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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Meet Dr Spark

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 15:12:55 +0800
From: rich spark <>
Subject: Meet Dr Spark part 1

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. It contains descriptions of
sexual and non sexual situations between adults and minors. If you are not
over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or if
viewing this material is illegal where you live, then please don't read it!

By: Benjamin Laffin

Jan. 08, 2006

Meet Dr. Spark part 1

All things considered, Dr. Richard Spark was pleased with his life. At 27,
he was finally out of medical school and had started his own practice. As a
pediatrician, he had the opportunity to practice medicine in a field that
interested him in more ways than one. Today was another first as he was
beginning a new job as the contracted school physician for the Rockmont
middle school, which housed sixth seventh and eighth grades. Today was
sports physical day for the youngest boys, the sixth graders, all 11 and 12
yrs old.

The first six boys this morning had all been quite routine, eyes ears nose
chest, turn your head and cough...thank you. The boys had all been rather
undeveloped, something of a disappointment, as Rick had been rather looking
forward to enjoying the sight and feel of boys just beginning puberty. He
had expected the majority of the sixth graders to have at least begun to
show some signs of pubescence, but so far, it had been disappointing. So,
the morning had progressed...slowly. Immediately after lunch, a group of
two boys and their mothers came into the office. The first boy, glancing at
the chart he saw his name was Josh, was quite tall and gangly, always a
good sign for what lay beneath the loose clothes favored by boys today.
Looking at his hands, Rick noticed the long graceful fingers, another nice
feature that usually boded well. The other boy, according to his chart,
named Jeffrey, was a bit shorter and stockier but quite cute, with just a
trace of baby fat still apparent in his face. Both boys had the ash blonde
hair that Rick appreciated so much. Clearly both boys were uncomfortable,
knowing that the routine physical exam involved completely removing their
clothing. This too was something of a turn on for Rick who knew that the
boys often would become erect during the exam procedure. So far this had
happened only once today and the boy had no more than a small undeveloped
nub of a penis which really wasn't of any interest to Rick, so the exam had
proceeded without his openly noticing or commenting on the boy's excited
state. This afternoon would hopefully prove to be different.

Deciding to call Jeffrey into the office first, he asked his nurse to
announce the boy's name in the waiting room. After a couple of minutes, the
boy entered the examination room alone and sat down on the paper covered
table. Rick proceeded to ask the basic questions, writing down t he boy's
answers in his chart. The questions were routine: age, he was 12,
interests, sports, siblings etc. According to the chart Rick had received
from the boy's regular pediatrician, he had last been seen a year ago and
at that time had shown no signs of puberty.

Asking Jeffrey to stand and remove his clothing Rick, turned away to allow
the boy some privacy while he undressed. Listening for the sound of a
zipper coming down, he waited to turn around. After hearing the zipper, he
turned to the boy, who was just in the process of standing back up.
Holding his jeans in one hand, he had paused with the other hand on the
waistband of his Carter underwear. He looked a Rick and asked, "these

Rick smiled and said, "well I need to see all of you, at least briefly to
be sure everything is coming along as it should." The boy placed the jeans
on the chair with his tee shirt and turning away, he slowly removed his
white underwear. As he bent down to step out of them, Rick could see that
his testicles and scrotum were developing, hanging low beneath the boy's
exposed softly rounded buttocks. Turning back around, he was exposed before
Rick, a splendid specimen of pre-teen boyhood, developing yes, but with
traces of the boy still clear upon his stocky frame. His short but quite
fat penis was hanging limply over a well-developed scrotum, which swayed
loosely, its contents dangling well below the circumcised head of the
penis. There was no trace of pubic hair too be seen.

Smiling, he asked the boy to step over to the scale so he could take his
weight and height. Noting the figures he the told him to have a seat on the
exam table. "Now Jeff," he said, " I am going to have a listen to your
chest and then I'll check your abdomen for any abnormalities. If anything
hurts, you tell me ok?" Nodding, the boy sat on the crinkling paper
cover. Rick took his stethoscope and placed it against the boy's chest and
abdomen noting that the sounds were normal and typical. He then asked the
boy to lay on his back with his hands at his side. Rick began to slowly
move his hands down the boy's abdomen, feeling for any lumps, tenderness or
swelling. As he moved closer to the boy's genitals, he began to notice the
lad's penis, which before had appeared to be completely limp, was now
beginning to show signs of stimulation. While not quite erect it was
looking a bit chubbier than it had a few minutes ago. Clearly, the boy was
aware of this as well, and his face was beginning to blush a bit. Moving
his hands lower, Rick grasped the boy's penis and moved it aside as he felt
along the base of it, noting that there were indeed no visible pubes. As he
held the boy's penis in his right hand he noticed that it was indeed
growing stiffer, beginning to stand up from the boy's groin on its own. He
looked down at Jeffrey and said, "Don't worry, it's all quite normal, I
suspect you have frequent erections anyway, don't you?"

Jeffrey nodded and said, "Yep, and always at the most embarrassing times
too." Smiling weakly, he turned his head away, obviously trying hard to
think of non-exciting things....

Rick released the boy's now almost completely stiff penis and said, "Okay
now for the hard part, sorry Jeff, I didn't mean that to be funny, but this
is where I have to check your sexual development and function. We need to
be sure that you are developing normally for a boy your age." "Would you
please stand up in front of the table for me? "Blushing furiously, Jeffrey
slid off of the exam table and stood in front of the doctor. By this time,
the boy's penis had become fully erect and it stood away from his body at a
jaunty 45 degree angle.

The room being quite warm, his testicles dangled loosely in the scrotum. It
was all quite a nice picture for Rick as he pulled a low stool up in front
of the boy. "Now," he said, "I am going to take some measurements and
compare them to a chart, you can look at it too if you would like."

This really wasn't a part of the regular school physical, but Rick was
enjoying the sight of the fully aroused boy and wished to make the most of
it. Grasping the boy's scrotum, he began to roll the testicles around in
his hand, first the left, then the right. He said, "I will be feeling your
testicles, looking for any lumps or tenderness; does that hurt at all?"

Shaking his head, Jeffrey said, "no doctor."

"Good then, we can move on," Rick said. Turning to the table of
instruments, Rick picked up an orchidometer, a set of wooden beads strung
in circle. He told Jeffrey, "now we will measure your testicles and compare
them to this chart." Grasping the boy's right testicle, he rolled it around
in his left hand while feeling the various beads in his right.

Finding one that closely matched the boy's size, he noted that it was
number 6, which corresponded to the sexual development of a boy of 13
yrs. "Congratulations," he said, "you are a bit advanced for your age."
Noting that the boy still had a full erection, he said, "Now since you are
completely erect, I would like to also measure your penis. Is that okay?"

Still blushing, Jeffrey said, "sure why not." Taking a small cloth
measuring tape, Rick bent the boy's stiff penis down and measured it along
the top. From the base to the tip, it measured 4 and a quarter inches.
Grasping it at the tip, he wrapped the tape measure around the fat base and
noted that that too measured 4 inches. Releasing it, he noted that it
seemed to have stiffened even more with the handling. Squeezing the tip,
Rick noticed a small drop of clear fluid at the opening.

He asked the boy, "Have you begun ejaculating yet?"

Shaking his head, Jeffrey said, "You mean cum?"

Rick said, "Yes that is the slang term for it." He then asked,

"Have you noticed any stains in your underwear in the mornings?"

Again shaking his head, Jeff said, "no."

"Well, I would like to perform one last check, to see if your prostate
gland is developing," Rick said.

"Your prostate is a gland that produces semen, what boys call cum." "So,"
he said, "I need you to climb back up on the exam table and lay on your
back, okay."

Jeff nodded and got back onto the table. As he lay down, Rick noticed that
the boy's
penis was still standing almost straight up from his body.' Reaching down
to the end of the table, Rick pulled out two metal arms with padded rests
on the ends. Moving them into position he said, "Jeff, I want to you to
place your legs on these arms.

This will help me position you for the prostate exam." The boy placed his
legs on the curved rests and Rick raised and spread them until the boy's
buttocks were raised and spread wide. Jeffrey's anus was clearly visible
and was puckering slightly with the exposure, Rick noted that it was very
clean and completely free of circumanal hair. "Now, Jeffrey, I am going to
insert my finger into your rectum and I am going to feel your prostate. You
may feel an odd sensation, a little like you have to urinate and this is
normal. You may also notice that your penis becomes very stiff. This is
also normal and you should not be embarrassed by it." The doctor said this
as he put on a rubber glove and opened a container of KY jelly. Taking a
bit of the lubricant, he turned to the boy who was following his hand with
his eyes. "I'm going to lubricate your anus so that my finger will be able
to slide in without hurting you," he said. Rick then placed the lubricated
finger onto the boy's anus and began to gently push into the pucker. He
said, "If you just relax and push down, it won't hurt at all."

Grimacing, the boy did as he was told, and Rick's finger suddenly pushed
past the opening and into the boy. With a loud, "oh!" Jeffrey looked up at
the doctor, "Man that feels strange," he said. Pressing further, Rick felt
towards the base of the boy's penis for the prostate gland. He noted that
the boy's penis was clearly wet on the tip now. To satisfy his own
curiosity, Rick decided to obtain a semen sample. Since the boy had never
ejaculated or had a wet dream, his semen would be very immature and Rick
wondered if there would be any viable sperm within it. It was an
opportunity to satisfy his curiosity.

Taking a small glass dish from the table with his free hand Rick said,
"Jeff, I am going to use this to catch any seminal fluid that may come out
of your penis, and again this is nothing to be embarrassed about."
Seemingly, by this point the boy was well beyond embarrassment and was
indeed looking interested in the process that was taking place. Pushing his
finger in farther, Rick located the boy's small prostate. It was smooth and
had not yet developed the defined cleft of an adolescent or adult. As he
pressed against it, the boy on the exam table gasped and his penis
twitched, becoming even wetter at the tip.

"What did you do," Jeffrey said.

"That's your prostate gland that I am pressing on Jeff," Rick said. "I'm
going to press on it and move my finger around it and you may feel like you
are going to urinate"

"Okay", Jeff said, "It actually felt kind of good." Pressing on the gland
again the doctor noted that the tip of the boy's penis was now profusely
wet and a large drop of clear fluid was forming. Moving his finger in a
circular motion, Rick watched as the drop grew in size until it began to
run down the side of the boy's very erect organ.

Gasping, Jeffrey said, "I think I'm going to pee."

"That's all right Jeff, that's a normal response," Rick said. Pressing
harder, he felt the boy's sphincter muscles begin to constrict rhythmically
around his finger.

The boy's back began to arch and he gasped, "Oh god, I have to pee!"
Rolling his head from side to side with his eyes closed, his whole body
began to shudder. The muscles of his stomach contracted and his anus
clamped hard on Rick's' finger. With a last gasp, his penis twitched twice
and a small spurt of clear fluid jetted out of the tip and landed on his
stomach. Gasping once more, it appeared that the boy had actually passed
out as his anus clenched then relaxed around the doctor's finger. Removing
his finger, Rick wiped it off and removed the rubber glove. Taking the
glass dish, he used the edge of it to scoop up the small amount of thin,
clear fluid on the boy's stomach. Noting that the boy's eyes were still
closed, Rick gently removed his legs from the stirrups and laid them
flat. As he did this Jeff's eyes opened and he said, "What happened?"

"Well Jeff, you ejaculated, or came as you boys say it," Rick responded.
"Sometimes boys pass out the first time this happens and I think that's
what happened to you, its all right though, completely normal." "You can
get up now and put your clothes on." Showing the boy the petri dish Rick
said, "This is your semen, it is what men produce in order to have

"So this means I'm a man now?" Jeff asked.

"Well I suppose so," Rick said. "Even though your semen is still immature,
you could get a girl pregnant, so if you become sexually active, you will
need to use a condom."

"Well, I don't have a girlfriend yet," Jeff said as he got dressed, "So I
won't have too worry about that for awhile." "Well boys often are sexually
active by themselves with masturbation for a number of years before they
become active with a partner; this is normal and if you have any questions
I want you to feel free to ask me, all right" Rick said.

"Sure, no problem doc. My friend Josh already told me all about it. He says
he makes stuff when he rubs his dick," Jeff said.

"Well okay then, Jeff. It looks like you are developing right on schedule
for your age." "Should I discuss your development with your mom, or would
you rather we just keep it between us men," Rick asked.

Blushing again, Jeff hurriedly said, "Lets keep it between us doc, okay."

"Sure, no problem Jeff, I understand," Rick said. "Now on your way out
would you ask the nurse to call in the tall boy that was in the waiting

"Sure doc, no problem." "That's my friend, Josh," Jeff said. "He and I are
both going to play basketball this year."

"Great," Rick said, "I wish you a good season and I'll see you next year."

Jeff turned and walked towards the door saying, "I'll tell Josh to come on
back" His mom will probably come in with him, He was all embarrassed about
it earlier and asked her not too, but she said, "its nothing I haven't seen
before." Smiling, Jeff closed the door behind him.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Meet Dr Spark