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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Boys Are Better

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 12:32:34 -0400
From: Moore
Subject: Boys are Better




The handsome teenager was stark naked in the hotel room,
anxiously awaiting the arrival of a man he had never met.
Excited too, quite obviously, with a cock ring around his
throbbing erection and metal rods through each distended
nipple. The aroused young boy was an ardent homosexual,
shamelessly submissive and obscenely obedient to the
whims of demanding clients. A willing whore, if you will,
a playful pleasure boy with an insatiable appetite for
salacious sex.

Many have had him during the past six years; used him for
oral and anal sex, abused him and often times humiliated
him to fulfill their erotic fantasies. Heterosexual men,
like the man he was waiting to serve, were the men he
desired to please with his body and soul. He would prove
once again this night that boys are better.

Chapter One

I was ten years old and clueless about any kind of sex
when my cousin Ron had me give him a blow job. We were
skinny dipping in the pond near his parent's farm, an
exciting new experience for a boy from the city. I
couldn't stop staring at his tanned body and especially
his large cock. Ron was sixteen years old and his cock
was the first mature cock I had ever seen. Well, he
noticed my all happened so fast, and the
next thing I knew I was on my bare knees between Ron's
hairy legs and his rapidly rising cock was in my face.

"Blow me, Steven," he said, smiling down at me. So I
pursed my lips and blew on his cock.

"No, not like that," he chuckled. "Take it in your mouth
and suck it. C'mon, Steven, be a pal and suck my dick."

Ron was my idol so I automatically did whatever he said.
I took him in my mouth and sucked. The shaft felt so good
sliding between my lips and the head on my tongue made me
tingle all over. What can I say that hasn't been said by
every homosexual about his first encounter with another
boy. I loved Ron's dick in my mouth.

Ron liked it too, especially when I swirled my tongue
around the head and sucked extra hard. Within minutes he
started to shake all over and grunt loudly that he was
getting close.

Close to what I had no idea so I just kept on sucking.
Then his dick surged and he flooded my mouth with heavy
spurts of warm cum. I swallowed that entire load without
thinking and nearly fell over when Ron pulled his dick
from my mouth.

"Great blow job," he said while helping me to my feet.
"You've done it before, huh?"

"Done what?" I asked, dazed from the exciting experience.

"A blow job. Sucked a guy's cock."

"No, no, I've never done it before."

"You seemed to like sucking my cock... a lot," Ron said.
"And you swallowed my cum. Would you blow me again?"

My mouth was all tingly with the taste of his cum when I
said, "Sure, Ron. I'd blow you again if you want me to."

He wanted me to, of course. Two, three, sometimes four
blow jobs a day. I really liked how his cock grew hard in
my mouth and sucking him and swallowing his cum. Ron's
dick and my mouth became very good friends.

Over the next few weeks of the summer my mouth became
acquainted with four other local boys who came to the
pond to go skinny dipping. Desire overcame shyness so Ron
let me suck him off while they watched. Then they lined
up for a turn in my cockİfriendly mouth. Five loads of
cum and they all tasted different.

I gave them all blow jobs almost every day. What great
fun we all had with me sucking cock, until I got a lesson
in what it meant to be a cocksucker.

Dan was the first guy to laugh out loud and call me a
cocksucker and a faggot when he saw me on my knees
sucking Ron's cock by the side of the pond. He was older
than the other boys, a hunky college guy with a big dick
and an even bigger ego.

"Who's the cocksucker?" He asked Ron while I continued to

"My cousin, Steven," Ron replied. "He's here for the

"Kind of young to be a faggot."

Cocksucker was easy for me to understand and readily
accept. I didn't know what a faggot was or that I was
one. I found out soon enough.

"A faggot in the family. How convenient when you want
your dick sucked."

"He's not really a faggot," Ron said.

Dan's laughter scared the birds from the trees. "And
that's not really your fucking cock in his mouth. Your
cousin sucks cock which makes him a faggot. And when
you're done screwing his mouth I just might let him go
down on my dick."

"Only if he wants to," Ron said a moment later after
cumming in my mouth.

"He'll want to," Dan replied confidently. "He'll want to
because he's a faggot and faggots need to suck dick."

I stayed down on my knees as Dan replaced Ron in front of
me. His dick was hard, throbbing in his cutİoffs. I knew
he'd be big and I also knew that he was right. I not only
wanted his dick throbbing in my mouth, but I needed to
suck Dan's dick.

"You want my dick, cocksucker," he said, more a statement
than a question. "You do want to suck it and eat me cum."

"Yes," I said eagerly, taking the first small step on the
slippery slope of sexual servitude.

"Yes what, faggot?"

Dan smiled broadly when I promptly replied, "I'm a faggot
and I want to suck your cock."

Ron and his friends were happy with blow jobs and cumming
in my mouth. Dan wanted much more than a friendly blow
job and I gave him everything he wanted. Towards the end
of the summer, bent naked over the hood of his car, I
gave him my cherry ass.

To this day I remember the pain as Dan entered me and the
warm, full feeling that quickly followed when he thrust
his dick all the way in. He fucked me hard and my dick
got hard. He fucked me deep and I pushed back for more
dick. He came inside me and I came without touching

"Please fuck me again," I begged after sucking Dan to a
new erection.

"A cocksucker and a pussy boy too," Dan replied as he put
my legs on his shoulders. He laughed when I guided his
stiff dick to my slick hole and said, "What a fag."


For the next three years I was a friendless fellow, a
frustrated fag without a cock to suck or fuck me. The
boys at elementary school were just boys and I didn't
have the nerve to ask one of the teachers for his dick.
Junior high school, the onset of puberty, wet dreams and
frequent masturbation changed innocent boys into sexual
demons. Sex was suddenly on every boy's mind, a blow job
in every boy's wet dream. I made those dreams come true
for almost every boy at school and the class cocksucker
was crowned.

I have kept my title now that I'm in high school, adding
pussy boy to my list of accomplishments. Girls are little
competition for the cock I crave because I am not only a
fag...I'm a slut.


The conventional belief shared by heterosexual males is
that a guy sucking another guy's cock or a guy letting
another guy fuck him in the ass are the ultimate acts of
submission, humiliation and self degradation that one
male can perform for another male. Homosexual boys who
willingly perform these sexual acts for heterosexuals
believe quite differently...which is what historically
defines all of them as homos, fruits, fags, queers or gay
depending on the era. Homosexuality is the religion and
cock the almighty god.

A straight man has a choice. He can make gentle love to
a woman in bed at night or use any queer boy however,
wherever and whenever he wants sexual pleasure and
release. Either choice can be equally satisfying, though
queer boys have an edge. Women can give decent head. It's
not that difficult to learn to suck a dick IF she is
willing to service a man in that way, a very big IF.

Forget about deep throat, ejaculating in her mouth or
doing it from her knees. Women do have self lubricating
pussies which have been extremely well designed by mother
nature to accommodate an erect penis. And women have nice
pillowy breasts which can be a lot of fun, though she
will likely object to cum on her tits and metal rings
through her nipples.

Queer boys give better head, ball work included, and will
gladly get naked and suck dick from a kneeling position.
Queer boys will go down on a man any place he wants: in
his home, office or hotel, in his car, in the locker room
at his club all sweaty from a workout, privately or with
pals watching the blow job and waiting for a turn in the
cocksucker's mouth. Queer boys expect to drink piss from
a cock, choke if the cock is large and wants to go deep,
and swallow a straight man's sperm without question or

Faggots can be fucked with great satisfaction, though the
alternative, extremely tight ass pussies on a boy require
some advanced preparation. Try shoving a thick dildo or
butt plug or a yardİlong string of anal beads, much less
a big dick into a woman's ass and see how lovingly she
reacts. A fag will kiss your feet and say thank you for
all the humiliation and abuse, then spread his legs to be

Fags will take it out, unzipping a fly and pulling down
a pair of shorts is like opening a present. Fags, unlike
women, are never disappointed with the generous gift of
a man's cock even if the gift is small. The thought is
what counts, the thought of sucking that dick or being
fucked by that dick until it gives up its wonderful

Women may be good for sex, but boys are better.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Boys Are Better