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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Mr A And His Boys - New Soccer Tourney 1

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 13:38:22 -0500
From: alessandro <>
Subject: mr a and his boys: new soccer tourney 1

Another episode! A short one this time, though.

Please do keep in mind that it has been a LONG TIME, so if there's
something in here contradictory to what I've said before about a character,
just let me know, but don't go nuts over it.

I need ideas about where you guys would like the story to go! I've almost
finished with all originally planned episodes. I'm having trouble coming up
with more really hot stuff, so tell me what we haven't done yet that you'd
like to see happen. Or whom you'd like to see more of (and in what

As usual, please let me know what you think. To be perfectly honest, it is
a big turn-on for me to hear from fans (especially the sort that Mr. A
enjoys). Feedback is always welcome (and necessary to keep it good!). See
the note at the end for contact information. Please note that my e-mail has

Don't forget to read my non-Mr. A stories entitled "Italian Soccer Coach"
in the adult-youth section and "Soccer Jocks Alex and Austin" in the
highschool section.

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction; any resemblance to
real persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. If you're not old
enough to read this, go away. This story is fantasy. It didn't happen. It
never will happen. Don't do it. This story contains depictions of sex
between adult and teenage males. All roles in the movie of my life,
however, are played by people aged 18 and over (and you should be 18 if
you're reading this!). If you are not interested in reading about this (or
other male-on-male sex), please leave now. This story is mine; don't steal
it or post elsewhere without my permission. (That means it's copyrighted
by me, in case you were confused.)


We had soccer tournament at the end of January, and so one Thursday after
school, the JV and Varsity teams boarded a bus and headed out.

Around dinner time, we reached the hotel where we would be staying. The
boys ran off to find food at nearby restaurants, mostly fast food, while
the adults (coaches and parent chaperones) remained at the hotel and
ate. Technically, we probably shouldn't have let the students run out like
that without supervision, but I had done a lot of things that I technically
shouldn't have.

Rooming arrangements that night were similar to what they had been
previously. The boys were four to a room, and the adults were two to a
room. I had a room to myself, however, because there were an odd number of
adult chaperones. The original plan had been to put three guys together,
but I eagerly volunteered to pay for my own room in order to make things
more comfortable for every one else. My reasons, of course, weren't
entirely altruistic. I was thinking more along the lines of expediting any
late-night fun.

The curfew was 11 p.m., and we left the boys to their own devices until
then. At 11, we walked around checking on the rooms to make sure every one
was accounted for. For the most part, the rooming arrangements were set up
so that the JV boys (typically younger) roomed together and the Varsity
boys (typically older) roomed together.

Paden, Chaz, and Todd had ended up in a room together with a guy named
Grant. Grant was a JV player who didn't play much. He was in the same grade
as Paden, Chaz, and Todd, but I had never taken much notice of him. He had
short cropped light brown hair and a cute enough oval-shaped face. If not
for some acne scarring on his cheeks, he probably would have been
considered very cute. I didn't know Grant well, but I knew that he was
called "Magic Grant," because he was a fairly good magician.

Lyle, Marcus, Evan, and Travis were sharing another room. Luckily for them,
I thought, they had all at some point been involved in some action.

Peter and Miles, whose boy-on-boy predilections I had never experienced
firsthand, were sharing a room with Troy and another boy I knew nothing
of. His name was Quinn (a nickname, I later found out, because he was "the
5th"). Quinn was one of the few junior year players on JV. Most students
had either quit or made Varsity by their junior year. He was a tall, lanky
boy with short dark hair.

Mitchell and Danny (the lone freshman Varsity player) were sharing a room
with two other freshmen, Shane and Ottavio. Shane, like Mitchell, had
decided on a whim to try out for soccer. He wasn't very good and hadn't
really played at all. He had shoulder-length brown hair and was always
exceptionally well-dressed. Even as a freshman, he was known for having a
permanent five-o'clock shadow. He loved to play the guitar, and was good at
it, from what I had been told. His arms and legs were surprisingly
well-developed, very powerful looking and thick, not to mention covered
with dark hair.

Ottavio was new to the program, having transferred to Washington High from
out of state for second semester. He had been born in Italy, but he had
grown up in the United States. His father was Italian while his mother, I
learned later, was Portuguese and Spanish. Ottavio was on JV, but given his
skills, he should have been on Varsity. Because he had transferred to our
school after tryouts and the teams had been chosen, Grayson decided that it
might cause more problems for Varsity than it was worth to put in a new guy
with only a few weeks left in the season. Ottavio was kind of short and had
dark olive skin. He was also compact. Not fat, not stocky, but
compact. There was muscle on his small frame. Ottavio's nose was slightly
too big and his eyes were slightly too close together. His brow was
pronounced. By all accounts, he probably wouldn't be considered objectively
attractive, but there was something about him, an inexplicable allure that
had made him immediately popular among the girls and the guys. I even found
myself strangely drawn to him.

After checking on all the guys, I returned to my room and undressed for
bed. I was lying in my bed in my boxerbriefs watching TV when there was a
sharp rap on the door. Swinging my legs off the bed, I stood and walked to
the door. I had been absent-mindedly caressing my bulge while I lay in
bed. As I walked, my chubby dick slipped heavily down the left of my
underwear, reaching down towards the leg opening. In the closet near the
door I kept a pair of pajama pants that I could slip on quickly for just
such a situation. I grabbed the pants and looked through the peephole in
the door. It was Aaron. I tossed the pants back into the closet and opened
the door.

Aaron was in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. His cock head poked against the
front of the shorts, making a small tent. Aaron looked surprised when he
saw me standing there in just my underwear.

"Shit, Alex," he said. "Do you always answer the door like that?"

"Only when I know it's someone who will appreciate the view," I replied
with a wink. He flushed. He was nervous about something. "What's up,
Aaron?" I asked.

"Can I come in?" he asked.

I stepped aside, and he moved past me into the room. The back of his hand
"accidentally" brushed against the bulge in my underwear and lingered there
just slightly than one would expect. I followed Aaron into the room and
flopped back down on the bed. I crossed my ankles, putting my legs together
and causing my chubby and fat balls to rest on top of my muscular thighs: a
perfect mound of Italian beef. I put my hands behind my head and looked at
Aaron, who was standing near the TV gazing at me. He was holding his hands
in front of his shorts.

"What's up?" I repeated.

"I just wanted to see what you were up to," Aaron replied, "since we're not
sharing a room. I'm sharing with one of the parents, which is a little
different for me."

"Yeah, I can imagine," I agreed, reaching down to adjust my cockmound and
then putting hands back behind my head. My body was completely open for
Aaron's admiration, from the bottom of my feet up the strong muscles of my
calves and quads to my bulging Italian sausage, ripped abs, broad, smooth
chest, and baseball-sized biceps. "You can hang out here for a while, I
guess," I offered him. "But we have an early day tomorrow." The preliminary
rounds would take place on Friday with the quarter- and semi-finals on
Saturday. Finals, if we made it, would be on Sunday.

Aaron nodded. "I know," he said, sitting down on the bed next to mine. His
tent had grown. "Do you think we'll win?"

"We'll definitely make it through tomorrow," I said with a
chuckle. "Honestly, though, we should make it at least to the semi-finals,
don't you think?"

"Definitely," Aaron agreed. "I think that we're definitely one of the best
teams in the state this year. Varsity, anyway. JV is always a crap shoot."

"True, true, but they've been working pretty hard, you gotta admit."

"Oh yeah. They've been better this year than I expected."

We both fell silent. After a couple of minutes, during which I continued
watching TV and Aaron continued watching me, Aaron finally said, "So when
are we going to do this girl I've been trying to get you with?"

"Shit, man," I said, feigning regret. "I completely forgot about
that. Sorry. I've been so busy!"

Aaron nodded. "That's okay. I just really want to do it, you know? We
haven't done a girl together since before the break."

"Yeah, I know. Like I said, sorry. I can't help it if I don't have the

Aaron nodded again and looked at me. Our eyes locked. I grinned
mischievously. "Looks like you're ready to go camping," I said, gesturing
towards his now very obvious tent. He blushed bright red and looked
around. I got up and stood in front of him. The blood was starting to flow
more quickly to my cock, which slid again down the leg of my
boxerbriefs. The tip of my cockhead reached ever closer to the leg
opening. The glans of my cock was clearly outlined in the tight cotton. I
cupped Aaron under the chin and turned his head away from my bulge, so that
our eyes met again. "You know that I told you before that if you want to
get some directly from the tap, you can. You just gotta ask."

He had never sucked me without a girl present before. I guessed that for
him it was "less gay" to do it if it was him and a girl than if he did it
on his own. If there was a girl there, he could claim it was because she
wanted him to do it with her. If it was just he and I, he had to admit that
he wanted it as much as she did.

Aaron swallowed. My dick-tip had now revealed itself, held tight against my
thigh by my underwear. Aaron reached out for it and leaned forward. I put
my hand on his forehead and pushed him back.

"I said you gotta ask for it." I smiled down at him, sneering slightly.

"Please?" he asked.

"Please what?" I prodded.

"Please, Alex," he repeated, "Can I suck your dick?"

"Hmmm," I said, as if I were thinking it over. "I don't know if I truly
believe that you want to do it."

Aaron slipped off the bed and onto his knees; I stepped back. He looked up
at me desperately, his hands on my thighs. "My God, please," he begged,
practically whimpering. "Let me see it and have it and play with it again."
He wrapped his arms around my waist pleadingly. His cheek rested on my
stomach, and my bulge pushed its way down towards his neck and shoulder.

I pushed his face away and grabbed his hands, releasing them from my waist
and placing them on my cock. He moaned contentedly and immediately began
rubbing my rapidly expanding package. My full cockhead was now exposed, and
I was getting harder.

Aaron caressed my cock tube through the material of my underwear and craned
his neck down to swab his tongue repeatedly against my cockhead. My cock
throbbed and pulsed inside my boxerbriefs. The younger man then buried his
face in my crotch and began licking and mouthing my cock and balls through
the cotton. I closed my eyes and let the feeling of this once-straight
man's mouth on my cock race through me.

Soon, my cock had grown hard enough that the position in my shorts was no
longer comfortable. I pushed Aaron and his hungry mouth off of my mound and
pulled down my underwear. My semi-hard cock, released from its constraints,
bounced up and hit Aaron in the face, leaving a wet mark of precum and his
own spit. Aaron moaned and reached out to caress my swollen prong.

Wrapping both hands around my dick, Aaron started stroking me. The blood
rushed into my shaft, making my cock fatter and longer. Sticky, sweet
precum covered my cock and Aaron's hands. He kept stroking, squeezing
harder and faster. His fingers, gripping my cock, could no longer
touch. The entire stalk of my cock and the tip glistened with my natural
lube. My balls bounced and jiggled as Aaron handled my meat with his strong

I quickly grew tired of the hand-job that Aaron was giving me, so I reached
down and grabbed my cock at the base. I stroked down the full length of it,
forcing Aaron to release me. He looked up at me expectantly. I smiled down
at him.

Bending slightly at the knees, I brought my cock down towards Aaron's
face. My cum-heavy balls swayed between my thighs as I held my cock--a
tower of turgid and fat Italian sausage--in front of Aaron's face. I
started gently rubbing my cock on his face, pressing the full, broad mass
of it against his cheeks, his lips, his nose and eyes. Aaron kept his mouth
open as I did this, urgently wagging his tongue, trying to keep in constant
contact with my engorged, eager prick.

I stepped back to admire my work. Silvery strands of sticky precum clung to
his face, a crisscross of masculine juices. I gently placed my cockhead on
his tongue. Aaron wrapped his lips around my broad, flat cockhead and began
to suck. He grabbed my heavy sac with one hand and played with my balls,
while his other hand stroked my dick shaft. He kept just the head of my
prick in his mouth for a time, gently nursing on it and milking the precum
from the tip to coat his tongue and throat.

Placing my hand on the back of his head, I urged him further down on my
long, 9.5-inch piece. I fed Aaron slowly, watching his lips stretch around
me, straining his jaw. Aaron had never taken much more than the head of my
dick before. Usually, when he was working my cock with the girls he brought
over, he focused on my balls and on licking the shaft and head. It was time
for him to do more.

With gentle pressure, I encouraged Aaron to go deeper. My cock reached the
back of his throat. Aaron sucked hard, swirling his tongue around the fat
shaft as much as he could. One hand remained at the base, squeezing and
stroking, and the other continued to play with my cum tanks.

I pushed in a little further; he gagged, but I didn't pull back. I kept
going in. I felt his throat contract and push against me. Aaron
whimpered. I slid out.

"I can't," he whispered. "It's too big."

I grabbed my dick from my hands and slapped it down on his face. He
whimpered again. "You have to. You've heard girls choke on it before. Since
there's no girl here, I guess it's your turn."

I sat down on the bed and motioned for Aaron to get between my legs. My
cock had a very slight upward curve, so I knew that I could get into him
from my current position if I could straighten out the path through his
mouth into his throat. Aaron was on his hands and knees. I grabbed his head
and craned it upward. "Open your mouth," I said, placing my cock against
his lips. "And don't move."

I slid my dick back into his mouth and went deeper than I had before, but I
was just about to push into his throat when he gagged again and pulled
back. I grabbed his head and tried again. He panicked.

I sighed heavily and stood up. My cock hit Aaron in the face as I did
so. "No more fucking around," I said. Aaron looked with fear at the proud
mast of my angry, fat dick. "Lie on your back on the bed," I told him,
moving out of his way. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to edge of
the bed, so that his head was hanging off the side. "Open," I said, firmly
tapping my cock here and there on his face. Aaron obeyed. "We'll do it this
way, since you can't do it the other way."

With one hand on the back of Aaron's head, I grabbed my cock with the other
and aimed it at the young coach's throat. As soon as my cock was in his
mouth, I placed my hand on his chest, making sure that he stayed in
place. Bending my knees, I pushed my dick into his throat. My cock reached
the back of Aaron's throat again, and I heard the gag and choke that I had
come to expect. He struggled but couldn't move much. I felt his teeth on my
shaft. "Watch it," I said, "or you could get hurt." He stopped
struggling. "Relax," I encouraged, "and swallow."

Aaron swallowed, and I felt my cock finally slide into his throat. I
groaned quietly. I loved the feeling of a tight throat closing around my
cockhead. I knew Aaron was trying very hard to control himself. I heard him
gag, his throat crammed with my Italian cock, but he didn't struggle
against me. I felt him swallow again, and his throat grabbed and caressed
my cock. He choked again.

I slid all the way out. Aaron hungrily gulped in air. After a few seconds,
I went back in, this time quickly pushing my dick into his throat. He
gagged harder, but he didn't try to get away. I pulled out; he breathed; I
drove back in. "There you go," I muttered. "That's how you take a cock."

I skull-fucked Aaron for several minutes, enjoying the sounds of gagging
and choking rising from his throat. I watched his throat expand each time I
went into him, like a snake trying to digest a small animal. My balls swung
weightily against his forehead with each thrust. Finally, I pulled out and
sat down on the bed behind me.

I glanced at Aaron and then at the empty space between my legs. He
immediately got off the other bed and got back on his knees. I leaned back
with my legs spread, giving him full and open access to my endowment. He
started by sucking and licking my balls, bathing each fat nut in his
spit. He would go down low and slide his tongue under one; then, he would
lift it with his tongue and bounce it before sucking it between his lips.

Aaron then licked me from the bottom of my saggy, wrinkled ball sac up to
the base of my cock, then tracing the thick tube of my cum cannon on the
underside, he kissed his way to the tip. Holding my cock against his face,
Aaron licked the side of it as he stroked me, wrapping his lips around the
side of the shaft. Finally, he took just the head into his mouth again and
stroked the shaft with both hands. I moved my hips slightly, thrusting into
his mouth and in his fists.

I was getting closer to cumming. My balls had already pulled up close to my
body, and Aaron was alternating between those eggs and my sausage. One fat
orb of man-nut hugged each side of my cock stalk.

"I'm close," I moaned. Aaron sucked harder and stroked faster. "FUCK," I
grunted loudly. That inexplicable, inimitable sensation of orgasm started
in the swollen, leaky head of my dick and quickly spread throughout my
body. My nerve-endings sang; my muscles tensed. I thrust my legs out, and
my toes curled. Leaning further back on the bed, I pushed my hips up and
grabbed the sheet. The first volley of cum erupted from my gaping piss slit
and hit Aaron in the back of the throat.

Aaron pulled off, choking on the force of my first blast. He kept his hand
on my pulsing dick as the shooting continued. Cum rocketed out of my cock,
bursting the air with each shot. Some wads hit Aaron squarely in the face
or forehead. Some flew into the air and rained down on top of his head and
shoulders. Some went the other direction and landed on my chest and

I fell flat on my back on the bed and breathed deeply, coming back to my
senses. My whole body still tingled. I could feel Aaron still gently
licking and pulling on my cock and balls. I shuddered, eyes closed. I
finally raised myself back up and opened my eyes. I looked down at
Aaron. He was fairly messy, with several wads of my baby-batter in his hair
and clinging to his cheeks. Multiple quarter-sized wet-spots dotted the
shoulders and back of the t-shirt he was wearing. My cum was already
starting to clump on him.

I sat up and removed my junk from his hands and mouth. "You're a mess," I

He smiled. "I know."

"But you took my cock. I'm so proud of you."

He blushed. "I can't believe I did that. It was scary."

"Now you know how the girls feel that we've been with. It isn't easy, even
with a smaller cock like yours."

Aaron was still hard, and a large wet-spot had appeared on the front of his
shorts. I didn't think Aaron produced that much precum, so I guessed that
he had probably also gotten off when I did.

"You came?" I asked surprised. Both of his hands had been busy, I knew that
much, which meant that if he had in fact cum, it was because he was sucking
me and enjoying it--a lot.

Aaron nodded.

"I guess you really enjoyed this, then," I said, legs still spread and the
softening trunk of my prick and balls sagging heavily. "Especially since
you're still hard."

"I did really enjoy it, I suppose," Aaron said. "I've been thinking about
it so much lately. I couldn't help myself."

"Yeah, I noticed that after you left your load in my shorts at school!"

Aaron blushed. "Sorry about that."

"No problem. I think that we got you back for it."

"Who was it?" he asked eagerly. "Please? I really want to know."

"Well, it was me, obviously," I said, "and also Paden and Chaz."

Aaron's eyes grew wide. "What?"

I nodded. "Yep. It was actually Paden's idea to give you the gift."

Aaron gulped. "You jerked off with those two? For real?" he asked

I laughed at his disbelief. "I think that I've told you that I get along
really well with most of these guys."

"That actually sounds kind of hot," Aaron said. "I remember in early high
school some of us would get together and jerk off. I haven't really done it
since then."

"Well, like you told me at the last tournament, guys these days still do
that kind of thing. And I just happen to join in occasionally."

"I'm still surprised," Aaron said.

"Be smart about it," I warned him. "Surprised or not, whether the guys
liked doing it or not, it doesn't matter. If the wrong people find out, I
could lose my job and worse."

"No shit," Aaron said. "Obviously I won't go blabbing it. I just might, you


"Want to join in some time?"

I laughed. "That's up to the guys," I said. "But remember that any time you
need some of this," I waved my floppy dick at him, "just ask."

Aaron groaned. "I don't know what's wrong with me." There was a tinge of
regret and confusion in his voice. "You make me do things that I wouldn't
do with any other guy, whether there was a girl present or not!"

"You aren't the first guy to tell me that," I informed him. "I guess I just
have a special quality or two." I winked at him; he looked at my dick. "We
should get to bed," I said. "Early morning and all that."

Aaron nodded. "Just let me clean up, so I can go back to my room." He
started walking towards the bathroom. His shirt was stained; my load had
also dried and clumped on his face and in his hair.

"Nah, I don't think so," I said as he reached the bathroom door.

"What?" he asked, surprised.

"I don't think you need to clean up. At least not here. I gotta get to
bed. Go back to your room and clean up."

Aaron's eyes grew wide. "But what if someone sees me?" He gestured towards
his body, cum stains on his shirt and shorts, cum on his face and in his
hair, and, of course, he was still hard.

"I guess you better hurry, then," I offered helpfully. "Besides, no one
should be up. I bet you'll be fine."

Aaron looked dubious, but he knew that I wasn't joking. He nodded and took
a deep breath. "Okay," he said quietly, reaching for the door handle. He
peeked through the peephole first, and seeing no one, opened the door a
crack. When he was satisfied that no one was nearby, he stepped out and
headed to his room.

I locked the door behind him and chuckled to myself. Hopefully Aaron's
roommate was asleep, or the coach's son might have trouble explaining

I wet a washcloth and wiped the cum and spit from my cock and chest. Then,
after making sure that the alarm was set, I climbed into bed and went to


What did you think? Did you get off? Was it good for you? Let me know how
(or if) you enjoyed it. As I said in the foreword, feedback keeps my blood
flowing (as it were). I need feedback and ideas, people! What do you want
to see happen? Let me know.

Sorry it was so short, but I figured shorter and new was better than none
at all!

Again, I will try to post more regularly, but no promises as I begin the
busy spring semester of teaching. I have every intention of continuing this
story until I have no more ideas for it (or until you all are so bored of
it that I have to give it up).

Do let me know how you felt about this chapter, particularly if you enjoyed
it and got off to it. If you didn't like it, well, don't bother telling me
that unless you have a specific reason why and a suggestion for
improvement. I rely on the readers to keep the story going and to keep it

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