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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Love And The Robot - Love And The Robot 11

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Subject: Love and the Robot, Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Nine days after our return from the skate park in Venice we got a
registered letter in the mail, Kevin opened it with an expression of
concern on his face. With a blank look he handed me the letter after he
read it.

"Congratulations hon, you're officially a celebrity now!"

Kevin stood emotionless for a time then sat back down to watch the rest of
the Padres game on the TV. Seems the idea of being a paid model is not
something their software recognizes. His was a non-response. I decided to
react the same way. I paused for a few seconds then told him if he accepts
the job he'd need to travel a few times a year to be photographed with no
shirt on, holding various skateboarding things. This may make it harder to
ride the train without people stopping him to talk about his magazine
photos. And being a semi-naked model in several magazines may make him the
envy of lots of strange people. He remained speechless on the sofa staring
blankly at the Padres game.

About an hour later he got his laptop out to message Scott the news.

During the week I got called into my managers office to discuss the
'incident' at the family open-house at our plant in Texas. What I was told
was that the design flaw pointed out by my nephew in front of a large group
of spectators uncovered a problem in the hiring process. The design
engineer in question had lied on his resume about his educational
background, it was never properly verified by HR before he was offered a
job. It embarrassed the plant in Texas and several of those involved. Two
people had resigned after the lay-off, the HR manager responsible and the
chief design person who never reviewed the plans.

The problem for me was that I had to prove that I was not involved in what
happened, that it was as it appeared, an innocent geeky smart teenager that
paid attention to what was said in the lecture caught a glaring design flaw
in our signature piece of commercial sound gear. I assured my manager that
I personally knew nobody at the Texas plant, Kevin did this all on his
own. He is very well educated, learns quickly, and has some similar things
in the past at other businesses simply by listening and observing,
closely. The matter seemed settled but I doubted that was really the
case. My guess was they would dissuade me from taking him along in the
future. I never told Kevin what happened.


The weeks turned into months. Kevin had done two photo sessions at a
commercial studio here in San Diego with the same photographer we met at
the club. He told me his sessions were attended by a growing number of
'account executives' which he felt was nothing more than curious people
wanting to see him semi-naked in person. His cyborg status was irrelevant
at this point so I instructed him to not mention that to anyone at the
photo sessions.

They take hundreds of shots of him in front of green screens and on green
flooring so they can superimpose him in almost any situation. He's made
several thousand dollars so far. I advised him his contract would end and
would probably not be renewed, it's the nature of the modeling business for
teens. He cashed the checks and kept the money hidden in his room.

He described the sessions with make-up and clothing people as well as
lighting and video working with the still photographer. They would have him
change his shorts and shoes often. It was a pattern of clothing change then
hundreds of shots, clothing change, and hundreds more shots. Maybe it took
twenty minutes to do each set, all the while video cameras were running.

The clothing people were a couple, male and female from the manufacturer of
the shorts. At first they had him walk into a porta-potty and change his
shorts but after a while he just started dropping them right there at the
make-up area with all the mirrors and lighting, like how long does it take
to drop board shorts and step into new ones and pull them up?

They would touch up his hair, re-spray it, inspect his facial make-up, give
him a once over visually. At one point the costume guy grabbed the bulge in
his shorts asking if he could turn it to lay straight down, so he dropped
his shorts, dropped the front of his underwear, moved his d*ck to hanging
right in front of his balls then slowly pulled everything back up, which
seemed to make the costume people happy. It also put smiles on the twenty
some people watching the whole thing from a couple dozen feet away. He said
he was getting used to being seen nude and really didn't care who saw him
in fact he was starting to enjoy the effect it had on people, just like it
did when lots of people see him naked only above the waist.

While they were trying to reduce the bulge in his shorts, both the costume
people, make-up, the director, and about twelve account executives watched
as Kevin and the costume guy re-arranged his meat to make a less obvious
lump in his shorts. After a couple of tries, the costume guy even tried
adjusting his dick and balls to side by side then running tape around him
to keep it back in place. Either way, he was quite a spectacle to the
gathering crowd allowing them to adjust his junk however they wanted after
a while. He said it never turned him on.

Kevin was also doing well at the deli where I get most of my meals for at
home. He's been promoted to assistant manager and changed his hours to two
days a week from 3pm to 11pm. They close at 11pm.

Between his deli job and his modeling career he's made about $19,000 so
far. He's spent about $2000 of that buying music online and an occasional
movie. Scott and Kevin go to the movies about once a month during the day
while I'm at work. On those days he brings Scott over and they usually fuck
in his room, then he takes Scott to within one block of home, he goes the
rest of the way alone.

Kevin confided in me that Scott is not the brightest cyborg, by design. He
thinks his direction finding and GPS are not working properly, but that may
be what his owner ordered trying to make him more dependent and more
lifelike. Perhaps a bit more kid-like.

Considering what happened in Texas I can start to understand why someone
may not want a genius cyborg in their lives. They see and notice too much
at times. It's one of the things you specify when designing your machine.

I walked down to the deli one night to try something new on their menu, I
went there while Kevin was at work. Much to my surprise Scott was there
sitting at a table, laptop open, keeping to himself, with earphones
stuffed-in the sides of his head. No doubt he was listening to Kevin's vast
and growing music collection. I joined him.

Scott seemed both surprised and happy to see me. It was pleasantly weird
sitting in a corner deli, sharing a small round table with an attractive
blond seventeen year old boy knowing what every inch of his body looked
like but presently acting as if we were just social acquaintances. He
performed the role flawlessly. We shook hands and looked over the music in
the computer after he spun it sideways so we could both see the screen and
work the mouse pad.

We talked about the weather and mass transit, music, movies in the theater,
concerts, and amplifiers. Anyone that loves stereos always ends up asking
me questions about amplifiers.

Finally, I got my dinner. They added traditional American salads, I ordered
the Cobb and a six inch Italian Beef with hot peppers, dipped in the au

I ate. Scott diligently surfed the net, texted friends over the net, and
Kevin worked the register and helped speed up the food line to expedite
customers orders. There was little conversation behind the counter, they
seemed focused on work. I suspect Kevin had something to do with the
customer focus instead of work socializing focus.

At one point Scott offered me one of his earbuds to listen to what he was
playing. I pressed it in my ear only to find he was checking out some old
ballroom jazz from the 1940s I didn't know. Big Band era stuff I really
don't care for. I spun the laptop around, set it to list them by category,
scrolled down to Rock then clicked on Jimi Hendrix, spun the laptop back
and handed back the earbud. Scott bounced his head a few times, got a funny
look on his face and changed the song to something with a dance beat, which
I think him and Kevin both prefer.

I finished my meal and dropped my stuff in the recycle bin, tray on the
stack then returned to the table to sit with Scott but I turned to watch
the crew behind the counter. Where Kevin stands by the register I could
just see his butt, which looked nice in his tight black work slacks. I got
to staring and lost track of time.

I watched his body as he moved around the counters, then as he flew into
the dining area to pick up tables and wipe stuff down.

Over to the corner of the room I went inside the bathroom to pee, then back
to the table. This time I sat in a position where I could keep one eye on
Scott's upper body, just to watch him move and sit knowing exactly what
laid below his t-shirt. When he got up to get a refill on his coffee I
stared at his a*s the entire way, watching it wiggle side to side as he

When he returned to the table I watched the lump in his jeans while he
walked knowing the monster that layeth behind the cotton fibers just
snoozing, ready to pounce once again. I thought about him rubbing it all
over my face and now nice that felt. I pictured his tiny lump of a belly
button and his pert small but pointy nipples that didn't show through his
shirt. I remembered sucking on them thinking how nice it would be if they
were only a bit larger around.

I glanced at Kevin ringing up a customers food staring at his chest
picturing his chest in my mind too. I started to sprout something down
below the tabletop, so I started to think about work instead briefly. It

About closing time the crew went crazy cleaning the kitchen and dining
area. Everyone had their own tasks that seemed well rehearsed. An extra
part of the kitchen was scrubbed hard every night so over the course of one
week it got cleaned and extra cleaned from top to bottom. This place never
gets health department fines.

We all left together at 11:15pm. Walking home the boys held hands in the
dark areas on the sidewalks wanting to avoid late night drunk
homo-bashers. Which was a smart thing to do...

We got home, everyone went their separate ways. Kevin and I headed for our
bathrooms to shower, Scott to the TV after closing the blinds. He picked a
movie on Logo-TV called Pee Master and Slave. It was exactly what the title
implies but we watched anyway. It was a little weird and a little gross but
also kinda hot and erotic once you got past the stupid dialog and poor
acting. And the main actors had nice bod's.

After the movie I was getting tired, got up from the sofa heading for the
bathroom, then to my room. After using the toilet walking straight across
the hallway to my room I noticed the living room was dark and silent. I
heard some noise in the kitchen, unsure what was going on I went to lay on
my bed to read for a while.

One of the books I always wanted to read was in my e-reader, slowly I was
getting it done. I was reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck. I think I had
turned pages about forty times when I dropped the e-reader falling asleep
on my bed. Not sure how much time passed when I woke up to the feeling of
someone sliding down my pants then my socks, which was all I had on aside
from underwear.

The lights were off but I could feel three or four hands slowly, gently
pulling my clothes down. I put up no resistance. I'm sure they noted the
increase in my breathing rate signaling being awake. I kept my eyes shut
enjoying the treatment.

In no time at all I was naked and on my back. There was one warm hand
sliding up my right leg towards my hip, then across my belly to the middle
then up to my chest, over my tit to the right side of my head, lifting
gently from underneath pulling my face into his. There was very little
razor stubble above the upper lip so I suspected it might be Scott but I
remained still but parted my lips to accept his tongue, which also felt and
tasted like Scott.

Another hand gently took my right hand gently pulling me to standing as the
mouth pressed into mine gently pulled away.

I was pulled by hand into my bathroom, dark and warm. We went into the
shower, I heard the glass door pull shut and latch gently, slowly. No water
came on.

Next came the sound of a plastic bottle cap snapping open and something
like the sound of someone lubing-up a dick or two. They spun me around
gently pressing me into the granite wall. I felt a nearly hot soft stream
of what must be cyborg piss start on my back, then a second one.

Just like in the movie, both boys pee'd on me from hair to butt cheeks. It
was kinked and nice. After the brief shower ended someone pulled apart my
butt cheeks while someone else rubbed a lube on my rosebud. Next came the
probe, then the first hints of pressure.

Taking him inside me required concentration on my part to relax my muscles
to allow him easier entry and minimize any pain. It didn't take long to
figure out it was Scott mounting me, it was way too long to be Kevin.

Scott hung on my shoulders and hu*ped from behind with fantastic energy,
while Kevin turned me into him to press face into face sharing tongue and
air and embracing each other while Scott worked like a construction worker
behind me doing his own thing. He felt fantastic.

I think it was only the second time in my life someone brought me to orgasm
without touching myself. I came all over Kevin's belly, he peed a few more
ounces on me for good measure. After some time to quiet down, Scott pulled
out slowly. We cranked on the hot water and washed off. I did Scott's for
him after I got to my knees taking the body wash bottle with me. It was a
pleasure and honor to hand wash his stiff meat in the falling hot
water. The smells, the feelings, the rubbing and pleasure was immense.

I ended up doing like before, I worshipped his stuff by rubbing my face all
over his groin, repeatedly taking him in my mouth while Kevin probed the
back of my head from behind with his. Eventually I got back to my feet,
turning to concentrate on my cyborg. I leaned over to suckle on his nips
and rub my face all over his chest, shoulders, neck and then my lips gently
across his, then our tongues met, mingled and dove deep in each others
mouths. Scott came up along side us to turn our moments of extreme passion
into a group hug. I loved his stiff rod pressed between Kevin's belly and

Then he did something which really scared me at first. Scott stepped back a
few inches from us and sat right on the shower floor, stretched out and
went unresponsive. I shut off the shower water, shoved the shower door open
and reached for the light switch.

There was Kevin, naked, hard, water dripping off his hair and running down
his chest staring down at the floor at Scott who was laying on his back,
hard, eyes closed, totally still.

"What the heck happened to him?" I looked at Kevin, he looked back at me as
he lowered to his knees at Scott's side. He placed his hand on his chest
briefly, glanced at his feet, then glanced at me with a look of
frustration, "He's not answering my status ping. I think he's in deep
standby mode."

"What should we do?"

"I think we should carry him to my room and plug him in with both wires."
"Okay, let's go. You take his hands, I'll take his feet."

We moved around lifting our parts off the shower floor, then lifting the
lifeless looking, wet, teen off the shower floor shuffling and carrying him
to the bedroom, then swung him tossing him onto Kevin's bed. I went back to
the bathroom to get some towels.

We dried him off from head to toe. He still had that enormous ten inch rod
laying across his belly I could barely keep my eyes and hands off of. We
rolled him onto his side and dried his back side too, then laid him flat
and plugged him to both wires. I was relieved when the light came on under
his toenail.

I walked over next to Kevin, laying my arm over his shoulder. We stood
there briefly watching him charge and take about one shallow breath every
fifteen seconds. We laid the damp towels over his body to cover him, then
left the room shutting off most of the lights.

We headed for my room and climbed into bed where we started sucking face
more. I stopped briefly to work on each tit which he never extended. I
loved just dragging my tongue across the extra smooth nipple flesh on his
large flat tits. After some time I spun around into sixty nine position, we
both came in each others mouths within fifteen minutes. Then we went to


Saturday morning I woke up around 8am. Kevin was still in my bed nude but
under the sheets like me. When I got out of the bathroom my bed was empty,
Kevin was in the kitchen reading the paper with the power cord plugged into
his toe. My coffee was waiting in my spot across the table. He was in
underwear now. We both were.

"I presume you checked on Scott?"

"Yep, he answered my ping, up to 68% charge and climbing faster. I think he
ran his battery too low last night and went into standby mode."

"Never saw that before. Did you talk to him?"

"No. I peeked into his maintenance log and saw the event on his recorder, a
critical battery alert."

"Good. Glad he's okay. When can he get up?"

"He should stay as-in until at least 70%"

"Can you do something for me?"

"Don't tell me, let me guess, you want me to connect to his maintenance
system and command his dick to get hard, right?"

I laughed, smiled, nodded yes, then reached over and took his hand to
squeeze gently. He read my mind perfectly.

Kevin laid down the paper, turned to look down the hallway towards his
bedroom, stayed in that position for about fifteen seconds, then said, "It
should take a few seconds but I think it got it switched-on for you. You're
lucky Scott lets me mess with his settings like that 'cause our normal
security profile prevents it from happening."

"Thanks hon." I said standing from the table, setting my mug in the
dishwasher and heading for my bathroom to pee some more and brush my teeth,
then into Kevin's bedroom where Scott laid right where we left him last
night. I closed the bedroom door.

I pulled the towels off his top side. The green light was still on under
his toenail. His boner laid off towards the side fully erect. I got to my
knees along side the bed. First I sucked on his right tit then ran my face
down his side towards the head of his bone.

I ran my face all over the monster. It was it's usual soft warm and rubbery
feel. Taking it gently with my right hand I rubbed it all over my face,
across my lips, in my mouth, licked the head about twenty times,
slowly. Then I just suckled on his enormous rod for about ten minutes
non-stop. This time I also rubbed my face on his nut sack and groin then
down his hairy leg to his foot where I sucked on his big toe on the left
foot, then up the other side of his bed to his chest to nurse on his pointy
left nipple.

About this time I felt him move. Scott raised his hands to gently grasp the
sides of my head pulling my mouth to his so we could suck face for a short
time. We pulled apart to the nicest smiles, those freshly f*cked looks so
many people enjoy seeing on their partners face after love making. He
looked gorgeous this way. Hard to imagine he's actually mecha inside.

I helped him disconnect from our lines then to get his clothes on and out
to the kitchen where the boys replenished each others holding tanks with
the stuff they need to produce body fluids.


After lunch Kevin and I escorted Scott home, then we went to the skate park
so he could show me the stuff he had to master for his next photo
session. On the way home we stopped in a Ralph's store near the trolley
station, he grabbed the skateboard magazine and showed me some of his
ads. I bought two copies. He looked so different from reality, must be post
production. He looked very skinny and gray but they showed every ounce of
flesh they could. Makes sense now why he's getting such an audience during
his photo sessions.

On the way home I asked if I could get access to one of his sessions, he
said he'd email the director and ask. Kevin went to work tonight at 5pm. I
told him I'd probably be down to watch. I spent a few hours reading, then
watching some baseball on ESPN. I dozed off on the sofa.

I walked Kevin home after work while I got my refill on Deli Quickmeals
they've made a killing on, about the most popular restaurant for a mile or
two. We slept in our own beds tonight, Kevin plugged into both wires. In
bed I stopped to think how blessed I've been since investing in my cyborg
without any remorse since he came to live with me.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Love And The Robot - Love And The Robot 11