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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Chris Series - Chris 3

Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 18:28:53 -0500
Subject: Chris, chapter three

This story is a work of fiction. It never happened. Don't read it if you do
not like gay man on man or man on boy sex.

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(M/b, M/M, t/b)

After Ryan's talk with Chris that night as they sat in his old pick-up
truck in their driveway, right after he and his garage work buddies had had
sex with the boy, he just knew he had to track down Debbie's brother Mike
and get the whole, horny story from him.

It took him a couple of weeks to get the young stud alone. Mike looked just
like an older copy of Chris. Same long blond hair, tied back in a
pony-tale. Same thin, well-tanned body. They even shared the same sparkling
blue eyes. Now in his early 20's, Chris' uncle Mikey was a older, sexier,
but just as cute, version of his young nephew. After a few frosty beers
and Ryan's admission that he had enjoyed the little blond boy's hot body
too, Mike opened up and shared the story of how Chris had grown up and even
who his real dad was.

"My dad, Henry, Chris' granddad, had me and my sister Debbie when he was
still in high school." Mike's story began. "We had different moms and we
lived with them. When I was about nine or so, my mom got married and I
moved in with my dad full time. Debbie didn't move in until she was 13 or
so--she's a year older than me--so it was just me and him for several

"We had just a small, one-bedroom place back then. I slept on the couch the
first few nights. One night there was a big thunderstorm and I crawled into
bed with my dad. Henry (my dad) was maybe in his early 30's at the time. He
worked construction and was tall and thin but real strong. He kept his head
shaved, with a furry mustache and goatee. He always smelled like sweat and
work. I looked up to him and loved him so much. He was a gentle man--with
me anyway, I've seen him in a few fights and he can be a mean fucker--but
he had no trouble holding me and hugging me and stuff."

"So anyway I crawled in and snuggled close as the thunder boomed
outside. He just held me tight to his smooth chest as the storm
continued. I felt safe and happy and soon fell asleep. Much later that
night I woke to the bed shaking. I thought the storm was still going on but
it wasn't raining anymore. My head was still on daddy's chest, my hand down
near his boxers. The shaking was my daddy stroking his big dick. I guess he
was horny."

"Now I had discovered the fun of jerking off too and was happy that my dad
did it--made me feel that it was normal or something I guess. Of course my
own little nine year old dick got hard at the thought of dad jerking
off. In the dim light I could see that the covers were down by our legs and
I was shocked to see how huge daddy's dick was in the moonlight. I just had
to touch it."

"Daddy jumped a little when he felt my small hand wrap around his dick. My
fingers barely touched it was so thick. I wanted to help him jerk it, so I
moved my little nine year old hand up and down in time to his
strokes. "Yeah, that's a good boy." He moaned as my hand went up and down
on his hot dick. I felt if pulse as daddy came. Hot, wet sperm splattered
all over his shorts, his flat belly, my hand and arm, and some even landed
on my chin. Course I couldn't cum yet but the feel of my daddy's juice
hitting me made my rock-hard boy prick shake as I had a super dry
cum. "Good boy, Mikey, good boy. You liked that as much as daddy did,
didn't you, you little shit?" Daddy laughed at me."

Mike stopped to take a drink. Ryan had to adjust his hard dick in his tight
jeans. Ok, Ryan didn't know what this had to do with Chris, but the story
was sure damn exciting so far! Looking at the thin young guy sitting next
to him on the old, dirty couch, Ryan noticed the family resemblance he had
to Chris. They really did look so much alike. As they sat in the
screened-in porch on the back of Debbie's and Ryan's rented house, Mike
continued the story.

"Then dad surprised me even more. He pulled me up to him, my face to his,
and licked the warm cum off my chin. I could see his handsome, rough face
in the dark, his blue eyes shinning as he tasted his own sperm. His sticky
fingers went to his soft lips and his tongue ran over the rough flesh,
sucking them clean. I felt his other hand moved over my arm. He wiped up
the spunk that had landed on my little hand and arm with his fingers. Daddy
paused as he brought the used sperm to his mouth. "Taste?" Was all he

"My own little boy prick was stone-hard again. I just stuck my tongue
out. Dad's gooey fingers hovered over my out-stretched tongue. Teasing
me. I grabbed his strong hand with both my little ones and pulled his
sticky fingers to my mouth. One taste of daddy-sperm and I was hooked for

"As I licked his fingers clean, dad's arm shook. With a loud "Oh fuck!" dad
pulled me up on top of his lean body. He guided his lips to mine and we
kissed--our first real kiss, not as dad and son but as lovers and fuck

"The first kiss was soft and gentle. The second was longer and I felt his
tongue press against my lips. The third found his tongue in my mouth and
his strong hands sliding my shorts off, quickly followed by his. The forth
found me on my back with him on top, his big daddy dick snuggling between
my smooth little legs. My hard boy-prick poked his flat, muscular belly."

"Dad kissed his way down my thin little body. I felt his teeth on my
nipples as he playfully chewed them. My young nine year old body was on
fire from all these new feelings. Daddy then took all of my boy-prick in
his mouth and sucked hard. My little legs wrapped around his shaved head as
I had another super hard dry cum. My whole body shook."

" "You like that, don't you, baby boy?" Daddy laughed. He moved back up and
held me close as I calmed down. I could smell his sweat, feel his big
monster daddy-dick poke my thigh. I was still stone-hard. So was he. "You
wanna make daddy feel that good, too, baby boy?" He lustily asked me. "You
don't have to, but daddy sure would like you to, son.""

"What could I say? I slid down his hot body, kissing him like he had kissed
me. His nipples were all hard and pointy as I sucked on them. Daddy tensed
as I explored his slender, lean body. He stretched his arms over his head,
letting me see the thin blond fur in his sweat soaked pits. Daddy was
sweating from having his nine year old son explore his hot body, knowing
deep in his mind how wrong this was, but also knowing how far he hoped to
it would go."

"With both my little hands wrapped tight around his thick dick, I took the
sticky head in my virgin mouth and tasted cock for the first time. My nine
year old tongue loved the taste of daddy-dick. So sticky with leaking
pre-cum and hot and throbbing and yummy. I tried to suck the whole thing
into my mouth like he had done to me, but ended up choking. "Slow down,
baby boy, just relax and enjoy the taste." Daddy whispered, his voice all
funny. "You have lots of time to learn to suck it deep, son." I let it fall
out of my mouth, then began kissing down the length of it."

Mike grinned at Ryan. Both were by now sporting rock-hard boners in their
jeans. Mike had been slowly stroking the length of his hard dick through
his pants. Ryan's dark eyes watching every movement of his fingers on the
worn fabric. His own dick was wet, hot and uncomfortable in his own tight

"Dad is really hung. It seemed even bigger to me cause it was the first
man-prick I'd ever seen." Mike smiled at Ryan. "Maybe almost eleven inches
long, and thick, dude."

"Like dad, like son?" Ryan grinned back, seeing the long outline in the
younger guy's jeans.

"Yeah, want to see?"

"Damn, yeah."

"Sure, but you going to have to take care of it for me, Ryan buddy." Mike
moaned. "Take yours out and stroke, too, dude."

Both men yanked their jeans down around their ankles. Neither wore
underwear. Mike's dick was almost nine inches long, thick and uncut. Ryan
reached for it and started stroking it. Mike took a cold sip of his beer
and continued the story.

"Dad's pubic hair, soft and fuzzy, was my next discovery. I ran my little
fingers, then my lips and tongue through it. Wet and sticky from sweat and
his first load but I loved the taste. Then I kissed his balls. He moaned
again. "Oh, damn, my baby boy sucking the balls that made him! Fuck!"
Daddy's dick got hotter and harder in my hand as I tasted his furry balls."

" "Daddy's going to shoot, baby boy, get your hot little mouth over the
head if you really want to taste your daddy`s cum." He suddenly grunted. I
did as he told me, wanting to taste his hot cum again, and anyways I always
did as he told me. My lips stretched around his throbbing head and I got my
first tasty mouthful of daddy sperm. Spurts of hot man-juice filled my
mouth as I tried to swallow it all. Daddy-cum ran down my chin, slid down
my young throat and made me his cocksucker for life. I became a cum-slut
that stormy summer night so many years ago, right from the first taste of
my daddy's cum."

"Yeah, suck it Ryan." Mike grunted.

Ryan, turned on as much as Mike from the story, was on his knees, his
girlfriends' brother's cock down his sucking throat. After the other day's
fun with the guy's at work, Ryan was over pussy. He craved cock. He lusted
after cum. And he planned on sucking Mike's big boner dry.

"Daddy held me close after I licked up all his sperm. "I love you, Mikey."
He whispered to me before we both drifted off to sleep. From that night on
I slept with him. My before sleep treat of his sperm keeping my tummy warm
all night. He like to try to see how many times he could get me off,
too. He'd wear me out sucking my little boy-prick off."

"On my tenth birthday, he took my virgin ass and made it his. He'd been
playing with it for a month or so. Rimming me, sticking his fingers and
then other things in me. Getting me ready. Daddy was showing me dirty
magazines and videos by now, showing me men and boys and men and men
sucking and fucking and everything. He even brought some guy home one
night, and, as I hide in his bedroom closet, fucked the shit out of him. I
even sneaked into the room for a better view after daddy had the guy down
on his belly, his face buried in the pillows, his big daddy dick was all
the way inside him. I wanted daddy in me after I saw that."

"Daddy made it real special that night, took me out for pizza then let me
have a beer when we got home. Then a second to relax me. I was high by the
time he was sliding that huge thing inside my virgin butt. It burnt it hurt
so much. I screamed as he bottomed out deep inside me, all eleven inches of
daddy-dick filling my little 10 year old body. But he held still, until my
own lust took over and then we fucked. His strong, lean body over mine as
he raped my virgin butt. He fucked me for a long time, then filled me up
with his hot daddy-sperm."

"I don't know how he lasted so damn long, hell, when I took Chris' little
virgin butt, I came in like 10 seconds!" Mike moaned. "Course, he was way
younger than me. Damn, Ryan, you do suck dick like a pro. Almost as good as
my nephew, even."

Ryan had his nose buried in the sweaty blond hairs surrounded Mike's long
dick. He could feel the big prick pulse deep in his sore throat. Mike's
hands were running through Ryan's short hair as he sucked. The thought of
this big cock taking little Chris' virginity was so fucking hot.

Mike, thinking back to his own deflowering as well as young Chris',
moaned. His dick started feeding Ryan his hot sperm. His sister's guy kept
his long prick deep down his throat as Mike shot off. Ryan choked as he
swallowed, but he loved it. The feel of hot cum oozing down his throat from
the young dude's long prick made his own cock want to shoot off, too. Ryan
started wildly stroking his hard meat.

"Dude, cum in my mouth, stud." Mike moaned.

Ryan got up off his knees and placed the throbbing head of his leaking dick
onto the younger dude's out-stretched tongue. Ryan's knees shook as he saw
his sperm coat the hot guy's tongue. His own girlfriend's little brother
was swallowing his sperm!

After Mike drained the remaining juice from his new buddy's dick, they
shared a tasty, cum-flavored kiss. Their mouths locked together as they
shared Ryan's spunk. They kissed until they ran out of breath, not to
mention after sharing and swallowing Ryan's load .

Ryan sat back on the dirty old sofa as he waited for Mike to continue the
story. He drank the rest of his now warm beer as the younger dude finished
his own drink. Mike surprised him as he lay his head, covered with long
dirty blond hair so much like young Chris', on Ryan's white tee-shirt
covered chest. Mike's bright blue eyes sparkled as he went on with his
horny tale.

"Ok, where was I? Oh, yeah, dad had just popped my cherry butt. So I was 10
years old and my dad's fuck buddy. That was so cool. Even better, he
started sharing me with his friends. Ryan, man, I bet you've never felt so
damn horny and wild as I did when my dad fucked me in front of his work

"Anyway, that went on for a couple of years. Dad even swallowed my first
load. His hot mouth sucked down my pre-teen sperm like it was fresh
beer. Course dad had his adult friends, both guys and girls, that he fucked
around with. I had some buddies too, mostly older guys he set me up
with. Tell you, I was damn pissed when I found out how much dough he made
renting my young 10 year old body out! But hell, it was fun and it paid for
my first ride. Still pays well, too."

"Then when I was 13, Debbie came to live with us. Her mom ended up in jail
and dad took her in. Some bad shit must of went down, she was pretty
screwed up. Her mom was on drugs and selling herself and shit. Debbie was
14, a real bitch some times, but hell, she's my sister. We all actually got
along ok."

"Dad and I were still screwing maybe once a week at that time. I had my
friends, hot older guys who paid well to have fun with me. After a couple
of rough months with me and Debbie fighting, things got better. Right after
my 14th birthday, I found out why. Dad was screwing Debbie."

" I got up one night, with a raging hard teen dick, and went to dad's room
in hope of one of his fantastic blow jobs. Looked in through the open door
and saw my 15 year old half-sister getting screwed hard by dad. I was
angry, hurt, confused, but still a horny teen. My dick shot off as I heard
dad moan. He shouted that he was filling his little slut-girl with his
daddy juice. I snuck back to bed and cried myself to sleep."

"The next few weeks I was moody and nasty. Turned down dad's offer of a fun
night with him and his buddies, even. Finally Debbie got mad and yelled at

"You little prick, what the fuck is your problem?" She snapped.

"You, you bitch!" I snarled back.

"Little bro, what's a matter? Daddy not screwing your little gay butt

"You're the bitch he's screwing!" I yelled back.

"Damn right, baby bro, why should you get all the fun with daddy's big
cock?" She smiled. "I love dick as much as you do, Mikey."

I was pissed of, hurt and confused. She knew dad and I screwed around?"

Mike paused to run his hand under Ryan's shirt. He was kind of pleased with
himself for bedding his sister's new boyfriend, even if they had yet to get
in bed and fuck! But he planned on getting the hot dude even more horny and
then drag him to bed. Poor Mike didn't realize that Ryan was so over girls
by now that he would do it with him if he just kissed him some more.

"We talked some more. I found out she had seen me and dad fucking one night
and got jealous. Of me! She wanted some of daddy's hot dick. Debbie told me
she was no virgin either the first time she and dad did it, that she had
been screwing around with her mom's boyfriends since she was maybe 8. We
laughed and cried together, then shared stories of dad and us doing it. She
told me that she wished dad had been her first, too, like he was with
me. She told me she loved him and me and that it was cool to have a gay
little brother, though I was so cute she sometimes wished I liked girls."

" "Debbie, I don't know if I'm gay or straight or what the shit I am? I've
never done it with a girl even." I told her I was confused and didn't know
if I was gay--ok, I admit that I just didn't really want to be a faggot at
14. She comforted me and one thing led to the other and we fucked."

"You fucked Debbie? Your own sister?" Ryan asked, surprised and hornier
than ever.

"Sure, me and my slut of a big sister fucked for months. It was ok, though
I guess I was just a horny teen. It didn't feel anything as great as when I
did it with a guy, hell, I never even could cum inside her." Mike told the
hot young stud.

"Anyway, dad finally caught us one night. He was fucking pissed! Slapped me
around even. Debbie and I were so freaked out, after all, he'd been
screwing us both. Turned out he was scared I'd get her pregnant. Dad had a
vasectomy after I was born so he knew he couldn't get her knocked up. But I
sure could. Dad finally calmed down after we told him we'd been screwing
for months and nothing had happened. He did go out and get a pregnancy test
to make sure, but we were ok. Or so we thought anyway."

Mike looked up at Ryan, his bright blue eyes meeting the handsome guy's
dark ones. Ryan bent down for a kiss. Though he wasn't too bright, he kind
of figured what was coming next.

"Well, Debbie and me kept screwing around. Dad tried to keep me busy making
money by selling my ass, and working with some guys who took pictures of me
and sold them on the internet. I guessed he thought so long as I was a
horny little teen slut, he'd make the most of it and make some easy cash,
plus so long as I was busy shooting my spunk with some hot guy, I wouldn't
be screwing my big sister. And I did love cock! He kept Debbie busy riding
his big `ol daddy dick most nights."

Mike paused to kiss Ryan back, their tongues playing with each
other. Ryan's strong arms felt good around him, helping Mike relax as he
told the whole story for maybe the first time in his young life.

"But I missed daddy's cock, too. And playing with my big sister as well. So
one night, after we all went out to dinner and dad had a few more beers
than he should, I stripped and climbed into their rocking bed. Both were
surprised but neither tried to stop me. Hell, I knew Debbie wanted me to
play with them, she'd talked about it enough. To make a long story short,
dad ended up fucking me hard while I poked deep into Debbie . His hard dick
sent me over the edge and I came up inside her, the first time I ever did
get off inside her pussy."

"By the end of the night, I had shot maybe three loads into her. My ass was
dripping daddy sperm as we fell asleep. Then we did it again the next
morning. That's when I moaned out loud about it being so great to finally
cum inside her. Dad literally froze when I groaned that. All those months
of us screwing and me not getting off in her had kept us safe. The plus
sign on the home pregnancy test a week later showed how much trouble we
were in."

"So your Chris' dad?" Ryan asked, not really knowing what to think now.

"Sure the fuck I am, stud. My nephew is my own son." Mike smiled.

"Dad said "no fucking way" to the thought of an abortion. We would raise
the kid together and just keep quiet about who was the dad. And that's what
we did. Me and Debbie being half-siblings protected Chris from any nasty
health shit. He's grown up thinking I'm his uncle. I'm cool with it cause
I've always been part of his life. It sucks I'm heading out west in a few
weeks for work. I worry about the boy a lot, Debbie can still be a damn
bitch! Though I think you know that, stud, don't you?"

"Damn fuck. I thought you two looked a lot alike." Ryan admitted.

"You cool with all this, stud? Still like me?" Mike teased.

"Sure, handsome." Ryan answered. "I'm just dying to hear about Chris' first
time, dude. Bet that's a hot fucking story!"

"His first time? That would be hard to actually figure, dude. Chris grew up
a cocksucker, just like his dad! Though he started much younger." Mike said
as he started the next part of the story.

"Dad did most of the child care when Chris was little. We were still in
school and too busy. Dad insisted that we finish high school. He had
finally retired on his army pension, working only part time now and then
doing construction for friends and stuff. That first summer, when Chris was
maybe 10 months old, I was taking care of him while dad worked and Debbie
went out and screwed around. She was a lousy mother, even then. Having
Chris had left her unable to get pregnant again from all the problems of
having a kid at 15. Which meant she could fuck anything and anyone in
site. Which she did."

"After the first few days I had to ask dad why Chris would fuss so much
when I gave him his bottle. I heated it up the way it was supposed to be
and everything. Dad laughed and told me I was leaving out his "special
ingredient" and that Chris didn't like the taste of plain baby formula. I
was shocked, then turned on big time when dad whipped out his big daddy
dick and squeezed it into the half-full bottle of formula. "My grandbaby
loves the special flavor my big dick gives his milk, son." Daddy laughed as
his sweaty, sticky dick filled the bottle to over-flowing. The formula
swirled around his now hard dick. "Course, the little guy loves his
granddad's sperms, too. Just like you, son." My eyes widen as dad proceeded
to milk out a quick load of daddy cum, grunting as it pulsed out of his
thick prick and flowed into his grandbaby's bottle. "Just heat it up and
serve, Mikey." He laughed again."

"He told me to do the same and Chris wouldn't fuss anymore. Of course, it
didn't take long before I, being a horny 15 year old teen boy, figured it
would be more fun to feed it to Chris straight from the source. At ten
months he was eager to suck anything--Debbie hadn't never even thought of
breast feeding him--and took to sucking dick as well as his old man did."

"The first time I put the head of my dripping teen dick to his lips, Chris
just opened up his cute little mouth and started sucking. He swallowed that
first load of my sperm just like baby formula, sucking down every drop and
wanting more. My 15 year old cock just fit into his little mouth. After a
month of sucking me almost every day, hell, more like two or three times a
day, he finally got the whole head in. But that was it. He was way too
little to do more than lick and suck the head."

"Debbie caught me one night with the head of my dick in our then 11 month
old son's sucking mouth. She just smiled and led her
current--for--the--night boyfriend to her room. His eyes wide from the site
of me feeding my dick to the little guy. Her shouts as he gave her a damn
hard fuck a few minutes later showing how turned on by the site of me
cumming in the little guy's mouth he'd become."

"Later that night as I was changing Chris to put him to bed, the young
jock--Debbie loves muscle boys--came into the nursery. He put his arm on my
shoulder and looked at Chris lying there, so cute butt naked. I suddenly
realized the young dude was as naked as Chris. "Fuck, Mikey, that was so
damn hot! Your little bro sucking your big cock, man, that's sick." He
whispered to me."

"Ok, when Chris was born and dad stopped working to take care of him, we
moved. Into a bigger house and a new school district. We told everyone that
Chris was our baby brother, not Debbie's and my kid. Easier and less
questions that way. Better for all of us, dad said."

"I looked down his hard-muscled body, seeing his hot cock poking up, aimed
for the baby lying naked on the changing table. "You think he'd suck me?"
He whispered again. "Sure, dude, he loves dick. Just don't try to shove in
deep, just put the head in his mouth." I laughed. The muscle jock was the
right height to just move his dick up to the baby lying naked in front of
us. The little slut reached his tiny hands to the rock-hard teen dick."

"The young dude moaned as the wet head of his prick entered the baby's
mouth. I placed one hand on Chris to make sure he was ok, and the other on
the hunk's flat, muscled stomach, to keep him from shoving that big prick
deep. I was stone-hard again as I watched him molest my son's tiny mouth
with his throbbing cock. One loud moan and the young stud was shooting his
juice into Chris' sucking mouth. My 11 month old baby boy sucked and
swallowed every drop."

"By this time, my hand had slid down to the jock's sweaty crotch. I held
his cut dick as it pulsed, sending more sperm deep into my boy's hungry
mouth. Not caring what the dude did, I bent and sucked his dick, going down
to the balls, wanting a taste of what my boy had just swallowed. The jock's
strong hands held my thin shoulders tight as I sucked, getting the last of
his juice."

"He suddenly pulled me off his dick and up so we were nose to nose. He
looked like he was about to punch me. His hands tightened around my thin
biceps. Then, with a horny sigh, he pulled me close and rammed his tongue
in my mouth. We spent the night in my big bed, fucking and sucking, with
Chris, still naked, lying on the bed watching."

"Ok, he was sleeping most of the time, but when we shook the bed or got
real loud, his big blue eyes would stare at us. David--the jock--finally
picked him up and lay him on my sweaty chest, Chris as naked as us. Then
the big hunk kissed my 11 month old baby boy on the mouth, tonguing the
little guy like we had done. He then gently kissed his way down Chris'
little naked body, sucking on his little pink nipples, before he sucked my
son's tiny dick."

"I tried not to laugh. Of course I'd tasted the little guy's prick
myself. Chris would giggle and squirm and wiggle around. Then he'd shake
and pee in my mouth. Which is what he was busy doing with David. But the
sexy jock was drinking down every drop!"

By this time Mikey had Ryan's dick in his hands and was stroking his
buddy. He could feel the dude's body heat as he got more and more
excited. Both knew Debbie wouldn't be home for hours and both were so
fucking horny. Mike led his sister's boyfriend into the house. The paused
to kiss in the kitchen. Then again as they looked in on the sleeping 7 year
old Chris. So cute snuggled up to his big stuffed dog in his little
bed. Then Mike took Ryan's hand and they went into the other bedroom. They
were soon nude, Mike on his back with Ryan lining up his dripping dick to
his girlfriend's baby brother's ass.

"Fuck me Ryan! Fuck me hard!" Mikey cried as he felt the hot stud's dick
slide in.

The fuck was quick and violent. Ryan rammed Mike's well used hole and
filled it with his sperm. Mikey soaked both of them with his cum.

As Ryan licked the sticky stuff off Mikey's thin body, the younger dude
continued the story.

"David dumped Debbie and we hung out. Ok, we fucked like rabbits. Most of
the time with Chris nearby or even between us. Debbie didn't care, she was
too busy screwing the rest of David's soccer team that year. We both helped
to "feed the baby", both straight from out dicks and always stroking off a
load or two into his baby bottle. Dad of course was doing the same. He
finally walked in on me and David screwing, my dick up the young jock's
tight hole, him holding little Chris on top of his head, his tiny baby boy
dick in David's mouth."

"Dad didn't say a word, he just stripped and joined us. David got all jumpy
as dad lay next to him. But he drooled when he saw dad's long dick. Then he
moaned as daddy lifted Chris off and lay him on his sexy, smooth
chest. Chris slid down until dad's long prick was between his little legs,
pointing straight up. Dad rubbed then 11-month-old Chris up and down his
dick, even going so far as to press the sticky head up to the baby's tight
little virgin butt."

"We both moaned as we watched. My dick pulsed inside David's tight
body. "Soon, baby boy, real soon and I'll pop that sweet cherry ass." Dad
moaned as his dick rubbed against Chris. He had one calloused finger in
Chris's sucking mouth--he'd suck just about anything--as he humped his
little ass. Then, as my sperm shot deep into the squirming jock under me,
dad slid that wet finger into my little boy. Up past the knuckle, deep into
the baby's tight butt. Chris just giggled. David was busy exploding spunk
all over his chiseled body. Dad's big dick turned dark red and covered
Chris' butt and back with his daddy juice."

"Dad moved Chris over to David's sticky body. The little slut's tongue came
out and licked the jock's used cum up. I bent and did the same to my little
guy. Sucking up dad's wonderful sperms. After we sucked up all the cum, dad
gently handed me my son, rolled my new boyfriend David over and fucked the
hell out of him. His cries of pain from dad's huge cock helped me give my
baby boy his afternoon snack."

Ryan and Mikey stood side by side, trying to piss with still hard
dicks. Mike's story of Chris's early childhood sexual fun had turned Ryan
on, almost as much as the other day's group fuck of the kid.

"You drink piss, stud?" Mikey asked Ryan.

"Fuck no."

"Too bad, dude, David loves it. He was always drinking Chris's pee. Mine
too." Ryan grinned as they both finally started pissing. "I'm heading to
L.A. to live with him while I'm working out west. He's the only thing I'd
leave Chris for, you know?"

"Lay on your side, Ryan, it's my turn to get some ass." Mikey said as they
got back in bed.

One long, slow, deep push and Mike had his almost nine inches of thick
man-meat buried inside Ryan's tight hole. Mike sighed with contentment, he
had fucked another of his big sister's boyfriends! Ryan moaned in pain,
Mikey was a lot bigger than Jason had been. Thicker too than his best
buddy's dick that had so recently taken Ryan's virgin butt.

But Mike wasn't in a rush. The young stud's ass wrapped tight to his big
dick felt so good, so much tighter than his boyfriend David's muscular,
well used hole. Almost as tight as nine year old Chris' even. Mike nuzzled
against Ryan's sweaty, smooth neck, held the young stud tight in his arms
and just relaxed. After all the cum he'd shot today, his dick just needed a
tight hole to enjoy while he continued his story.

"Back to the story, stud. So Chris grew up watching me and David and dad
screw around. He saw his mom do plenty of that too. More than one of her
guys ended up with their dicks creaming down his young throat. Dad planned
on taking Chris' virgin butt soon after his 1st birthday. He was
finger-fucking him while Chris sucked his daddy-juice out of his dick most
nights by then. Dad told me and David to do the same."

"The first time I slid my greased up little finger into my own baby son's
butt was so damn hot I shot a load before my finger hit bottom. Good thing
David had my dick in his throat as he watched or I'd have wasted a huge
load of sperm. We changed positions, with David pushing his middle finger
in as I sucked his dripping dick. David kept Chris's little boy prick in
his mouth the whole time too, hoping for more boy-piss I guess. I almost
choked from all of the sperm flowing down my throat."

"So you fucked Chris when he was only one year old?" Ryan asked in

"Uh, no, it didn't quite end up like that, stud. Actually, I think we'd
have hurt him bad if we did." Mike answered.

"The weekend before Chris' first birthday, dad went out to get laid but
just came home drunk and horny. David and I were in bed, my dick up his ass
as usual, Chris sleeping in his crib in the corner of my bedroom. Dad came
in, grunted something at us, picked up Chris and left. We figured he was
going to feed Chris his midnight snack of semen."

"We both heard dad swearing from his bedroom, then screams! Chris was
screaming and crying and wailing. David and I ran into dad's room. My
almost one year old son was lying face down on the bed, his legs spread
wide, with dad's huge dick trying to dig it's way in. Maybe just the head
was in, maybe a little more. Chris was screaming and dad was frozen in
shock. Dad's big dick and Chris's sweet, tiny white little butt were
covered in dark crimson blood. My fucking drunk father had tried to shove
his 11 inch monster cock into my baby boy without so much as a drop of spit
for lube!"

"Chris's screams brought dad out of his shocked state, not to mention
sobering him up real quick. He pulled his bloody dick out of my baby boy's
ass real fucking quick, too. Tears were rolling down his face at the
thought of what he had just done. Chris quieted down as we inspected the
damage. His little hole was bruised and bloody, but we cleaned him up and
held him tight and he seemed ok after things settled down. Now if dad had
just pushed in deep like he usually does, well...I don't even want to think
what would have happened."

"Chris went to sleep, drinking from a fresh bottle of baby formula mixed
with mine and David's spunk. He was ok. But dad wasn't. He cried for hours,
right after he threw up all the beer he had drunk that night. He swore off
booze that night and I've never seen him drink since. He also made Chris'
butt off limits for life, or at least until he was older."

"Shit, Mikey, that sucks. But Chris really likes to get fucked now, right?
I mean, when we did it the other day..." Ryan began.

"We? We who?"

"Well, me and my buddy Jason, and my boss Sam and his foreman Joe at the
garage all did that day I had to take him to work with me cause Debbie was

"Four of you on him at once? Damn, I bet he loved it."

"Not as much as we did. Look, Mike, I'd never done it with a kid before
that, hell, I never even been fucked myself before that night."

Mike's dick throbbed deep inside the tight ass surrounding it, just
thinking about how recently it had been a virgin hole.

"So I'm what, the fourth guy to fuck you, stud?" Mike teased.

"Actually, just the second. Only my buddy Jason done me, every fucking free
second we've had since that night, too." Ryan smiled at the thought, he
really, really liked Jason, hell, ok, so he was falling for the young
ex-jock. "So finish the story, dude. And shoot off in me too, I want to
feel your spunk in me!"

"So Chris grew up the next few years watching me and dad and David having
lots of sex. He sucked any dick put in front of his cute little mouth and
always swallowed every drop of cum fed him. By the time he was maybe four
or so, he started really watching me and David fuck. And one night after
dad had fucked both me and David, with Chris sucking our dicks and getting
a real close-up of dad's big dick sliding in and out, he asked why we
didn't do it to him, too?"

"Dad explained that we were waiting for him to get old enough to enjoy it,
and if he thought he was ready, we'd teach Chris how to take a man's dick
deep up his virgin butt. For the next couple of weeks, we finger-fucked
him, using lots of lube, patience, and love."

"Dad told me I would be the one to have Chris first, after all, he really
is my son, plus I think Dad was still hurting over his first attempt to
screw my baby boy. So David, dad, Chris and I got together one night and I
fucked him. Just like in the position we're in now, Ryan, Dad held Chris's
leg up as my four year old son lay on his side. David kissed Chris the
whole time and held him safe and tight. I lay behind my little boy and
lined up my well-lubed, throbbing nine inches to his virgin hole. Dad had
given Chris the rim-job of a life time, giving him at least three dry cums
from his hot tongue working that little tight virgin hole."

"The head of my dick slid in, to Chris' sighs. Which became moans of lust
as inch by inch all nine thick inches of my dick took his virginity. "It's
all the fucking way in him!" Dad gasped, just as I felt my balls rub Chris'
smooth little butt. I kissed the back of his neck as my prick exploded. My
cum filled his no-longer virgin ass to overflowing from just the few
seconds of being in him."

"Ryan, I'm going do the same to you, stud, right fucking now!" Mike gasped
as he pumped his cum into the hot young guy lying besides him.

"Give it to me, Mikey!" Ryan moaned. "Damn, this is so fucking hot,
hearing all this."

Mike pulled Ryan's sweaty body tight to his own. His dick pulsed deep
inside the young dude's tight ass as it pumped out another load of hot
spunk. Ryan felt the dick dig in deep, so much deeper than Jason's ever
had, and then the warm, wet feeling of Mike's sperm inside him. Damn, he
loved this.

"Not as hot as that first night. After my first orgasm in Chris, I stayed
rock-hard, still buried deep in him. I then slowly fucked him, my spunk
oozing out of his tight hole. I rolled both of us over, with him on
top. Dad went down and licked the dripping cum and boy-juice flowing from
Chris's hole as I dumped a second and then third load of daddy-juice into
my four year old son. David joined him and they licked my sticky cock as it
finally softened up and slid out. My jock boyfriend than sucked the used
cum straight from Chris's ass, before sharing it with me in a warm, wet

"Dad went next, his huge cock disappearing between Chris's stretched little
legs as the little guy lay on his back, smiling up at him. I bent to kiss
Chris as David sucked his boy-prick. I had my hand wrapped around the base
of dad's huge dick and my own worn-out prick jumped when dad's crotch hair
met Chris' smooth skin. The boy was squirming from all the wonderful
feelings of becoming a man. David's hot mouth brought Chris to a quick
hard dry cum, which set dad off. I could feel the pulses of my own father's
sperm as it flowed down the long shaft of his huge dick into my four year
old son's body."

"David got his chance a little later that night as we rested while watching
tv. We were all still nude when Chris climbed up on my boyfriends lap and
put his arms around the jock's strong neck for a kiss. David's dick was
stone-hard and aimed right at my boy's used butt. I reached over and aimed
it right at the still dripping boy--hole of my four year old son. Chris sat
right down on it, the loads of dad and granddad sperm easing the big
muscular jock's hard prick's journey up into the boy's body. Chris bounced
up and down and David just creamed that tight hole. Then he spun Chris
around, his cock still deep in the boy, and we all continued to watch tv
until it was bedtime."

Mike's story was interrupted as Ryan's phone rang. It was Debbie calling to
say she was staying over at whatever trick's she was fucking and asking him
to watch Chris for the night.

"Mind if I stay the night, stud?" Mikey asked Ryan after he got off the

"Sure, but can you sleep with your dick up my ass all night?" Ryan laughed.

They were still lying side by side, Mike's nine inch dick up inside Ryan's
tight hole. Ryan's rock-hard dick sticking up, wet and sticky. Still horny
for more man sex, or even better...

"Ryan, can I come sleep with you and Uncle Mike?" Chris' sweet voice asked
from where the nude seven year old boy stood in the bedroom doorway.

"Damn right you can, baby boy! Get over here and take care of Ryan's wet
dick, kiddo."

Chris licked his lips as he rushed to the bed, eager to join the two guys
in some hot, nasty man/boy fun!

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