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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Diaper Story - Diaper Story 5

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 17:31:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Diaper Hump <>
Subject: a diaper story finale

Diapers and the Neighborhood Doctor Finale
By Diaper hump

I got a lot of good responses from this story, and never really finished
it. This section is a lot longer than the rest, I hope I don't lose you. It
was just easier than doing it in three or four parts with the way I wanted
it to end. I have a lot more free time on my hands, so if I get good
responses again I am going to write a lot more.

This story contains real life situations that became my fantasy. Most of
this never happened. Like the content describing anything between an adult
and minor. I do not condone it. Only fantasize about it, with me as the
minor, never the other way around. If you do not condone such actions,
stop reading now.

I had a slight glow on my forehead, the beginnings of a light sweat. The
room was warm that night, and dark. You could barely even make out our
silhouette's with the street light shining in. There were noises filling
the darkness though. Noises coming from the two of us, as I road the
doctor's massive cock. My hands on his muscular and smooth chest, rubbing
his nipples the way he taught me. My diaper crinkling as I slammed down
against him, his grunts, my moans, all clearly audible. I had already cum
twice in my diaper, he was such a marathon man, I loved it. I could tell he
was getting close, the way his body would get more tense, his cock lightly
throbbed inside me, and his breath became short. I road harder, and moaned
out loud the way he loved, "Please cum in me Daddy"........He filled me,
huge shot after shot of hot cum inside my ass. After we both calmed down I
rose off of him, letting his cum drain into my diaper. Laying down next to
him, him
holding me I drifted off, thinking of what we had just done for the
hundredth time now, and thinking back on how it all came to be. After our
first real sexual encounter, with me going down on him, and him humping me
things sort of stayed the same. We did it as often as we could, and it was
better time and time again. I loved the warm smooth shaft in between my
lips. I loved the shine my spit left when I would take my mouth off to rest
my jaw and stroke him. Hearing him moan, sometimes even calling my
name. Then he would hand me the baby oil, and I would cover his whole
shaft, and heavy balls with a thick coating. Then he would lay me face down
and hump my diapered ass, as I humped against the pillow. One day he was
getting really hot and heavy into it, he grabbed me, flipped me over like a
rag doll and got between my legs. Pressing his oily cock against my
diapered cock, he slammed into me, humping harder and harder. I grabbed
onto him instinctively
with my legs and arms. Spraying his cum all over my diaper and stomach. I
was so happy. Also after that first real encounter I had been looking
through the internet for gay porn. I wanted to know what to do, and what to
expect down the road. When I first saw anal I was fascinated, turned on,
and scared as hell. Most of the men were not as hung as the doctor. The few
who here were with older men, obviously able to take such size. I thought
about it a lot, and decided I would never be able to do it with him. If he
asked, as much as I wanted to please him I would have to say no. I would
not bring it up, unlike the first move I made with oral sex.

I was fairly certain it was not going to be an issue. We both seemed to
really enjoy what we were doing. I think we both sort of liked the sneaking
around too. He was getting bold as well. One night I was spending the night
with his son, and he woke me up, took me to the basement, diapered and
humped on his workbench. I had first dropped to my knees, but he said we
should hurry and not worry about that. He then lifted me up and put me on
the very edge of the bench. He pressed himself tight against me, I wrapped
my legs around, and he humped me hard and fast. He grabbed my head, and
pulled it to his chest. He told me to suck his nipples for him. I put one
between my lips and started to suck and lick, moving from one to another as
he made my diaper crinkle loudly. I was sucking his nipples hard when he
said it for the first time. "Suck Daddy's nipples". Daddy? The words were
too much. Daddy, oh I loved hearing that, and I exploded inside my
diaper. He
followed quickly after, spraying us both with the biggest load I think he
had ever had. He looked at me, kissed my forehead, and helped me down. We
cleaned up and I went back to sleep.

The next time we got together, the family was out of town. I spent the
entire day diapered, walking throughout the house. He humped me several
times, in several places. On the living couch, the dining room floor, me
sitting on the kitchen counter. A few times while humping I would get
playful, and before he would cum I would slide out from under him and make
him chase me around the house until he would finally catch me, throw me
down and hump me more. He caught me in just about every room, but when I
went into one room he got upset. His bedroom, his and wife's bedroom. He
didn't flip out or anything, but stopped at the doorway and told me to get
out of there. I knew he wasn't playing so I went back into the hall as he
closed the door behind me. I turned to him and apologized, and he told me
it was ok, but what we were doing was so wrong in so many ways. He wanted
to at least leave the sanctity of their bedroom intact. I told him I
understood, he then
grabbed me and pushed me onto my back. He got on top and started humping
his oily cock into me again. He was looking at me so intensely, and I just
stared back at him with my mouth open moaning. He started to get close, and
hump faster, and he asked me in a deep husky voice is I liked daddy humping
my diaper. I just moaned yes quietly. We had never really talked during our
encounters before, so this was new to me. He said it again, and I moaned
yes a little louder. He told me to say it, and I said I like it. He almost
yelled, NO, say it he said again. I knew what I he wanted to hear, so
looking him in the eye I told him I loved Daddy humping my diaper. He came
almost at the second I said it, and I came right after feeling his load
squishing between us.

He rolled off of me out of breath, and we both just lied there staring at
the ceiling. He rolled over to me, looked at me with a very straight face
and told me he had always wondered how I seem to know so much about sex,
and what to do. Especially the cock sucking, as I was so good at it from
the beginning. I laughed and said the internet of course, where else would
I learn? We both laughed at that, and he asked how much I had learned. I
smiled, and told him that I had learned enough. I then reached over and
started to stroke his oily and cum covered cock. He shivered, but lied back
and enjoyed it. I bent over him taking him into my mouth, and eagerly
started to suck on the big head. I swirled my tongue getting a taste of oil
and cum. I could feel him growing inside my mouth. I relaxed and let the
length start to pushing into my throat. I gagged slightly, backed off, let
the drool drip down and started to bob my head. I heard him moan and felt
his hand
start to rub my diapered ass, and told me to suck Daddy's cock harder. I
moaned on his now hard shaft, and enjoyed the crinkling sounds as I kept
sucking. Then he did something he had never done, he slid his hand inside
the back of my diaper. I wasn't that concerned, but was surprised as he had
never touched me underneath my diaper before. With the exception of helping
me clean up he never really touched me anywhere but my diaper. His hand
moved around my ass rubbing, pressing me forward slightly, making me gag on
him more and more. Then I felt it, his finger sliding between my cheeks,
and then the tip lightly rubbing against my hole. He didn't press hard, he
just kept rubbing. It send a strange feeling right to the tip of own
cock. I sucked faster and faster. Feeling the veins against my lips, my
tongue swirling at the top, his head throbbing. I could tell he was getting
close, by this time he would have thrown me down to finish on my
diaper. Though he
just kept letting me suck. I knew he wanted to shoot in my mouth, and I
was eager to let him. His finger was rubbing me faster on my hole, and his
moans were louder and louder, still saying to suck Daddy harder. Then it
happened, he lifted his hips up and shot his load into my mouth. I
immediately swallowed, though some dripped out. I took my mouth off and
stroke him until every drop was drained from the shaft. He smiled, pulled
me to him and held me tight. As we got up to go clean up he told me Daddy
was proud.

The next few weeks we were only able to get together a few times, but every
time at some point he would slide his hand inside my diaper and feel around
my hole. It felt nice and I liked it to some degree, but I knew what he was
eluding too. I knew why he tried after he asked me about how I knew about
sex. I just knew that the question was coming and it finally did. It was
sort of at a funny time though. We had snuck away in his car for a few
hours, and I was on top of him, straddling him. His hard cock pressed
against his stomach and my diaper as I bounced up and down. Both his hands
were on my diapered ass pulling me against him. Soon I felt him slide his
hand in and I worked my diaper against him harder. I moaned loudly when he
touched my hole. As we got hot he started his other new favorite thing to
do, dirty talk, and making me talk dirty back. I love your dick Daddy, I
love humping my diaper against you Daddy, I want to cum Daddy. Then in the
of passion he said it, I almost missed what he said. He moaned, Do you
want Daddy to fuck you? As I said I almost missed it, that is until he
pressed the finger on my hole, and tried to slide it inside me. I yelped
and leaped off his lap. I didn't entirely panic, but I was scared. He
looked over, and saw the worried look on my face, and quickly apologized. I
think he even shocked himself, because we didn't even finish. We got
dressed and he drove me straight home.

It was two weeks before I heard from him. I was starting to get really
worried when he hadn't called. Even when we couldn't get together I usually
heard from him in some way shape or form. He told me he had the house to
himself and come over. I made an excuse to my parents and ran right
over. He grabbed me at the door, we raced to the guest room got me diapered
and he was on top of me exploding his load over the both of us in
moments. I knew he had not cum since our last time together. As we laid
down together he again apologized, and I told him it was ok, but I just
didn't think I could what he had asked. He was understanding, and promised
he would never press the issue again.

Time went on, our affair continued. Something was wrong though, and I could
tell. He had invited me over, we had had our fun, and were laying in bed in
the guest room. It had been different though, slow, no dirty talk, and now
he wasn't cuddling me. I laid next to him feeling like I should say
something, but not sure what to say. He thankfully broke the silence, with
news that shocked me. His wife had taken the kids to their beach home, and
was not returning anytime soon. I would normally be excited by this news,
but I knew what he meant. They were separating. Not divorcing of course,
she was far too strong a catholic for that. She wanted some time away from
him. I asked if she had found out about us, he said no, she just didn't
seem to love him anymore. He asked if I would go ahead and clean up and
head home, he needed some alone time. So I left, feeling like this might be

The next day I went by the house, but no one was home. I watched the house
intently, and realized that no one was staying there. I wondered where he
had gone, and if I would hear back from him.

Three weeks went by, and I finally saw his car back in the driveway. It was
two more days though before he called. He was sorry to be gone so long but
he had to clear his head for awhile, and then asked me to make arrangements
to stay the whole night. I made up an excuse for my parents and was out the
door shortly after. He greeted me at the door as usual, rushed to the
bedroom as usual, and was diapered and humping in what seemed like a few
seconds. He was back, passion, dirty talk, it was all back. I knew it was
going to be a great night.

He was teasing me, humping me fast, then slow, asking if I was about to cum
then stopping. He was driving me crazy, and I finally was begging him to
let me cum. He laughed and said not yet, I have something special
planned. He got off of me, grabbed a towel and left the room. I heard him
calling me from down the hall. Where had he gone? I got up and followed his
voice, and realized it was coming from his bedroom. Oh my god I thought to
myself, does he really want to do it in there? I called back that I had to
stop in the bathroom first. He really had done some serious thinking while
he was gone.

What he didn't know was that all that time he was gone, I had been doing
some serious thinking as well. I had thought about everything he and I had
gone through together, how far we had come. I thought about what he must be
going through. I thought about what he wanted, about he wanted to fuck
me. I thought about how much it would hurt, but how much pleasure it would
give him. I thought and thought, and then decided I was going to let him
fuck me.

I slipped into the bathroom quickly, and went for the medicine cabinet. I
found what I need, a small pair of scissors I could use to make a hole in
the back of my diapers. I bent over slightly, made sure the diapers were
nice and tight, pressed down and found the right spot. Carefully I made I
made a hole through both diapers, fell around, and it seemed to be
perfect. I put the scissors away and walked out of the bathroom, and into
his bedroom. I had never been in there. We were not allowed to play there
growing up. I walked in, the light was low, but there he was. The sheets
were pulled back, they shined slightly. I thought they were satin, looking
so smooth, then he moved slightly in the bed. It was plastic, I could hear
it rustling.I walked up and ran my hands over it. He smiled and said he
didn't want cum and baby oil all over the bed, that made me laugh. Plus it
was so smooth and felt so good to touch I wasn't going to complain.

I went to the end of the bed and began crawling up to him. I stopped when
my mouth became even with his already hard cock. I took him into my mouth,
and began to bob up and down on it. I looked up at him and he told me I was
a good boy for Daddy. I watched him reach for the bed stand, where he had a
bottle of oil. I took the oil, and as I sucked him he poured some onto his
chest. He worked it over his nipples chest and stomach, smelling it as I
continued to work him with my lips. He skin now glistening I sucked harder
as the sight made me more turned on. He grabbed my hair, and pulled himself
out of my mouth. He pushed me back slightly, then took the oil and began
dribbling it over his cock. I watched for a moment then he instructed me to
stroke him I stroked and rubbed the oil all over his cock balls and even
his upper legs. Then with a single finger he motioned me to come closer. I
crawled up to him, and straddled his legs. I slowly sat down and
pressed my diapered cock against his huge daddy dick. He rubbed his oily
hands around on my chest. His touch was wonderful, I had goosebumps. I
began to work against him slightly, his hands traveled down my sides. They
went lower and lower, and began to wrap around my ass. That was when I
suddenly remembered the hole I had made. I got nervous for a second
wondering what he would say, would he still want too, I continued to hump
faking my confidence. His hands wandered, then suddenly stopped. He found
the hole. He gave me a weird look, I smiled back. He said are you sure? I
simple answered Yes Daddy.

I apparently hit the nail on the head with what he wanted, as he pulled me
tightly to him and for the first time kissed me, full tongue, oh he tasted
so good. I felt him start to slide his fingers inside the hole of the
diaper, and I felt his oily finger quickly press against my tight virgin
hole. He pressed harder, and there was a quick rush of pain. I whimpered
and broke our kiss and gave him a look of concern, he smiled and said he
was sorry, and would not hurt me. He made me get off him and told me to get
on all fours. I did and he reached for the baby oil. He took the tip of the
bottle and pressed it through the diaper, and I could feel he was covering
my butt with oil, it was starting to drip into my crack. He then took some
and placed it on his fingers, and again slid inside the diaper. He stroked
my back and told me to relax. I tried, and with the oil I felt my hole
start to let him in. It felt strange, it hurt, and at the same time I was
loving it. Slowly, so slowly he worked the entire finger in. I told him it
burned a little, so he just held it inside me. He reached under and slowly
rubbed the front of my diaper. Now I was starting to feel good. It felt so
good I began to hump against his hand, then I noticed when I did it made
his finger work inside me. While I still was a little uncomfortable it felt
good at the same time. He was moving his finger slightly, whatever he was
doing was amazing. He kept touching this spot that nearly made me cum
inside my diaper every time he touched it. I felt him start to twist his
finger around a little, and again the pain came back. This time I didn't
say anything, I tried to make my sound of pain sound like a moan of

My fear of all of this returned when he went for a second finger. I looked
back at him and he assured me he was doing all he could not to hurt me, he
had to loosen me up if I were going to try to take him inside me. Gently,
same as the first finger he worked it in. Now it was really burning, but
again I tried to ignore it. Again he played with me, again I humped his
hand, and again after a time the pleasure was more than the pain.

I nearly yelled out, but held it in when he started to loosen me again with
the two fingers. His hand swirling, the fingers thankfully hitting the
special spot often to keep me from tensing right up. He had stopped playing
with me, and when I looked I saw why. He was stroking himself with oil,
lots of oil. I knew he was going to try it. He pulled out his fingers,
leaned over and kissed me down my back, then got behind me. I heard his
cock pushing through the diaper just before I felt it against my hole. He
asked me one more time if I was sure and I nodded. He pressed, hard, a lot
harder than I expected, I tried to pull away but he held me in place. With
a popping feeling his huge head was inside. The pain, was unreal. He held
it there until I relaxed some, then he pressed some more. Inch by searing
inch. I wanted to cry, but I held on and was going to finish this. He was
only about half way in. His moans were intoxicating. I knew he was loving
this, and
I knew I would too someday. He sat there inside me for a moment, then
slowly he pulled nearly all the way out. Back in slowly, not much painful,
but he pushed in enough this time he hit that spot with his cock. Oh my god
what a feeling. He worked in and out slowly. My ass on fire, but so was my
body. He asked if it felt good, I exaggerated and told him I loved it. He
picked up the pace, and I could tell he was getting deeper too. He suddenly
yelled loudly, I cannot believe I am fucking. I couldn't believe it either,
we had gone all the way. I just gritted my teeth and tried to get through
it. I could tell he wanted to let loose but was holding back for my sake. I
did however manage to start to meet his thrusts a bit and I knew that
excited him. Then after only a few minutes it was over. He gave one final
thrust and I could feel this warm feeling inside. I knew he had cum. He
pulled out and told me to stay there.

He seemed panicked, I found out later there was blood. He expected some but
there was more than he counted on. He left the room, came back with a cool
wash cloth and took off my diaper. He examined closely, and decided I would
be ok with a few days rest. He asked if I was still staying, and if I
wanted a diaper. Of course I said yes to both. After my fresh diaper he
cuddled up with me, in his bed, the one he shared with his wife, where we
had just fucked for the first time.

As soon as he decided I was healed enough he asked if I wanted to do it
again. Yes I did. So we did it, and we did it and did it again. Just as we
had humped in every room of the house he fucked me in every room. I quickly
discovered I liked it best being bent over. He was too happy to oblige.
Over the couch, the kitchen counter, the bathroom sink, even the baby's
crib once. He told me once while I was on my knees sucking his daddy cock
that the reason I liked fucking and getting bent over so much was I was a
slut for his cock. Daddy's little diaper slut was his new favorite name for
me, and I loved it. I knew this new thing couldn't last though

We had just got done with some of the hottest sex ever. We were on his
marital bed, again covered in plastic, the bed covered in oil. Me spread
eagle face down, and him pounding me into the plastic. When he rolled off
he told me he had heard from his wife, she would be home in a few days.
They were going to start counseling, spend more time together etc. So that
meant our time would be cut either short, or completely off for awhile. So
he asked is I would stay one last night with him before she got home. I
agreed, and here we are.

One last night in his bed, basking is the pleasure. I know he will fuck me
at least four more times before the sun comes up, and then once more, but
something tells me this is it. If it is, at least it was fun, hot, and
scary all at once. I will definitely look for others. I know someone else
out there will be willing to help me with this. I will never forget all the
first I shared with Daddy though. I will never forget the first time he
brought me a diaper, put me in one, watched me hump, humped me, sucked his
huge dick, and when he finally fucked me. I will never forget the diapers
and the neighborhood doctor.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Diaper Story - Diaper Story 5