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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Liams Yearly Physical Exam

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 12:10:29 -0900
Subject: Liam's Yearly Physical Exam

The following story contains extremely graphic descriptions of three adult
males and one adolescent male engaging in consensual sex acts. It's a
complete & total fantasy, where I let my imagination run wild. The
characters exist only in my mind.

I was inspired to write erotic stories of my own after stumbling upon the
Nifty Archives website and reading numerous hot stories.

If my story causes you to became hard than I have done my job. I got a
hard-on while writing and consequently did a lot of one handed typing. I
believe that an erection is a wonderful & wondrous thing, so strip down
grab your cock and enjoy.

Feel free to e-mail me with comments or feedback to
<> Scopyright2000


The protagonist of my erotic story is Liam whom is cute he just doesn't
know it and was written from his point of view.


Liam went in for his once a year physical exam a couple days after his 14th
birthday from the Pediatrician Dr. Robbins he's had since he was born. He
usually dreaded the visits but this one was different. He was worried about
his cock size; it seemed to be smaller then the other boys from his Phys Ed
class he'd seen it the showers. He thought about asking his father for a
split second then thought better of it. They didn't have the kind of
relationship where he could ask those sorts of questions and he knows of
nobody else he could talk to about the problem.

Being a typical horny teenage male Liam would jack off at least twice a day
and frequently more often. He often had numerous daily sexual fantasies
about his classmates but could never work up enough gumption to make any
attempt at fulfilling them.

He arrived a bit early for his appointment and waited for a half hour
before a young male assistant escorted him to an exam room. Liam thought he
was hot looking and not that much older than himself either. In fact he
would not had minded at all if the assistant stayed for his entire

Just to get a reaction he asked, "Do you want me to undress now?"

He replied, "No, that want be not necessary right, now."

Liam then muttered under his breath, "Damn it."

The assistant asked, "Did you say something?"

"No, I didn't" he replied.

He began to get stiff sitting on the white-papered exam table from his
tender touch as he took Liam's vital signs and he wanted to rub the
throbbing organ under his tight denims but he had no idea how the cute male
might react.

So instead Liam asked, "What's your name?"

He answered, "Donny."

After he wrote the results down on his chart then said; "The doctor will be
with you shortly" then exited the room.

When he had left Liam told himself, "Donny mustta saw my boner but he seem
to notice or a word."

With Liam left to his own devices his thoughts immediately began conjuring
up images of boys naked in the showers at school soaping themselves up,
especially their cocks, balls & asses. His own teen rod started throbbing
as he continued to fantasize and the more he did the hornier he became. His
HOT reoccurring fantasies most often involved his close friend Bobby. This
one involved him and Bobby even though nothing had happened between then
yet; he was hopping something would somehow someway more then anything. He
had seen Bobby in the showers daily and liked what he saw, but was way to
afraid to start anything sexual at all with him. He had the type of body
that sexed Liam up so much he was forced to beat off so many times a day he
couldn't keep track of the number of times his right hand & cockshaft both
should be calloused over. Keeping from getting an erection was becoming
more & more difficult each and every time he saw Bobby naked. He was the
same age but taller with a longer flaccid cock, a very trim & smooth
athletic body from various sports he played and he was cute as a button
which intimidated him to no end. In his fantasy Bobby was stripping down
after Phys Ed class to take a shower and Liam's eyes were glued to his taut
lean frame, his long boy-cock swing between his loins as he headed off to
the showers. He ogled the tight bubble butt Bobby displayed as he walked
down the aisle. As Liam's fantasy became more intense & erotic he was under
the showerhead with a 7-inch bone hard cock and the warm water cascading
down over him with Bobby on his knees giving him a most excellent
blowjob. And there were four or five of their fellow naked & horny
classmates looking on. They had a look of both astonishment & curiosity on
their faces and maybe a little bit of envy thrown in as they stroked

He now had a full-blown boner and reached into his button-fly Levi's and
readjusted his genitals as he said to himself, "If Dr. Robbins doesn't get
here soon I've going to have to haul out my aching cock & cum filled nuts
and whack off right here."

After forty-five minutes of incredibly hot boy-sex fantasizing there was a
knock on the door and the doctor breezed in and much to his delight & utter
amazement it wasn't Dr. Robbins. But instead it was a very handsome young
looking doctor. Liam had a major wet spot in the crotch of his blue jeans
and his was throbbing hard.

He announced, "I'm Dr. Cumming and I will be filling in for Dr. Robbins
today, since he called away on a emergency. I see by looking at your chart
that you're due for your yearly examination today, Liam?"

"Yeah, that's true but that's not why I'm here. The real reason I'm here is
because there's one thing I gotta know today, Dr. Cumming."

"And what might that be, Liam?"

As the hot doctor looked at him Liam couldn't help but imagine him
examining every inch of his body especially his genitals. That insured his
tool would stay erect for sometime and he made no attempt to conceal the

"Will it's like this doc, I don't believe I'm big enough for my age."

"You appear to be of normal size and height for your age group."

Stammering he said, "No. . . . no that's not what I mean. It's. . . . it's
my. . . . um. . . . err cock; it's kinda on the puny side. All the other
boys my age at school have longer cocks than me."

"Oh, I see. You know the best way to tell what size your erect penis will
eventually be when you are full grown is by looking at your father's

"I could never do that. He'd never let me see him with a boner. He's like
real up tight about discussing anything sexual at all, with me. And nudity
of any kind outside of the bathroom or bedroom is never tolerated."

"I am very sorry to hear about the problems with your father. I believe
that parents especially fathers need to be open and frank with their sons
about sex. They should definitely talk to their sons about their bodies
when the reach puberty and answer any and all questions they may have. I
here about parents that act just like yours do all the time or worse. Mine
were very open mined about everything, weather it was drugs, masturbation,
homosexually or anything else I had on my mind. Sorry, I got off on a
tangent their but it gets me angry when I here about those kinds of

"I wish my dad thought more like you do, Dr. Cumming."

"We all can't have open mined parents unfortunately. You've had an erection
since I come into the room, Liam. I could not help but notice the front of
your trousers and the bulge your erection created."

It was also very apparent to the doctor that Liam's boy-cock was clipped
and the obvious huge wet spot also.

"You noticed, huh?" I've had a boner for at least forty five minutes in
case you didn't know, doc."

"You're one very horny teenager aren't you, Liam?"

"Got that right, doc. I was about to beat off when you finely came in."

His raging cock was pressing against his blue jeans and he could not resist
his urge to rub the protrusion another second.

"A exam room is not the proper place to masturbate, Liam. Let's get back to
your present problem, Liam. I'll take a look at your penis if you want me

"Yeah, I do want ya to have a look. I need to know if I'm too small or

"It just so happens that right now I'm participating in a national survey
on the sizes of adolescent males penis'.

"I've never heard of such a survey."

"Neither had I until recently. But let's do a through examination on you
first, shell we."

"OK. Do you want me to undress now, doc?"

"No. I'll tell you when I want you to take an article of clothing off."

He then looked in his ears, down his throat, at his eyes, checked his
reflexes, felt his lymph nods and even had him do a few push-ups. They
talked about school and that sports Liam was involved in and such as the
physical progressed.

After the doctor was finished with the preliminary portion of his physical
he asked the boy, "Remove your shirt for me, please?"

Liam pulled his T-shirt over his head. He loved to expose his taut smooth
chest to any and all hot looking males and Dr. Cumming was no exception as
far as he was concerned.

As the doctor listened to his heartbeat he said, "Your stethoscope's cold,

"Sorry about that, Liam."

He moved it around a number of times on his chest asking him to take deep
breaths then exhale each time then moved to his back and repeated the

Dr. Cumming then asked, "Lie down on the table for me, please."

The doctor palpated Liam's firm stomach then slowly unbuttoned the fly on
his blue 501's and slipped a hand inside his open waistband then proceeded
to palpate his lower abdominal region while his 5=-incher pulsated & leaked
continuously. Some of his boy-dew even dripped onto the back of the
doctor's hand as it rose through the open fly twitching with excitement
like a nervous tick.

"That feels. . . .so good, Dr. Cumming!!."

He ignored the boys the comment and instead said, "Stand up, please. I'm
going to check you for a hernia."

Liam was looking most forward to this portion of his examination since
nobody expect his Pediatrician Dr. Robbins [who by the was much older then
his father] had even touched his genitals since before he could remember.
It creeped him out big time when his own doctor touched his cock & balls
but with Dr. Cumming he wouldn't mind at all. He lowered the boy's pants to
his knees and since his boy-rod was rock hard with nothing on underneath
the sung fitting blue jeans to contain his tool it swung up and slapped
against his hard abs with a thump.

Dr. Cumming was a little surprised that he didn't wear briefs or boxers. He
had examined a number of other boys who were young & handsome gay boys and
most often they ware their Levi's tight, sans any underwear. He then placed
the index finger of his left hand behind one ball asked him to cough then
its lower hanging twin and again he coughed.

"Your hands are cold too doc" he thought about adding, "but they still feel
damn good" but did not.

The doctor then went to the cupboard over the sink and came back with a
cloth tape measure and a clipboard. Liam propped himself up with the palms
of his hands to closely observe what he was going to do. He took his hard
shaft into his big hand cradling it gingerly, but steadily in his palm. He
ran the tape measure along top of his cockshaft from its pubic hair base to
the tip of his reddish colored bulbous mushroomed crown.

Noting his cock size on the survey form the doctor announced, "Your penis
measures 5-inches Liam, which is quite normal for a teenage male of your
age. As he filled in all the pertinent information on the form he said
further, "Since you have sparse pubic hair that indicates to me that
puberty has just began and I don't believe you have a thing to worry
about. It will grow about another third to three-fourths of an inch by the
time your 18 or their bouts. I hope that put your mind at ease, Liam."

"Yes, it does. That's a big load off, thanks doc.

He then proceeded to examine Liam's testicles, rolling the smooth skin of
his cum laden sacs between his fingertips as his spongy helmet leaked more
of its clear sticky fluid down his raging & twitching cockshaft. But he
didn't in anyway touch his pulsating organ.

"I love the way my cock & nuts feel in your hand. If you keep it up I'm
gonna shoot my load."

He released Liam's balls then said, "We can't have that now can we?"

Liam asked the doctor, "Have you measured a lotta boys boners,
Dr. Cumming?"

"Not lately. But yes, I did measure a number of boys when I was your age. I
hung around with boys whom engaged in circle jerks and I joined them. One
day shortly thereafter I suggested we measure our cocks and I was elected
to do just that."

"That mustta been fun gettin' to measure all these boys boners, huh?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact it was. My educated guess is that you masturbate
quite frequently, Liam. Is that correct?"

"Yeah, I do jack off all the time. And there's nothing wrong with it right?
All teenage boys jack off on a daily basis. How big is your cock,
Dr. Cumming?"

"LIAM, that's not an appropriate question to ask your doctor. To answer one
of your questions yes, it's perfectly normal to masturbate. And yes, I
would say that's an accurate statement; most all-teenage males masturbate
quite frequently. I did my far share when I was your age. It's the only way
for most young males to relive sexual tension."

"You've seen my boner and even know its exact size. I've never touched
another dude's hard-on, it's only fair that I get to feel yours and find
out what size you are. Dontcha think?"

"Touche, you have a point. I'm 7-inches. But your going to have to wait
until your exam is over and I my let you see mine."

"Damn, that's a biggin' you have. I betcha got big balls too. I sure would
like to see what your huge boner & big balls look like, Dr. Cumming."

"Yes, I suppose my testicles are big also. And this happens to be your
examination not mine, Liam."

"Okay, then. Tell me what size was your boner when you were my age?"

"I was 7-inches at 14 years of age."

"That's a damn big size for 14. But I still wanna see it for myself."

"Yes, it was a impressive size. So your saying it's a show me yours and
I'll show you mine kind of thing is it."

"That's right doc", he said as he thought hard about reaching to grope the
doctors bulging crotch.

He reached out for the doctor's expanded crotch under his Docker's but just
before he was able to touch the basket he backed away form his approaching
hand. He grabbed the boy's wrist in midair putting a holt on his attempted

He then interrupted, "There's one more thing I almost forget about before
your examination is compete, Liam."

"And what's that?"

"You are now old enough for a digital rectal exam, Liam."


He repeated, "A digital rectal exam."

"Does that mean you wanna stick something up my butt?"

"Yes, but its just my finger and it won't hurt a bit, I promise. It's just
to check and see if your prostrate is fractioning normally."

"Well okay, I guess if ya think it's necessarily."

"Yes, I do believe it's necessarily. They are two interns visiting here
today and I would like them to come in and observe the process. But only if
you approve, Liam."

"Sure, bring `em on in. As long as they're young & handsome like you,
Dr. Cumming?"

"Yes, they are if I don't say so myself. They are both fresh out of Med
School and it would be an excellent learning experience for them."

His ramrod tool started twitching in the air at the mere thought of a
couple more young doctors eyeing his toned naked bod and erect pole.

"I've never had one of those rectal exams. I'll be fun with three doctors
in on it. I'm the hornier then I've ever been, right now."

"I thought you might agree to my proposition. Since you seem to be a little
bit of a exhibitionist."

"I guess your right about that, I am a kinda exhibitionist now that you
mention it. Ya know, I never thought about it like that before. You want me
bareass now, doc?"

"Yes, I do remove the rest or your clothes while I'm gone then lie on the
table for me, please. I'll be right back with two more doctors."

"You could come back with that HOT young office assistant of yours too. I'm
gonna get to see your boner when you get back. Right doc?"

"You like him I take it. You will have to wait and see. Sorry, the tell you
but my office assistant cannot leave his station to come in here."

"Yeah, I do. Donny's real hunky."

"I don't believe there's enough room in the small exam room for more then
four anyway" then he left to room.

Liam did as the doctor instructed while he rounded up the two doctors and
in less than five minutes all three came thru the door. Both were just as
young & handsome as he was told they'd be. He was now totally naked lying
on the white-papered exam table with a 5=-inch boner pointed toward the
ceiling. His fingers were curled around his teen joysitck ready to pump
until a stream of ball juice gushed forth.

Dr. Cumming introduced them as Dr. Peter and Dr. Cox.

He then instructed Liam, "Put your feet into the stirrups at the foot of
the table for me, please."

Liam happily complied with the doctor's instructions with a Cheshire cat
smile plastered on his face because he know that he was going to thoroughly
enjoy the rest of his exam. The doctor adjusted the stirrups raising his
melon shaped ass up off the table spreading his legs open wide while at the
same time making sure he was comfortable. As the two good-looking interns
eyes were riveted to the prone boys body on the table Dr. Cumming donned a
Latex glove. He pulled a tube of lubricant from the cupboard and squeezed a
generous portion on his index finger. The doctor then inserted his gloved &
lubed finger into his tight rectal cannel until it reached his prostate.
Which caused Liam's hips to lunge forcefully upward causing boy-dew to
began oozing like a sieve from his crimson knob. The doctor's long slippery
finger was quite stimulating the likes of which he had never experienced
while jerking off.

He moaned out loud, "OOOOH YEAHHHH MAN. . . . " then told the doctor
"that's an incredible feelin' your givin' me there."

He trusts in and out a couple of times then removed his finger and said,
"Now, It's your turn to practice your probing technique, Dr. Cox."

He remarked, "That's why I'm here."

With the three of them observing him Liam could not control himself a
moment longer and he began to stroke his rigid & sticky teen pole with the
right hand. Since Dr. Cumming was within easy reach the horny boy used his
free hand to grope the doctors once again bulging crotch. He unzipped the
fly and put his hand in and copped a good feel of what was hidden under his

Meanwhile Dr. Cox slipped on a glove, lubed up his index finger and up
Liam's boy-hole; it went up him like a knife thru butter. All three doctors
now had roaring hard-ons causing the sexual energy in the room to
skyrocket. The young doctor thrust in and out a few times then exited
allowing Dr. Peter to probe Liam's loosened ass. The third doctor stepped
forward slipped into a Latex glove squeezed a glob of lube on his finger
and up his love canal went the finger of the third and final doctor. His
boy-hole quivered as the finger plunged from third knuckle to fingertip
again & again & again. The doctor inserted a middle finger to join his
forefinger giving him untold pleasures he didn't know even existed.
Dr. Cumming stood on the left side of the exam table with Dr. Cox on the
right side with his equally cute colleague Dr. Peter beside him.

He moaned, "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH. . . . UH--OH."

All three quickly removed their ties and hurriedly unbuttoned their shirts
exposing beautiful chests then dropped their pants & briefs and commenced
jacking themselves off. Then Dr. Cumming reached for Liam's erect boy-tool
and started pumping his leaky & sticky cockshaft with a steady stream of
clear fluid dribbling down the stiffie. The three of them took turns
lapping at `em bathing his cum laden sacs leaving a thick coat of slobber
on them as they inhaled the puissance infectious aroma emitting from `em.As the masculine sent filled their lungs it only spurred them onto a more
vigorous tongue lashing of his baby smooth ball-sac. His entire body
experienced uncontrollable spasmodic reactions resulting from the superb
ass probing, cock stroking & ball tonguing he was receiving.

"Ooooh yeahhhh. . . . your
mmmmakin'. . . . mmmmy. . . . ballssss. . . . feeeel fantastic guuuuys."

Whilst Dr. Cox continued lapping at his nut-sac, Dr. Peter inserted a
second finger up his hot pulsating hole.

"OOOOH MAN. . . . it's feeeelin' soooo damn. . . . goood, don't stop now,
man. I'm gonna shoot my ---."

He blasted volley after volley of thick `n' steamy teenage nectar all over
himself as the Dr. Cumming stroked him to an indescribable climax.

He went, "AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH."

The doctor continued to stroke his tool, as he shot off a massive barrage
of molten hot, thick & creamy boy-juice.

Then one after another the doctors added there to semen to his in a huge
shower of HOT & STEAMY manly ball juice that left him nearly covered him
from mouth to crotch. Liam lifted his feet out of the stirrups and relaxed
on the table in complete exhaustion. The pungent sent from eight balls
worth of ejaculations permeated the small exam room filling their nostrils,
which over-helmed them all.

Liam licked the spent manly nectar from his lips getting his very first
taste of a brand of cum other than his own and it was yummy too.

After he tasted them both he looked up at the spent doctors and explained,
"Damn, you three sure made a big mess of me and I love it."

They all laughed at and were in total agreement with Liam's comment.

Then with a huge grin Liam jokingly added, "I think you guys need to clean
me up now and Dr. Cumming that cock of yours reminds me of a baseball bat."

The three looked at each another then at Liam with wide grins then did what
neither one of them would've imagined ever doing in a doctor's exam
room. They lapped up every little bit of the juicy, pearly white stuff off
as three tongues were dragged all over him from groin to chin.

After the doctor's cleaned up his body Liam quickly reached for Dr. Cox's
circumcised 7-inch cock & pendulous ball-sac before he could go flaccid. He
had to know how a cock felt inside his mouth fully hard or not. Liam glided
his tongue along the ultra sensitive underside of the semi-erect smooth &
fleshy shaft and his very first taste was amazing. As the leftover man
juice on the crimson knob invaded Liam's palate he was hooked. Liam licked
around the doctor's man-sized gentiles until he became hard again inside
his mouth whilst he fondled the doctors firm & gorgeous buttocks. He wanted
more much more; he wanted to feel all of the doctor's cocks & nuts in his
mouth. Following the very first whiff of another male's crotch the potency
of each successive doctor's genitalia completely overpowered him as
masculine musky scents drifted up his nostrils and invaded his olfactory
senses and he savored the flavor of each. He particularly wanted
Dr. Cumming to squirt his heavenly cum wad into his heavily salivating oral
receptacle then slide down his thirsty throat. His tongue slid over the
bulbous crown tasting the clear fluid as it escaped whilst he kneaded his
toned shapely gluteus maximums. He repeated the very same action upon
Dr. Peter's bone rigid 7=-inch mushroomed succulent pole whilst he fondled
his low hanging sac-a-nuts. He quickly flipped the opposite side of the
table and his tongue slid over Dr. Cumming's bulbous pinkish crown tasting
the clear nectar as it escaped. Liam hopped off the table quickly fell to
his knees, now that he had Dr. Cumming exactly where he wanted him the
tables were turned and Liam did his own kind of examination. With long
kicks of his tongue he commenced to service the ultra sensitive mushroomed
helmet of Dr. Cumming cock sucking up the clear man juices the flowed from
it, while his hands simultaneously palpated his hard body. He began to roam
around his cockahaft dragging his tongue over ever centimeter. The doctor
placed a hand on the back of his cocksucker's head and Liam knew
instinctively he was home free to take his load into his mouth and down his
throat. After swirling his tongue over every centimeter of his spongy knob
for only a few shot minutes Dr. Cumming's hips lunged forward and his
entire cockshaft was forced all way down the boy's hungry throat and the
doctor's prickly pubes were buried in his nostrils. A second deluge of
manly ball juice erupted form his cock this time inside him, which proved
way too much for the virgin cocksucker to handle. His cum was a bit on
salty side but quite good all the same. He drank down as much of the
delectable goop as he could yet still a generous portion oozed from the
corners of his mouth and ran down Liam's chin to his neck.

"AW-AW-AW-AW-AW. . . . ohhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Dr. Cumming then looked at his watch then pulled his cock out of Liam's
mouth and said, "Sorry, but I have to leave now there's more patents for me
to see."

The 14-year-old was quite pleased he didn't gag even a little with a
7>-incher all the way down his virgin throat.

He yanked up his Docker's & Jockey briefs, hastily buttoned up his white
shirt and dashed from the room with tie and lab coat in hand.

Liam then looked at the two remaining doctor's and said, "HOT DAMN, That
was somethin' else wasn't it?"

"It definitely was" Dr. Cox said.

Dr. Peter added, "Nothing quite like that has ever happened to me
before. It was truly incredible."

Liam said, "You know it just struck me about your names, Cumming, Cox and
Peter. They all can be construed sexual words too."

Then Dr. Cox said, "Allen and I noticed that right off."

Dr. Peter added, "That's right, John and I thought it was very ironic since
all three of us are gay."

"You know I figured as much, you're all three BIG turns in my book. It's
the most incredible consequence I've ever heard of. Three HOT doctors that
are gay and good-looking, that's almost too much to comprehend. And with
the names like Peter, Cox and Cumming to top it off", Liam reiterated.

"Did you guys practice giving each other rectal exams in Med School?"

"Sure, we did. That's the only way to learn", Dr. Cox, answered.

Dr. Peter jumped in with, "That was the best part of Med School for
me. Every student except for John and I were hesitant, extremely so in
letting the finger of another student probe there asses. But none of `em
had a choice if they really wanted to further their education to become

"Sounds like you had a good time on that day."

In unison they said, "Yes, we did."

They dressed; bid adieu followed with a kiss between Dr's Cox and Peter
kissed then returned to their normal doctoring routines. As Liam passed
Donny on the way out he paused and flashed him a big smile and it was
reciprocated. He got a strong impression the cute office assistant was gay
also and maybe he knew precisely what on between him and the three HOT
doctor's. Liam felt thoroughly drained yet completely satisfied sexually
for the first time in young his life as he headed home.

Liam experienced his rites of sexual passage in the doctor's exam room on
that day with vivid and erotic memories he could never forget.

The End

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