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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Island Of Naked Boys

Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 02:54:36 -0500
From: Emma Star <>
Subject: The Island of Naked Boys - Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This story contains depictions of graphic sex between boys and
between boys and an adult man. If this story offends you, you are below the
age of 18, or such material is not allowed in your area, please stop

Also, this story is entirely a work of fiction with no basis in reality. I
do not endorse or condone this behavior in any way in real life.

Lastly, I want to thank Boystory for inspiring "The Island of Naked Boys".
His excellent series, "Shipwrecked" is what gave me this idea, and I owe him
a great debt of gratitude. I encourage you all to read his work.

Part 1

This is a story of magic, set on an enchanted island of eternal youth,
beauty, and sexual freedom. As such, I don't expect you to believe a word
I'm telling you. That's fine by me. I must tell my story, whether you
believe it or not.

My story begins when I was 23 years old. Upon graduating from college at
the University of Hawaii, I got a job working for a local television
station. It paid the rent and gave me the money to pursue my true hobby
aviation. I owned my very own one-man airplane and I enjoyed nothing more
than flying out over the mighty Pacific Ocean all by myself. Something
about the infinite blue expanse called to me and I always pushed farther and
farther with each flight, hoping to find the thing which summoned me.

I was single at the time with very few friends and family. My parents had
passed away when I was younger and I barely knew the few relatives I had.
My friends had all scattered to the four winds after college ended and I
kept mostly my own company.

I had no girlfriend of any kind either. Sure, I had dated before, and
sometimes the relationships had been long term. But something was always
lacking. I could never escape the feeling that my true destiny, the love of
my life, was waiting for me in a place I could only find if I stopped

The last day of my normal life was not unlike any other day. I woke up and
took a shower, taking a moment to admire myself in the mirror. I was tall,
over 6 feet, with short, wavy brown hair. My skin was fairly tanned, but
not excessively so. I had a lean, muscular body with well defined pecs,
abs, thighs, and biceps thanks to plenty of time spent in the gym. The
feature I was most proud of, however, was my cock. I had been told by
numerous women that it was the most beautiful penis they had ever seen. It
was about eight inches long, and maybe two inches in diameter, but it was
perfectly shaped.

After showering and getting dressed, I went to work. The day passed
normally until it was time to punch out. Since it was summer, the days
lasted longer, and I still had many hours of sunlight. I decided to head to
the airport and get in some flying time.

"Going up, Cass?" asked Pete, the airport manager. That was my name, by the
way. Cassius Finch. Like the bird.

"Yeah, why not?" I said, smiling.

"Just be careful," he warned me. "You've been pushing the limit of how far
she can go lately."

"I'll be fine," I said.

"I hope so," he chided. "Out in the middle of the ocean is a bad place to
be if your plane runs out of gas."

"Better not run out of gas, then," I remarked. With a wave, I climbed into
my plane, and started the engine. I had a textbook takeoff and soon I was
soaring freely high above the aquamarine waters of the Pacific.

But I should have heeded Pete's warning.

I was preparing to turn back when I looked down at my fuel gauge and
noticed, with a shock, that I was nearly empty. I quickly radioed mayday,
but no one responded. It was as if I had lost radio contact with the
outside world. Within minutes, the plane was empty, even as I tried to fly
back towards the airport.

I lowered my altitude so that the damage wouldn't be so severe. At last,
the engines stalled, and my plane hit the water. As it sank, I pulled
myself free, along with a life jacket that I kept in the cabin for
emergencies. As my plane was swallowed up by the sea, I rose to the
surface, and soon broke through. I was God-knows how many miles away and no
one knew that I was in trouble. All I could hope was that Pete would call
for a rescue team and that they would see me floating there.

I don't know how long I drifted in the water. Dehydrated, I began to
hallucinate, and during my rare moments of lucidity, I wondered if I would
die out here alone.

Then, I spotted an island in the distance. It was far but it was the only
chance I had. I began kicking and paddling for all I was worth and the
current pulled me towards it, as if drawn by a supernatural force. At last,
I reached the beach. I crawled up on to the sand, past the tide line, and
fell down face-first, instantly asleep.

Part 2

When I woke, it was morning. I opened my eyes, saw the blue sky above me,
and for a moment thought I was still in the ocean. I quickly sat up and
looked around, then said a prayer of thanks that I was on dry land.

I began to pull myself up when I suddenly stopped. Ahead of me, in some
bushes at the tree line where the beach met a tropical forest, there was
something moving. I stayed still and watched. A moment later, three young
boys, all roughly 9 or 10 years old, emerged from the foliage. Each boy
carried a spear and a net. They were all tanned from the sun with hair of
varying colors and lengths. Strangest of all was that all three of the
boys, from head to toe, was completely naked. Bare chests, bare feet, bare
legs, and not even underwear to cover their tiny penises and scrotums, which
were exposed without shame to the world and to each other.

I was so stunned that I didn't move. My mind tried to come up with an
explanation. Maybe they were brothers and were comfortable being nude
together. That was possible, but they didn't look like brothers. And what
were they doing with spears and nets? Fishing? How far from Hawaii was I
that children would still fish with such primitive tools.

Just then, the tallest of the three boys, apparently the leader, noticed me
and raised the point of his spear in my direction. He spoke to me loudly
and fiercely in a language I didn't understand.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand," I said.

He continued ordering me in his strange tongue.

"Where are your parents?" I tried to ask. I got the same reaction. "I was
in a plane crash. I'm from Hawaii. Can you help me?"

It was no use. The three naked boys advanced and pointed their spears at
me. Realizing I was trapped, outnumbered, and exhausted, I raised my hands
above my head in submission. The boys tied my ankles and wrists together
using the rope from the nets and led me, at spearpoint, into the forest.

I was surprised to find that, on the other side of the bushes from which the
boys had emerged, there was a path. I walked down the path, followed by my
guards, until at last I came to an amazing village right in the middle of
the tropical island. The houses were made of mud with thatched roofs and
every one of them seemed too small for a person to really live in.

As I was marched through the village, more young boys emerged from their
homes to watch me in awe and wonder. Like my three captors, all the boys
were fully nude, yet were entirely comfortable with their nudity. I
couldn't really blame them, though. Every boy was the very image of
adolescent male beauty. Bare, tanned chests with two tiny, pink nipples.
Thin, but well-toned muscles. When I saw one from behind, they all had
finely shaped bubble butts.

I felt very out of place. Not only was I clearly the biggest and oldest
person there, I was still wearing jean shorts, a t-shirt, and my sneakers
while these boys were as naked as the day they were born.

Finally, I was led to a special hut at the edge of the village. It was
built like the others but this one had bamboo bars on the doors and windows.
It was a jail. I thought to resist, but only for a moment. I still had
no chance of escape. I simply walked into the jail hut and made myself at
home as two boys were assigned as guards and stood at the door with their
bottoms facing me.

It was actually pretty comfortable. I had bedding to sleep on and a pot of
water was soon brought to me as well as a plate of fresh fruits and fish. I
ate my fill, then went to sleep.

Part 3

When I woke up, I found I had a visitor. It was the boy who had arrested me
yesterday. Under these new circumstances, I had a better chance to examine
him closely. He was roughly 10 years old, but tall for his age, with blonde
hair bleached from the sun. He stood firmly and proudly, his every move
suggesting confidence. As expected, he hadn't bothered to dress for the
occasion, and I could see that his four inch penis was devoid of any hair.

He spoke to me in his strange language, but I did not understand.

"I need to speak to an adult," I said. I tried to point to myself to
demonstrate what an adult was, but he didn't seem to understand.

Our attempts at communication were getting nowhere. At last, I had a
revelation. I put a hand on my chest and said, "Cassius."

He looked confused for a moment, but seemed to catch on. He placed a hand
on his bare chest and said, "Kimbe (pronounced KIM-bay)". So that was his
name. He was Kimbe and I was Cassius. We were off to a good start.

Kimbe came to visit me often. He would spend hours trying to teach me his
language and I tried my best to be a good student. Actually, the language
was pretty easy, and I picked up on it quickly. Within a few weeks of
captivity, we could communicate clearly, if slowly. A few weeks after
that, I was becoming more fluent.

Although I lived in the jail hut, I was not really treated as a prisoner. I
was treated more like a guest they thought might be dangerous and didn't
want to let wander around. I soon learned that there were no adults on this
island. There didn't even seem to be a word for "adult" in their language,
so I was simply called "Tall Boy." As far as I could tell, there were no
girls on the island, either. I had only seen boys and never without
bothering to put on clothes.

I also discovered, to my continual shock and bewilderment, that life on the
island seemed to have turned all the boys homosexual. I often saw, from my
window, pairs of boys walking through the village, hand-in-hand. They
hugged and kissed as lovers do in broad daylight and no one batted an eye.

Nothing about them suggested any sexual inhibitions. One afternoon, I was
looking outside my window, when I saw two boys meet next to the mango tree
that was across from my window. One was a brunette, the other a blonde.
Like all the other boys, they seemed to be roughly 8, 9, 10, or 11. I had
nothing better to do so I watched as they talked like old friends just
shooting the breeze. I did notice, however, that their little cocks seemed
to get harder as they talked and soon both boys were at full erection (which
was only a couple of inches.)

The brunette boy reached out and touched the blonde's face. The blonde
blushed and turned away demurely. The brunette gently turned his partner's
face back towards his own, stroking his cheek, and speaking softly to him
with a slight smile on his lips. At last, the two boys leaned in, and
kissed tenderly with their eyes closed. Their mouths opened and their
small, pink tongues entwined.

The blonde boy put his arms around his partner's neck while the brunette
rubbed the blonde's back. His hands slowly moved down the blonde's body
until his hands came to rest directly on the blonde boy's smooth, tanned
globes. He pulled him close so that their hips met, and they began to grind
their cocks together as their passionate kiss continued. I felt my own cock
began to stir as well. I had never been attracted to men, much less boys,
but they were so beautiful and their sexual liberty was so unique and
wonderful. When they opened their eyes to look at one another, I could see
the genuinely love felt between these two boys.

At last, the blonde broke the kiss. He pulled his face away, looking
tenderly into his lover's face. Then he began to kiss the brunette boy's
neck and shoulders. He slowly moved down his chest, stopped to gently bite
each nipple. He licked the brunette boy's navel and by that point he was
down on his knees in front of his partner.

Looking up into the brunette's eyes, the blonde boy daintily licked the tiny
head of the brunette's cock. The brunette boy took a deep breath and cooed
softly. The blonde then wrapped his pretty lips around the brunette's penis
and began to suck him slowly and lovingly. He kept his hands still on his
thighs, using only his mouth to do the work, and not even touching his own
stiff penis. This one was a true giver, I could tell.

Just then, the brunette noticed me staring. Instead of reacting with anger
or embarrassment, he simply smiled and winked at me, giving me that look I'd
seen on the face of every man who was going home with a girl after a party.
It was that, "She's all mine" look, expressed with the right balance of
pride and machismo. I could only smile back.

While the blonde sucked, the brunette was clearly in heaven. First he
simply kept his hands behind his head as he leaned against the mango tree
and let the blonde do all the work. Later, the brunette placed his hand on
the back of the blonde's head, and gently coaxed him to suck harder and
deeper. The blonde obliged and soon the brunette's hips were bucking wildly
as he face-fucked his little boy lover's adorable mouth.

By this point, I was rubbing my own dick through my jeans. It was rock hard
from the spectacle I was witnessing. I reasoned, in my own mind, that I was
simply reacting to the lack of women and that this obviously feminized
blonde was a suitable replacement with his smooth skin, shapely butt, and
soft hair.

At last, the blonde pulled his cock out, and jerked it furiously as the
blonde waited with eager eyes. The brunette may have been a little boy, but
he carried a man sized load in those tiny balls. He shot several ropes of
cum all over the blonde's face, moaning rapturously as he did. At that
moment, before I even realized it, I had shot a load in my own pants as
well. Watching these two boys engaging in oral sex had brought me to
orgasm, something I never would have thought possible.

The blonde waited for the brunette to finish and then slurped the last bit
of semen off the boy's little prick. When the blonde stood up, the brunette
kissed him, then wiped gobs of jizz off his face and finger-fed them to him.
The blonde eagerly sucked them off his lover's fingers until there was
nothing left. The brunette then gave him a playful slap on the butt. The
blonde giggled and walked off, followed by the brunette, who flashed me
another wink.

Part 4

This wasn't the only such incident I witnessed. Sex among the boys seemed
as natural as playing games or dancing and singing after dinner. It wasn't
always limited to two boys, either.

One day, Kimbe came to visit me and I decided to ask him some of the
questions that had been on my mind. I was now fluent enough in his language
that I could speak to him fluently.

"How did you get here?" I asked him.

"I walked," he replied, confused.

"I mean, how did you boys get on to this island? You must have come from
somewhere. You must have parents somewhere else."

"No, they are here," he said.

"Why have I never seen them?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said. "Maybe you saw them and didn't recognize them.
How would you know they were my parents anyway?"

"But they would be Tall Boys, right?"

"No, of course not. You are the only Tall Boy I have ever seen."

"Forget it," I told him. This was getting nowhere. "Tell me, how long have
you been on the island?"

"Always," he replied simply. "We have always been here."

"But that's impossible," I said. "You can't be more than 10 or 11 years
old. Where are all the older people? And the younger ones too? Where are
the females?"

"I do not understand `females"," he said. I groaned.

"So, for as long as you can remember, you've all lived on this island
together," I asked.

"Yes," he said. "We have always been here."

"Why don't you wear clothes?" I asked, gesturing to my shirt and shorts as I
spoke the last word, knowing he wouldn't understand.

"Why DO you wear them?" he asked. "I see no point to them."

"They keep you warm," I said.

"It is always warm here."

"They protect you from rain and from the sunlight."

"Those are both things to be enjoyed, not blocked away."

"But . . . but everyone can see you naked."

"It is the natural way," Kimbe told me.

There was only one more question I needed to ask. I had been in this hut
for nearly two months and I had no idea why. Clearly, they must have known
I was no longer a threat to them. At least, Kimbe must have known I meant
no harm. And he was a person of some importance in the tribe. He was the
leader of the Warrior boys on the island, meaning he was basically a
high-ranking general, accountable only to the Chief and the High Priest.

"Why am I being held prisoner?" I asked him.

"We do not know if you are dangerous," he said.

"You know I mean no harm to anyone here," I shot back.

"Yes, Cassius, I know," he said forlornly. "But there are those who believe
you are a Far-islander. They think you mean to hurt us and destroy our way
of life."

"What's a Far-islander?" I asked.

"On the opposite side of our island, if you look out across the water, there
is another island. It is full of bizarre creatures, savage and strange.
Some believe they were once boys like us, but now they are monsters.
Deviations of nature."

"Have you ever seen one?" I asked.

"We have attacked them many times," he explained, "and they have attacked us
many times. The war goes on forever, it seems. It is said, however, that
one day a stranger will come to us, and he will be marked for all to see.
He will end the war once and for all and then his hand will be given to
Sana, the virgin princess, in marriage.

"Sana . . ." the word, which rhymed with Dana, rolled smoothly off my
tongue, and I felt a weird chill go through me. Then, something hit me.
"Wait, princess? There are women here?"

"I do not underst- . . ."

Before he could continue, another boy came running over, and whispered
something into Kimbe's ear. Kimbe nodded, face grim, and then sent the
other boy running back in the direction he had come. Kimbe turned to me.

"I am sorry, I must go," he said.

"Is everything alright?" I asked.

"A scout reports that a Far-islander canoe is heading this way. It may be a
false alarm, but I must check anyway. And I am truly sorry about your
imprisonment. I will have someone sent to you tonight."

With that, Kimbe ran off, leaving me alone with my muddled thoughts.

Part 5

That night, as Kimbe was promised, a boy was sent to me. Just as the moon
was rising over the village, I heard talk outside my hut, and the two guards
moved aside to let someone through. It was one of the smaller boys, who
looked about 7 years old, with sandy blonde hair and creamy, brown skin.
The bamboo door was opened and the naked boy stepped inside.

"Hello, Tall Boy," he said. "I am Jonim. Kimbe sent me for you."

"Hello Jonim," I said, trying to be friendly. "Please call me Cassius."

"It is nice to meet you, Cassius."

"It's nice to meet you, too. Is Kimbe OK? Was there an attack?"

"No. There was no attack. The canoe was a waterbird." I laughed and he
smiled. "Kimbe was very upset that such a mistake had been made, but very
relieved, too."

"I can imagine."

"Would you like a massage?" Jonim asked.

"A massage?" I replied, somewhat taken aback.

"I am the best in the village," he said proudly, puffing out his sunken
chest like any proud, little boy would.

"Well, I guess I can't say no to that," I replied, without much confidence.

"Good," he said smiling. Then he frowned. "Please remove your . . . thing
(he pointed at my shirt) and lie on your stomach."

I hesitantly obliged, removing my shirt, and placing it aside. Jonim looked
at my bare chest, saw the hair and muscles there, and smiled as if in
approval. I felt a little awkward at being appraised this way by a 7 year
old boy but I guess it was natural for him, living on this island. I turned
over and lay down on my chest.

Jonim quickly went to work, putting his small hands on my back, and
skillfully working out the tension in my muscles. At first, I was a little
apprehensive, but Jorim was as talented as he said. Soon, all the stiffness
I felt was gone, and my entire body felt weightless. I moaned and groaned
as Jorim's magic fingers did their tricks.

"Now turn on to your back," he instructed.

I quickly obeyed. Jorim surprised me by putting one of his short legs over
my waist, and straddling my body. He began to rub my chest, giving me an
alluring smile. I have to admit it was weird to have a naked boy straddling
me, stroking my chest in such a sensual manner, looking at me with eyes that
hid nothing of what was on his mind. Even his little penis was stiff and
the tip rubbed against me as he leaned forward to reach my shoulders. As
had happened so many times recently, my dick stiffened of its own accord.

Jorim sat back and the bulge in my jean shorts poked his little bum. He made
an "Ooo!" sound in surprise, putting a hand to his mouth, and giggling.
Then Jorim threw his leg back over, moving off me, and flashing me a glimpse
of his tiny, pink hole. His hands reached for my fly and clumsily worked at
the unfamiliar apparatus.

Thinking this was part of the massage, I shut my eyes, and let him remove my
shorts. Before I even realized what was happening, Jorim was kissing my
erect cock through the fabric of my shorts, obviously pleased by the size of

Just as he was about to pull down my boxer shorts, I snapped out of my
reverie, and realized what was happening. I quickly sat up, pulling myself
away from Jorim, and began to dress. The boy looked surprised and hurt, a
look which broke my heart.

"I'm sorry, Jorim," I said.

"Was I not pleasing?" he asked me.

"It's not that," I told him. "It's just that I'm not gay."

"What is that?" he asked innocently.

"It means I like girls," I explained.

"What is `girls'?"

"Nevermind," I said. "Please just go. I'm very sorry."

With tears welling up in his eyes, Jorim left the hut. I slowly redressed,
mortified at what had nearly happened. Despite what I was thinking, my dick
remained ramrod straight. It was still rock hard when Kimbe arrived.

Apparently, he had heard the story from Jorim. Kimbe seemed honestly
surprised that I had made him leave, and wondered if there was something
about Jorim that didn't please me. Jorim, apparently, was thought to be one
of the most beautiful boys on the island. Of course, I couldn't explain
myself to Kimbe any better than I could to Jorim.

"Are you well?" he asked.

"I feel fine," I told him. "I just couldn't do that."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Well, where I come from . . . let's just say that, in my home, Tall Boys
aren't allowed to do those kinds of things with Short Boys. If they do,
they have to stay in jail huts for a long, long time."

"But why?"

"People think it is unnatural."

"You cover your body. You turn down sex even though it feels good and hurts
no one. You put people in jail huts for doing what is only natural. I
think your people are very strange."

"You could be right, Kimbe."

Part 6

A few days later, during one of my conversations with Kimbe, I again tried
to get more information out of him about the origins of this community on
the island. He always gave me the same explanation: it had always been that
way. I began to suspect that this island was more than it appeared. I had
never believed in magic but something about this place suggested that, if
Kimbe was to be believed, the boys had been living on this island since time
immemorial, never growing any older.

Another strange aspect of the island was the notion of children and parents.
Kimbe claimed to have parents as well as children, but they were all the
same age. Kimbe said he had a son, who happened to be the father of Jorim's
mother, which would make Jorim the great-grandson of Kimbe. But apparently
Jorim was the brother of Kimbe's best friend, Anta, who was of course no
older than Kimbe. It was all extremely confusing.

As with everything else, Kimbe had no idea where these rules of family
connections came from. They had simply always existed. Likewise, the tribe
nobility had always existed too. The Chief had always been the chief, the
High Priest always the high priest. What fascinated me most, however, was
hearing about the Chief's daughter, the princess Sana.

"Tell me about Sana," I asked.

"Again?" Kimbe replied.


"Sana is the virgin princess, the daughter of the Chief, more beautiful than
all the stars, and more distant as well. Sana is the only virgin on the
island and will remain so until the stranger who is marked ends the war
against the Far-islanders. Then the stranger will take Sana's hand in

"And take the virginity of the virgin princess, the greatest treasure
imaginable," I finished. "Will I ever get to meet Sana?"

"Perhaps," Kimbe replied. "I do not know."

When Kimbe left, I closed my eyes, and dreamed of Sana. The daughter of the
Chief. A princess. Perhaps she was the only female on the island. I began
to fantasize about meeting her, basking in her radiant beauty, and then
taking the long-sacred virginity of this near-divine girl.

I was deep in my private world with Sana when I heard a tapping on my bamboo
door. I opened my eyes to see Jorim, standing there before me. I waved him
inside and he entered slowly. I had not seen him in several days and his
face bore a sad countenance. I felt ashamed, knowing I was the reason for
his distress.

"Hello, Jorim," I said.

"Hello, Cassius," he replied.

"Why are you so sad?" I asked him.

"I am sad because you did not want to have me," he said. "You think I am

"That's not true," I countered.

"Yes, it is. If not, why did you not want me?"

With that, tears began to spill from Jorim's eyes, and down his little
cheeks. My heart ached as I saw this sweet, little boy crying over the pain
I had caused him. Not knowing what else to do, I opened my arms, and Jorim
came to me. I put my hands on his back and began to gently rub the bare
skin, trying to console him.

"You are very beautiful," I told him.

"Do you really think so?" he asked.

Jorim was now sitting in my lap and my arms were cradling him against me.
His skin under my fingertips was smooth and silky. My hands gently glided
down his body until my right hand rest, open-palmed, on his bare bottom. I
pulled him tightly against me and nuzzled my face in his soft hair, thinking
of Sana.

"Yes," I whispered. "You're so beautiful, Jorim. You're the most beautiful
boy I've ever seen."

One moment, I was kissing the top of his head. The next, his face had
turned towards mine, and I was suddenly kissing this naked, little boy I
held in my arms. He immediately wriggled into a better position, so that we
could kiss more easily. As I felt him leaning into my body, my inhibitions
disappeared. I desired this boy. I wanted to feel his precious lips on my
cock and to penetrate his tight, round bottom. I quickly removed my shirt
and my pants, until I was naked except for my underwear.

Jorim kissed my chest and sucked tenderly at my nipples. I placed my hand
gently on the back of his head as he pinched them between his teeth. Once I
had had enough, I guided his face down to my crotch, all the while telling
him how beautiful he was, and how badly I wanted him.

Jorim gripped the waistband of my boxer shorts and began to pull them down.
I closed my eyes, knowing I was crossing a last barrier, and not caring at
all. My cock sprang free and I looked at Jorim. He had a look of amazement
on his face as he looked at my hairy cock and balls.

"I bet you've never seen ones that big," I said, smiling and stroking his
hair. "Don't worry, sweetie. I'll be gentle."

"You have the mark," he said in a hushed tone.

"What?" I said, confused.

"The mark! You have the mark! I must tell the High Priest!"

So one minute I was waiting to receive my first ever blowjob from a 7 year
old boy and the next he was practically dashing out of the hut, all thoughts
of sex gone from his mind, yelling about a mark. I pulled up my underwear
and waited, not knowing what else to do.

A moment later, Jorim returned with the High Priest and Kimbe as well.

"Show them!" Jorim said excitedly.

"Show them what?" I asked.

"Your mark!" he said. "Pull down your things and let them see the hair!"

So now I was supposed to whip out my dick in front of Kimbe, my only real
friend on the island, and this High Priest I had never met. In front of
Jorim was one thing. He and I had a much more intimate connection. I could
tell, however, by the looks on Kimbe's and the High Priest's face that they
weren't just looking to see my cock.

At last, I pulled my boxers down, and showed them my package. All three of
them, as well as the two guards, began talking excitedly, so fast I couldn't

"What is it?" I asked Kimbe.

"You are the Marked One!" he said. "You are the one destined to defeat the

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