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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Lycra Lads - Lycra Lads 2

Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 13:49:10 +1200
From: Arthur <>
Subject: part2 lycra lads

                      THE LYCRA LADS

                             PART 2

                             BY ARTHUR

All the usual restrictions apply for this story.

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By 6.50pm on Friday night, all but one of the boys stood waiting for their
ride to the party, only little Vacc was missing but they all understood
that it was not always possible for him to get away from home at such an
early time in the day. Each boy stood silently as they were apt to do most
nights, and just waited patiently.

Ten minutes later and they saw a black SUV pulling into the curb close to
where they were standing, the drivers window slowly wound down and the man
they had previously talked to called them over.

"Hey guys, looks like you're one short!"

Jesus answered for the group.

"Well as I said, Mister, some times Vacc can't get away this early."

"That's a shame, oh well, hop in, maybe next time he can come with you!"

Just as the boys were moving to the door, a high pitched shout came from
further down the street.

"Hey, Hey wait for me."

The boys turned at the familiar falsetto voice ans smiled to each
other. Somehow Vacc had got away early, they then noticed that he was
dressed in a school uniform, one from a very prestigious school, he also
seemed to running a little awquardly as though he had a sore leg. Vacc
caught up to them and jumped into the car beside Slide, giving the other
boy a conspirational grin and wink.

The rest of the boys hopped into the black SUV and settled back as the car
pulled away from the curb to turn around and head back the way it had come.

"The house is a little way outside of town, makes for a bit more privacy,
if you know what I mean." the driver told them.

"That's fine" said Jesus.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jesus saw Slide push his hand underneath
Vaccs small butt, wiggle his fingers and then withdraw them as he smiled
down at Vacc.

"What you up to, Slide?"

"Just checking out the kid, seeing if he got the hots yet." Slide smilingly
retorted, the look on Vaccs face said it all as he beemed out at the other

Fourty minutes later the SUC pulled into a long driveway with the faint
shine of house lights showing through the surrounding trees ahed of them
. A few minutes later the car pulled up at a rear enterance to the main
building, a tall thin man was standing in the open doorway waiting for the
boys to emerge from the car. The six boys jumped out of the car with
enthusiasm and walked towards the thin man.

"Welcome boys, sorry about the back door, but I don't want my guests to see
you until the main event." Said the thin man with a smile on his face. the
boys at this stage had not change into their familiar lycra but were
dressed in their normal street clothes. The man stood aside for the boys to
enter the rear of the house, inside was a short hall which led into a large
open kitchen, cooks and waiters were rushing around, the smell of hot food
permeated the whole room.

"This way boys." The man led them through the kitchen to another hallway,
this one had a f;ight of stairs leading upwards to another level.

"We set aside two double bedrooms for you all, I hope you don't mind all
sleeping together, it'll give you somewhere private to stay and to change
during the weekend."

The man led them down a long hall, at the end were two doors facing each
other across the hallway. Jesus, his brother Romero and Too went to the
room on the left, Slide, Vacc and Fro took the room on the right, once the
boys had selected their rooms the man told them they would not be needed
until 10.00pm and that they would have plenty of time to get ready, he also
told them there was plenty of hot water so they could use the showers as
much as they wanted.

The boys took their small holdalls into their respective rooms and looked
around. each room had a large attached bathroom, two chests of draws, a
closet and an enormous bed, at the end of the bed was stand with a good
sized flat screen tv so they could view it while resting in or on the
bed. Vacc was the first to lay claim to the bathroom as he said he had not
had time to change from school and badly needed a shower, the other two
nodded in a agreement and Vacc began to strip off while Slide watched him

Vacc saw Slide watching and wriggle his small butt as he skid his school
pants down his thin legs until he stood with only a pair of very breif blue
underpants on, his young boyish frame showing not a speck of hair anywhere
except on his head. With a slow turn, and while looking over his shoulder
at Slide, he lowered his briefs until they were around his slender ankles,
it was then, as Vacc bent over, that Fro saw what the two had been up to,
there, pushed deeply into Vaccs small tight butt, was the base of a rubber
dildo, with another wriggle, the briefs disappeared and Vacc reached behind
himself and began to withdraw the dildo from his little hold, only now it
was a bigger hole, to Fro it looked a littl puffy and slightly red as inch
by slow inch, Vacc pulled it from his little butt.

Slide watched as the dildo finally pulled loose, it was at least six inches
long and of medium thickness, the sigh that escaped Vaccs lips told it all.

"You got to that size pretty quick, Vacc."

"yeah, I did like you said and started with the little one, soon as it felt
good, about lunch time, I went into the toilets at school and put the next
one in, then did the same when I got home from school. this morning it felt
loose so I put the next one in and now I'm up to this one, I think I can
take a cock now, anyway, I want to try it some time this weekend, who do
you think would be best for me?"

"I don't know, I think the twins are a little big for you yet, It would
have to be me or Fro I think."

"Ok, but don't tell the others yet, I want to put the last one in after my
shower and wear it for a while until the party starts."

"Ok, you got enough lube to put the big one in?"

"Yeah got plenty, well I'm going to shower, hey Fro, promise you won't

"Man Vacc, that looks so cool, yeah sure I won't tell. Hey Vacc!"

"Yeah Fro?"

"I'd love to pound your arse for you, it's fucking awsome bud."

"Well we'll see later, Ok?"

"Sure, you go shower, don't forget to clean inside as well."

"Sure, I got my kit here, see you soon."

Vacc disappeared into the bathroom wriggling his little butt all the
way. Fro smiled at Slide in a knowing way.

"What do you think, Slide, his little butt would be so tight and he's
really wanting to this, do you want firsts or can I?"

"Just let him decide, Fro, he's one tough little dude so I think it's up to
him to pick the one he wants."

"Yeah, you're probably right, but watching him take out that plug gave me a
hardon for his little arse."

"Well you just remember, it's his arse and his decision, you've got Too, to
play with."

"Yeah sure, but a guy can dream, right?"

"Yeah right."

Both the boys could hear the shower running and a small voice humming
inside the bathroom, looking at each other and then around the room, they
both realised at the same time that there was only the one bed, large
though it was.

"Looks like all of us in there tonight." Said Fro.

"That's unless someone ends up in a clients room for the night." Replied

The sound of the shower stopped and a few minutes later Vacc appeared at
the door, his wash bag in his hand and the large butt plug in the other.

"I think you'll have to put this one in for me Slide."

"You sure you want to go to the one? it's pretty big for your little butt?"

"It'll only be for a couplw of hours, until the party starts, then you can
take it out for me be fore the show, ok?"

Slide nodded his head and Vacc quickly walked over to where he was sitting
on the side of the bed, handing the butt plug to Slide, Vacc turned around
and bent over with his legs slightly spread apart, his pink littl hole
showing the effects of the previous penetrations. Slide could see the
shiney slickness of the lube around the pink hole, taking the tube offered
by Vacc, he put a small amount on his finger and pushed it gently into the
pink pucker.

Slide could feel a lot less resistance to his finger than he expected as it
slid inside, Vacc gave only a littlwe jump at the first sensation of
penetration and then seemed quite happy to have the digit pushed in and
turned back and for to spread the lube on his insides.

"This is still going to be tight Vacc."

"I don't care, just put it in will you, I want to feel all full up."

"This plug will more than do that, Bud."

Slide pulled his finger out, Vaccs little hole was a slippery as it was
going to get, with as gentle a touch as he could use, Slide placed the
round blunt head of the plug against vaccs tight hole and began to gently
push, vacc immediately started to wriggle around to get the plug centered
and then started to push back against Slides preasure. With small grunts
and high pitched 'ohs' the plug made its way into Vaccs tight hole, with a
last hard push, vacc forced the last of the plug into his hole, his tight
muscles seemed to snap around the base of the plug and, with a last
wriggle, Vacc stood up and turned around to show a smile of victory on his
cherubic face. A slight sheen of sweat covered his face and the flush on
his cheeks showed the strain he had been under.

"Well buddy, that was something else, how does it feel?" Fro asked.

"Man am I full, but it's a neat feeling to have something in my hole, I
think a real cock is going to feel so cool sliding in and out."

"Hey Slide, looks like we got another bottom boy in the group."

"Could be Fro, well guys we got a couple of hours to the show, what are we
going to do now?"

"I'm going to go see Too, what about you guys?"

"I want to practice something for the show with Slide." said Vacc.

"Ok, catch you guys later." Fro went to the door and with a last look of
admiration at Vacc, opened it and disappeared from sight.

"What are you up to, Vacc?"

"I want you to be my first time Slide, I sort of worked out a routine for
us for tonight but, I think we should try it out first to see if you can
hold my weight."

Vacc was small and light, Slide looked at his tight little frame and
guessed he would be able to hold him without to much trouble.

"Ok, show me what you want and we can try it out."

Vacc began to explain to Slide whaat he had worked out for the show, after
a detailed explanation, Slide nodded his head in agreement and theye began
to practice, an hour later they were sure thay had it down pat and it would
be a good show.

"Now you're sure ypou want me to real fuck you, Bud?"

"With this plug tickling my insides like it is, I'm real sure, your cocks a
nice size and I'm sure I can take it all."

"Ok, Vacc, this is going to be a new experience for me, I've always been a
bottom and love to have a big cock in me, but this time I'll do it for you,
you want it slow or fast?"

"I don't know, any way you feel will be good, I guess."

"Ok, Bud, let's see how it goes."

Vacc smiled broadly at his friend, the anticipation of feeling a real cock
in him for the first time wa ssending small shivers up and down his
spine. Both boys decided that, as they still had a couple of hours to wait
for the show to start, they would have a rest on the bed and wait to be

An hour and a half later, Fro opened the door and walked into the room, the
first thing he saw was his two friends asleep on the large bed, Vacc was
curled up naked on the bed, Slide was closely spooned in behind him already
dressed in his lycra. fro went to the bed and gently nudged Vacc.

"Hey guys, wake up, we've got half an hour to get ready, the others will be
here in a minute."

The two boys opened their eyes and looked up at Fro, with a smile, Vacc
wriggled his naked butt back into Slides very hard 4" cock as it pushed
into his soft cheeks, with a small moan, Vacc rolled onto his knees, his
head down on the pillow, his muffled voice coming from under his slim body.

"Better take it out now, please Slide."

Slide smiled his lazy smile and knelt behind Vacc, his fingers reached
between Vaccs little cheeks and grasped the plug, slowly twisting it back
and forth, he withdrew it from the small butt, with a light pop, it came
free, it was clean and shiney from the lube and proved that, indeed, Vacc
had cleaned himself inside. Once the plug was out, vacc sighed, more with
having lost something than any discomfort, he jumped from the bed and went
to his bag for the lycra suit.

Fro came back from the bathroom having had a very quick shower, pulling on
his lycra uniform he returned to the bedrooom just as they other three boys
came in, Jesus took control as soon as they were all together.

"Everyone ready?"

All the boys answered until it got to Vacc.

"Jesus, Slide and I want to do something different tonight, we can't tell
you cause we want it to be a surprise for every body."

"Ok, as long as you got it worked out good enough for a great show, this is
a bid weekend for us and plenty of money to be made, if this goes well,
we'll get some good business out of it, I'm sure."

All the boys nodded in agreement, the money they would make this weekend
would keep them rich for weeks, which meant they woulod'nt have to use 'The
Bricks' for their income for a while. The thin man appeared at the door.

"Well boys, it's time to start, if you follow me I'll take you down to the
main room so you can see where you will perform, the gentlemen are just
finishing dinner so you have about fifteen minutes to set the room how you
want it."

All the boys nodded and followed the thin man down the hallway to
eventually end up in a very large room. The center of the room was
completely cleared of all furniture, around the walls of the room were many
heavy leather covered arm chairs, beside each chair was a small table with
a crystal ashtray on its glass top. Jesus looked around the room and when
he spotted the light dimmers on the far wall he walked over to try them
out. The boys walked around the room inspecting the positions of the chairs
and the entry doors at the far end of the room, this was where each would
make their entry to the show area.

Jesus experimented with the light dimmers until he had the effect he wanted
for their show, the room now took on a different atmosphere as the lights
adjusted to the settings that Jesus wanted. Around the sides of the room
was almost pitch dark, the armchairs barely visible in the dimness, the
entry door was invisible from the floor area, in the center, the floor was
alight with the bright spots that aimed to center the action so all those
around the room could get a full view of the action. Jesus was pleased with
the effect he had created. Jesus turned to the others.

"Everyone happy with this setup?"

They all nodded in agreement as they looked at the lighting setup and the
floor space, Jesus went to the entry doors and pulling a small table close
to the doors, he placed his the disc player and small speakers he had been
carrying on top, next he ment in search for a power point and plugged in
the unit, next he checked the discs he had in a small pouch, each one was
for one of the boys, a few minutes later he had tested the small system and
all was ready.

The thin man appeared again, looking around the room he spied the boys at
the other end and made his way towards then.

"Everything ready, boys?"

"Yes" Jesus answered

The man seemed impressed with the arrangements and showed his pleasure with
a smile.

"well boys if you would like to take your places, the gentlemen will be in
in a moment so you can start as soon as they are settled, ok?"

"Fine, we'll be ready." Said Jesus

The man left the room and the boys went out the door to wait in the hallway
behind, none of them were at all nervous, this is what they did and they
were accomplished performers, a few last minute instructions were set and
then they waited for their audience to arrive and get seated and

Ten minutes passed before the boys could hear through the door, men
chatting and laughing as they found a seat and got ready for their hosts
special show, these events took place at different mens places once a
month, this was the first time that any of them had had the chance to see
the famed 'Lycra Lads' in action. The boys reputation had slowly been
spreading over the last six months since they had shown up at 'The Bricks'.

When Jesus thought the men had settled, he opened the door, switched on the
disc player and walked to the center of the room, the music was soft and
relaxing, Jesus's small dark figure stood out in the center of the spot
lights, the room hushed as he took his place. The guests appeared only as
vague outlines in the dimness of outer room. Jesus smiled a seductive
smile at all the dark areas of the room.

"Good evening gentlemen, the 'Lycra Lads' would like to welcome you to
their private show for your pleasure, should you wish to entertain any of
the boys after the show would you please show your interest at the end of
the show, and now we begin."

At the last word, the music ramped up slightly and Jesus began to gyrate
slowly across the floor, his feet gliding over the smooth polished surface
of the wooden floor, he could hear small gasps of pleasure from the shadows
as he made his way around the outer edge of the lighted area. Jesus's arms
began to accuate his lithe body as they moved seductively over his slender

Jesus made his way slowly dancing, until he was back near the doorway,
without notice, Romero slid into the room to come face to face with Jesus,
both boys began to dance back into the lit area, Romero mirrored Jesus's
movements in perfect sycronisation, to the audience it looked as though
Jesus was performinig in front of a mirror, every movement, every gesture,
every hint of sexuality was mirrored by Romero.

Already there were murmurs of excitment among the hidden crowd, the boys
danced on, the lycra suits showing every young muscle on the twins body,
the thin narrow crack of their butts, the erect 6" of thick muscle pointing
up to their navel, the boys moved on, two bodies touching then parting to
show their attributes to the best advantage. Two hands touching in time
with the music, two perfect red lips touching in a soft glancing kiss, two
sets of fingers lowering two shoulder straps at precisely the same time to
reveal a smooth brown shoulder and the young nipples of the boys.

Another shoulder strap lowered, another nipple appeared pointing out as
hadr as the other, four hands moved to two pairs of hips as they
seductively rubbed up and down until they circled around to lightly clasp
onto two pairs of tight butt cheeks, rubbing up and down a finger of each
found their way onto the cresent of the narrow butt crack, the audience was
now clearly heard as the action increased.

Slowly the lycra uniform was rolled down the youthful chests and stomach
until it rested in a small tight roll on the hips of the twins, their
caramel skin shone with a thin layer of boy sweat, the top of their butt
cheeks just visible above the roll of lycra. In the front the lycra was
just hiding their rigid pulsing boy meat, their lips touched in a longer
kiss as they moved to the end of the room near the doorway, hidden in the
darkness, the door opened and closed quickly as another small form joined
them in the dimness.

The twins moved apart as the small form slid between them and formed a
threeway sandwich, the three boys danced back into the center of the room
to reveal Vacc hugged between the twins bodies, coming to a halt in the
center of the room, Vacc stood still as the twins completely removed from
their bodies the lycra suits leaving them naked, their 6" rods sticking out
from their young slim bodies, the twins turned to stand back to back, still
in their mirror image movements.

Vacc moved lightly and slowly as he worked his way around to the from of
Jesus, going down to his knees, he poked out his tongue until it was just
barely touching the hot wet tip of Jesus's cock head, the twins stood
rigidly still as though they were just statues in the center of the room,
slowly Vacc opened his mouth wider and wider as he took Jesus in his mouth
until he was buried deep down into Jesus's pubic bone. The deep throating
of Jesus's 6" had been performed flawlessly and with no hesitation, only
the tightening of jesus's abs showed his excitment.

vacc slowly withdrew his mouth, agonising inch by agonising inch until he
was completely off Jesus, with a smooth sideways shuffle he was suddenly in
front of Romero where he proceeded to do exactly the same thing to him, the
hush from the hidden crowd could be felt as a hot tension throughout the
room, this small young boy was deepthroating to better than average cocks
with little discomfort.

Vacc kept up his ministrations on the twins changing from one to the other
as he had started until they were within moments of cumming then, with a
quick kiss on the lips of each twin he smoothly disappeared into the
darkness and slipped out of the door. The twins came together in a lovers
kiss as they back stepped in perfect time to disappear into the darkness by
the door, the music came to a soft halt as the twins disappeared.

The sound of pent up emotions and heavey breathing sounded around the room
as a physical presence, some of the guests trying desperately to push hard
down onto their crutches as their bodies took control over them. Cigars
were lit with shaking hands, crystal glasses were set ontop of the small
tables with a clatter as the music ended and the electricity in the air
began to settle, a lone voice came out of the darkness.

"Gentlemen, I think we have just witnessed the most erotic show I have ever
had the pleasure to see, it took all my strength to stop from running out
there and screwing those boys on the spot."

A loud uproar of agreement met the speaker as they all settled back into
their chairs for a continuation of this special show, glasses were topped
up by the two young stewards that had been standing against the wall until
needed, the large bulge in the front of the two young men was self eveident
that they also thought the show was somethign special. As the last glass
was filled and the last cigar was lit, the music started again, this time a
little faster tempo, the door opened again and two shorter dim figures
began to enter the highly charged room.



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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Lycra Lads - Lycra Lads 2