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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Being Molested

Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 16:55:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jimmy Yamapi <>
Subject: Being Molested (AY)

Being Molested
By Jimmy Yamapi

This story contains adult subject matter and is not intended for people
under 18. If you are offended by gay or man boy content you should not read
this story.

His hand stroked my inner thigh from my knee all the way up inside my loose
shorts to my young sac. Up and down he stroked, kneading my tender smooth
flesh over and over again as he said how soft and smooth I felt. My young
dick harden. Sliding his hand inside my shorts he groped my boy boner,
smiled then went back to rubbing my leg. I spread my youthful creamy
thighs wider begging to be molested further. He started feeling both of my
hairless legs, stroking the full length of my soft 10 yr old flesh from my
ankle to my hard 5th grade boner. Uppppp and down pushing my legs open
further he started to kiss and lick my tastey young flesh. Stroking and
licking up and down my wide spread legs kissing and sucking the inner most
parts of my inner thighs, I start to hump my hips up into the air. He has
my shorts pushed high up my legs as he bends my legs at the knee pushing my
shorts between my crack like I'm wearing a thong. He kisses my exposed ass
flesh as he continues to lick, kiss, and suck on the soft smooth skin of my
inner thighs and bottom ass cheeks.

My breathing is heavy as my hands comb through my molesters hair and I
instinctively push my throbbing boner towards he ravaging mouth and
tongue. He smiles at me and rips the shorts off my smooth tanned skin and
drives his mouth on my hairless crotch and begins to savagely suck my thin
4 inch 5th grade boner into his wet hot mouth. He slurps up and down on my
boy dick as I whimper and squeal. My young legs wrap around his his head
his face buried in my boy crotch. I'm humping his face like I'm trying to
fuck my boy boner down my molesters hot swallowing throat. I'm whimpering
"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck fuck I'm going to fucking cum." My
molester stops his blowjob pushes my legs back and wide opening my young
pink bunghole to his hungry gaze. He sticks out his tongue, its long and
comes to a point, he winks at me then drives his tongue into my virgin boy
cunt. He licks, and sucks at my hole. Driving his tongue deep in my 10 yr
old ass he wiggles it. Sticking in his fingers then tongue fucking my boy
pussy he tells me how hot and tight my bunghole is and how he can't wait to
fuck me. He's sucking and licking me all over my limp young body, my ass,
my soft inner thighs, my calves, my nipples my neck, armpits, and of course
my young boy dick I am truly getting molested as he sucked and sucked on my
throbbing boner. I had repeated dry orgasms as my prepubescent boy meat
bucked and jerked against the tongue in my molesters wet slobbering hot

He went back to molesting my butt hole with his tongue, referring to it as
my boy pussy I asked if he was going to fuck my hole. My molester asked if
that's what I wanted. He tells me to tell him how much I want him in side
me, how much I want him to fuck my boy pussy. So I tell my molester how
much I want him in side me how much I want his hard man dick fucking my
young tight boy pussy. My butt hole is dripping of my molesters saliva as
he rims my tender hole. I can't take it and start begging for him to fuck
me. "Please, oh fuck, fuck me, fuck my boy pussy with your hard man dick,
pleasssseeee" I beg. He tells me to beg more as he turns me over lefting my
ass in the air. I continue to beg, " Pleassssse fuck your hard man dick in
me oh god I want you in me please fuck me fuck me." My molester tells me
he going to love fucking my boy pussy as he lubes my hole up. Grabbing me
by my hips he pushes my chest to the ground my quivering ass hole up and
positioned to receive his hard fuck meat. He rubs the purple head of his
engorged 7 inch man meat up and down the steaming crack of my young ass,
poking the head against my wet boy pussy, then rubbing it up and down the
crack again and again. I use my hands to spread my cheeks as he pushes his
hard man dick to penetrate my pink boy pussy. Slowly he fucks the length of
his 7 inch steal cock into my gripping hot young 10 yr old boy cunt. My
small ass and thin waist dwarfed by the over size belly of my molester. My
smooth soft hairless skin contrasted by the hairy thick skin of the
pedophile as he begins to fuck the blond tanned 5th grader beneath him. The
fit is incredibly tight, so tight my molester nearly comes just from the
initial penetration of his dick deep into my butt. He stops and says,
"OHHHH child your boy ass is soooo fucking tight, your soooo damn fucking
cute and smooth, soft and hairless, fuck I'm sooo fucking horny for you,
god I can't believe I get to actually fucking stick my dick up your fucking
ass." With that he begins to fuck his dick in and out of my boy butt.
Slowly at first then picking up speed he slaps my small ass cheeks against
his thick hairy thighs as he penetrates me deep. I feel his heavy ball sac
swinging banging against the back of my thighs. Grunting grinding he grabs
my hips and fucks me hard and deep. Saying he wants this fuck to last he
stops. Rubbing my sweat covered back he bends over and whispers in my ear
how I'm the best fuck he has ever had and how he wants this to go on
forever. Rubbing my thighs my ass and dick I start to use my ass muscles to
tighten and loosen the grip my boy ass has on his deeply embedded man
cock. He tells to stop less he cums right then. I keep milking his dick
that is fucked in me. He pulls out rolls me on my back and begins to suck
on my boy boner once again. AAAHHHHHHHH my squeals fill the air. He blows
me to another orgasm in seconds. Knees bent, he pushes my smooth thin legs
back my knees are pushed by my ears, my molester tells me he wants to see
my cute young boy face and feel my young tender flesh as he savagely fucks
my tight boy ass. He lines up his throbbing thick purple man meat to my
small opening and fucks it innnnnnnnn. His sweaty belly starts to rub my
boy dick back to a boner as his fucks in and out. Grunting he fucks me hard
and long. Grabbing my thin ankles his places my small feet on his shoulders
as he grabs my right leg and begins to stroke my hot tender thigh with his
arms and hands as he continues to pound his dick up my ass. I'm being
jacked off by his sweaty belly rubbing furiously on my young dick as he
fucks me. The sound of our sweaty bodies slapping against each other
getting faster and faster. My young 70 lb 10 year old elementary school boy
body was being ravagely fucked by a heavy set molester I happen by. Then I
feel my molester's fucking dick thicken in my ass, jerking I feel his hard
man dick injecting his seed deep in my young bowels. Squirt after squirt
his seed is deposited up my milking boy ass. He rolls over pulling me on
top him hugging me tightly his dick still inside me, he kisses me and tells
me he loves me.

Later, after helping me dress he tells me how he wants to see me again as
he strokes his big hands up and down the tender flesh of my youthful legs.

He fucked me many many times again and again as I continually would go and
meet this homeless man camped in the woods.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Being Molested