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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Boarding School Boys

Date: Sat, 17 Dec 1994 11:46:39 UTC
Subject: STORY: Boarding school boys (m/m adult/teen/cons)


This story has some basis in fact - but the sex described is fictional.
It concerns sex between an adult male and a teenage boy. It is written
for those who enjoy reading such stories. If you are likely to be
offended by such material - do not read it. The author does not
advocate the breaking of any law nor has he ever done so.

Any comments, suggestions about this story please contact me. More
information can be given.

"I used to teach in a school which had a boarding section - one for
boys and one for girls. I was what they called a 'visiting tutor' -
I would be on duty in the boys' boarding hours about one or two nights
in the week and one weekend in every four. There were four resident
housemasters - but I only slept in the boarding house if one of them
had to be on leave, or away on a course. They kept one room free in
the house for such occasions.

Putting the boys to bed was one of my favorite duties - they would
often just be coming out of the shower, or undressing and I had more
than my fair share of looking at young cocks. The boys were aged 11 to
18, but my favorite age was about 13 or 14 when they were developing
enough to have interesting pricks but not at that age when they started
to get too hairy or be troubled with adolescent spots.

The first time I actually managed to put my dreams into action came
on one weekend when I was substituting for a teacher who was away and
I was sleeping over.

Alan was one of the boys I had many fantasies about. He was 14 - brown
haired and with eyes to match, a slim, athletic figure and smooth
tanned skin. He was a good soccer player too - I used to coach the
boys and Alan's trim figure in his tight shorts going down the wing
often made my prick stand on end. Down at the boarding house he often
used to wander around his room in his underwear - usually tight red
briefs underneath which his perfectly formed cock and balls bulged
against the soft cotton.

I knew the lads were fucking each other often - and would often trade
sexual favors. I used to keep my ear to the ground and listen in to
the conversations that went on. It made me wish I was their age again
and getting fucked as often as they were. Alan shared a room with a boy
called Graham Kennedy - Kenno for a nickname. He wasn't particularly
good looking but I heard Alan say to another boy one day from the next
room with whom he was having an argument:

"Well, at least I don't go round bumming anybody - just Kenno." He
hadn't spotted me listening and when he turned and saw me he went
a little red, but I passed it off as a joke, by saying:

"Well I'm glad to hear you're being faithful Alan" and he smiled
with just the hint that he knew that I was interested in him and that
he might be willing to reciprocate.

That weekend I was on duty it was Saturday night - about 11 pm and I
was doing a check round the dorms after lights out when I noticed a
red light coming from Alan's room. Kenno was in hospital - he had broken
an arm the week before playing rugby so Alan was in on his own that

I went to check out the light and when I got into the room I saw that
Alan had rigged up a red reading light and was sitting in bed, naked
from the waist up as far as I could see and reading a book.

As a joke I said,

"How much are you charging, Alan" and to my delight he looked at me,
smiled and said:
"Nothing for you darling."
My heart leapt at that and I decided to push my luck a little further,
so I replied:
"Well - I'd better have a look at the goods first."

He didn't say anything but, instead, pulled back the bedsheets to
reveal himself totally naked and his hard cock sticking up proudly
from a bush of light brown pubic hair. It was about 6 inches long,
circumcised and beautifully proportioned. His balls were two hard
brown nuts nestled at its base - full of hot young boy spunk.

I said nothing, and unable to help myself, knelt down by the bed and
took him in my mouth - licking round his knob end first and then
down taking him all, feeling his hard cock at the back of my throat,
then back up and licking down the shaft took one of his testicles
gently into my mouth. I didn't like to go any further there - the other
boys' rooms were too close so I whispered if he would like to come
down to my room.

He nodded and I told him to put some pants (briefs to you American
readers) on and to meet me there in a couple of minutes.

By this time everything was locked up and I had no further duties
and quickly went down to my room, my heart racing a little, and
made sure that the curtains were securely closed so we could not
be seen.

In a second or two there was a gentle tap at the door and I opened
it and let him in. Without speaking we locked into an embrace that
told of a lot of waiting and longing on both sides. My mouth sought
his out and he responded with his tongue plunging in and began to take
my clothes off. I helped him hurriedly and leaving them in a heap on
the floor, I went and slipped down his red underpants and removed them.
Still kneeling, I again took him in my mouth and then moved up kissing
and tonguing his nipples while he groaned softly.

We fell back on the bed, he was on top of me and, once again we kissed
this time he was grinding his firm young body on top of mine and I
reached down and grasped his tight smooth buttocks and sought out his
bumhole with my fingers - shoving one up him.

"Oh yes, please" he murmured. "I want you to bum me and then I want
to do it you - will you?"

I needed no urging - and turning over so he was under me I went down
lifting his legs and began to lick that delightful seam between his
balls and his arsehole and then moving round and parting his cheeks
with my fingers I gazed at the pink puckered hole - clean as a whistle
and began to lick it and then push my tongue up his bum, tasting the
bitter-sweet boy's bottom.

"Let me suck you first, " he said, and I moved up so my knees were
astride his head and my cock and balls dangling above his face.

"Wow" he said "I knew you would have a great cock. I've watched you
playing football and tried to work out how big it would be." and with
that he took it into his mouth and leaned up to suck. It was pretty
obvious that he wasn't a novice at this sort of thing and I had to tell
him to stop or I would have shot my load into his mouth right there and

"OK" he replied" but I want you to fuck me now, and I want to feel your
hot spunk up my bum."

I told him to turn over, and taking one of the pillows I placed it under
his loins so that the two beautiful brown orbs of his backside were
thrusting upwards at me, and his legs were parted allowing me to see the
dangle of his balls and cock below.
I gazed at the amazing sight - more than I had hoped for, and taking my
cock in my hand, making sure it was wet, I placed it at the entry to
his love tunnel.

One of the advantages (or disadvantages if you like tight young virgins)
of his being in the boarding house was that I wasn't the first cock to
go up him. There had been quite a few boys up there before me, as he
admitted to me later - but certainly it was the first time he had been
fucked by a teacher and the first time I had fucked one of my students!

So when I gave a firm push with my hips, my cock slipped up and into him
relatively easily - I could hardly believe it. There I was with my 7 inches
of meat fully up this beautiful young boy's bum. I began to fuck him
quite slowly, but he told me to go faster and harder and I needed no
urging, and soon I became worried the noise of the bed creaking might
wake people up down the corridor, but I was too far gone to stop, and
my balls began to slap rhythmically against his firm buttocks until I
could not help shooting what seemed like a torrent of spunk up him.

I rolled off gasping and he looked over at me and said:

"That was fantastic - now it's my turn to fuck you."

He really knew what he was about - and lifting up my legs so they rested
on his shoulders and lifted up my arse towards him, he took his cock
and guided it towards my hole - and then with one hard thrust he was
inside. I gasped - here I was being fucked by a 14 year old student!
His cock felt warm and good inside me and he began to thrust vigorously
up and down, and then, at the last minute he withdrew, and taking his cock
in his hand finished himself off, spurting his creamy young juice
all over my stomach, and then fell back.

For a couple of moments we lay there exhausted and then turning to each
other kissed more deeply and slowly than before.

That was not the only sex session I had with Alan - and when the word got
round he was not the only boy either - but that's another story (or stories)

Boarding House Boys Part 2

After the weekend I had fucked Alan - the word got around
It was difficult to stop it really, but the result was that I began
to get more offers of sex.

Stephen Day was only 12, but he was very sexually aware and into
the older boys I knew. I fancied him as well. He had ash-blond hair,
big blue eyes, and a cheeky grin. To look at him you would think he
was a little innocent - but I knew better.

One day just before dinner when I was on duty at the boarding house,
I was doing a round of the dorms and popped into Stephen's - he had
just come out of the shower and had a towel round him. The other boys
in his dorm weren't there and I chatted to him. He had just got a new
comic book and I asked him if I could read it. He replied,

"Sure - if you don't mind hanging around while I get changed." So
I picked up the comic and began to pretend to read, really watching
what Stephen was up to. He took the towel off round his waist and
began to dry himself off - but it was pretty obvious that his main
intention in doing this was to give me a show. He was pre-pubescent
but had a nice little cock and tight hard balls, which he began to rub
up and down with the towel, glancing at me from time to time. There
was that element of sexual tension in the air that is impossible to
describe - but is unmistakable when you feel it.

He went over to draw the curtains in the room and then bent over
on the bed with his beautiful bum stuck up in the air towards me, and
began to pretend to look for something down the side of the bed.

I said, "What are you doing Stephen?" and he replied,
"Looking for something."

I couldn't resist but went over to the bed and put my hand between
his legs cupping his little cock and balls in my hand while my thumb
searched out his bum hole and pressed against it.

"Is this what you were looking for," I asked, and he turned to me
with a big smile on his face.
"Oh, yes please. . ." he replied. . .

It wasn't possible for anything else to happen then - it wasn't safe
and there wasn't enough time in any case, so I asked him if he would
come and see me the next day in school at lunchtime in my classroom,
which had a big storeroom attached to it. He agreed quickly - and
I admit I spent the most of the night before wanking myself off, thinking
what was in store.

The next day arrived, and prompt as could be, Stephen arrived at lunch-
time, with a sheepish grin on his face. He was really hot for sex, I
could tell. Making sure the coast was clear - the classrooms were generally
kept locked over lunchtime, we went into the storeroom and I locked
the door behind us.

Although I was nervous I was determined I wasn't going to rush things
and slowly I removed his school tie, and then unbuttoned his shirt,
feeling inside to his smooth hairless young chest, feeling round his
small pink nipples with my thumb. Removing his shirt, I then bent down
undid his shoes and took off his socks, lifting his feet to my mouth
and kissing his toes in turn. Then to his belt which I undid, and
unfastened the top button of his trousers, unzipped them and slid them
off over his firm little bottom. He was wearing white briefs - with
Mickey Mouse on them which was a real turn on. I slipped them off and
his little cock stood up proud. Kneeling down I took him in my mouth
and began to lick round his cock and balls, before gently taking both
in my mouth and then working round, kissing and sucking all the time
to his little bumhole, and holding his cheeks apart with my thumbs,I
applied my tongue to it, tasting him and probing his most secret parts.

"I want to suck your cock, sir" he said "I love sucking cocks - and
I've never sucked a teacher off before." I needed no urging and quickly
removed my clothes.

"Wow, you've got a big cock." he said. "I've not seen one as big before
- it's great." He wasted no time, but was quickly down at my waist
his mouth eagerly searching out my meat. I took hold of his blond head
and guided him more slowly than he had begun. It seemed he was greedy
for it and I had to slow him down, for he had sharp little teeth and
was a bit rough at times.

Although being sucked off by this 12 year old blond bombshell was super
I was impatient to get my prick up him, and to fill him full of spunk, so,
withdrawing from him I said,

"I'd like to fuck you now Stephen. Do you think you can take my cock up
you? Have you done it before?"

"Yes," he replied, "I've let the other boys in my dorm do it me, but
John's is the biggest cock there and it's only about half the size of
yours - will it all fit in?"

"You bet," I said, "if we take it nice and slow and I use lots of jelly."

"Jelly?" he replied - "what sort of jelly? You mean like you eat?"

I couldn't help smiling - "No - KY Jelly" I said - "it's a bit like Vaseline
and if I put it on my cock and up your bum - it will make it much easier
to slide up. That's what it's made for."

"What? For guys to fuck each other?"
"Well - and for guys to fuck women too - but it works great for bumming."

"Can I put it on you?" he asked.
"Be my guest" I replied. I had prepared for the lunchtime and had left the
KY in a drawer in the storeroom ready. I got it out and gave it to him and
he unscrewed the top and applied a lavish amount to my cock spreading it
all up and down the shaft and over the knob end too.

"Now I need some up your bum," and I got him to sit on a table up against the
wall, and lying on his back to raise his legs up and apart. He spread nicely
giving me a good view of his pink puckered little love hole - just waiting
to receive my prick and to get a good hard fucking.

I squeezed the KY well around the opening of the orifice and then, with
my finger I pushed some up into his hole. He quivered a little - and then
I took his legs and put his ankles up on my shoulders pulling him up towards
me and lifting slightly so his bum was at the best angle for me to enter

I took it slowly as I promised - and first of all, gently eased my knob
end in and left it there for him to get used to the feeling.

"Now," I said, "I want you to relax - cause I'm going to try to shove it in
as far as it will go - OK"

He nodded - and slowly I began to ease my cock up him - he cried out a little
and I stopped for a moment and took a rest.

"Do you want me to go on?" I asked him.

"Yes," he said "I want all your cock up me. I want you to fuck me. I don't
mind if it hurts."

I continued and began to shove until it was all up and then slowly to
make small thrusting movements.

"Oh yes. . ." he said "Oh yes. . . this is great. . .fuck me harder, please"
and I began to increase speed - he was really keen for it until my strokes
became longer and faster and my cock began to thrust in and out of
his bottom hole, his sphincter clutching it tightly. He was pushing in time
with me and his little cock and balls were bouncing up and down as I fucked.
As I approached the climax I told him I was going to come and he said
he wanted to feel my spunk. By now I was going really fast and wild
and when I came I couldn't help crying out in ecstasy.

As I subsided and slowed down - I leant forward and kissed him - he clung
to me with arms around me and said,

"That was fantastic sir. . .the best."

My cock lost its hardness and slipped out of him with a plop followed
by drops of my oozing cream sliding out of his hole and down his young
thighs. I got a tissue and wiped him off first and then my cock.

Before we finished I asked him for a favor - if I could have his white
mickey mouse pants as a souvenir and he smiled and said yes . . .I think
I still have them somewhere. . .

Although this story has some basis in fact the sex described is fictional.
It describes teenage boys having sex with an adult man. If such material
is likely to offend you please do not read it. It is written for adults
who enjoy such material. The author does not condone the breaking of any
law nor has he ever done so.

Comments, suggestions welcome. I think this will be the last story in
this series.

Not so long after I had first fucked Alan - probably the most exciting
experience of my time in the boarding house happened.

After the end of school and when the boys who lived in the boarding house
got back to the house (it was about 2 miles away from the school itself)
they were encouraged to do "activities" which usually meant bussing back
to school for an hour or two of sports, usually soccer, before returning
for dinner.

It wasn't a very popular duty for the staff, especially when the weather
was cold, but I enjoyed it, for many reasons, not just the sport, and was
always willing to volunteer and to join in for a game of soccer. I enjoyed
the exercise and it made a break in the evening.

It was a cold February Tuesday, and the turnout of boys was not so great
- just 11 of them and me, and we had decided we would have a six-a-side
game. Alan was there - as I said before, he was the captain of the school
soccer side and always willing to play. On the bus down I got the impression
that there was something going on, Alan was whispering at the back to one
or two of the other boys, and they kept giggling and casting quick glances
at me. The boys were aged between 12 and 15. When we got to school we
went to the changing rooms and changed quickly. The school was quiet at
this time - the day pupils had gone home, and we had the place to ourselves.

I kept my track suit on as it was cold and when we had picked teams we
began to play. I used to be a pretty good soccer player, but was not as
fast as the boys, so I admit I occasionally resorted to tripping them up
as they went past! It was a bit of a joke with the boys and they took it
in good part.

After about 15 minutes I was getting hot and sweaty and decided to remove
my track suit bottoms - as I did so, balancing on one leg, I became aware
of 11 pairs of eyes gazing at me and trying to look up the legs of my shorts!

"Do you want a picture, lads?" I joked and the moment passed, but I was aware
that something was a little unusual.

After a little while, it began to rain and sleet and the light was poor, so
I suggested to Alan that we called off the game and went to get a hot shower.
It was still nearly an hour before the bus would call to pick us back up
so we had lots of time.

Alan agreed readily and we trooped off the pitch, muddy and spattered and
went back into the PE building and into the changing rooms and shower block.
As I said it was quiet at this time - the cleaning staff had gone by now and
the place was ours.

The boys were used to me showering with them - one way I used to spot those
who liked to look at my cock, but today was unusually quiet. We all got
into the showers which were beautifully hot and cleaned up. On my way out,
Alan came over to me and said,

"As we've got some time before the bus comes - we thought you might like
to join in a bum-circle. I think you'd like it."

"What's a bum circle?" I asked, and some of the boys laughed.

"We'll show you - it's something we play at when the staff aren't around
usually." and he called the boys together. They were all naked and steaming
from the shower, a delightful mixture of different sizes of cocks and balls.

The boys then got down on hands and knees on the floor with their feet
facing inward in a circle and their bottoms stuck up in the air. Alan
got in the middle and said,

"Come on sir. . . you'll like this. Join me."

I guessed what was going to happen. Alan and I would kneel in the middle of
the circle and going round fuck each boy's bum in turn. This was beyond my
wildest dreams and I hesitated a little.

"Come on," said Alan "nobody will tell. We've been planning this and
you'll love it."

I needed no further urging, and took my place besides Alan kneeling in front
of this circle of delightful young arses, soapy and wet, ready to receive
our cocks and be fucked. Alan was first, and taking his hard dick, shoved
it up the boy next to me. I followed suit, and taking hold of the boy's
waist began to fuck the youngster. The biggest turn on was watching Alan's
cock next to mine sliding in and out of the next boy's love-hole. On a signal
we moved round the line, me putting my cock up the boy where Alan's prick
had just been, and working round the circle.

We managed to get round the whole circle without coming - though it took
concentration, and then Alan said,

"Now it's gang bang time. Do you want to be the victim? We've decided you're
going to be in any case. I'll be on the bottom."

The boys led me over to one of the benches by the lockers and Alan lay back
with his legs up in the air. The bench was just about long enough to fit on.

"Now," he said, "you get on top and suck my cock, while I suck yours, then
the others will fuck us."

I obeyed and got into a 69 position with my legs straddling Alan's head.

One of the other boys then got to the end of the bench by my head and
Alan's bum and took his cock and shoved it up Alan. At the other end where
my bum was sticking up in the air, another of the lads came up behind me and
entered my arsehole. The rest of the boys queued up to take their turns.

This was amazing. Here I was sucking this gorgeous young boy's penis, while
he was sucking mine, and watching him get fucked by another boy, while my
arse was receiving similar treatment. Heaven!

It was a rule of the game, I learned later, that each boy had to spunk
up the arse of the victim before moving off, and for the next 20 minutes
I saw five cocks come out dripping from Alan's bottom, and felt five young
hot spunk loads up mine. It was all I could do to hang on until the end when
Alan I both exploded simultaneously into each others' mouths.

It was even better than a good hard game of soccer. . .!

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Boarding School Boys