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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Corporal Punishment

Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 12:09:17 -0400
From: Chris Johns <>
Subject: Corporal Punishment

This story is complete in one part. Like all of my stories it is hom-erotic
so please leave this site if there is any legal or moral impediment to you
reading this.

Once again I have combined love and punishment in a story, but I hope it is
the love that shines through, not the cp.

                      Corporal Punishment

I'm not sure how old I was when I first realised that I wasn't getting much
fun out of the pranks that I played. I think it was in my final year of
Secondary School. (The same as American High School).

Looking back on it I must have been an idiot. Seventeen years old and the
only school senior who was still getting caned. I just didn't learn. I
think I became the school prankster almost as soon as I arrived at
Singleton Secondary School. I was eleven years old then and never learnt
when to call it a day.

The school was progressive by the standards of the fifties. Only selected
Heads of Department were allowed to use the cane on students, always in
private and always clothed.

I loved playing practical jokes on my mates and occasionally on seniors and
staff. It was the latter that got me six of the best rather more often than
was good for my comfort and the jokes on the seniors got me discomfort in
other areas of my life, but nothing too heavy, well, not until the last

That entire cosy situation changed when I was fourteen. We got a new
Headmaster. This one was an ex Marine officer all bullshit and spit and
polish. He didn't like me and he didn't like the punishment regime.

I didn't like the new one. All members of staff could now punish. Trousers
could be dropped, and more depending on the severity of the crime and
witnesses could be present. We were a mixed school so witnessed punishment
could be very embarrassing depending on the teacher.

House prefects were also to be allowed to punish applying the same rules as
the staff except that they could only use a slipper.

My first taste was a gym class, we were segregated for P.E. so if I had any
sense I would have learnt from my first session with the new rules. The gym
master/sports coach was very young and a great guy but he didn't put up
with any bullshit, certainly not mine.

Beginning of the gym lesson and I was called.

"Roberts I won't even ask if you are responsible for this."

This being the latest in my crazy pranks.

"Class Mr. Roberts is going to demonstrate the art of receiving punishment
the new way. Clarke, there are a selection of canes in the umbrella stand
in my office, bring me one. Brown and Trowbridge, unload the top two tiers
of the vaulting horse and place them in the centre of the floor. Roberts
face the class and remove your gym vest."

Huh, how much did he think that was going to worry me?

"Now take your shorts off."

Whoa, this was a new tack.

"But Sir."

"Don't but me Roberts, shorts off."

So I did starting to feel a little embarrassed. I still had my briefs on so
no real problem.

"Why are you wearing briefs instead of a jockstrap Roberts? You know that
is against school rules."

"I forgot it Sir."

"Forgot, that will cost you a further three strokes at the end of the
period. Now remove your briefs."

I was shattered and blustered until another three strokes were added for
the end of the lesson.

Stood naked I covered my genitals with my hands and blushed bright red.

"Let's not be coy Roberts, hands to your sides."

Teach had never seen my tackle and was duly impressed. My classmates didn't
blink. They had seen it all before.

"Class, Roberts is going to receive six of the best on his bare buttocks
now and six at the end of the lesson. Learn from this because I can get
meaner if I have to. Bend over the vaulting horse Roberts. Clarke hold his
shoulders down and Brown you and Trowbridge hold his legs apart so that he
doesn't move."

Buster and Clive were mates but they still pulled my legs wide apart
revealing my little butt hole to the remainder of the class. Humiliating.

Teach didn't pull his punches, I didn't cry but I was hurting badly at the

"There are some new jockstraps in my locker Roberts, get one and redress."

I performed badly that lesson and was getting worried at the thought of
another six at the end. Luckily we over ran a little and I got a temporary

"Quick shower lads and on to your next class. Roberts I'll see you in my
office at the end of school."

When I walked into the gym after last period it was empty, as were the
changing rooms. It was eerie because it was getting dark being winter and
there were only a few night lights on and the brighter light shining under
the door of the PE Master's office. I walked in without knocking and coach
was stood there stark naked. He had obviously just stepped out of the
shower after his day's work. He wrapped his towel round himself quickly,
but not before I had seen a set of crown jewels to match my own.

"Don't you know to knock before entering Roberts?"

"Sorry Sir, I didn't think."

"Well we are going to help you to think. Three for no jock, three for
blustering, three for not knocking and if you are not naked in one minute a
further three making twelve in all."

Crikey, twelve would definitely cause me some serious pain. I nearly tore
my clothes getting them off but it still took me more than sixty seconds
because the bastard made me take shoes and socks off as well.

"Twelve then Roberts like this morning's six."

"Please Sir, twelve will kill me. I'll do anything you ask to avoid them."

He was looking at my crutch with more interest than I thought he should and
I could see his towel tenting a little before he slid behind his desk.

"Do you have a girlfriend Roberts?"

My face said more than my words, I didn't like girls, at all.

"No, Sir."

"Who would you like for a girlfriend then."

"No one Sir. Girls are a pain in the butt."

"You think I'm not going to be then Roberts."

"I hope not Sir, please don't beat me again I'm still sore from earlier."

"You like to play games. How would you like to play a game that would
reduce or eliminate your punishment?"

"Yes please Sir, anything."

"Ok, you look as though you have a substantial package that you don't use,
at least not on girls. Now you can use it to reduce your punishment."

While he was talking he pulled a ruler from a desk draw.

"For every inch that your cock moves along that ruler I will lose one
stroke. So a good solid erection will work for you probably for the first
time in your life."

I was flabbergasted and just looked at him my jaw almost hitting the floor.

"Well Roberts, do you want to play or not?"

"Yes Sir."

What the fuck, I had a great cock he might as well see it. I played with
myself thinking about him naked and hard as well. It worked. He came round
his desk quickly adjusting his towel, but I could still see that he was
carrying an erection and it looked impressive. Now all I had to do was find
some way of getting that towel off him.

"I'll measure it Roberts, don't want you cheating do we."

"Er, no Sir."

I removed my hands and he took my cock in his hand and laid the ruler along
it. I swear his touch increased its length by another inch. He felt so good
and I thought it was bloody exciting.

"Very impressive Mr. Roberts, eight inches at fourteen. You will be the
envy of us mere mortals by the time you are full grown."

While he was talking he was still fondling my dick and I loved it.

As he moved away from me I dropped my hands and deliberately caught his
towel pulling it undone. He was quick retrieving the situation but I still
caught a glimpse of his manhood. It was big and I wanted it.

"Sorry Sir." I said, obviously not meaning it.

"I don't think you are Roberts so I will make your final four so hard that
the eight you have just lost will mean nothing, unless of course you can
think of some other penance to remove four seriously hard strokes."

He had a smile on his face as he spoke so I bit the bullet.

"Umm, I could get rid of that problem you have Sir that matches mine."

"Whatever gives you the idea that I would want your hands on my penis

"Nothing Sir, but I don't just have hands."

He grinned. "Are you suggesting I let you suck my cock?"

"Er, no Sir, not unless you wanted me to."

He dropped his towel, sat down and spread his legs.

"Go ahead then Roberts, two more strokes off if you make me cum and the
last two off if you swallow my cum."

I was pretty shaken I had never touched another guy's cock. Fantasised yes,
and thought I was gay but, anyway I did it. His cock was longer and thicker
than mine was and I was in heaven slurping on it and playing with his
balls. I sucked his balls while I ran a wet finger round his cock head. He
went ballistic. I took him back in my mouth and swirled my tongue around
his cockhead before swallowing as much as I could and letting him face fuck
me. He was impressive as he swelled prior to ejaculating and I took about
six or seven jets of his sperm. It tasted good. I had never tasted cum
before but I knew I would be doing so in the future.

"That was very good Roberts. It goes without saying I hope that what
happened here goes no further."

I grinned, "Of course not Sir, as long as you let me do that again. You
have an amazing cock."

He pulled me towards him and took me in his mouth, very quickly he had me
shooting more cum than I had ever done before.

"I think that might be arranged. In fact Roberts I have the feeling that a
lot more is going to happen along those lines. Which sport are you going to
become dedicated to that will require spending a lot of time with me?"

"How about cycling Sir. With sunset being so early I would have to be
tutored at weekends sometimes wouldn't I Sir?"

We were both grinning as we dressed.

Mr. Williams very soon became Peter when we were away from other people, I
became Luke and my cycling actually did get very good. So did other things,
but more of that in a little while.

I couldn't stop being a prankster even after the embarrassment of that
first time. The next one was seriously humiliating.

Mrs. Girton was a great history teacher and I suppose I was a bit of a
favourite with her because I was good and I genuinely liked the
subject. Unfortunately that didn't get me too many favours on the
discipline front. I was fifteen just when I first pissed her off. Stupid
really. I'd been given a woopy cushion and just had to use it on one of the
girl's seats. I fell off my chair laughing and no one was in any doubt I
was the culprit.

"I am very disappointed in you Roberts. I expected better of you in my
class. Straight `A' Students should be able to behave themselves. Go and
find Mr. Williams, ask him if he could spare me five minutes now."

In the gym office Peter looked sadly at me and said.

"What have you been up to now Luke?"

"Sorry Sir, another prank. Mrs. Girton would like you to join us for five

"Oh dear. I know her routine for boys. You will need to change into gym
gear now and we'll go to your class together."

I didn't like the sound of this.

Peter had a cane in his hand when I rejoined him and we went back to my

"Ah Mr. Williams, thank you for coming. You know my routine with the boys,
please administer six to Roberts posterior in the usual fashion."

"Alright Roberts face the class and step out of your shorts."

I looked at Peter in consternation, surely he wasn't going to make me strip
in front of the girls. I did it, praying I would keep my briefs.

"Why aren't you wearing a jock strap."

"Er I didn't think I had to Sir."

"Well Mrs. Girton believes we should all see the stripes of the cane so
your jock strap would have saved you showing your genitals. Remove your
briefs now."

"Please Sir, let me change into my jock."

"No Mr. Williams, Roberts has wasted enough of this lesson please

Peter got very close to me and whispered. "As you drop them turn and bend
over the desk. Most of the class will then only see your bottom."

I did and was allowed to keep my legs together as I took six medium hard
strokes. I was so pleased it was Peter administering them. I thought I
could slip my briefs back on before turning thereby avoiding the ultimate
embarrassment, particularly as I was starting to bone up having my dick

"Stand up Roberts, turn round and apologise to the class for your

Oh shit. I turned round with my hands just saving my complete exposure, but
not for long.

"Stand up straight, hands to your side and apologise to Mr. Williams first
and your class next for wasting their lesson time."

I was about two thirds way to being erect so there were a few gasps
particularly from the girls.

I heard one comment and nearly died laughing at the expression on
Mrs. Girton's face.

"Crikey I would love to see that really hard."

Mrs. Girton looked at my cock and blushed scarlet.

"Get dressed immediately Roberts and resume your place."

"I'm sorry about the boy Mrs. Girton. I can deal with him after school. My
office Roberts after last period."

"Yes Sir." Was all I could say without laughing.

After the lesson several of the girls swarmed round me and said,

"Come on Luke, get a hard on for us."

"Christ you girls are all sickos. There is no way you are seeing me hard."

"Reserved for your boyfriend is it Luke?"

I blushed a little before getting away from them. They had got very close
to the mark without knowing it. I was known as a misogynist not a queer. To
be honest none of my classmates turned me on sexually. I guess I was in to
older men like Peter.

Peter's office at the end of lessons.

"You never learn Roberts do you? Strip and bend over my desk." Peter said
it very seriously and I smiled my, I know what you are going to do
smile. Huh how wrong was I.

"Yes Sir."

I did and spread my legs wide.

The hand that slid between my legs gently caressed my balls before moving
to my cock which was almost instantly hard at the touch.

"You continue to be a naughty boy Luke so I am going to severely punish you
for that as soon as I have locked the door."

Peter also undressed and pulled up a chair. Sitting at just the right level
he continued to play with my cock and balls with one hand and my arse with
the other. He started stroking my cheeks before running a finger down the
crack until he touched my entry hole. He worried it a little before moving
on to my perineum and then back to my little rosebud. He slicked up a
finger and gently inserted it, finger fucking me with it.

"Oh crikey Peter that feels amazing, don't stop."

He didn't, after a few minutes he added another and then another.

"Are you going to fuck me Peter?"

"Yes, if you will let me."

"Oh yes. You have done everything else and I've wanted this but didn't dare

"Ok Kiddo, get on your back on the desk and hold your legs way back and

I did and he went to work with his tongue. He had done this before while
playing with me and sucking my cock but it was still fantastic. He pulled
my cheeks apart as far as he could and then buried his tongue in my anus
before changing mode and nearly sucking my insides out. I was in heaven.
He lubed my arse and his cock before resting it gently on my entry hole.

"Luke, this will hurt however gentle I am. As soon as I am over your
sphincter I will hold still until the pain eases, or pull out completely if
you say."

"Ok Peter, I want you to fuck me so I'll hold it."

He held his hand over my mouth as he pushed over my muscle. Good thing he
did because I sure as hell screamed. It hurt like all get out.

"I'm sorry Baby, do you want me to pull out?"

I had tears in my eyes but as soon as he removed his hand I managed to say,

"No please stay inside me"

When the pain eased he fed me more of his monster, I was in heaven, I had
never felt anything like it. There was still some pain but feeling his cock
sliding into me was sensational and I told him so. When he was fully
inserted he leaned forward and kissed me very tenderly before saying.

"That was very brave Luke and you feel incredible."

I smiled and my expression must have given away something else because
Peter gasped. I knew what it was. I was falling in love with this guy. I
had spent several weekends cycling with him and making out but this was the
first time he had penetrated me. He started to fuck me slowly, long
strokes so that he nearly pulled out before sliding all the way in
again. At the same time he was gently wanking me and playing with my
balls. Oh God it was good. He continued for ages keeping me just on the
edge until he couldn't hold it any more. Peter was so clever he timed it
perfectly and we came together. Absolutely incredible, I don't think I had
ever experienced an orgasm of such intensity. I couldn't help myself. I
said the dreaded three words.

"I love you Peter. That was sensational. Please stay inside me and do that

"No Luke, we'll talk about it again this weekend. Now you had better get
cleaned up and go home."

He was very cool towards me and I wondered what I had done wrong. I was
worried and by Friday almost frantic. Peter had been very cool towards me
in the Gym and on the sports field. He told me to be at his house early
Saturday morning. I was full of trepidation.

As soon as I entered his house I threw myself in his arms and kissed him
before saying, "What have I done Peter, please tell me."

He pulled my hands away from him and told me to sit in an armchair. He sat
opposite and looking very serious and sad said,

"I think we have to stop this Luke."

"But why Peter, what have I done?"

"Nothing Luke, you are a wonderful boy but this is getting too heavy, I
shouldn't have started something like this with a fourteen year old."

"I'm fifteen and I love you. Please don't throw me away."

"That is precisely why we have to stop this. I am ten years older than you
and falling in love with me is not an option."

I started to cry. "Please Peter. I'll stop loving you if I can stay."

He wouldn't bend and I went home.

The next few weeks were purgatory for both of us. I knew that most of the
female teachers used a male teacher to administer corporal punishment and
it was easier to use Peter because it didn't disrupt his classes as much as
the academics. I deliberately played up the ladies just to have contact
with him, even if it was only to let him beat me. The same thing in his
classes. Eventually things came to a head and he ordered me to his office
after school.

"What are you playing at Luke? Take your trousers and briefs off."

I did and he set up two mirrors so that I could see my bottom. It was very
bruised. Peter was reasonably soft with his caning but I didn't always get
him so my arse was a mess.

"You can't keep this up Luke, you will either get suspended or some
permanent damage will be done. The humiliation and embarrassment must be
awful as well."

I stood looking at him and cried. "I love you so much Peter, I want to
touch you and have you touch me. If the only way to be touched by you is
through caning I will take it."

He slumped down on his chair and didn't move or say anything for ages. When
he looked up I could see the tears in his eyes.

"I love you as well Luke but this can't work. You are my student and what
we are doing is so wrong. According to the law I would go to prison and
you would go for psychiatric treatment if we were caught."

"We'll be careful and I promise I'll never say a word to anyone else."

He stood up and took me in his arms. Just having him hold me was heaven,
even with my trousers and briefs round my ankles.

"I don't know what to do Luke."

"Just love me Peter, please just love me."

He became friendlier again and we cycled at weekends, but he was totally
professional all the time. Occasionally he would grip my shoulder when we
were talking but no other physical contact occurred for nearly a year. My
grades started to slip and instead of getting straight `A's in my GCSE
Exams I got a few `B's and even one `C'. Everyone was disappointed in me
especially Peter.

"You should have done much better than this Luke," was his comment the
weekend after the results were out.

"Why have you got those Peter?"

He blushed realising his mistake.

"Because I worry about you." He dropped his eyes as he said it and I
realised he still loved me.

"I am never going to be at my best again Peter."

"Why Luke, that is a silly statement, you need to apply yourself more. A
few less practical jokes and a little more application would work wonders."

"Yes Sir." And we left it.

The practical jokes did tail off and I became a sadder and more serious
individual. I was only one year behind the senior prefects when I received
my last embarrassment from them. Another stupid prank but this one was on
the First XI football squad. There were several house prefects on that
squad so I was invited to join the XI in the prefects common room after
football training the next day, showered and wearing P.E. kit, in other
words jockstrap shorts and singlet but no shoes or socks. All eleven boys
were there even though they weren't all prefects.

The senior prefect, Alex Hunter opened the proceedings with me stood feet
together hands at my side as instructed and the team all in front of me
fully clothed.

"You are only one year behind us Luke but we are still allowed to
administer prefects punishment. It really is time you learned to behave
yourself and I hope what we are going to do tonight will achieve that
aim. There are five prefects here and six seniors. That means we can
administer thirty strokes of the slipper, six for each prefect. The six
seniors can punish you like they would anyone else who pissed them
off. Each prefect however will offer you alternatives and the six seniors
as a group will offer you an alternative to a beating, do you understand?"

Er, like what's not to understand!

"Now singlet off," here we go I thought, "Shorts off now."

I definitely didn't like this. "Finally your jockstrap."

"No way Jose," was my immediate response.

"Yes Luke, I am allowed to do the same as masters in this respect, now get
them off."

I knew he was correct so reluctantly I did. Now I was feeling like a little
boy, naked in front of these guys only one year older than me.

"Your first six with the slipper have an option. The option is to give me a
blowjob to orgasm and eat my cum."

"No fucking way," was my immediate reply.

"Very well, prostrate yourself over the desk. Tony, go round the other side
and pull his arms out straight. Zack, you and Ted take a leg each and pull
them wide, but very close into the desk."

Alex then delivered three incredibly hard strokes to my right buttock,
changed sides and delivered three equally hard ones to the left. I couldn't
believe how hard they were and how much they hurt. I was screaming at the

Zack was the next one, he was a real hottie, I had seen him in the
showers. He had a fabulous body and what looked to be a more than adequate
cock. Of course I had not been interested in him while I had Peter but I
had not done anything with him for two years nearly.

"Luke, I like you even though you are a pain so I'm going to offer you the
same as Alex because I can strike far harder with the slipper than Alex can
and I know I will bruise you badly."

He showed me, he brought the slipper down onto the desk and I noticed how
he powered it in using his body, it was fucking awesome, he would destroy
me if I let him loose on me. I looked round the others and blushed like
crazy as I said,

"I'll blow you."

Plenty of cheers and Zack, with no sign of embarrassment stripped, got
comfortable in an armchair and said, "Now Luke, the best blowjob you've
ever given, and if you haven't ever given one before think what you would
like me to do to you and do it to me instead."

Well, what an invitation, I got down on my knees between his legs and
looked at his genitals for a couple of minutes, no one said
anything. Eventually I leant in and licked his cock, glans to base and kept
it up as he lengthened. When he was nearly erect I turned my attention to
the underside and continued base to piss slit. I licked my fingers and the
palm of my hand then and started playing with his balls rolling them round
in my palm using fingers and thumb to manipulate and then I sucked in his
glans and tongue bathed it, he loved it. I kept working on his cock with my
mouth and started using a hand to tickle the back of his balls and pressure
stroke his perineum through to his rosebud which I worried for a few
seconds before pulling away from it and returning to his balls. I kept this
routine up until I knew he was spaced out and then I slid one finger into
his anus at the same time as I drew about 27 inches of vacuum on his
penis. Christ you should have felt and seen the volume of cum. I swallowed
as much as I could but there was still a ton of the stuff oozed out of the
side of my mouth. Zack was wasted and I sniggered. Fuck, these guys didn't
have a clue about the enjoyment that could be obtained from sex. I bet
their girl friends were a waste of space in the sex department.

"Oh fuck Luke, you were awesome, can I send my girl friend round for

I laughed, "Sure Zack, as long as the rest of this shit stops now."

No luck there but it was worth a try.

I gave another few blowjobs to avoid a slippering and then the seniors
decided it had all got a little mundane.

Tony was the goalie and until now I thought he was a pussy cat, which soon

"There are six of us Luke and we think we should exercise our right arms on
your butt. Your options are this, thirty six strokes of the slipper, as
hard as Zack would have given you, we kind of like his technique, puting
his whole body weight behind it, or you allow us to ream out your other

Shit, I would love these six macho guys to fuck me silly, I knew I would be
orgasming almost continually, there would be no way to cover up that I
loved it.


Yeah, very clever. Tony was first and his first stroke almost destroyed
me. I screamed like I was about to die.

"Oh God, no more, you can do anything you like but please don't hit me

My arse hurt on the outside and Tony didn't help the inside as the first
guy to fuck me, he of course didn't know about lubricant, I had managed to
get his cock a little wet because he made me suck him for a couple of
minutes but after him I was lubricated by cum. It was absolutely amazing,
continuous cock for about three quarters of an hour.

I was almost certain two of the seniors were gay, Mike and Jake had always
been very amiable towards me and I had noticed them scoping out my cock
when we had been in the showers together. They just about confirmed my
suspicians when their turn came.

Mike was grinning from ear to ear as he got me sucking him and said. "This
is all getting a bit samey, samey don't you think Jake? How about we do a
bit more exploring and see how much more fun we can have?"

Jake agreed very quickly and I was up on the desk on my back with two
seniors holding my legs wide and well back. Jake and Mike got between my
legs and the rest of the team spread themsleves around to get the best view
possible. This was hugely embarrassing but no one was really being nasty,
they were just having sex, no one cast any aspersions on my sexuality after
I had mentioned that my prostate was responsible for my orgasm not my

Fingers started reaming me out, quite gently but spreading me very wide,
then that stopped and they just stretched me before I felt the lovely soft
pink tissue at the entrance to my anus being caressed. It was incredibly
sensitive and I had a mighty orgasm. I looked down and saw that it was Mike
doing the caressing that made me explode, then Jake took over doing the
same thing while Mike stroked my perineum and played with my cock and balls
to get me hard again. Too much for Jake he used plenty of spit on his cock
and slid it into me, fuck it was a good feeling, he was only average size
but he knew how to use it and once again had me spewing cum
everywhere. That was the only time I felt humiliated because Mike pulled my
balls back giving everyone a perfect view of Jake sliding in and out of my
arse. Mike finished me off with a quite hard fuck after Jake had cum. I was
wasted, what a fantastic session of sex.

Yeah I orgasmed several times during all this, who wouldn't? I left there
with the outside of my arse a bit sore but the inside felt incredible. I
kept wiggling it as I walked home. Fuck I could handle that every week, but
what I really wanted was Peter.

My last prank was the most painful and humiliating but it also changed my
life. I was seventeen, in the seniors studying for my `A' Levels prior to
going to Uni.

It was a humdinger and impressed the Headmaster so much that my punishment
was in front of the whole school. I was stood on the stage in the main hall
in gym gear with all the teachers lined up behind me and the student body
in front of me.

"Mr. Roberts thinks you should all witness a proper punishment session. Or
at least that is my impression after his latest escapade. You are a senior
Roberts and must realise that your behaviour should be setting a good
example for others. Yours isn't and you are going to pay for it this
morning. Remove your gym vest."

So I did, but surely he wasn't going to make me strip completely. I knew it
was permitted in extreme cases of poor discipline but I thought only in
private. The one time I had stripped completely was three years previous
and that in the gym in front of my male peers only.

"Now remove your shorts."

I was now standing with just my jockstrap on and a very red face. I more
than filled it so it looked almost obscene bulging out in front of me.

"Turn round Roberts and face the staff."

I breathed a sigh of relief. The student body could see my bum but I wasn't
worried about that.

"Now remove your jockstrap, stand feet astride and bend over to grip your

I was mortified. All the staff would get a good look at my cock and balls,
and the student body standing lower than I was would be able to see
everything from the back including my anus.

"You are going to receive ten Roberts and you are not to move until I have
completed them."

Oh God did they hurt. I was screaming long before the end and sobbing like
a baby. The head must have used as much force as he dared without splitting
my skin, the pain was unbelievable. I could see some of the students when I
looked between my legs and they were open mouthed in shock at the ferocity
of my punishment. When he finished I was almost out of it. I was sure as
hell not worried about being naked so when he told me to stand up and face
the school again I didn't even consider the idea of covering up. There were
a huge amount of very audible gasps when the students saw my tackle and I
heard one of the male teachers say, "That is obscene."

"Apologise to the school for wasting their time Roberts and then get

I did both and headed for the gym to change back into uniform.

Peter came into the changing room as I was dressing and called me into his
office. He had some salve ready and pulled my pants down again to rub some
into my butt cheeks, which were on fire.

"You idiot Luke, when are you going to learn?"

I turned round and just threw myself into his arms blubbering like a baby.

"I'm sorry Peter. I'm sorry, please forgive me. I love you so much."

"Is that what this is all about, seeking my attention because you love me?"

I nodded.

"These last two years most of your punishments have been about getting my

I nodded again.

"You know I love you don't you Luke?"

I nodded again.

"So why do this?"

"Because you never touch me. I want you to kiss me and cuddle me. I want
you to make love to me like you did in here the last time we did it. I just
want you Peter, I can't think straight thinking about you. I dream about
lying in your arms all night after we have made love. It's driving me

Peter let me go and slumped into his chair.

"Finish getting dressed Luke and listen to me. I love you so much I can't
think straight either. I've tried, but seeing you naked and hurting in
front of the whole school I wanted to die. Will your parents let you sleep
over with me Friday and Saturday? Make the excuse we are starting early
Saturday morning for a long ride over the weekend."

"Yes I know it will be no problem. Are you going to make love to me Peter,
really properly make love to me and let me sleep cuddled up to you all

"We'll see. Now get along to class."

I walked into class badly because I still hurt so much, but I had a huge
shit eating grin on my face. Everybody looked at my crutch first and then
my face. My tight briefs and loose trousers gave them nothing to see
downstairs but they all looked at me quizzically because of my grin.

"Christ Luke, are you some kind of masochist laughing after that punishment
and humiliation."

"Be quiet Smith, and you settle down Roberts we have seen more than enough
of you today."

Everybody laughed and the teacher realised what he had said.

"Yes I suppose we have haven't we, in every sense of the word."

More laughter and he actually winked at me. I never expected old Harrison
to find anything humorous.

I had PE and sports once each before Friday. Peter had to pull me aside
early in PE and tell me to watch how I looked at him I was wearing my heart
on my sleeve, so to speak.

Friday I got home after school and was out of the house with my bike in
about ten minutes. My heart must have been pumping at triple speed by the
time I knocked on Peter's door.

Once inside with the door closed I fell into his arms kissing him all over
his face and crying at the same time. I was almost in a state of collapse
and had to be helped to the sofa. Peter cuddled me and I was in heaven.

I think it must have been nearly an hour before I could calm down enough to
be coherent or to hear what Peter was saying to me. I was still crying when
I opened the conversation.

"Please don't ever do this to me again Peter, I have been dieing a little
every day for two years. I love you so much, I don't think I will ever love
anyone else as long as I live."

"It's ok Baby, we will work something out. Nothing has changed in practical
terms to the way it was, except that I realised at your public humiliation
how much I love you and have missed having you in my life."

I was floating on air. We did all the normal things for the early part of
the evening. Ate dinner, watched a little TV, cuddling and kissing on the
settee. Talked about school, specifically about my academic studies. I
promised Peter I would become a straight `A' student again as long as he
loved me. Then the best part, quite early.

"Would you like to shower now and come to bed Luke?"

What a silly question. We showered together soaping each other. I boned up
the second I saw him naked, what else!

"Oh my God Luke, I thought you were a big boy at fifteen but now, wow, that
is a real monster. I bet the whole of your class envies you when you hop
into the shower."

I sniggered, "Yeah I do get a few comments. I get a few invitations to have
it serviced as well, amazing really."

We both laughed and he played with me and me him. I disgraced myself and
exploded almost breaking tiles on the shower wall with the force of my

"You had better make me do that Lover or I will never last when we get to

I couldn't resist it. I rinsed him off and dropped to my knees taking him
in my mouth and slurping all round his cock head before swallowing most of
it, and playing with his balls. When I felt his balls retracting and his
cock swelling more I sucked so hard on his cock that I must have pulled a
vacuum. He orgasmed mightily, screaming as he shot his sperm deep into my
throat. I nearly fainted with the pleasure. We dried each other off and
headed for the bed. I knew I was truly in heaven then. Peter cuddled me and
gently caressed my body while I snuggled in close to him running my hands
over his body at the same time, touching his very hard penis as often as I
liked during my roving.

"I love you so much Peter, I never thought this would happen. The last two
years have been worse than a fantasy because I knew what it felt like to
have you inside me and to make love to me."

Well, even my imagination and memory of the first time was as nothing
compared with the first time in Peter's bed. He transported me to paradise,
not once but several times. His own frustration at our forced separation

He started by just gently stroking my body and in between kissing me all
over my face told me how much he loved me and how much he had missed being
able to do this to me. I think I was purring like a cat in no time at all.
When he moved down my body with his lips following his hands, he kissed my
nipples and then licked them until they were rigid. I nearly orgasmed then
and I think he realised it because he continued down to my inny belly
button that he licked and sucked on. That made me laugh and I stroked his
hair and neck telling him how thrilling it was to be pampered like this. He
licked the head of my penis after that and kissed all the way down the
shaft until he reached my ball sac, which he took in his mouth swirling his
tongue round it. I was gasping with the pleasure his mouth was giving
me. Working his way back up my cock and body he reached my nipples again
and after licking them for a minute nipped one of them. That was it, my
first jet of cum hit him in the side of the head. The second one missed him
by an inch landing on my stomach, but all the rest ended up in his mouth as
he covered my cock head and sucked me dry. We found out then I was a
squealer. When I came down from that high Peter cuddled and kissed me and
we both laughed at my reaction.

"I take it you enjoyed that Baby?"

"Are you kidding Peter, that was amazing, but you aren't stopping are you?"

My look of consternation had him giggling like a kid.

"Huh, I've hardly started on you yet. Are you ready for round two?"

"Oh yes, little Luke hasn't even gone soft."

He hadn't either. Peter just went straight to him and nearly licked it
off. His tongue was making me wriggle all over his bed trying to get away
from that mouth. I was going ballistic. I don't think there was any part of
my anatomy that wasn't on fire to his touch. My balls were slick with his
saliva and alternately being sucked held in the palm of his hand and rolled
round between his thumb and forefinger. My cock was being sucked licked and
wanked until I thought I was going to die with the pleasure. Then it was
time for the final assault. Legs in the air my perineum and pinky were
attacked with tongue and fingers until I was squealing again and soaking my
chest in more cum as I had a second and even more intense orgasm.

"Oh God Peter, what are you doing to me?"

He laughed and said, "That looks pretty obvious to me, but I think we need
to continue." so he did.

He finger fucked me for ages making me cum again before lubing his cock and
my arse and sliding his monster gently into my love tunnel. Then I knew I
had died and gone to heaven. I had waited for this for two years. Daft
`apperth that I am I cried. He thought he had hurt me and started to pull

"No Peter, stay, that is wonderful. I love you so much. Please fuck me for

Definitely the wrong thing to say. His first orgasm was almost cataclysmic
for him, he was even more of a screamer than I was. I swear his cock grew
to twice normal size as his orgasm took hold and I felt his jets of love
juice smashing into me, I of course orgasmed again. He never went soft and
never pulled out of me. He was incredible orgasming another three times
before gently rolling forward and kissing me passionately on the lips.

"I love you Baby, more than you will ever know. That was wonderful Luke, I
have missed you so much."

Yes, you've guessed I cried again. I knew I was never going to be happier
than this again in my life.

My `A' Level passes were so good my parents were ecstatic. I got my first
choice University to study History and I continued to love Peter to the
exclusion of every body else. I was covertly cruised through the whole of
my University time by some gorgeous guys but I was Peter's. Holidays were
spent together and whenever we could afford it we would be together at
weekends during term time. I got my degree and went teacher training. My
first appointment was at my old school in the same year that it became
legal to be gay. We didn't broadcast it but we did live together quite

Life was good, our circle of friends grew with more and more acceptance of
homosexuality but we were totally professional at school never giving other
staff any reason to suspect we were anything other than good friends. I
never did find out how Peter rated as a lover against other Gays. He always
remained totally awesome to me never giving me cause to think about being
unfaithful. My session with the first XI had been interesting but that
wasn't love making that was just sex.

Lucky or what! No trauma in my life ever, after Peter gave into our mutual

I think he was the first sports master to become a head teacher and when he
made it we started a Gay and Lesbian Students Support Group, you didn't
have to be either to join so it was easy for students not wanting to come
out to be members. We had so much fun and teachers became human to the
students when they saw how much fun Peter and I could have with them.

What a distance I had travelled from the fourteen-year-old prankster to the
mature teacher. No corporal punishment for unruly students now. We ran
successful classes by force of personality and sometimes I think that is
the best way. There are times however when I would like to cane a few bare
bottoms, particularly some of the really cute guys. Honestly, I'm not a

My only reward on nifty is the appreciation of my readers so please let me
know what you think, good or bad, I always answer mail, even the flames.

Chris Johns, at home in Antigua.
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