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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Doctor


Jack Sprat

I lay on my side on the examining table and drew up my leg. The
doctors finger slopped some lube against my asshole then pushed up inside,
giving me a start as it moved over my inner sensitive area. After pulling
out, he slowly and gently wiped my outer hole.

The doc, specializes in Teen Medicine. He treats teens exclusively,
having knowledge of their adolescent mental health as well as their
physical makeup. He likes to talk to teens and really listens to what they

"Now lay on your back & draw up your legs."

He reached passed my left nut, pushed in, had me cough, then did the same
past my right nut.

"No hernia. Now for a quick testicular exam. This may tickle a bit, but
I'll hurry."

He put his thumb and forefinger above my balls and closed, forcing both
against the pouch's lower skin. With the fingers of his other hand, he gently
roamed over each ball. Yes, it did tickle and I started to get hard.

"Oops," said the doc. "I didn't guess you were that sensitive. But lets
let it come up for a quick look."

The doctor sounded very professional, like looking at my hard-on was
a necessarty part of the physical. When it was stiff, he grasped its stem and
pulled down. Then, taking both thumbs, he spread my pee hole, opening and
closing several times.

"No outer obstruction," he said. "And it looks like your circumcision
gives you no erection discomfort.

I nodded the affirmative.

"Now you can get dressed and then we can have a short chat in my
my office. I find only one problem."

A problem?


I sat across from his desk as he shuffled some papers in my file.

"Well, Rob, your penis shows a lot of masturbation. This is not uncommon.
A verile 16-year-old can bang his meat almost all day long, maybe ten times on
some days. The good news is that you won't wear the skin off and it is going
to keep working for years. But, what I am concerned about is overkill,
meaning... 'I've got 'me', and that is all I need.'...and then you withdraw
into yourself limiting your friends and social life. You could be giving more
time and priorities to masturbation than what is considered normal."

"When you are sad, you masturbate. When you are glad, you masturbate.
When you are tired, you masturbate. When you are bored, you masturbate. And,
of course, when you are aroused by a fantasy or another person, you
masturbate. In fact, there is really no excuse for NOT masturbating."

I gave an embarrasing grin and nodded. He was right. At night,
before sleep, in the morning on awakening, and during the day, as many times
as I could be alone and find a quiet place to do it.

"All sixteen year old boys have a hell-of-alot happening which is so
overwhelming it is hard to handle. Your voice has changed, you have hair in
your crotch, you are starting to shave and you are looking at your family life
and parents roll in a different way and, as we discussed, practicing excessive

The doctor was really laying it on, not as a lecture, but a full
understanding. Everything he had said applied to me. I sat very attentive
as he continued.

"I can guess with girl sex you are bashful, shy, and perhaps the word
"shame" comes to mind if that was the way you were taught. Excessive
masturbation could also mean that you are afraid to share your body with others.

"So," the doc concluded, "Do you have any comments or questions on things
I've been saying?"

I found it easy to give a reply.

"It's all true. I've never done anything with others. Once I ran home
because my friends wanted me to join in a circle jerk, show mine, and do it with
them. I know I would faint if a girl asked me to fuck her."

The doc gave an understanding nod.

"Your feelings are not uncommon for boys of your age. It's only
through practice and exposure that one can become fully relaxed and enjoy the
full sexual feelings that nature provides. Many people never experience full
sexual pleasure because they never overcame negative and guilt feelings. And,
because of this, many masturbate excessively throughout their lives. That's why
I want to get you on a healthier track....learn to accept caring, touch, and
the wonderful feeling of sex.

"How do I do that?"

"You need to be desensitized to where your modesty gives away to
pleasure. I can set you up for a series of office visits. At each visit you
will learn to relax while accepting my touches . Later, we'll go into
advanced techniques. When I finish, you will enjoy sex without hang-ups.
Remember, I'm a doctor. I know how to treat these disorders.

I decided to go for the treatment.

...the end


Epilogue: The boy had little money, so the doctor waived his fee. The
sessions proved to be very gratifying and theraputic. The boy
now has a lover and the doctor had a lot of fun too....:-)

--- :-)

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Doctor