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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Cindys Son - Cindys Son 3

Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 07:01:10 +0000
Subject: Cindy's Son Chapter 3 (M/b M/B B/b)

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Chapter 3

Time quickly passed over my young little boy, he was growing taller.
Nothing turns me on more than a developing pubescent body. To this day I do not
know if I prefer 9 year old feet or 12 year old feet more, such are my first world
problems. When the little boy's balls haven't dropped they play along, but when
they start having boners all day the story changes. They have kid cum to give:
they become excited participants and phenomenal recruiters. Such was the story
with John.

He was 11 and 12 when he mastered swallowing my cock and enjoying it.
Molesting him repeatedly throughout the month, every week, for years was
lustfully amazing. I had no limits with him: verbally I would love calling him my
bitch when I fucked him. I would put on the videos where innocent little boys
were molested by Men, like us, and he would automatically get on his knees and
start taking cock in his throat. He learned the appropriate dick to ball ratio, he
took care of me until I gave him my milk to drink. The tapes I acquired ranged
from amateur boy lovers taping their sessions to the more experienced, what I call,
"Cameramen Daddies". These Cameramen Daddies were pretty effective at
filming many many boys in different pairings.

In some videos the Daddies made little boys play with each other, in others
there would be groups of boys with one Teen, all the little boys would take turns
sucking on the Teen boy cock and then my favorite... the ones where Men
mounted and seeded young little bodies hard.

12 year-old Johnny was my personal little sub, he knew what I liked, how I
liked it and what to say to bring me over the edge. I loved role play but most of
the time I made love to him and he would tell me what I wanted to hear.

He would say things like, "Daddy kiss my feet," "can you lick my boy hole
please," "Use me Daddy, I'm your little boy". Of course that only came after years
of grooming and being his teacher. He was growing into a young guy now; he
developed and constantly changed his style. He became more independent, he
started hanging out with friends after school and I felt the change happen. He was
no longer my little boy, it was not a bad thing; the natural progression of his
growth came with an appreciation for his youth and excitement for the future.

John was very smart and before long he told me of his first boy: he was 14.
I was shocked and dying to know the details. I had always indoctrinated him to
become a boy lover, I would say things like, "When you have your boy," or "don't
you wish you had little boy so you can play with like that?" I thought his
philosophy would be adopted later in life but he started young.

He retold the story of his friends little brother, "I was at Alex's house and I
think Alex is cool but his little brother is so... he's so..."

"Cute?" I interjected, I was thinking of saying 'fuckable' but chose against
the latter adjective.

"Yeah, I guess he is cute but he is so young. Alex is always mean to him but I
like hanging around him."

"How old is he?" I asked hoping the age would be below 10.

"His name Kyle and he is five years old, he's in the first grade, and he turns
6 soon. But you don't get how cool he is! I can't stop thinking about him. He
follows us around and kept on saying that he wished I was his brother instead of
Alex. Alex said he would give me his little brother for free, he beats on the kid all
the time."

"It sounds like this little boy is special to you, wow," I was seriously touched
that my 14 year old was having his own crushes. "so have you played with him

"Ummm," he looked down and looked childlike again with his hesitance, "I
thought about kissing him and touching him down there to make him feel good. I
want to treat him like my little brother. One day I went around and Alex was
punished but his little brother was running around the house and Kyle's mom
loves me. Kyle came out and I started telling him that he was a cool kid and not to
listen to his brother.

He then ran away and came back a few minutes later with two sticks, he
said, 'lets play swords!' He smiled and then hugged me so hard because I guess he
has no real Dad, like me.

"You should have seen his face, he lit up and started being so... he was
acting like I was Spider Man, like I was the most important person in the world. So
I thought maybe I could show him how much I liked him too and then we went
behind the garage. I hugged him like I wanted to be hugged and he liked me
hugging him. I asked him if he wanted me to show him some things that were
secret, he begged me to show him."

To see his inner thoughts unfold and hear John's words come out left me

I asked him, 'want to play tummy sticks? It's kinda-like swords in a way'.

I told him what you tell me all the time, 'see how hard I am, you are making
me so horny, if I like you that means I get hard.'

Then I got his hand and placed it on my dick. I grabbed him too and told
him I really wanted to make him feel good. I asked him if he would like to see it
and then I took it out and he played with my hard dick.

I showed him my pubes and said that those will happen when he turns 12,
he is only 5. His little dick was so small too. I really like his Superman underwear,
Mom always bought me the white ones, I have never seen colorful Superman
ones: the waist stretchy thingy was red and the lining was blue and he had a ton
of little red "S" logos printed all over his little underwear. I got his little dickie hard
and then told him to close his eyes while I went down and kissed his little dickie
and put it in my mouth and he got scared. After a little bit he really liked it and
then I told him he could show me how much he liked me by sucking my dick.

It wasn't as good as I thought. I put my dick in his mouth then he would
start laughing. When I would try to put it in he would start gagging but it was nice
to play with him."

My little boy was growing up.


After some time, a month later I believe, he came home and couldn't stop
babbling he went on and on about this and that. I finally stopped him and made
his incoherence understandable by sitting his little ass down.

"Okay, wait a second so what happened with this Kyle kid now?"

"I did it Matt, I... I... he let me and it was the best, no wonder why you like
throat fucking me because... and now instead Kyle likes me even more, he even
kisses me now!"

"So what's going on now, you lost me."

" Matt I totally jizzed his mouth, oh my fucking god Matt he is so small, his
little body was just there and his throat is so small. I got behind him and fingered
him a little and then I got to throat fuck him!"

"You did what?" I could not believe this John could do that to a little 5 year
old, impossible.

"I fucked his throat Matt, you were right fucking little boys is fucking
amazing why didn't I do this sooner with him? He likes me Matt, after I creamed
his mouth he was more attached to me than before. I needed to come home but
he started crying asking me to stay and now Alex won't talk to me because he says
I'm lame but I don't care I really like Kyle. Their mom loves me, says that Kyle
needs a lot of attention and that she can pay me a few dollars an hour to watch
him one day. I would do that shit for free Matt."

Mind you, 14 year old John said this all in one breath and half of what he
said was revised to make his babble coherent.

It dawned on me, of course they liked him. He was 14 now and had
stretched into an unassuming tall boy, he had a nice teenage build while having
unmistakable little upper lip fuzz, he was freshman in high school and he was one
hot little teen. Half the moms that saw him most likely wanted to seduce him; of
course they would trust this respectful, intelligent, handsome kid.

"You know you should offer to babysit him. Then bring him over and then
have some fun."

"Do you think Mom would be okay with that?"

"Oh come on John we both know Cindy, she would rather say yes than
hear you ask more than three times, we should make this happen. Don't say
anything now but when you start hanging with Kyle tell him that you could
babysit him for free. Keep bringing it up and just wait, Kyle will pester his mom
over and over again until she says fine and she will call you."

A few weeks went by until I finally met little Kyle. When he came through
the door he was really shy he was hiding behind John grabbing his jeans and
hiding his head behind Johns butt. Within a matter of minutes though I had
cookies and juice on the table and cartoons playing in the background so he
would feel comfortable. In no time he was jumping around the house, I could see
that Kyle really liked John. If John would move Kyle was surely to follow.

The plan was set. After John had fed his little Kyle many times and fingered
his tight hole, he would bring him over so I can witness the action for myself. It
took months but it eventually happened. I told John to announce he had to show
Kyle a video in my room while I hid in the closet. This one occurrence changed all
three of our lives forever.

The boy breeding:

I hid in the close while John ushered little Kyle into the room. I had not cum
for 4 days, a miracle that required significant discipline, to see my young teen
breed boy hole for the first time in person. After years and years of careful
grooming, mounting and seeding John was now going to show me what I had
taught him on a very excited loving little 5 year old.

"Okay jump on the bed, we are going to watch a movie."

"What movie?"

"Well, you know how Alex is always mean to you and doesn't let you watch
movies because they are for grown ups? Well I will show them to you only if you
promise never to tell anyone okay?"

"Wow, let me see!"

"Some of these things have grown up stuff only for big boys, are you a big
boy Kyle?"

"Yeah, I'm a big boy I'm almost six!" Cute lil Kyle held up 6 fingers to show
how big he was.

John popped in the video and I couldn't help but play with myself while I
saw John hop on the bed with Kyle and without even saying a word started taking
off his clothes and undress the boy. This boy trusted John completely and when
he was undressed by the Teen it was normal to him, the little boy was smiling and
getting closer to John.

John was naked but HIS little boy was still wearing some Mickey mouse boy
undies; John showed much more restraint than I would have as he only petted his
little boy's underwear without taking them off. John lay next to Kyle and was
rubbing his cocklet with the boy's legs spread wide open. His little boy's
underwear had a black elastic band and Mickey faces printed all over. Before long
the movie showed Teens being sucked on by little 5 to 8 year olds.

"Hey they play with their tummy sticks just like us!"

"I know, how cool huh? My dick feels hard can you play with it please?"

"I love playing with your stick!" The boy sat up and started playing with the
maturing 14 year old cock, using both hands to caress the dick and now hanging
Teen balls.

"Fuck, you make me feel so good little boy."

"You make me feel tingly in my tummy."

"Can you make me feel good too; can you give my tummy stick a special

The boy went down and started baby kissing the Teen's cock head.

"Open your mouth and suck as hard as you can like the boys on the TV."

He opened his mouth and took the spongy teen cockhead in his mouth. I
almost spewed my load seeing my little Johnny caringly continue the practice of
pedastry. One day if the boy was played with enough and was mounted enough
he could be able to touch, teach, and recruit other boys before he hit puberty. By
the time Kyle was 14, he would have already fucked 20, pre-teen boys before his
15th birthday.

"Okay baby, my special sauce that you like to drink is about to come out. I
want to kiss your bottom now."

John expertly choreographed the boy so the almost 6 year old was on his
hands and knees, presenting his boy hole to his 14 year old horny top. John's
body was tight and muscular and looked like a perfect Adonis. The boy's body got
the prize for its innocence though. He kissed the boys back from behind and very
slowly lowered his prey's undies. After completely removing them John spoke.

"I'm going to wet your bottom so my tummy stick can go in easy okay?"


The 14 year old licked the perfect little 5 year old boyhole. From the closet
it was mind blowing, like my own little private movie. After a minute or two of
licking Kyle's hole John went back to the night stand and took out the lube. The
various boys on screen were still frolicking and sucking each others' hairless

"Now I'm going to be inside you, I don't want to stop because I want to give
you my special sauce inside your body. Do you want me to be proud of you?"

"Yes, I just want you to be happy with me."

"I am very happy with you because you are the coolest kid in the whole
school but I am not going to stop until I am done."

"I won't tell you to stop, promise"

John got the slippery substance out of its toothpaste like container and
generously applied it to his 5.5 inch cock and then put some on his boy's hole.
Without hesitance John pushed forward and then popped in the head; I knew
that from the look on the little five year olds face.

John had fingered the boy and his cock was still developing but damn did
the teen have patience. I would have slammed the little boy and ravaged his hole
but John was different than me, I would say even better. He very slowly inserted
in his boy and rocked back and forth for 10 minutes. He would stop every minute
and ask if Kyle was okay and he continued to enter his boy's body.

"Okay I'm almost close so I'm going to talk a little funny okay, this is called
'silly time' I am just being a silly boy. When I am done putting my sauce in you this
will be over and I will stop being 'silly' got it? Do you know how to play?"

"Yeah, I know how to play."

"Good, now we start. Remember no stopping until I get my special sauce in

"Ready?" John asked one last time.

"I'm ready." were the last two words spoken before he became John's little
bitch forever.

I saw John then grab his tiny boys frame by the shoulders, John was
kneeling behind Kyle entering him doggie style and for the first time he bucked his
hips into the innocent little boy causing his boys face to open his mouth wide in
shock and his eyes to close shut forcefully. Fuck yes, I was witnessing a five year
old lose his virginity.

The sight of a half boy/half man entering a five year old with passion was
the reason I had groomed little Johnny. I remember Johnny being 9 and entering
him knowing that he would recruit boys for me one day.

"I like fucking you Kyle, I love putting my cock in your little asshole." he
took out his 5 inch cock and then slammed it in again while he secured his
breeding by placing his teen hands firmly on Kyle's shoulders.

"You like being fucked?"

"AAHHH! Owww." after his moan all that followed was silence.

"Say 'yes Daddy', I like being fucked, say it."

"Yes Daddy I like being fucked." He said in his boyish voice. This innocent
little boy was being deflowered and I loved it.

"Good, I love making you my boy, you are my little boy to play with. I love
getting deep inside you." John, still grabbing his boy's body by the shoulders,
mounted his boy with all his teen hormones and started bucking wildly.

"Tell me, 'I'm a little five year old boy.' while I cum in you."

"I'm ahhhh.... little five year old." the boy said with gasps in between.

"Say it again, say you are a boy too." John commanded.

"I'm a little.... five year old boy." the toy said meekly.

"Louder... UHHHGGGHH!" John moaned and slammed into his boy. Kyle
was being used by his teen Daddy. John exerted complete control and indulged on
the cusp of his ejaculation. John had forgotten I was in the room and closed his
eyes and tilted his head back in extasy.

"I'm a little five year old boy, owww!"

"Look little fucker, I am your Daddy. I own your fucking body"


"...hole..." he proceeded to rabbit fuck him really fast for 10 seconds to let
that lesson sink in.

"Now turn over on your back slut," The 14 year old said confidently. John
had been bred like this hundreds of times and now it was his turn to use his teen
cock to punk a little five year old, what a lucky little boy. John took his dick out
and then flipped the little boy on his back, "Fuck yeah like that slut."

John reached for a pillow and dominantly grabbed the boy's two ankles
holding the boy's body in place while he put the pillow under his toy's lower back.
The boy's ass was raised, his boyhole was vulnerable and presenting for a

The 14 year old looked down at the innocence before him, a little naked
five year old spread open for forceful fucking.

"Look at me while I breed you, I'm about to sodomize your little tight boy
hole and all you will say is say, 'yes Daddy'."

John playfully slapped his hard cock on the boy's entrance, teasing his boi
before giving him a good face-to-face seeding.

"Ready to make me happy?"

"Yes Daddy." The boy responded submissively.

"Great slut, this is my ass." John dominated his tiny boy using the slut's legs
as handle bars and opened him up wide. John bent over and hawked some spit
and sprayed his boy's hole with lube.

"Look at Daddy while he fucks you."

He aligned his teen cock at the five year olds hole and commanded the
boy's attention; they were looking at each other with the teen over his small body.
Without regard the teen was using the five year old because all little boys need to
be seeded thousands of times so they can do it to hundreds of other boys. The
more frequently you ram a very young boy the more appreciative they become
later in life and the less afraid they are to act upon their instincts and groom other
little ones to be theirs.

John's sweaty chest, bucking core, and shaking quads were vigorously
slamming into the boy. His hips bred with more and more pressure causing his 14
year old horny dick inside deeper than ever.

"I... love... fucking... little... boys!" he bent the five year old into a paper clip,
the boy's knees were next to his five year old ears, his calves and baby feet
dangled in the air while he was being mounted. John spoke into the boy, he
grabbed the boys face with both hands and spoke.

"I will be seeding you everyday. You are my boy, your purpose is to have
your walls coated with my seed, understand?"

"Yes Daddy," was barely audible.

"Good, now I'm ready to coat your insides with my jizz little boy."

John hormones out of control, he buried his face in the sheets for a last few
seconds before he looked directly at the boy's face.

"Fuck yeah I'm about to cum," He gasped for air between his moans, "You
are my bitch little slut, I own you now!"

This little boy was so lucky to have such a hot 14 year old mount him and
give him his prized seed. John's teen sweat and the smell of boy sex filled the
room making my throbbing cock ooze.


Flesh on flesh pounding was all that was heard, the teen was on the brink of
breaking through. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP....

"AHHH.... fuh... fuh.... FUCK YES, TAKE MY SEED! Little boys live to be bred.
UGGGHHH.... UGGGHHH... mmmmm. YES, I'm cumming inside you little boy!"

He slammed in the hardest he could and his cock did what all male bodies
are genetically programmed to do. He had effectively taken the five year olds
cherry. His cock started innately pulsating and throbbing: shooting stream after
stream of teen cum-seeding his boy's insides. Imagine the innocence of a five
year old on his back learning he was his Daddy's toy. That toy would live to share
that lesson and bareback hundreds of little boys as a Man, how beautiful.

John rammed one last time and left his butt in a flexed position for about 20
seconds and John let himself, for the first time, absorb the power and pleasure of
successfully grooming, mounting and seeding a little boy all by himself.

My cock had never been so enlarged with blood in my life, my cock looked
like a baby's arm holding an apple and I finally splashed my jizz again and again. 6
copious amounts of Man seed left flying out making splattering noises against my
closet door.

After much panting John rolled off and lay on the bed defeated with his
heaving chest as if he had ran as fast until his body gave out. Some time had
passed and his breathing became deeper, John came back to awareness. He
looked over at his boy, whose body was still laying legs open, on the bed with a
pillow beneath his tiny body. He kissed the boys head and positioned himself to be
next to Kyle.

"Are you mad at me?" Kyle asked vulnerably.

"Mad at you, NO! No honey, remember I was just playing 'silly time' I am so
very very proud of you. You make me feel so good. I love playing with you all the
games you want to play, I like playing this game and you did really really good."

"Really? I thought you didn't like me anymore."

"Not like you? I love you!"

He kissed his boy and caressed his body as he placed sweet kisses all over
his trophy's body. The boy started laughing again within a few minutes they got
dressed and left the room to go back to Kyle's house.

When John returned home he said something I never expected, "I love him
and we will be together forever."

"Do you mean that John, are sure you can make that kind of commitment
at 14?" I inquired honestly.

"I will love him forever, Matt."

And gentleman, that was the day my boy became a man.


Kyle so deeply loved his Daddy John that he invited over 15 very young
boys: cousins, schoolmates, boy scouts... you can imagine how very young they
were. Kyle was the best recruiter at age 10, after being indoctrinated to need cum,
he was the most obedient boi. Kyle was John's sidekick and always ensured each
of the boys he brought over got seeded by his Daddy John, having another 10
year old tell you to do something with a 19 year old jacking you off and making
your little dick feel good was a winning combination for everyone involved.

The story was always the same: first Kyle would play with them for a few
weeks, and then he would introduce them to John. John, being 19, would put on
some kiddy porn and tell the boys it was okay to play tummy sticks. After a few
times of them running around the house naked he would sit on the couch and
Kyle would start sucking, which meant the other boy started to suck him too.

John was a kind boy lover the older he got; he respected his position of
power. After 19 year old cock had opened the little boy's holes, I would seed thier
holes. I got to breed all of the boys introduced to the house, except for one boy:

You see, Kyle was John's true love and what I would gain from seeding the
little boy was nothing compared to what I could gain by being smart and waiting
other boys. The older you get, the better you get, and the younger more plentiful
the sea of irresponsible parents who produce little boys to molest.


Author's note:

"Stories never really end... stories always go on. They don't end on the last page,
any more than they begin on the first."(adapted)
This was my first attempt at writing a story; all of your feedback, especially the
constructive feedback, was appreciated. I will be working on further works of arts
in the future, send me an email with the word "subscribe", don't worry I do not
have time to send spam.
Thanks again to all my readers, your emails are my muse.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Cindys Son - Cindys Son 3