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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Baby Burglars

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 00:41:31 EST
Subject: Baby Burglars

WARNING: This story is homoerotic in content, This eans that if features
sex between consenting men, youths and maybe boys. If you don't like this
sort of stuff LEAVE NOW. If you are under age in your particular are LEAVE
NOW. If you're OK with this READ ON.

In my alternate Universe there are no such things as AIDS and STDs so my
characters have no use for condoms and the like. for comments/critics and a link to my other stories and
favourite sites.

m/t/b (20/16/14)



G. Cutter

English summers ..... Jesus! I drew into the kerb and switched the lights
off and then the engine, the rain hammered on the roof of my car and I sat
there trying to pluck up the courage to make a run for the house. It had
been raining for three days non stop and I was pretty pissed off with it
along with the remainder of the population hereabouts. I'd been down to one
of the local hotspots on the trawl and come back with zilch, I'd been
chatted up by an old queen and also by a young queen but neither did much
for my libido. My cuppa meat was something a little younger and somebody a
little more normal looking if you know what I mean. I like boys to look
like boys. I don't mind gender benders but I don't go in for advertising, I
keep my sexuality under wraps.

I'd realised from an early age that I was gay, or to be blunter a
homosexual also that I had hankerings for people younger than myself but I
suffered from a crippling shyness. I remained very firmly in the closet
... in the dark with a blanket over my head ... sad, eh!

What I'd thought was my passport to freedom came just after I'd turned
eighteen, I came up on the National Lottery, it wasn't a massive win but
let's say it was a fortune to someone like myself. At the time I lived with
my mother and her new husband, my original father had disappeared in the
mists of time and I really couldn't blame him. Mommy dear treated me like a
five year old and her new hubby treated me like a lodger. Peter's cup was
full to overflowing and not with nice stuff. By the way, Peter is me, moi,

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I'd decamped the not so happy home clutching
my cheque in one clammy paw and the paperwork that goes with it in the
other. I was well shot of them and it's a bit doubtful if they even missed
me. I rather assumed that with a place of my own and a respectable nest egg
I'd be knee deep in randy youths all wanting a piece of the
action. Unfortunately cash doesn't cure shyness, a good psychiatrist might
but money doesn't. I didn't have problems talking to people once I got
going, it was mustering the backbone to chat to them in the first place
that was the problem. I used to get stick at school for being stuck up but
I wasn't, I just couldn't mingle.

Still I am what I am. Incidently I'm a boy lover as well or more properly a
youth lover, to fine it down, I'd jump a fifteen year old whose voice
didn't squeak but I'd certainly steer clear of the kid if his voice hadn't
broken. A pretty fine line you'll admit but most people have to draw a line
in the sand somewhere. To reduce the gloom factor, I'd taken a few
youngsters home but they were pub pickups and easy meat, or they'd picked
me up. Although they may have stretched my esoteric knowledge amongst other
things they weren't what I was after. What I wanted was a scruffy teenager
to play Mums and Dads with, to love and to hold, 'til death do us part sort
of thing. Small chance and no chance the way I was performing.

I sat in my car and listened to the rain. Here I was now just turned twenty
and I was turning into a bloody hermit. I'd got my own house just outside
Walton, it wasn't a mansion but it was big enough for me and a partner if I
ever found one, it had it's own bit of ground what more could I want. I was
financially stable and lived off the interest from what was left of my
win. I'm quite sure that loads of youngsters would love to jump my bones,
it was a matter of finding one. I managed to keep myself busy, I loved my
computer and I loved my cameras, I could play for hours with both or
either. When the weather was fine I was out and about oggling the local

Fuck it, I sighed and made ready for the rush. I would have normally parked
in the small driveway but I'd got a couple of cowboys in doing a bit of
re-surfacing with 'left over' gear, you know the types, cash in hand and no
VAT. The monsoon had slightly buggered up their schedule and my drive so I
parked in the roadway.

I noticed a light in my small hallway as I rounded the soggy hedge and just
thought I was getting forgetful. I was fumbling with the keys when a short
figure shot by me and shouted out, 'Billy.' It was like Taz, the cartoon
thingy, he, she or it was past me and gone in a flash. I charged after the
intruder but whatever or whoever had gone, pssst, vanished.

This time I approached the house a little more cautiously and when I got
under the overhang above the door found out that the said door was ajar,
the hall light was on and from the lookout's shout it was pretty clear that
there was one or more villains inside. I pushed the door open just a
smidgeon and saw that there was a light on in my back room and kitchen.

I'm not a brave person neither am I a wimp so I slipped out again into the
rain and grabbed the nearest weapon I could find amongst the tarmac guy's
gear which happened to be a pickaxe handle, very nasty and very
grotty. Grabbing my sodden lump of wood I crept back to the open front
door. If I'd been blessed with half a brain I'd have called the local
police on my mobile but I had heard gossip and read in the local news that
there was an infestation of teenage burglars and shoplifters in the
area. Curiously enough the schools were on their summer break which may
have something to do with it. Anyway, I thought I'd have a go ... at least
that's what the police tell you to do until you hurt someone and then the
thug gets damages and councelling and you get locked up. I must admit I
favour the American way, shoot the bastards.

I used my back room as my lounge or general living room, I kept all my
computer stuff, videos and music box in there, it was a comfortable room
with french windows opening onto a small slabbed patio. Very nice if the
rain ever stopped. I'd have to think about some anti burglar measures in
the cold light of day. I could hear faint music, the cheeky perp turning my
place over had made himself at home. I could hear the music but no voices,
feeling a bit braver I peeked around the door, I did it like they tell you
in the books, down at floor level.

I nearly burst out laughing. There was a kid, a bloody kid mind you
kneeling at my video case pawing through the titles, he'd clearly liberated
my bottle of Jack Daniels and it was perched on top of the cabinet half
empty. He must have been as drunk as a skunk, he wasn't all that big and he
was obviously unaware of me entering the house or his lookout's hurried
departure.He was humming away to the radio and I suspected he was probably
off planet, judging by the amount missing from the bottle he was more
likely out of this solar system altogether.

'You're nicked,' I spoke in my best PC Plod voice and grasped my soggy
handle firmly ready for his rush.

'Fuck off, Joey.' The boy spoke pure Home Counties youth so he was pretty
local which figured.

'I'm not Joey,' I tried to keep from laughing as the situation appealed to
my slightly bent sense of humour. 'My name's Peter and you've broken into
the wrong fuckin' pad.' I thought I sounded pretty butch.

The last bit did it. He yelped and tried a quick turnaround but got his
legs in a tangle and finished up face down on my carpet babbling what
seemed to be apologies and pleas not to hurt him. If I was a Christian I
should have called an ambulance, his eyes were all over the place and a
long dribble ran from the side of his mouth, he was legless, he wanted a
good puke or a stomach pump. By the by, he was a good looking kid. I'd have
guessed his age at around fifteen, maybe sixteen. He was darkish skinned
without being latino, short black hair at the sides but sticky out on top,
maybe gelled, maybe not, as I've said not a bad looker. In fact the more I
looked at him prostrate on the floor the more I fancied him. Well his voice
had broken anyway.

'Stand up, prick.' I prodded him with the pick axe handle between the
shoulder blades and then stood back as he tottered to his feet.

'I'm ill,' he announced and surprisingly favoured me with a weak
smile. Cheeky little prick.

'I can see that,' I looked at him and kept a straight face. He was better
than good looking, he was a dish, now he was upright he turned out to be
slightly shorter than me, he was wearing the street cred baggy kit but
seemed to be quite slender. As I've said, dark skinned maybe a trace of
gypo in the blood but the most kissable lips at the moment shiny with
spittle. He was a mess, he was cute, what more can I say.

'Ooh,' he swayed and burped, for a moment I thought he was going to spew on
my carpet or worst still all over me.

'Upstairs,' I jerked my club in the general direction of the stairs.

'What?' He gazed at me owlishly.

'What are you, deaf? Get up the bloody stairs.'

'Orrite, orrite,' he held his hands out as if in surrender.

I guided or rather prodded him up the stairs until I had him stationed at
the bathroom door.

'I feel sick,' he mumbled. Mind you, he looked sick as well.

'Come to the right place then, haven't we,' I pushed the door open and
poked him with the wet handle. 'Have a good spew, stick your fingers down
your throat if you have to. You're not coming out until you've dumped that
belly load of booze.'

'Orrite, orrite,' he repeated his mantra and then fell to his knees and his
head went into the toilet bowl. I heard him retch and then a series of
splashes and coughing. 'You calling the police?' he mumbled between his
coughing and spluttering.

'Not yet, kiddo.'

'I saw them videos,' he looked at me wiping his mouth with toilet paper.

'What videos?' I knew exactly what he meant.

'The Thai boys and the French one.' He was refering to two gay videos which
I'd carelessly got mixed up with the more normal stuff. 'You're bent.' He
spoke like I was a Martian or something.

'We'll you're drunk and if I call the Police you're toast,' I looked at him
and grinned. 'Mind you I could beat the fuck out of you, bundle you in my
car and dump you down the A3.'

'You wouldn't.' He went a shade paler. My bit of bluff had worked.

'I will,' I promised. 'Now, flush to bloody toilet, get your kit off and
have a bath, sling your stuff out of the door.'

'What are you on about,' he looked at me as if I was mad. I just
laughed. I'd just realised my shyness had disappeared, perhaps it didn't
cut in when you was in control, like I was with him.

'Are you fuckin' deaf,' I prodded him with my club and he backed up against
the toilet. 'Do exactly what I tell you and maybe, just maybe, you'll get
out of here without broken arms.'

'I suppose you wanna watch,' he sneered.


'What do I wear, if you've got all my kit.'

'Bathrobe behind the door. Have your bath and if I've got your kit you
can't do a runner.'

'You gonna call the old Bill?'

'I told you before, not yet.'

'I could say you invited me home and started to interfere with me. Gaywise
that is.'

'I could say you broke into my house and I accidently broke both your arms
when you attacked me. Gaywise that is.'

'OK,' he suddenly grinned and sat on the edge of the bath. 'I feel fuckin'

'Have a bath, you'll feel better. Don't forget, sling your kit out, all of


I left him to it but left the door ajar. There was absolute silence for a
couple of minutes but then I heard the water running and a pair of filthy
trainers came around the door followed by the rest of his kit a piece at a
time. I stirred the none too clean garments with my club. Socks, jeans,
y-fronts, t-shirt and other odds and ends, it all seemed to be there. I
fished a small wallet from his jean's pocket. Nothing in it other than a
Social Security card identifying him as William Carter with an address on
the Vicarage Fields Estate an area know locally for hooligans and other not
very nice people.

I heard splashing about, he'd got into the bath at least. I toyed with the
idea of walking in on him to have a perv but thought better of it. He knew
I was gay, there was no need to push it down his throat in a manner of
speaking. I bundled his gear up and tossed it into the spare room out of
the way and settled down for him to finish. I looked at my watch and it was
just passed midnight, nearly time for bed.

'What made you drink all my whiskey? Billy.'

'I just had a taste and I liked it,' he shouted back.

'Silly prick,' I muttered under my breath. I stood and waited and wondered
just a little. I'd caught this kid attempting to rob my place. I'd captured
him, threatened him with violence plus the fact that he knew I was gay, he
was in my house all alone just after midnight and seemed totally
unconcerned. Very strange. I could only assumed it was because he was half
drunk, I imagined most kids his age would be running around the ceiling
screaming their heads off. That was another thing the card in his wallet
didn't give a date of birth, he looked to be a safe sixteen but looks can
be deceptive.

The one thing I did know and that he was very tasty and I wanted him. I
didn't want to force him and I certainly didn't want to blackmail him, well
maybe a bit of gentle blackmail. I had a temporary moral qualm but it soon

'I'm done,' he called out and I heard him splash out of the bath, the
bathroom must be like a swamp. A few minutes later he called out
again. 'I'm coming out now.' He sounded like he was surrendering to a posse
of armed police. He came out to find me leaning against the bannisters.

'Where's me clothes?'

'You're a bit obtuse aren't you?'

'What's that mean?' He tried to look aggresive but he hadn't got it in
him. Fresh from the bath in a white terrytowel bathrobe he looked like a
little kid.

'Thick is what it means, yoyo,' I smiled at him, I didn't want to upset him
I just wanted to keep him in his place. 'I tucked your gear away so you
can't do a runner.'

'OK,' he leant back against the landing wall. 'Are you calling the police?'
It was the third time that he'd asked the same question.'

'I dunno.'

'So whatcha going to do?'

'Get some black coffee in you, maybe do you a sandwich.' I gave him an evil
grin. 'Maybe then I'll call the police, you can hardly say you've been
assaulted if you're walking around freshly bathed with only a bathrobe on.'

He looked at me for a moment and scowled. 'Very smart.'

'Come and have a coffee and tell me about yourself, Mr Carter.'

He didn't ask how I knew his name, he was smart enough to realise I'd been
through his pockets and found his card.

I got him sat down in the kitchen and made him black coffee, he watched
every move I made like a hawk. I served him his coffee and he ladled sugar
in it by the truckload.

'I shall phone the police in a bit unless you can give me a good reason not
to,' I looked at him over the rim of my own mug. 'Over to you Billy boy.'

'What good reason?' He looked at me and now he didn't look so sure of

'You'll think of something, we've got all night.' I took a sip of my
coffee. 'How old are you anyway?'


'Try again.'

'I am sixteen, I was sixteen two weeks ago.'


He shot it right back so I had to go along with his claim, early sixteen,
he looked about right for it.

'You live here by yourself?'

'Yeah.' This was a turnup, he was asking the questions and like a chump I
was answering.

'You must be well off,' he grinned slightly.

'Reasonably,' I answered. Go with the flow.

'You obviously haven't got a girlfriend,' this remark was accompanied by a
cheeky grin. He was getting too familiar too soon.

'You ask too many questions,' I told him and tapped the tabletop. 'Firstly
why did you burgle my house, secondly how many others have you done and
thirdly who was the kid with you? Go?' I pointed my fingers at him like a

'I dunno, a couple.'


'It's fun.'

'Jesus wept, fuckin' fun, breaking into people's houses.' I glared at
him. 'People knock their bollocks off earning a wage in some shitty job to
buy things and you just swan in and nick them ... and you call that fun?'

'I'm sorry.'

'By Christ that's so limp ... I'm sorry,' I mimicked his boyish voice. 'Do
you know that as you're sixteen the police will lock you uf for the night,
you'll go to Court and finish up with around six months.' I grinned at him,
my brain had finally kicked in. 'Some of the older boys are gonna have fun
with you, you're a pretty good looking kid.'

'Whatcha mean?'

'Work it out, grey eyes.'

They were grey as well, they suited his dark complexion, the more I looked
at him the better he looked, I was developing a crush on a teeny burglar
for God's sake.

'I don't need the police, I'll do what you want,' he spoke with a weary
resignation but I was all out of mercy. I could have let him go but he'd be
out again with his little mate on the rob again.

'You didn't answer the question, who was the lookout?'

'I can't grass him up.'

'Tell me or tell the police.'

'I said I'd do anything to make it up,' he looked at me and smiled

'I know but what can you do for me?' I felt my shyness kicking in and there
was the stupidest moral aspect. I just couldn't blackmail someone, I just
wasn't nasty enough. Even with the hots for his sexy sixteen year old body
I couldn't do it. What a bloody wimp I was turning out to be.

'You want me, I can ready you like a book. A dirty book,' he grinned now
completely in control of the situation.

'Maybe. Are you a rent boy as well as a piss poor burglar?'

No I'm fuckin' not,' he looked at me with a scowl on his handsome
mug. 'You're a young geezer, you're not bad looking and I know you're gay
so .....'

'So what?' Time for a bit of bargaining, it was getting late, in fact it
was getting near on one o'clock and I was getting tired.

'Come on, give me a break,' he had reverted to pleading now.

'I'm tired,' I looked at him. 'I wanna go to bed and you're wasting my

'Well it's past my bedtime too,' he grinned impishly. 'We doing a deal.'

'All the way?'

'Even Stevens?'

'What does that mean?'

'You do me, I do you. I'm not a rent boy and I'm not a litle girl you
know.' He looked at me expectantly.

'Come on kid.' I stood up, I'd had enough. The lateness of the night, the
proximity of this kid and my own raging hormones had finally worn me
out. We could stay here bargaining and yakking all night or we could go to
bed and sort it out from there. 'Show me,' I leant against the dishwashed
and looked at him seated at the kitchen table.

'Show you what?'

'Gimme a flash, birdbrain.'

'Oh,' he laughed and stood up. 'Eager aren't we,' he pulled open his
bathrobe and gave me the briefest glimpse of his naked body before wrapping
it around himself again. He reddened slightly but seemed perfectly
composed. 'Satisfied?'

I was, in the split second of his exposure I glimpsed a heavy, probably
more or less extended but not erect, dark skinned penis. It was
uncircumcised but the purple head was peeking out of the soft covering and
it seemed to be around the same as mine in length and that was the basic
six. He had the goodies, thank God he wasn't one of these kids with a tiny
willy, that would have been too cruel.

'It'll do,' I sniffed.

'It'll do?' he crowed. 'Your eyeballs were out on stalks just then.' He
looked at me with his cheeky grin, he still looked a little under the
weather but he seemed to be recovering fast. 'Peter, you said earlier,
didn't you.'

'I thought you were drunk.' I prodded his shoulder out into my small
hallway and the staircase.

'You shocked me sober.' he laughed. As he led, I guided him to the stairs
and we went up.

I turned each light off on the way up and we arrived at the bedroom. The
funny thing about my bedroom was that it was the only interior room apart
from the bathroom that had a lock on it, that's why I'd selected it. Not
because I was expecting to ever have a young burglar staying the night but
because I kept my paperwork there and I had a safe built into the wall for
some readies and documentation.

'Here we are,' I drew the curtains closed and switched on the sidelight. I
locked the door and removed the key. I waved the key at Billy. 'Snug as a
bug in a rug.'

'Don't worry about the key, I'm not going anywhere.'

'Really,' I moved in closer and put my hands on his hips. He looked at me
with that slight smile again. A Mona Lisa smile, it could have meant
anything. 'You really are a good looking boy, Billy.'

'Glad about that, I might have been in the nick else.' He stared at me as I
parted the gown and put my hands on his bare hips, so smooth and so warm. I
could feel myself getting harder and my engorged penis pressing out against
my pants. I ran my hands up the side of his chest and drew him in and
kissed the side of his neck.

'Beautiful in fact.'

'Flattery'll get you nowhere,' he sniggered and without and prompting
returned my kiss and nuzzled at my neck. I felt something press against my
groin, he was getting hard, it was poking out from his bathrobe and it had
filled out to a respectable man sized dick. I slid my hands down again to
his hips and then around to lightly rest on his buttocks. They were nice,
small but firm, a nice young teenage bottom, a true bubble butt and it was
all mine as mine was his if he wanted.

'Let's go to bed,' Billy whispered. For a supposed straight guy he didn't
mess around.

'You gay, Billy?' I had to ask.

'Dunno, I've never thought about it really.'

'You don't know.' That was the answer I least expected. Not too many
teenagers would answer that way. 'Let's go to bed.'

'You'd better get your kit off then,' he laughed and sat on the bed, I saw
him reach into his robe and slowly move his hand up and down his erection.
If he was straight, I was a Ford Transit.

I stripped off to my y-fronts, my erection was perfectly visible and my
prisoner just sat there with a slight grin on his face.

'Which side do you want me to sleep.' Sleep? He had to be joking.


'Har, har.' He stood up and modestly turned his back to me before shedding
the gown and slipping into the bed, I got a glimpse of his penis which was
fully erect but I was more concerned with oggling his beautiful bottom. It
was just a shade lighter than his body, he'd obviously been sunbathing and
in something rather skimpy. As I said he was rather tasty, his paler buns,
were pure heaven, I couldn't wait. I ripped off my y-fronts and with him
staring at me from the bed slipped in on the other side.

'Gonna turn the light off,' I felt his warm hip rest against mine.

'Yeah,' I heard myself croak. I turned it off and the room was in almost
total blackness apart from the vaguest of illuminations from the not so
close street light.

'Now what?' I felt him turn towards me and felt his hardness nudge against
my thigh.

'This.' I turned towards him and our erections met, I felt his hand
encircle them both ... so much for Mr Straight. I put my arms around his
hips and resting them on his smooth flanks drew us closer. Needless to say
the 'inexperieced' Billy managed to feed his hardness between my legs and
mine slipped up between our belly's.

'Cosy innit?' He made vague pumping motions and I felt his hot hardness
move beteen my legs, I clamped them and he groaned with pleasure.

'I think you've done this before,' I squeezed him harder and drew him in
tightly, his incredibly hard meat moved to and fro between my thighs.

'I haven't,' he giggled his breath warm against the side of my face. 'Well
maybe wankies with a mate now and then.' I saw his teeth gleam in the
darkness. 'I've never been to bed with a man before.'

'Until tonight,' I kissed him again but this time I kept it going he tried
to pullaway but I held him too tightly. I ran my tongue across his pursed
lips and he opened up. My tongue entered his mouth and met his, he didn't
have any problems with that, our tongues slipped and slid together as I
explored his teeth and his gums, he stunk of a mixture of Listerine and
Jack Daniels, it was different anyway. I clasped his soft bottom, I had to
have this kid tonight.

'You wanna fuck me, don't you?' We broke apart panting. I clasped his warm
erection and fondled the hard shaft running the loose skin up and down.

'I'd like to make love to you.'

'Same difference.' I just about saw him smile again in the dark.

'Even Stevens,' I remembered his phrase.

'That's orrite then,' he slipped back into my arms. 'Who's going first?' I
barely heard him whisper.

'You are.' I flattened him onto his back and slid my hand under the
pillows. As I said I don't have many or any bed partners but I like to be
prepared. Yeah, I was in the Scouts way back. I grabbed the tube of KY and
uncapped it.

'Whatcha doing.'

'Never you mind, Billy boy. Just don't sick up on me, if you feel you're
going to honk up, gimme a shout.'

'I'll be alright now. Jeez.......' he leapt about ten feet in the air as
my cold, KY covered palm wrapped itself around his man sized
cock. 'Jeeeezus,' he relaxed. 'That is so cold.'

'It'll soon get warmer,' I assured him slowly wanking the oily lubricant
into his hot flesh.

'Aaaah,' he sighed and relaxed.

I straddled him with my knees either side of his hips, this was the moment
of truth. Holding his slippery organ upright I lifted my bum and positioned
it where it needed to be.

'Aaaah,' he sighed and stroked my upper thighs.

I slowly sank my middle, I felt his plumlike glans nudge at my sphincter, a
jerk and his hot knob was inside my body. I felt a twinge of pain but it
passed, this was the safer way, if I'll let him take the more normal
position he might have hurt me. I wan't a virgin but even a kid can hurt
you of he goes if he get's carried away.

'Jeez, that's incredible.' He gave a little prod upwards into my warmth.

God his penis was fatter than I'd thought, I could feel the stretch and the
solidness of his mass filling my shute.

'You OK?'

'I'll live,' he giggled. 'This is like being raped in reverse.'

'Whatever.' I used the stock teenage answer. I didn't really want to get
into a discussion on male rape, all I wanted was a young man to fuck me and
then return the comliment. 'Roll on our sides and you can do some work for
a change.'

'Orrite.' He rolled with me onto our side keeping his organ buried in my
arse, he then came on top as I slid underneath, I rested my legs on his
smooth shoulders, the rest was up or down to him.

'Hey,I could get to like this,' he idly stirred his oiled heat in my body
and then he started to slowly move to and fro. I felt his hot shaft
begining to fill me properly and he started to move faster.

'Nice one, Billy,' I let my legs slip down until they rested in the middle
of his back. He was moving faster now, he was digging deeper.

'Can I snog,' he whispered, I got another whiff of Listerine and stale
whiskey, surprisingly it wasn't all that unpleasant.

'Straight boy,' I jeered but then grasped him by the neck and brought his
face closer to mine. 'Go on then,' I kissed him lightly and he kissed back
fiercely his tongue slipping into my mouth.

He was moving much faster and harder now, he was pounding into my bum and
from his grunts, groans and kisses he was enjoying every minute of the
dirty deed. Mr Straightguy indeed.

'God, this is so good,' he rammed in hard and his belly slapped against my
balls and he started to move me up the bed with the force of his fuck. 'I
can't hold it, I gotta cum.'

'Great.' I clutched him tightly trying to hold his pumping hips steady but
he wasn't having it, he was fucking like a jack rabbit.

'Shit!' He spasmed and I felt his boy meat swell and then the pumping. Hot
splashes of his ball juice, his cum, his spunk splattered inside me as I
clamped my buns and milked his thick shaft. 'Omigod,' he groaned and
spurted another salvoe, even hotter and jucier, I could feel his cum
trickling from my hole, he was one randy boy. He finally stopped moving and
lay on my belly with his softening meat slowly sliding free, his limp and
well drained softness was trapped between my legs.

'Nice one,' I was breathing heavily as well, I kissed him on his sweat
beaded forehead, then on his nose and a final gentle one on the lips.

'I'm fucked,' he slipped off me and lay alongside with one arm over my
chest and belly with his face snuggled into my armpit of all places.

'The stock reply is, not yet,' I grinned in the dark.

'Yeah, alright,' he giggled and nuzzled into my sweaty pit, I felt his
tongue flicker at my underarm hair. Weird kid.

'Sleep.' I bent my head and kissed his freshly washed hair.

'I thought you wanted to .......'

'No rush,' I held him and turned away in the dark. I felt him cuddle upto
me and his oiled up and cum stained penis press against my bottom. 'You're
not going anywhere without your kit.

'I might get hard again and have another go in the middle of the night.'

'The thought of it,' I chuckled in the dark and pushed my buns back onto
his soft cock. 'Sleep, Billy.' I sighed with satisfaction as I felt his arm
go over my hip and he flathanded my belly pulling us even closer together.

'Night,' he whispered and I felt his body relax.

He might have been an amateur burglar but he wasn't a liar. I woke up in
the midle of the night, I could barely see the clock's luminous figures but
it was just after four o'clock and I could feel a hard lump up between my
cheeks trying to craftily penetrate my dry sphincter.

'Put a bit of slippy on it first,' I whispered. I didn't need to be a brain
surgeon to appreciate what he was trying to do. The rugrat was trying to
give me one whilst I was asleep.

'I wanna pee first,' he giggled. 'Where's the key?'

Alarm bells went off in my head but basically the brain centre said to me
'sod it', if he was going to run he was going. I couldn't keep him a
prisoner for ever. 'Under the pillow.' I groaned and squeezed my cheeks on
his reawakened meat, it felt ready for action and I wanted it. I felt his
hand rummage about and then withdraw, his body slipped from the bed and I
just felt the emptiness, would he be back? Would he be searching for his

I heard him in the bathroom, he obviously hadn't bothered closing the door,
he seemed to pee for ever. I heard the sound of the tap and gargling, he
must have been attacking my Listerine again. Moments later his chilled body
slipped in behind me again and I felt his oily meat slip between my
cheeks. 'I found some hand cream in the bathroom,' he laughed softly and
gently pushed.

'Aaah,' I gave a little groan as I felt his hot cock spear into me
again. It was easy this time and I pushed back against him as his stiff
meat slipped inside fully and he nuzzled and kissed at the back of my neck.

'Gawd, this is so nice,' he slowly moved in and out but he was getting
adventurous, he was pulling out almost all the way and then slowly sinking
it back into the hilt and I was as hard as a rock. Whatever he was doing
was getting me going big time, I grabbed myself and I could feel cum at the
end of my penis, I really was turned on, I was precumming whilst he was
fucking me. 'Go on your belly,' he whispered hoarsly.

That's exactly what I did, how could I refuse my baby burglar lover.

He got between my legs and started to fuck properly, he kept it slow and
deep as if finding pleasure in every movement, his lips were glued to my
neck and it was just his hips that went up and down as his fleshy boy cock
filled me time and time again. He was a good learner, as a burglar he was
useless, as a trainee gigolo he was doing fine.

'I'm cumming,' he moved faster. Why the hell do people tell you when
they're gonna cum?

He slapped into my oil sheen bum for the last time and literally burrowed
in as his penis exploded with a gush of cum. I pushed up onto his thrust
and he emptied himself in a series of jerks, I could feel his hot juice
fill me and his weight as he finally flopped onto me gasping. I felt his
hot sweaty belly nestling in the small of my back and I loved it. Company
in bed at last and good company at that.

'Now, are you going to sleep?' I clamped my cheeks and expelled his flaccid

'Yeah, I'm shagged,' he nibbled at my ear.

'I was hoping you'd say that,' I moved and he slipped off but this time he
wasn't getting away with it. I didn't want to take him from the front for
the first time but I wanted him and I wanted him now. I pushed him onto his
belly and he resisted feebly laughing all the time. I got between his legs
and fingered his pucker, he was nice and sweaty and I gently prodded his
slippery ring. He jerked as one finger entered and started to move to and

'Little, innit?' He laughed softly and wriggled his beautiful little boy
bum on my finger which was in deep to the knuckle.

'You do push your luck,' I smiled in the dark and slowly withdrew my
finger. No KY for him, he was slippery enough and my beading of precum
would ease the passage.

'Jeez,' that's big,' he grunted and clutched the pillow as my leaking glans
slid between his cheeks and nudged at his virgin ring. I was assuming he
was a virgin and I'm pretty sure he was. 'Aaaah,' he gave a pained groan as
my cum slippery glans pushed against his pucker met resistance and then
parted it allowing my spongy knob to enter his hot little body.

'Jeez, that hurt,' he groaned and I felt his buttocks relax, he was using
his brain at least. I moved to and fro a little not going any deeper but
relaxing the circular muscle which was the gateway to his belly, the
entrance to his body, his body which was now mine.

'Relax,' I crooned as I sank a little deeper and then withdrew. I slid in
again deeper and then repeated the withdrawal, if he'd have really wanted
to he could have expelled me as I had expelled him when he'd finished but
he didn't.

'Feels a bit better now,' he mumbled and turned his head to the side.

'Excellent,' I kissed his sweat sheened cheek and then his mouth as he
craned his head further around.

I started to move a little faster moving in deeper at each thrust, finally
I felt my groin tight up against his wonderfully soft bottom. God his boy
cunt was incredible, so tight, so soft, it felt like a velveteen glove
around my arousal and now he was giving small pushes up against my thrusts
which were getting more and more urgent.

'I could get to like this,' he giggled and we kissed again, sloppy but a
kiss all the same.

'Try this then,' I said softly and whilst kissing him slowly withdrew
savouring the feel of his ring as it closed itself on my glans as it slid

'Aaaw,' he groaned. 'I didn't feel you cum.'

'You will this time,' I laughed and rolled him onto his back and got
between his legs once more. I put my hand under the bend in his legs and
lifted, he got the idea, his knees went back onto his chest.

I positioned my gleaming meat at his pucker for the last time and slowly
entered his tunnel of love as I did so I leant forward and covered his lips
with my own. I slipped inside him in one slow thrust deep and sure. My
complete penis was sheathed in his boy flesh and my pubes pressed against
the underside of his smooth scrotum.

'Aaah,' he gave a long quavering sigh and he held my hips. 'Thasss better,'
he slurred through the kiss.

I didn't go mad, I gently fucked this beautiful boy until I couldn't hold
of any longer, the last few thrusts, the climax were a bit brutal but he
pushed up against me, kissed and held on tight as my cock jerked and I
spurted what must have been the best cum of my young live. It seemed to go
on for ever, the pumping and the squirting, I could feel my hardness with
it's covering of slippery spunk just glide in and out of his well broached

'Jeez,' He sighed as his legs dropped and I lay on top of him with my
softening cock slowly slipping free of his cum drenched ring.

'You alright?' I slipped off him and lay by his side, he turned to face me.

'Fine.' I saw the gleam of his teeth in the dark. 'I thought that was going
to be a bit of a pain but .....'

'You enjoyed it?'

'Maybe,' he grinned again. He wasn't giving anything away but I knew deep
inside he had enjoyed it, he'd also enjoyed taking me. This kid was going
to keep coming back for more.

'Now we sleep, yeah?'

'Am I staying for breakfast?'

'If you want to,' I was a bit puzzled by his change of tack. 'What would
you like?'

'You front and back,' he giggled and snuggled up, we kissed yet again and
slowly drifted off both now well fucked.

The alarm went off at eight o'clock in the morning, I don't know why I
bother with an alarm being a person of reasonable wealth but I do. Of
course the other thing that woke me up was another alarm, I could feel hard
flesh between my cheeks again. Unbelievable, my tame burglar was a fucking
sex maniac, how lucky could I get.

'I gotta go to the loo,' I groaned and staggered from the bed.

'Aw, come back in,' he lay there and gave me a bleary grin. 'Got something
for you, he groped himself under the duvet.

I leant over the bed and kissed him on his cute little nose. 'Abortion,' I

'Aaah, gross,' he curled up in a foetal position shuddering and making
faces. 'Hurry up then,' he gave me a wicked little grin. This kid was
seriously randy, that was randy in capital bloody letters.

I tottered to the bathroom and did what I had to do, I contemplated a bath
or maybe a shower but settled for going back to bed, surprised or what?

Once I'd slid in alongside my little Billy he was on me like an octopus. He
had me spread flat in the bed, he was between my legs in no time at all and
he had my knees upto my chest in seconds flat. I fought him all the way but
not too hard I must admit. I must say the opening or the foreplay lacked a
certain charm, it was more like tangling with an all in wrestler on speed
but the act was perfection. Slow, gentle and loving. I could forgive the
final frantic thrusts, I was so busy enjoying his fat cock and the sight of
his sweaty torso and his beautiful face as he screwed it up right until it
relaxed as he finally spurted his boy cream deep into my body.

'I'm fucked,' he managed to gasp before I was on him and returned his
morning favour. This time there was no doubt about it, he thoroughly
enjoyed the sex. The little gasps, the kisses and the pushing up onto my
rampaging sex were a bit of a giveaway.

The bed finished up like a battleground or something like that anyway. It
was smelly, it was wet with a mixture of sweat and spilt semen, it was
glorious. We both lay in the morning sun as it streamed throught the
windows content and totally sated.

'What now. Am I still a prisoner.' He looked at me quite seriously.

'I'd rather have you as a free man,' I replied. 'But no more burglary,' I

'A deal,' he grinned and bending his head kissed me on my nipple. Not
content with that he lay there nibbling it until it stood hard and
proud. 'I like that,' he giggled and gently ran his teeth over the sticky
up nub, he then moved over to the other one as I stroked his scruffy
hair. 'Sealed with a kiss,' he kissed me in the centre of my chest.

'Tell me about your little mate, your lookout.'

'Don't want to grass anybody up,' he was back to being serious.

'I don't want you to grass, I just want to know about him.'


'If he's as nice as you he could be the meat in the sandwich.'

He lay back and looked at me. It took him some time to think it out but he
finally gave a slow smile. 'You mean as in the middle of a threesome.'

'Something like that. I know his name's Joe or Joey.'

'I never done anything with him,' Billy cuddled back up again. 'He's
younger than me, he's fourteen .....'

'How old are you,' I interrupted.

'Just gone sixteen, I told you last night.'

'Go on then, Bill.'

'Anyway, he's fourteen, blond crew cut, plays football so he's pretty
fit. Gets the giggles a lot. Lives around the corner from me, hangs with me
'cos his home life's shit.'

'Good looking?'

'As far as boys go I suppose,' Bill grinned at me. 'I think you'd like

'Would you like him?' I reached down and he was filling out again. Bloody

'I think after last night I might have got a taste for it.' He looked at me
again with his toothy grin. 'I wouldn't mind seeing him naked anyway.'

'I feel a plan coming on,' I pulled away a little. 'Tea in bed or breakfast
in the kitchen?'

'Upto you boss.'

'Breakfast after a shower,' I decided. 'Come on we'll share.'

'Yeah,' he grinned and clambered from the wreckage of the bed and followed
me into the bathroom.

We shared a shower and incredibly he wanted another go but for me enough
was enough, I was feeling a bit tatty about the back end, I wasn't as young
as I used to be, anyway, there were things to organise.

Thank Christ he wasn't a breakfast boy or man for that matter, he was quite
happy with tea and toast and even I could manage that. We sat there and
chatted, I collected his clothing and presented the bundle to him for which
he gave me a polite thanks.

'So,' he looked at me.'Is this the end of it?'

'That's upto you Bill,' I was just as serious as he was.

'What if I get Joey around here?'

'What if you do?'

'Do I get dumped 'cos you've got yourself a chicken, a little kid.'

'I know what a chicken is,' I smiled at him. 'I was hoping that you wanted
to be my boy, Bill. My bread and butter, anything else would be the jam.'

'I've never been called bread and butter before,' he laughed and looked at
me. 'You mean it, you want me as a sorta boyfriend?'

'Yeah, if you want to,' I leant back on the kitchen chair and looked at
him, his cute nose, his kissable lips and his dark features. 'I'd like you
to come back tonight or whenever you feel like it. I wanna make an honest
girl out of you.'

'Girl?' he crowed. 'Piss off. 'I'll swag Joey for a session by hooky or by
crooky and then it's you and me. Yeah?'

'You and me,' I confirmed. I fished three tenners out of my pocket and slid
them onto the kitchen table alongside his cup.

'I don't want your money,' his face darkened.

'I want you to take it,' I stood up. 'You tell your little mate that you
earned it doing some posing for me, some dirty posing that is. That'll be a
sort of alibi. You can't tell him that I captured you and that we had sex
all night and now he has to join in. Even if he's got a crush on you he
isn't going to go for it. If you say you got paid and you've got proof, he
might well believe you. Anyway, you could use a couple of decent t-shirts.'

'OK,' he seemed doubtful.

'Come in the lounge,' I walked him through and turned on the computed, I
clicked on the My Pictures. He looked over my shoulder.

'Jeez,' he breathed down my neck. 'They are so dirty.' He scanned the
pictures on display which were mainly of young Russians from Klarks
Area. 'If we got him doing something like that ...... ?'

'Could you get hard enought to do something like this?'

'You are joking,' he laughed. 'I could do that all day long.'

'Can you and he stay out the night?'

'No probs,' he stared at the pictures. 'What if I can't get him to come

'You'll come back?' I looked at the computer monitor, this really was the
moment of truth.

'No probs.' It seemed to be his stock answer. He kissed the back of my neck
and nuzzled at the side of my throat. 'I'll be back with or without
him. How does around seven sound?'

'Sounds good, Bill,' I stood and turned to face him. 'Don't break my heart,

'Don't talk like a pratt, Peter. I'll be back, I'm just a little bit
hooked,' he gave me a lopsided grin as he made his admission. 'What if I
can get him to come around earlier?'

'Do it. I'm gonna go out and get some food and whatnot this morning but
I'll be in from noon onwards.'

'Alright.' There was an uncomfortable silence and he was in my arms. I knew
I was being gullible and he might be laughing his bollocks off in his own
head but I had to let him go. If he came back with his little mate that
would be perfect, if he came back on his own I'd be happy but at the end of
the road I had to let him go.

'I'd better go around and see Joey, he'll be scared shitless about last
night,' he gave a short laugh. 'Can I go now?'

'You're a free man,' I felt like a judge at some sort of court.

'Love ya,' Billy darkened up in a blush and fled. I was on my own. I had
shopping to do and I had a disaster of a bed to sort out, I also had about
ten or eleven hours of intense worry to cope with. Would he come back or
wouldn't he? It was in the hands of the Gods or more correctly it was all
down to Billy.

Shortly after Billy had left my tarmac guys turned up, the day was fine and
they reckoned that they'd be finished by lunchtime, fine by me, with a bit
of luck they'd be gone by the time Billy returned. I didn't know if they
were local men or not but I didn't want to advertise young teens coming
into my place. I made the bed up in the spare bedroom as that was the room
I intended to use as a studio, if I didn't get the blond kid, Billy and I
could have a play around anyway. I'd like to get a permanent record of his
beautiful body, even I was smart enough to know that nothing lasts for

What to do about Billy himself was another problem. He was a reformed
burglar, I hoped. He was Mr Straight Guy who had become gay in a matter of
hours .... nah!!

People didn't turn that quickly, he must have had his love or his lust just
lurking under the surface, it was surprising that it hadn't come out
before. Mind you he was probably to busy breaking into people's houses, and
that was the fly in the ointment, the main problem. How to keep him on the
straight and narrow. I knew from his social card that he'd left school, was
he working or was he job hunting? Who knows, he hadn't said and I hadn't
thought to ask. What to do, that was a question, I'd try him a few odd jobs
and feed him a little cash and see how that worked out. I didn't want to
keep him or turn him into a rent boy, I just wanted his bloody body full
time but how to achieve that end was another thing.

I went out about eleven to get some food in the place, get some booze and
fuel up the car. I wanted to get all the routine things out of the way
before Billy and his little chum showed up ... if! That was a bloody big if
I had going there.

The day wore on, I got into the nitty gritty after paying off the tarmac
mob. Towels in the studio, KY in the studio, even a dildo in the studio,
all I needed were willing models. I was pretty sure Billy was game for a
laugh, dunno about the tiddler, Joey though. The thought occured that he
might be as ugly as sin, Billy seemed to fancy me and I was no oil
painting. I was OK but not what I'd call handsome, what if the little kid
was a grot?

Seven o'clock came and went and by half past I was in an acute state of
depression. I had an address for Billy but no phone number. I daren't drive
around there, he might have a couple of mates ready to beat shit out of
me. I was 'tween a rock and a hard place, I was also starting on a broken
heart, things had all looked so good. now everythig was shit.

At least it was until a quarter to eight when the doorbell rang. I shot
down the hall and found Billy with a little blond angel standing on the
doorstep, may I add the aforementioned angel looked as worried as hell.

Billy was brash and grinning from ear to ear. I found out over that summer
that he was rarely anything else.

'Hi, Peter.' Billy waved his arm about. 'This is my mate Joey.' He looked
at the boy. 'Joey this is Peter.' This all came out as one sentence.

'Come in boys,' I tried not to sound like an elder statesman. 'Nice to meet
you Joey, you're a crap lookout.'

He blushed such a pretty red I felt like grabbing him and hugging him to
death. I saw Billy studying me and he gave a knowing smirk, the muppet was
reading me like a book. He laughed and pushed Joey down the hall. This was
the awkward bit, the ice breaking. If it were just Billy and myself we'd
have been at snogging stations by now.

'I told Joey about the photographs,' Billy started the ball rolling.

'Yeah, well ..... ' I must admit I was nervous, I could feel a bit of the
old shyness coming on although my lover of last night was sitting there, I
noticed that he'd changed as well, he had some fesh gear on. 'I'll get some
cold drinks and we can chat.' That was a good line, Joey even smiled.

When I came back in Billy was chatting about camera angles and whatnot,' I
looked at him slightly bemused. As far as I knew he knew absolutely nothing
about photography and here he was yakking on like David Bailey. He'd make a
brilliant con man one of these days.

'What did you have in mind, Peter?' He looked at and winked. 'Joey and
myself doing something physical.'

'That'd be nice.'



He flashed me an annoyed glance, probably upset at my slowness. I tried to

'Stripped wrestling and then maybe naked if you're both comfortable with

'I'm game,' Billy chortled.

I glanced at the boy, Peter. He was gone, I could see there and then he
had a crush on his older mate. Billy was the apple of his eye, anything
Billy wanted to do Joey would tag along. I breathed a sigh of relief, the
photographs would be a shambles but they would be easy but what about the

'Thought about stopping over,' I looked at Billy. After all getting Billy
back into bed was my main priority.

'Yeah, no probs,' Billy gave me his sunny smiled. 'Perhaps Joey might like
to stay the night if it's OK with you?'

'No probs,' I fed Billy back his own line.

'We gonna do it then,' Billy stood eager to get on with the action. I could
see that he didn't feel the same way about the kid as the kid felt about
him but Billy was just randy. He'd do anything to get his kit off and get
himself off, he was the age for it, he certainly had the temperament for

'Sit down, Billy, let Joey finish his drink,' I was beginning to sound act
like a mother hen.

'Orrite,' he grumped.

'I'll turn on the computer and you can show Joey what we have in mind.'
Billy had already learnt that I had my boys in three grades, pinup, snogs
and wankies and then the real nitty gritty. It would be interesting to see
what he showed Joey.

Christ, he was good. He got Joey in front of the machine and was onto the
pinups in no time flat. Joey sat saucer eyed looking at the parade of kids
in costumes, a couple of bare bottoms brought a giggle but the best was
reserved for band two ... snog gallery.

'Oooh,' Joey squealed as a brilliant picture of two Russian boys came up,
kissing with one with a fully displayed erection. Next one; two American
kids having a wank and so on.

'You alright with this,' Billy whispered in his chum's ear.

'Yeah,' Joey's voice broke again.

'We can do some of this,' Billy glanced at me with a grin, Joey of course
didn't see him.

'I suppose,' Joey blushed a little. He'd do it, I knew he would and I think
Billy did as well.

Billy spent some time on what I called the mild gallery but he did ask Joey
if he wanted to see anything a 'bit livelier', needless to say Joey said

Now this lot were all sixty niners and anal sex, no holds barred sort of
stuff. Poor little Joey sat there in shock. Billy kept flashing grins at
me, he thought it was all a big joke, I just hoped he hadn't gone too far
with the kid. I was waiting for Joey to mention money, I had briefed Billy
and I wanted to follow the plan through, the plan being that this was a job
not just an excuse to get one's clothing off. This was what I intended to
put across to the boy but I think looking at him he was too far enchanted
with Billy boy to care.

'Studio's nice and warm.' Hint. Hint.

'Whatcha got in mind for starters,' Billy asked knowing full well what I
had in mind.

'You sit on the bed, you strip off and you have a naked wrestle ... for

'Sounds OK to me,' Billy wound down the computer. 'How about you Joey?'

'Yeah, OK,' Joey smiled wanly.

'Twenty quid an hour by the clock,' I said.

Billy looked at me again. This didn't sound like a lot of money, certainly
not to a model but it was to a fourteen year old street oik.

'Yeah, great,' Joey looked at me and smiled with a sweet little blush on
his cheeks. He was so munchable I nearly came in my briefs. The thought of
watching these two getting it on was driving me crazy.

'Upstairs, it's getting on,' Billy looked at his cheap watch, I reckoned
that came out of my morning money, it looked new enough, still I didn't
begrudge him, he'd earned it.

Billy guided his young friend who looked like a lamb being led to the
slaughter up the stairs and along to my makeshift studio. I followed.

'OK, guys. I'll tell you what the score is.' What I was going to say was
already known to Billy but it was a matter of getting the boy on line. He
knew what I was after, Billy must have briefed him, he'd seen the pictures
on the computer so he knew what was going on. It wasn't as if we were
conning him. 'I'm gonna keep the camcorder running which is set up for the
bed area, so as long as you stay on the bed everything will be OK. At the
same time I'll take stills with the digital, OK?' Both boys nodded. 'We can
look at the results immediately afterwards, OK?' They nodded again. We were

'Right, Billy and Joey.' They both looked at me, Billy quite relaxed and
Joey with a very nervous air about him, he was probably having second
thoughts about the whole thing. 'Just undress each other slowly until
you're down to the skimpies and then have a snog.'

'Snog?' Joey actually spoke.

'Yeah, kiss and cuddle,' Billy grabbed his mate and stuck a nice big wet
kiss on his cheek, Joey dissolved in a fit of giggles, we were off. I
imagined that the next four or five minutes were a complete waste of time
but they were slowly getting rid of their clothing, lots of laughter and
lots of giggling, I just kept taking shot after shot. and the camcorder
kept going.

'Down to your knickers, kiddies.' I moved in closer for a few close ups of
groins, Billy unsurprisingly was showing a semi erection already through
his blue briefs which were a bit on the baggy side and Joey's limp noodle
was quite visible in his tight white briefs. 'OK, lads, stay with just the
briefs on and go for a bit of kissing.

'Kissing? Yeuch.' Joey was off again but Billy was made of sterner
stuff. It was noticeable after the first rather forced kiss that Joey
seemed to get into it big time, I also noticed that the lump in his briefs
was getting larger, the tyke was getting a hard on.

'You like that, dontcha,' Billy pushed by smaller boy down onto his back
and sunk his lips onto the others. Joey did a token struggle.

'Slip each others' briefs off whilst you kiss,' I spoke quietly. 'Follow
the format of the other vids,' I spoke to Billy. I was trusting him to lead
the way, I was pretty sure Joey was going to follow his mate.

The first site of Joey's pale little boy bum nearly had me creaming my
jeans, I could see Billy's erection reach full stretch as he slipped his
hands inside the back of Joey's briefs and slipped them down exposing the
kid's tight little white arse. It was gorgeous.

'Oooh,' Joey wriggled his little tush and followed Billy's example shucking
the larger boy's blues down exposing his darker skinned bum. Both erections
came into view. As I'd said Billy's was fully hard and I was delighted to
see that. Joey had a respectable hard on as well, he was uncircumcised but
it came in smaller that Billy's. It was baby pink totally different from
Billy's darker and thicker and probably more manlike erection. Joey's was
slender it was also uncircumcised but it was topped by a darker pink glans
whereas Billy's was more a dark red or even purple.

Without being told the boy's kicked their briefs free and Billy held the
two cocks and worked them slowly up and down.

'Ooh, Billy,' Joey snuggled in tightly to his friend running his hand up
and down Billy's compact frame. There was no doubt there, the kid had a
pretty strong crush on my Billy boy and had confirmed what I'd thought
earlier, he was enjoying himself, his little pecker was as hard as a

'Tits,' I looked at Billy. He grinned and dipped his head to Joey's little
sticky out pink nubs, Joey just lay there with a big grin on his face and
his eyes closed.

'Yum, yum.' Billy's lips and teeth were at work. 'You wanna taste that,

'Really?' I got in closer and got a couple of good close ups without
getting in the way of the camcorder. 'Do you mind, Joey?'

'If you want.' Joey kept his eyes closed.

I put the digital on the floor and leant over and mouthed his other nipple,
my hair brushed against Billy's as we both lapped and nibbled at the
smaller boy's stiff little nubs. I looked Billy in the eyes and shook my
head down Joey's body. Billy knew exactly what I meant and started to lap
and kiss down Joey's delicate frame. Joey just oohed and aahed and kept his
eyes tightly shut. I think he was working on the ostrich in the sand
principle, if he couldn't see it, it wasn't happening.

'Aaaaaah,' Joey wailed and his eyes shot open. Billy's mouth had sank over
the end of his four inch erection and Billy's head was now slowly moving up
and down. 'No, Billy, no.' Joey protested but spoilt it by holding Billy's
head in place and making little prodding motions upwards into Billy's

'Gonna do him, Joey?' I whispered and kissed him on the chin.

'I dunno,' he had turned beet red.

'I'll show you.' With him watching I ducked my head down his body, gave his
totally hairless scrotum a quick suck bringing another wail and then sank
my mouth over Billy's jerking cock. I felt Billy thrusting into my mouth
and moan with satisfaction as he mouthed his smaller mate. I loved Billy's
cock I couldn't get enough but getting Joey on the job was the gameplan.

'What's it taste like.' I could barely hear the kid.

'Same as sucking your thumb,' I looked past Billy's slippery cock and gave
it's shiny glans a dramatic cowlick. 'Can't taste of anything else can it,
it's only flesh.'

'I'll give it a little go,' Joey continued to pump gently into Billy's
mouth and managed to look like a martyr hitting a bad spell. Not a bad bit
of acting for a moppet.

'Spin around and try to lie on your side a bit so I can get the camera
in. Sod the camera, I just wanted to feast my eyes.

They got there in the end and I wondered who was going to be the first to
cum, they'd been at it long enough, it was Joey.

He gave a strangled squeal and without any warning pulled his dicklet out
of Billy's avidly sucking mouth and sprayed his creamy boy juice over
Billy's face, Billy dived back down onto Joey's jerking cock and finished
the kid off sucking and swallowing. All a bit over the top but these two
were budding thespians if a little on the blue side. Billy caught hold of
Joey as guided the boy's head down onto his own erection once more. 'Do

Joey did. I thought he'd back off or renage but he ducked his head again
until Billy grunted that he was going to cum As Billy pumped his load, Joey
took a mouthful and then gagging and gasping pulled free giggling like a
loon with fresh spunk dripping from his lips and festooned across his
cheeks and nose.

I dropped the camera and leapt on them both, it was an orgy of licking and
kissing, the ice was well and truly broken. It was shattered, when Billy
had a quick whisper with his little mate and they both leapt on me and got
my trousers down. Billy's hot mouth lead the way and they both attacked my
turgid meat. I just laid back and enjoyed. I mean I really enjoyed, I had a
fourteen year old boy and a sixteen year old boy both on my penis and nuts
seemingly intend of sucking me to death, what more could I want ......
well, Joey's firm little bottom was one thing.

I was pretty certain that the boy's cherry would go before the night was
out and I thought the best way was for Billy to have him first and see how
that worked out. I'd consider my tactics after that. I did cum in the end,
there wasn't a lot I could do about it. Of course Billy waded in to give me
licky cleany as he called it surprisingly assisted by his little chum, Joey
who went throught the motions seemingly slightly embarassed about the whole
thing but following his mates lead.

I went off and got them more soft drinks after that, I was sure Billy had
his own little agenda to push and I didn't want to slow him down. Sure
enough by the time I got back to the 'studio' the boys were in a cuddle
they weren't doing anything worth picturing but were basically just feeling
each other out, by hand you understand. They looked sweet together, my
Billy boy was half hard again and even little Joey was beginning to stiffen

'He'll have a go,' Billy informed me as I handed the drinks over. 'But
you've got to be naked, he say's he can't do it with someone clothed
lurking about.'

'Have a go?' I'd lost the plot somewhere along the line.

'Yeah, he'll do me,' Billy gave me a wide grin. 'You know.' Fuckey fuckey,
he mouthed, my lip reading was good enough for that.

'Later,' I nodded. 'Let's chill out, we've got all night.'

'Nice here,' Joey finally spoke to me and thank the Lord for that, I
thought we were going to spend the night talking via Billy. Joey gave me a
shy little grin.

'Well I have got other rooms,' I sat on the bed and put my arm around his
thin shoulders, Billy gave a martyred look and flopped out with his head in
Joey's lap, Joey idly played with his mate's hair. 'I don't suppose you got
to see them last night.'

'No I didn't come in,' Joey answered with a small voice.

'No matter,' I ruffled his hair. 'You were still an accomplice ... equally
guilty in the eyes of the law.'

'We're both sorry,' Joey looked down and ran his finger across Billy's
smooth cheek, quite sweet really.

'Never mind, you're both gonna make it upto me in a bit.'

'Yeah, I've got to do Billy, Billy says so.'

'You upset about that?'

'Not really,' Joey grinned suddenly. 'It's a bit sick but if Billy's OK I'm
OK too.'

'Good boy,' I reached out and grasped his fair skinned penis, it must have
been the chat, he was almost fully hard again. I slowly moved my hand up
and down and Joey sighed. He looked at me and grinned. 'I like that.'

'I can see that.' Yeah. It was alright, things were going to be fine with
these two. 'What you have to do is oil up and oil Billy up so as not to
hurt him.'

'Oh,' he looked nonplussed.

'Better idea,' I grinned at Billy and reaching down got the dildo from
under the bed. I brandished it at the kid. 'Try Billy with this, that'll
loosen him up.'

'You gotta be joking,' Billy laughed. 'I don't mind Joey, I ain't fucking
with that.'

'Ah well, there you go.' I looked at him again. 'Go doggy, Billy and I'll
show Joey what to do.'

'That does surprise me,' Billy laughed as I slung the dildo across the
room. Needless to say Joey nearly had hysterics as the thing bounced and
cannoned off the door with a solid thump.

'Watch this, Joey,' I KYed one finger and swiped it between Billy's buns as
he crouched over into his doggy. Joey watched mesmerised as I spread
Billy's cheeks exposing his pucker and slipped my finger over the outside.

'Yeauchy,' he giggled and screwed his face up.

'Squeaky clean,' I rubbed Billy's rubbery ring as as Joey stared slowly
slipped one finger inside and started to move it to and fro. Digging deeper
I managed to massage Billy's prostate and felt him tense. 'OK. Bill?'

Glancing down at Joey I could see his four incher was at full stretch and
he already had a bead of precum at the tip, he was seriously turned on just
watching. 'Wanna go?'

'Yeah,' he excitedly got to his knees and replaced me.

'Oi, take it easy, Tom Fuckin' Thumb.' Billy winced as Joey dug a little
too deep.

'Great,' Joey didn't need any further prompting or guidance, he knelt
behind Billy and reaching under his older friend grasped Billy's turgid
meat and guided his own erection to Billy's oiled entrance.

He was fucking straight away, he was just like one of the Duracell
rabbits. Even Billy laughed and he was on the receiving end. Joey was
hammering into his butt and Billy was pushing back onto his younger
friend's frenzied thrusts. I was so interested in the action I forgot all
about the digital, just in time I rememebered it and grabbed it and took
some very shaky pictures.

'Enough,' Bill called out and dropped onto his stomach leaving Joey still
kneeling with his oiled penis jutting out from his lettle belly.

'Aaaw, Billy,' Joey wailed. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you.'

'You didn't hurt me,' Billy grinned and lay on his back and took his knees
back to his chest. 'I wanna see you when you cum. Come on Joey, from the

Joey's grin went from ear to ear. he positioned himself and slipped his
erection back into it's warm and now well lubricated haven.

He started his fuck again but this time he was slower, he could feel he was
getting more depth and Billy was also kissing him. 'I'm gonna do you after
this, Joey.'

'Small chance and no chance,' Joey crowed and pumped even harder.

'Willing or unwilling,' Billy glared at the smaller boy and held him in a
death grip, Joey couldn't move. 'Willing or unwilling, Joe boy?'

'Don't hurt me,' Joey's voice quavered.

'I wouldn't hurt you,' Billy spoke in a soft voice. 'I just want to be the
one to take you all the way for the first time. Then we're quits.'

'Orrite,' Joey submitted to another kiss and then started pumping but this
was the end game. I gazed at his tightly clenched cheeks as they bobbed up
and down and his hot little cock rammed into Billy's tight little bottom.
By God, he was a noisy cummer, he squealed like a piglet when he finally
came ramming into friend Billy like a maniac.

'Jeeezus, Joey,' Billy laughed and pulled a face at me. 'You're gonna wake
the bloody street up.'

'Couldn't help it,' Joey panted. 'That was so-o-o WICKED !!' As Billy moved
Joey just fell off him with a self satisfied gasp. I could see his heart
thumping in his ribcage, he was absolutely knackered. I got the camera
sorted out the next bit was what I wanted on camera and later only
computer. Title: Little Joey loses his Virginity. Now that's wicked.

I went down to get more Cokes, I was beginning to feel like a spare prick
at a wedding, hopefully things would get better later. If not, I was going
to finish up with a right does of the hump. When I returned Billy was
cuddling Joey and they were having a muttered conversation, Joey gave me a
small smile as I came back into the 'studio', Billy gave me his usual wide

'Joey's ready,' Billy announced and ruffled his little chum's hair.

'Aaaw,' Joey wriggled like a child but there was nothing childlike about
his limp semen covered noodle and the almost sluttish look he gave me as I
sat on a spare chair.

'Billy said I can stay the night,' Joey looked at me nervously.

'Excellent, we had agreed already, Joey.'

'He says that I have to sleep in the middle though,' he looked at me again
and giggled.

'Sounds fun,' I smiled at Joey trying to relax the kid. He must have known
what was in the offing, he couldn't be that stupid.

'He's a bit interested being the meat in the sandwich,' Billy laughed.

'Am not,' Joey squealed. 'You can be in the middle.'

'Some hope,' Billy smiled. 'Tonight's your night you little pixie. Fuckies
all round.'

Joey gave a little shudder I don't know if it was anticipation or horror
but then again he didn't seem too alarmed. If I'd have been his size and
age I'd have been scared shitless.

'Wanna go doggy,' Billy whispered to his friend and flashed me a grin. We
were under starter's orders.

'Orrite,' Joey didn't look too happy but he assumed the position, I did a
couple of quick clicks of his little pink sphincter. Jeez how I envied
Billy. Surprise, surprise. Billy motioned to me and took the camera from

'Joey's alright with this,' he spoke in a stage whisper.

'Not really,' Joey squeaked but it was too late, I put my hands onto his
ultra smooth boy buns. 'Aaah,' His head dropped onto the pillow. God knows
what Billy had said to him but I was on a roll, this kid was mine.

My head went down and my tongue was within his cheeks. He nearly took off
but I held him firm and Billy abandoned the camera and lay up alongside his
mate nuzzling at the side of his face.

Five minutes of absolute pleasure. I lapped and probed at his little pucker
lapping and probing, he twitched and spasmed like a good 'un. I finished up
slipping a KY covered finger into his tight little hole accompanied by a
little groan of protest. I took my time, this boy was a virgin and he was
tiny ..... he was also about five years in gaol. I worked my finger in and
out gradually loosening his rear muscle until the time came.

Billy had spent his time between comforting his little chum and stripping
me, I was ready and I was rampant, I was also scared of damaging this
kid. I know the human body is pliable and adaptable but there is only so
far you can go and this kid's tiny litte white bottom was at risk.

He suddenly flopped onto the bed on his belly. 'Go on then,' the squeak was
still there.

'Not yet, Joey.' I re-inserted my finger but this time it had a companion,
I reached inside his hot little body with two fingers as far as I could and
as he groaned started to finger fuck him for real. The main event wasn't
too far off.

'Go on, Billy. You first.' I'd bottled out.

'He said, you had first go,' Joey tried to turn his head and speak to me.

'Better if he goes first.' I lay alongside and kissed the side of his
sweaty face.

Billy didn't waste any time, he was oozing precum and he just knelt between
Joey's legs, positioned himself and took the boy's virginity in one
merciless thrust.

'That hurts, that hurts,' Joey spasmed and then bucked trying to throw
Billy off but my boy wasn't taking no for an answer he started to fuck his
way into the little blonde ripping and thrusting into Joey's tight little

'Relax, Joey,' I cuddled his sweating body and glanced at Billy trying to
tell him to calm down and in the end he did. He bottomed out and then lay
still with his fat cock solidly sheathed in Joey's little white
bottom. Joey was broached, anyone's guess where it went from here.

'How do you feel, Joey.' I was worried Billy had a lot to learn about first
time fucks. He'd probably forgotten that when he took me I was long past
being a virgin.

Billy even looked at me and looked worried. 'Gently,' I whispered and he
just moved a little to and fro.

'It hurt at first,' Joey mumbled into the pillow, I could see tears at the
corner of his eyes.

'How about now,' I'd just noticed he gave a little shove up with his hips,
not a big one but enough

'It feels like a big log or something.' He giggled. Thank the Lord for
that. 'Bet you're bigger.'

'All in the fullness of time.' I felt like a vicar about to take a
choirboy. I didn't mention photos, I just wanted him to accept Billy and
take if from there.

'Go on, Billy,' Joey smiled at me, the squeak had gone.

I'll give Billy one thing, after his bit of over the top, he was kind, in
spite of his undoubted urges he took his time, there were little movements,
there were longer and larger movements and in the end he was fucking Joey
and the kid was pushing back onto the thrusts ..... it was a mission

'Go on, Billy,' Joey was pushing up and he was doing his part pushing his
little boy cunt back onto Billy's fat cock as it ploughed into his little
white butt.

In and out, in and out Billy was fucking and I could see from the dopey
look on his face he was enjoying, he even reached around Joey's slender
waist and grabbed the boy's noodle and soon brought it to hardness. As Joey
pushed himself back up onto his knees I slid under and tried to get my
mouth around his Mr Pointy as it jumped about under Billy's thrusts.

I captured Joey's hips and settled him down sucking on his sweet boy cock
like it was a lump of candy. It was a bit of a tussle, it was sweaty but it
was fun, I knew when Billy came, he rammed into the kid and stayed
there. Joey let out a little grunt and pushed back onto Billy's spurting
cock, Joey's first taste of cum up his cunt, to put it crudely. At the same
time he stiffened and spurted a generous milky stream into the back of my
throat. I think I've said before thank God for boy stamina.

That was it, the two boys fell onto the bed in a sweaty heap and then they
both draped themselves on me and we snoozed, ain't that romantic. We just
lay there like a bunch of animals sweating and sleeping, maybe a bit of
snogging as well.

They say time flies when you're having fun ... it sure does, I looked at
the clock and it had gone ten.

'Nearly time for bed, kids,' I propped myself up on one elbow and looked at
my two baby burglars.

'I'm shattered,' Joey grinned at me. At last he was communicating. I
suppose the last couple of hours had made us friends at last.

'Me too,' Billy looked at me and gave me his slow smile. 'Bedtime, that
sounds good.'

'I gotta go to the loo,' Joey giggled and slipped from the bed and left the

'I suppose you're gonna take you pleasure now. Oh, evil one,' Billy laughed
and reached over and fondled my semi erection.

'Hope so,' I answered quite truthfully.

'He is so tight,' Billy pursed his lips and held his fingers up as if
commenting on a fine wine. 'Such good sex.'

'I was a bit worried at first .....'

'So was I,' Billy admitted. 'Anyway, if you do him, I get to ride you.'

'You're so couth,' I slapped his leg. 'What happened to Mr Straight Guy

'History,' Billy giggled. 'I'll go and have a cleanup when he's out of it.'
As he spoke Joey returned from the bathroom with one of my towels around
his waist.

'Take your time, Billy,' I got from the bed and draped my arm around Joey's
thin shoulders. 'I'll show Joey where the bedroom is.'

'Yeah, yeah,' Billy laughed and took off.

'Come on, Joey,' I guided the little angel to the bedroom and sat him on
the bed.

'You want to do me, don't you,' Joey smiled up at me a little uncertainly.

'Yeah,' I put my hand on his shoulders and pushed him flat on his back. I
nuzzled at his taut little belly and spread the damp towel out displaying
his flawless pale skinned body. I noted that his four inch pecker was
already filled out with it's darker pink glans just slipping free of his

'I can't stop getting hard,' he giggled and then gasped as my head dropped
and my tongue slipped across his shiny knob.

'Excellent,' I grinned at his and ran my tongue across his smooth scrotum
taking both small nuts in their bag into my mouth.

'Aaaah,' Jeez, Peter,' he shuddered and held my head. He ran his fingers
through my scruffy hair as I took his rapidly hardening pricklet into my
mouth savouring the fourteen year old flavour. He was delicious. 'You gonna
try me from the front?' He was speaking to the ceiling.

'I'll try but if it hurts you, you've gotta yell out.'

'I'll yell OK, no probs,' he grinned quite cheerfully. I don't think he
realised how much better penetration you got from a face to face rather
than a rear attack. Never mind, he was wiling and that was half the battle.

I hoisted his legs and my mouth attacked his sweet boy fanny lapping and
licking at his sweet rosebud. He moaned and groaned as I tongued his
spincter probing at his tight little hole. Billy came in but just lay
alongside his friend kissing and lapping his coral pink nipples. Poor
little Joey was delirious, he didn't know where the next bit of sexual
stimulation was coming from.

He was slippery, I was licking his dicklet, his balls and his pucker in a
cycle which was finished when I slipped one KY coated finger into his tight
little tunnel.

He flinched a bit but took it like a trooper grabbing Billy's head and
kissing his mate furiously. Another one out of the closet.

The next stage would be easy after Billy's rather rough ride. I slipped the
one finger out and gently slid two into his incredibly tight little
tunnel. He gasped but clamped and eased as I slid my oily fingers in and
out massaging his prostate and easing the circular muscle which clamped on
my moving fingers like a oiled velvet vice.

'Oooh, do it, Peter.' He babbled throught Billy's kisses. Billy glanced at
me and grinned. he seemed to enjoy a bit or corruption, I'd have to
cultivate my little Bill, how many more little chums did he have?

I gently slid my fingers free and watched Joey's little sphincter close, I
folded his knees back onto his chest and rubbed my swollen and precuming
glans across his little ring. 'Ready, Joey.'

'Yeah,' he gave a small grin and closed his eyes.

There was no easy way. I slowly pushed, looking downwards I saw my dark red
glans nudge against his slippery ring for a moment and then slowly slide

'Aaah,' he grabbed hold of my arms but I was into his delicious warmth and
tightness and I was still slipping in deeper.

'You alright, Joey?'

'Yeah,' he gasped, he seemed determined to take it, I had about half of my
erection inside his sweet little cunt and I started to ove in and out, ever
so slowly and resisting the urge to fuck the living daylights out of his
small frame. 'Bigger than yours,' he gave a pained giggle and took his
hands from me and played with Billy's hair as my other boy lapped down onto
his belly and took his jerking dick into his mouth.

I felt better now and I went in deeper, I was nearly there. he was
fantastic, I've never had sex with someone so tight and so hot, I could
feel myself getting even harder and larger if that was possible. I started
to move faster and finally pressed my pubics up against his body, I had my
full six and a bit inches immersed in clinging boy flesh.

'Gawd, that's so big.' Bugger me, he pushed up onto it, opened his eyes and

That was the last straw, I began to fuck. Harder and faster, I couldn't
hold back because I knew I was gonna blow at any minutes. I slid almost all
the way out and then back in until my sweaty belly was slapping up against
his balls. By now Billy was sucking on Joey's dick like an expert.

What with the fucking and the sucking Joey blasted off again, he must have
just about been dryed out but Billy swallowed and still boy cum dribbled
from his mouth and down his chin, Joey had done it again. Without a word
Billy moved back and straddling little Joey's slender torso with his back
to me fed his own hardness into his little chum's mouth. Joey's first night
of all boy sex was turning into a bloody marathon ..... and there I was.

'Joey,' I groaned as I felt my final expansion and the heat shoot up my
cock and my thick creamy cum burst and spurt into his tiny love chute.

'Aaaah,' he wailed and suddenly spluttered, I guess Billy must have cum.

Frantic and cum filled minutes later we fell apart, the bed was a mess and
so were the boys. Joey was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, he licked Billy's
juice from his lips and grabbed me and kissed.

I did eventually finish up in the middle, fourteen year old Joey on one
side and my beautiful Billy on the other. I switched the light off at last,
this time I really did need a rest.

Joey had to have the last word.



'If that was the punishment when does the fun begin.'

'Bout one o'clock,' Billy muttered and turned towards me, I could feel his
hardness against my thigh. Bloody randy kids.

                                    THE END

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