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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Bonds Boy - Bonds Boy 9

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 22:47:12 +0100
From: david david <>
Subject: Bonds Boy 9

BONDS BOY 7 BY David S Shorts

(The usual disclaimers apply to this story. Do not read this if you are not
supposed to. It was written as a piece of fantasy fiction, not as a
description of any actual true events.)

Having decided that Nick's hot little ass needed a little rest and
recuperation I spent Sunday focusing on David and the fact that I intended
to bury my cock very deep into him before the day was out. I was up long
before the boys and did a couple of hours work before they appeared from
the bedroom at about 11am. I told them that I would make breakfast while
they hit the showers and I couldn't help admiring Nick's little half hard
on as he made his way to the bathroom. The boys returned dressed only in
their soccer shorts and over breakfast I quizzed the lads about their
younger brothers as it was clear that they were part of some sexual deal
between Nick and David and the boys were a bit cagey at first. I asked them
if they had any photos of their brothers and Nick said "Should I show him?
" to which David replied "I dunno". "You know that you can trust me with
pretty much anything guys" I told them and after a little more negotiation
between the two of them Nick eventually took his 3G mobile out of his
pocket and said "have a look at this vid".

I was totally amazed ! On the small screen was a video which started
showing two very cute 11 year old boys sat side by side on a bed wearing
nothing but white briefs. It was clear that their little boy dicks were as
hard as nails as both boys had a little bulge in their briefs. The first
one said "Hello, I'm Lachlan" followed by the second one who introduced
himself as Gareth. The boys then jumped on the bed and removed the briefs
and proceeded to give each other a blow job in a 69 position. The camera
rolled over the action as well as getting a quick shot of the tight cute
asses of both boys. I was stunned and while the video couldn't have been
longer than 2 minutes it was the hottest thing that I have ever seen and my
cock was as hard as it had even been in my life. "Jesus" I said "How long
have they been doing that?" to which David replied "Oh, not long but they
are getting pretty good at it". "Have you guys done anything with them" I
asked and Nick immediately said "I plead the 5th amendment" proving that
Australian teenagers watch way too many American movies. "I can see it has
had an effect on you" said Nick running his hand along my hard cock through
my jeans adding "me too" as he placed my hand on his raging hard boy
boner. I groped his dick through the silky material of the sports shorts
and leant forward and kissed him deeply. "Do you guys want time alone or
can I join in?" said David and I leaned forward and kissed him as deeply as
I had done to Nick. We walked through to the lounge and the three of us sat
on the sofa -- I had a sexy boy at each side of me.

The fact that both David and Nick were rock hard was apparent from the
state of their soccer shorts and I rubbed their bulges while moving from
one set of lips to the other. Both boys seemed to enjoy kissing and then
David moved across me and kissed his friend deeply too with Nick's hands
caressing David's hot arse. I reached for the poppers and passed them
between us and I could feel the sexual tempo increase a little as David and
I removed Nick's shorts and both of our mouths made towards his cock. David
swallowed Nick's hard cock while I licked his smooth boy balls, bathing
then, adoring them. While Nick was getting all this attention I reached my
hand behind David and caressed his ass through his sexy soccer shorts. I
slid my hand up the leg hole and allowed my fingers to explore his smooth
crack and my finger eventually found his tight little boy hole. I pulled my
hand out of David's short and let him suck his friends dick as I squeezed a
bit of lube from a bottle onto my index finger and then returned it to the
boys hole.

David shivered as my lube covered finger crept back into his shorts and
pressed on his tight hole. I played with his entrance and then slowly
buried my finger into his chute. He continued to suck on Nick's cock as I
began to finger fuck him -- he was so tight I could feel his ass grabbing
my finger tightly and I could only imagine what that was going to feel like
when it was my cock rather than my finger filling that tight space. After a
couple of minutes I pulled my finger out of David and began to lube up my
rigid tool. At no point did David stop sucking his mates dick as I applied
copious amounts of lube to his hole. Throughout all this his shorts hadn't
been removed and so I pulled the loose leghole of his soccer shorts to one
side and let my cock slide up towards his well lubed boy hole.

My cock was positioned at David's entrance and I slowly pushed forward,
allowing the head of my cock to penetrate him. I heard a gasp and realized
that is was Nick rather than David that had gasped -- this was because
David had suddenly started sucking Nick's cock with ever greater gusto. I
told David to push out a bit as I slowly sank by cock into him until
eventually I was fully in him and I could feel by balls sliding against the
silky material of his shorts. I slowly started to fuck David and his chute
was so tight it felt like it was pulling my cock into him. He continued to
suck Nick as I repeatedly pulled back to his entrance and then sank my cock
back deep within him, causing him to whimper occasionally. As I picked up
the pace I could feel my balls churning and I knew that although I wanted
this to last forever I was soon going to full this hot boys inside with a
big load of man cum.

I heard Nick say "I'm gonna shoot" and he shot his load into his friends
mouth as my cock convulsed and began pumping my load into David's ass.
David received a load at both ends and after I have finished cumming I
reached forward to fell his cock and to finish him off -- only to find that
he had already emptied his load into the front of his footie shorts. The
fact that he had cum without being touched just proved to me how turned on
he had been throughout the time I had been fucking him. We pretty much
collapsed together and sat for a while in silence until Nick broke the
quietness saying "well, that was fucking awesome".

It was soon time to take the boys back into town so that they could go home
and I felt sad to be losing them for a few days but so pleased that I had
these two sexy boys in my life. We were arranging to meet up the following
weekend and when they were leaving the car Nick said "oh, I sent a file to
your laptop via Bluetooth -- check it out when you get back". Upon
returning I found that he has sent the video of the brother to the laptop
and I played the short video over and over for a while. Both 11 year olds
were very cute, both were very sexy and both were clearly very horny.
Something told me that they had been trained well. I hit the pause button
and was rewarded with a still of the smoothest arses that I had ever seen
and I found myself fantasizing about the day I would finally meet these two

On Tuesday of the following week my mobile rang -- it was Nick and he
explained that they wouldn't be able to make it at weekend. He sounded cold
and distant and ended by saying "I'll call you next week". He hadn't really
explained why they couldn't come and later in the week I found myself
wondering if I would ever see the boys again.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Bonds Boy - Bonds Boy 9