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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Hayton Hall - Hayton Hall 6

Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 02:03:26 +0000 (GMT)
From: Liam Cookson <>
Subject: Hayton Hall 6

Disclaimer - If you are too young come back when your old enough. If its
illegal in your area come back when you have moved.

I hope you enjoy my story. For that is what it is a great yarn. A fantasy.

If you like it, or if you dont, you can contact me
I reply to all e-mails.

06 Hayton Hall.

Friday morning dawned and it was dark and dismal overhead. Angry clouds
threatened thunder and though only mid spring it was muggy.

Savage was up and was outside the sick room. He wanted, no needed to bugger
Cornwall but Matron was asleep in the chair alongside the sleeping boy.

Armitage was fretting in his bed. Where was Cornwall. He missed the
boy. He'd never had sex with the boy. He loved the boy but knew he was not
homosexual. He left him alone from that time.

Savage stopped by Carstairs dorm. He opened the bed curtain and woke
Carstairs up. He blinked in the early dawn light.

"Savage what do you want" he asked.

"A boy to bugger, and to bugger now and I want Buxton" he said pointing to
the boy in the same bed "and I'm taking him now".

He pulled the boy away from Carstairs and with his hand behind his neck
took him to the storeroom.

"How old are you boy" Savage asked.

"Ten" said the shaking boy.

"Been buggered yet have we. Carstairs been porking you has he".

Buxton just shrugged. He did not know what Savage meant, but he started to
cry as Savage pushed him hard against the wall by his throat.

"Get my dick out and get it wet you piece of useless muck. Thats what your
here for. Now get it wet then its going up you bum hole" Savage told the
shaking crying boy.

He dropped on his knee as Savage pulled his dick out and pushed it through
the boys sweet soft lips and into his mouth. The boy caught him with his

"You bastard, you'll pay for that" Savage said as he felt under the bed for
his thin cane.

"Over the end of the bed Buxton with your pants down. I'm going to thrash
you and then bugger you till you bleed".

Buxton's eyes started to water and his bottom lip tremble. Savage took a
bandage and tied the boys ankles together then did the same for his wrists.

"Fuck you get my dick excited boy" Savage said his cock dripping and rock

He took a third bandage and pushed it into the boys mouth. He gagged as
Savage laughed and he swished the cane in the air close to the boys
backside. Buxton started to sob while Savage shook with excitement.

He raised his arm and brought the cane down hard and by now he was

Thwack. "Mmmmggggghhghhhh". Thwack. "Mmmggggghhhghhh". Thwack.
"Mmmgggghhhhhgh". Thwack. "Mmggghhhhh". Thwack. "Mmgghhhh".

Buxton had six lines across his buttocks and some blood was dripping down
his thighs. Savage knelt down and licked at the blood. He then lined his
dick up and rammed it in to the hilt.

Buxtons scream could be heard through his gag. The dick was pulled out and
then rammed back in. The poor lad thought his cock full arse was on fire as
the older pupil started to bugger him hard and fast.

"You lovely little homo boy, take my dick you little fag" Savage said.

He grabbed the boys hips with one hand and his shoulder with the other and
rammed the full legnth of his cock into the bound and gagged small boy.

"Not long now Buxton" Savage growled "soon have my sperm swimming up you".

Buxton had tears and snot all over his pretty face and his cock was rock
hard as Savages dick rubbed over his boy love button. His body shook and
his arse clamped on the swollem cock in his bum.

"Yeah Buxton you fucking homo, look at you. Fuck you love it you dirty
bastard. Yes, yes, yes" Savage cried out and flooded the boys arse.

He pulled the gag out and turned the boy over and kissed him while
squeezing the boys balls hard. Buxton hardly moaned he was totally out of

"Say thankyou Buxton".

The boy said nothing. Savage slapped his face hard.

"Thankyou Savage" Buxton croaked.

Savage pulled his pants up and left the boy still tied and went to
Carstairs dorm. Carstairs was not there. He woke Holt up. The 14 year old
looked scared stiff when he saw Savage and froze.

"Carstairs boy is injured in the storeroom. You Holt go and sort him out
then bring him back here. Make sure you lock the door and make sure I get
the key back" Savage said his face inches away.

Meanwhile Father Joseph was pounding away at Armitage, Timms was spraying
his stuff all over Masons frustrated face and the headmaster was pumping
his sperm down Cornwalls throat in the sick room.

"Buxton oh poor Buxton" Holt whispered in his ear.

The boy just sobbed quietly. Holt untied the bandages and was pulling the
boys trousers up when he heard a noise behind him. He looked over his
shoulder and saw the headmaster.

"Holt what in the name of the Lord has happened here. Oh my god boy you
disgust me Holt. You disgust me. Get to my room now".

"No sir, it was not me" Holt said as tears formed in his eyes.

"I see no one else Holt. I see just you and poor, injured Buxton".

"But sir, pleeeaaasse it was not me".

"My room now" the headmaster roared and hit him hard over the back of his
head "now".

"Now lets get you to Matron "

"But sir it was not Holt" Buxton whispered.

"I admire your loyalty. I know your Carstairs and maybe he lets Holt use
you too Buxton. Now I'll hear no more and he will be punished".

"Matron" he called down the corridor.

Holt was stood outside the headmasters rooms. He opened the door and taking
the 14 year old by the collar took him inside.

"You nasty piece of work Holt. You really are. All nice as pie and you do
that to poor young Buxton" he started "I can understand you buggering him
you fag, but to hurt him like that. Terrible. Just terrible to do that to
such a pretty boy. Get naked".

Holt went to talk but the headmaster squeezed the boys lips together and
spat in his eye.

"Strip. Then over the side of the desk splayed" the head said then pulled
the boys mouth open and spat into it.

The boy stripped and the headmaster was impressed. The boy was well hung
and good looking with his dark ginger hair. His cock stiffened at the sight
of the boys cunt and dick. Sweat formed on his brow.

"Come on boy over the desk".

"Bbut ssir" Holt stuttered.

"But nothing boy" the headmaster hissed in his ear "but nothing".

He secured Holts ankles to the legs of the heavy narrow desk. Then he
stepped back and then put two fingers into the boys arse and twisted them
round. Holt just let out a soft moan.

With his fingers out he put them to the boys mouth and pushed them through
his soft lips and got him to suck on his own arse juice and bit of
shit. Holt gagged slightly and the headmaster giggled as he took a thick
cane from the stand.

Thwack. "Agghhh". Thwack. "Agghhh". Thwack. "Agghhh". Thwack.
"Agghhh". Thwack. "Agghhh". Thwack. "Agghhh".

"Good brave boy Holt. I like a boy who takes his punishment. Now take this
and see what poor Buxton feels like full of cock".

The headmaster slowly filled the boy with his dick and then lay across him
and kissed him.

"Never really looked at you Holt but this wont be our last buggering
session" he said licking the boys neck and ears "yeah good tight and
fourteen eh".

He stood and got himself steady with his hands on the boys back. Then he
pulled out and pushed back in then he started a nice slow shag. Holt moaned
under the heads assault. He'd sucked dick before but never been
buggered. He was being de-flowered. His hole hurt like mad but the boy was
brave he had never cried and did not want to now.

"Oh yes you fag. So tight so good. I could get use to your bum hole
boy. Yeah you could be my new bum boy you nasty boy" the headmaster purred.

He started to speed up taking Holts ample dick in his hand and wanked him
furiously. Now ramming his cock its full legnth and Holt moaned and groaned
and then sprayed his load on the floor and and onto the headmasters hand.

This was too much and the headmaster shot off up the boys not now virgin
bum. He pulled out undid the lads ankles and pushed him to his knees.

"Clean my cock you piece of shit" the head demanded.

Holt did as he was told seeing the look in the headmasters eye. He licked
and sucked it clean.

"And lick yours off the floor" and again Holt did as he was told "then get
out of my sight".

The headmaster looked at the clock as he put his cock away. It was nearly
time for breakfast and he was ready for it. He'd also be ready for another
session with Holt very soon. Very soon indeed.

Breakfast was good. The headmaster was hungry after his morning exercise as
was Father Joseph.

"This ham and these duck eggs are superb" Father Joseph declared.

"Correct my good man" the head agreed "had to sort Holt out before".

Father Joseph looked round the dining room and smiled when he looked at the
recently caned and buggered boy. He smiled to himself as the headmaster
gave him the mornings details.

Like the headmaster he'd not taken much notice of the boy but made a mental
note to put that right soon. Both men finished their meal and made there
way to their respective rooms. Soon it was time for morning mass.

Father Joseph concluded his service and made his way back to the
sacristy. He was joined by the headmaster and a shaking Timms along with
the organist and the gardener Crawford.

"I think its time we punished Savage. I've told Matron to have a bed ready
for him. I've also sent a message to the village doctor that he may be
needed. He'll want to fuck one of the baby eight year olds maybe for his
payment, but well on this occasion thats as may be" the head told the
assembled boy molesters.

They made their way to the old barn. The gardener had set a spoked wheel
up. Father Joseph split off and went and found Savage and brought him to
the barn.

"Strip" was the one word command.

Savage looked around and realised he had no choice. He stripped and the
headmaster walked to him. He kissed the boy and felt him up. Then he took
his balls and twisted them hard.

No words were spoken. He was picked up by Crawford and Timms and his wrists
were attached to the spokes and his feet put in stirrups and his ankles
restrained. His bum was perfectly over the edge of the wheel.

The wheel was spun and Savage went round a few times. Each man removed his
trousers and pants and each had a swollen, throbbing and dripping
cock. Savages eyes widened as each man took hold of a cane.

"Lets make the bastard sing" the organist said.

"This is for Cornwall and Buxton, Savage" the headmaster said as he swished
his cane through the air "Oh yes you may think I'm stupid but I know you
thrashed Buxton this morning. I should maybe thank you. Had a good time
with Holt. Yeah thankyou Savage" and he cracked the boy across his buttocks

The six men took there places round the wheel and Crawford spun it.

"Six off me as head first the six off each of us chaps" the headmaster
chimed "as hard as you like then we'll bugger him till he bleeds".

"One". Thwack. "Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh". "Two". Thwack.
"Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh". "Three". Thwack. "Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh".
"Four". Thwack. "Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh". "Five". Thwack.
"Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh". "Six". Thwack. "Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh".

.......... they kept the wheel spinning ..........

"Thirty One". Thwack. "Aaarrrggghhh". "Thirty Two". Thwack.
"Aaarrrggghhh". "Thirty Three". Thwack. "Aaarrrggghhh". "Thirty
Four". Thwack. "Aarrgghh". "Thirty Five". Thwack. "Arrgghh". "Thirty
Six". Thwack. "Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh".

The organist looked at Timms who was next to him his dick firing off his
load. The wheel was stopped and Savages bloody, bruised backside was
fondled by Crawford who dug his nails in.

Then he rammed his cock into the boys hole and fucked him hard and spewed
his load into him.

The organist stepped forward and took over and banged away at the now
weeping boy. He power fucked the lad shot off and then stepped back.

Next up was Father Joseph and he spanked the poor lads bum and then fucked
him for a good ten minutes before his sperm joined the two others.

The headmaster plowed into the boy and despite already losing two loads
this morning he came yet again.

Savage had stopped screaming and crying now. He had no more in him. His bum
was marked and blooded. His hole dripped sperm and blood. The doctor was
needed and Timms was despatched to bring him. The others took the boy to

The headmaster went to his study and shook. He was shocked at what he had
ordered. He was still shaking despite three brandys when there was a knock
on the door.

"Enter" he said getting himself together. The doctor walked in.

"He'll live" he told the pale head.

"Good. Good" was his reply "now your payment".

"I'll call for a boy on Sunday and take him out for the day headmaster"
I'll be able to check on the injured boy at the same time. Assuming that is
ok with you".

The headmaster nodded as he poured them both a large brandy. They drunk
them and the good doctor made his way off.

"Headmaster" a voice shook him from his reverie "you ok" it was Father

"Oh Father".

"You really alright headmaster" he said.

"That went too far. We could have killed the boy" the headmaster said.

"Maybe. But the doctor tells me he'll live".

The headmaster nodded and went off to see ve boy for himself.

"Oh headmaster Cornwall and Buxton can leave the sick room now" Matron said
as she gave the boys fresh clothes.

"Good. Very good" the headmaster said patting the two boys on the head.

He joined the others in the dining room for lunch and after the food and
the a glass of wine along with brandy and a short nap he felt more like
himself and went off to the sick room.

"Ah headmaster" Matron said "I'm just off for fresh sheets. Savage is
sleeping well. He'll be right as rain in a day or two".

The headmaster gave her a weak smile as she made her way out. He went over
to the sleeping boy and knelt by the bed. He kissed him on top of the head.

"Savage. My lovely Savage. I'm sorry boy it wont happen again. I love you"
he said as a tear ran down his cheek.

Meanwhile Cornwall was back in Carstairs dorm. Limping slightly but loads
better. Carstairs looked at him. He wanted the boy to love but knew the boy
hated homo sex. Carstairs watched as him, Holt and Buxton showed there
striped backsides to the others. Holt looked at him and licked his
lips. Carstairs shook his head it was Crawford he wanted.


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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Hayton Hall - Hayton Hall 6