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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Christophers Dirty Undies

Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 17:32:02 -0400
From: undie tales <>
Subject: Christopher's Dirty Undies

"Christopher's Dirty Undies"

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This short story is mainly for guys who have a boys' underwear fetish.

A Boy Named Christopher

I'm a single guy who bought a house about a year ago. It didn't take long
to realize that large, monthly mortgage payments suck. So, about 6 months
ago I decided to rent out some rooms. That's when Christopher and his mom
entered my life.

Christopher is 12 years old. He'll be 13 in a few months. He has brown
hair and brown eyes. When I first met him, his height was perhaps a little
under average for his age. I'd say he was around 4'10" tall. And his
weight was perfect for his height -- not fat at all, but not too thin
either. He probably weighed around 85 lbs. Christopher has grown a bit
over the last 6 months, so now he's probably closer to average size for a 12
year old boy.

I wish I could show you a picture of Christopher so you could see just how
cute he is. Even a picture wouldn't reveal the full extent of his cuteness.
It's also contained in his mannerisms and the way he talks. And from what
I gather, the girls in Christopher's 7th grade class agree.

I mentioned that Christopher has grown a bit over the last 6 months. I
can't say exactly when Christopher first started puberty, but I think that
moment occurred since the time I first met him. Back then he looked like a
pre-pubescent boy. I suspect he had little or no pubic hair. Also, pee was
likely the only fluid that ever flowed out of his dick. Now I have evidence
that his dick has developed the ability to produce another type of fluid.
I'll tell you about that a little later.

When Christopher and his mom moved into my house, everybody benefited. They
got to live in a nice house with low rent, and my mortgage payments became a
bit less painful. And as a added bonus, I got to interact with a cute 12
year old boy.

I never have and never will have direct sexual contact with Christopher or
any other boy. But this unique living arrangement does allow me to satisfy
a certain fetish I have -- boys' underwear. With Christopher living here, I
have an endless supply of dirty undies worn by a cute 12 year old boy. The
rest of this story is about the various experiences I've had with his

Here's what happens on a typical weekday morning. Christopher's mom leaves
very early for work. Then Christopher gets up, takes a shower, gets
dressed, eats a bowl of cereal, and leaves for school. As soon as he's on
his way to his bus stop, I go to the hamper and find the dirty underwear
that he just took off.

Christopher almost always wears boxerbriefs. If his mom doesn't do laundry
for a while, he runs out of boxerbriefs and starts wearing tighty whitey

The First Sniff

I can clearly remember the first time I sniffed the pouch of Christopher's
underwear. It was about a week after they moved in. After Christopher left
for school, I entered the bathroom he uses. The room was still a little
steamy from the shower he just took. There's a hamper in there that
Christopher and his mom use. I opened the lid and there they were, sitting
right on the top -- the pair of boxerbriefs that Christopher was wearing
just minutes earlier.

This was so incredibly easy. And there was absolutely no chance of me
getting caught. I picked them up and took them to my bedroom. They were
dark blue Hanes boxerbriefs. The size was boys medium. I looked inside to
see if there were any stains. I didn't see any, but the dark material could
have been hiding some minor stains. I rubbed the inside of the pouch with
my finger and thought about the tender, boy body parts that were snuggled in
there just moments earlier.

What did Christopher's dick and balls look like? I didn't know. What did
they smell like? I was about to find out. I lifted the pouch up to my
nose, craving the aroma of 12 year old boy genitals -- the essence of "boy".
I wasn't disappointed. The pouch smelled like dick -- cute, 12 year old
boy dick. Mmmmmm. I licked the pouch while trying to imagine what the
tender morsels dangling between Christopher's legs looked like.

What Does Christopher Look Like When He's Naked?

I saw Christopher naked only one time. It was on a weekend about a month
after they moved in. As I was walking down the hallway, the bathroom door
opened and Christopher walked out into the hall. He was in his birthday
suit -- 100% naked. Apparently, he just finished taking a shower and forgot
to bring clean clothes into the bathroom. When he saw me, there was a look
of shock and embarrassment on his face.

He said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was home."

I thought it was cute that he was apologizing for accidentally showing me
his naked body. I watched his bare butt as he scurried down the hall and
into his bedroom.

This encounter allowed me to get a detailed look at all of the body parts
that Christopher keeps hidden away inside his underwear.

His cock was soft and gently resting on top of his ballsac. It looked sort
of small because he wasn't aroused at all. His dick is circumcised. His
cute, little cock head seemed to have a slightly darker color than the rest
of his penis. His ballsac was totally hairless and it was sagging because
he just got out of a hot shower. I could see the shape of two small
testicles resting at the bottom of his sac. Christopher must have just been
starting puberty at that time because I noticed that a few pubic hairs were
starting to sprout around his dick.

I love boy butts and Christopher has a really cute one. His two bubbly butt
cheeks were milky white. The two plump mounds were separated by a crevice,
and hidden inside that crevice was a small, round, boy butthole. I never
saw Christopher's butthole, but I know what it smells like.

What I Find in Christopher's Underwear

Over the last 6 months I've learned just about everything there is to know
about Christopher's underwear. I know all of the odors that his boy body
makes. (Occasionally, I sniff his socks and the armpits of his shirts,
too.) And I know all about the various stains that appear inside his
underwear. A boy's underwear contains a lot of evidence of what went on
inside them on that particular day. Every school day morning is a new
adventure for me. I never know what I'll find inside Christopher's dirty

The pouch of Christopher's undies always smells like boy dick. Sometimes
the scent is faint and sometimes the scent is strong. I think this somewhat
depends on how much he sweated that day. For example, if he had to run a
lot in gym class, then his balls would sweat a lot. And sweaty balls lead
to a sweaty underwear pouch.

There are three types of stains that can appear inside a boy's underwear --
pee, poop, and cum. Christopher's underwear has contained each of these at
various times.

Pee Stains

Christopher's undies often have pee stains in the pouch. The yellow spots
are easiest to see when he wears white underwear.

Here's how they get there: When he has to pee, he walks up to a urinal or a
toilet and takes out his dick. He aims his dick, and a warm, yellow stream
of pee starts to flow out of it. When he's done peeing, some drops of urine
are still dripping off the tip of his penis. He puts his dick back inside
his underwear too soon, and the pouch's cotton material absorbs all of the
excess drops of pee leaking out of his dick.

One time I found a big pee stain in Christopher's tighty whitey briefs. He
probably had to pee real bad and couldn't get to a toilet in time. I can
imagine him trying real hard not to pee in his pants, but he couldn't
prevent some squirts of pee from flowing out. Maybe it happened on the
school bus on his way home from school. I smelled the big, yellow spot and
it had a strong pissy odor.

Poop Stains

You may find this gross, but it's very common for a boy's underwear to
sometimes contain poop stains. It happens to all boys, but the frequency
and severity depends on the boy. Christopher is relatively clean in this
regard, but I do occasionally find minor brownish-yellow stains on the seat
of his undies.

Here's how they get there: When he feels like he has to poop, he goes to a
toilet and pulls down his pants and underwear. He sits down and "does his
thing". After he's done, he tears off some toilet paper and starts wiping
his butthole. After he decides that he wiped good enough, he pulls up his
underwear and pants. But sometimes it's not quite good enough. Throughout
the day the residual poop around his butthole transfers to the seat of his

Even when there are no poop stains in Christopher's underwear, the region of
his undies that is near his butthole always has a musky odor -- the
intoxicating scent of boy butt. Mmmmmm.

Cum Stains

I think Christopher's dick squirted cum for the first time about 2 months
ago. That's around the time when I started to find small, dried spots of
cum in the pouch of his underwear. These spots have a crusty texture and
are slightly yellowish in color.

Here's how they get there: Like all boys in the midst puberty, Christopher
gets a lot of boners throughout the day. When this happens, he feels his
big, hard dick straining against the confines of his pants and undies. If
he's feeling horny, he gets the urge to touch it, because he learned that
touching a horny boner makes it feel good. He goes to his bedroom and locks
his door. He takes off his jeans and can see the tent that his boner is
making in his underwear. He pulls down his boxerbriefs and his boner pops
out. It's real hard and it's pointing straight up in the air. It's
probably around 4 inches long. He starts touching it and rubbing it. That
makes it even harder. He touches all of the different parts of his horny
penis -- his shaft, his cockhead, his ballsac. The longer he plays with it,
the better it feels. Eventually, it feels so good that he gets the urge to
cum. This is his favorite part. He holds his boner in his hand and strokes
up and down real fast. His young body orgasms and hot, gooey cum starts
squirting out of his penis. Christopher has tissues in his room, and I'm
pretty sure that he uses them to clean up the cummy messes that he makes.
When he puts his underwear back on, there's still some cum inside his
softening dick. It oozes out of the little hole at the tip of his penis and
is deposited on the pouch of his underwear. It dries into a small, crusty
spot of cum. These are the spots that I rub with my finger. These are the
spots that I smell and lick.

And then there are the large cum stains....

Christopher sometimes has wet dreams. I've seen evidence of three of them.
Two of them were big, crusty cum stains. And one of them was a big, moist
cum stain. Yum!

Here's how they get there: Christopher is peacefully sleeping in his bed.
Maybe he's dreaming about his baseball card collection or about playing
video games with his friends. But then sexually perverted thoughts start to
seep into his innocent, young boy mind. His dick starts to grow and grow
until it becomes a hard boner. He's lying on his belly and his horny dick
is pressed against the mattress. It starts to throb in reaction to the
pervy sexual images in his dream. All of a sudden his dick explodes and the
pouch of his boxerbriefs is filled with a load of hot, slimy, boy cum.
Maybe he woke up and changed into a clean pair of underwear. Maybe he
didn't wake up, and discovered the mess his dick made in the morning.

You may be wondering about the big, moist cum stain I mentioned above. In
this case his wet dream must have happened soon before he woke up in the
morning. Or maybe he woke up, reached his hand inside his boxerbriefs, and
started playing with his morning boner. He might have played with it so
much that he accidentally made it squirt inside his undies. In any case,
now I know what Christopher's cum tastes like.

In Conclusion

I hope you liked reading about my experiences with Christopher's underwear.
You can learn a lot about a boy by examining the inside of his underwear
every day. The various stains he makes. What the most private parts of his
body smell like. Christopher's mom knows just about everything there is to
know about her son, but she doesn't know what his dick and butthole smell
like. I do.

Send me an e-mail ( if you want to discuss underwear
and the boys who wear them. Also, I'm on MSN if you want to chat.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Christophers Dirty Undies