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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - At The Rest Area

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 13:36:59 EDT
Subject: At the Rest Area

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and of love. This story may contain
erotic and/or sexually explicit behaviour between consenting adults and
teens, some of whom may be underage. If it is illegal for you to, or you
find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don't exist
here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied
other than for your private enjoyment and may not be changed in any way
without the expressed written consent of the author. This story may not be
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At the Rest Area

I'd been told to go to Heathrow Airport, Terminal three to pick up three
passengers and drive them into Central London. I had been warned that one
of them was the teenage son of a wealthy (and I mean WEALTHY) Turkish
magnate who was formerly a member of the now defunct royal family and I was
to be very deferential to them all.

When I got to the terminal I went straight to the Airline Information Desk
and checked the status of the flight and told them who I was collecting.
They immediately became very animated and I was given a special pass to put
in my car windscreen which allowed me to park right outside the terminal
door. The flight was not due to land for about forty minutes so I had time
to retrieve my car from the car park and park it in splendid isolation just
outside the terminal.

I was then escorted to an unmarked door where my escort swiped a card and
allowed me to enter a very plush lounge, obviously a VIP area where I was
allowed to wait for my passengers. A few minutes later a tall, slim middle
eastern-looking man arrived. He told me that he was from the Turkish
Embassy and that my principal passenger was Prince Ferhan, the sixteen
year-old son of a former Turkish prince, now a very wealthy businessman.
He was still permitted to use the title of `Prince' but more as a courtesy
than anything else. He would be accompanied by his personal servant, Habib
who, according to Turkish tradition, was the same age as his master, born
on the very same day. My third passenger would be Prince Ferhan's
bodyguard named Talik. I was instructed that I was to address the Prince
as `Effendi' on first meeting him and thereafter as `Sir'. I was to obey
the Prince's instructions over and above all others, including the
bodyguard if their instructions conflicted.

As we spoke a private jet touched down on the runway outside the window and
he told me that they had arrived.

`You will take the Prince wherever he wished to go, but if he gives you no
instructions you will take him to Claridge's, (a most prestigious London
hotel) where a suite had been reserved for him.

As we waited he told me a little about the Prince and that he was visiting
England to improve his command of the language. Our Trade Delegation was
due to visit Turkey in the near future and as his father spoke no English
at all he was most anxious that Prince Ferhan be able to translate for him.

I asked him why an English chauffeur had been appointed to drive him from
the airport and was told that I should not ask this question, but that
several Turkish Embassy chauffeurs had recently been dismissed. `If the
Prince likes you he may ask you to be his personal chauffeur while you are
here' he said.

There was a bustling at the entrance to the lounge and a tall, muscular man
appeared and came over and greeted my companion in Turkish, he was
introduced to me as Talik, the Prince's bodyguard. He bowed and shook my
hand, smiled at me and said in impeccable English `You come to us highly
recommended, Eddie, I hope that you will be with us for the duration of our
stay. Our luggage will be taken direct to the hotel by the airline as
there is far too much to fit into the boot of a car'

As he finished speaking two young boys in traditional middle-eastern dress
with long flowing robes and headdresses appeared through the door and my
two companions bowed low. I assumed that this was the prince and his
servant and copied the bow.

Talik carried out the introductions, which I thought was unusual, a humble
chauffeur being introduced to a prince, but it was explained to me that
Prince Ferhan might be heavily dependent on me during his stay and so
tradition had been dispensed with during this trip.

As the boys walked towards the door the prince tripped and stubbed his toe.
Immediately Habib was on the floor removing the Prince's sandal and
massaging his injured foot. `That will do Habib' said the prince in
heavily accented English, `there is no need to fuss now we are in England.'
Habib looked rather upset until the prince put his hand on his shoulder and
said `I am not displeased with you, but we can relax things when we are
away from my father' The two boys smiled at one another and once again
headed for the door.

When we reached the car Talik sat in the back with the prince and Habib sat
next to me in the front. I could not help taking sideling glances at
Habib. He was darkly handsome and had really beautiful hands. The kind of
hands I could imagine encircling my cock and giving me the gentle jack-off
of a lifetime.

`I have decided that all our conversations will be in English while I am
here' said Prince Ferhan with his heavy accent `If you hear us speaking
Turkish, Eddie, you must immediately tell us to revert to English'

`Very well, sir' I said and continued the journey down the airport spur
road and on to the motorway, where the price saw a sign to `services' or
`rest area' as it is better known worldwide. `What is services' he asked me
`Well, sir, motorway services are where we stop if we need to use the
toilet or want to have something to eat or drink or need to fill up with

`Ah' he said `I feel the need to be serviced, so we will stop.'

`Do you think that is wise Sir?' asked Talik.

`WE WILL STOP' the price said emphatically.

I pulled off the road and headed towards the main building when the prince
said `No, Eddie, park away from everyone else where we will not be

`Very well, sir' I said and parked as far away as I could from any other

As I pulled to a halt Talik immediately jumped out of the car and looked
around. Habib left me and sat in the back with Prince Ferhan. I stayed in
my seat and Talik stayed outside the car, watching for anybody approaching.
I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Habib lifting the Prince's robe.
I came as a complete shock when I saw that that the prince was totally
naked underneath and his young cock was standing to attention. He was VERY
well endowed for his age, probably 8-1/2 inches hard and quite thick. I was
brought to my senses by the prince saying to me `Do you like what you see?'
Habib by now had taken the Prince's cock in his mouth and was moving
steadily up and down. `I noticed you looking at Habib when we were in the
airport tunnel and I guessed that you would like to see this'

I cleared my throat and said `I am enjoying it very much indeed, sir'

`Then we must arrange for you and Habib to get together some time and have
some fun' said the prince.

`That would be very much appreciated, sir' I replied.

Between sucking and wanking it took about five minutes for the prince to
reach orgasm and as he started breathing erratically I reached into the
glove box and pulled out a small, clean hand towel, which had come in handy
for me before, and passed it across to the back seat. After his orgasm,
which was very intense, the prince thanked me for my consideration and
Habib started to clean him up, then passed the towel back to me. `I like
you, Eddie' said the prince `I would consider it a favour if you would be
my driver for the entire trip. There will be a room in my suite for you
and all expenses will be paid. I will pay you handsomely and you will have
the use of Habib's services whenever he is not attending me.

Habib smiled at this and said to me `Your wish is my command, sir'.

`Please don't call me sir, I said, please call me Eddie.' Habib looked at
the Prince who gave his approval, then tapped on the car window and
beckoned Talik to get back into the car.

`Now we will go to the services as I have to use the toilet' said the
prince. I drove to the main building and parked up. I said that I also
needed to pee, so the prince, Habib and myself went into the toilet leaving
Talik to look after the car. The Prince stood at the entrance to the
toilets and motioned for me to go in first. I went to a urinal, unzipped
and took out my cock and started to pee. Imagine my surprise when the
prince stood next to me, gathered up his robes and started to pee. Habib
followed suit on the other side of him and we stood in silence until the
prince said `It is most civilised to stand when urinating. In Turkey we
have very few urinals and it is the custom to sit when relieving oneself.
He then looked down at my cock and said `You seem to be reasonably well
endowed, I think you will be able to keep Habib happy for the next two

He then turned to Habib and said `I am finished' Habib then took the
prince's cock in his hands, shook it and wiped any drips on to his own
robe, then they both turned and walked with me back to the car.

The drive into London was uneventful and as we pulled up outside Claridge's
the liveried doorman opened the door for my passengers and then directed me
to the underground car park. Having parked the car I went to reception and
introduced myself as Prince Ferhan's chauffeur. I was directed to the
prince's penthouse suite with due deference. I may only be a chauffeur,
but I was a chauffeur to a prince and was treated with respect.

I rang the bell of the prince's suite and Talik answered the door. `Prince
Ferhan has insisted that you have a bedroom within the suite so we have
arranged for the two penthouse suites to be joined together as one. Your
room will be next to mine overlooking the park.'

Knowing that Claridge's is probably the most expensive hotel in London I
really could not imagine what it was costing to rent both penthouse suites,
but I imagine it cost more per night than I earned in a month!

`The prince is in his bedroom and would like to see you as soon as

I knocked and entered the prince's bedroom and heard voices coming from his
ensuite bathroom. I knocked on the door and was bidden `come in, Eddie'

When I entered the prince was naked in his bath and Habib was naked washing
him. `Sometimes I like to shower, but after the arduous journey I thought
a bath would be better. Would you like to join me? He asked.

I thanked him but declined on this occasion (I later found that it was
quite traditional for men to bathe together and shared several baths and
showers with the prince and Habib during their two weeks in England.)

`I would like you to draw up an itinerary for me for the next two weeks. I
would like to mix with the English unnoticed and would like to have sexual
experience with English boys and men to see if I can learn anything new
from them. Tomorrow we will go shopping for Western clothes for Habib and
myself and then we will go for a meal and then visit the theatre. I will
leave the choice of play to you, Eddie, but I very much like Musical

He raised his arms and said to Habib `I am finished'. Habib helped him out
of the bath and handed him a huge, snow-white fluffy towel, which he
wrapped around his flowing hair but refused to have his body dried. `I am
cool' he said `and I think I will let my body dry naturally'. He sat in an
armchair in his bedroom and Habib sat at his feet touching him from time to
time, rather as a pet will sometimes paw at you.

He turned again to me and said `There is some paper and a pen on the desk
in the sitting room, perhaps you will fetch it and I will give you some
suggestions for our itinerary.'

I went into the sitting room and Talik jumped out of his chair `Is there
something wrong?' he asked. I told him not and he said quietly to me `The
Prince is very taken with you. He seldom allows anybody but Habib to see
him naked, not even his family, not even me'. I shrugged my shoulders and
returned to my two naked Turkish boys in the bedroom.

As I entered Habib stood and approached me. He removed my jacket and
started to unbutton my shirt. I looked at the prince and he had a smile on
his face and his cock was starting to stiffen. `I have asked Habib to make
you comfortable' he said, `then we will see where it leads'

After removing my shirt Habib removed my shoes, then sat me down and
removed my socks and massaged my feet for a few seconds. All thoughts of
working on the itinerary seemed to have been abandoned but Habib certainly
seemed to know where he was going! My cock was straining at the leash by
this point and I knew that within minutes I would be naked in the presence
of a Turkish prince, but there is a saying that without their clothes all
men are equal.

He pulled me to my feet again and, smiling broadly, he undid my belt and
waist fastener and lowered my trousers to my ankles and I stepped out of
them. This left my underpants which showed a huge tent at the front and a
conspicuous wet patch as well. Habib pulled them towards him and lowered
them revealing my pulsing cock to the prince. Immediately Habib sat me
down and put my cock in his mouth. I knew straight away that he was VERY
experienced in the art of oral sex. The price stood and came over to watch
the proceedings. His cock was straight out in front of him. `Sir' I said
`you are an extremely sexy young man and I can hardly keep my hands to

The prince smiled and stood closer to me so that his cock was touching my
cheek. It only took half a turn of my head and it was in my mouth. I
thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Habib was giving me one of the best
(if not THE best) blow job of my life and I was sucking a handsome
well-endowed Turkish Prince. How much better could things get?

Prince Ferhan started trembling at the knee and this started that all too
familiar feeling at the very root of my balls and I knew that we would both
be at the point of no return soon.

The flavour of Prince Ferhan's precum was like rose water which made me
feel all the more horny.

Two minutes later I was rewarded by several very strong jets of cum hitting
the back of my throat followed by a mouthful of the same. The flavour was
intensified somewhat and I was trying to place where I had tasted this
before when I reached my own orgasm and filled Habib's mouth to capacity
and a little of my cum started to run down his chin. Imagine my amazement
when Prince Ferhan kissed my cum away and then kissed Habib on the lips to
get a bigger share.

`That was very entertaining and most enjoyable, Eddie, Thank you for
entering into the spirit of things.'

`Sir' I said `We have both been satisfied, but Habib has given me much
pleasure and I would like to return the favour.'

`It will not be necessary' said the prince.

`I don't look upon it as a necessity' I said, `but I think that it is only
fair that Habib should get some enjoyment.

`Very well' said the prince, `I will watch with interest.'

I took Habib by the hand and knelt him down. I went behind him and took
his beautiful smooth cheeks in my hand and started to run my tongue along
each one. Habib gave a shudder and took a sharp intake of breath. When I
went down into his crack he started to moan and as I looked through his
legs I could see a drip of precum gangling from his cock. `We have not
done this before' said the prince.

`Sir, it is like nothing I have experienced before' said Habib. `It would
be wonderful if we could somehow include this when we make love.'

As he said this I managed to slip the tip of my tongue up inside his anus
and he gave a little squeal of pleasure. The Prince, looking on, was hard
again and I guessed that he would want to experience this for himself as
soon as we were finished.

I took my tongue away and turned Habib around and kissed him on his lips,
then all over his face with little butterfly kisses, then all around his
neck and down to his nipples. His cock was now rock hard and ready for
action, but I continued down his body to his navel, then followed his
treasure trail of hair downwards and, finally, took him in my mouth. `I am
ready to cum, Eddie' he said, `I can last no longer' and within a minute
his jism flowed into my mouth like a river. I don't think I have ever had
as much cum in my mouth in one go in my life, and believe me, I have given
some blow jobs in my time.

Habib collapsed on the floor and the Prince showed some concern, but I told
him that it happened to some people. It was then that I learned that the
prince had never seen Habib climax before, `But we will put that matter
right in future. I found it very erotic.' he said.

Habib regained consciousness, apologised profusely to his master for his
weakness and Prince Ferhan dismissed it with a wave of his hand.

`Thank you again for your indulgence, Eddie' said the prince `You may now
go and rest until dinner time. We will eat in the hotel restaurant.
Please be ready at 7 o'clock. If you want anything in the meantime or at
any time you are here please do not hesitate to call room service.'

So that was the first day with my temporary employer `Prince Ferhan' and
the two weeks that followed contained much of the same. Oh, and by the
way, I remembered what it was that his cum reminded me of. It was, of

The Colonel

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - At The Rest Area