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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Beef Bangs A Boy - Beef Bangs A Boy 1

Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 19:32:53 -0500
From: South Boy <>
Subject: Beef Bangs a Boy--Revised


By: SouthboyRVA


This is my first attempt at writing a story, so any feedback is greatly
appreciated. Please email me at

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*This story is a work of fiction. The people do not exist, and the events
never took place. This story contains graphic sexual scenes between adult
men and young boys. If you are offended by this content or if it is illegal
for you to view such material, please leave now.*

His real name was Arthur Fieri, but everyone called him Beef. There were
two reasons for this--one, Arthur made him sound like an accountant and,
two, the 10 inches of horse cock he was sporting between his legs. Beef was
a big guy too. He was six foot four and 200 pounds of solid muscle. He had
tree-trunk thighs and biceps the size of grapefruits. He had the oblivious
naked lady tattooed on his left arm and his club emblem tattooed on his
right arm. Under his jeans were two beefy mounds of man flesh that made all
the boys drool when they saw it. Beef was 28, but had been in the Southern
Spirit biker gang since his 18th birthday, and he'd be there til his death.

Beef was riding his American Ironhorse Outlaw through downtown Atlanta. It
was the middle of summer and hot as hell. The sun was beating down on his
shoulders and his big bull nutts were coated in sweat. He grabbed his
crotch and gave it a squeeze as he rode along. Damn, but he was horny. And
hungry. He needed a piece of boy ass and he needed it soon. It had been too
long, but first Beef needed food.

He pulled into his favorite bodega. They made the best tamales in town, and
the eye candy wasn't bad either. The owner has a sweet little nine year old
son named Enrique who Beef couldn't get enough of. The boy was cherry. He
had the biggest brown eyes that always seemed to be focused on Beef's
crotch whenever he stopped in. His mouth had lips the color of pale pink
roses that Beef could just see wrapped around his big horse meat. The kid
was usually shirtless and wore loose fitting soccer shorts that always seem
to be hanging down right above the crack of his sweet, hairless ass. As
Beef parked his bike, the thought of little Enrique popped into his head
and he gave his crotch a squeeze. Damn, the things he'd do to that boy.

He walked into the bodega and was greeted by the owner, Hector. "Hello, Mr.
Beef" he called out in his thick Mexican accent. Beef nodded a hello in
return and walked towards to lunch counter in the back. As he strode down
the aisle, he was stopped in his tracks by little Enrique turning the
corner and slamming right into his nuts.

"Shit," he mumbled under his breath.

"Sorry, Mr. Beef" Enrique stammered in his sing-song voice.

Was he crazy, or did the kid seem to linger a little long at his crotch?

"No problem kid."

The kid looked up at him with those big, round brown eyes. "Did I hurt you
Mr. Beef?"

"Nah, kid. I'm okay" Beef replied.

"Are you sure? I know ways to make you feel better."

"Oh yeah? How's that kid?"

"Meet me out back and I'll show you." Beef chuckled. The kid had balls. Who

"Hot damn!!!" Beef thought to himself. He was finally going to get a piece
of that young Mexican culo.

He quickly ordered his food, paid, and left. As he rounded the corner to
the rear parking lot, he saw little Enrique waiting for him at the entrance
to the outside storage building.

Beef left his food on the seat of his bike and headed over to meet the kid.
He looked around to make sure no one saw him. As he got closer Enrique
grabbed his hand and pulled him into the storage building.

Beef looked around and saw a bunch of boxes with Spanish names. This must
be the place they store the overflow from the store room inside the bodega.

He walked in and closed the door behind him. He could see Enrique through
the light coming in from the windows along the top of the walls.

He walked over to the kid and stood in front of him--his cock getting harder
by the second. Enrique reached out his little hand and grabbed Beef's
crotch and started rubbing back and forth. Beef just stared down at the

Enrique kept rubbing Beef's crotch and looked up at the big brute of a man.

"When I get hurt, my mommy kisses it and makes it all better. Do you want
me to kiss it and make it all better, Mr. Beef?"

"Hell yeah, kid. Go ahead."

At that, the sweet little Mexican angel unbuckled Beef's belt, unbuttoned
his jeans, and pulled them down over his meaty ass. His cock was already
half hard and dripping cock snot.

"Wow, Mr. Beef. It's so big."

Beef just kept looking down, waiting to see what the kid would do. At the
least, he might get the kid to lick the head a little.

However, little Enrique, that hot, sweet Mexican boy shocked the shit out
of Beef when he opened his mouth and swallowed the first 3 inches of Beef's

"Ah fuck kid," he moaned.

He couldn't believe the kid could get his mouth around his cock.

The kid started bobbing up and down on the man-size cock. Beef grabbed the
back of the boys head and held it still for a minute. He wanted to savor
the feeling of the boy's little mouth and tiny tongue working the head of
his cock. He released Enrique's head and the kid pulled off. Beef looked

"How's that Mr. Beef?"

"Little man, I'm feeling better already."

Enrique gave him a winning smile and went back to work. He pulled Beef's
cock up and started licking his sweaty balls. Shit that felt good.

He couldn't believe his luck that this angelic little kid was suck a hot
little boy slut.

As Enrique went back to work on his cock, Beef reached behind the boy and
slid his hand down the back of the boys shorts. He wasn't wearing any
underwear. "Nice" Beef thought to himself.

He kept sliding his fingers down until he found the spot he was looking
for--the boy's pussy.

Beef licked his middle finger and started playing with the boy's ass. Of
course, since he was only 6, it was tight as a drum. That didn't stop Beef.
He knew he was gonna fuck the Mexican boy slut, so he wanted to start
getting his pussy loosened up.

As the tip of his finger slid in, the kid slobbing on his cock let out a
moan. Beef used the opportunity to slide another inch of cock into the
boy's mouth.

Enrique kept working on Beef's big dick. The kid was a natural. There was
no way this was the first time he'd sucked cock.

Beef pulled his finger out and stood up. It was time to see what this kid
could do.

He grabbed Enrique's head and started sliding his cock down the boy's
throat. He kept sliding until he hit the back of his throat and pulled out.

"Oh my God, Mr. Beef. I can't breathe when you do that."

"Breathe through your nose, kid. I want you to take my big fucking tool all
the way to the root."

With that, Beef grabbed both sides of Enrique's head and slammed his cock
back in. This time he didn't stop until he could feel the tiny nose buried
in his pubes.

He couldn't believe it, but the little whore swallowed the whole fucking
thing. With that, he started fucking the child's face--watching his precum
run down his chin and drop on his smooth, hairless chest.

Beef reached down and tweaked the boy's tits. He moaned around Beef's cock
and let out a little squeal.

Hehe, "you like that little man?"

Enrique's response was barely audible, but Beef knew it was "yeah."

That was it. Time for the boy to give up the goods.

Beef pulled his cock out and turned the boy around.

Enrique wasn't sure what was happening, but he wasn't happy that he wasn't
sucking on Mr. Beef's dick anymore.

"I gotta fuck you, kid."

Enrique's grinned from ear to ear. He knew he was a little boy whore and
wanted to get fucked and it was finally happening. And he couldn't believe
his luck. This big, statue of a man was gonna pop his cherry a dick the
size of his arm. His boy pussy twitched in excitement.

Beef turned Enrique around and pulled his shorts down.

He almost lost his breath when he saw the boy's ass. Beef had fucked a lot
of boys and seen a lot of asses, but this one was special. It looked like
two halves of a cantelope--perfectly round with a tiny, smooth crack running
down the middle. He spread the boy's cheeks and was treated to something
even hotter. Right in front of him was the most perfectly round pucker he'd
ever seen. It looked like a little brown penny.

Beef reached out and snaked his tongue over the Enrique's ass. It tasted
like a boy's ass--a mix of sweat and the remnants of where he didn't wipe
very well. Beef fucking loved that taste. He thought they should make a
breath spray with that flavor.

"Ah yes, Mr. Beef. That feels so good. Please don't stop"

Beef kept licking the hole. He had a long, thick, pointed tongue--perfect
for sliding in and out of a youngster's ass. He could do this all day. It
was his second favorite activity--the first being slam-fucking a boy bitch
like the one in front of him.

He kept working the little hole over. He wanted to get it nice and wet so
he could shove his dick in.

He slid a finger inside the boy. To his surprise, he backed up on Beef's

Beef smiled to himself. "Oh yeah" he thought. "This boy's a bitch and will
be a world class fuck."

He couldn't take it anymore.

He stood up and lined the fat head of his cock up with the little Mexican
pussy. He shoved.

"Oh mierda" the boy shouted.

Beef didn't know what it meant, but he had a pretty good idea.

He kept pushing. The ass kept giving away and taking more and more of the
giant dick invading it.

The feeling was incredible. He never tired of the feeling. There was
nothing like the feel of a cherry boy pussy wrapped around your dick.

"Please fuck me, Mr. Beef."

Beef pulled out to the head and SLAMMED his cock back in.

"Take it bitch!!!" He fucked the boy.

Beef reached around to find the boy's little cocklet. It was hard as a
rock. He stroked the 2 inch uncut penis while he power-fucked the boy.

He looked down. His cock looked almost obscene stretching the little guy's

"Ah shit, baby. You feel so fucking good on my cock. I've wanted to pop
your cherry ever since the first time I saw you."

The boy could talk. The only sound he made was an "ah ah ah ah" as Beef
hammered his tight little ass.

All of a sudden Enrique jerked and tensed up. Beef knew the boy just had
his first dry boygasm of his young life.

Beef couldn't take it anymore. He was about to cum. He kept ramming his
cock in and out of the boy's cunt. He was about to coat his insides with
his first load of man cream.

"Goddamn, baby. I can't take it anymore. I'm gonna cum."

"Ah FFFUUUCCCKKK..." He unloaded a wave of cum--one, two, eight squirts
coating the inside of the boy's ass. It felt like he came for weeks.

His cock slid from the boy's ass with a load "plop."

"Phew. Damn, sweet thing. You are a hot little fuck."

Enrique stood up and turned to look at the man who has just fucked him for
the first time. Beef could see his cum running out of the boy's well-fucked
hole and down his legs.

He thought it only fair that he clean the boy up before he went back inside.

Beef laid him back on a box and spread his little legs. He reached in and
scooped his cum up with his tongue. Again, he loved that taste.

Little Enrique stood up and put his shorts back on. He opened the door and
started running back towards his family's bodega.

"Bye, Mr. Beef. I hope you come by for lunch tomorrow."

Beef pulled up his pants and shoved his slimy cock back inside. This place
already had the best tamales in town, and now it had the hottest culo too.

Beef grinned to himself, "yeah, I'll be back."

He grabbed his lunch, hoped on his bike and drove off.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Beef Bangs A Boy - Beef Bangs A Boy 1