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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Boarding School Boy - Boarding School Boy 4

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 17:08:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Bill <>
Subject: Boarding School Boy 04 (b/b, M/b, Oral, Anal)

This is a fictional story. It takes place during the school year
1963 -1964.

Part 04

... Meanwhile, back in the dorm room...

Joey and Lee returned from their late evening shower together wearing
only their towels. They were still amazed that the young resident master,
Mr. Andrews (who had come into the bathroom to tell them to go to bed) had
not noticed that they were hugging and pressing their erections together as
they stood under the spray of warm water. "I guess we just had good luck"
Lee said, as Joey closed the door and turned out the light.

"Can't we leave the light on?" asked Lee, clearly disappointed.

"It's after lights-out. Do you want Mr. Andrews to come in HERE, too?
Besides," said Joey as he reached down and flicked on the night-light in
the outlet on the wall, "this should be enough so we can see what we're

The two 12-year-old boys dropped their towels and flopped onto the two
mattresses pushed together on the floor and scrambled under the covers.
After a moment's hesitation, they each reached out to touch the other on
the arm or chest and scooted closer together, ready to resume what they had
started before Mr. Andrews had come into the bathroom so unexpectedly. Joey
was still shy about initiating sexual activity. Fortunately, words were not
necessary as the young boys' bodies pressed together and their hardening
dicks came into contact.

"Oh, Joey! This is so neat!" said Lee in a high-pitched whisper, his
face only inches from Joey's and his pre-pubescent boner grinding against
his best friend's crotch. Lee's boyish enthusiasm, the touch of his compact
slender body, the sight of his cute smiling face in the dim light, even the
sweet toothpaste smell of his breath, all combined to make him irresistibly
appealing to Joey.

Joey desired Lee; wanted him sexually; wanted to do all those
fantastic sexual things he had learned from his roommate, Trip; wanted to
do things that he had only fantasized. But he just couldn't say it. Why
was he so tongue-tied? Finally he put the ball in Lee's court, saying "What
should we do first?"

"You wanna do that `master and slave' game I was telling you about?
We'll take turns being the master.... You go first. You tell me to do
something, and after that it will be my turn, and them back to you."

"OK!" said Joey excitedly, thinking about what he should ask for, and
in what order.

"Remember, I'm a slave, so I hafta do whatever you command" said Lee,
reaching down to touch Joey's cock seductively.

Joey knew he wanted his cock sucked. He remembered vividly how
incredible it had felt to have Trip's mouth sliding and licking and sucking
on his boner. But he decided to work up to that. Remembering how he and
Trip had kissed before giving each other blow jobs, Joey said in a gruff
whisper "slave, I command you to kiss me." Lee giggled and gave Joey a
quick peck on the cheek. "No! Not a kiss like you give your mother. A sexy
kiss, on my lips, and then having our tongues touching."

"Like they do in the movies sometimes?"

"Yeah; I'll show you." And Joey tenderly touched his lips to Lee's, at
the same time stroking Lee's stiff little penis with his fingertips. The
combination was electric, for both of them. And when Joey's lips parted and
his tongue sought entrance to Lee's mouth, Lee responded with an eagerness
to experience this new thrill. As their tongues danced against each other
in and out of each other's mouths, their bodies crushed together in a
passionate embrace. Joey pulled Lee on top of him so his hands could wander
all over Lee's smooth back and ass. After several minutes, they came up for

"Wow, Joey! I never knew kissing would be like that! That was great!
Now it's my turn to be master, right?"


"OK, slave; I order you to suck my wiener, and..." he paused for a
moment "... lick my bottom hole." The request was not unexpected, after
hearing Lee describe how his teenage babysitter, Peter, had done these two
things to Lee when he was 11. And when Lee brought the washcloth into the
shower and they scrubbed each other's bottoms, Joey had guessed what he had
in mind. But still... licking someone's hole?

"Come on slave. Start with my boner and switch when I tell you." And
Lee pushed away the covers and spread his legs. Joey remembered how Trip
had kissed his way down, from lips to cock, when he had given Joey that
first incredible blow job, and he did the same for Lee. The trail of licks
and kisses led straight to the object of Joey's desires. He had fantasized
about taking Joey's cock into his mouth since before he knew that oral sex
even existed. And now, his face only inches away, he marveled at its
beauty. Just under 3 inches and the thickness of a thumb, the sight of the
totally stiff circumcised penis inflamed Joey's desires as he brought his
lips down to kiss the slightly flared cockhead. Taking it into his mouth,
he let his tongue swirl around sensitive flesh and poke into the tiny
slit. Then, with moistened lips, his mouth moved all the way down to the
base of the erection, and then back up again.

"Oooooh! Yessssss!" cooed Lee, as his fingers began to stroke through
Joey's blond hair. Joey kept up the motion of his lips, all the while
letting his tongue stimulate the head and shaft of the delicious
pre-pubescent cock. Then he pulled off and let his tongue explore the round
ballsack tucked under Lee's boycock.

"Oh Joey! Now lick my bottom hole!" said Lee as he drew his legs back
against his chest with his hands, exposing the tender circle of muscle and
nerve endings. Joey caressed the puckered hole with his finger for a few
moments and then tentatively brought his tongue into contact with it. It
was just as soapy-clean as the rest of Lee's body, and the moan that
escaped Lee's lips encouraged Joey to go on. He ran his tongue around the
anal area, lapping at it with long wet strokes as Lee's moans became
increasingly emphatic.

"Oh Joey! Yes! Oh yes! Oh, push the tip of your tongue against the
hole! Yeah, like that! Oh, oh, oh, yes!!" Joey cork-screwed his tongue
against the tender puckered flesh of Lee's virgin hole as the boy thrashed
around in total sensual ecstacy. As the rosebud of flesh flexed open a
small amount, Joey would try to push even deeper.

"Ohhhh! That's incredible!... Now come back and suck my stiffy. Suck
it real hard and fast!"

Joey gladly complied. He didn't mind licking Lee's ass, but it did not
have the same erotic appeal as having his best friend's hard little
erection in his mouth. He made every effort to bring Lee to the peak of
pleasure, sliding and licking and sucking up and down on the miniature

"Oh yeah! Oh! OH JOEY! Keep doing it! Don't stop! That's so good! Yes!
Keep sucking!" All of a sudden, Lee stopped moving, totally rigid except
for a trembling that ran through his entire body and the pulses that
vibrated within his cock. His breathing paused for a few moments, and when
it resumed he said "Oh Joey! Stop; that's enough." He drew his friend up
into his arms; they kissed once more. After a minute Lee said "I keep
trying to make myself get that ... that shivering, tingling feeling... you
know, all through your body. I've tried to get it like that since Peter
licked my bottom hole and sucked my stiffy. And I can sorta get when I
play with myself. But when you did it, it was the BEST!" And after kissing
Joey again, he said slyly "now... what does my master want me to do?"

"OK, slave, I command that you suck my penis `til the cum shoots...
and put your finger in my bottom hole while you're doing it." said Joey,
speaking a bit too loud in his excitement. "Go over to Trip's bedside table
and get that bottle of lotion. It makes your finger slide right into my

The boys had no idea that out in the hallway the 24-year-old teacher
and wrestling coach, Mr. Andrews, had his ear close to the door, listening
to the goings-on in Joey's room. After he had caught the boys engaging in
sex-play in the showers (their excited voices had given them away that time
too) he had gone back to his small apartment at the end of the hall, locked
the door and immediately started stroking his cock, remembering the sight
of their perfect little erections and the way they had been hugging against
each other in the showers. His mind swam with boy-sex images as he slowly
stroked his straining 5-inch erection (a handsome tool that Andrews had
always thought was too small). He didn't let himself cum, though. He was
almost positive that a little patience and some careful eavesdropping would
be rewarded by more sounds of boy-sex. As he had often done in his tenure
as resident master, he slipped into his "hall patrol" outfit - an oversized
sweatshirt that covered his crotch, baggy khakis with most of the
right-side pocket cut out, and no underwear. With his hand in the pocket
he could jack off very unobtrusively in the hallway, listening to the
sounds of the boys playing in their rooms. In the unlikely event someone
came out to use the bathroom, he would hear their door opening and would be
walking down the hall - doing his job - with his right hand casually in his

As Mr. Andrews stood outside Joey's dorm room, he knew his instincts
had been right. What had started as inaudible whispering and the rustling
of covers had turned into a goldmine for his imagination. Lee Stevenson
and Joey Harris were sucking each other! And licking and fingering each
other's assholes! The two cutest boys in the 7th grade, were getting
hardcore with each other. His mind reeled as he jacked off a little faster
- he wished he could walk right in on them again. He had no doubt that the
startled and scared boys would have done anything he wanted. But that was
not his style. He loved boys too much to exploit them... though his resolve
was being sorely tempted.

With your indulgence, loyal readers, allow me to talk a bit about Jim
Andrews. He was a good teacher, an excellent coach, and proud of his skills
and accomplishments in both areas. But he was also 100% gay and had a
raging sexual fixation on boys, going back to his own puberty. His
initiation to sex had occurred at age 12, soon after he moved to a
middle-class suburb of the city in which Gilmar School was located. A
14-year-old neighbor had induced Andrews' first ejaculation with a
mind-exploding blow job, and he had been brought into the group of preteens
and early teens in the neighborhood who bonded closely as a social and
athletic gang, but also as a "sex club". These 12, 13, and 14-year-olds
were uninhibited in their sex play, and the newcomer was introduced to
circle jerks in the woods, oral sex in pairs and groups, and to the
pleasures of taking a teenage cock up his young ass. As boys in the group
got to be 14 or 15, their attention turned more to girls (or at least they
THOUGHT it should), and they stopped participating in boy-sex, often
abruptly. When Jim started high school, he hated to leave the gang's sex
play but knew he had to. He knew that a high schooler fooling around with
younger boys would be labeled a "faggot", a "homo", a "queer", and his life
would be made miserable. He sometimes dated girls to keep up appearances,
but his sexuality consisted almost entirely of masturbation, accompanied by
fantasies involving barely pubescent boys.

In the summer after high school graduation, he got a job working as a
counselor at a sleep-away boys' camp. It was in this setting that his
desires could finally become a reality. Camp sessions lasted only two weeks
(though many campers stayed for multiple sessions), so there was a
constantly rotating assortment of boys. And as an athletic, handsome, and
empathetic counselor, Andrews was always very popular with the boys.

That first summer, he was like a kid in the candy store. He tried to
recreate the wide-open sexuality of his young teens, directing orgies of
jacking and sucking and fucking in his cabin, and was almost indiscriminate
as to who he brought into his sexual life. One particularly memorable
night, he was on his hands and knees in the center of his cabin being
fucked by two 13-year-olds, one right after the other, while the other four
naked 12 and 13-year-olds circled around, holding flashlights on the scene
as they masturbated and took turns being sucked off by their horny

In subsequent summers, he became much more careful. He got to know the
boys before choosing one or two to be his sex partners. His criteria were
their beauty, intelligence, evidence of puberty, and (most importantly) a
real willingness to become sexually involved with him. Just how far he
would go with a boy was determined by how far the boy was interested in
being led. Sometimes they only jacked off together without even touching,
though that was rare. He almost always sucked off his "special friends",
and the most enthusiastic boys usually ended up learning how to fuck and be
fucked. In any case, his summers during college were filled with glorious
sexual activity, and (amazingly, he would reflect later) he was never

Back at college, he had to be much more furtive. This was the late
1950s, and sex between men was typically confined to isolated restrooms.
Jim sometimes went to the bathroom in the basement of the library for a
quick exchange of blowjobs, but it was not satisfying. He often though he
would almost rather jack off alone, thinking about boys, than have sex with
an adult stranger. One time the suck partner soliciting him from the next
toilet stall turned out to be one of his professors, and he ended up having
a short fling with the older man that allowed him to have sex in the
privacy of the professor's home. The most productive aspect of this
relationship was the gift he received - magazines brought back from Denmark
showing young blond boys with erections, alone or in pairs and groups,
sometimes fondling each other, sometimes sucking each others' cocks. The
three magazines were his most treasured possession and frequently were in
his hands as he masturbated.

When he came to Gilmar after graduation, one of the motivating forces
was that the school was looking for a faculty member willing to live on the
boarding corridor as resident master. For Andrews, this was like a return
to summer camp, but he knew he must be even more careful. He started out
just listening at their doors - as he was doing now. His first actual
encounter was with an 11th grader who was as openly gay as a boy could be
in 1962, and came on to HIM. Andrews had a few enjoyable sexual encounters
with him, but the boy was too old (at 17) to be sexually desirable.

The only other boy he had sex with that first year at Gilmar was a
13-year-old 8th grader named Randy Mason, a 5-day boarder who had the
personality, and all the physical attributes, that turned Andrews on. He
was also the best wrestler (112 pounds) among the younger boys, and Andrews
had fallen hard for him during wrestling season last year. Yes, he had
seduced Randy... but slowly, subtly... so that when he finally made his
move, Randy wanted him as much as he wanted the boy. Andrews had known for
a while that Randy fooled around with other boys. When Andrews eavesdropped
on Randy fucking his roommate, he decided that it was the right time. It
wasn't long before Randy was a frequent visitor to Mr. Andrews' apartment
at the end of the hall, and they lavished oral and anal delights on each

This year, the handsome 14-year-old 9th grader had discovered a liking
for girls, and though he still enjoyed sexual activities with his roommate
and the the resident master, he was gradually pulling away from male-sex.
Andrews let Randy decide when they would have sex together and was grateful
for what he could get. But that left days, sometimes weeks at a time when
his horniness could only be satisfied by jacking off or going into the city
in search of an anonymous suck. Was it time to go after another boy? Joey
was incredibly appealing; Lee a bit too undeveloped still. And then there
was Trip Worthington. Should he be so bold as to risk having TWO boys? And
roommates at that!

He decided that he would not move too fast. Wrestling season was
starting after Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe he could convince Joey to join
the team. Memories of Joey's body flooded his mind as the sounds continued
from inside the dorm room.

"Yeah! Oh, that's it. Yeah Lee, suck it like that! Mmmmm... that's
good. Slide your finger around in my hole more. Yeah, in and out. Oooo,
like that!"

Joey was lying on his back with Lee crouching between his uplifted
legs, finger-fucking his friend's asshole with a lubed finger. Lee's head
was bobbing up and down above Joey's crotch, sucking the top half of a
beautiful 4-inch erection that could only be described as a boy-lover's
dream come true. Joey was enjoying it, but it was not the same as when Trip
had expertly sucked and licked him to a mind-blasting orgasm. Lee had been
trying for 10 minutes, but he couldn't make Joey cum. Finally, Lee said "my
mouth is getting real tired; can I stop for a minute? I'm really sorry,

"That's OK Lee. It felt good. Want me to do something to you now?"

"Hey. I know. You remember how Peter told me about the ancient
Greeks? Well, he said that boys in Sparta always liked to put their boners
in another boy's bottom and move it in and out and shoot cum, just like
they were makin' babies with a girl. Peter said he was too big for me, but
I bet you're not. I put my finger in there all the time. So you wanna put
your boner in my bottom?"

"Sure! How should we do it?"

"I'll get like I was when you were licking it, and you put some of
the lotion on your boner and just... slide it in."

Lee pulled his legs back and Joey knelt close to him, spreading
lotion around and inside the boy's hole and all over his erection, which
was overdue for an orgasm. Joey brought the tip of his cock to the
entrance, holding the erection in his hand, and Lee pushed out with his
anal muscle as he did when he engaged in solo finger play. Moving his hips
forward, Joey slid his cock into the hole about two inches.

"Ow! Slower!"

"Should I stop?"

"No. Just do it more slowly."

Joey eased into his friend's tight channel, exhilarated by the unique
feelings that it produced in his straining cock. He pushed slowly, and when
he had all 4 inches in Lee's butt, Lee was making pleasure-noises. As Joey
pulled his hips back, pulling his shaft through the clenching slippery
muscle, he shuddered with lust. On the pull-back, his dick popped out of
Lee's ass and he clumsily lunged with his hips to fuck back in, but poked
Lee in the balls instead.

"Oh, Joey, put it back! It feels so good inside me!"

Joey again used his hand to aim his adolescent boner, and this time he
entered in a smooth motion. As he pulled back, he was careful not to pop
out before plunging again to the limit. The boys' vocalizations of pleasure
merged in a harmony of youthful lust as Joey began to piston in and out,
moving his hips faster and faster. The tightness of Lee's ass, and the
fact that Joey was so ready, meant that the entire fuck lasted only two
minutes before Joey felt the dramatic release of orgasm, pumping his small
load of cum deep into his best friend's rectum. Joey collapsed on top of
Lee and their lips joined in wet passionate kisses.

Just outside the door, Jim Andrews was shooting a much larger volume
of cum into his pants, his mind reeling with delicious thoughts of the boys
within the room.

End Part 4.

Note to readers: Several of you have asked how much of this story is real.
I regret that most of it is complete fiction. I did attend "Gilmar", but as
a day student. (I heard some awesome stories about the boarders, however.)
Most of the characters are based on kids - and a teacher - I knew back
then, though all names have been changed. I actually engaged in sex play
with "Lee" and "Trip", but to a much "milder" extent than the story

As always, I welcome your input.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Boarding School Boy - Boarding School Boy 4