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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Getting Double Fucked

Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 12:16:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: s s <>
Subject: Getting (Double) Fucked by Two Italian Tourists

Getting (Double) Fucked by
Two Italian Tourists

This story is a fantasy involving sex between a teenage boy and older men.
If it is illegal for you to read it for any reason please leave now. This
work is not permitted to be displayed or reproduced in any form,
specifically on any website or internet site, except by specific permission
of the author. Let me know what you think -- If you like my work and let me
know, I'll be more likely to write more. You can contact me at I'd love to hear from you and I will accept all
valid comments and criticism.

I know it's been a while since I have written anything for this site, it's
been a busy summer, and I'm gonna have to write stuff down a lot faster of
I'm ever going to bring you guys up to date!

Anyway, for those of you who don't remember me, my name is Ben I just
graduated from college (No, I didn't fail any classes!) and more
importantly I have an insatiable appetite for cock -- one that has been
developing since even before I sucked my first one over ten years ago.
That's right, folks, I started early. And even when I was twelve or so, I
always had my eye out for older guys. Dirty old men? My specialty!

You would think it would be hard for me to be a complete slut by the time I
was fourteen, but I grew up in New York City, and with so many people
around, it usually didn't take me very long to pick out the guys who were
taking notice of me noticing them. Sometimes, though, they noticed me

My parents were very casual about when I had to be home by the time I was
fourteen. They had both grown up in the city themselves, so they figured I
wouldn't get into any more trouble growing up than they had. I wonder what
they would think if they knew about my "extracurricular" activities.

So, instead of going right home after school, usually I would hang around
the city, open to pretty much anything that came my way. One Friday after
school, I was waiting for a friend of mine at one of the busier, more
touristy Starbucks around Times Square. She was running late, as usual, so
I figured she was sneaking in some time with her boyfriend. Her parents
had no idea that she would take advantage of any time she spent alone in
their apartment to invite him over for a quick makeout session. Given the
fact that I was such a little slut myself, I had no way to object about
being kept waiting, but I also wouldn't hesitate to ditch her if something
more interesting presented itself.

And as I was waiting, and minding my own business, something did come up.
Like I said, it was one of the Starbucks in the city that was more full of
tourists than anything else. I had managed to grab a seat at one of the
larger tables while I waited, and was idly sketching doodles in my
sketchbook (which was also my somewhat cryptic fourteen year old version of
a 'little black book') when I noticed that the tourist guys sharing the
table with me were giving off an interested vibe. I felt the familiar
quickening in my chest that always comes on when somebody starts cruising

I took a quick look at the two of them -- they were obviously a couple.
There was a younger guy, probably in his mid thirties, with curly dark hair
and a tight white v-neck tee-shirt showing off a nice patch of chest hair.
His friend was about ten years older, and I thought hotter, with
salt-and-pepper closely shaved hair and wearing what looked like very
expensive Armani sunglasses. He was wearing a striped shirt with the
sleeves rolled up to the elbow, showing off his tanned forearms, nicely
muscled and with a liberal coating of hair. They were studying a NYC
guidebook in Italian and sharing a bottle of water.

As I was taking in the relevant details (and liking what I was seeing), I
could tell that they were fully aware that I was checking them out in a
very interested way. The older one took the initiative and decided to use
what seemed to me to be the oldest line in the (guide) book. Oldest, but
still quite effective.

"Hello, are you from the city?"

Trust me, when a sexy as hell older Italian man is chatting you up, even
something that basic can sound hot. I was mentally trying to figure out if
I could think of him as 'papi', or if that was only Spanish.

"Yeah, I have lived here my whole life."

"Good! We were just trying to decide where to go tonight. Do you have any

"Well, I'm not really old enough to go to any clubs yet, so not really..."

"That's too bad, I'm sure you would be having a lot of fun."

"I usually have lots of fun without going out. Where are you guys visiting

"We are from Como, in Italy, have you ever been?"

"No, but it's supposed to be beautiful."

"It is, but New York is so much more exciting. And also beautiful. The
view from our hotel -- it has all of the lights of Times Square, but above
the crowds."

What can I say, how could I resist a view like that? It didn't take much
effort to get myself invited back up to their hotel room.

As we were riding up in the elevator, the younger one, whose name was
Daniele, told me, "You remind me very much of a friend we have at home. He
is quite young as well, only fifteen."

The older one, Luca, smiled at me and asked if that's how old I was. I
laughed and told him "Not quite."

"Do we want to know?" he teased.

Probably not. I decided not to discuss the age of consent laws in New York
with them.

Their hotel room was indeed high above the noise and crowds of Times
Square, but it wasn't nearly late enough for the view to be worth
mentioning. The room was full of shopping bags and luggage. And the giant
bed. It seemed even bigger than king size in the context of the crowded
hotel room.

Daniele dropped his messenger bag on the floor and kicked off his shiny,
immaculate D&G sneakers. Luca said, "Well, since you are not able to go to
a bar with us, would you like a drink here?"

At fourteen, I was 5'6", and about 110 pounds, so it didn't take much
alcohol to get me drunk, but I sure wasn't going to admit that! I ended up
with a Red Bull and vodka from the mini bar that seemed to be a 50-50 blend
of the two ingredients.

Since there was really no place to sit except of the edge of that giant
bed, that's where I ended up, between the two of them, trying to get that
drink down without grimacing.

Eventually I put the glass down and decided to lie back on the bed a
little. My tee-shirt rode up above the waistband of my jeans a little and
Daniele and Luca zeroed in on the strip of exposed flesh.

"Look how tan you are!" Luca exclaimed, running his hand across my flat

"I like to swim, so I have been spending a lot of time at the beach." I was
loving the feeling of his fingers as he gently pushed the edge of my
tee-shirt a little higher.

"You are almost as tan as we are! But I bet ours is more even than yours!"
Daniele joked. I wasn't going to let my tan be challenged like that, and
pulled off my tee-shirt.

"I look much more tan than you guys do, though, because I'm blonde."

"And so smooth!" Daniele exclaimed, tweaking my nipple.

"Even if I weren't naturally pretty smooth, I would still have to shave
everything before my swim meets."

"No wonder your muscles are so defined!"

"So let's see your tan!" I insisted.

Luca started to unbutton his shirt while Daniele pulled his tee-shirt over
his head. They were both prime examples of the stereotypically hot Italian
guy -- Daniele was slim but toned, with a patch of dark, curly hair
trailing down the center if his body, from his chest down to the waistband
of his jeans. Like I sad though, I thought Luca was much hotter. I always
go for older guys, and he looked like an ideal 'DILF'. His more muscular
body had a more even coating of hair that in my mind enhanced his appeal
that much more.

I have to say, they were both nicely suntanned, but I couldn't see how they
were more tan than I was, and I told them as much.

Daniele got up from the bed and refilled our drinks, and if anything it was
stronger this time. After he handed me the drink, he popped open the top
button of his jeans.

"The thing is, we are tan all over." he explained. "I can see the edge of
your tan." I couldn't see the edge of his tan, but I could see the bulge
in his jeans, with a wet spot of precum leaking through at the tip.

"Ok, you guys win! I'm almost as tan as you are, but not quite all
over.". I was really feeling that second drink, and as I put it down, I saw
that I had pretty much finished it. The room may have been spinning a bit,
but my hand-eye coordination was spot on as I grabbed the waist of
Daniele's jeans and popped open the rest of the buttons. His dick was just
as beautiful as the rest of him -- about seven inches long, uncut, with a
big head just poking out of the long foreskin as it sprung out of the
confinement of his tight jeans. And yes, he was tan ALL over.

I leaned forwards and wrapped my hand around the base and my lips around
the head, tasting sweat, and the precum that had been collecting inside his
foreskin. He moaned and held my head in his hands, controlling my
movements and teasing me with just the tip of his dick resting between my
lips as Luca ran his hands over my body and down into my pants.

Daniele kicked off his pants and climbed up onto the bed, straddling my
chest so my mouth stayed within sucking distance of his cock, which he was
slapping against my cheeks and outstretched tongue. Luca hopped off the
bed and I could hear him stripping before I felt him opening my jeans, then
pulling them off along with my underwear.

He didn't waste any time before pushing my legs back and up, so he had easy
access to my (tan-line outlined) ass. Daniele hooked my ankles under his
arms as I moaned around the head of his cock and Luca went to town on my
eager young asshole with his very talented Italian tongue.

It's a good thing I'm really flexible.

The feeling of the stubble on his chin against the hairless skin between my
legs was making me squirm. After a very thorough rimming, Luca replaced
his tongue with his thick fingers.

"Posso dire che gli piace il culo. Come è la sua bocca?" I heard Luca say
to Daniele. From context, and the way Daniele moaned "Molto buona.", I
assumed it was something flattering. I kept sucking and enjoying the
sensation of Luca's fingers playing with my ass, but I was getting pretty
eager to see what he had been packing in those sexy jeans of his, and to
have a taste of it.

Daniele shifted himself off of me, and I flipped over on the bed so I could
get a good look at Luca. Daniele may have been cute, but it was no
contest! Luca's solid, more muscular build had an even coating of hair
that is always a huge turn-on for me. His cock was perfect, too. It was
probably about eight inches, and much thicker than Daniele's. He was uncut
too, with thick veins snaking down the shaft, and heavy, low-hanging balls
hanging down below.

I couldn't wait to have it in my mouth! I practically dived between his
legs to worship it. The musky, slightly sweaty scent emanating from his
crotch was making my mouth water as he grabbed my hair, angling my head so
my eager mouth was pressed against his huge balls at the base of his cock,
which was resting across my face. I could take that hint, and was soon
giving them a loving, sloppy tongue bath.

By the time he pulled me up to suck him, my face was coveted in my own
spit, and more than a little of his precum, which seemed to be leaking like
a faucet. As soon as the head was in my mouth, I dug the tip of my tongue
up under his foreskin to get all of the precum that had collected there.
He groaned and thrust deeper into my mouth, while Daniele transferred his
attention to my ass.

Even with Luca's thick cock in my mouth, I was also hyper sensitive to
Daniele's tongue as he grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling the cheeks
as wide open as he could to eat me out.

Not that there was any danger of my getting distracted, though. Luca had
both hands in my hair, controlling the movements of my head. He was
guiding me down further on his cock with every thrust, until I pushed
forwards and he bottomed out in my mouth, with his balls pressed up against
my chin. I could hear him gasping as he lay back on the bed.

Daniele was alternating between his tongue and his fingers, loosening and
lubing my hole, which was begging to be fucked. By the time he could work
three fingers up inside of me, he decided I was ready. And I was!! When
he grabbed me by the hips and lifted my butt up in the air, just
anticipating the feeling of his cock sliding into me with just spit and
precum for lube made me groan around Luca's cock, which was still steadily
fucking my face. I definitely moaned even louder when he did finally push
the big head of his cock into my ass. The alcohol had relaxed me, but it
was still a stretch. Or so I thought at the time. Really, it was nothing
compared to what was coming.

Daniele was a great fucker, with his grip on my hips steady, he worked up
to a real jackhammer pace without any hesitation. He seemed to like to
pull all the way out and then thrust back in balls deep before my ass had a
chance to recover.

Luca seemed to want a better look at the action, so he let go of my head
and let Daniele spin me around on the end of his cock so that I was lying
on my back on the bed. Luca ended up crouched over my face, with my mouth
pressed up into his hairy asshole. He was now also able to hold my legs up
above my head so Daniele had easy access to my spread open ass, and Luca
had a ringside seat (literally) view of the action.

Every time Daniele changed the pace of the awesome fuck he was treating me
to, I moaned against Luca's asshole, which in turn caused his already
leaking dick to drop even more strands of precum onto my chest.

I could hear what sounded like his encouragement to Daniele, stuff like
"Cazzo il piccolo ragazzo più difficile! Si può vedere quanto gli piace!
Egli vuole la vostra carico profondo il suo culo!". Whatever he was
saying, I wasn't going to argue.

I could feel Daniele's cock throbbing and swelling inside me, and I could
feel the rhythm of his thrusts picking up speed. It wasn't long before he
groaned "Dio mio!!" and unloaded his balls into me. He held me tight
around the waist and kept his cock buried as deep as he could until it
finally softened enough to slip out.

I flipped over on the bed again, so I was able to lick his softening cock
clean of all the ass juices and cum. Luca, meanwhile, was ready for his
turn. He didn't even need to use spit for extra lubrication, just laying
the whole weight of his hairy body on top of me, shoving his cock into my
sloppy ass. It's a good thing Daniele had gone first to loosen me up a
little, because Luca was much thicker, and he didn't seem like the type to
go slowly or gently, either. He was hard as a rock, I could feel every
vein in his cock as he thrust it into me, and my own cock was rock hard as
well. Even Daniele seemed like he was getting hard again as I licked him
clean, even after the massive load he had just fucked into me.

Daniele pulled his hardening cock away from my mouth and shifted himself on
the bed so he could watch Luca's cock as it pounded the hell out of my ass.
I could feel him cupping Luca's big, hairy balls as they swung and slapped
my ass with the rhythm of his hips.

Daniele's hands also roamed over my body before homing in on my own
throbbing cock, which he took into his hand and jacked for me. I felt his
other hand rubbing my ass while Luca fucked me, then I was surprised to
feel one of his fingers insistently thrust up my asshole along with Luca's
dick. I groaned and arched my back, and Luca grabbed my head, wrapping one
hairy arm around my neck and shoving the fingers of his other hand into my
mouth for me to suck.

My head was still spinning from the drinks, so when another of Daniele's
fingers forced it's way into my ass along with Luca's thick cock, I didn't
even question it. These two were determined to open my ass up as wide as
they could. It's a good thing I was no virgin.

Luca pulled me up and turned himself over so he was lying on his back on
the bed, with me riding him. I turned so that I was face to face with him,
enjoying the look of pleasure on his face along with the feeling of
pleasure of his dick inside of me. It almost sent me over the edge when
Daniele started licking Luca's cock while he fucked me, rimming me and
felching out some of the cum he had shot into me earlier. He then spit
into his hand, I guessed to lube up his renewed erection enough to jack

I guessed wrong. I realized when Luca pulled me forwards and wrapped his
arms around me tight, and I could feel Daniele between his legs behind me,
trying to force his cock back into my asshole along with Luca's. I moaned
and whined but it was no use resisting. I could feel my tight hole slowly
giving in to the pressure, until with an even more forceful thrust he
managed to pop the bulging head of his cock lodged inside along with

"Shit! That hurts!" I grimaced as I was impaled on their two cocks.

"Shhhhh, it's ok." Daniele said as he stroked my back, keeping still and
letting me adjust to the invasion. After a little while he slowly slid his
cock further into me along with Luca's. As I got over the initial pain and
shock, it didn't take me long to start to enjoy the sensation.

My hole was stretched to capacity, but the feeling of two cock buried deep
inside me was mind-blowing. The increased pressure on my prostate was
enough to drive me crazy. Slowly I started to move up and down, gently
fucking myself on them. I loved the feeling of the two dicks pressed
together in my ass, sliding against each other. Once I had adjusted and
begun to enjoy myself, Luca and Daniele started to urge me to move faster,
their hands gripping my body and moving my back and forth with increasing
speed. When I was pushed forwards, it literally felt like my ass was going
to turn inside out.

I was moaning like a bitch in heat as they double fucked me, and from the
way the two of them sounded, we were all close to the edge. The pressure
on my prostate was driving me crazy, and my cock was pressed tightly
between my smooth abs and Luca's hairy stomach, stroking between us with
every movement. Almost without warning, I could feel my balls tighten and
the cum exploded from me. I screamed and my asshole tightened and spasmed
around their cocks. Luca was the first to explode, grabbing my shoulders
and forcing me as far down on their cocks while he gritted his teeth and I
could feel the shaft of his cock pulsing as he pumped his load into me.
The feeling of his cock throbbing as he come was enough to push Luca over
the edge as well, and his grip on me tightened as he began pounding me even
faster, working up to a fever pitch before the final thrust.

His cock swelled until I thought he was going to tear me open as he
released his hot seed deep inside me stretched out ass. I was biting my
lip with tears in my eyes, but I was still enjoying every second of the
pain! First Daniele's softening dick slipped out, then he pulled me up off
of Luca. My whole body was limp and trembling, and I could feel my asshole
throbbing and dripping cum as it tried to recover from my first double

Daniele laid me on my back on the bed, and they knelt on either side of my
head, slapping me across the face with their slimy cocks as I took turns
sucking them clean. Then Daniele flipped me over so he could press his
tongue into my swollen, abused boy pussy and collect as much of their cum
as he could, which he shared by spitting it all over my face and licking it
off with Luca, the two of them sharing a sloppy three way kiss with me.

After a while, when I had recovered enough to disentangle myself from their
hairy bodies, I pulled myself up off the bed and stumbled into the
bathroom. Crouching over the toilet, I tenderly checked out the damage to
my asshole, easily sliding four fingers inside and releasing another glob
of cum. I locked my fingers clean, then wiped myself off as best I could.
By the time I got back out to the bedroom and started to collect my
clothes, it was finally dark enough to enjoy the view of Times Square.

After I had said my goodbyes and exchanged email addresses with the two of
them, I felt like I was about to fall asleep on the way home. Luckily, I
had a perversely proud sense of accomplishment and the throbbing of my
ravaged asshole to keep me awake on the subway, until I could get home and
jack off remembering the whole experience...

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Getting Double Fucked