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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Medical Exams - Medical Exams 1

Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 14:49:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dennis Banneker <>
Subject: Medical Exams for Josh and his Brothers - Chapter 1


Medical Exams for Josh and his Brothers - Chapter 1

by Dennis B.

June 1, 2006

WARNING! To qualify to read this story, you must be of legal age
and allowed by the jurisdiction or jurisdictions that govern you
to read sexually explicit homosexual material. If you do not
qualify, you must exit and seek other material. You have been
warned. Thank you for cooperating and being fair to others.

All persons, names, places, descriptions, and events are purely
fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, names, places,
descriptions, or events is totally accidental and a pure

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Joshua Deller - 16
Eric Deller - 17
Mark Deller - 14
Edward Deller - 35
Samantha Deller - 34

Dr. Carl Richards - 28


"Dad, why do I have to get examined again? We all just had
an exam like six months ago!" I said, drying myself as fast as I

I just got out of the shower. And I had this good boner I
wanted to take care of. I was playing with it, but when I heard
his footsteps, I put the towel on, quick!

I was in my bathroom, with my back to him. But I forgot about
the mirror, and I think my dad saw my dick bulging the towel.

"I'll go downstairs now, I need to . . . get a few things
ready. You can hear me from there and we'll keep talking." After
he said that, I was sure he saw it.

"Okay dad. But I still don't need another checkup." I took
off the towel and relaxed, now that he was out of sight.

I think I have a good-looking dick--about six inches, maybe a
little more. It's thick, sorta pink and white. Smooth. And
right now, very hard. I held it and looked at it.

"You're sixteen years old now, Josh, and sounding like a
baby," dad said, while I tried to dress for the doctor's visit.
So far, I had my socks on.

"Daaaaad! I'm just . . . stressed, okay? We just moved.
Everything is weird here."

Weird is right. I was never interrupted getting ready to jerk
off before. I squeezed my dick and it felt so good. I pumped it.
The precum was starting to flow. Ford's Creek--even sounds weird.
I wonder if I can get dressed with one hand.

"We have to establish a medical record for you right away.
That's the right thing to do. Your medical records are still in
Omaha. If we waited, and you were injured, the doctors couldn't
get access to your records fast enough to save you."

Josh junior liked the attention I gave him, and without even
knowing it, I was stroking real good, now.

"Josh?" dad called real loud. Suddenly I remembered dad had
been talking to me.


"I said, we need to have a medical record for you--here and
now! Have you been listening?"

"Yeah, dad. Why just me? What about Mark and Eric?"

My brother Eric is 17 (almost 18), and a senior in high
school. I'm a junior, just a year behind Eric.

But I'm closest to Mark, my 14-year-old brother. I guess
because I'm small for 16 and I look more like 15. It's fun going
to the same high school with your brothers.

"All three of you boys will get an exam. Your school
requires that you have a fresh medical exam at the beginning of
each year. But starting now, you boys won't all go in together.
Just one at a time. You're a big boy now, so you won't need *me*
standing there, either. I'll stay in the waiting room."

It's a good thing dad decided to stay downstairs and talk
with me. Otherwise, with my dick in my hand, I'd be toast.

"Oh, o-okay," I said, stroking like crazy. If I had just
a little more time, I could come and feel *so* much better. But
I kept stroking anyway, knowing it was pointless.

"Don't you like the idea of having your checkup in private,
without me or your brothers there, watching?"

"Well--I got used to the old way, but now--y-yeah, it's
b-better this way, I guess." I was way out of breath. I didn't
know what I was saying.

Even though I get nervous thinking about getting examined,
it was always fun with the three of us being all naked together
at the doctor's.

I decided I didn't like the new way. It was scarier to
think I'd be naked, facing the doctor all alone. I stopped
stroking. Josh junior didn't like that. I hadn't shot off in
24 hours. I was like two cums behind.

"Hurry up, Josh."

I felt defeated. Just ten minutes ago, I had started play
with Josh junior, when dad tells me to hurry--that we're going to
the doctor.

Now, with all the pressure of rushing, I got soft. But
soft or not, I had to come really bad.

"Can't Mark go with me?" There were a lot of reasons I wanted
Mark to come along. Mark and I liked each other a lot. Sometimes
he'd practice his wrestling with me. Usually it was *on* me. We
got along. Mark was fun. Sometimes we'd just look at each other
and know what was up.

"Why Mark?"

"Uh, I don't know."

"Just wear shorts and a tee. That'll be good enough."

This was dad's way of saying no--he didn't answer the
question. Besides, Mark was out practicing wrestling with his
friends, maybe even playing video games.

"I already put pants on." We always wore good pants and a
dress shirt to the doctor's. My parents were *so* old
fashioned, it was embarrassing sometimes.

But now I wondered why the sudden change? Why dress so
casual, like I was going to track practice? I was so used to
dressing a certain way--and that was no way to go see a doctor.

"That's fine, son. I'll meet you downstairs."

I pulled down my pants, and took a look at my dick. I
petted him and told him not to worry--that it wouldn't be a long
wait--I hoped. I felt weird talking to it, but it made me feel

Usually I'd get hard when I did anything like that, but
going to the doctor's office wasn't something I looked forward
to. At least I wouldn't have a bone to hide from dad when I got

"Well, you look very nice, Josh."

"Thanks dad." Dad was a nurse, so medical stuff was
important to him.

But I never told my friends. If they asked, I always said
my dad is a medical assistant. And there's a big difference
between the two.

"We're right on schedule. We won't have to hurry."

"That's good," I said, my mind on other things. "Say, dad,
how long will this take?" Josh junior could wait only so much.

"I don't know . . . maybe about an hour."

"Oh," I said, thinking that was long, but not that bad.

"Why?" dad said.

"No reason, really," I said, feeling the blood rush to my
face. It was still July, so there was no school. That meant I
didn't have a lot to do.

"Do you have a date, or a friend coming over?"

"No, nothing like that. I haven't met any girls here yet."

"So, what is it you want to do?"

"You know, dad, just stuff." I *had* noticed a cute guy
that lived on my street, though. But then I wondered why I was
thinking like that. Back in Omaha, I had sort of a girlfriend,
but we just talked mostly, and guys were . . . just guys.

I flew downstairs, thinking I was late. Then I remembered he
said I didn't have to hurry.

"Yes, well--there's plenty of time. I remember what it's
like to be sixteen."

"Oh," I said, wishing I was *big* enough to *look* like I
was 16--and getting uncomfortable not knowing what else to say.
"That's cool."

"Relax, Josh. You look tense," dad said as we got in the car.

Oh, I was *tense* all right! Now my face felt hotter,
wondering if dad knew I wanted to jerk off. I had to change the
subject. I prayed I wouldn't get a boner in the car like I
usually do.

"What about Mark or Eric? Why isn't Eric getting *his*
checkup first?"

"Just the way the cards fell, I suppose."

"Oh," I said, not understanding, and knowing if I asked, dad
would have a long speech ready. Maybe this is another one of those
things that happens to the middle child.

That middle-child stuff pissed me off. Everyone makes a fuss
over the 'oldest' and 'youngest.' When it came to me, it was,
'Oh, he's the *middle* child.' What good was *that?* Is there a
middle-child disease they thought I had?

I knew I'd do okay on the physical. I run track and that
makes all the difference. It conditioned my whole body. I
just thought since Eric's the oldest, he'd go first.

Josh junior was trying to be tense along with the rest of
me, but doctors made me nervous, no matter what. So, I stayed soft.

I thought about Mark. I've been having dreams lately about
Mark being in the shower room at school with me and the guys after
track practice, back in Omaha. And Mark doesn't even *do* track.
Mark's a wrestler, a lightweight. He looks cool in his singlet.
His brown hair and green eyes go together so well with the school

"Yes, that's why I'm glad I'm on vacation. Four doctor's
appointments in one week."


"Don't you think I get one, too?"

"Yeah. Sorry, dad," I said, as we pulled into a small
parking lot.

"Yes, Josh--parents are human, too. Here we are."

"God, that was quick. This doctor is so close." It was
a forty-minute trip to get to our old doctor in Omaha.

"I thought you'd be pleased," dad said, smiling and giving
me a funny look. "Ford's Creek is a pretty small place, Josh.
Do you remember the turns I made? Could you drive yourself here
if you had to?"

"No problem," I said, getting excited, thinking I might make
it home in less than an hour. As we opened the main door to the
office, I saw the doctor ready to walk into an examining room.

But when he saw dad, he stopped and came toward us. Then I
thought maybe this wasn't the doctor. The guy looked too young
to be one.

"Carl!" dad said.

"Edward!" the doctor said, grinning at us, and shaking dad's
hand. "This must be your son, Joshua."

"Yes he is. Josh, this is Doctor Richards."

"Nice to meet you, doctor," I said, a little nervous as we
shook hands.

The guy had a firm grip, and he looked like he was into
sports, and not just from school--maybe a long-time swimmer,
runner, or soccer player. I knew they had a good soccer team in
our new town.

"Nice to meet you too, Josh," the doctor said and smiled.

"He's a good boy," dad said, making me blush.

I hate when he calls me that. I wasn't real tall, but I
knew my dick was almost as big as my older brother, Eric's.

"Big enough to be a man, I'd say. He looks healthy. Clean
skin, well-groomed blond hair, clear blue eyes. Looks like you,
Ed. Have a seat in there," Dr. Richards said, pointing to the
waiting room. "I'll be with you in a few minutes."

"I hope it's not too long," I said, bouncing my leg like I
always did. When my old doctor said 'a few minutes,' it could
take forever.

"Son, doctor Richards is an honest man. Besides, you need
to learn patience."

"Do you know him a while?"

"Yes. When I took my last classes in nursing at Omaha
General, Carl--doctor Richards--was finishing his internship."

"Cool. He's nice. He looks young--I mean, for a doctor."

"I think he's in his late twenties. He's a very good

I picked up a magazine, and as soon as I opened it, the
doctor was ready for me.

"Well, young man, your dad tells me you're going it alone,

"Oh! Yes." I had to have the reddest face by then.

"He's a big boy, now. He should have his privacy," dad
said. I knew dad was proud of me. When we had our private
talks once a week, he always told me I had the best body in the
family. I guess he was like, showing me off to his doctor

This would be my first exam without dad or my brothers there
with me. We went to the examining room. The doctor closed the
door behind us. It slammed closed, and I jumped.

"You can sit in the chair for now. Here's a form for you to
fill out. Be sure to turn it over and fill out the medical
history," he said, handing me a clipboard and showing me the
back of the form. "Just check yes or no to each disease. If
you're not sure, circle it. I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Okay." It took about five minutes to do the form. I think
I waited another five before he finally came back.

"Okay, Joshua, just hop up on the table," he said, after
reading my form. "Since you're a new patient of mine, this will
be a full medical work-up. I'll have to take blood samples.
Might as well get that out of the way. Do you have a fear of

"Nah, no sweat, doctor." I gulped.

I freaking *hated* needles, but I wanted to tough it out so
I wouldn't seem like a wimp.

"That's good, Josh. But please call me Carl."

"Okay." I started to blush again. I never called a doctor
by his first name. "Um, you do sports?" I said, burning with
curiosity, watching his arm muscles as he got the vials, needle,
and other stuff ready. I always tensed-up when I saw the little
rubber hose, or whatever it was. He put it on my arm.

"Yes. I wrestled for a while, then I played soccer in
college. I coach the Ford's Creek Spearheads--the soccer team
in town. Rest your elbow on the table. Hold still," he said,
getting ready to poke me with a needle that looked a foot long.

"That's cool. My brother Mark's a wrestler. He's fourteen."
I sat there trying to relax my arm while I felt a bad sting,
gritting my teeth and sucking air through them.

"Easy, Josh. There, that's just fine."

At least the hard part was over, but my body wasn't going to
relax any time soon, I thought, as he released the tension on
the rubber hose.

"Nice, healthy blood flow. This should take no time at all.
Are you comfortable?"

"Yeah, no problem." In a few minutes, Carl was putting the
band-aid on me, and I relaxed.

"Very good, Josh. I'll just put these in the refrigerator
and be right back. Meanwhile, take your shirt off."

He was gone only a few seconds. I was still pulling my
shirt off.

"That was quick," I said. Then I felt dumb for saying that.
When I got the shirt off and lifted my head, I saw the doctor
staring at me, surprised.

"Josh, what sport are you in? I've never seen a more
perfect chest and abs. Good arms, too." He seemed real happy
about it.

"Track. Running and Pole-vaulting."

"But you must work out often."

"Yeah, about four times a week. I can press my body weight

"That's wonderful. You're well developed for sixteen, and
you have very little bulk or fat," he said, taking a pinch of
skin on my abs.

"My coach said I was all muscle."

"Well, he's right from what I can see."

Then, he started in with the usual exam stuff--bone dry
wooden stick on my tongue, freezing cold stethoscope, tapping, a
light in each eye, the ear and nose thing all doctors use."

"Perfect," he said, wrapping the blood pressure cuff around
my left arm. "You're a very fine young man, Joshua," he said,
holding the stethoscope on my arm and reading the gauge. "One-
twenty over eighty. Exactly what it should be. Very good."

""Thanks," I said, hoping that would be it, but knowing he
said a full work-up.

"I'll examine your feet, next. That's a recent addition to
the routine exams. New law."

I started to blush really bad. "I, um--just took a shower,"
I said as I pulled my shoes and socks off. I wanted him to know
I was clean all over. I would die if I smelled or was dirty in
front of a doctor.

"That's very nice of you, Josh," doctor Carl said, spraying
something on my feet that smelled like alcohol. Then he took
something that looked like hand lotion, and rubbed it between
his hands. When he put his hands on my foot, I jumped.

"Ah, that tickles!"

"Oh, I see. I can give you a shot of Novocain in each foot
to numb them, if you like."

"No, that's okay--I'll rough it."

"All right, hold as still as you can. Tell me as soon as you
feel any pain."

At first, my foot kept jumping, then it settled down. It
felt more like a foot massage than an exam. He had me flex my
toes, and ran his finger on each foot, but by then I was used to
him touching me there, so I didn't jump around a lot. Then he
held each toe and looked at it. I felt a little weird.

"Really beautiful feet, Josh. Very strong and healthy. And
from the size of them, I'd say you might reach a height of six
feet--close to that."

"Thanks," I said, feeling embarrassed. I wondered if it
mattered if my feet were good-looking or not. "Do you need
players on your team?"

"Are you kidding? You bet! I'd love to have an athlete
like you on the team! We're practicing all this month. Are you

"Yeah!" Finally something fun I could do.

"Great!" he said, going to the sink. In that case, I'll
combine the soccer exam with this one--if you don't mind, that

"No. That'd be great."

"Thanks so much, Josh. I know you'll be an excellent player,
and have a good time with the guys, too. I'm sure they'll give
you a warm reception."

For some reason, my dick twitched.

"How old are they?"

"The team? Let's see . . . we have six guys sixteen--your
age--five fifteen, and seven fourteen."


After he washed his hands, the doctor picked up that knee
thing that makes your leg jump.

"Long pants? In this weather? Well, take them off, Josh.
I have to examine your knees and leg muscles."

"Take em off? Okay." I slid off the table and stood up.

This was different, taking my pants off in front of the
doctor. Usually they left you alone and came back.

"No, not like that," he said. "Pull them back up. This is
a balance test. Be mindful of balancing yourself on one leg as
you take them off. No leaning on anything."

"Oh, now I get it." Once I focused, it was easy.

I sort of folded my pants, and put them at the end of the
examining table. My face was hot when I turned to him. I
wasn't hard or anything, but with the briefs I had on, I knew
Josh junior's outline was definitely visible.

Carl didn't look there. He concentrated on getting me to
sit a certain way and tapped my knees with the little hammer

"Excellent. Stand up and turn around."

He started with my calf muscles, squeezing them gently.
Then he worked up to my thighs. "Slowly bend over, to stretch
your hamstrings. That's it, very good, he said, poking and
rubbing. Stand up straight. Now for the fronts of your

I turned around, and he massaged my thigh muscles from the
front. He poked and squeezed, asking if I felt anything. I
told him I didn't feel much. His head was so close to me, I
felt his breath on my balls a few times. This started to
activate Josh junior.

"Amazing that you felt no pain there. You have a great
body," he said with a smile.

"Th-that's good."

"Okay, more to go. Here, this will be more comfortable," he
said, pulling out a footrest for me. He asked me about my
sports history, my workouts, and what sports my brothers played.

"Okay, Josh. I need some information for the team exam.
How often do you masturbate?"

"Oom, uh--I, uh--" I was thinking, 'Oh my God!'

"So many you can't count, eh?" Carl said with a laugh and a
big smile. By then, my face was cooking.

"Oh, um, well . . . a couple of times a day."

"Maybe more?"

"Well, three or four--just sometimes."

"Okay, don't be embarrassed, Josh. That's very normal.
Some guys do it a lot more than you."

I just nodded. My throat was tight.

"What sex have you had?"

"Um . . . none, really."

"I see. As long as you keep masturbating to keep the juices
flowing and the equipment well-lubed, that'll be fine. Any
touching or petting?"

"No." I didn't have the balls to lie, but I wished I had.
Josh junior was so hard, by then, I thought he would break. Why
did he have to ask about sex? That always made me horny.

"Good," he said, surprising me. He saw my face.

"I'm old-fashioned that way. No use rushing it with the
girls. They'll take up a lot of your time."

"Yeah," I said, feeling real nervous.

"Take off your briefs now. I need to examine the rest of

"Oh. Um--take em off . . . right now?"

"That would be best," he said.

I think he got a peek at Josh junior trying to push out of my
underwear. I was so embarrassed, my dick started to go down.
But I was still half-hard when I got my briefs off. I looked down
at my dick.

"Sorry," I said, with probably the reddest face of my life.

"I thought you had a good body, but now I *know* you have a
great body, Josh. You have a lot to be proud of."

That did it. I'm not sure what he meant, but my dick took
it as a compliment, and up it went. 'At least I'm clean,' I

"That's a very nice sized penis you have there, and your
erection looks like it's still growing."

"Y-yeah." Oh yeah it was! And I was trying to get it down!

"It's very important to me, as coach, that all your organs
are healthy and functioning. And I need to check out your
nervous system, too. I think as a pole-vaulter, you understand
that. Yes, very good, almost seven inches--my!" he said,
checking the length of Josh junior with a ruler.

"Um, yeah. Oh--seven? I thought it was . . . s-six," I
said, staring at Josh junior looking up at me, realizing that I
shouldn't be talking about my dick. "It . . . usually doesn't
get this way when--"

"Stop worrying, Josh. I see boys and men of all ages with
boners--all the time. And you're the best I've seen so far.
Just relax and think about that."

"Okay," I said, but to me, it wasn't okay. Think about my
dick? I wanted to get out of there, but the doctor--Carl--was
being so nice. What I really wanted to do was jerk off. I
wondered what he meant by 'the best?'

"I'll need a urine sample later, so drink this. It's
something that will stimulate your bladder, and help you open
up, so you can urinate."

I drank the stuff down. It tasted good. Had a little bite
to it, but I liked it. "Not bad," I said.

"Good. Have you had your prostate examined before?"

"Y-yeah. That sorta hurts, doesn't it?"

"No--not if I don't press hard right away. I promise, it
won't hurt. If there's any pain, it'll be very slight."

"Okay. But--I feel like I'm getting hot all over."

"It's the drink I gave you. A common side effect. It's


"I need you to bend over the table on this," he said,
putting a padded thing on the table.

As I stood there, bent over with my ass sticking out, I
heard him rattling something, and I figured it was the rubber
thing doctors put on their fingers when they check out your
prostate. I didn't like this part at all.

"Spread your feet a little," he said calmly. "That's good.
Hmm, your pubic hair is normal, but you have almost no hair back

"Is that okay?" I said, hoping nothing was wrong.

"I can hear the worry in your voice Josh. It's fine. Lots
of boys don't ever get that much hair there. Your chest and
legs don't have much, so your anus is in line with that."

"Oh, okay." I was glad. Smooth was definitely in. Even
there, I supposed."

"Relax and take a breath. This might feel cold at first,
and I don't want it to shock you," he said.

I knew all about the cold from putting hand lotion on my
dick. I felt his finger pressing on my butthole. I did know
enough to try to relax. The way he curved his finger, he hooked
it over the edge of my hole, and it slid right in.


"Feel okay?"

"Y-yeah, I guess."

It felt freakin fantastic. I'd never had a doctor do it like
this, making me feel so good.

"That's fine. If you feel any pain, or anything unusual,
tell me right away."

"Uhh. O-okay." I still felt weird, all bent over and
naked, with a doctor poking me back there.

His finger went deeper and he started to move it around.
"It that all right?"

"Y-yeah. Oh, shit," I whispered. I could see what he
meant. He pressed gently on my prostate.

"It's very full, Josh," he said, pressing his hand so hard,
his finger slid in another inch, I thought.

"Ooo! Ohhh! Um, sorry."

"Just enjoy it, Josh. It feels good to all guys eventually.
Sometimes a boy will ejaculate during a prostate exam, but I
don't want that to happen yet."

"Errrghh, ah, okay!" 'Yet?' What was he saying?!

"It's okay, Josh." His finger was a deep as it could go.


"Stand up now. Slowly. Don't push. My finger needs to
stay in. With his other arm, he pulled me toward him. "Stay
close like that, so I can see." He took his arm away.

"Y-y-yeee, ahhrmmm--okay."

With his free hand, he picked up some sort of slide, and
brought it around to the tip of my dick.

"That's a very high erection angle. Hold still, I need a
slide of this to examine under the microscope." I guess he meant
my pre-cum.

It was no use. As soon as the thing touched the end of my
dick, Josh junior jumped up a mile. Carl laughed.

"Nice one you have there. Very sensitive." That made me
out of breath. "Ok, Josh, it's going to touch just a bit."

"Unnggurrrk." I had a totally wicked blush in my face. I
could feel it.

"Poor boy," he said, knowing this embarrassed me. And he was
flustered because Josh junior kept jumping each time he tried to
get the slide in place. "Okay, hold your penis for me so I can
get some fluid on the slide."

For some reason I had tons of pre-cum, and he got what he
wanted on the slide thing. I had both hands on the table, and
jumped when he wrapped Josh junior in some foam rubber stuff.

"That's to keep sensation out till I get back. I have to
view this right away," he said, sliding some straps over my
hands. That's to keep you motionless. Try not to move your
legs or anything else."


"How do you feel?"

"Horny as hell." By this time, Josh junior was mad, and I
didn't care what I said. But still, I felt the heat in my face.
Why did I *say* that?

"Good," Carl said, grinning. "I would expect nothing less
from a cute, healthy young guy like you." And he left.

'Did he say cute?' Now my dick, foam rubber and all, was
bouncing like crazy. I had started to think Carl was kind of
cute. That wasn't helping my dick get soft, which I wanted it
to do. Then I couldn't believe what I was thinking. The doctor?
A full-grown man? I was thinking he's *cute?*

When Carl got back, he wasn't wearing his white coat
anymore. I tried not to, but my eyes went to where his pants
bulged. It looked like a hardon to me.

"Good. You're still erect," he said, squeezing my dick
through the foam rubber. "I'll take this off now." But he
didn't take off the hand straps.

I heard the rustling sound and knew he was putting another
rubber on his finger.

"This should be easier, now. Just relax, Josh," Carl said,
pushing my legs up against my chest.

'Easy for you to say,' I thought, just as his finger went
back in. This time, he was rougher in there, and I went nuts,
needing to come.

"Be totally honest now, Josh. How does this feel?"

I was vibrating by then.

"I'm gonna come! I need to come so bad." It felt weird
to hear myself say that, but it felt good to get it out.

"Hmmm," he said, sliding his finger out. "That's good,
Josh, but--you got to that point very quickly. Usually, it
takes a longer prostate massage to get that high-intensity
sensation. You mustn't come now."

"Is there something bad wrong with me?" I said, feeling
really scared.

"It's either an organic thing or your nervous system. But I
need to check it out thoroughly. It's usually not serious, but
this is rare."

"K-kay." What he'd said wasn't helping me feel better. I
wanted to ask him how the slide turned out, but my mind was
spinning. At least he'd stopped poking me back there. He
finally took my hands out of the straps.

"You can stand up now."

I didn't know what was happening to me, but I felt like
hugging him and helping him take his clothes off. I was
freaking out, just knowing I'd thought that. And my dad was out
in the waiting room! 'What's happening to me?'

I was really shocked when I found my hands on his hips. I
stared down at them and froze.

"It's all right, Josh," he said calmly, hugging me for
real. "You're a fine young man. Just relax. Can you strip the
urethra for me?"

"Huh?" I didn't feel so steady on my feet. I kept looking
at my dick, amazed at how hard it was.

"Never mind. I need a semen sample anyway. Can you do that
for me?"

"You want me to jerk off?"


"Oh, shit. I don't think I can d-do that in front of a
doctor," I said, looking at his tie, for some reason.

"I'll see if I can change my image for you," Carl said,
starting to undress. "Are you okay, standing?"

"N-not really."

He helped me get on my back. The table felt a little cool.
When I looked up, I couldn't believe he was naked.

"Great body," I said, not believing that came out of my
mouth. What was I doing?

"You're the one with the great body--and this magnificent
penis," he said, holding it, squeezing a little. "Okay, I won't
make you stress. I'll do it for you. First I have to check out
a few things."

"Okk-kay." I was glad I was on my back. Standing, I would
have fallen over. The doctor was holding my dick! And he was
going to jerk me off? Did I hear right?

"These are very nice." Carl put his hands on my balls.
"But so tight, in a knot."

"Ahhh, oh, uh, ohh!"

"Way beyond the usual sensitivity, just like your prostate
exam. I'll have to swab your penis. Can you hold it like this
for me?"

"Yeah," I said, my voice raspy. I just wanted to come. I
shook all over and kept staring at Josh junior.

He brought a cotton swab close to the end of my dick. "This
will numb just the front end of the tip. The numbing will last
only about twenty minutes."

The swab looked wet on the end. It had some kind of lube on
it, plus whatever for numbing.

"Ahhhh!" I yelled as he slid the end of the swab into my
dick. "That stings! . . . . Oh." Then I didn't feel it.

"I better check the sensitivity of the surface first," Carl
said, taking another swab and putting some gel on it. He slid
it up and down on the top-side of my dick.

"Oh, mmm, AH!" I said, really shaking now. My dick jumped
real hard.

"I'm not happy with the hypersensitivity of your penis," he
said, and did the same thing underneath my dick with the
slippery swab. That made my ass lift right off the table.

"AHHhhh! Oh, GOD!"

"How did it feel, Josh?"

"Ohhrrrggg--like I'm gonna cum. N-never felt . . . that
g-good . . . before." I was in some kind of daze.

"All right, the end of the tip is nice and numb now." He
took a longer cotton swab, and put a lot of the gel on it. Then
he slid it in my dick, like before.

This time, I didn't feel it go in, but I sensed pressure,
and thought that felt good. When he went deeper, the rough
cotton was too much for the inside of my dick.

"Ohh, FUCK! Yaaaarrghhhh, that hurts!"

"It's okay. It's well lubricated now." He pulled it out
slowly. "This metal rod I'm holding is thinner than the swab,
and it should feel pleasant, once you get used to the feel of

I had no idea where the metal rod came from. He was like
a magician.

"Oh, no--please. Uhhhh!" A rod in my dick--pleasant? The
cold metal sliding into Josh junior woke me up.

"Let go of your penis, now." The doctor let go of everything.
And I let go, too.

The rod got easier to take after my dick fell against my
abs. It was still a weird feeling. But when he went deeper, I
thought I'd come, it felt so good.

"Oh, oh, OH!"

"Too sensitive," he said, "but--just hang in there, Josh,
this won't take long." Then he took the end of that rod and
made it slide in and out of my dick so fast, his hand blurred.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck."

"That's very good," he said, pulling the rod out, and
getting a cup from the instrument table. "I'm going to cause
you to ejaculate, so you can give me a semen sample. Are you
okay with that?"

"Yeah." The doctor had played with Josh junior, stuck stuff
up inside him. By then I was okay with anything.

And he stroked my aching cock. Pre-cum flowed everywhere--on
my dick, down the shaft, on the table, and on his hands. He
slid me further back on the table and knelt between my legs.
But he wasn't jacking me right.


"How is this?"

"Oh, yeah! Urkk! Don't stop!" I closed my eyes.

He did stop for a second. My eyes shot open in time to see
him take my dick in his mouth.

"Ohh, fuck! YES!"

I didn't think anything could feel that good. I was getting
my first blow job. His mouth made my dick so wet. I felt my
cum build up.

"Very good."

The doctor's lips and tongue squeezed and went up and down
my bone. It felt so warm and intense, I was going into another


And when his fingers slid over my balls, I shot in his
mouth. He took the first two jets, and lifted off, putting the
bent cup thing over my dick to catch my cum, as he jerked me off
with his hand.

I screamed with the feel of so much cum shooting out of me.

After a while, he took the cup off, and we both watched my
last shots go high in the air, before landing on the other side of
the table.

If this is what sex was like, I was going to find it, one way
or another. I was never going back to jerking off all the time.

He was holding something against my hole, and he must have
been timing my spurts. In between two shots of my stuff, he slid
the thing in.

"WRAAAHHHHRRRGH!" Cum shot to the ceiling.

"Are you okay, Josh?"

I couldn't talk right away. I never came so hard.

"Yeah . . . but I feel so full," I said, so out of breath I could

hardly talk. "Whatever you put in me is big. It feels huge."

"No pain?"

"No." I felt like I was coming out of a daze.

"What does it feel like when I do this?" He pulled the
thing part way out of my butt, then slid it back in.

"Yeah! Do it again."

I turned to look, and a paddle in the corner of the room
caught my eye. I wondered what that was doing in a doctor's

"Then you're ready, boy. You're ready."

"I am?"

Any comments would be great!

I'd feel so much better hearing from you and knowing you're out
there. If you're not sure what to say, tell me what you liked.
Or whatever. :-) --Dennis

That's all I wrote so far. Thanks for reading.
Hope you liked it.
Even one email would put a smile on my face and
make it a lot easier to write more.

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(Please note there are 2 titles with the words
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