sir," he replies politely, apparently unaffected
by either my nakedness or state of arousal.

"How old are you, Nihal?"

"Thirteen, sir."

"Thirteen is pretty young to be working. Don't you go to

"I work until noon, sir, and then I go to school in the
afternoon. My family is very poor so I must earn money
to buy food."

I know that wages are low in Sri Lanka. Nihal probably
makes two or three dollars a day as a room service
waiter. I will make it worth his while if he's willing to
let me service him in my room. He won't have to do much,
just take off his clothes so I can enjoy his young body
with my eyes. He'll enjoy it too, if he's willing, when
I bring him to a bountiful climax with my wandering hands
and my active mouth.

A glass of sticky orange juice "accidently" spilled gives
me a good reason to help the boy out of his wet clothes.

"I am so sorry, Nihal," I repeat several times as he
stands before me in all his youthful naked glory. His
penis is dark brown and uncut, with but a hint of pubic
hair. His jewels are perfect and plump with precious
sperm. "Come into the bath room and let me clean you up."

I turn on the shower then join him in the glass enclosure
that is big enough for a party. I lather his upper body
with fragrant soap, slowly drifting lower until my soapy
hands are carefully caressing his crotch. He shudders
when I retract the foreskin to reveal the pink tip of his
rapidly stiffening cock.

"How does that feel?" I ask, stroking his erection.

"Very nice, sir." He replies. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, Nihal, you have a beautiful penis. So
beautiful that I would like to do more. Do you know what
a blow job is?"

"Yes, sir, on the beach. There are boys that give blow
jobs to other boys. I have seen it for myself. These boys
are called cocksuckers, which I think is not so nice
because many boys use the cocksuckers then laugh at them.
The cocksuckers laugh back and give many boys blow jobs
every day."

"I am a cocksucker, Nihal, and I would like to give you
a blow job."

Nihal doesn't laugh when I drop to my knees and take him
in my mouth. His rigid young dick is alive, throbbing and
pulsing in my mouth with the energy of youth. I suck him
gently and fondle his balls, wanting to extend the blow
job for as long as possible, but needing to feel the boy
climax in my mouth.

Nihal thrusts his cock to the back of my sucking mouth
and delivers a spurt of sticky sperm. I back off his
dick, just the head is in my mouth, so I can taste the
rest of his young sperm.

A boy's first sexual encounter with an older man...his
first blow job...should be a wonderfully satisfying
experience. With the right man and with the right will be. Nihal is satisfied with me, he
readily agrees to return tomorrow morning for another
blow job. I will suck him again and then I'll teach him
how to fuck.

He has also agreed to meet me on the beach on Saturday.
I will arrive early to view the naked boys and then show
the young cocksuckers how an older man sucks dick.
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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Asian Youth