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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Boy At The Mall Toilet

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 22:35:21 +1100
From: hines <>
Subject: Boy at the Mall Toilet

This story is pure fiction. You should be at least 18 to read it and if you
don't like boy-man stories then go somewhere else. I cannot be responsible
for what you read if you are under-age. The people in this story are not
practising safe sex and if you want to do what they are doing wear a

Boy at the Mall Toilet

Standing next to me at the urinal the man was more interested in my cock
than pissing. He kept glancing down checking me out, rubbing his dick. I
wanted him to look and stroked my boy-meat for him, hoping he'd want to do
sex stuff. As usual I was scared but since he was watching me wank, I
gained some confidence and looked at his cock. It was hard in his fingers,
very thick and his skin was sliding as he pulled. I noticed how greasy his
uncovered knob was and wanted to suck it. I love the taste of skin in my
mouth and use my tongue to push it down and if it's got some nice cheese I
lick the old sperm and swallow it.

It must have been obvious that I was looking 'cause he slid his pants down
a bit letting me see his balls, then fingered his shit-hole. I nearly lost
it when he put his fingers in his arse. I wanted him see more of me so I
lowered my shorts, showed him my balls then put a finger up my shit-hole.
He gasped and this time he didn't pretend, he stared at my cock and I did
the same to him. All day I've wanting sex with a man and this guy had what
I wanted; a big juicy uncut cock and I figured a bum hole I could fill with
boy-sperm. I hoped he'd put a make on me very soon. Shit you can't stand
wanking and fingering butt next to someone and him doing the same without
getting together. I guess he was a bit scared 'cause I'm a young kid.


All the men who have done sex stuff with me always want my boy-cock in
their bums. I love fucking and shooting spunk into a warm arse-hole.
Usually after they've had a good feel and suck of me and I've had a good
suck of theirs, they push against my knob making it pop through their
buds. They moan when I fuck my prick deep into their anuses and my balls
slap their arses. As soon as I am right up, their holes wrap around my dick
and the guys plead with me to fuck hard, make it last, then fill their
fuck-holes with my spunk. When I shoot they go mad and push back into my
groin, fucking my cock, wanting it to never stop cumming. They suck my skin
and drink any cum I haven't fucked into them when I pull out, but I get a
very tender knob after shooting and don't let them suck too much. One guy
wanted me to piss in his mouth that was awesome. I filled his mouth with
cummy bits and lots of boy-piss. He was fucken wrapped.


All day I've been thinking about the good times I've had, wanting more. The
heat of summer made me sweat, have loose balls and be semi-hard. I didn't
even spunk up in the boy's bog at school as usual; I just stayed horny,
desperate for the last bell, knowing I'd race to the Mall toilet and empty
my load into a man's backside. Fuck, I wanted man-boy sex in the smelly
graffitied cubicle, naked, sweating, sucking, eating arse and fucking a
greasy bum. I loved being rooted too and bent over the pan anytime a man
wanted to stuff me.

Sometimes in class I lick and smell my arm hairs after rubbing some
arse-juice over them thinking about my next jacking session and how much
juice I can rub over my arms, smell, lick and swallow. Today was no
different; I rubbed my finger in my sweaty hole during English and smoothed
the brown goo over my light hairs. No one could see me finger my butt as I
was in the back seat. Covering my arms with brown stains I licked them off
very quickly so only I had the smells and tastes. All the time I kept
thinking about a man's sloppy hole covering my fuck pole. My cock was
raging; I wanted to blow it but held back.

When the last bell rang I raced to the shopping centre, not bothering to go
home and change out of my school uniform. The place was empty when I
arrived so I stood at the piss trough hoping a man would join me showing a
nice thick penis. If he started rubbing, I knew he'd make a move and from
past experience this would lead to sex stuff. After lots of sucking, he'd
bend over and let me fuck him up his arse. My load had been building all
day, if I don't get a fuck, I'll sprog the urinal I thought.


As I played with my stiff prick I thought about the times I've done sex
stuff with men. The first time I pissed in the Mall toilet I was 9. I
wasn't supposed to go into the rest room; dad said men did things with boys
in there and I should try to hold on until I got home. I couldn't and had
to spray my pee. The toilet was empty so I didn't have to worry about
anyone seeing me do it. As I was finishing a man came in and stood next to
me. I wondered why he was so close as there were lots of urinals along the
wall. I was about to zip up and leave when I realised that he wasn't
peeing, just rubbing his penis and looking at my dick. I stared in
amazement as his fingers made his cock get thick and very long. I got a
stiffee and rubbed it; frightened that he'd see me looking and playing; I
tried to cover my actions as I stared. He knew I was looking and turned
from the urinal pointing his dick at me; I wanted to run away, but couldn't
take my eyes from his man-cock.

As he rubbed something happened to the top of his dick. It was covered in
skin at first then he slid it down his thick stem and showed me his
piss-slit and huge cock-head. I've got a skin but never knew it could be
rubbed down like that. I looked at his knob; it was slimy, he knew how
interested I was and moved his dick closer rubbing harder. Something
happened over his piss slit as he rubbed, white stuff came out and covered
his big pulsing head; it was awesome to see. I froze, then made kid noises
about how big he was and how did he make his skin slide like that and what
is the white stuff that dribbled over his knob? I'd never seen a man's
erect penis before and his made me very excited. He looked carefully at my
hard boy-penis and rubbed some of the white juice he'd squirted over his
fingers and put them in his mouth. He did it again, still looking at my
dick. I said something to him about my cock being smaller than his; he
laughed and told me that for a young handsome boy, I had a very nice cock.

Would I like to have a feel of his man-cock, he asked. I knew I shouldn't
but I wanted to slide his skin and make it do the white stuff some more. He
made his penis shoot some pre-cum he said 'cause he was very hot for me. I
didn't understand pre-cum nor being hot for me and wanted too, I could
learn a lot from this man I reckoned. He lifted his eyes from my cock and
studied my face. Would I like to have some fun with him? I nodded and he
suggested we go into the cubicle so he could have a good feel of my cock
and make my skin go down like his. I was still uncertain, but happy that a
grown man wanted to play with my dick and I could play with his.

We went into the cubicle and he quickly undressed me, my clothes littered
the floor. He wanted me to stand so he could have a good look all over my
body. My cock was hard as he looked and he rubbed his, sitting on the
pan. I was unsure and scared being naked in front of him and knew I
shouldn't let him see me like this, but it was exciting, showing my body to
a man who was older than my father. He looked like my teacher and I've had
lots of thoughts about seeing his dick, now I could touch a man's cock and
he wanted to do it to me. The man wanted to make me feel good and as we
were locked in the cubicle I couldn't run away if I tried, I was naked!

I could see his cock as he pumped and mine was rock-hard. I wanted him to
do something but he kept checking me out, telling me I was a young blonde
hottie. Would I turn round so he could study my back, then he asked me to
bend over and open my arse cheeks, I did as he wanted and he touched my
small butt hole. I didn't understand why, but it made him very excited. I
was a bit frightened when he rubbed his fingers over my hole. He rubbed his
wet knob and fingered his juice into my bum then pushed a finger into my
crack. He told me to crouch down and let him have a good feel inside my
shit-hole and make it loose so he could put his cock up my bum. I had never
been touched there but he felt nice, I wasn't sure why but I started to
shake and push my small hole over his fingers. He played in my hole for a
long time then he asked me to turn round so he could check out my prick
some more. I did and stood, legs apart, so he could see all of me and give
him more access to my hole. He had his fingers up me and kept probing my
small butt-hole. It hurt but I let him 'cause I knew I should learn what
men did to boys.

Touching my cock changed everything. His big hands felt me, tousling my
hair, running down my stomach, rubbing my penis and rubbing my thighs. I
loved being felt all over and moaned as he caressed my body. He kept
fingering my hole every time I moved and that really made me want his
cock. I sat on his hand as he played with my body and didn't care about
anything; I wanted him to rub his gooey knob over my hole and push it
inside. Then he pulled my body to him and cuddled me. I had never been held
by anyone and quickly discovered how good it was being wrapped in a man's
arms. His cock rubbed my stomach, and his big hand rubbed my bum and worked
its way under me to cup my balls and cock. His other hand was stuck in my
bum. I lifted for the man and stood so he could do anything he wanted with
my body. I knew he'd make me feel good and I trusted him. He felt my dick
lots more and played with my balls while he rubbed. I couldn't believe how
good it felt and pushed my prick into his hand.

My skin slid in his fingers and my small knob popped out. I was wrapped and
when he sucked all of me into his mouth and used his tongue to rub my cock
I trembled and had a massive dry cum; my body sank over him and he held me
very tight. After a while he made me do it again in his mouth and his
fingers really did heaps in my bum. Finally he lifted me up and sat me on
the pan so I could feel his penis. I played with his penis, then he aimed
his knob at my cock and balls and shot his white stuff over them. He told
me it was cum and I would do it soon. He pulled my body into his as his cum
splattered; now I knew what I wanted in my life. I needed to be cuddled and
have it with men. I loved his cock spunking and didn't want to leave but he
had a family he told me and had to go. Maybe we could do it again? I went
home and rubbed his spunk all over my body remembering how good it was when
he held me. I was exhausted having done it twice in his mouth. He didn't
put his cock in me even though he fingered my boy-butt. I wanted it so

I wanted more, much more, especially a man's cock doing it in my bum. I
rubbed my little cock making the knob fuck through my skin. Having my cock
dry-cum in a man's mouth and being naked and cuddled was new and very
exciting. I'd never felt so good, even Mum was surprised that I was up
early, ready for school.

I spent the day thinking about his cock and what he did to my dick with his
tongue. Wanting to do it again, I ran to the toilet after school. Another
man was there so I stood next to him. He was wanking, that made me hard and
I let him see it. His hand reached for me and rubbed my penis. I went into
the cubicle with him, letting him undress me and have a good feel of my
boy-parts. He took his clothes off as well and I felt his penis and
balls. I could slide my skin now and the man loved sucking my knob making
me have a dry cum. I fell into his arms, then he let me suck his cock and
gave me my first taste of man cum. I swallowed, happy that I could make it
as good for him as he had for me.

Soon I discovered that men loved sucking and sniffing my boy-hole and often
got their tongues deep inside my crack, it felt wonderful and so sexy and I
could play with their cocks and suck them too. I was very proud that I
could have man-cocks in my hands and mouth and went back nearly every
day. There was always a man, sometimes more than one, ready to play with me
and make me wet by holding my arse open licking, spitting and sucking my
crack. I wanted my arse used by men and let them put their fingers up me
when they sucked my cock. When I was covered in man-spit they put their
bum-cracks over my dick and I pushed it in their bums as I pulled spunk out
of their big man-cocks.

One afternoon I skipped school and went to the toilet. The place was empty
and I was so keen to be with a man. I was disappointed and stood at the
lonely urinal hoping someone would stand next to me soon and do my body. My
cock was getting bigger and I really wanted to be fucked. I knew how it
felt doing men but I wanted the experience. I played with my dick pulling
my skin down and rubbing spit over my knob. I was so into pleasuring myself
that I failed to hear footsteps approaching, then I sensed movement and
looked. A kid about 16 was pulling his dick, staring at me. I got scared
and tried to cover my hard cock.

"Don't hide it kid. You're a fucking young blonde hottie. You want my cock?
Looks like you do it. You're fucken hot, like it up your arse?"

He pulled some more and told me to go into the cubicle. I didn't say
anything, just followed. We both stripped and my throat was full of cock in
a very short time. He fucked his thin long dick into me and told me to make
it wet. I sucked and spat into his foreskin. He pulled out and made me bend
over the pan.

"Going to fuck that cute boy-hole. Haven't got much time kid, lift your
butt and let me have a feel of your crack. I'm going to stuff you hard you
fucken, pretty boy."

Obeying him I took his fingers up me. I'd greased my hole hoping I'd get
it, fuck he was rough when his fingers pushed, opening my hole. I was so
ready to be fucked and pushed back, then he put his thin prick into me. I
started to scream as I felt his cock fuck into me, he put his hand over my
mouth to silence my noise, someone out there will hear us kid he said. Once
he was up it felt so good and he fucked me deep and fast, telling me how
good it was to root a kid. I gave my arse to him and wanted to be done
hard. He did! I got what I'd wanted for so long, cock in me rooting my
tight boy-hole. He shot his cum deep inside, pulled out, patted my butt and
left. I sat on the pan, my arse was sore but I felt good. I could fuck I
realised and even though he was a kid without a big man cock I knew I could
take men in my butt. The only hurt would be getting it up then I could have
a good time being done and filled with man-sperm.

I did it often after that and bent over the pan taking man cock. It hurt
but I loved being stuffed and soon my bum loosened and it was easier to
take big knobs through my small crack. I went back every day for a good
fucking and was never disappointed.

My best time was with 3 men when I was 11. They took turns eating my hole,
sucking my cock and balls and fingering my arse. I got felt, fingered,
sucked and had my mouth filled with hot tongues as I was groped. They were
very kind and let me suck their cocks, I loved having man dick in my face
and wet their old man meat, sucking their big slimy knobs, knowing they
would all fuck me later, using my spit to make me open for them. I screamed
and screamed as each man fingered and sucked my small shit-hole. They
covered my mouth so the noise didn't alert someone outside. I wanted cock
and spunk in my bum and pushed over every finger and tongue that covered my
hole. I was very horny and being done by all these men was just so hot. I
knew about being hot now and I was for sure. I wanted my boy-hole fucked
and pleaded with the men to root me.

The cubicle was crowded and I was sure my noises could be heard outside but
no one came in to stop us. Every time I started to moan or scream my mouth
was filled with cock. I slobbered over cock, finally I sat on the pan
leaking spit out of my hole, having another dry cum; they'd given me so
many. I collapsed in big arms that cuddled my small body as the others felt
and sucked me. I had large man fingers up my small butt and they fucked
hard when I came. I couldn't stop as something inside my bum kept making me
get the feelings and I nearly blacked out each time. The men held me very
tight every time I dry-cummed and made me do it over and over. I had the
best excitement ever and let them do anything they wanted with my body and
they did. I was completely naked in the arms of old men and after they had
wet me and opened my bum-hole they fucked into my backside, filling me with
sperm. I was a cummy, fucken mess and wanted to shit. They held me so tight
and cuddled me wanting to fuck me again after I shat their spunk out of my
well-fucked, sore, boy- hole. I let go and felt their arms cuddle me as my
hole opened and man-spit and cum flooded into the pan. One old man put his
cock in my mouth as I did it. I sucked hard and got my mouth filled with
more man-cum. Another guy wiped my bum and turned me over the pan sucking
my juiced butt. I was wrapped and let them do anything they wanted again
and again.

Before fucking me again they made me have yet another dry-cum. I went mad
with the feelings and wanted fingers or cock shoved into my empty
hole. They did and each man fucked another load of man-juice deep in my
gut. I couldn't move after the men used me, but they were great and carried
me to the small shower block near the loo to wash my small body. I went
home exhausted but very happy that men wanted to fuck me. My prick has been
up men for a while but being fucked by big hot cock was awesome.

After a while the men let me smell and suck their holes, it took a while to
get used to the gross taste but now I love it. I met the guys every Friday
after School. We did so many hot things and I was always full of fingers,
sucking cock, being licked all over and fucked. They wanted my cock in
their bums. I didn't know why cause I couldn't cum like they did in me, but
I did it anyway.

They always wanted me to go home with them but I never did. I let them
play, suck me, finger my hole, fill me with cum, then I fucked them in the
toilet. I played with myself at home cause I was usually covered in man goo
and it made me very slippery. My foreskin always had bits of sludge
covering my piss slit and I got the same feelings with my fingers as I did
in their bums. I couldn't cum then but when I did it was a great thrill. I
loved playing in my arse, as it was always full of man sperm.

When I was 12 I had my first cum in a man's hole. I'd wanked so much before
and had my dick inside men's butts fucking them till they spunked nice wet
sperm all over my fingers but mine was always dry. Now I'd shot my cream at
last and fell over his back and collapsed. He knew I'd cum 'cause I've been
in his arse heaps of times, this time it was different, I'd wet his
bum. After I recovered he made me finger his hole and juiced my young spunk
into my hand. I was so wrapped and made him dribble more as I opened his
well-fucked shit-hole. He turned round and held me, proud that at last I
could spunk up and he'd taken my first. My cock was now about 5 inches and
fairly thick. I've been fucking this man since I was 9 when I had about 3
inches and he fucked me every time I saw him in the toilet. I knew how to
get his cock up me so it didn't hurt too much and he made lots of sperm in
my backside. I loved him doing sex stuff with me.

To celebrate he took me to Macas in the Mall and we chatted about man-boy
sex. He kept rubbing my cock and got his hand in my pants to finger my hole
as we ate. I was so fucken horny and wanted it again. We left and stripped
in the cubicle. He bent over and I fucked him hard knowing I would shoot. I
rooted for a while then let go a good blast of cream. He pushed his bum at
my groin and let me shoot as much as I could, right up his backside. He
loved it and kept pushing, then he fucked my young shit hole. I was so into
his cock and let him screw me hard. I got a good load and shot even more as
he came in my bum. I couldn't walk and staggered home but fuck it was good.
My little shit-hole was bruised and I rubbed cream to make it easier to sit
and even walk. I've been fucked so many times but my bum still got sore
until I got filled with cream from a thick man-cock, rooting me hard.

We still fuck even now. I love shooting into him and having his cock up
me. At last I knew the feelings that I had given men with my hand, now I
could shoot into them, before I just fucked and dry cummed. They wanted my
spunk and worked their holes against my spitting prick. I shot lots and got
covered in man shit, it was a real turn on and I realised that I wanted to
be dirty with men and if they wanted me to sprog their bums, piss in them
and suck it out of their shit holes I would. I learnt to love the taste of
my cum as they fucked it into my welcome mouth, out of their bruised
holes. My arse got fucked often, I was in demand and had many men give me a
hot load of sperm. Most of them were married. But I got the cum!

I kept thinking about the past as I waited, hoping for a sexy time. Now I
can shoot, fuck, be fucked and really give my hole to men, eat cock and
arse. I love being with men in the cubicle. I own it I reckon.


Wanking a bit and still thinking, I waited for man-boy action. Sure enough
the man came in and stood next to me. He had plenty of space if he wanted
to pee; he didn't and stood close, eying my cock. The game continued until
I let him know what I wanted.

"You wanta do it?" I mumbled. "You've got a lot of juice and I bet you want
me to suck you. I will, if I can fuck you. I want to have a suck of your
hole, man. Check mine it's fucken sweaty, you can see I've got my fingers
inside. I want butt fun. I'm a young kid but I love having it with a
man. Feel me if you want and rub your shitty fingers over my cock and balls
and put them in me man. I love being felt up, men know how to make me hot,
do it in my body. You can fuck me if you want. I love being rooted and
you've got a big cock."

"Bet you need to cum, you've got lots of boy-juice in your skin, I'd love
your cock up me, I 'm very dirty kid, and if you want to have a sniff and
suck of my crack you'll taste kid-cum, I'm full of it. I let young boy's
sperm inside me whenever they want and that's every day. You can use my bum
to make sperm kid, I love it. Hey, you just had a butt over your dick? I
can smell arse juice; you fingering it over your cock? The smell of cum and
shit is a huge turn on. You sure you haven't had your cock up a guy's arse?

"Nope, not yet, that's my arse juice you can smell. Haven't washed for a
while so I'm dirty and my skin is full of old spunk, you want to suck my
boy-cock and let me have a suck of yours and your bum-hole?"

"Ah fuck, I sure want to suck your fat prick and clean your shitty
mess. You're young and very cute. You sure you want to suck me and lick my
butt, shit kid you're too young to suck a man's hole. I'll do yours of
course, you sure you want to eat me out, I'm full of juice."

"Fuck yea."

You've got a big dick son." the man mumbled, pulling his puffy fingers out
of his arse to feel my hardness. "You've sure got lots of juice over your
cock. I love your smell; I want to eat your cock, balls and hole I want to
drink your sweaty arse juice, you're so fucken cute; I'd love your
arse-juiced cock up my sloppy man-hole. It's covered in slime son. That's
such a turn on for me. You've got a very thick knob, I'd love to suck it
and clean your skin, then get it dirty again, in my arse."

"Yea, love doing it in a man. I'll give you a good mouthful to swallow if
you work your tongue up my butt and lick my insides. I bet you want my
stuff. You can swallow my cock cheese as well, most old guys want to lick
my knob and make my cock wet. I didn't wash it today hoping to have it
licked out. Have a look at my cheesy head; it's yours if you want. Feel my
crack man, go on, have a good rub of my hole before I put it over your
mouth and shit juice into you. You can fuck me if you want. I love being
ridden by a big man-tool."

"Hell yea son, I want to eat you, you've got a lot of sweet cheese in your
skin and the smell of sweaty, horny, boy is awesome. You're so young to be
so fucken sexy. I want your cock in my mouth; I'll work you up so much I
want your cock inside me. Fuck you're a young hottie, the best boy I've
ever seen. I want to get my mouth under your hole, make you juice, suck
your balls and suck your cock. I wish I'd found you earlier you're the
horniest kid I've ever touched. You sure you want to fuck your boy-juice up
me, you used to fucking men? You're too young to know how to fuck a man I
reckon. But shit you have a great arse full of goo and a very dirty crack;
I can feel the stuff and want to eat it. Sit on my face kid, open your hole
and shit in me."

"I want to have a suck of you too, taste your butt and lick your spermy
knob. Love having man mouth sucking me and man bum taking my thick
cock. You want my cock up your arse? I'll fuck you full of spunk man. Then
you can stuff me full of your thick man-cock. I love being fucked."

"Hell son, I want it all, you can ride my arse and fuck as deep and hard as
you want for as long as it takes to spunk up. I want to feel your boy-sperm
shooting up me, I'll push my arse over your thick boy-meat as you squirt; I
want to be fucked by your boy cock. Follow me into the cubicle and I'll
suck that beautiful cock, eat that lovely bum-goo and clean your dick, lick
your balls and take your fucken big cock up my arse."

I pulled my pants around my groin and followed the man into the cubicle.

No one was around as we closed the door. The man immediately dropped his
pants and sat on the pan. Pulling my pants down, he wrapped his arms
around my bum and sucked my cock straight down his throat. I was out of it
already as he masturbated my cock with his slimy tongue and played with my
floppy balls. He was good; I wanted to cum and pulled his head over my cock
making him choke as he sucked. He opened his throat and let me drive my
tormented cock into his tortured mouth; he gagged and panted then pushed my
muscle back holding my knob in his frustrated mouth. He fingered my arse,
smelling his finger and licking it clean. He rubbed it along my golden arm
hairs and asked me to smell this new aroma he'd made for me. It smelled
different and stronger than when I did it. I felt myself beginning to
cum. I was so excited I noticed my silky golden arm hairs were now standing
straight up from my arms as if I had goose bumps, and both my tits were

"I'm gonna cum. You've worked me up so much I can't hold man, suck it out
of my cock." I told him.

"No son I want your cream in my arse. Want to feel your thick boy cock
shooting in my greasy fuck slit, I fucken want your cum son." He moaned.

Pushing me back he turned around, lifting his fleshy bottom, opening his
cheeks; exposing his withered shit-hole. I love putting my cock into a
sweaty, slimy arse and rubbed it around his anus feeling his juicy crack
coat my thick knob. He had a sticky bum, I loved the juice covering my
penis, It sure was sloppy and I figured I wasn't the first kid to fuck him
today. I had a closer look, fingered his bud and smelt my digit. It was
spunk and arse goo. It smelled really strong and made a sticky noise like
tape being removed from something as I opened his cheeks wider to get a
better look and smell. My mouth watered, I was so excited with the pungent

"You been fucked recently?' I asked.

"Yea, a couple of kids did me in the bushes next to the toilet. They were
hanging around inside the bog wanting to spunk in a man's arse, like you. I
happened along and stood between the boys at the urinal. They showed me
their dicks and I showed them mine. We went outside and I gladly let them
use my bum to make spunk. My hole got filled with kid-cum. They're horny
kids, I knelt in the bushes and each boy watched me get mounted by his mate
and fucked full of hot slippery boy-sperm. It was a great time and I'll see
the boys tomorrow. They want to use my hole to make them cum again and
they've got some friends who want to do it as well. I'll be on my knees in
the bushes, clamping my arse muscles over boy-cocks and taking as much cum
inside my arse as they can give me. I love kid cock fucking me and making
cum deep in my butt, it's better for them than their hands.

Kids fuck hard and want to cum fast, they don't care whether it hurts or
not. I don't either. The harder they fuck thick boy meat deep in my hole
the better it feels. When they cum I take them even deeper so I can have
the juice squirted from their throbbing cocks over my gland and sliding
inside my butt. I dribble it out of my hole and gather the fucken lovely
boy cum into underpants that they give me. It makes me hot for days.

I hope they've got lots of friends, I could have my bum in the air for
ages, I fucken hope so. It feels so good having hard boy-dick using my arse
to collect sperm. They loved watching each other do it in me and I had a
good spunk up as well. The kids finished spunking into me about an hour ago
so you'll be fucking into fresh schoolboy cum."

"Wow, did they have big dicks?"

"Not as big as yours son. They were younger than you I think, I reckon
you're about 15, am I right?"

"I will be in a month's time."

"Hell you're young to have such a big dong. I know I'm leaking a bit but
it's good lube for your cock. Put it up me and give me a good screw son."

I was hot thinking about fucking into kid cum. I really love doing it in
men cause they know how to push and make my cock feel great. I've tried it
with kids, but they complain that it hurts and get the shits when I push!
They're always so tight and if I do get in they fucken don't move but men
always do and make my cock go right up and let me ride their arses for as
long as I want. They fuck back and really work my dick up their hot
arse-holes, always wanting it harder, I slam it up and pull back and ram it
in; they love it!

"I want to have a lick of your hole before I fuck you, let me taste your
spunky shit-hole, then I'll do you."

I rubbed the guy's hole some more; he juiced and kids spunk dribbled around
his puffy crack. I had to suck the kid cum and put my mouth over his hole
as the sperm dribbled. He made his bum shoot into me. I loved the kid cum,
he was packed with young boy sperm and let me have the goo, shitting it
down my throat.

I put the head of my dick at his backdoor and felt his spunk covered ring
pull my knob up his greasy arse. He bent further over the pan, moaning,
pushing his bum up, as my dick bottomed his shit-hole.

"Fuck son you're big, shit it feels so fucken good having your cock in me,
hang on a bit, let me get used to you."

It felt great, his slimy man hole full of my dick, sliding in kid sperm. I
stopped moving, enjoying his arse grabbing my dick. He used his bum to
masturbate my cock, I was wrapped and let him push against my groin as he
took even more. Shit this guy wanted me to ram his bum. He kept pleading
with me to root hard. It was cool having man arse take my cock again and as
he pushed, I pulled almost out and slammed back making him jump, gasp and
grunt. I fucked his cummy tube and each thrust went deeper as he opened his
slimy passage forcing my cock into his bowels.

I fucked and fucked, loving the feelings and the juice I was rooting! His
arse leaked and kid cum drizzled over my balls as I rode him; he yelled
every time I bottomed. His juicy butt was a fucking delight. He rooted with
me and let me stuff him deeper than I've ever done it with a man. My mouth
was full of kid cum and arse juice so I raised my right arm and covered my
hairs with the juice in my mouth. I could smell his inner juices, boy cum
and my foreskin-cheese. This, mixed with my teen sweat made my orgasm start
as the aromas triggered my senses with lust!

"Give it to me son, fuck that thick boy-cock as hard as you can into
me. You fucken know how to root son, go for it. I want to feel every inch
slamming my hole. Shit you're good. Move kid use your body to stuff me."

I was so close and belted his anus as my cock started to shoot. He loved
it, telling me to push harder. I did, then let fly a huge load of boy-sperm
deep inside his old man hole. His fat cheeks held my cock up his arse and
pushed as I shot. I kept my dick up his sloppy arse and slackened as I
finished cumming. He juiced my groin with his sloppy goo as I slid out of
him and wiped my dirty cock with some toilet paper. He stopped me and used
his mouth to clean my droopy boy-cock, licking its brown colour, clean. I
hardened again. He wanted to suck more of my cum into his throat, he was
such a horny kid-loving old guy. I fucked his face letting him have another
load of spunk; he lapped it up and kept my spunking cock in his mouth. I
had to withdraw, fuck; he'd really drained me. I looked at my tits; they
were both erect and looked like pencil erasers. I breathed deeply as I felt
an ultimate peace. I once more smelled my arm hairs this time completely
covered with my teen sweat and some cum. This was the feeling I sought; man
lust giving me the pleasure I wanted.

"You're good son, you know how to fuck and shoot deep. I love your hot
boy-cum in me. My bum is full of your spunk and my mouth. You are hot
wanting to eat my hole when I've been fucked. Want to have another mouth
full? You can if you want. I'm so stuffed with sperm. Have a suck and eat
my shitty backside. Bet you want to tongue your spunk out of my fucked
hole. You'll get some of the kids as well. Put your mouth over my hole and
suck kid."

I held his arse in my mouth and sucked. He let go and filled me with shitty
spunk. It was just the best. I sucked, licked and swallowed the juices. It
was gross but so cool. My mouth was like a sewer but I loved it. He shat
over me making me take his arse muck full of juicy sperm. Fuck I loved it.

"Put your fat cock in me man. I want to be rooted hard." I pleaded.

He made me bend over, rubbed my small hole then put his fat knob in my
slit. I pushed, falling over the pan as he fucked my kid arse. He did it
hard and very fucken deep. I screamed and held his buns as he rooted and
then he came. I could feel his knob get bigger and spunk flow up me. He
worked my hole and made me have a big spunk up when he emptied his
man-juice into me. He fucked slowly then, making his cum slide in my
passage. He'd fucked a huge load into me and his cock softened as he pulled
it out of my bum. I was one happy boy having his very big man cock spunk my
hole; he did me so fucken hard. I started to leak and he covered my butt
with his tongue. Shit he wanted what I loved; sucking fresh cum out of a
well-fucked hole. I let him have a good mouth full of his sperm and shot
again as he fucked his tongue inside my dirty arse.

I'd love to have you again. You come here often? He asked."

"Yea, that was cool, loved shooting in you and you gave me the best fuck!
I'd love to have you do it in me whenever you want you're fucking
great. I'm here most afternoons. I loved sucking your cock and arse too
man, you taste fucken great and the kid's cum and mine came out of your
hole in fucken buckets, I swallowed it all. "

"I do son, and I've got mates who would love you to fuck them and they'll
give you a good fucking. You are so tight and they love dicking a kid's
arse. You want to do them too? You're very hot and I bet you'd love having
other men to screw."

"Yea, I would. Can we do it tomorrow? They let me suck their holes too? I
got used to arse when I was very young, now I want to suck manhole every
time I fuck. They like to have me lick their bums? Then they can all fuck
me. I love taking hot man cock and if they do it like you I will be so full
of juice. Fuck I can't wait."

"Of course son. Meet me at the toilet near the park, you know the one. I
want to get the kids cum up me, you can watch, knowing you can fuck into it
again. You're hot son. I'll take you home after I get a good fucking with
the kids; it's safer than the bushes near the shit-house or in this cubicle
I'd hate to be discovered taking boy cock or fucking your hot arse over a
shit house pan. Want to do that?"

"Uh, I haven't done that before usually I fuck with men in the toilet, but
yeah, that'd be good. You'll let me watch the kids root you. That's hot,
they ever get fucked?"

"My mates will be at home waiting for me, you'll be in such demand and your
cock and balls will be sucked and loved so much. I don't know if the kids
ever take it. You want to have them?"

"I don't know, but I sure want to watch you get fucked by young kids. Your
mates in your house sound hot. You sure they want a kid to play with and
take my prick in their bums like you did and let me suck their cocks and
lick their holes? You reckon they will have cum in their butts for me so
suck then want to fuck me?"

"Yea, you can be sure they will. They'll eat your cock and balls and line
up to be fucked by your hot boy cock. If you want to suck their butts
they'll love it son. You like rimming then?"

"What's that?"

"Have your arse hole licked and sucked?"

"Yea, so it's called rimming, didn't know that. I love having my hole
licked, told you that and I love doing it to guys and sucking my cum out of
their fucked holes."

" My mates love rimming young boys. You'll get the best feelings ever."

"Each time you stick your cock up a man's hole the others will take turns
licking you out and rubbing your arms and body with your bum juice. They,
like me, love smelling boy juices especially when the kid has his prick up
their bum fucking and spunking."

"I've done it with 3 men a lot and still do. They make me cum and fuck me
hard you sure your guys want to do it with a boy? Change places and let me
put my cock in their shitty holes? I'm a dirty kid."

"Yea," the man assured me. "They love changing places and will put their
arse holes over your cock and your mouth and let you have a few hard
thrusts, not letting you cum until you've been inside all of them. Each
time you fuck into a hole your arse will be sucked out. I know you'll love
it son and you can suck their holes like you sucked mine, while your
fucking. I know you're a dirty boy and want to have your face up sloppy
arse holes. You can have as much as want with me, and my friends. We'll
cover your face with sloppy goo, then take your cock up our holes."

"Sounds hot, yea, I'd like to try it as long as they have lots of arse goo
to give me. I love man juice. They've got to fuck me too. You sure they
will want to fuck my small arse hole like you did, It was great man. I love
being done like that, so hard and you were in deep. You sure they want to
fuck a boy like me. They got big cocks?"

"I've got two friends who'll be there and me so that's three bums to fuck
and three mouths eating your boy-pussy. How does that sound? You can eat
their bums they'll love a kid sucking their greasy shit-holes especially a
hottie like you. Yea they have very thick cocks. I know 'cause they give me
a good fucking but doing in a boy's arse is a real dream. Son they will
fuck the shit out of you. You'll get rooted on my bed and if you thought I
was deep inside you, they'll make you take thicker and longer cocks than
mine. You'll have spunk running down your legs and a very bruised
crack. You'll get three hot man-cocks fucking your tight crotch all
afternoon if you can take it."

"Wow 3 men with bigger cocks than yours doing it in me! I love it man, so
much and the men taking my dick, and sucking me, fuck I'm hot thinking
about it. They want to rub my juice over me too? That's great, I like
smelling my sweat and sometimes I rub my spunk over my arms and legs. It
makes me shoot up when I'm by myself but having some men do it to me will
be so cool. Yea I want to do it. Eating their bums is one hot time, I want
it man."

"Good, that's settled then. Come to the park tomorrow and watch me get
fucked; then we'll go to my place, my bum will be so full of cum that I'll
leak every where, you can suck the boy-cum out of me if you want. My
friends like to suck boy cock and arse, they can get there tongues pretty
deep into a horny boy hole and make him juice. You are one fucken gorgeous
sexy boy. They will love your body and won't want to stop fucking your very
tight hole. You're the best kid I've every fucked. You know how to use your
arse, making it ride as you take it deeper. Fuck kid you will be drilled
all afternoon."

"I want it man. I'm hot and ready it sounds good. I want to have cock in
me; they can root me all day. I love being done very hard and having it
with your guys will be so hot, long as they make my hole open and eat me so
I'm wet for their cocks. I love being dicked by men who know how to root a

"Hell yeah son. You'll have a very hot time.

The man pulled his trousers over his leaky bum and left the cubicle. I was
washed in spunk and juice all over my arms and over my cock. I didn't clean
up, just dressed and staggered home after having my bum fucked so hard.

I tried to sleep but couldn't. I spread my legs, fingering my hole thinking
about the fucks I'd had with the guys in the cubicle. Now I'd have more men
doing it in me. Shit I wanted it. I love being held and screwed. The boys
fucked too, I knew the man was going to get it I wanted it as well, fuck I
was as hot for kid cock as I was for men.

I sprang out of bed hard as a rock, as usual but held back shooting my
load, I wanted to keep it for the men and hoped they had plenty for
me. Having lots of boy dick up me would be so cool.

I washed and dressed very casually in my big baggy jeans and floppy top. I
spiked my hair, said goodbye to mum and set out for the park toilet. Sure
enough my man friend was there, waiting. He nodded to me and put his finger
to his mouth stopping me approaching him. The boys were walking towards
the shit-house; I counted 5! They saw the guy and surrounded him.

I watched as they led him into the bushes and stripped him. They played
with his cock, laid him on his stomach and fingered his hole. He was out of
it as the boys took turns shoving their hands in his arse hole.

One kid about 9 I reckoned had his arm deep inside the man. He was up to
his elbow fucking the man's shit hole it was hot to watch. The others urged
him to fuck even deeper. The man moaned, lifting his arse to take more of
the young boy's arm and screamed as the kid pushed, fucking hard vibrating
his limb right up his loose butt. The other boys pushed the kid over the
man's body and yelled approval as the 9-year-old used his arm like a prick
and fucked it into this arse. He pissed over the man as he fucked his arm
up his bum hole.

"Open your fingers kid ram it son, fucking do me, finger me, do it deep kid
and fucking hard. Keep shoving your arm hard up my sloppy hole and I want
cock in my mouth while I get this hot fucking, give me a couple of cocks to
suck. Then double fuck me boys, you'll love having your cocks rubbing
against each other in my shit-hole. Fuck son I love your arm in me. You are
so hot, do it hard son and use your fingers to rub me, fucking feel my deep
man hole."

The kids stripped sporting nice boy boners. I leaked a bit watching them
use the guy. One kid put his dick in my friend's mouth as the young kid
kept fucking his arm into his butt. He pulled out, and then each kid fucked
young boy-sperm up his sloppy arse. All the boys took turns spilling their
seed and he sucked their arses as another boy used his butt to make
boy-sperm. He couldn't speak just take boy-cock and they really fucked it
to him. I pulled hard watching the spectacle. He was leaking so much when
the boys finished his butt was red and sloppy. They fingered him and then
they laughed, promising to do him the next day. I was amazed to see him
raise his head and plead with them to do it again and bring other boys to
the same place. His butt was coated in boy-cream and more leaked as the
kids forced his butt to shit. He did, the kids watched, deeply fascinated
that they had shot so much into his loose hole.

Then the boys horsed around, dressed and ran away. I left my cover and told
the guy that I'd seen it all.

"I loved it son. I'm so fucked if you want to have a taste of young boy
juice put your mouth over my well-fucked arse. I'm leaking you can have a
good drink of boy-goo. Fuck they're good. If they've got more mates I'll
stay on my knees for ever!"

I bent over his hole and opened my mouth. He shot boy-cream and arse-juice
into me; I swallowed loving the creamy nasty goo going down my throat. The
young 9 year-old arm-fucker crept through the bushes and held his shitty
limb over my nose. I licked him and urged him to do me. He shoved his
little cock in my mouth and fingered my bum hole. I went fucken mad and
screamed at him to push into me. His few golden arm hairs were almost brown
in colour. He smelled so musky and had that young boy aroma about him.

The man wanted his butt done but I pissed him off, it was so hot having a 9
year old boy's fingers pushing into my dirty hole. The kid kept screwing
and pushed his slim arm up my fuck slit. I screamed with the pain, but fuck
it was hot. I covered his arm with my shit and he fucked into it. I
screamed and the kid didn't care just kept fucking. I wanted to have a cock
do me but this was too much. He opened his hand inside my dirty hole and
did my gland with his fingers. The man held me as I lost it, cumming as the
kid fingered my gland. He was a real hottie and kept rubbing so I kept

The man had to hold me down as I got the hottest time in my hole. The kid
rammed; fuck he was a horny then he pissed over me as he fucked. I couldn't
take any more and yelled at him to stop. He fingered me even deeper and his
arm kept its hard fucking. Shit if I wanted to have kid cock I was wrong! I
wanted this boy's arm up me and never wanted him to stop. I shot and shot
and the man held me very tight. He wanted to see me take the kid and keep
cumming. I did and the boy didn't stop.

I wanted the man to fuck my armpit. I told him how I could use my armpit
with the pit hair to make a nice friction while he fucked, sliding his cock
along the crack. I often times would finger fuck myself and then rub my
finger under my armpit to make a pasty like mixture to increase the
friction while some kid fucked my armpit real good. I would close my arm
tight against my side causing his cock to feel like it was in a vice. The
tight grip coupled with my armpit hairs made the fucking cock feel like I
was being massaged from all sides. I had several other ideas to show but
wanted my arse finger again as I was feeling that itch of wanting yet
another man cock deep into my arse or into my armpit. Should I tell them
about using mustard and some salad dressing mixtures to make the smell of
butt juices even better? Yes I thought, of course, that's why I have to
have man cock 24/7 at my age.

My boy-hole got the best fucking as the man rubbed his prick in my armpit.
I felt the wetness of hot man spunk as I took yet another pounding from the
kid. I pushed my butt over his arm and he fucken had a dry cum as his cock
pushed into my balls. I felt his cock surge but no cum leapt out of it. The
man's sperm ran down my arms coating my body. The kid pulled out of my sore
butt and he sucked the sperm. He wanted to do it with me lots more. The man
asked him to join us at his house. The kid agreed so we dressed rather
sloppily, me especially 'cause I was a real mess, covered in cum and barely
able to walk after the fist fuck. Shit I wanted it again! The kid held me
as we walked to the man's car. He wanted me to do it in his butt and told
me how good I felt cumming and fucking his arm. I wanted more in my hole
and the kid was the same. Fuck he took cock and fists at his age!

We went with the man and met his friends. They were naked and hard. Shit I
couldn't wait to get at their pricks nor could the kid.

To be continued, love to hear what you think email me and give me some
suggestions if you want.

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