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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Dougs Exam

Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 21:13:41 PST
From: Chuck Guy <>
Subject: Doug's Exam

[Ed. This is the original version of the story "Playing Doctor" in the Gay
Male -- Adult-Youth section. This story was written in the late 1980's
during the BBS heyday. At that time, stories frequently were copies from
one BBS to another, sometimes with changes or additions along the way.]

M/m/m underwear fetish

by Chuck Root

Things had been rough since my old boss found out that I was gay
and decided to fire me. I had gotten a job in the hospital doing
orderly work just to make enough to put food on the table. I
liked it because the work was easy and I could go anyplace in the
building while wearing the white jacket.

Today was the type of day that made me want to work 24 hours. I
had been cleaning near the outpatient examination rooms. I
entered the last one in the section and came face to face with
high school age boy who was a real hunk. His eyes were a dark
green and his hair was brown.

He was startled by me but said, "Hi Doc.", in this great adolescent
that wanted to crack. I just nodded as he continued,"will you be
giving me my sports physical instead of Doctor Walters?"

"Yes", I answered, unable to resist. "Remove your shirt and
T-shirt and have a seat on the table."

He unbuttoned his shirt and turned, putting it on the chair. As
he began pulling the T-shirt up and off I continued,"I'll need to
know your name and other information and find out if you've every
had a complete physical before."

He had an almost hairless chest with small nipples. As he raised
his arms I saw a teens first appearance of fine hair under his
arms. His boxer underwear showed just above the jeans
he had on. The crumpled cotton sat an inch below his navel.
His firm stomach and thin waist were typical of a good athlete.

"My name is Doug. Dr. Walters has never given me a complete
physical, but the coaches say I need one before I can go out for
swimming." He sat shirtless on the table. I picked up a
stethoscope as I moved toward him wondering how far I could take
this. His skin was warm and smooth to my touch as I began the

"Your heart sounds good." I said, "Have you noticed any swollen
glands since you reached puberty?" . I ran my hands along his
neck, feeling, and then across his broad shoulders and under his

"Well, I guess I should tell you. I think I had one but It went

"Oh ?"

"Yeah. I was real worried and I figured it was from
know...jerking off, but it went away. Now I don't do it anymore
but I...well...I wake up at night and I'm....wet from...I don't
know...from like I jerked off."

My eyes traced over his strong young chest and kept moving down
to the flat stomach that ended at the waist of his plaid boxers. "Doug,
let's take off the sneakers and pants so we can finish this

He bent over and unlaced the shoes and as he did I watched
intently. He had firm young buns that filled the seat of his
jeans well. When he straightened up and his hands moved to the
button on his jeans my heart started pounding. He began to
unbutton the pants but paused for a split second looking up at me
as he did. He continued. The fly started down. I saw the colors
of his underwear as my eyes flowed from the belly button to his
crotch. He lowered the pants, lifting first one leg and then the
other as he stepped out of them. His cock and balls filled the
shorts and moved back in forth with the rhythm of his undressing.
The legs of the well worn cotton shorts were loose and pulled up
his firm thighs. He hung left, with the head only fractions
of an inch away from my view.

"Doug, why don't you sit on the table again." I said , watching
as he lifted himself onto the paper covered cot. The effort made
his muscles bulge. When he sat, his balls and cock filled the
bulging cotton between his legs.

"Lay back and we'll make sure your legs and knees are OK."

He lay flat. As he stared at the ceiling I stared at his crotch.
I could tell that his balls were sliding into a new position and I
watched as they did. The shift pushed the edge of the loose fly
open a bit. His cock began to move behind the soft fabric
rolling to that same side, moving slowly under the thin cloth. I
place my hand on his right ankle and grasped it lightly. Lifting,
the leg pushed Doug's cock and balls farther to the side. The
head of his young meat poked out from under the fly. The
young cock was thick and dark. I lower the right leg and his
cock moved back under the cover of the underwear. I moved to the
left leg and lifted it also, my breath coming faster as I planned
my next part of the exam.

"Doug, how often did you masterbate before you decided to stop?",
I asked. "Because you know that all boys do the same thing at
your age."

"Well...I guess it depended. Some times I did it every day. I
got scared for a while and only did it when I couldn't resist
anymore. Now that I stopped and the stuff at night started
happening , I got frightened again."

"Doug, that's just your body telling you that it's natural." My
hands moved up his legs and paused over his flat stomach. I
rested them on either side of his naval and pressed. "Do you have
any pain here?" talking as I reached for the waist band of his shorts.

"No. I lift weights but I'm real careful."

"OK Doug. Lift up." I commanded as my fingers moved under the
last piece of clothing he had on.

Doug meekly lifted his buns off the table and I pulled his shorts
down, stopping just inches below his crotch. My eyes fixed on
his young boys pride. A patch of downy hair covered him where
his penis was rooted. It was brown and soft looking. I reached
up and cupped his warm balls in my hand. His body tightened. I
pulled gently on him and watched his cock move as his teen
feelings took control.

"Doug, we're going to do some tests just to make sure there is no
medical problem. You'll have to supply me with a semen sample. "
i explained as I continued examining his balls. "Your testicles
feel normal but the only way to really know will be with the
sample." I released his balls and took his shorts all the way
off. As I put them on the examination table I could read the
label on the inside of the waistband. The black tag on his GAP
boxers told me that Doug wore mediums. "Stand up please and let's
see how you make out."

Doug moved from the table and timidly stood up. His eyes could
no longer look directly at me. I moved back to him and again
held his balls. His cock hung to the side of my hand, its size
beginning to increase. The flush of Dougs' embarrassment started
to become true excitement. With my other hand I held his quickly
swelling cock. "Why don't you do this Doug and I'll continue
with the examination." I said releasing my hold. Doug looked at
me then reached for his cock. His finger tips moved slowly along
the thickening teen shaft. I could hear a low moan start deep in
his throat.

I put a paper cup on the table next to his briefs. "Doug when you
are going to cum, please catch your semen in the cup. Now turn
around and lean on the table so I can continue, but don't stop
what you're doing."

He turned and did just what I had told him to do. His broad back
faced me showing the firm childish ass. I pushed his cheeks
apart and placed a finger against his hole. He moaned and pushed
back. "This may hurt if you don't relax. " I pressed again and
could feel him tighten as my finger started to enter.

"Ugh,"he grunted. "Geese doc can't you make it easier?"

"Yes Doug. If you want me to I can lubricate it."

I reached for some K-Y that was nearby and squeezed some right
onto his hole. I rubbed it gently, working my finger into his
rectum with each movement. When my finger was in its full length
I spoke.

"Doug, you seem fine here. If it hurts I can stop."

"Ohh Noooo please don't stop. " His speaking seemed to release
him. His hand began moving faster on his cock. The strokes and
rhythm of his motion told me that he was very excited. His
breathing was deep.

I gently reached between his legs from behind. They parted to
allow me full access to his balls which now hung like fruit for
the picking. They moved up and down in my gentle hold as Doug
pounded harder on his swollen cock.

I pushed my hand farther and gripped his dick from below. I
could feel its rigidness going deep into his body. I squeezed and
moved in time with Doug. His free hand came down to join mine
and force me continue.

His breath came in grunts as he forgot everything but the

"Doug. Are you going to come?"

"Ohh yeah. My cock is ready to explode."

With both of his hands occupied he was unable to reach for the

"Ohhhhh. Oh. Ahhhh"The boy came. Wave after wave of orgasm shook
his body as he let go. The sounds he made only added to the
excitement. His cum spattered the examination table he was
facing as he tried to aim in the directin of the paper cup that
sat there next to his undershorts. I could feel his whole body
begin to relax. The violence of his coming changed to a slow
back and forth rocking. Minutes passed with me still holding his
cock , my finger still buried deeply up his rectum.

I could feel the fear in Doug growing now that the grip of
pleasure had let go. I stopped and moved back, standing up. I
picked up his briefs and handed them to him. "Doug,you know I'm
not a doctor don't you?"

He didn't answer right away. Instead he started to dress. He
stepped into his boxers and pulled them up his legs. His
softening cock left a wet stain where cum was absorbed from
his glistening cock. He reached and cupped his balls and cock
He reached behind the cloth and pushed the head of his
tired dick off to the left. His jeans, sneakers and shirts
followed quickly. In a minute he stood before me dressed as he
was when I first had seen him. He looked at me and down at my
obvious hardon that filled my white uniform pants.

He looked back up at me and said,"I was scared at first but not

"That's good."

"Can I still call you Doc?"

"I'd like that."

"Doc. Could I see you again? I'd like to learn more and maybe
next time examine you."

"I think we could find some time. You know you ought to get some
new underwear. They're a little messed up from you missing the

"Yeah. I guess I should."

"If you're an active kid, you should get them to fit a little
tighter too. It's no good to be active without support for those
great balls of yours."

"Well I'll tell you, I don't much feel like sticking around for
Dr Walters. Maybe I'll take your advice and get some new
underwear on the way home."


It had been a great medical exam. I originally didn't feel like
going to old Doc Walters but my Mom was insisting. When the door
of the exam room opened and the good looking guy in the white
coat came in I figured there was going to be something to make my
stripping down more fun. It didn't take me long to realize he
wasn't really a doctor but by that time I was too far into it.

When he told me he needed me to jerk off for a cum sample I
figured 'Wow ! Great!' but really got off when he helped by
jambing his finger up my ass and holding my balls from behind me.
I shot all over the place. I haven't cum that much for a long
time. I even liked his suggestion about getting new underwear.
It would have to be regular white cotton because if you wear the
fancy colored stuff in gym the guys bust your chops in the locker
room. I still could go for something a little tighter and maybe
one of the Lo-rise styles that were available.The guy was right,
I needed some with "more support". I even knew the exact store to
stop in on the way home.

Lew's Fine Mens Clothing was on Main Street just a few blocks out
of the way on my walk home. The owner was older and quiet. His
kid worked there since he graduated from our school last year.
There were always rumors in school about the kid but nothing I
could prove. I figured to stop in and pick up some new

"Can I help you?"

The salesman was the owner's son. He was just a year older than

"Yeah, maybe. I need some underwear."

"Any particular style sir?"

"Plain ones, you know plain white jockeys."

"We don't carry Jockey sir but we do have several other brands."

"O.K. but my doctor says they've got to be tighter that these
that I have on 'cause he said young guys need support."

"What size waist are you?"

"About a 32" I guess."

"Why don't we measure and be sure."

I couldn't have agreed more. I was getting a bit excited just
thinking about the possiblities. I lifted my arms up over my
head as the clerk approached. He wrapped his measuring tape
around my waist over my shirt. He was about level with where my
navel is.

"You seem to be a 32." he said. "The Fruit of the Loom are our
most popular brand. Everyone seems to buy them and if you want a
little more support you can get the "Golden" brand that have some
synthetic material in them. They will hold their shape a little

"O.K." I answered. "You're the expert."

I accepted a package of Golden Fruit of the Loom from him. There
were three briefs in the plastic bag. The waistband had gold and
black stripes running around them. Rather than just stoping
there I figured I'd push a little. I popped open the bag and
pulled one brief out. Holding it out in front of me I shook it
open at eye level. I could tell the owner's son was getting

"I don't know. They seem a little big."

"Not really sir. There will be some shrink when they're washed.
I wear this particular brand and we're about the same size. The
fit is comfortable."

"Well the only thing is that the doctor says I need some extra
support. Is there any chance of trying a pair on?"

"Not really, sir. We don't take returns on opened packages of
underwear. You understand."

"Yeah I guess. You're sure they fit well huh."

Both of us were now getting flushed with excitement. My cock had
started to pump up into what I always called my 'soft on', you
know, half a hard on.

"Well sir, I'll tell you what. You may try a pair on and if you
don't like them I'll only charge you for that one pair. I'll
keep the others for myself."

"That's great." I replied moving toward the dressing room. The
clerk seemed as though he was going to stay rooted to the floor.
That wasn't my plan. I went into the last cubicle and stripped
my sneakers and jeans off. I slipped out of my worn boxers and
pulled a pair of the new briefs on. I admired myself in the
mirror. I held my shirt up a bit and stood there naked from the
waist down except for the underpants. They were nice feeling but
like all new, unwashed briefs, the material looked thin and the
fit was loose.

I called out to the clerk. "I don't know about these." I could
hear him enter the dressing area. "They just don't seem like
good material and they really aren't as tight as I wanted." He
now stood just outside the curtain.

"They really are softer and tighter after a washing."

"I guess." I replied, surprising the guy by pulling open the
curtain. I stood there facing him and looking down at myself.
"It's just that my Mom doesn't usually let me do any shopping and
I don't want to screw up. Do you relly think they'll be OK?"

The clerk could hardly speak. His face was a warm red. There was
a slight quiver in his voice.

"I assure you sir. You look great...I mean they look

My cock was a solid sausage of meat, hidden away behind the
cotton shorts. The clerks own cock was starting to bulge more in
his own pants. I figured 'What the heck. Go for it.'

"Do you have the same brand on right now?"

"Yes sir."

"Can I see how they fit after a few washings?"

"Well...Yes sir...I guess I can."

"I'd appreciate that."

The clerk slowly unbuckled the belt on his slacks and then
unbottoned them. He started to lower the zipper on his fly and I
could see the flash of white cotton on the bulging pouch of this
shorts. He let go and the pants slipped toward the ground,
stopping at his calves. His shirt tails still covered most of
his nakedness and it reminded me of the one scene in the movie
"Risky Business.

"Yours do seem to fit well." I said as I reached for his shirt
and pulled it up. "Yeah, they seem to fit real well."

"Yes sir."

"Up until now I would just pull my cock out the fly when
I had to piss. I guess these tighter underwear will put an end
to that."

"Uh..yes sir..well I guess so."

"Do you have any problem using the fly on them."

We both were standing there with hard ons trapped inside our

"No sir."

I reached and touched the bulging pouch of his underwear. I
could feel the warm cock of his just under the cotton. It
weighed heavily in the stretched cloth but jumped at my touch and
grew while I held it. The clerk was speechless. I let my
fingers find the fly on his underpants and slide through the
opening so that only a single layer of cloth separated me from
his swollen cock. His erection pointed off to the left and
strained against the fabric. My hand moved another few inches
and I could feel a tickle of pubic hair and the softness of warm
flesh. His eyes were closed and his legs actually quivered.

"On second thought," I continued, "I might be able to still just
pull my pork out from the leg opening instead of bothering with
the fly."

I pressed down and the head of the young clerk's cock pushed past
the elastic sown around the leg opening and popped into view.
With my free hand I pulled the cloth of the pouch away from his
crotch and off to the side, freeing his balls. I slipped my hand
free of his briefs and just looked for a few seconds. His erect
cock stood at attention. The white cotton twisted off to the
side and disappeared behind his balls. A crystal clear drop of
precum oozed out of the slit at the tip of his cock. I again
reached for him. My fingers curled around his cock and bent it
over. I could feel it pulsing and throbing in my hand. I
started to stuff it back under the boys briefs.

"Yeah that's fine. I guesss I will be able to still just pull it
out through the leg opening."

I forced the head of the clerk's cock back under his shorts. The
drop of precum was quickly absorbed leaving him with a wet spot
where he poked into the cotton. I cupped his balls and smoothed
the cloth out over them. I pushed his erect meat upward until it
pressed against the waistband and started to force it away from
his firm belly.

"I can see where they do give you good support too." I said. I
reached for the waistband on his shorts and pulled up. The pouch
on his underwear stretched and pulled the leg openings up high on
his thighs. His cock reached almost out at the top even with me

He was having trouble keeping his own hands away from his excited
cock. They moved to his waist, then they rested on his buns only
to move again to his waist.

"I guess they are pretty good. The only other thing is will they
be okay for when I sleep."

"I don't understand sir."

"You now. When I sleep. I just wear my underwear when I sleep."

"I still don't think I understand."

"Sure you do. I mean all guys have wet dreams. Sometimes I even
wake up holding myself and just have to keep it going. You know.
Sometimes I jerk off and end up coming in my underwear so that I
don't stain the bed."

"I'm not sure what you mean."

I reached for my own swollen cock and began rubbing it through
the white cloth. "When I cum will it soak up all my jism?"

"I'm sure they will." He gasped. His hands returned to his cock
and we stood there watching eachother fondle ourselves. It only
took a few seconds to finish this last test. I knew I had found
a good product.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Dougs Exam