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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Babysitter

Subject: Babysitter - New Story by Pen Nomen
Date: 16 Nov 1996 17:51:08 GMT

By Pen Nomen

WARNING! This is a story containing explicit sex
between teenagers and between young men. Do
not read this story if this sort material offends you.
If you are under the age of 18, this story is not your
bag and you are instructed NOT TO READ IT! In
fact you should leave this newsgroup and, if it is
your choice, come back when you are 18 or older.


Oliver was embarrassed and angry. His mother
had just told him that while she was away for the
two week training event at her employer's training
facility in New Jersey, he would have a baby-
sitter - a babysitter! Bad enough that Tanya Smith
would have authority over him for two whole
weeks and that he would have to suffer through the
unrelieved, unimaginable silliness of that bubble-
head, but to have his mother heap upon him that
appellation! Babysitter! And he fourteen

"I won't do it! I won't have Tanya lording
it over me for two weeks! And please don't ever
talk to me again about babysitters!" He spat the
word at her. "Why can't I stay with Billy or

"Grandma's too old to handle two weeks of you, and
it's too much of an imposition on Billy's parents.
If it was just a weekend, I would. And I'm sorry
about 'babysitter'. Never again, I promise. And
it's not Tanya. I agree that she's too young.
Seventeen's alright for an evening out or even one
overnighter, but not for two weeks. I've been to
the college job pool office and have found a young
man who's in his second year and has done this
before. I've talked to him, and he seems stable
and solid. I think you'll like him."

Oliver heard the finality in her voice and
knew that further objection would be useless.

"I'm sorry, Billy. If your father were still
living, and I didn't have to work . . . But I do.
The insurance alone would not be enough. I'm just
lucky that the company wanted me back." Billy's
mother was one of the top software developers in
the country, and, in truth, her employer consid-
ered itself the lucky party.

"Okay, Mom. But you're leaving tomorrow
afternoon. When am I supposed to meet this guy?"

"He's coming over tonight to begin while I'm
here. His name is Dennis Ebersen. He's very
bright. An English Lit major."

He arrived about a half hour after supper.
Oliver answered the door. Dennis was decidedly
unspectacular in appearance, anyhow. Average
height, average weight, average build, average
face, average voice. Pleasant, but average.
Oliver greeted him politely if not warmly. He
joined them for desert, and Oliver silently lis-
tened to his mother and Dennis talk. He'd found
out about her expertise and wanted to talk comput-
ers. It developed that he was a dedicated enthu-

"Well, we've got four in my workroom, and
Oliver's got one. So feel free. There's nothing
of any importance on the hard disks on the ones in
the workroom, and you can't possibly zap anything
of any importance. Oliver's grown up with comput-
ers and is really quite knowledgeable. He's writ-
ten a couple of games he might show you. They're
really quite good. Oliver?"


Dennis looked at Oliver with open warmth. At
least he had not displayed any "grown-up" arro-
gance toward Oliver. That was a plus.

"I'd appreciate it, Oliver. Thanks."

They all watched a movie on the VCR and re-
tired. Dennis had the spare room next to
Oliver's, and they'd be sharing the adjoining

"Look, Oliver, I don't want to intrude on
your privacy. Any time, you know, that you're in
there and don't want to risk having anyone walk in
on you, just lock the door to my room. I'll do
the same if I need to. Okay?"

Oliver's mother left the next afternoon. The
weather was warm, and the pool had been prepared
for the season, so Oliver and Dennis swam for a
couple of hours. Dennis was an average swimmer
and an average diver, Oliver decided. Not bad,
not great. Just average. His build was much
better than he'd thought last night when he was
fully clothed, though. Above average. Maybe even
quite a bit above average. Maybe even superior.
Oliver had once heard someone say that "classic"
could be described as the "perfect average," and
that view may, indeed, be applicable to Dennis.
Every measurement, Oliver was sure, would be in
the decidedly average category, but the sum total
of actuality was almost perfect proportion of
parts, shape and development. In that since,
Dennis's physical appearance and development was

Dennis, on the other hand, considered Oliver
to be remarkable. He'd explained his game program
this morning, and Dennis had been taken aback by
his intelligence and articulate speech. He'd been
impressed by his youthful, blond good looks. He
was a very good swimmer and could perform dives
that Dennis would have hesitated to attempt.
Yeah. All in all, Dennis considered Oliver to be
quite remarkable.

Mrs. Rockford - Oliver's mother - had left her
car keys and some cash for dinners out. Dennis
suggested a Mexican restaurant, and Oliver readily
agreed. The manager had come over to their table
and had begun speaking spanish to Dennis, and
Dennis had replied fluently. They had engaged in
a five minute conversation which had flowed
smoothly and rapidly. Oliver's interest was
piqued. This was not average.

"Where'd you learn to speak Spanish?"

"Oh, I learned it growing up. My dad is in
the foreign service and we lived all over.
I learned Spanish and kept it up."

"Do you, uh, speak any other languages."

Dennis blushed slightly. "Well, we lived all
over and I do have a knack. Dad and Mother are
fluent in several languages, too."

"What languages do you speak?" Oliver was
determined to get an answer to his question. He'd
never seen anyone so evasive about such a simple

Dennis blushed again. "Well, uh, I speak
Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. They're all so
related that its pretty easy to learn them all
once you've learned one. And French and German.
German was the hardest to learn. Fair Russian and
Arabic. And sloppy Japanese."

Oliver was decidedly impressed. "How did you
learn them all?"

"Well, like I said, we lived all over. Dad
was posted to Argentina and Brazil from the time
I was a baby until I was ten, and then he was
posted to France, Germany and the Soviet Union
until now. They're in Moscow now. We always
lived in the embassy houses, and there were always
other career people there who spoke the languages
I'd learned, so it was easy to stay practiced once
I'd learned. I came to the States for my last two
years in high school, and it was pretty difficult
to keep up until I could find people fluent enough
to help me keep current and fluent."

Oliver began to look at Dennis with new eyes
and to listen more closely as they conversed.
Dennis really was an interesting
conversationalist. He was very bright and
extremely perceptive. Oliver began to be
impressed that Dennis didn't talk down to him,
because, he realized, that he probably could.

Focusing his attention more closely, he also
began to think that perhaps he'd been a little too
quick to judge and categorize in dubbing him
"average" in every way. He had very clear, rosy
tan skin and clear, open blue eyes. His features
were classic Nordic--straight, prominent nose,
high forehead, widely spaced eyes, distinct
cheekbones, and firm, slightly cleft chin. The
only atypical feature were his rather full lips,
perhaps the genetic legacy of some Mediterranean

As they ate and talked and as Oliver tuned in
to Dennis from a new perspective, he began to
warm. By the time they left, he had warmed
considerably, and they were conversing amiably and
even engaging in friendly banter.

That night as Oliver was preparing for bed,
he heard the latch on his door to the bath click
to a locked position and the sound of the shower
spray as Dennis started to bathe. He finished
undressing and waited for Dennis to finish his
shower and clear the bathroom. The shower
stopped, and a couple of minutes later he heard
the click of the door latch being unlocked. He
waited a moment to be sure that Dennis had cleared
the bath and opened the door. He came to a
startled stop at the threshold: Dennis was
standing naked at the lavatory brushing his teeth.
Oliver took in his tanned, well-built body at a
glance and the image of his frontal nudity
reflected in the mirror above the sink. Dennis
was also startled. He turned to look at Oliver,
toothpaste suds around his mouth. Casually and
without embarrassment, he glanced down at Oliver's
genitals and back to his face.

"Sorry, Oliver. I guess I unlocked the door
before remembering I needed to brush my teeth. Be
finished in minute. Go ahead and take your shower
if you like."

"Uh, that's okay. I'll just wait." Oliver
backed through the door and shut it behind him.
His face burned with embarrassment. He sat on the
edge of his bed awaiting some signal that the
bathroom was finally vacant. "Damn," he muttered
in frustration at his lingering embarrassment.
Somehow, he thought he should have handled the
incident a little more smoothly. Instead, he'd
reacted like a school girl.

There came a couple of knuckle raps on the
bathroom door. "I'm clearing out now, Oliver."

The door to Dennis's room was shut when
Oliver returned to the bathroom. He reached to
lock it and then withdrew his hand. To lock it
now would simply underscore his gauche handling of
the earlier incident. He brushed his teeth before
he showered. As he did so, he examined himself,
reliving the moments of Dennis's quick glance at
his genitals when he'd barged in. He'd developed
a light growth of golden pubic hair within the
last year when his testicles had dropped and he'd
begun periodically to have nocturnal emissions.
His penis had also grown during the same period of
time, now around five and half or six inches long
in repose. His circumcision revealed a fleshy
pink glans somewhat darker than the flesh which it
capped. He guessed his body was built okay. He'd
just recently begun to develop a little muscle
bulk and definition. He turned side ways and
patted his flat belly. He looked at the curve of
his buttocks, remembering the high, prominent,
rounded cheeks of Dennis's butt. Unbidden, the
naked image that he had barely taken in a few
minutes before flashed across his memory.

Laying in bed after his shower, he idly stuck
his hand beneath the elastic waistband of his
boxers and stroked his penis. As it began to
swell and lengthen, the image of Dennis's nudity
flashed before his mind's eye again. He banished
it from his mind and attempted without success to
replace it with other remembered images and
fantasies of a more conventional nature, but the
image of Dennis kept reappearing. Finally, he
gave up and began to examine his mental
photograph. The first thing he'd seen was
Dennis's naked ass. Round, high and prominent, it
had been paler than his tanned back, but not all
that much so. Images of Dennis's muscles rippling
across his back as he'd brushed his teeth. His
mental eyes shifted to the remembered reflection
of Dennis's frontal nudity in the bathroom mirror.
His memory examined Dennis's six inch penis and
the loosely hanging scrotum cradling the large
egg-shaped testicles. Let's see. Hmmm, yeah.
Circumcised. A growth of light brown pubic hair,
thicker than his own. A little peak in the middle
of the top edge and light a trail of dark hair to
his navel. Flat stomach with visibly rippling
though not prominent stomach muscles. A deep,
well muscled chest without any visible growth of
hair. Really well-muscled thighs and calves -
almost pretty in their shapliness. Oliver raised
his eyes of his imagination to the remembered
reflection of Dennis face. Was it a trick of
memory? Or were Dennis's eyes smiling at him in
the mirror? Oliver drifted down into sleep where
his dreams were populated by remembered naked male
bodies, Dennis's somehow in the forefront of all
of them, variously smiling at him, standing with
hands on hips looking seriously at him, sometimes

When Oliver awoke the next morning, he'd
missed Sunday School and it was too late to make
church. He wandered down to the kitchen where he
found Dennis, like himself, in his boxer shorts.
He'd set the table for two, fried some bacon,
started coffee and was stirring up what appeared
to be pancake batter.

"Sorry. I slept through my alarm, and we
missed church. I thought I'd cook up a big
breakfast, and we can just skip lunch and have an
early supper. That okay with you?"

"Sure. Can I help?"

"Yeah. Can you fix a grapefruit? . . . Good.
If you will, I won't put on the first batch of
pancakes until we have that."

After they'd had the grapefruit, Oliver got
the Sunday morning paper and was half reading the
sports section and funny papers and half watching
Dennis as he busied himself around the kitchen
with the pancakes and accompanying condiments. At
one point he stood on tiptoe to reach for a box
confectioner's sugar on the top shelf of one of
the cupboards. The stretching movement caused his
penis to slip through the fly of his shorts, and
he was apparently unaware of it until a few
seconds later when he half casually, half
surreptitiously tucked it back in.

They ate breakfast and read the newspaper,
carrying on a desultory conversation as they did
so. After breakfast, Dennis suggested that they
go for a swim. As they walked through the den on
their way upstairs, Dennis stopped and looked out
the sliding glass doors to the swimming pool.

"Look, there's a really high fence around
your backyard, and I'd like to really get some
good sun. Do you ever, you know, swim or sunbathe
without swim suit?"

"Uh, I don't, but my mother does sometimes."
He blushed furiously when he realized what kind of
revelation he'd made.

"Do you mind if I do that?"

"No. Up to you. That's one of the reasons
that Mom had the high fence built."

"Well, you could, too, if want."

"Uh, okay. Sure." He really didn't want to,
but he was still trying to recover from what he
felt to have been his gauche reaction from the
encounter in the bathroom the night before.

Oliver accompanied Dennis as they walked
around the pool area and explored the hot tub
under the gazebo. Dennis pushed his boxer shorts
to his ankles, stepped out of them and through
them to a chaise longue at pool side. "Last one
in is a rotten egg," he said as made a shallow
dive into the pool.

Oliver watched him begin to swim some laps.
His round butt and its dividing cleft were clearly
visible through the clear water of the pool.
Oliver sat down, still in his shorts, and watched
as Dennis swam. On the fourth pool length, Dennis
turned to his back for the back stroke laps.
Oliver surreptitiously examined his genitals as he
swam. His penis floated in random movement with
the water's current, and Oliver felt himself
almost hypnotized by its movement. On the next
lap, Dennis called to him, "You gonna swim or

Oliver turned his back, pushed his shorts to
his feet and tossed them with a kick to the same
chaise longue where Dennis had laid his. They
landed square atop Dennis's, and Oliver almost
reached to move them but thought better of such

He turned and dove into the pool in a single
movement and began to swim the length with easy,
powerful strokes.


Dennis watched dreamily as Oliver swam easily
back and forth the length of the pool. "He sure
does have an exceptionally developed, well set-up
body for a fourteen year old," Dennis thought. He
let his memory slip back to the night before when
Oliver had prematurely entered the bathroom. For
the third time, Dennis wondered if he'd
unconsciously arranged the circumstances to invite
that confrontation and couldn't be sure.
Certainly, he'd been most attracted to him during
supper, and his termination a few months earlier
of his relationship with Dusty had made him
vulnerable to such a temptation.

The memory of the end of his affair with
Dusty stilled pained him. He'd had sexual
relations with only four males since his first
experience at age fourteen, and none had been as
long term as his relationship with Dusty, but he'd
promised himself and had talked with Dusty about
his determination to end any relationship which
was not monogamous, and, nevertheless, Dusty had
entered into an affair with the young assistant
professor of comparative literature.

Whatever the circumstances of Oliver's
barging into the bathroom butt naked, Dennis
thought of it as serendipity. He could tell from
the boy's reaction that he would not be able to
forget it easily. Dennis closed his eyes in order
to recall more clearly the image of Oliver as he
stopped startled at the threshold. About five
foot ten and 160 pounds, still carrying some of
thinness of adolescence but beginning to fill out
nicely--slender, flat waist flaring slightly to a
startlingly mature deep chest with already defined
pectorals. His arms and legs were not skinny as
were most maturing fourteen year olds, either.
They had meat, muscle and shapely curves. Dennis
opened his eyes to admire Oliver's powerful stroke
and kick as he swam and was delighted to get a
clear picture of his firm, prominent butt
protruding slightly above the surface of the pool
as he swam.

Dennis closed his eyes again and visualized
the boy's genitalia--the blond pubic hair only
slightly darker than the hair on his head, the
nicely proportioned and mature penis hanging
straight without curve, bulge, or hook, the fat
glans, smooth and dark pink, a smooth attractive
scrotum with its fully grown oval testicles
resting against the tops of his thighs. He'd laid
in bed the night before and memorized those lines.

This morning he'd been pleased that Oliver
had come into the kitchen wearing only his boxers
and that he'd been similarly dressed. He was
fully aware that he'd been deliberate and
manipulative as he'd moved about the kitchen
busying himself with task of preparing breakfast.
Stretching, bending, showing off his own
musculature and grace. The stretch to the top
shelf of the cabinet and exposure of his penis had
come off much more smoothly than he'd expected.
He'd seen Oliver's eyes drawn to it just as he'd
watched raptly as Dennis had swam.

He decided to end his serious swimming and
turned to intercept Oliver on his next lap.
Coming up at an oblique angle from the rear,
Dennis grabbed Oliver's ankles and brought him to
an abrupt halt, pressed his hands on his back and
dunked him thoroughly. Oliver came up sputtering
only to see Dennis swimming rapidly away. He took
off in pursuit, but Dennis reached the edge of the
pool and pulled himself out before Oliver could
catch him. Oliver watched as Dennis danced away
from the edge, naked and beautiful, but his intent
was fixed on competitive, though playful revenge.
He started to pull himself up on the edge, but
Dennis sprang over his head and plunged feet first
into the water behind him. As he dropped from the
concrete pool edge and turned to follow, he felt
his ankles grasped from beneath and was pulled
deeply into the water. He opened his eyes and saw
Dennis's playfully malicious smile as his sank and
Dennis rose to the surface. On the passage,
Dennis's penis passed directly in front of
Oliver's eyes and brushed his cheek. Oliver would
doubtless have been more taken aback had his mind
not been so fixed on exacting retribution from

Oliver sank to the bottom of the pool,
squatted and bunched his legs, then sprang like a
jet towards Dennis retreating body to catch him,
pull him beneath the surface and then plant a foot
on his head to send him deeper. Dennis spluttered
to the surface, spitting and blowing, and took off
in pursuit. He caught Oliver in the five foot
depth level, grabbed him around the waist and
pulled him to shallower water. Dennis's three
inch height advantage and more muscular weight
gave him the advantage, and he did not hesitate to
press it. They wrestled for position, body
pressed against body. Finally, Dennis got a
hammerlock on Oliver's neck, stuck and arm through
his legs, lifted and heaved. Oliver landed
awkwardly in deep water and sank. A few seconds
later, he came up gasping and looked around to
find Dennis sitting on the edge of the pool
laughing. Oliver swam purposefully toward him,
and Dennis raised his arms laughing and cried,
"Uncle! I'm too bushed to keep this up."

Oliver smiled and pulled himself to the edge
of the pool to sit beside Dennis. "That was fun,
but I think I've had about all that I can take,

Dennis looked casually at Oliver's penis and
testicles and saw that they were shriveled and
drawn up, and then he looked at his own to find
them in a similar conditions. "This will never
work," he thought.

He saw the gazebo across the pool. "Is that
a hot tub?"

"Yeah," Oliver answered, following his gaze.
He, too, had noted with some embarrassment his
shriveled condition and had been relieved though
slightly disappointed to see Dennis similarly

"Do y'all use it?"

"Yeah, all the time."

"Can we get in?"

"Sure. It'll take about thirty minutes for
it to get hot, though."

"Well, we can soak some rays while we wait."

"Okay, but I don't think I want to lay in the
noonday sun that long. I don't have my summer tan
yet and I'm fairer than you and burn more easily."

"Sure. Well, let's just lay on those lounges
for awhile and you can get up whenever you like."

Dennis climbed on the lounge and lay on his
back as Oliver walked around the pool to turn on
the hot tub. As he returned, Dennis watched
through half closed eyes. The activity had
loosened and relaxed the boy's genitals, and they
again hung attractively and swayed as he walked.
Dennis felt his own penis lengthening and swelling
slightly, and turned hastily to his stomach lest
his condition frighten Oliver.

But Oliver had already seen and had caught
his breath at the sight--not in fear but in
inexplicable attraction. He dropped to the lounge
next to Dennis and lay on his stomach to conceal
the distressing condition that was overtaking him.

They turned to each other and carried on a
desultory, rambling conversation about who had
come out on top in the dunking contest, and,
unknown to the other, each of them examined the
supine lines of the other's back, butt and legs,
and each of them admired what they saw.

After about ten minutes, Oliver felt
sufficiently recovered to turn to his back and
take ten minutes of sun. Dennis watched and ran
his eyes from head to foot. Oliver's reposing
penis lay on hip, the single eye of his urethra
staring solemnly at Dennis. Dennis had been about
to turn to his back but thought better of it as
his penis began to react again.

Oliver got up to walk over to the shade of
the gazebo and dangle his legs in the hot tub, and
Dennis lay quietly for a couple of minutes before
turning to his back. He'd almost fallen asleep
when Oliver called, "I think the hot tub's ready,

Oliver was seated on the lower ledge of the
hot tub when Dennis approached. He watched openly
now, noting the straight, classical lines of
Dennis's penis and the fullness of its circumcised
glans. He was surprised and relieved that he did
not again react embarrassingly to the sight and
attributed it rightly to the hot water of the hot

Dennis joined him in the tub, sitting

"You swim really well, Oliver. D'you
participate in many sports?"

"Some. Swimming and tennis, mostly. I play
some basketball but haven't made the varsity yet.
I'd like to play some football, but I'm not very
good. Can't seem to find any position that I can
fill well."

"Maybe I can give you some tips. I play
some. And, look, I'm glad to hear your a tennis
player. We can play some. I love it."

But Oliver had a stricken look on his face.
He'd just come to a startling realization. "Why .
. . y-you're DeeDee Ebersen." DeeDee Ebersen was
the All-America tailback candidate on State's
football team.

Dennis blushed. "Thought you knew. Yeah,
but, look! I hate that name and 'Dynamite Denny',
too. Just Dennis, huh?"

"Sure. I should have known. I don't where
my brain must've been." Oliver was truly
embarrassed and the deep blush showed it.

"Hey, look. Don't turn into a fan on me.
I liked it that you didn't treat me like some

"Okay. I'll try, as soon as I get over the
shock. Would you really show me something about

"Sure. Don't know how much I know or how
much good it'll do, but I'll show you some stuff."
Then he was struck by a thought. "Look, though, a
lot depends on what kind of physical tools you
have. Come over here."

Oliver, somewhat puzzled, half swam, half
floated across the large hot tub to sit beside

"No. I mean stand up."

Oliver complied. He was still submerged to
his waist.

"Stand on this ledge, next to me."

Again, Oliver complied. The water struck him
just above the knees. Dennis placed both hands
around the widest part of the calf of Oliver's
leg. "You've got good calves and hard. Good for
power, not that great for speed. What kind of
speed do you have?"

"Pretty good, I think. I can outrun most of
the guys in my class, except for a couple of the
black kids."

Dennis moved his hands to Oliver's thigh and
measured in the same way. "Real good thighs.
Flex." Oliver complied. "Yeah, good thighs."
The back of his hand on the inside of Oliver's
thigh brushed the boy's testicles and penis. The
hot water aided Dennis in suppressing any
reaction, but unfortunately for Oliver, his
reaction to Dennis's touch was evident in his
slowly lengthening and swelling flesh.

Dennis paid no attention. "Turn around."
Oliver complied, and he was startled to feel
Dennis's hands on his butt, squeezing firmly.
"Good buttocks," Dennis said clinically, "high and
firm. Now that's good for speed. Ever notice how
the fast black guys all have high, prominent
butts?" Oliver was aware of Dennis rising to his
feet to stand on the ledge behind him. His hands
moved up his back to his shoulders, murmuring,
"Mmhmm, good. Yeah, that's real good. You've got
good back muscles. Important to protect from
injury and makes you harder to bring down. Here,
turn around."

Dennis's penis had been getting hard, but he
was pretty sure that Oliver would not be offended
by the condition, and, in fact, that he would be
relieved. Oliver was slow to comply, and Dennis
noticed the blood rising to the back of his neck.

"Come on, Oliver," he gruffed impatiently,
"turn around."

Slowly, with flaming face tilted down, Oliver
turned. As his swollen, erect penis came into
view, Dennis was both relieved and pleased.
"Gee," he thought, "only fourteen and he must have
almost seven inches."

As Oliver turned, shamed and head down, his
line of vision took in Dennis's large erection.
He raised his eyes to Dennis, startlement, relief,
pleasure, surprise, fear battling for dominance in
his expression.

Dennis grinned reassuringly. "Don't be
embarrassed, Oliver. It's not an entirely
unnatural reaction."

"But . . . I mean . . . Isn't . . . Do . .

"Isn't it just supposed to happen with women?
Well, maybe usually, but not always. Have you
never masturbated, Oliver?"

"Uh . . . Well . . . Uh, sure, I guess . . .
But . . ."

"It's okay Oliver. Here. It'll be okay,
everything will be alright."

As Dennis spoke softly and reassuringly, he
brought his right hand up to slowly and softly
grasp Oliver's penis. He moved his hand, sliding
the skin back and forth. He'd completed no more
than four or five strokes when Oliver's penis
jerked in his hands and strong spurts of hot semen
hit him on the hip and thigh. He continued to
pump until Oliver's ejaculation was completed.
Oliver's face was flaming. Dennis stepped closer
and place a hand under Oliver's chin and lifted
it. He looked into Oliver's eyes and said softly
and sincerely, "Its okay. Everything's alright."

As Oliver looked searchingly at him for
reassurance, Dennis placed his left hand on
Oliver's shoulder and moved his semen covered
right to his waist just above his hip. He bent
his head slightly and brought his lips to
Oliver's. Oliver was startled and would have
drawn away but for the pressure of Dennis's palm
on his waist and back as it slid behind him.
After moment, his lips relaxed, and he began to
kiss Dennis in return. As he felt Dennis's tongue
against his lips, he opened them to admit the
exploring member and stroked it with his own
tongue. He felt Dennis's hands and arms change
their purpose from comfort and reassurance to an
embrace as Dennis held him harder and pulled him
closer. He felt Dennis's hot erection pressing
against his belly and became aware that, without
volition, his own arms were around Dennis's waist
and chest as their lips searched each other.

Dennis broke the embrace and stepped back.
"Here. Let's get back in the hot tub." He pulled
Oliver to the seat beside him in the hot tub and
began to move his hand over his penis and
testicles as he washed the spent semen from them.
Oliver had an intense desire to handle Dennis as
he was being handled but couldn't bring himself to
such boldness. As if reading his mind, Dennis
took Oliver's near hand and moved it to his
genitals and laid it palm down across his penis.
As he continued to fondle Oliver in an
affectionate manner, Oliver returned the caress.
Dennis had lost his erection in the hot water, but
his penis had retained its length in repose and
most of its girth.

After a few minutes, Dennis slid back up to
sit on the edge of the hot tub and pulled Oliver
up gently to join him there. He renewed his
fondling of Oliver's genitals and leaned forward
to kiss him. As their tongues caressed each
other, Oliver felt his penis swelling and becoming
hard again. Dennis pulled back and looked
seriously and solemnly into Oliver's eyes.
Slowly, he slid into the hot tub again and turned,
his knees on the sitting ledge below Oliver's
seat. He placed one hand on the inside of each of
Oliver's knees, pushed them gently apart and slid
into the opening.

He looked again at Oliver with an inquiring
question in his eyes and must have found assent
for he slowly lowered his head and kissed the tip
of Oliver's penis, licking a small drop of
preseminal fluid from the urethra. Lowering his
head further, he encircled the glans with his
mouth and licked the smooth skin in slow circling
motions with a warm wet tongue. Then slowly his
lips began to move downward, his tongue pressing
into the throbbing ridge on the underside of
Oliver's penis and deep-throating his cock when
its length filled him and pressed against the back
of his mouth. When his nose was pressed against
Oliver's lower belly and pubic hair, he pressed
and stroked firmly but gently with his tongue,
sucking with firm pressure, and then slid his lips
back up. Oliver watched from above as his wet,
gleaming penis emerged from Dennis's lips and
Dennis lovingly licked his glans in wet, circling
motions before sliding his lips back down the wet,
throbbing shaft. Oliver thrust forward and
backward, at first involuntarily and, then,
purposefully, as Dennis's lips moved on his flesh.
He found his hands in Dennis's dark hair,
alternately stroking his head and pulling it
closer to him. He felt the pressure building and
the throbbing become more intense. It felt as
though his penis were getting larger and harder.

"Dennis," he gasped, "I think I'm going to
shoot off again." He tried to lift Dennis's head
with his hands, but Dennis grasped his hips and
lowered his mouth as Oliver's penis began to spasm
and jerk and a pulsating of stream of hot semen
was emptied into his eagerly sucking and
swallowing mouth. He continued to suck as
Oliver's penis softened and then let it slip from
his lips with the soft, wet sound of released

Dennis laid his hand on Oliver's knee and
rested his cheek on his other thigh. He did not
look into his face, afraid of what he may see
there. When Oliver placed his hand on Dennis head
and slowly combed his fingers through his hair, a
couple of tears of relief and tenderness dropped
from his eyes and splashed on Oliver's thigh.

"What's wrong Dennis?" Oliver somehow felt
more mature and wise.

"Nothing . . . No, that's not true. I'm
feeling kind of guilty, like maybe I set all this
up to happen."

"Guilty? No need for that, Dennis. I guess
I was at least a participant. I had choices.
I enjoyed it."

Dennis rose to sit beside Oliver and looked
him in the face for the first time in several
minutes. "I'm glad. I did, too. But, Oliver,
you don't know what this could mean. I shouldn't
have taken advantage. I'm truly sorry."

"Wait a minute, Dennis. If you think you
were guiding me into some sort of set-up before,
what do you think you're doing now, pushing me out
of this?" He placed a hand on Dennis's shoulder
and leaned forward, attempting to kiss him, but
Dennis turned aside.

"No. Wait a minute, Oliver. Let me tell you
something. . . . I had my first homosexual
experience--don't wince, Oliver. That's what it's
called--when I was fourteen with a twenty-four
year old assistant attache at German embassy. It
continued for almost two years. The second was
with a guy at my high school who had been my best
friend since I returned to the states when I was
in the tenth grade. I seduced him, Oliver. That
one continued until we graduated. He dropped out
of college in his first year and lives in San
Francisco where I'm told he is living
promiscuously homosexual life-style. The third
was with an older cousin. That one only lasted
for one summer. The fourth--maybe I shouldn't
tell you this, but I will and will ask you to
treat it as a confidence . . . The fourth was with
the quarterback on our football team. That
continued until two or three or months ago, when
I broke it off for reasons I may or may not tell
you someday. You're the fifth.

"There are some things about all this that
you may not have thought about. I have sex with
women occasionally, but I don't particularly enjoy
it the way I think some guys do. I do it mainly
as camouflage so that people won't know about me.
Maybe it's brave to 'come out of the closet,' but
I'm not ready for that, and I wouldn't recommend
it for anyone unless he's thought it through very
thoroughly and with an informed understanding.
The other guys I've told you about . . . well, you
can't spend that much time with each other or
demonstrate any fondness for each other. You're
always afraid that someone will find out.

"And guilt. You feel guilt . . . Hell, maybe
I am guilty. It does things to how you feel about
yourself. Then, in this day and time, there's
health and safety. Most homosexuals seem to have
some inclination to promiscuity. I don't. It's
not safe and it's not healthy, physically,
mentally or emotionally. . . . There's another
matter, too. I could be put in jail and sent to
prison for doing what I've just done.

"So. You see, if I've introduced you into
anything that was my idea, I've really done you a
bad turn."

Oliver had listened silently, staring at the
ripples in the hot tub. Some of what Dennis had
said, he'd instinctively realized, but he hadn't
thought of all those facets. He continued to look
at the ripples as he replied, sometimes blushing
and stuttering.

"Well, you didn't exactly seduce me, Dennis.
I've never had any kind of experience with males,
but I've thought about it before thirty minutes
ago. Last night. Last night when I came into the
bathroom and saw you naked, I couldn't get it out
of mind. I dreamed about you last night and had a
wet dream. But in the dream, you weren't, uh,
s-sucking my penis. I was sucking yours.

"I think I understand what you've been
saying, and I know you're right. But I can't help
what I feel either. Maybe people are born either
homosexual or heterosexual, I don't know, but
I don't think so. Whatever the choices whether
it's to be homosexual or heterosexual I know that
people who have homosexual inclinations, genetic
or environmental, can choose not to be homosexual
or at least choose not to act out his
homosexuality. But whatever the moral truth about
the guilt, whether its objective or subjective,
I'm not ready to choose not to practice what to me
feels right and natural.

"And, Dennis, what feels right and natural
with you seems unimaginable to me with any other
male. I liked your, uh, s-sucking my penis. It
felt good, but that wasn't all. It was the
closeness to you while you were doing it. Shoot,
I didn't just like it, I loved it. When you, uh,
sw-swallowed my, uh, come, I felt an intimacy with
you I've never felt with anyone else.

"That's the reason, I'd like to, uh, s-suck
you and to taste and swallow your semen like you
did mine--to build on that closeness. Oh, and,
uh, yeah, I think I'd, uh, enjoy it physically,

When he'd finished speaking, Dennis stood,
took Oliver's hand and led him to the chaise where
their boxers had been tossed earlier. They
slipped them on, and Dennis led Oliver into the
house and up the stairs to Oliver's room. When
they arrived there, he faced Oliver and slowly
pulled his shorts to his ankles. When he would
have pushed his own shorts off, Oliver pushed his
hands aside and performed the same rite upon

Dennis stepped close to Oliver, put his arms
around his waist, resting his palms on Oliver's
firm, rounded butt, and kissed him slowly and
deeply. Oliver felt his hands stroking and
squeezing Dennis's muscular buttocks and felt
Dennis's penis swelling and hardening against his
lower belly.

They moved, still embracing, to Oliver's bed.
Dennis lay down on his back. "I think it'd be
best if you, uh, did me by hand, just so you can
see and know more about what, uh, happens."

Oliver lay on his left side, facing Dennis
supine body, his shoulders at point opposite
Dennis's hips. He placed his right hand around
Dennis' penis which was only semi-erect and
squeezed. He held the stiffening shaft like a
tennis racket and began to move his fist up and
down. He watched fascinated. Each time he moved
down the shaft, Dennis's glans emerged, dark pink,
swollen and gleaming in its smoothness. When he
moved his hand up, the glans lost a shade or two
of its redness and Dennis drew his hips back into
the mattress and thrust forward as he moved his
hand downward on the next stroke. A small drop of
moisture stood on his urethra.

Oliver shifted to a cross-legged sitting
position facing Dennis's pubic area. He brought
his left hand to the light brown pubic hair and
combed it with his fingers and lightly traced the
thin trail to Dennis's navel. Shifting his hands,
he cupped Dennis's testicles with a soft squeeze.
Dennis's breathing became more rapid and made a
slightly ragged sound as he exhaled and inhaled.
He placed a hand on Oliver's wrist as it moved up
and down. Oliver instinctively increased his pace
and squeezed slightly tighter. Suddenly, Dennis's
penis seemed to swell slightly and grow harder.
He thrust his hips far off the mattress and a
spurt of thick cloudy substance shot forcefully
from his urethra, striking Oliver on the cheek
just above the corner of his mouth. Oliver
quickly placed his hand above the spasming penis
to deflect the forceful stream of semen. It ran
over his grasping hand and fell from his
deflecting hand on to Dennis's stomach. When
Dennis had finished, Oliver continued in a milking
motion until Dennis had begun to soften. Dennis
looked at him solemnly, and Oliver stuck his
tongue out of the corner of his mouth and licked
Dennis's come from above his lips where it had
struck at the beginning of his ejaculation. It
had a clean, salty-sweet taste, and Oliver smiled
in approval, and Dennis's look became soft and
tender. Oliver stuck a finger into the pool of
semen on Dennis's belly and contemplatively
stirred it. As the semen began to run down the
side of Dennis's hip to the sheets upon which they
lay, he arose and went into the bathroom for a
warm washcloth and towel. In the bathroom, he
raised his semen covered hand to his mouth and
tasted Dennis's essence, warm and clean salty-
sweetness. He licked a couple of times and washed
his hands and wet the washcloth.

In the bedroom he gently cleaned the semen
from Dennis's stomach, pubic hair and penis.
Dennis watched him silently.

"Well?" Dennis inquired.

"Uh huh."

"Uh huh? What does that mean?"

"It means that it was what I'd hoped it would
be." He looked at Dennis and, tossing the
washcloth and towel to the floor, began to stroke
his genitals. Dennis did not react at first, but
after a couple of minutes, his penis began to
lengthen and swell and become hard.

Oliver reached for the insides of his knees
and pushed them apart, placing himself between
them. He lowered his head, opened his mouth and
encircled Dennis's circumcised glans with his
mouth, licking wetly and enticingly all over and
around its surface. He slid his lips down the
swollen shaft, sucking softly and firmly stroking
the underside of Dennis's penis with his tongue.
He could take only about three quarters the length
on his first try and he licked and sucked
passionately as Dennis was buried in his mouth.
He slid his lips up the shaft in imitation of
Dennis's technique of half an hour ago, and licked
the glans wetly. As he lowered his mouth along
the slick wetness of the hardened flesh, Dennis
thrust forward, and Oliver took about nine-tenths
of his length into his mouth. On the next pass,
Dennis's glans hit the back of his throat and he
swallowed, dilating the closure to a wider
circumference as Dennis's cock slid through and
until his nose and lips pressed into Dennis's
pubis, and he felt Dennis's glans throbbing
urgently in his mouth and against the back of his
throat. Dennis's movements became more rapid and
demanding, and Oliver increased his pace and the
passion of his sucking and licking accordingly.

With a grunting "unghh!" of satisfaction and
fulfillment, Dennis thrust his penis into the back
of Oliver's mouth and emptied a pulsating stream
of hot semen into him. Oliver had momentary
difficulty in accommodating the copious quantity
but soon, sucking and swallowing, he joyfully
received the full ejaculation. He continued to
suck and lave Dennis softening cock with his
tongue, until all traces of semen were gone.

He released Dennis's penis from his mouth and
rose to lay beside him.

"Dennis, I know that you might attribute what
I'm about to say to a schoolboy crush, but if you
do, you're wrong. I won't ever betray you.
I won't ever leave you unless you send me away.
I love you."

Dennis heard what Oliver was saying and was
glad, but he did attribute it largely to an
initiate's infatuation. Nevertheless, he was
deeply touched. "I hope so, Oliver. I really do
because I think I love you, too."

That night they decided that until Oliver's
mother returned they would sleep with each other.
Dennis had had little opportunity for such
extended intimacy with any of his past lovers, and
he relished the closeness it occasioned. That
night they slept in Dennis's bed. They'd decided
that clothes were unnecessary, and Oliver lay
naked, his hands behind his head, watching Dennis
prepare himself for sleep. He slipped his shorts
from his legs and moved about the room hanging his
trousers, placing his shoes in the closet. His
muscles as they moved easily beneath his skin,
rippling and dimpling as he bent and stretched.
Oliver watched through eyes grown heavy lidded
with desire. He watched through the bathroom door
as Dennis brushed his teeth at the lavatory,
remembering last night's rapid glance at the same
body he now leisurely studied. Dennis's penis and
testicles swayed with the movement of his body as
he brushed his teeth as Oliver's memory revisited
the feel of it in his mouth. He studied the
erotic curve of his high round ass, dimpling as it
flexed and relaxed with the movement.

As Dennis slipped between the sheets, he
reached for the switch of the bedside lamp.

"No," Oliver said. "Later."

Dennis looked at him quizzically but drew
back his hand. He'd barely lay down and found a
comfortable position when Oliver rolled toward him
and leaned on elbow above him. Oliver had thrown
one leg across Dennis's nearest thigh and could
feel the warmth of his genitals against his skin.
He looked tentatively into Dennis's eyes and
lowered his lips to meet Dennis's. Dennis opened
his mouth to Oliver's tongue and stroked it with
his own. Oliver felt Dennis's arm circle his body
and his stroke his lower back and butt. Suddenly
he was on his back and Dennis was leaning above
him, grinding his lips into Oliver's and thrusting
his tongue deeply into his mouth.

He broke the kiss and lowered his mouth to
Oliver's neck and shoulders which he kissed and
stroked with his warm breath. Moving down to his
chest, he kissed each nipple, encircling them with
his open mouth and licking the erect nipple with
his tongue. He pushed the light covers back and
threw them to the foot of the bed, exposing their
naked bodies. He moved his questing lips and
seeking tongue down Oliver's stomach to his sunken
navel and thrust his tongue into it, circling the
circumference of the depression with its tip. He
had moved his hand to Oliver's light pubic growth
and raked it lightly with his short finger nails.
Laying his palm over Oliver's penis and testicles,
he squeezed softly and moved his hands to the
inside of his thighs and stroked as his mouth
followed his hands to the curling blond hair of
the pubic growth. He'd gotten to his knees at
Oliver's side and was bent over in a tight,
upright fetal position as he kissed and licked the
skin where Oliver's hardening penis joined his
pubis. Ducking his head and pushing the swelling
flesh aside, he licked the space between Oliver's
thigh and his scrotum and moved his tongue across
the loose skin of the pouch which cradled the egg
shaped testicles. Opening his mouth wider, he
captured, first, one testicle, then, the other in
his mouth and gently stroked them with his tongue.

His mouth moved to and hovered above Oliver's
now erect penis, and he visually studied the
physiognomy of the beautifully fresh genitals.
Lowering his head and opening his mouth, he
encircled the engorged glans and licked wetly in
lovingly slow circles, his eyes closed. Oliver's
hands were stroking his head, his fingers combing
through the fine strands. As his full, wet lips
slid down the swollen shaft, Oliver grasped hands
full of hair and gently thrust himself more deeply
into the sucking mouth.

At that moment Dennis opened his eyes and saw
the reflected image of the activity in the mirror
above the dresser on the sidewall. Oliver's
young, clear skinned body. His hard penis, three
quarters buried in Dennis mouth. the thatch of
blond pubic hair. Oliver's hands buried in his
hair. Still watching, he engulfed the length of
Oliver's erection and began to slide his lips up
the wet, gleaming shaft. The view as the taut wet
tube was drawn from his mouth underscored and
increased the erotic pleasure of the act. In the
mirror he saw Oliver watching him through eyes
hooded with passion. His own penis was
throbbingly hard, and he opened his kneeling
stance as Oliver lifted his hand to stroke it.

Oliver's hands reached for his far hip and
half pulled, half coaxed him to turn toward his
head. He shifted, throwing one leg over Oliver's
head so that his own knees were against Oliver's
shoulders. Dennis swollen, hard penis was less
than a hand's breadth from Oliver's eager mouth,
and Oliver placed his hands on the small of
Dennis's back to press him down as he raised his
open mouth to capture it.

Dennis cut his eyes to the mirror to view the
erotic soixante-neuf position of mutual fellatio,
Oliver's cock in his mouth and his in Oliver's.
Periodically, he cut his eyes to see the activity
of thrusting penises and seeking mouths, one of
Oliver's hands on his head and the other on his
butt and both stroking with loving passion.

Oliver was also attentive to the reflected
view and watched as his mouth and tongue lavished
themselves upon Dennis's hard cock. As he felt
his penis lengthen and stiffen in Dennis's warm
mouth, he thrust into the wet warmth and sucked
more strongly. He felt Dennis's penis harden and
swell and throb more insistently. At almost the
same moment that he began to ejaculate into
Dennis's mouth, Dennis's penis jerked
spasmodically and filled Oliver's mouth and throat
with his hot, salty-sweet male essence which he
gulped and swallowed greedily.

After they had pulled the last vestiges of
come from the other, they lay on their sides
facing each other, each lazily stroking the sides
and hips of the other. Oliver sought Dennis's
mouth with his, and their come covered lips and
tongues explored each other's.

"I love you, Dennis."

"And I love you, Oliver."

They slept in each other's arms.


It was spring holidays for both their
schools. They slept late each morning, arose to
prepare and eat large breakfasts, and went to the
park where Dennis and Oliver ran and worked out
thoroughly and Dennis began to teach Oliver
various aspects of the game of football, both from
a large view and from attentiveness to the
techniques of running, catching, faking, and
blocking. Dennis thought that Oliver was
enormously talented and predicted great things for

"You've got all the physical tools and
intelligence to boot. Not many football players
have that. Its always been my edge, and it can be
yours, too."

Oliver, became enthusiastic about learning
more and more of the game. Dennis thought that
his natural position was flanker and began to
teach him to run pass routes. Oliver was a quick
learner and made rapid strides. He had
extraordinary eye-hand co-ordination and if a pass
was in his vicinity he seldom dropped it.

It became a ritual that, every afternoon
after working out, they would swim a half mile and
relax and unwind in the hot tub. They always swam
and hot tubbed naked, and so sometimes this
activity led to or was preceded by physical
activity of another sort altogether.

They seldom went out at night. They feared
being with other people. The two week period was
like a honeymoon. In the newness of each other,
they couldn't keep their hands or arms from each
other. They would prop themselves on cushions on
the floor of the den and watch movies on the VCR,
usually in each other's arms with deep kisses and
exploring hands. They didn't trust themselves to
refrain in the presence of other people.

On Thursday afternoon, Dennis and Oliver
drove to a nearby town where Dennis bought several
pornographic videocassettes, all male activity.
He'd been careful to select tapes that were filmed
with some concern for aesthetic values and
featured attractive participants. He'd seen the
other kind and didn't want Oliver to be turned off
by any grungy or swishy guys.

That night they watched the first, lying
naked on the floor in front of the television.
The plot was extremely thin. Good looking young
businessman is driving to another a city and picks
up good looking young college student hitchhiking
home. Car breaks down in small town and can't be
repaired until the next day. Young student has no
money, and so young businessman offers to share
his room in a local motel. They disrobe to their
underwear, and young student falls asleep on his
bed. He is beautifully built and his genitals are
prominent in the pouch of his bikini underwear.
Young businessman, also beautifully built, is
propped up watching television in his low cut
bikinis. He keeps glancing at the young student.
Young student stirs in his sleep, striking several
sexy poses in pretended unconsciousness. His hand
moves to his genitals in his sleep. Young
businessman begins to stroke his jersey covered
cock and it becomes hard. Young student gets
erection in his sleep as he supposedly dreams of
erotic activities. Young businessman has always
thought he was straight and had never participated
in any kind of homosexual activity. He looks
away, frowning. After awhile he gets up, strips,
and showers to cool off. He comes out of the
bathroom, naked and drying his hair. Young
student wakes up and looks at him. His eyes
follow his movements. His penis gets hard, but he
pretends to still be asleep. He slowly comes
awake and stretches. The young businessman is
watching him in the mirror. Young student puts
his hand in his bikinis and strokes himself. He
gets up and goes into the bathroom where he
strips, urinates and showers. He comes out.
Young businessman is in bed under a thin sheet.
You can see that he is naked, because his penis is
so prominently poking against the sheet. Young
student is walking across the room his penis and
testicles swinging. He looks at young businessman
and pretends to notice for the first time the
erection under the sheets. He stops, looks at
young businessman, sits on edge of bed, pulls
sheet back and gazes at huge erection. He puts
his hand on it and strokes. Young businessman
looks distressed but says nothing. Young student
bends over and takes it in his mouth and slides
down to base. Young businessman thrusts. Soon
young businessman ejaculates. Young student lets
some semen escape for the benefit of the camera.
Now he has an erection. Young businessman
hesitantly then more confidently touches it and
strokes. Young student straddles and sits on his
chest. Young businessman hesitantly takes its
glans in his mouth. He really gets into it and
sucks him expertly to ejaculation. Young
businessman now has another erection. Young
student gets some petroleum jelly from his
knapsack and spreads it on young businessman's
hard penis and on his own ass. He gets on his
forearms and knees, his ass in the air and cheeks
spread. Young businessman, at young student's
instruction, gets behind and enters him fully. He
strokes back and forth for perhaps two minutes and
then comes.

Dennis stopped the tape and ejected the
videocassette. Both he and Oliver had erections.

"That's something I've never done or had done
to me," Dennis said. "I've always avoided it, but
I've been wanting you to fuck me in the ass. Will

Since seeing the video, Oliver had also been
wondering what it would be like to have Dennis in
his ass and replied, "Yeah, but only if you'll do
me afterwards."

Dennis hesitated. "Are you sure?"

"I want you every way possible, Dennis."

"Well, I think were going to need some
petroleum jelly. Is there any around here?"

"I think so." Oliver left the room and
returned a few moments later, jar in hand. Dennis
took it from him and spread a finger full thickly
on Oliver's erection. He gave the jar to Oliver
and got on forearms and knees as the guy in the
video had done. Oliver dipped his finger into the
jar and scooped up a gob of lubricant. He spread
Dennis cheeks wider exposes the puckered opening.
They'd hot tubbed before the video, holding their
genitals to the jets, and Dennis's anus was clean
and pink. On impulse, Oliver leaned over and
kissed it running his tongue tip inside the
opening. Dennis said, "Ohhh, yeah. Hurry,
Oliver." Oliver spread the petroleum jelly and
inserted some inside the opening with his
forefinger to the second knuckle.

Oliver moved close to Dennis's elevated butt
and guided the glans of his penis into the lightly
haired cleft. At the puckered opening, he
hesitated, then leaned forward, watching its
progress. His slick shaft met some resistance,
but the generous lubrication had served its
purpose well. He watched the tip enter, then the
entire glans. He hesitated, excited by the view
of his penis connected to Dennis's ass, and then
pushed watching it disappear from view.

Dennis was making sounds. "Ungh, ughh!
Yeahhh, that's it. Wait. No, don't wait. Ohhh,
Oliver, mmmmm, yeahhhhhh. All of it. Baby,

Finally, Oliver was fully inside Dennis. The
passage was tight and extremely warm, and Dennis
was alternately tightening and relaxing his
sphincter muscles. Oliver leaned forward and
place his cheek against Dennis's back and
encircled his waist with his arms, running his
hand down the lower belly and pubis to grasp his
stiff penis. He withdrew to his glans, the tight
sphincter squeezing his penis as he did so. As he
thrust forward, Dennis relaxed his sphincter
muscle. Soon they were rocking back and forth as
Oliver moved in and out. They were both
constantly murmuring.

"Ohhh, Dennis. What sweet ass. Yeahh,
darlin', I've got you."

"Oh, baby. Fuck me. Hsssss. Yeahh. Ummmm.
I love your cock in me. Soooo gooood."

Their activity continued for several minutes.
As his penis plumbed the depths of Dennis anal
passage, Oliver kissed his back and stroked his
penis and pubis. All too soon, Oliver felt his
approaching climax.

"Ahhhh, Dennis. I'm gonna come. Here it is.
Yeahhh. Oh, baby, now. Yes. I'm coming."

Dennis felt the force of the hot jets of
semen as they splashed against the walls of his
inner passage. "Yeahhh. Oh, Oliver, let me have
it. Yeahhhh. That's it, baby, keep it coming.
Ahhhh, I love it. I love you inside me, coming
inside me. I can feel your hot come splashing
against me inside. Ohhhh, baby, so good." He
tightened and relaxed his sphincter, milking the
last drops from Oliver. Oliver collapsed on his
back, and Dennis stretch out on his stomach,
Oliver still inside him and laying on his back.

After a few minutes, Oliver's penis had
softened and shrunk, and he rolled off onto his
back beside Dennis, who lay with his face toward
him, his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and
looked searchingly at Oliver's face, red from
exertion. After a minute or so Oliver opened his
eyes to encounter Dennis's look. Dennis's smile
held a mixture love, pleasure and pride at having
satisfied him.

After a few minutes Oliver reached for the
still open jar of petroleum jelly and began to
spread a thick coat on Dennis's still erect penis.
Silently he handed the jar to Dennis and assumed
position on forearms and knees which the had seen
on video and which had worked well for Dennis.
Dennis took it hesitantly and rubbed it into
Oliver's virginal cleft. Taking a larger than
necessary amount on his forefinger, he inserted it
into Oliver's anal sphincter. Oliver stiffened
and his sphincter gripped Dennis's forefinger

Moving behind him and guiding the glans of
his stiff penis to the pink opening, Dennis
hesitated again. "Oliver, are sure? I'm a little
larger than you, and your opening looks so small.
I don't want to hurt you."

"Please, Dennis. I want to."

Reluctantly, Dennis thrust forward. After a
moment of resistance, Oliver relaxed the muscle of
his sphincter and Dennis entered easily. Slowly
he pushed, inch by inch. The opening was
surprisingly accepting the invasion easily. When
he was fully inside Oliver, he stroked his back
and kept still. He withdrew slowly, the tight
muscle gripping and stroking his erection. When
he thrust forward, Oliver rocked back to meet his

Oliver had gasped slightly at the first
entry, but now he was murmuring constantly, "Ohhh,
Dennis, yes! All of it. I want all your cock in
me. Yesss! Oh, sweet cock. Fuck me. Yes,
yesss! Oh, baby, you're so hard and big. I love
it. Fuck me."

Dennis was now moving steadily in and out,
and Oliver was rocking rhythmically, meeting his
thrusts. Dennis moved his arms around Oliver's
waist and stroked his flat belly, pubis and penis,
leaning forward and kissing and stroking his back.
After several minutes, Dennis felt the approach of
orgasm and, rising to an erect position on his
knees with his hands on Oliver's ass, he moved
more rapidly in his in and out thrusts.

"Oh, baby, darlin', I'm coming. I'm coming.
Now! Here it is!" His penis moved and jerked,
fully buried in Oliver's ass. Oliver felt his
insides flooded with hot come and moved back
trying to get more of Dennis inside him. Dennis
felt that he was emptying himself. He'd never
come so copiously. His ejaculation continued for
perhaps twenty seconds and he could feel the
slickness as his penis moved easily, continuing to
stroke in an out.

Oliver collapsed on his stomach and Dennis
lay atop him, still buried inside. Oliver
tightened and relaxed the muscle of his opening to
stroke and milk Dennis's penis until it was
depleted, and Dennis reluctantly rolled off him.

As they recovered, they both discovered that
the other's semen was running out of the opening,
covering the inside of their clefts, inner thighs
and testicles with sticky slickness. Laughing and
attempting to hold their sphincter muscles tight,
they ran for the hot tub and jumped in and began
to wash one another with their fingers.

"That was wonderful," Dennis said.

"Yeah. I'm not sure which I liked best,
giving or receiving."

"Me, either. But I feel the same way about
sucking you and being sucked by you. You know,
though, as great as it is, I don't think we ought
to do it too often. I think there can be injury
and can cause that little muscle to become more
stretched than it ought."

"I wondered about that. Look, Dennis, I want
to keep on doing it, but why don't we treat it
like pecan pie. You know, too much of a good
thing can cause it to become ordinary. Let's let
it be our special treat."

"Sounds like a good idea. Agreed."


By the time the return of Oliver's mother
drew near, they each knew the other's body more
thoroughly and intimately than they did their own.
They began to talk about how they would be able to
arrange to keep on seeing each other regularly and
often enough for it to be bearable not to live

"Look, Dennis, I'm going to have to take a
foreign language next year. Why don't I get real
excited about it and start this summer and ask Mom
to get you to be my tutor."

"Good, except that I'm not going to summer

Oliver was numbed by the idea of being
separated for the summer. "What are you going to

"I'm not sure. I have a couple of job
feelers out now, both out of town."

"I'll bet Mom's company would take you on as
sort of summer intern. You know some stuff about
it and like it."

"That would be great!"

"If we can get it set up, maybe, uh, you
could live here." He began to be fearful that he
was being too possessive and that Dennis would be

Dennis heard the uncertainty in Oliver's
voice. He smiled and leaned toward him to kiss
him. "That would be absolutely wonderful,

"And, of course, I'm sure that she will let
you be my babysitter any time she's out."

"Baby, I'd sit on you any time you ask."
They both laughed. Oliver had told Dennis about
his reaction when he learned he was to have a
babysitter for two weeks, and the story and
variations of it had become a standing joke
between them.

"Maybe I could get her to let you come on
weekends or afternoons to 'coach' me in football."

"Yeah. That's good. And, look, it ought to
be normal that we'd develop sort of a big brother,
little brother relationship these two weeks."

"I don't know whether I like that 'little
brother' role, but if it will let us see each
other more often, okay."

"Well, you're certainly not 'little'. You
fit me just right. But look. We've got to be
careful, too. If your mother ever got the idea
that I'd corrupted a minor or that there was the
possibility that I might, that'd be all she

Oliver thought that over for a moment. That
could be a problem. "Well, it'll just have to be
case of hero worship. After all you are DeeDee
Ebersen!" He giggled at Dennis's blush.

"I don't know whether I like that 'hero'
role, but if it will let us see each other more
often, without arousing suspicion, okay."

* * *

And it had all worked out. Mrs. Rockford
("Please call me Sarah") had been delighted that
Oliver and Dennis had hit it off so well. She was
touched by the evident big brother protectiveness
and fondness that Dennis had for her son. She
hadn't realized who Dennis was either, but
recognized his nickname when Oliver told her and
knew that he had a legitimate state-wide 'hero'
status and condoned Oliver's obvious hero worship.
She was delighted by Oliver's eagerness to get a
jump on his foreign language requirements and
retained Dennis as his tutor on the spot. Her
company was developing some computer programs for
the teaching of languages and all but promised
Dennis that he was hired for the summer and, if he
wanted, on a part-time basis beginning
immediately, and not as an intern, but as a
legitimate fully compensated employee. The only
thing that gave any problem was Oliver's newly
developed passion to play football, but that
passed with time and she ultimately became an
ardent fan herself. Their guest room became known
as Dennis's room, he was so often there.

Meanwhile, Oliver's and Dennis's relationship
developed and flourished with time. Dennis
decided to double major in English Literature and
computer sciences. He was invaluable in develop-
ing the language teaching software, and the
company paid him generously for his consultation
whenever he was free. He did not make the AP All-
American team, but he made two others and was
second team AP. His senior year, however, he was
everybody's All-American and finished a very close
second in the Heismann Tropy voting. He signed a
pro football contract with the San Francisco
Forty-niners. He was a starter from the fifth
game of his first season and played well for eight
and a half years until he injured his knee and
decided to retire. During the off season, he
managed to get a Master's in computer science and
complete about half of his combined doctorate in
English Lit and computer sciences.

Dennis became fluent in Spanish, largely
through Dennis's tutelage and his natural talent
for language, good in Portuguese and Italian, and
passable in French.

He became an all-state flanker, and when
Stanford showed interest in offering him a
football scholarship, he pursued it brashly and
signed quickly because of the proximity it would
have San Francisco and Dennis as well as because
of the school's academic excellence.

Physically, he grew another three inches in
height and one inch, well, elsewhere. Because of
Dennis's influence and coaching, he developed a
truly superb athlete's body in which Dennis
delighted as Oliver delighted in his. Perhaps
"in" is the correct word in more ways than one.

Oliver began to think during his sophomore
year that he was going to have to tell his mother
about the relationship, but this became moot when
his mother was tragically killed in an airplane
crash on her way to speak at a computer
convention. He was devastated, and the $2,000,000
insurance policy, $500,000 in investments, and
$1,250,000 in damages from the air carrier did
little to dampen his grief. He had no family
other than some cousins that he hardly knew well
enough to attach name to face, and he leaned
heavily on Dennis for emotional support.

On the November Sunday afternoon after
Stanford had beaten Cal Berkeley for its seventh
win against two losses and Oliver had caught an
unbelievable seven passes for 160 yards to sew up
at least All Pac 10 honors, Dennis went down early
in the third quarter with torn ligaments in his
knee after having rushed for eighty-four yards
against the Philadelphia Eagles. Oliver was in
Candlestick Park when it happened, and he knew
immediately that it was the end of Dennis's
football career.

He was in Dennis's hospital room that night
when the doctors told him what kind of surgery
would be necessary. Dennis listened soberly for a
few minutes and finally closed his eyes in
resignation. A couple of tears trickled down his
cheek, but then he opened eyes and nodded

"Then, let's get on with it. The sooner the

"DeeDee, its bad. You may be able to
rehabilitate it to playing condition again, but
its iffy and it'll be tough," one of his
physician's told him.

"Well, Doc, I'm sure gonna try because
I can't stand the thought of not being a hundred
percent, but I won't be playing again. Eight and
half years is enough, and so I'll just finish my
Ph.D and get on with the rest of my life. Don't
tell anyone else, though. Let me talk to coach
and make the announcement myself."

He talked to the coach and manager of
personnel the day after the surgery was completed.
The operation had gone well, as well as anyone
could have wanted, but it was a disabling injury
and long bouts of rehabilitation would be

The coach was solemn but agreed with the
decision. He'd spent almost two years making a
vain attempt at a comeback after a similar injury
and wished he'd had as much sense as Dennis.

"We'll call a press conference here . . .
when? Tomorrow, if Doc says okay. We're gonna
miss you, Dennis. You weren't the fastest, you
didn't have the most muscle or the best moves, you
weren't the best receiver or the best blocker.
But I'm damned if I ever coached a tailback who
did as many things as excellently as you, and
you're the smartest and the best leader I've ever

Heady words from the guy who had coached two
Super Bowl champions, including last year's, and
who many considered the best since Lombardi.

Dennis's voice was hoarse. "Thanks, Buddy."

Oliver was standing on the other side of the
hospital bed. Many of Dennis's teammates had come
to know him well, including the coach, and Oliver
and Dennis suspected that many of them suspected
their relationship.

The coach looked across at him and nodded.
"Saw your game on replays last night. A hell of
day. A lot of the guys in the pros believe that
you'll go in the first two rounds. You inter-

Oliver decided as he spoke. Glancing down at
Dennis, he replied, "Don't think so. I think I'd
like to get on with rest of my life, too."

After they had left and the nurse had closed
the door behind visitors and medical attendants,
Oliver looked down at Dennis. "Hello, the rest of
my life."

"Hello, the rest of my life!" Dennis smiled
back at him.

Dennis was truly surprised at the crowd at
the press conference the next afternoon. A score
of reporters and sports columnists and cameras
from all the major networks and local TV stations.

"I couldn't have had a better eight and half
years with a greater bunch of teammates and the
best coaching staff in the business. The game's
been good to me, and I've enjoyed every minute.
But whatever I could do to comeback, I wouldn't be
the same player. I know that. My teammates and
the Forty-niner organization and fans deserve
better than that. Thanks to all of you. You've
treated me well, better than I deserved. God
bless you all, and GO 'NINERS!"

He was even more surprised at the letters,
calls and telegrams. Thousands, telling him
things like he was the heart of the team, like he
was their favorite player, like the Forty-niners
ought to retire his jersey, like he was a cinch
for the Hall of Fame.

He smiled and shook his head as the manager
of player personnel and the coach told him.
"Bless their hearts!" he said. "I don't know
where they got those ideas, but bless their hearts

The coach looked closely at him and shook his
own head. "You really don't know, do you? This
really isn't an act. You're just as humble as you
act. Maybe that's your secret, you never got full
of yourself. Its all true, Denny! We are re-
tiring your jersey. You are a cinch for the Hall
of Fame! Gee, don't you have any idea. We've had
people just standing in the parking lot this
afternoon, crying, carrying signs. Geez, you've
never known, have you?"

Dennis was nearly speechless. "I never led
the league in rushing. I made All Pro four times,
but twice by default. Oh, I feel that I've paid
my way, but I haven't been any kind of Simpson, or
Payton, or Dorsett."

"No, you haven't. But for the last four
years, your combined stats on yards gained, passes
caught, touchdowns scored, and blocks made have
made you the best all around tailback in football.
And those two years you defaulted into All-Pro and
played in the Pro Bowl you were consensus MVP."

After they'd all left, Dennis asked Oliver,
"Did you know?"

Oliver nodded, smiling.

"Why the hell didn't you ever tell me?"

"I did, but you just thought it was because
I love you and didn't believe me. I knew you
didn't know, but part of who you are is not
knowing thinks like that. That's part of what
makes you, you."

By the time Dennis got out of the hospital,
it was Christmas holidays. Stanford had barely
missed the Rose Bowl to UW and had somehow gotten
shuffled out of all the other major bowls.
Although he didn't tell anyone his feelings, it
was just as well as far as Oliver was concerned.
He wanted to be with Dennis.

They drove to Dennis's house in the hills
across the Golden Gate. Football had, indeed,
been good to Dennis. For the last three years,
Dennis had earned between a million and million
and a half year from the Forty-niners and three
times that from endorsements. He and Oliver had
the same investment manager, and while Oliver's
inheritance had grown to about six and half
million, Dennis's net worth now exceeded fifteen
million. One of his indulgences had been the
truly marvelous house in the hills. Over eight
thousand square feet and very pleasingly
furnished, it had four bedrooms and six baths, a
thirty by forty greatroom with window wall
overlooking the Bay, a great kitchen, a workout
room olympic sized pool, cabana and, of course,
the ubiquitous hot tub. His investment manager
had found it in a foreclosure transaction, and the
chanciness of the prior owner's redeeming had paid
off when no action was taken and he acquired clear
title after a year. He'd paid 1.8 million two
years ago and he'd recently turned down a three
million dollar offer.

One of its attractions had been that the
master bedroom could be entered only through the
anteroom-study. That way none knew--only his
part-time household help--that he and Oliver
shared that room. As large as the greatroom and
sharing the same view, it housed two queen-sized
beds and two walk-in closets (one for Dennis and
one for Oliver) and a large bathtub with a dual
showers and a sunken jacuzzi.

The first few days back in the house, Oliver
insisted on doing everything for Dennis although
he could move around pretty well on the short
crutches they'd taught him to use in rehab. But
Oliver liked it and, for that matter, so did
Dennis. Oliver had even taken a couple of days of
instruction at the hospital in caring for chair
bound patients.

Every morning he helped Dennis with his most
basic of needs, brought a tub of hot water and
bathed him, dried him and helped into fresh
sleeping gear--an oversized tee shirt and nothing
else. On the third morning at home, as Oliver was
bathing him, Dennis was on his stomach, the light
cast encasing his left leg from mid thigh to
ankle. Oliver had slowly used a lightly soaped
washcloth on his back and washed his cleft
thoroughly and was now rubbing lotion into his
skin. As Oliver's fingers plumbed his cleft and
brushed his anus, Dennis sighed, "Mmmmm. Baby, do
you think it would be alright?"

"No way. You couldn't get on your knees, and
you might move the wrong way and pull some
stitches or something."

"I know your right, but its just that I'm
getting sort of horny, aren't you?"

"I can handle." He lightly slapped Dennis's
muscular, still slight protuberant rounded butt
and followed it with a kiss.

"Okay," he said as he partially lifted and
partly rolled Dennis, "we need to get you to your

The attention of professional trainers had
improved Dennis's physique. He'd added almost
twenty pounds--up, now, to 200--without any loss
of proportion. His stomach muscles were more
prominent than they'd been in college and his
thighs slightly larger. Oliver gazed at the
beautiful body of his lover as he lay on his back.
He washed his chest, stomach, reachable flesh of
his legs and feet, and, last, his genitals.

"Oliver, take off your clothes, too, huh?"

Like Dennis, Oliver usually wore only an
oversized tee shirt, if that, to sleep in. He
pulled it over his head and tossed it to the other
queen sized bed. Dennis openly appraised him with
approval. If Dennis had put on twenty pounds,
Oliver had put on thirty, probably up, now to
between 190 and 195. And it was all muscle. His
musculature was, perhaps, slightly more defined
than Dennis's, but his waist was still a slender
thirty-three inches, while his chest was forty-
one. Like Dennis, he had a high, slightly
protuberant, rounded ass. But it was his genitals
that changed most. His growth of pubic hair was
probably a little heavier than Dennis's, but its
blondness made it appear lighter. His penis was
now at least as large as Dennis's and was still
perfectly shaped.

As Oliver slowly and lovingly washed and
dried his genitals, Dennis's penis began to
lengthen and swell. Oliver sat on the edge of the
bed and slowly stroked it watching it become erect
and hard. He moved the pan of water and other
bathing paraphernalia out of the way to the coffee
table in front of the couch across the room and
returned to his place to resume the stroking. It
had, after all been almost a month. He lowered
his mouth to Dennis's erection and covered the
glans with his lips and slowly slid them down to
the base, a familiar but no less enjoyed joinder.
He began to move his mouth and tongue lovingly up
and down Dennis's gleaming shaft, as Dennis combed
his hair with his fingers and held his held

"Oh, Oliver, baby, sweet lips, I love you.
Nothing could be better than this." He thrust
gently back and forth, counter point to Oliver's
oral strokes.

"Mmmmmm. Mmmm." Oliver responded, stroking
his pubis and testicles. With his tongue, he felt
Dennis harden and the ridge on the underside of
his penis throb insistently. When Dennis pumped
forceful jets of come into his mouth, he savored
the taste before swallowing it and sucking the
last drop from him. He continued to suck long
after it had become soft and finally, almost
reluctantly, let it slip from his lips with soft,
smacking suction sound.

"Great, sweetheart," said Dennis, "but I've
got to figure out a way to get to you, too. I've
got to have it in me."

"Shhh!" Dennis said, standing, his own cock
large and hard. "I've got it covered." He put
another pillow under Dennis's head and, crawling
onto the bed on his knees, threw his right leg
over Dennis's chest and half kneeling on the bed,
half sitting on Dennis's chest, presented his
erection to within a couple inches of Dennis

Dennis placed his hands on Oliver's butt and
pulled him toward his open mouth, at the same time
lifting his head slightly from the stacked
pillows, with a small shuddering sigh of satis-
faction, he engulfed the length of Oliver's hard
penis. It was a new experience and, partly
because of that, freshly erotic. Oliver place his
hands behind Dennis's head and lifted and lowered
it in opposing rhythm to his thrusts as he lifted
himself from Dennis's chest and sank back. Dennis
had cupped the round, firm cheeks of his buttocks
in his hands and pulled and stroked in time with
Oliver's movements, his fingers playing lightly in
the crevice between. As Oliver's breathing became
more labored and his movements became more
headlong, Dennis felt the ridged tube on the
underside of Oliver's penis harden and throb
insistently. Gently, he inserted his forefinger
into Oliver's anus and pushed passed his second
knuckle, moving it back and forth. Oliver
tightened the muscle of his sphincter around the
stroking finger spasmodically and began to pour a
spurting jets hot come into Dennis's sucking
mouth. Dennis swallowed the gift greedily,
groaning in satisfaction and fulfillment.

Afterward they lay side by side holding hands
in a peaceful torpor.

"Oliver, we're very fortunate. Can you
believe that we've been together now for over nine
years, and yet we've not wearied of one another?
At least, to me your still as fresh and unspoilt
as that first Sunday morning."

"Dennis, my only love, I told you that
afternoon that I loved you and that I'd never
leave you unless you sent me away. I meant it
then, although I was only fourteen, and I mean it
tenfold now."

"Boy! Could anyone be luckier than me."

"Just me!" Oliver rolled toward Dennis in
his accustomed fashion and kissed him sweetly and
gently, stroking his body from chest to thighs.

"Well, sweetbuns, you graduate in five months
and I have got a graduation gift actually, two,
but I'm going to give you one now and save the
other for later. Go get my L. L. Bean briefcase
from the study will you?" Full of curiosity,
Oliver left the room and returned in seconds.
Dennis was always breathless when he watched him
move nakedly in beautiful, unconscious grace. He
took the canvass case from Oliver, removed a
cardboard tube with a red ribbon tied around it,
and handed to Oliver. Oliver took it and
curiously shook a fancy rolled scroll from it.

"What is it? . . . Dennis! My God! Its a
deed to half interest in your house. What can
I say? It's too much!"

"No, its not. Mom and Dad are well provided
for and they have no needs. Not that you do,
either, you money bags. But you should have it.
You're my lover, my physical mate, my soul's mate.
Its an affirmation and a symbol. I'd thought
about it a lot, and then when I knew I was going
to have surgery, I called my lawyer and did this."

Oliver, his eyes brimming with love, stroked
Dennis's cheek with the back of knuckles, too full
of emotion to voice anything.

"And I've executed a durable power of
attorney in your favor. I exectuted a new will,
too. A quarter to Mom and Dad and the remainder,
including my interest in this house, to you.
I told my lawyer, our lawyer, about us so that he
could make everything airtight."

Tears were now rolling down Oliver's cheeks.
He tried to speak and choked, but kept on trying
until he succeeded. "Dennis, after Mom died,
death was a lot on my mind, and I went to him,
too, and made a will leaving everything to you.
He suggested a power of attorney, and I did that,
too, but hadn't told you because I wasn't sure how
you'd feel. I-I'd already told him about us."

Dennis burst out laughing. "That dissembling
shyster! He didn't let on at all!"

"Dennis, didn't you know about Adam? He's
been with a guy for over ten years now."

"He has!? Who?"

"George Stewart, one of his partners."

"Well, I'll be damned! There's another
thing. You remember when Mom and Dad came out
before the surgery and I sent you to a movie?"

"Yeah, I do." Oliver had thought that he
wanted to hide the shameful relationship from his
parents and didn't trust him to carry it through.

"Well. I told them. Everything. About me.
About us. And about what I'd done. It was just
something I needed to do. Sorry I didn't talk to
you first, but I was going to do it anyhow. They
had a right to know."

Oliver was breathless, stunned, but also
feeling a rush of thrilled pleasure.

"You know, lover, funny thing. They'd
already figured it out three or four years ago,
and neither of them had said anything to the other
about it until about a year ago. I think Dad took
it hard at first until he'd lived with the
knowledge for awhile. Maybe Mom, too, but she'd
come to terms much earlier than Dad. It's okay.
They accept it. They think a lot of you, you
know. I think their disappointed about
grandchildren, though. But, hell, they've got my
sister's three.

"Anyway, all of this is by way saying that,
while I still don't want to flaunt it or make any
public announcements or anything, I don't want us
to skulk around either about what we are to each

Oliver sat quietly, looking at him in loving
tenderness, quiet streams of wetness rolling down
his cheeks and dropping onto his thighs from the
sharp bone of his jaw. After a moment he came
over and knelt by the bed and kissed Dennis long
and deeply.

"I'm glad," he whispered, "you're going to
have to teach me and help me to be brave, but I'm
awfully glad."

During the following weeks and months, Oliver
would return to the house in the hills every
Friday afternoon immediately after his last class
and return to Stanford on Monday's in time to make
his eleven o'clock class. His weekends were
completely taken up with studying, Dennis's
physical rehab and loving Dennis. It worked out
well because Dennis had resumed work on his
doctoral thesis. In January, Oliver was named an
Academic All-American with the highest GPA of any
other nominee and the only Phi Beta Kappa. He was
also named All Pac 10 and second or third team on
all the major All-America teams. Some of the pro
football feelers were extremely attractive, but he
remained adamant in his decision not to pursue
that path.

(Part 5)
By Pen Nomen

On Saturdays, they drove into San Francisco
to Dennis's orthopedic surgeon's rehab clinic in
order to freshen his exercise program. His
progress had been remarkable, but he was
determined that he would reach the level of
nondifferentiation between his sound knee and the
one that had been repaired. Oliver was his coach,
co-worker and cheerleader in his program.

On a particular Saturday afternoon they were
in the downtown rehab facility diligently working
out with a group of other patients when Oliver's
eyes were taken with a young high school athlete
who was working just a diligently on the last
stages of rehabilitating a torn achilles tendon.
He was about seventeen and had the rare, clear
skin of a blue-eyed brunette and was built along
lean racing lines. Oliver could not fail to
notice the bulge of his genitals beneath the mid
calf tights and his high, round buttocks, almost
as clearly defined as if he had been naked.
Despite himself he aware of his own genitals

Dennis, too, had noticed and was silent on
the drive back to the house in the hills. When
they were almost there, he spoke of it to Oliver.
"Oliver, I couldn't help notice your fascination
with the young guy at rehab. Good looking kid.
But we might as well get it on top of the table.
What was going through your mind?"

Oliver blushed. He hadn't realized that he
had been so obvious, but his and Dennis's long
habits of candor were too deeply ingrained to be
ignored, and, in fact, it never occurred to him
dissemble. "Yeah. I still can't figure it. I've
never even looked at another guy besides you and
thought about sex. It was a first. I don't know
what it was. Youth. Freshness. But, Dennis,
I never would. Maybe I'd fantasize in sort of
passing way, but that's all. You're the one I'm
in love with and always will be."

Dennis smiled at him tenderly and placed his
hand on Oliver's shoulder. "I know it, lover.
I trust you in that. But I've been thinking on
the drive out that maybe it would be okay. Maybe
even good for us if we added some variety. Only
thing is that if we ever should I'd want it to be
a menage a trois. Whatever I do, you do.
Whatever you do, I do. That way we keep it open.
I don't know, maybe its dangerous. Maybe it'd
screw us up. Do you think you could handle?"

"Gee, Dennis. I don't know about this. You
know that I've never had sex with anyone else.
I don't even think I want to. Today is the first
time the thought ever entered in mind, and it
wouldn't be honest to say I wasn't curious. But
I wouldn't want anything or anyone to spoil what
we have."

"Me, either. Tell you what. Let's think
about it and talk some more tomorrow about it
after we've both had a chance to turn it over in
our minds."

They were both less talkative than usual the
rest of the day and, by unspoken agreement, didn't
have sex that night. The next day, Dennis brought
the subject up again. Oliver had evidently been
giving the idea some thought.

"Dennis, let me ask you. You seem sort of
interested in this. Are you tired of me? Do you
want some variety?"

"Oliver, I won't be tired of you until they
put me under. I don't want you ever to have any
doubts about that. What about you?"

"Never! You're all I ever want."

"Good, let's not dwell on that then except to
agree that if either of us ever questions that
again we'll not let the sun set on any doubts and
we'll always be completely honest with one

"Okay. Good. Well, I don't know what it is
.. . . I just . . . Oh, I don't know what I'm
trying to say."

"Let me try. You know, Oliver, I had affairs
with four others before you. I've had some
variety of sexual experience, never anything we
haven't done . . . not as much. But different
partners. You've never had that, and, in a way,
its not fair to you. You have some curiosity
that's entirely natural. Also, there is a school
of thought I don't know how valid that says that
some experiences with others makes permanent mates
more appreciative of each other."

"What do you think, Dennis?"

"Hell, I won't say I haven't wondered or had
the thought skip passed my mind. But I want you
know that I honestly can go either way on this on
the condition that if we try anything or anyone
different, we do it together."

"Dennis, what about AIDS?"

"Good point. If we tried it, it couldn't be
anything casual with some we didn't know and were
99 and 44/100ths sure was HIV free. That'd sure
take some detective work and judgment."

"What about other sexually transmitted

"Same thing."

"Dennis, how would you feel seeing me suck
some other guy's cock or him suck me or to see us
fucking each other?"

Dennis was silent for several moments.
"I don't know. It might be difficult, but I guess
only if I felt insecure in our relationship or
thought it damage it. How would you feel?"

"Same way. Same uncertainties."

"Look, then, Oliver. Let's leave it alone.
I wouldn't ever want either us to go 'cruising'.
But if you ever have the urge and feel the need to
follow it through, let me know, and I'll do the
same. Agreed?"


On subsequent Saturdays at the Rehab Center,
they both took note of the youg man. His name was
Paul Pavelovich. He was a tennis player,
apparently of great promise. Dennis felt a little
ashamed that he snuck into the office during a
break one day to look at his medical records.
Tested less than six weeks ago and HIV negative
and no syphillis, gonorrhea or herpes. He
concluded later that his going so far as to check
Paul's records confirmed a course of action he'd
already decided upon.

That night at dinner, Dennis told Oliver.
"I've been watching Paul Pavelovich, Oliver. I'd
like us to give it a try."

Oliver sat silent for moment, dread and
excitement battling in his eyes. As he examined
Dennis's eyes for signs of doubt and found none,
excitement carried the day. "Okay."

"Question, of course, is how. Neither of us
want to seduce the kid. If he's going to go for
it, its got to be his choice."

"Yeah. I wouldn't want to make his choices
for him."

"Well," sighed Dennis, "what say we just see
if we can get to know him and see what happens
from there."

The next Saturday, they both made it point to
exchange pleasantries with Paul, and during break,
he and Oliver chatted briefly.

Several minutes into their chat, he asked,
"Look, isn't your friend DeeDee Ebersen?"

"Yeah, but he doesn't like 'DeeDee'."

"Do you play pro football, too?"

"No. I'm still in college. Graduate this

"Well, you look like an athlete. Are you?"

"Well, yeah. I play football at Stanford."

"Oh, gosh. Who are you?"

Oliver chuckled. "Why, I'm Oliver Rockford."

"It figures. All-American. Another famous
guy. You signing with the Forty-niners?"

"Second team. Not famous. And no. I'm not
gonna try pro football."

"Why? The papers say you'd be a high draft

Oliver looked across the room at Dennis.
"Because," he said softly, "I've got get on with
the rest of my life."

"Well, then, how did you get know DeeDee, uh,

"I grew up in the same town where he went to
college and he's been babysitting me since I was
fourteen. He taught me how to play football.
He's my best friend."

"Is that why you came to Stanford?"

Oliver looked again Dennis doing leg lifts
with heavy weights to give his knees a balance
workout. He thought his heart would melt. He'd
never loved Dennis more than at that moment.
"Yeah. Its a great school, and I love it. I was
lucky to get in. But, yeah, I came because of

After rehab workouts were finished, Oliver
introduced Paul to Dennis. Dennis gave him his
usual open and unpretentious friendliness. When
an a older lady came to pick up Paul, Paul
introduced them to her. She was his aunt, and he
lived with her. She was well acquainted with the
reputations of both young men and the reports of
their sterling characters and the work they did
with youth through the YMCA and Big Brothers. As
Paul went to speak to the rehab director, Dennis
raised his eyebrows. "Where are his parents?"

"His mother, my younger sister, died of an
aneurism when his little sister was born. Her
husband killed himself three weeks later. They're
dear children, but Paul needs a father or some man
in his life." It was clear that she loved Paul
and presumably his sister as well, but she was
clearly overwhelmed by her attempts at parenthood.

"Oliver and I would be happy to help. Maybe
he could spend some time with us."

She was delighted. Her eyes sparkled with
gratitude. "Oh, Mr. Ebersen that would be
wonderful. But I wouldn't want to impose on you."

"Dennis. No trouble. You know I've retired
from football and I'm taking some time to
recuperate before I get back in the full swing of
my doctoral program. Oliver's at Stanford during
the week, but he comes down on weekends and
graduates this June. Paul could spend the rest of
weekend at our place." She apparently didn't hear
the "our place" or, if she did, she attached no
special significance to it.

Paul was returning. "Paul! Mr. Ebersen . . .
Dennis and Oliver have invited you to spend the
rest of the weekend at their place. Would you
like to?"

"Would I ever?" He was clearly excited.

"Oh, but he'll need some things from home!"
The thought had just occurred to her.

"Nah," said Oliver, "we won't be going
anywhere and some of our stuff will fit. We've
got everything he'll need."

Paul was excited on the drive to the house in
the hills and talked nonstop on the drive out. As
they drove up to the house, he was silenced as he
took it all in. Oliver showed him his room, just
down the hall from theirs.

"We usually swim and soak in the hot tub
after we get back on Saturdays. Want to join us?"

"Sure . . . But, wait! I don't have a swim a

"We don't usually use them, but I can
probably scare one up if you'd like."

"Uh. No. That's okay. You, uh, mean we
just swim in our birthday suits?"

Oliver chuckled. "Yeah. But look, I can
find you a suit if you like."

"No. That's fine. When are going."

"Dennis and I are going now. You just come
on out whenever you're ready."

When Paul came to the pool a few minutes
later, he had on his sweat pants and a tee shirt.
Dennis and Oliver were finishing laps and Paul sat
in a chair on the side of the pool and watched
them swim side by side in familiar unison. One
length in a crawl and the next in a back stroke.
Their beautifully built bodies were clearly
visible through the crystal water of the pool.
Paul watched as their back muscles rippled beneath
the clear water on their crawl lap, their naked,
round butts bunching and flexing. But he almost
gasped on their back stroke lengths as their
penises moved randomly with the current created by
their movement. Their stomach muscles stretched
and flexed with each stroke. The contrast of
Dennis's dark pubic hair with the blond thatch of
Oliver was somehow perfect. They finished their
laps and began what appeared to be a ritual of tag
and dunking one another.

Oliver glanced at Dennis and smiled,
remembering. "Hey, Paul, you gonna swim or what?"

Paul stood and turned his back to remove his
sweats and tee shirt, and then turned back dived
in one move. Dennis and Oliver splashed him, and
somehow, without seeming to pick on him, soon had
involved in the game of tag of dunking. The
roughhousing continued until they were all a
little a winded, and Dennis pulled himself out of
the pool and sat on the edge watching Oliver and
Paul continue to roughhouse for a few minutes. As
Oliver climbed from the pool, he called to Paul,
"We're getting in the hot tub. Come on over when
you're ready."

They were sitting in the hot tub, only their
heads out of the water, as Paul walked over a few
minutes later. His lean body was hard and
attractive. He had light growth of chest hair and
full growth of a coal black pubic hair. His penis
appeared to be at full maturity. About six inches
long and circumcised, it was straight and
perfectly proportioned with a purplish pink glans.
As he approached, it swayed with his movements.

Dennis murmured to Oliver, "Does this seem
like deja vu?"

"Yeah," Oliver answered watching the boy's

After they'd spent half an hour in the hot
tub, Dennis said, "Think I'll nap for and hour or
so. I've got some New York strips marinading in
the kitchen. Should be about room temperature in
an hour. We'll grill those and maybe watch a
movie afterwards, huh?"

"I'm gonna nap a little while, too. Make
yourself at home, Paul, and look around. Or you
can nap, too, if you'd like."

"Thanks. I might or maybe I'll just look
around, if that's okay."

"Mi casa, su casa," Dennis said.

Dennis and Oliver retired to their bedroom
without drawing the blinds to the large plate
glass sliding door. As Paul wandered about the
grounds he walked past the french doors into the
master bedroom and there saw Dennis and Oliver
asleep together on one of the queensized beds,
naked, their arms wrapped around one another.
Paul was struck by the beauty of their entertwined
bodies and excited as well.

Later Dennis grilled three large New York
strips as Oliver prepared a classic Caesar salad.
Paul was given the responsibility of preparing the
buttered french bread they'd picked up in in the
city after rehab. It was a delicious meal. Paul
kept glancing at Dennis and Oliver during the
night. Earlier, after seeing them asleep together
in naked abandon this afternoon, he'd been sure
that they must be sexual lovers, but now he could
not be sure. He'd never seen two more manly men,
and their demeanor toward one another was the easy
camraderie of long friendship into which they
comfortably and without condescension admitted

The next day after a late awakening followed
by a long swim, sunbath and hot-tub soak, they
drove Paul back into town. They invited him back
the following weekend and he readily accepted.

During the week Paul had recurring visions of
Dennis's and Oliver's naked bodies, sometimes
alone, sometimes together swimming or in the hot
tub, but most frequently as they slept naked,
their limbs intertwined, their flesh mingling
together. As the visions kept recurring, Paul
found to his chagrin that he began to develop
erections, and one night he even had a wet dream
as he dreamt of things he'd hardly imagined

The next weekend, they left the rehab shortly
before noon. Dennis and Paul were both discharged
from further organized rehab sessions, their
doctor deeming them to be fully recovered.

"Well, that's great," Dennis said on the
drive back, "but I still feel that I have ways to
go before I'm a hundred percent." He looked down
at his bare leg at the long clean scar on the
inside of his knee, now fading to a faint white.
"I'm going to keep on as if I'm only half

Oliver smiled at him as if he'd known his
reaction. "We'll go about it any way you want,

"Well, I feel that way, too," Paul said.
"I'll have a tennis scholarship to Stanford, but
I don't care about hobbling through four years.
I'm going to be the number one ranked player in
the NCAA before I finish."

"Good for you, Paul. What say you make this
your regular Saturday rehab. I've got a pretty
facility in the cabana, and we'll get some more
equipment for rehabilitation of your Achilles
tendon if we don't have what's needed."

"Gee, Dennis, that'd be great. You sure you
don't mind? Oliver?"

"No, Paul we'd love your company. I've
learned a pretty good bit about physical training
and rehab as result of Dennis's injury. What say
I be trainer to you guys.

That afternoon they went to a neighbor's
place and borrowed three rather well broken in
horses and rode for a couple hours. Paul had only
ridden at summer camp a few time and he felt
exhilerated to cantor with Oliver and Dennis
across the rolling hills and valleys.

Back at the house in the hills they swam
again for an hour or two, still without swim
suits, and soaked for half an hour in the hot tub.
Paul's fantasies of their naked bodies during the
preceding week had so whetted his imagination that
he had an extremely difficult time in not gawking
at them. As it was, he drank in the details of
their bodies. He thought he'd never seen such
physical beauty, not even Michelangelo's David was
more beautiful, he thought.

He would have been surprised to learn he
himself was the object of careful if apparently
casual examination. Paul, at nearly eighteen, was
physically mature but boyishly fresh in his lean
good looks. The clear-skinned brunette beauty of
his body and his slightly slavic cheekbones,
Dennis and Oliver assumed to be a product of his
Russian heritage. While he had the musculature
for powerful ground strokes, his lean, whippet
body made it clear that quickness and agility were
the principal strengths of his tennis game. His
circumcised penis was as large theirs and somehow
had a virginal look to it, its skin as clear and
unblemished as the rest of his body and its shape
straight and undistorted by curves, crooks or
hooks. The glans was a purplish pink and full and
rounded without being bulbous.

After the hot tub, Dennis and Oliver again
pleaded the need for an afternoon nap with dinner
at eight.

"I've got a pretty library of videocasettes,
if you get bored. Your welcome to watch anything
you want."

"Thanks, I'll probably just walk around a
bit. Mind if I try out your gym in the cabana."

"No, by all means, do. We'll all have a
workout tomorrow."

As Oliver and Dennis let themselves in the
french doors to the master bedroom, Paul ambled
toward the cabana. After he'd gotten there,
however, he remembered his view of them sleeping
the previous Saturday and decided to wait a few
minutes and casually amble by the glass doors to
their bedroom.

Oliver and Dennis did not immediately go
sleep that afternoon, however. When Paul passed
the uncovered french doors, he was stunned by what
he saw. Naked in Dennis's bed, they were making
love to one another, sucking each other's penises.
Paul was unable to turn away. Concealing himself,
he watched with avid attention. What large
beautiful cocks they both had. It amazed him that
Dennis could take Oliver's entire length into his
mouth. Oliver's hands stroking Dennis's head as
Dennis sucked expertly and the loving words and
looks he bestowed upon Dennis were somehow
appropriately beautiful and erotic. When Oliver
came, he could see come trickle from between
Dennis lips and the wet, gleaming shaft as Dennis
swallowed, stroking Oliver's stomach, hips and
pubis. He continued to suck after Oliver had
finished coming and licked the traces of semen
from Oliver's testicles and pubic hair.

Afterward they had kissed passionately and
deeply, and Oliver had worked his mouth and tongue
down Dennis's body to his beautiful, throbbing
erection and sucked him to climax in the same
loving and passionate manner.

Somehow those things he'd always been taught
to hate and avoid seemed fitting and right, and he
realized that he'd developed a huge erection. He
stroked it, but found it unsatisfying and left his
place of concealment to run along the paths that
surrounded the grounds of the house in the hills,
seeking release in physical activity.

Dennis asked Oliver, "Was he watching the
whole time?"


"Could you tell . . . ?"

"He watched the whole time. I think he got
an erection."

"Well, I guess we'll see what happens at
dinner . . ."

At dinner that night, Paul was quiet and
occasionally looked a Dennis and Oliver with
curiosity. Dennis was talking about his
experiences as an English major in college and his
personal favorites among twentieth century

"Faulkner, of course, and Hemingway, too,
although their styles were very different. Thomas
Wolfe's trilogy is hard to beat, I think. Willa
Cather, Eudora Welty, Peter Taylor. But of all
them, I think I like E. M. Forster the best."

"I like Forster, too," Oliver said.

"I've never read anything by him, " Dennis
said, "but haven't there been some movies from his

"Yeah. We've got them all Passage to India, A
Room with a View, Maurice. Have you seen them?"

"A Passage to India and A Room with a View, but
I haven't seen that other one, what . . . Maurice?"


"Could we watch it?"

"If you'd like. It's different from his
other novels. Its kind of autobiographical. You
see, Forster was a homosexual and, for a large
part of his life, he repressed it. Some people,
even Forster fans, don't like it and didn't like
the movie."

Paul blushed and was unable to look at Dennis
and Oliver, but he nevertheless said, "I'd like to
see it."

There was a 35" inch TV set, and Oliver
inserted the cassette into the VCR. He and Dennis
sat next to each other on the couch and Paul sat
on the floor leaning against the chair next to
them. He found the movie beautiful and touching
as Maurice came to terms reluctantly but
ultimately triumphantly with his homosexuality.
He noticed that as the movie progressed, Dennis
and Oliver were holding hands. Unbidden, his
penis stirred at the scenes of Rupert Grave's
nudity and his swaying penis and rounded ass.

As the movie ended, he started to rise but
noticed that Dennis and Oliver kept their seats
through the credits, and he resumed his seat.
After the credits had concluded, their
appeared a title "Outtakes from Maurice", followed
by the written notation that the stars of the film
had admitted openly to their homosexuality or
bisexuality, and that the following scenes were
some of those cut from the commercial film, but
with the actors' permission were being made
available on a limited circulation basis.

The first outtake was of Maurice in his room
at night, unable to sleep, and being observed by
Edmund Scudder, played by the beautiful and
talented young actor, Rupert Graves. Scudder
enters Maurice's room through the open window and,
as in the edited film, embraces Maurice and opens
his pajama top. But the outtake doesn't end
there. They kiss deeply, and Maurice, with
fumbling fingers, helps Scudder disrobe. Scudder
removes the remainder of Maurice's nightclothes,
and naked they embrace. Scudder lowers his head
and takes Maurice's penis into his mouth, and as
it becomes large and erect, moves his mouth up and
down its length. Before orgasm, Maurice removes
himself from Scudder's sucking mouth and turns and
begins to suck Scudder. In this scene, he sucks
Scudder to a shuddering climax. Afterwards,
Maurice positions himself behind Scudder's
kneeling form and has intercourse with him in the

Oliver stopped the VCR at that point.

"There's more, Paul, but perhaps we need to
explain something to you before we go any

Paul felt disoriented. He had a noticeable
erection and his eyes were slightly glazed as he
brought attention to what Oliver was telling him.

"Dennis and I have never gone public and
won't, but some friends know and we've decided not
to make a big point of hiding it any longer.
Paul, Dennis and I are lovers. Gay. We've been
lovers since I was almost fifteen and Dennis was
twenty. I hope that won't keep us from being
friends, but if it does, we understand."

"No! Gee, no. You guys are the neatest guys
I've ever known. And, uh, I think maybe I already
had it figured, but I, uh, well . . , th-this
afternoon, I, uh, saw y'all in your b-bedroom."
He was blushing furiously.

"Paul," said Dennis, with pretended severity,
"you were spying?"

"I-I, uh, I didn't mean to. B-but when I saw
I couldn't st-stop!"

Dennis and Oliver laughed understandingly.
Oliver reassured him, "That's okay, Paul. Don't
worry. I hope you weren't offended. We should
have pulled the drapes, but up here, as isolated
as we are, we forget to."

"Thanks for not being angry, and I wasn't
offended--not at all. But that's not the only
thing. Since last weekend when we swam naked and
got in the hot tub together and all, I've been
having these fantasies about, about y-you two.
And since th-this afternoon, uh, I haven't been
able to get it out of mind."

"That's not all that unusual, Paul. It
doesn't mean anything one way or the other.
I know most young guys your age have all kinds of
sexual fantasies. Oliver and I wouldn't want you
to make any choices about your orientation because
of anything we did or thought. Those your own

Oliver thought all this was much too negative
and, if anything, was pushing Paul away. "That's
right. Of course, Dennis and I both think your a
real good looking, sharp guy, but we have no
intention of trying to seduce you." Dennis smiled
at Oliver, seeing his direction clearly.

Paul was taken aback. "Y-you mean that you,
uh, want to, uh . . . would b-be willing to, uh,
have m-me, uh, with you?" he was blushing
furiously over his awkwardness.

Dennis looked at Oliver, smiling, and
shrugged at him. Facing Paul, Dennis and Oliver
looked at him seriously and slowly nodded.

Paul paled and the blushed. "I-I'd like
that, b-but I d-don't . . . I mean, I've n-never .
. . I d-don't know what to do."

"Well," said Dennis, "for starters we'll just
all strip down to our skivvies. Then you don't do
anything but what you choose to do."

Dennis and Oliver stood and pulled their
polos over their heads, kicked their dockers from
their feet and stood for a moment clad only their
loose fitting, worn jeans. They'd worn no
undershirt or socks, so they were already more
than half undressed. Paul admired their bodies,
wide shoulders, deep, wide chests, narrowing to
slender, muscular waists. Oliver had a light
growth of almost invisible blond hair on his
chest, but Dennis's torso was smooth skinned and
seemed to gleam as if lightly oiled. They
unbuttoned their jeans and, sitting down, pushed
them off and folded them before laying them aside.

Both of them were wearing heather gray, low
slung bikini briefs the kind called countour
briefs, cut to lift and thrust forward the
genitals of the wearer. When they stood to put
their jeans aside, Paul could easily the shape of
their penis and testicles beneath the thin jersey.
He stared admiringly at the bulges so enticingly
presented and noted the high, round muscular
buttocks of each of them. Neither of their legs
were heavily hairy, in fact Paul had to look
closely to even see the curling blond growth on
Oliver's legs. Both of them had a thin trail of
pubic hair emerging from the waists of their
bikini briefs and running to their
navels--Oliver's past his navel and spreading to a
very light growth of almost invisible blond
follicles sparsely sprinkled in the middle of his

Paul had followed suit slightly behind the
progress of Dennis's and Oliver's disrobing. His
lean torso was also clear skinned and tinted a
slightly rosy tan, somewhat lighter than his brown
arms and legs. He was in white jockey briefs, his
slightly swollen penis outlined against the egg
shaped testicles hanging somewhat low on either
side of the straight tubular flesh. Oliver and
Dennis watched him with obviously admiring eyes
and smiled reassuringly at him.

Turning to each other and standing close
together, Dennis wrapped his right arm around
Oliver's waist and kissed him. Oliver brought his
hand up behind the lower part of Dennis's head and
neck and pressed him close as he wrapped his other
arm around Dennis's upper waist. Dennis raised
his left hand to the bulge of Oliver's jersey
covered genitals and stroked and squeezed lightly,
and Oliver moved his hand down from the small of
Dennis's back and inserted it beneath the waist of
his briefs, stroking and squeezing the bare skin
of Dennis's round, firm buttocks. Their eyes
closed and their lips now open, Paul could see
their tongues moving against each other as they
kissed deeply.

Dennis dropped to his knees before Oliver and
encircled his hips and thighs pressing his face
against the genital bulge of the jersey bikinis,
and Oliver, looking down at him lovingly, combed
his fingers through his hair. Dennis leaned back
and looked up into Oliver's face smiling. He
hooked his thumbs under the high cut leg openings
of the briefs and slowly pulled them down,
revealing, first, the blond, curling hair of
Oliver's pubis and, then, the base of the swollen
but still relaxed penis. Dennis leaned forward
and kissed the joinder of pubic hair and swollen
flesh, and, leaning back again, slowly pulled the
briefs down Oliver's thighs to reveal the entire
length of his penis and testicles. When the
briefs were at his knees, Oliver lifted his legs,
one at a time, and stepped out of them.

Paul observed all this with intense interest
and increasing arousal. As Dennis and Oliver
kissed passionately and stroked one another in
private places, he stroked the bulge of his own
genitals. Dennis's removal of Oliver's briefs and
the kiss he pressed upon Oliver's pubic area and
the base of penis sent his own hand beneath the
waist band of his briefs to grasp and stroke his
lengthening penis. As Oliver's full length sprang
into view and he stepped from his briefs, totally
nude, he rose and pushed his own briefs to the
floor and stepped from them.

Now, Oliver was raising Dennis to his feet
and knelt to remove the last covering clothing
from him. Paul, drawn as if by a magnet,
approached them. Both of them were turning to
admire the physical aspect of his nakedness. His
erect penis was as perfect as they had imagined,
about six or six and half inches long and with a
perfectly proportioned circumference. There was a
small drop of fluid on the urethra. They moved
slightly apart, each with a welcoming arm out-
stretched to admit him to the circle of their
embrace, and he stepped into it. Oliver turned to
him and pressed his lips against his, opening his
own to stroke his with an inquiring tongue. After
a slight hesitation, he opened his lips to admit
the warm, seeking tongue and stroked it with his
own as Oliver explored his mouth. Oliver released
his lips, and they were replaced by Dennis's upon
his mouth. This time his tongue sought admittance
to Dennis's mouth, and Dennis's lips opened to
admit and stroke and caress the boy's tongue with
his own. He felt a hand--Oliver's--on his
genitals, grasping, stroking and caressing. He
was erection throbbed. Dennis's hands were
stroking his buttocks as his lips continued to
work against his.

They separated and Oliver and Dennis lowered
themselves to the soft carpet, pulling Paul with
them. Oliver crawled between Dennis's thighs and
grasped his now erect penis. Paul watched from
close vantage and thought he'd never seen a more
perfectly shaped, sexier image than the swollen
phallus. Oliver's face hovered above it, and he
lowered his head, his lips parted, to capture the
engorged glans in his mouth. Paul watched
longingly as Oliver's lips slipped down the
swollen flesh and enclosed Dennis's entire length
with wet, loving strokes of his tongue and
Dennis's hands stroked and grasped Oliver's hair.
As Oliver's mouth moved up and down the gleaming
length of hard flesh and Dennis thrust in and out
of the sucking, grasping mouth, Paul's hand moved
to his erection.

He felt a hand on his thigh. It was Dennis,
pushing his own hand aside and replacing it with
his. As Dennis grasped and stroked his penis, he
felt his pelvis thrusting with the motion. Dennis
was pulling him, coaxing him closer.

"Sit on my chest, Paul."

Paul complied, and Dennis placed his hands on
his butt, pulling him toward his mouth. He
watched, fascinated and mindless with desire, as
Dennis raised his head, opened his mouth and
pulled him forward. He felt his penis being
swallowed by Dennis's warm wet mouth, his tongue
stroking his glans and the hard, throbbing ridge
on the underside of his cock. Dennis's nose was
pressing into his curling nest of black pubic hair
and his mouth was now pulling back sucking firmly.
He stopped his movement with Paul's glans still in
his mouth and stroked the smooth head with wet
circular movements of his tongue. As his lips
moved down the gleaming shaft once again, Paul
watched his flesh being eaten. On the next
movement he rocked back and then forward on his
knees. Soon they were moving in perfect rhythm
and Paul's hands were in Dennis hair and stroking
his cheeks.

Paul felt his penis lengthen and harden and a
sharp ache in his loins. "I'm coming, Dennis," he
gasped and would have withdrawn, but Dennis held
his buttocks and refused to permit withdrawal.
Helplessly, Paul felt his penis begin to jerk and
an ecstatic rush as his semen erupted in jetting
spurts into Dennis's mouth. He looked down and
surprised to see Dennis's eyes closed and his
throat working rapidly as he swallowed Paul's
ejaculate, his hand stroking his back and
buttocks. Paul became aware a moment later of
Dennis's stiffening body and looked behind him to
see Oliver sucking and swallowing rapidly Dennis's
semen. Oliver continued to suck Dennis as Dennis
continued to suck him until both had captured all
available seed from the spent penises.

They all rolled apart and lay gasping as they
recovered. After a few minutes, Paul opened his
eyes to see Oliver sitting, leaning against the
edge of the couch. His penis was half erect, and
Paul remembered that Oliver alone had not achieved
orgasm. An intense desire grew within him. He
rolled to his knees and crawled toward Oliver and
between his legs.

Looking up at Oliver pleadingly, Paul said,
"Please, Oliver, may I?"

Oliver looked down at him, tenderly. "Are
you sure, Paul?"

"More sure than I've ever been about

"Go ahead, then."

Paul gazed at Oliver's genitals, studying the
contours, length and circumference of the large
penis, the pink soft skin of his scrotum and the
contours of it contents, the soft, thick blond
growth of pubic hair. His hands followed his
eyes, as he touched, at first hesitantly, then
grasped the beautiful cock, stroked the testicles
and ran his fingers through the blond thatch.
Pulling the skin of the now hard penis back from
the glans, he lowered his mouth and, imitating
what Dennis had done, he circled his tongue around
Oliver's glans and slowly sank his mouth upon the
hard shaft. There was an immense satisfaction in
the feel of the soft skin of the hard penis as his
mouth was filled with it. He inhaled Oliver's
musky, male scent and found it to be
aphrodisiacal. He wanted more than anything to
give the pleasure he was receiving from the act.
His mouth was moving up and down the hard flesh,
sucking and stroking with tongue and lips.
Oliver's hands were on his head and cheeks, his
fingers combing then grasping his hair as he
thrust himself in and out of Paul's mouth. Paul
began to be eager for the taste of Oliver's semen
although he did not know what it would be like.
He felt the hard tubular ridge on the underside of
Oliver's cock throbbing insistently and felt his
cock lengthen to press against the back of his
mouth and become, if possible, even harder.

"I'm gonna come, Paul. Do you want it?"

In answer, Paul sucked harder and grasped
Oliver's hips and held him to his lips. Oliver's
penis jerked in spasms and Paul felt the hot,
thick come filling his mouth. He swallowed rapid-
ly, taking more pleasure than he'd imagined from
the hot, salty-sweet taste. Like Dennis and
Oliver, he continued to suck and pull the last
traces of Oliver's seed from him, rolling the
softening flesh lovingly in his mouth. Finally,
he let slip from his lips with a wet sound of
released suction and rolled to his back beside

After a few minutes, he opened his eyes to
see Dennis and Oliver watching him, smiling. "Did
you like it, Paul?" Dennis asked.

"More than I could ever have imagined.
Thanks, guys."

"Thank you, Paul," Oliver said softly,
stroking his cheek with the backs of fingers.

Afterward they lay about on the floor of the
greatroom and talked of what had happened.

"It's funny," Paul said, "but I liked sucking
Oliver's cock just as much as I like Dennis's
sucking mine. I never would have expected that.
I would have thought that being sucked was the
main thing."

"Yeah, we know. Oliver and I have talked
about it. Neither of us can ever decide which the
most enjoyable role. Of course, orgasm is the
ultimate sexual pleasure, and so from that point
of view, being sucked is the best. On the other
hand, the . . . I don't know . . . oral
satisfaction of having your lover's cock filling
your mouth is continuous and the knowledge that
you have brought him full satisfaction when he
comes and the reward of that satisfaction when he
comes and the taste of his semen it's all sort of
a sustained high."

Oliver was strangely silent. "What's the
matter, Oliver?" Dennis was afraid that Oliver
may be having regrets at having invited another
into their sustained, eight-year intimacy. He
understood, if that was so, but he felt such love
for him that he wanted to offer comfort and
support where possible.

Oliver smiled at him, hearing the concern in
his voice. "Oh, nothing. Tonight was the first
time that anyone besides you has ever sucked my
penis to ejaculation. And, in that eight years,
I've never been the 'receiver' of anyone else.
I've got to admit that its a little daunting.
Almost like that first time, Dennis. Exciting,
but not knowing what to expect."

Dennis and Paul were silent for a moment.
This was a development that Dennis had overlooked.
Paul somehow felt like an intruder.

Finally, Dennis asked, encouragingly,
"Oliver, do you want to suck Paul's cock?"

Oliver blushed slightly, glancing at Paul and
smiling guiltily. Dennis reassured him, "It's
alright, baby. I sucked him, you know. It's
possible to love someone else without any
lessening of all for another. I don't love you
any less . . . maybe even more."

Oliver leaned over and kissed Dennis,
lingeringly. He glanced at Paul, smiling shyly.
"Yeah, I do. I've wanted to for awhile."

Paul, returned Oliver's kiss, somewhat
tremulously, and felt his penis stir as Oliver
looked at it.

"Paul, would you sit on the sofa?" Oliver

As Paul raised himself to sit on the sofa,
the cool fabric against his naked buttock and
thighs, Oliver gently spread his knees and slid
between them, kneeling. Paul's penis was still
soft, and Oliver held it at its base and took it
all into his mouth in that condition so that he
could feel the erection grow inside him. He
stroked the soft penis with his tongue, rolling it
gently in the wetness of his mouth. It began to
swell and lengthen, stretching Oliver's lips and
his tongue began to move up and down the under
side. A few seconds later it was fully erect and
its glans pressing into the back of his mouth, and
he began to move his lips up and down its length,
his tongue stroking and licking those places he
knew to be sensitive. Paul's hands were on his
head and stroking the back of neck. His fingers
raked his straight blond hair. Oliver moved one
hand to testicles and squeezed softly, stroking
and gently raking his short nails through the
thick black curls of pubic hair. Paul was now
thrusting back and forth gently. It had been
about five minutes, and he could feel the hard
flesh throbbing in his mouth. Paul was murmuring,
as much to himself as to Oliver, "Yes. Oh, so
good. Oliver, suck me harder. Yesss." And
Oliver was softly moaning in satisfaction around
the hard cock filling his mouth, "Mmmm. Uhmmmmm,
ohmmmm." Paul felt is penis lengthen. Oliver did
as well, and Paul's cock became harder as throbbed
hotly. Oliver prepared himself, and when Paul's
penis jerked and began to empty itself of its hot
come in a pulsating stream, he was already
swallowing and savoring the taste of the thick,
salty-sweet essence of Paul's maleness. It was
somehow slightly different in taste from Dennis's
but delicious, nevertheless. He continued to suck
until Paul's penis was as flacid as when he'd
first taken it into his mouth.

He released it from his lips wetly and lay
back on the floor. Dennis hovered above him and
kissed his lips, covered with Paul's come,
exploring his mouth with his tongue.


Paul could hardly think of anything during
the following week except spending the weekend
with Dennis and Oliver at the house in the hills.
It'd begun to worry him on that Sunday after he'd
had sex with each of them and both of them that
there should be one that he preferred that he
should expect to be paired with because he
couldn't draw a preference. He truly felt that he
was in love with them equally. Thank goodness,
Oliver and Dennis together had talked to him about
it and set his mind at rest.

"Paul, we have in mind a menage a trois.
Know what that is?" Dennis had asked.

"Uh, not really. Isn't it where a French
married man has a mistress and his wife doesn't

Oliver chuckled. "That's probably the way
its more often portrayed in American films and
novels. But, no, what it really means is that
three people participate equally in a three-way
sexual liaison. Two of them may be married, but
that doesn't make the third party an interloper.
She . . . or he has the same relationship with
them that the two have with each other. It often
doesn't work out well where there is one man and
two women or two men and one woman because unless
the two of the same sex or perfectly balance
bisexuals, one of the three gets short changed.
But Dennis and I have been thinking that with
three males, there's not much chance of that
unless two of them form a sort of exclusive

"That's probably going to be the real
adjustment," Dennis said. "Because Oliver and
I have been together for so long--eight
years--that there may come times when you feel
left out of some of the things we've shared during
that time. Fact is, though, that both of us are
attracted to you without any lessening of the
love and sexual desire we have for each other.
It's up to you, though. You'll be the new guy on
the block, so to speak, and it'll take more
adjustment for you to come into a existing long-
term relationship, not that we won't have some
adjustments to make, too."

Dennis and Oliver had both hesitated, then,
looking at each other questioningly and then with
mutual assent. Dennis continued, "In fairness to
you, though, there is this. You may know that in
no state is homosexual marriage legally
recognized. But Oliver and I have a commitment to
each other that approaches that, in fact, is that
in everything except name. Both of us have some
wealth and our financial and legal affairs are
arranged so that its about the same. So, Paul, if
you agree to this arrangement, it would be sort of
like Oliver and I were married and you were the
third party to the relationship."

Oliver interjected, "If this takes, we
wouldn't have any reluctance to taking you into
those affairs, either, as the relationship
develops and proves itself."

Paul had been silent for awhile. "I really
don't care anything about the financial aspects or
any of that. I don't have much except what my
parents left in trust, and I don't even know what
that is since my aunt has always taken care of it.
What you're suggesting is real good in a way
because I've been worrying that maybe at some
point I'd have to make a choice between you, and
I don't think I can ever see myself being able to
do that. I understand, too, that you guys have
been together a long time and that builds a
foundation for a special relationship between you
that doesn't yet exist for me--and maybe never
will. That really does scare me--to commit myself
to a three-way relationship that never does
develop with three equal sides."

Dennis and Oliver could say nothing to that.
It was true.

"Let's do this, then," Dennis said. "You
think about all that we've talked about this week
and you plan to come back next weekend, and we'll
talk about it more."

Paul had thought of almost nothing else.
Just as his objective reason would persuade him
that it would never work, his intuition and hope
assisted reason would convince him that,
emotionally, he wanted nothing else but such a
relationship with Oliver and Dennis. He played in
his imagination all of the scenarios, good and
bad and, truly, many more of them were bad than
good that could develop, and he would ask himself
if he could bear for things to work out as a
particular scenario would have it. Many times, he
just didn't know. But he'd reached a point where
he could not imagine his life without them, nor
could he imagine his life with just one of them,
because Dennis and Oliver kept getting mixed up as
different aspects of the same person.

When Dennis and Oliver picked him up at his
house on Friday afternoon, he was pale and drawn
from worrying with the question and was unusually
withdrawn on the drive back to the house in the
hills. Dennis and Oliver traded resigned looks
several times, convinced that Paul was going to
decline the relationship.

After supper, Paul talked. He told them of
all he'd thought and the scenarios he played out
in his imagination. He described the processes of
his objective analysis and reasoning. He
described his hope and his rapidly growing love
for them. Dennis and Oliver traded amazed looks
several times. They'd realized that Paul was
bright and perceptive, but they'd had no idea of
his depth of emotional understanding and his
clearness of vision.

Finally, Paul concluded. "So, last night,
I started asking myself why I was still going
through all this thought. All of the reasons
against giving this a try were evident last Sunday
night, and I don't think I've thought of a new one
since then. I just kept playing the same ones
over and over again. But I was still debating!
Why, I wondered? And then, I knew. I wanted this
relationship and I wanted reasons why it could
work. And there are reasons and ways it can work!
I know it won't easy. It'll probably be hardest
on me, but it won't be easy on the two of you
either. We've all got to promise to be perfectly
honest about things that really affect this
arrangement. Oh, I don't mean that we have to
always share every thought or be cruelly frank in
any hurtful sort of way. Truth can be a weapon,
too, you know. But we certainly can't get
involved in a life of pretense with each other.
We've got to promise to be willing to walk away
from each other if that's the way things develop."

Oliver finally answered. "Paul, we weren't
mistaken about you, except that maybe I
underestimated your capacity for understanding."

"Me, too," Dennis said quietly.

Then they both brightened as they realized
they had just heard Paul's acceptance of the
proposal. They approached either for a three way
embrace. "We'll try our very best not to disap-
point your trust of us," Dennis said.

That night Paul's sexual horizons were
further extended. He'd sat on the bed with Oliver
and Dennis as they'd engaged in anal intercourse,
Oliver fucking Dennis. At first he'd been sort of
shocked, but as he watched, his penis hardened and
he kept imagining Oliver's and Dennis's possessing
him in that way and his fucking them in the ass.

Afterward, Oliver had, with unexpected
shyness, asked Paul to fuck him in the ass.
Dennis coated Paul's erection with vaseline and
had suggested that Paul lubricate Oliver's cleft
and anus, coaching him to spread the lubricant on
the inside of the sphincter muscle. He'd been
surprised as he'd positioned himself behind
Oliver's upraised ass and guided his penis to the
sphincter at the ease with which he entered. He
looked down at his slick shaft moved in and out of
Oliver and was highly excited at the eroticism
that attended the sight of the joinder of flesh.
As the ring of muscle around Oliver's squeezed and
loosened with his thrusts, he felt his penis
hardening and moving more rapidly as Oliver bucked
backward against him, and he'd ejaculated
copiously into Oliver's ass.

Later, he'd turned to Dennis and said, "The
way I see it, Dennis, is that you get my

"Paul, don't rush anything. This can hurt
the first time."

"Don't you hold back, though, Dennis, I've
got to have it sooner or later, and I really want
it sooner."

It had hurt at first, but then, after the
first pain of invasion had past, he'd loved it.
He had gotten a fresh erection feeling Dennis move
in and out of him and he'd rocked back forth as
Dennis had thrust. When Dennis's hot semen had
flooded his rectum, he'd felt the first forceful
splashes all the way to his stomach and had almost

Afterward they sat together in the hot tub,
relaxing and idly discussing a number of subjects.
Oliver and Dennis suggested that he position
himself near one of the jets in such a way that
the hot water jet could massage and sooth his
stretched sphincter. When each of them assumed
such a position, he needed no further persuasion.
In fact, it did relax him and sooth his soreness.

The next morning Paul walked gingerly into
the kitchen as Oliver and Dennis were cooking
breakfast. They laughed as he hobbled slightly
spraddle legged in the soreness of his ass.

"I'll never forget the first time we did it
greek-style, baby," Dennis said to Oliver for
Paul's enjoyment. "I thought I wouldn't ever be
able to run with a football again. I was sore for
three or four days, and the hard part was to move
normally so no one could tell."

"You! What about me? I was only fifteen,
and your cock was a lot bigger than mine back
then. My aunt was convinced I was imitating John
Wayne, I was stepping so slowly and gingerly."

After a big breakfast of waffles, bacon and
eggs, Oliver and Dennis took Paul back to the
master bedroom wing. The only entry into the
bedroom was through the anteroom which served as a
study-sitting room. Paul gasped at the master
bedroom. It must've been twenty-five by forty.
In it were two queen sized rice beds, a
conversation pit with complete sound system, giant
screen television and VCR, a fireplace and still
room to spare. There was a small adjoining room
which turned out to be a closet dressing room.
The bath was the size of most bedrooms and
contained a rather large four head shower like in
locker rooms, a sauna, a sunken jacuzzi, double
lavatories, and a glass walled vista opening onto
a small walled garden with canvass cots for
sunbathing. Paul guessed that the wing took up
forty to fifty of the square footage.

"We were talking earlier," Dennis said, "and
we're having another queen sized bed put in for
you." They walked into the large closet, and
Oliver motioned to a large cleared space of
hangers, shelves and drawers. "This is yours."

Paul was speechless. "This is too much.
Where I've been staying is fine. Really."

"No," Dennis was insistent. "If this is
going to work we all need to be together. Oh,
there'll be times when each of us or maybe two
of us, any two need some space or need to be
alone. That'll just have to be for somewhere
else. Here there is no intrusion, no secrets."

When Paul arrived the following weekend, the
furniture of the room had been shifted slightly to
accomodate three identical queensized rice beds,
and Paul found some new clothes in his size in his
closet space.

That night before retiring, they sat around
the conversation pit clad in loose caftans,
drinking fruit juice. Oliver notice Paul's gaze
centered on his and Dennis's nakedness whenever,
in the course of movement the front would open or
there would be a flash of thigh. Oliver smiled
remembering his own fascination with Dennis's

"Paul, do you want to see Dennis and me more
closely. I'd like to have a chance to see you
more intimately, too. Not that I don't feel that
I know you pretty well, but I'd like to see. . . .
No, I tell you what. First, we'll look at that
old video Dennis and I took seven years ago.
Okay, Dennis. This was almost a year after we'd
become lovers. Dennis wanted it, I guess sort of
like baby pictures. And then I wanted Dennis's,

Dennis smiled, remembering, and got up and
inserted the casette which was handily accessible.

Paul watched with interest. In the opening
shot, Oliver was in a den with swimming pool in
the background through the plate glass doors. He
was reading, wearing a polo, blue jeans and tennis
shoes. He looked up at the camera and smiled. He
was young, fresh and boyishly handsome with light
blond hair and clear blue eyes. Obviously,
following directions, he walked onto the adjoining
patio and to the skirt of the pool.

"Florida," interjected Dennis. "That's where
Oliver grew up and where I went to school."

In the video, Dennis sat down on a low wall
and removed his shoes and socks, and then stood
and pulled his polo over his head and tossed to a
nearby chaise. Paul was intrigued by this
teenaged version of the mature man sitting across
from him. He was well muscled, but not with his
present definition, and there was still the air of
awkward adolescence about him. He unbuttoned the
fly of his jeans which fell back revealing jockey
briefs but the jeans still clung to his hips. He
pushed the jeans down to his knees and sat to pull
from his legs. When he stood, he looked like a
young greek boy in an idealized statute as he
turned about to Dennis's direction. His butt was,
even then, rounded and slightly protuberant. In
juxtaposition to the bulge in the front of briefs
and the flight stomach and slightly flairing chest
and upper back, it was extremely sexy.

He pushed his jockey briefs to his ankles,
bending over as he did so and thereby concealing
his genitals but exposing his round muscular
buttocks as they flexed with the movement. He
stepped out of the briefs and straightened. Paul
caught his breath at the slightly smaller,
slightly more slender penis and the light pubic
growth. Obviously at Dennis's direction, he half
sat, half reclined on a chaise longue and spread
his legs slightly. The camcorder zoomed in taking
his navel to mid thigh. His testicles hung
loosely and his penis lay flacidly across his hip.
Paul's memory recalled the more mature, larger and
more hirsute genitals across the pit, and in his
mind's eye, he could see the same lines and con-
tours as earlier version revealed on the giant

At Dennis's off camera direction, Oliver
began to stroke himself and manipulate his penis.
Slowly it lengthened and became erect. As he
became more excited and moved his hand faster, he
looked up, obviously at a remark from Dennis, and
reluctantly stopped. He put out his hand and said

"I told him I wanted him on tape, too."

There was jiggling and adjustment on screen
and Oliver turned the camera on Dennis. Dennis
was in a swim suit. Although he was twenty-one
years old and about to be named to several All-
America teams, he, too, looked somewhat younger.
His hair was shorter, and though extremely well-
built, he lacked the size and larger, more defined
muscles that he now carried. He hooked his thumbs
in the waist band of swimsuit, pulled it down and
stepped out of it. His genitals looked very much
the same as now. When he stood, Oliver obviously
gave him a direction, and said something back and
smiled. He began to manipulate himself to an
erection. Paul felt his penis stir and his mouth
become moist in his desire for both of them.

The picture went off for a couple of seconds
and resumed.

"Dennis put it on a tripod," Oliver said.

When the picture resumed, Dennis's back was
moving away from the camera toward Oliver who was
reclining on the chaise. Dennis crawled between
Oliver's legs and looked back at the camera,
making sure that the angle was open and getting
everything. Dennis said something in mock
seriousness to the camera and the younger Oliver

Oliver chuckled and explained, "He said,
'DeeDee Ebersen, known to his fans as Dynamite
Denny, upon being informed of his nomination to
the Kodak All-America team, celebrates the
occasion with a drink of come from the beautiful
cock of his fifteen year old lover.'"

True to his promise, he lowered his head and
engulfed the fifteen year-old's penis and
proceeded to suck him to climax, except that when
Oliver began to ejaculate, Dennis withdrew his
mouth, keeping it open above Oliver's penis, and
Oliver's come shot from his spasming cock into his
waiting mouth and splattered his lips, cheeks and
chin. After he'd finished, Dennis swallowed and
licked Oliver's come from his lips, cheeks and
chin and licked all traces from Oliver's penis,
testicles and pubis.

In the video, Dennis then stood, and Oliver
sat on the chaise and sucked him to climax,
pulling away in the same manner to receive
Dennis's ejaculate in his mouth and on his lips
and chin. The cameral faithfully recorded every
milky, jetting spurt as it shot from Dennis

"Of course, no one else has ever seen this,"
Dennis said.

"Thanks," Paul said hoarsely. "It was a poor
second, but certainly the next best thing to being
there. It really does give me a sense of
connection to your history and experiences

"Now, Paul, stand up and take of your
caftan," Oliver said softly.

Paul complied, untying the fabric belt and
let the robe swing open. Oliver drank in the
partially revealed chest, the navel, the dark
triangle of pubic hair and the young cock hanging
straight down between the testicles cradled in the
loose pink skin of his scrotum. Paul shrugged off
the caftan, and it fell at his feet. His body was
lean and firm. Oliver and Dennis got to their
feet and walked to him, looking closely. Oliver
lightly rubbed the palm of his hand over his
shoulder and down his arms, squeezing the firm
tennis built muscles. He traced his fingers down,
his smooth hairless chest, testing his pectorals
with soft massage and squeezes. He stroked the
flat belly and confirmed the firm stomach and
abdominal muscles. Moving to Paul's back, he
asked him to raise his arms and took in the
dimpling of the complex muscle group of his back
as he did so, stroking the ripples with his
fingers. Dennis had been following Oliver's
explorations with his own, curious and admiring.

Oliver and Dennis knelt and each took a leg
from ankle to crotch, touching, feeling,
squeezing, probing. Paul had the long, lean
muscles of a runner, with slightly
disproportionately large thighs that he'd
developed for sudden stops and lateral movements
on the tennis court. His legs had a moderately
heavy growth of curling black hair that stopped
just above mid-thigh.

"Sit down, Paul," Dennis commanded.

Paul obeyed, and at Oliver's request, spread
his thighs. Paul watched from above as they
examined his penis and testicles. First, Dennis,
then Oliver bent and inhaled the scent of his
pubic hair and genitals. Oliver, with his eyes
closed as testing the bouquet of a fine wine. He
opened his eyes and smiled up at Paul, "Fine,
clean genitalia, with a pleasant, musky male aroma
common to the area, but leaving a delightfully
sweet after-taste." Dennis giggled quietly.

Paul's penis was about six inches long,
having swollen and lengthened slightly without
becoming erect. The fine blue lines of blood
vessels beneath the rosy skin were clearly visible
and the large "j" shaped major vessel along the
top stood out clearly. His circumcised glans was
smooth and dark pink almost but not quite a light
purple. Oliver lifted the relaxed flesh with
thumb and forefinger and looked closely at the
little red, puckered lips of the urethra. Laying
it back against Paul's pubic hair, he traced the
tube leading from his prostrate to the urethra
with his forefinger. Dennis lifted Paul's
testicles and examined the smooth, pink, loose

Oliver looked at Dennis. "Paper, rock,
scissors?" he asked. Dennis nodded, and Oliver
counted to three as they moved their fists up and
down. On the count of three, Dennis brought down
two fingers, signifying scissors, and Oliver
brought down a fist, signifying a rock.

"Hah! Rock breaks scissors. I win," Oliver

With that he smiled at Paul and lowered his
head and sucked the entire length of the soft
flesh into his mouth. Amazingly, Paul remained
soft for sometime, and erect, and Oliver explored
with his lips and tongue what his eyes and fingers
had experienced moments before. Slowly, Paul's
penis became hard and erect, and Oliver began to
suck firmly as his lips and tongue moved up and
down the length of Paul's penis. They entered
what had become for Paul a familiar rhythm, and
after several minutes he stiffened, uttered a
fulfilled moan and emptied his semen in a strong,
pulsating stream into Oliver's mouth.

After a few minutes, Paul had recovered and
looked at Dennis and Oliver, still covered by
their caftans. "I think it's my turn to play
doctor, guys. Would you please take off your


This is all that's been written. I think it could probably have a better
ending, huh? As it is I just sorta ran out of steam and stopped. I'm a
poor concluder and may let it stop there or, sometime, may try for a
better ending, but there's no promise.

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