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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Jamie My Soccer Boy

Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 14:22:05 +0000 (BST)
Subject: Jamie my Soccer Boy (adult-youth)

Jamie my Soccer Boy is about Man/Boylove. If this offends you or your religion
or whatever please do not read it. Go and knit a Jumper or something.

If you have any positive comments please reply to above address. Flames
will be treated with due contempt.

This is my first contribution in recognition of all the fine stories in
this archive and a tribute to their authors.


It was a Monday morning, the morning of Monday the 7th of July 1997 to
be precise and I was just starting a week's holiday. Well I say holiday,
the idea of the break was to catch up on some jobs at home I had been
putting off for ages. I wanted to re-felt the shed roof, put some new carpet
tiles down in the kitchen and put a new MacPherson strut into the front
nearside of my car.

I had decided to do the car first as a nice day had been forecast and as
it was due for an M.O.T the following week. (For those readers not from
the U.K., this stands for Ministry of Transport Test and is basically a
road worthiness test carried out annually at a Government certified garage
for vehicles in use on U.K. roads.)
I was certain it would fail on the strut as it was leaking oil from the
damper quite badly.
I had set my alarm for 6.30 am so that I could get the job finished as soon
as possible, just in case they had the forecast wrong.

I was hoping I had picked a nice week. There had been a few rain showers
on Saturday but Sunday had been a beautiful day. If I could get this job
done and then the shed it would not matter if it rained when I laid the
Having had my breakfast I had taken the car out of the garage in preparation
for the task ahead.

I was well under way by 10.00am., having just about removed the old unit,
when I heard the back door of the semi next door slam shut.
Must be the new neighbour I thought. Old Mr Rodgers and his wife had moved
into an Old folks' bungalow in another part of town a couple of weeks before
and the house had stood empty since. He had said before he left that it
had been bought by a young career woman. I had taken this to mean she had
no children. Just my fucking luck I had thought. I was hoping at long last
I might get a nice boy next door.

The neighbourhood was full of girls but there was a dearth of boys.Well
there was one lad who I was on nodding terms with - Ian, but I had no sexual
feelings for him. He was a nice enough lad of around 14 but he was quite
fat and spotty to boot.
You can imagine my surprise when I heard a football bouncing on the patio
next door, then the grass.
It was all the more unusual because it was term time and all the kids would
be in class at this time of day.
Still I did not get my hopes up. Knowing my luck it was probably a girl.
(There is a growing number of
girls in England now who like to play. I don't play myself but I am told
some of them are very good.). Either that or it it was another Ian type.
Or worse still it was the woman herself!

I carried on with my car but kept a sly eye on the bottom of next door's
garden. I could not see directly because of the fence seperating the two
gardens. The bouncing was slowly getting louder and towards where I was
working. There was a tarmacked area at the bottom of the gardens where some
old rented garages were. It was very handy for washing and working on the

I had not seen any movement the day before as I had gone into Nottingham
to see a friend and it was gone 11.00pm when I returned home. I could see
somebody was in next door because the curtains were closed and there was
a light on upstairs. I had also noticed they were closed when I got the
car out this morning and thought the new owner must be having a lie in.
I was surprised she had moved in on a Sunday to be honest. Must have hired
a van I thought as removal firms don't usually work on Sundays in England.

My God was I in luck. From the bottom of the garden came this beautiful
lad displaying the most astonishing ball control I had ever seen. (Come
now folks Football control!!). I am certain that his skill would have made
many a professional player many years his senior green with envy.
I could not help but gape. This is not something I tend to do normally
in the rare event a boy comes down here on his skateboard or to skid around
on his bike. Trouble is the area is overlooked by other houses and you never
know who may be watching. As a single man living alone one has to be especially
careful in England. I felt ok this time though because if anybody saw me
it was reasonable to assume I was admiring his prowess rather than his body.
Still I was amazed by his prowess too. His skill was extraordinary. Mind
you some of these young lads are very good.

Well I just stood there agog. This lad was simply breathtaking. He was around
13 which just happens to be my favourite age. I guess he was around five
two maybe five three tall and around 100 pounds. His hair was neither short
nor long ,being slightly ginger and neatly cut.
He certainly was very good looking with a terrific little body. His face
showed a slight tan as did his legs. He was wearing a red Adidas sweatshirt
and shorts, although at first glance it looked as though he had none on
under the shirt because it was outside of his shorts and overhanging them.
Don't you just love it when they do that. He was wearing a pair of white
trainers and red and white football socks which were around his ankles.

No Siree this was no plain old Ian. He got closer as he weaved his footballing
magic and went from left to right behind the car.
As he passed by I could tell he had a tight little arse despite the shirt
hanging down and as for his legs, God I could have creamed my pants. The
lovely shape of his calves was accentuated by his socks being around his
ankles. I was smitten and my mouth was was beginning to water. He was bouncing
the ball from one knee to the other and then onto his head and each of
his shoulders. The good thing about it too was that he was obviously showing
off to me, which meant I could probably get a conversation going with him
when he finished. After a while of this he let the ball fall to the ground
and put his right foot on it.

I seized my chance. "Bravo young man," I said while clapping my hands.
"Where on earth did you learn to do that."
"Uh it's nothing ," he said in a cute unbroken voice,"just lots of practice."
He walked over dribbling the ball.
"Are you my new Neighbour," I enquired.
"Yes, my name's Jamie" he replied.
"Hello Jamie my name's Graham, Graham Burton" and I shook his lovely little
hand .
I could not help notice him giving me a sly once over as he said "what
are you doing."
"Just a little bit of work to get the car through the MOT."
I never expected what he said next but I was delighted nonetheless.
"Can I watch you," he said.
"I don't see why not if you want too." With this he came in real close rolling
his ball on the floor before sitting down on it.
I got down on my knees. Close up I could get a much better look at this
little Adonis before my eyes. He was lightly freckled on his nose and either
side of it.
He had a nice slim body and as for those legs, well, I dared not look at
them directly for too long, just catching a glimpse now and again whenever
he looked away. They were so smooth and beautifully formed. "How old are
you Jamie," I asked.
"13" came the reply. Just as I had thought, splendid.

It was going to be very difficult to continue with this job now I thought
with this young peach looking on. I had already got that feeling in my groin
and stomach which any boy lover knows only too well . Anyway I continued
with the job in hand as best I could to try and calm myself down. Just then
Jamie asked if he could help. I said I had no objection provided he asked
his Mother first. With this he was off like a shot leaving his ball behind.
What had I done to deserve this bit of good fortune I kept asking myself.
This was turning out to be one of the best Mondays of my 27 years so far.

Presently Jamie returned with his Mum in tow." This is my Mom Graham," Jamie
shouted as he walked over.
"Hello Mrs er-"
"Carter" she finished off for me. "Sheila Carter."
To be honest I did'nt know it was Mrs you can never be sure today. However
she never corrected me so I presumed I was correct and had not caused offence.
Shiela was a woman in her early 30's and had I not been a boy lover I could
well have imagined myself falling for her.
I could see partly where her son got his good looks from. She was quite
tall around 5'8"to 5'9"with her brown hair contoured quite close to her
head. She was wearing a short sleeved shirt and I could see her bra through
it. To be honest she looked as though she could get away without wearing
one, as she was not that well upholstered as we say in England. She had
a pair of trainers on and light blue Jeans. Quite long legs I thought.

"Jamie came to fetch me to give you the once over," she commented.
"Oh I hope I meet with your approval Mrs Carter," I said a little embarrased

"Oh Sheila please Graham and I don't see why he can't help you provided
you don't mind," she said as she shook my hand. "He can be a handful you
"No trouble at all Sheila, I'll keep him occupied," I replied.
The lovely young Jamie gave me a sly grin as he stood at her side listening.
"Well just tell him to clear off if he gets to be a nuisance."
"I will" I said ,although I was sure he would'nt be and even if he was I
had no intention of clearing him off.
He could beat me senseless for one touch of those legs.

"Are you settling in Ok Sheila," I asked her.
"Yes thanks."
"Did you move in yesterday."
"Yes, I hired a van and a colleague at work helped me move in."
"Ah that explains it with it being a Sunday. I am sorry I was out otherwise
I would have offered to give you a hand."
"Oh that's Ok, we managed alright."
"Well if you need a hand with anything you only need to ask."
"That's very kind of you Graham, I may take you up on that. When I am straightened
out a bit I'll invite you around for a cup of tea."
"Thanks, that will be nice."

With that Sheila said "see you "and went back up to her house leaving Jamie
"Now then young man we had better see if we can find a coat for you to wear.
I went to the back of the car and produced an old white Test Engineer's
smock. It was a bit big but it would keep him fairly clean.
I held it for him to slip into. " I don't want you going home looking like
a chimney sweep," I said.
The last thing I wanted to do now was to incur the wrath of Mrs Carter,
having made a favourible impression on her. Oh my word he looked a little
darling in that coat.
"I think my Mum fancies you ,you know Graham."
"Surely not I said, she has only just met me."
"I can tell," he said.
Oh dear I thought, I don't really need this but if that's the price I
must pay then so be it.

So I carried on with the car with the help of my delicious assistant. Opportunities
for ogling him however were not very good ,but I was lucky enough to be
at the back of him on one occasion as he leaned over the wing to pick a
spanner up that he had knocked down. He was wearing the smock which spoiled
things a little but there was no mistaking a pert little bum beneath.
Images of Dudley Moore shafting that bird over the pool table in 10 came
to mind

I did learn a few interesting things in conversation with him though. His
Dad was a Bridge Officer on a Merchant cruise ship which was in the Mediterranean
at the moment. I was under the impression from what I had been told by old
Mr Rodgers that Sheila was seperated from her husband but apparently not.
Jamie's Mum ran a small advertising agency so that all in all they were'nt
too badly off financially I thought.
Jamie was the only child.
He was not at school this week because he was still going to attend his
old school 12 miles away in spite of moving house.
The school he attended was across the border in another county and was on
holiday already for the summer. Our local schools still had 2 weeks to run.
Jamie turned out to be very helpful actually when I finally calmed down
and managed to steal my mind away from mentally undressing him.
He seemed very adept with tools, which is quite surprising these days as
most kids don't like getting their hands dirty, preferring to mess about
on computers instead.
I began wondering what he would be like with an erect cock in his hand ,
mine in particular of course. He had nice hands with long fingers. Pianists'
hands as my old Gran used to say. Quite!
We were well on the way to finishing, when Sheila returned saying she was
going down the town to get some shopping and would I keep an eye on Jamie.
I most certainly would but I could not help thinking she was a little too
trusting leaving her boy in the hands of a man she had known for barely
5 minutes. I was not sure I was worthy of such trust. Not only this but
she gave the doorkey to Jamie, who promptly handed it to me for safekeeping
on account of having no pockets in his shorts. We bade her goodbye and she
got into her car and drove off.

When we had finished about an hour later and had packed all the tools away,
I said to Jamie he had better come up to my house and wash the grease off
his hands. I made sure he went first so I could watch that little bum of
his make sweet music to me as he walked up the path. He carried his Football
in his hands.
He looked good in that coat from behind because the bottom of the coat
was about half way down his calves and highlighted them beautifully. Sheer
I had managed to sneak the odd look at the front of his legs too now and
again as he never buttoned the coat up.
With all this excitement my pole was as stiff as a rod and nearly ripping
through my pants.
I would have to relieve myself soon at this rate.

"Crikey is that yours Graham," he said as he saw my old Honda 750 outside
the Garden shed.
"Yes," I said.
"Will you take me for a ride on it."
"If your mum agrees yes, but not dressed in those thin clothes."
"Why not."
" Think about it Jamie, what would happen to the skin on your legs if we
were unfortunate enough to come off."
"I see what you mean," he said. The thought of it sent a shiver down my
"When you've washed your hands you can sit on her if you like."
" Cool man." So I led him into the kitchen and we washed our hands with
some cleaner.

" I am starving," he said as he dried his hands. " I hope Mom's not going
to be long."
"You can have something to eat here if you like Jamie? It's only soup but
be very welcome to join me."
"Thanks, I will" he said. With that I opened a packet of soup and got things
Jamie was a good little worker. He asked me where the spoons etc were and
set the table. I had to marvel at the self confidence of this lad. I had
known him for less than 3 hours yet it was if I had known him for years,
almost as if he were my Son.

We sat down and had our soup and some bread to go with it. After we had
finished there was still no sign of Sheila and Jamie asked " can I sit on
the bike now Graham."
"Sure thing ." With this he disappeared out the back. I washed the pots
up and then joined him.


Well, what a picture. A beautiful boy sat on a classic motorbike. People
can say what they like about girls posing nude on cars and motorbikes, but
for me it will always be a nice boy that has the edge.
I pulled up my wooden box close to sit on. I always use this when working
on the bike or when gardening. I sat on Jamie's right hand side. After sitting
down my eyes focused on Jamie's thigh which was now level with my gaze.
I became completely lost in my lustful thoughts admiring this boy's leg.
I never heard Jamie when he said. "Can I start her up Graham? I said can
I start her up Graham?
"What! Oh er sorry Jamie, yes." He had caught me competely off guard and
I noticed him give
me that sly look again. What did that mean? Surely he didn't fancy me?
We had only just met. No I was reading too much into it. I was letting myself
lose my objectivity in pure lust.
The bike started into life as he pressed the starter button. His body was
all of a quiver now, the flesh of
his legs rippling in time with the bike's throb. He revved her up two or
three times then turned the engine off. "That was quick," I said.
"Yeah it will be better to wait for a proper ride with you sometime."
The air had suddenly become uneasy for some reason. We both sat quietly
for what seemed like hours
but I am sure it was only a few seconds.

"Graham " Jamie said hesitatingly, clearing his throat as he spoke.
"Do you like my legs?"
Christ almighty!! Was I hearing right? The earth nearly swallowed me up
and I felt myself go the maroon colour of the bike's petrol tank. I could
not speak. In fact I felt a bit faint.
"It's ok " he said . " I don't mind."
What? Was I hearing right? Was I thinking straight? I managed to regain
my composure and said "Jamie, do you know what you're saying?"
" Yes of course I do Graham and you haven't answered my question yet."
" Yes of course I do, but."
" Ah " he interrupted , " I thought I was right about you."
That was it he had sussed me. He would be straight off home now and tell
his mum when she returned. What had I done? In fact I could not have been
more wrong as the boy stunned me with his next comment.
" Would you like to touch them Graham? I don't mind really."
Jesus how to follow that. I stumbled around like an imbecile trying to think
of something to say. Finally I said.
" I am really flattered and honoured Jamie and I would love to touch your
legs, but it's just not possible."
" Why not ?" he asked.
" Well, it's illegal in this country for one thing and I could go to prison
for a long time if anyone found out."
" I am not about to blab, if that's what you're afraid of." This Boy was
"You say that now Jamie, but you are very young and you may well think
differently when you are older."
" Maybe, but I think I can handle it. I know people would say you were taking
advantage of me and abusing my trust, but as far as I am concerned that's

" Do you think they would be so protective if I had raped someone? No of
course not. They would say he has committed a man's crime he should receive
a man's punishment".
I found it hard to comprehend that such words of knowledge were coming from
one so young.
"Besides would you prefer to think of some other man doing it?" He had
me there. Of course not.
"Anyway, Craig and Me are always messing about."
" Who's Craig? " I asked.
" My friend at school. "
" I think I would like to meet Craig some day Jamie."
" Don't worry, you will. I'll bring him over some day ."
What a boy. Any reluctance I had about caressing his legs melted away and
yes of course I wanted to touch them but one has to be so careful these
"What's it to be then?" he declared knowing he had checkmated me.

I stretched my right arm out and gently placed the palm of my open hand
on his knee. Jamie winced slightly with obvious delight.
It was warm and smooth to the touch. A rich seam of pleasure flooded through
my body and ended in my groin. I could feel the Electricity flowing between
us as we became joined like Siamese twins.
His ecstacy was mine and Mine his.
I could not hold on any longer and I macaronied my pants. I just could not
help it. It was some time since I had been with a boy and I was just so
excited. This spontaneous orgasm carried me away like a tidal wave and I
gave a long groan. I felt as though I had cum a gallon and still my cock
Jamie looked at me and said nothing. He did not need to. His eyes said it
He knew I had shot my load for sure and I think he was proud to realise
he could have such an effect on a man. I think he also knew too I would
be so embarressed if he commented on my lack of control. What quirk of fate
had brought this little treasure into my dull life and who was the boy
in this blossoming relationship? Not him for sure.
Slowly I recovered my self control and concentrated on pleasuring the lovely
young Jamie.

I decided I would concentrate my attentions on on his lower leg first. So
I slowly stroked my hand over his knee and down the front of his leg. He
started moaning gently to himself.
I was not worried about anyone seeing or overhearing us because there was
the fence between my house and Jamie's and besides his Mother was still
The side door that led to the front garden was locked, as it usually was,
so we could not be surprised in that way. Also the back garden, except
for the seperating fence, was shielded by large conifers so we could not
be overlooked and the land to the side of the house not on Jamie's side
had recently been purchased by me to build a garage and workshop on, so
there would be no one there to overhear. I only had to keep an ear open
for Jamie's mum returning.

I moved my hand to the back of Jamie's leg and slowly caressed it from his
ankle to the pit of his knee and then back down again using the rear of
my hand. I kept doing this at the rear of his leg.
I could see his legs were covered with a thin and uniform peach fuzz. He
also had some of those lovely brown spots that most of us seem to have.
It was sheer bliss exploring this sensual boy's body and I could see he
was enjoying it as much as me. Eventually I let my hand remain at the top
of his lower leg behind the knee and slowly I let my open hand run round
to the front of his knee again.
Gradually I caressed my way along the top of his thigh but going only as
far as the leg of his shorts. I let my fingers just slip under the edge
then I withdrew them again.
I did not want to take liberties just yet.
Just at this moment Jamie let his right leg swing out at the knee and I
took this to mean he wanted me to venture inside. He lay back on the seat
resting his head against the top box. Peeking up the leg of his shorts I
glimpsed a fold of his scrotum. Oh sweet Jesus he wasn't wearing any

When he had settled, I continued my ministrations. Firstly I let my fingertips
just lift the edge of his shorts and I ran then back and forth in a semicircle
along the edge pulling it away from his thigh.
I then let my fingertips slowly roam up the inside of the leg of his shorts
running them along the top of Jamie's thigh.
He was obviously enjoying this a good deal as he was now moaning continuously
to himself. Further and further I ventured, slowly letting my fingers move
to the inside of his thigh as I approached his groin. Jimmy was starting
to wriggle and writhe too now. What a boy. I continued on up into his groin
very slowly, delaying the wondrous moment when I would contact his sack.
My fingernails made contact first. Gently I let them lift his sack away
from his thigh where it had stuck slightly with a little sweat or maybe
precum. I could see Jimmy was tenting his shorts now and I proceeded without
further ado to the root of his cock.
I gently gripped the barrel of his cock between the tips of my first two
fingers and the tip of my thumb.
Jimmy was really thrashing about now as I gave his cock a couple of gentle
wanks. I decided not to go any further for the moment. I was only too aware
of how little effort was required to make a pubescent boy of Jamie's age
spurt his juice and I wanted to save that till later. I withdrew my hand
and moved to lift Jamie's shirt up.
Jamie was a little disappointed I had not finished him off but I promised
him it would be worth the wait. He raised himself of the seat a little
so I could slide the shirt up his back. Lucky I had the bike in the shade
otherwise the seat may have burnt his back.
I then drew the front up over his firm little nipples and he trapped the
bottom with his chin as he lay back down again.
I let the fingertips of my right hand gently circle round each nipple in
turn before giving each one a gentle but firm tweek.
This made jamie wince with delight. I then stood up and leaned down over
Jamie resting my open left hand on my side of his chest and taking his
left nipple with my lips. I sucked gently and
jostled it with the tip of my tongue before giving it a gentle nip between
my teeth. I pulled it gently then let it snap back.To avoid any jealousy
I proceeded to do the same thing with the right hand one. Unfortunately
I could not get to Jamie's armpits for his shirt. Sensing this Jamie got
up and dismounted the bike.
I moved back out of his way. He took his shirt off and as he lifted it over
his head I saw his glorious hairless armpits for the first time.
He was going to remove his shorts at the same time but I shouted out.
"No Jamie not yet. I want to do that."

I noticed his cock was sticking out like a clothes hook. A little wet patch
betrayed the fact he had leaked a little pre-cum. He hung his shirt on the
handlebars and remounted the bike before proceeding to lay back down again.
He gave me an open invite by putting his hands behind his head and exposing
his armpits to me. Putting my left hand on his right shoulder and resting
the open hand of my right on his belly I buried my mouth first in one and
then the other armpit tiddling them up with my tongue and lapping up his
boy sweat. The smell of this musk alone was overpowering.
I would have to nip of for a wank soon at this rate. I was getting so excited

Despite his slight tan I could just make out the slight veining under the
skin of his chest. His breathing was fast and quite deep as his chest arched
up and down. His little heart must have been working hard to supply his
lustful young body with fresh blood.
The hormones must really be swirling around.
God what a gorgeous little body he had and how wonderful he saw fit to share
it with me.
I now held his sides gently and slowly and lovingly kissed all the way down
the front of his body to the waistband of his shorts spending some time
on his navel.
It was time to reveal his most treasured posessions. I moved my hands down
and let the fingertips of each one just lift the elastic slightly.

I started to pull gently down towards his hips. Jamie beamed at me with
pride as he realised I was about to debag him. He lifted his bottom off
of the seat and I pulled the waistband slowly down over his hips and the
cheeks of his little bum. I let my hands run around to the back first as
I did this so I could run my fingertips over his buns. God did they feel
firm and tight. I then let them slide round the elastic to the front and
I pulled down gently lifting the band away from his body at the same time
so I did not snag his member. I held my breath slightly as I pulled the
shorts down over his cock. Oh my what a tasty little cocklet lay before
my eyes. Not delaying I pulled the shorts as far as the tank. I looked at
Jamie and he simultaneously lifted his feet off the pedals and drew his
legs back slightly before lifting them up high over the handlebars, whilst
holding the grab rail for support. I quickly completed the debagging of
my little friend by pulling the shorts down his legs and over his feet before
he dropped his legs down and resettled his feet on the pedals. I placed
his shorts with his shirt on the handle bars.
God what a sight to behold. My heart was beating so fast and strong I thought
it was going to rip through my chest. If any one had said to me at the start
of the day, I would have a beautiful naked (but for his trainers and socks)
13 year old boy lying on my motorbike by 2 O'clock in the afternoon, I would
have told them to fuck off. Yet here he was in all his naked glory. God
I must be the luckiest man in the world. At this moment he was all mine
just waiting to be fondled and caressed.

He closed his eyes as mine zoomed in on his cock. The flesh of his nether
regions was pure white relative to the tan of his torso and legs. I noticed
a short scar betraying the fact that Jimmy had had his Appendix removed
at some stage in the past.
God Christ all fucking mighty as for that devine cocklet. It was around
three and a half inches to four inches long and about as thick as a smallish
stick of rhubarb. Exquisite, truly exquisite.
The skin was right back revealing a pinkish crown. He had a few of those
brown spots here and there on the barrel and the skin was tightly held at
the back by the stitch point.
His cock was pointing in his direction like one of those mobile Russian
missile launchers of the cold war days. His pubes were ever so slightly
furred. Beacause of the heat his jewel sack hung fairly loosely between
his legs.
I could see his little eggs with the left one ever so slightly larger than
the right one. I moved in close and put my right hand between Jamie's legs.
Jamie let both his legs swing out to give me better access.
I felt like an Exorcist or a Shaman about to release the devil load from
his cock or a Witchdoctor performing some ancient fertility rite.
Gently I cupped my right hand under Jamie's sack and very gently lifted
it with the soft contents inside. I weighed them gently in my hand like
a gold prospector who had hit the big time at last. It showed that Jamie
had complete faith in me allowing me to hold his little testicles in my
hand. He would know that any mishandling would have caused intense pain.
I felt very priveliged to receive his complete trust. I let them drop very
gently and then I stroked my index finger up his right groin then his left,
gently teasing his sack away from where it had stuck slightly
to his legs.
Continuing upwards I reached the root of his cock and gently held it as
I did not toss gently as before because I could tell Jamie was very close
to boiling point and I was not quite ready yet.
I grasped his cock gently now with all my fingers, the palm of my hand being
on the underside of his cock. I started to squeeze slightly to get a purchase
and then moved my clenched hand upwards moving his foreskin over the end
of his cock. I was going to enjoy watching my little prince cum, or at least
that is what I had planned. Jamie however had a different agenda. I had
only done a couple of slow reciprocations when Jamie said " No Graham. I
want you to suck me off if you will.
Craig won't do that for me yet and I am desperate to know what it feels
Who was I to argue against such a request from my little lover.
"OK Jamie are you ready for this? I am going to blow your mind for you."
"Yeah do it."
With this I lowered my head over Jamie's abdomen. I held the base of his
cock with my right hand and slid the open palm of my left down his abdomen
slowly pushing his cock to the vertical. I puckered my lips at the back
of his cock near the bottom and tasted his sweet meat.
Jamie give a little gasp of delight. Before going up to the cockhead I wanted
to taste them pubes. Moving my right fingers further up I held his cock
away from his body very gently while I removed my left hand.

I brought my head forard of his cock and let my lips contact his pubes.
I let his cock go with my right hand and it sprang firmly back against my
I knew that I would not have long before he came so I worked quickly before
moving straight up to the tip of his cock and burying it inside my mouth.

I pursed my lips firmly around the barrel of his cock about a third of the
way down. He tasted really sweet. Without further ado I bobbed my head briskly
up and down.
Jamie was surprisingly quiet but he was getting very restless again. I could
feel an artery in his cock throbbing like crazy against my upper lip.
I continued without pause as Jamie arched his bum up off of the seat and
started to buck very gently against my motion. I knew he was very close
to the vinegar strokes now as he let himself drop down then suddenly arch
right up.
I felt a slight twitch of Jamie's cock against my lips and a split second
later Jamie gave a deep gutteral moan as simultaneously a wad of boy ejaculate
hit the back of my throat.
I gorged myself on this ambrosia as I stripped the load from his throbbing
little boy cock.
I lost it again and my cock started to pump in unison with Jamies as my
pants filled with cum yet again .

It was hard to stay in control but I continued to pump on Jamie as long
as his cock twitched and seeped boy milt. He gave out three or four good
wads of jism then slowly started to fade. He must have dumped the entire
contents of his lovely little ballocks down my throat . Jamie gasped and
as he was catching his breath he said. " Thank you Graham that's the best
feeling I have had in my life. It was fantastic."
"Glad you liked it Jamie, and I'll tell you something it gets even better.
By the way have you had your Appendix out?"
"Yes, when I was 10."

When we had recovered I told Jamie he ought to get dressed now which he
There was still no sign of Jamie's mum and to be honest I was starting to
get a bit worried which unfortunately Jamie sensed.
To keep him occupied we had a kick about on the lawn then I got us a couple
of cokes and we sat under the garden parasol.
Jamie saw my chess set laid out and insisted I should teach him to play.
Whilst doing this his mum rolled up. She came round and apologised profusely
for being so late. She had rung her phone a couple of times but as there
was no answer assumed Jamie was with me.

I decided agaist telling her it was about the time I had her son's cock
in my mouth and was savouring his tasty juices.
Apparently she had to sign some papers at the Solicitors and then sign her
and Jamie on at the Doctors as well as doing the shopping.
Anyway I fetched another coke for Shiela and we spent the afternoon chatting.

When they finally left for home around 5.00p.m. Jamie glanced round as they
walked off and gave me his sly look again followed by a wink of his eye.
At least I had figured out the meaning of his sly look!!!

I lay awake for hours reflecting on the day's events. To think only a few
yards and a wall or two seperated me from my new love. I drifted off to
sleep wondering what it would be like to fuck his lovely
little arse. God I bet he's tight. I was not going to pressure him though.
Only if and when he was ready.
Judging by today though it would not be long.

Anyway that's another story!!!!


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