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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Mr A And His Boys - The Beach House 1

Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 12:58:38 -0500
From: Alessandro Abbondanti <>
Subject: Mr A and His Boys: The Beach House 1


This chapter is a bit shorter than usual. I wanted to go further, but
because it's been so long since the last chapter came out, I decided to go
ahead and get this one up. For the next couple of months, I won't be able
to work as quickly as I did in January, so I figured it was better to get
this out and start on the next one rather than make you wait another
month. This chapter fought with me a bit, so it's not my best, but here's
looking to the next one!

Feedback and suggestions welcome, as always. See the note at the end for
contact information. Please note that my e-mail has changed!

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction; any resemblance to
real persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. If you're not old
enough to read this, go away. This story is fantasy. It didn't happen. It
will never happen. Don't do it. This story contains depictions of
consensual sex between adult and teenage males. All roles in the movie of
my life, however, are played by people aged 18 and over. If you are not
interested in reading about this (or other male-on-male sex), STOP
READING. This story is mine; don't steal it or post elsewhere without my
permission. (That means I own it, and I have copyrighted it, in case you
were confused.)


I didn't hear from Paden or Colin for the next few weeks. I was busy
working with my friend, and Jennifer and I continued to spend several
nights a week together.

At the beginning of August, Paden and I happened to be online at the same
time. He sent me a message saying simply, "Mitchell, Colin, and me are
going to spend the weekend at the house Mitchell's beach house," and then
he listed the address.

Without a second thought, I resolved to get away for the weekend. I told
Jennifer that I was going to see a friend from college whom I hadn't seen
in a few years, and then I set out for the beach on Friday afternoon.

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I arrived at the beach house. I
didn't know if it would be only Paden, Mitchell, and Colin, or if others
would also be there. It seemed unusual to me that Mitchell's parents would
have let him go to their beach house without any adult supervision and with
someone other than his brother. It also seemed strange that Colin's mom
would have given him permission.

When I arrived, the only car in the driveway was Paden's. I knocked, and
Mitchell opened the door shirtless, wearing a pair of board shorts. His
plump, red lips split into a wide grin when he saw me. "Hey!" he said

I grinned back. "What's up, Mitchell?" I asked. He stood aside to let me
pass, and then led me toward the living room. Colin and Paden were also
shirtless and wearing board shorts. They stood as I entered.

"I wasn't sure if you'd come," Paden said.

"I wasn't sure if I should come," I said, "but I figured it's the summer,
we're not at school..." I trailed off.

Paden grinned. "Good thinking."

"I'm so glad you did come," Colin said, stepping forward.

The half-naked, tanned teenage jocks standing before me caused my dick to
plump at once. Paden was the most muscular, with a broad hairless chest and
flat stomach with a treasure trail of dark brown hair. Colin wasn't far
behind, but he was more compact, being a few inches shorter than
Paden. Dark hair was sprinkled across his meaty pecs and stomach. His arms
were larger than Paden's, but not as defined. Mitchell had the slightest
build, but his muscles stood out clearly under his bronzed skin. He was the
most tan, which looked great with his golden brown hair.

"But what the hell are you guys doing here alone?" I asked.

"My parents and brother are coming in a few days," Mitchell explained. "I
asked them if Paden could bring me down early, so that I could 'get
everything ready' for the family."

"And they went for it?" I asked incredulously.

"Yep," Mitchel grinned in response. "I mean, there's a neighbor who's
supposed to come and check on us, but we haven't seen him yet."

"What about your brother?" I asked.

"Crew," Mitchell said. "Their summer practices end this weekend, and then
they'll have a week off, and start on their school-year practice schedule."
It was the beginning of August, and I would be returning to school in two
weeks, while the students would return the week after.

"And you?" I said, indicating Colin. "I thought you were grounded."

"Well..." he trailed off.

"Does your mom not know you're here?" I pressed.

"She knows I'm with Paden," Colin responded.

"So you could end up in some pretty big trouble," I said.

Colin simply nodded.

"It's okay, Mr. A," Paden said. "No one's going to know Colin's here
instead of at my house."

"I hope you're right," I said doubtfully.

"Abs, we were just about to head down to the beach," Colin said to me. "You

I grinned and nodded. "Just let me change." I threw my bag on the couch and
opened it to pull out a pair of white board shorts with a large windowpane
plaid of blue lines. As they were true board shorts, they lacked any kind
of lining. I had bought them specifically for their exhibition factor. I
pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants and boxerbriefs in the living room
in front of the boys. My flaccid cock hung nearly six inches down my right
thigh; my heavy nads fell to almost the same length.

Mitchell gasped when my endowment came into view. "Impressive every time
you see it, huh?" Paden said and nudged him in the ribs. I grabbed my
floppy snake and twirled it in a circle, showing off its length to my
teenage audience.

I pulled on the shorts and tucked my member and sac inside. I pulled the
drawstring closed and turned to the boys. "Ready?"

"You're not going to wear anything under them?" Paden asked. I could see
the waistband of his compression shorts peeking out over the top of his
teal board shorts.

I shook my head. "Nah. I'm not exactly modest."

"Well shit, then I'm not going to wear anything either," Paden said and
dropped his swimwear. He peeled off his compression shorts, exposing his
thick teen cock to his friends. Soft, he hung nearly as low as I did, but I
still had the advantage in length and girth, and my nut sac was quite a bit
larger than his. He stepped back into his board shorts and adjusted the
tube of his soft cock to the left side.

Mitchell and Colin followed Paden's lead and were soon standing in front of
me naked. Although Mitchell was the youngest, his soft dick was larger than
Colin's and appeared to be about the same length as Paden's. He was
definitely a "show-er." His golden pubes were neatly trimmed in contrast to
Colin's dark, curly mass. I was again surprised by Mitchell's size,
considering that he was not only younger than the other two, but also
shorter and slighter in build.

Seeing all three of these teen jocks expose themselves in quick succession
brought my Italian meat to life. My semi-hard cock was visible under the
thin material of my shorts. It was a brief view, however, and as soon as
Mitchell and Colin had fastened their shorts, we were on our way to the

Colin and Mitchell headed into the water at once, and Paden and I set up
chairs and sat next to each other.

We made small talk for a bit while we watched Colin and Mitchell playing
around in the water.

"So how's it going with Susan?" I asked.

Paden's face lit up. "Really good," he answered. "She can't get enough of
my dick, and she's actually getting way better at sucking it."

"Nice," I said. "So you get with her pretty regularly?"

"Well, not as regularly as I'd like," he replied. "Her dad is
super-protective, but I have other means of release."

I laughed. "Glad to hear it," I said. "Sometimes guys who start out
experimenting with other guys just completely stop once they get a steady

Paden shook his head. "Not me. I like both."

I nodded. "Same here."

"No shit," he said. "I've seen you in action."

I laughed again. "Yeah, yeah. But seriously, there's just something hotter
about sex with a man," I explained. "It's more ... animalistic, I guess is
the right term. The physical struggle is a big turn-on."

"Tell me about it," Paden said. "With Susan, I always feel like I have to
hold back a bit, but when I'm with another guy, I feel like we can just go
at it as hard and as tough as we want."

"Exactly," I agreed. "Plus, it's a huge turn-on for me to know that another
man is submitting to my cock, giving in to me."

"I definitely know that feeling, thanks to you," Paden said. "I'd much
rather top than bottom."

"Me, too, man!" I said with an enthusiastic nod. Since our first encounter,
I had assumed that Paden would end up feeling that way. I had fucked him,
and he had submitted to me, but I knew that he would not be content always
playing the submissive.

We were silent for a few minutes, watching Mitchell and Colin swim in the

"So...," Paden began and then trailed off. I looked over at him and raised
my eyebrows questioningly. He blushed. He cleared his throat. "Would you
ever let someone fuck you?"

I was taken aback by the question. I shouldn't have been surprised that
Paden, who was like me in so many ways, would want such a thing. "Someone?
Or you?" I asked.

Paden laughed nervously. "Me!"

I returned the laugh. "I dunno, BP," I said. "I think I've told you that
I've been fucked before, when I was younger, but that I didn't like it. I'm
not sure I'd do it again."

A dissatisfied grunt was Paden's only response. He was clearly

I was not a fan of getting fucked. It had happened a few times when I was
younger, but I had never really enjoyed it; I wasn't comfortable with it
for some reason. Additionally, the guys who had fucked me had been smaller
than Paden, and I couldn't imagine that I would actually enjoy having a
larger man inside of me.

"Maybe you just didn't have the right guy," Paden suggested hopefully.

I didn't respond immediately. Obviously some people were better tops than
others, regardless of their size. Despite my large size, I had managed to
make many different guys, both experienced and not, incredibly happy. And I
had witnessed guys with smaller endowments, like Evan and Marcus, give
pleasure to their partners. Plus, I had never been fucked by someone that I
had strong feelings for. Maybe Paden was right.

Finally I said, "So you really want to fuck me, huh?"

"Well, I mean," Paden stammered. "Yeah, I guess. My dick goes completely
hard just thinking about the possibility." I looked over and saw the
obvious outline of his teenage horse cock in his teal shorts.

Seeing Paden's excitement actually caused my own cock to chub. "I'll make
you a deal," I said.

Paden sat forward, holding his breath. I grinned. "If you can make Colin or
Mitchell cum without touching their dicks, just from you fucking them, I'll
give you a shot at my ass."

"No fucking way," Paden responded enthusiastically. "Are you serious?"

"Yep," I answered simply. "But they have to cum just from you fucking them,
no jacking off. And, I said I'd give you a shot. If it ends up not working
for me, we'll stop."

"It's a deal," Paden said without a second thought. Paden stood up. His
fully erect dick was outlined under the thin cloth of his board shorts, an
ominous reminder of what I might be in for.

"Maybe we should go into the water before you scare someone with that
tent," I said, standing up. Paden grinned lasciviously, and we bath ran
toward Colin and Mitchell.

When we walked out of the surf, my wet shorts clung to my thighs, outlining
the tube of my limp meat. My dark pubes were visible through the white
cloth, and the shape and color of my glans were clear.

"No modesty at all, huh?" Colin said, eyeing my package.

"Why bother?" I said. "I've got nothing to be ashamed of."

"That's for damn sure," Mitchell agreed.

I looked at my boys, all of whom also had clearly defined packages thanks
to the wet, clingy material. "It's not like any of you are exactly
lacking," I said.

Paden pointed at his crotch with the index fingers of both hands; his teal
trunks were wrapped round his meat. "True that," he said.

We spent the next 30 minutes tossing a Frisbee back and forth, running up
and down the beach. Since the boys had removed their compression shorts,
and the board shorts had no linings, our bouncing cocks and balls were
evident to everyone.

Paden came up to me at one point and nodded over to two girls who looked a
little older than the boys, probably recent high school graduates. They had
been watching all of us closely, and were whispering and giggling. When
they saw Paden and I looking at them, they blushed.

As we were getting ready to head back to the house, I saw a man approach
Mitchell. He was a little older than I, probably around 30. He was a little
taller than I, probably around 6-feet, but he was quite a bit thinner. His
brown hair had blond highlights, which shone in the sun. He wore a tight
t-shirt, which showed that his thin body was fit. A tribal tattoo encircled
his upper right arm and barely peeked out under the edge of the
sleeve. Unlike the boys and I, he was wearing cargo shorts instead of board

The man was talking to Mitchell and smiling. When he looked over Mitchell's
shoulder and saw me watching them, he abruptly stopped speaking. His mouth
hung open for a moment, and when he realized I was looking at him, he
snapped it shut quickly. Mitchell turned around to see what had distracted
his new friend, and when he saw me, he smirked and waved me over.

I jogged over toward Mitchell and the stranger, whose eyes did not leave my
bouncing crotch until I reached them, at which point he looked up at my
face and blushed. I caught his gaze and smiled smugly. He looked away.

Mitchell said, "This is Josh. He's our neighbor."

"Nice to meet you," I said, reaching out my hand. "I'm Alex."

Josh offered his hand, and I shook it, squeezing tightly. "Nice to meet you
too," he stammered. "I didn't realize any other friends of the family would
be here," Josh said.

"Well, I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it, which is why his
parents asked you to check on him and make sure nothing out of control was
going on," I lied. I obviously couldn't tell him that Mitchell's parents
didn't know I was there.

"I'm happy to help," Josh said, "not that I think Mitchell is going to get
into much trouble."

"Nah, especially now that I'm here."

By this time, Paden and Colin had also joined us and been introduced to
Josh. Josh grew even antsier as the four of us, shirtless and commando,
surrounded him. I watched his eyes flit from one of us to another. When he
realized that I had noticed his furtive glances at the boys' bodies and
crotches, he blushed again.

"Well, I better get going," he said lamely. "I saw Mitchell here and
figured I'd say hey and make sure everything was okay, which I guess it

"Yep," I said. "I think we've got it under control, but maybe we'll see you
again later."

"Sure, sure," he said. "Just let me know if you guys need anything. I know
it can be difficult to remember everything when you're only down here
occasionally." Mitchell's family only stayed at the house a few times a
year; the rest of the time they used it as a rental property for

"Thanks, Josh," Mitchell said and shook the older man's hand. He turned and
walked away. Despite his skinny body, I was pleased to see that he had a
round ass.

"He definitely wants your cock, Mr. A," Colin said when Josh was out of

"I would say he definitely wants all of our cocks," Paden said with a
chuckle. We all laughed and headed to the outdoor shower to wash off the
sand and salt.

On the way back to the house, I asked what we had for dinner, and the boys
told me that there wasn't much in the house at all. I decided to take Paden
with me to the grocery store to buy some food. Given his size and build,
Paden could pass for a college student, so it was safer to be seen with him
at Publix than with the others.

We bought some already prepared food from the deli for that night's dinner
as well as cereal, milk, and sandwich-making supplies. We also bought food
that we could easily heat up for dinner in the following days.

When Paden and I returned home, we found Mitchell and Colin playing Halo,
which had become sort of an obsession for Colin over the summer since he
wasn't able to go out much. They finished their game, and then we all sat
down to eat dinner.

After we ate, we headed back to the living room to play more Halo. After
the first few games - all of which Colin and Mitchell handily won except
for one - Colin proposed a bet.

"Next game, winners fuck the losers," he suggested.

"I don't know about that," I said. He and Mitchell were obviously much
better players, and I was definitely not willing to give up my ass for
something like losing at a video game.

"Chicken?" Mitchell teased.

"It just doesn't seem like a very fair bet," I said. "You guys have beaten
us in every game but one. It's not like I've been playing this game a lot,
unlike some people I know." I grinned at Colin.

"I agree," Paden said. "I mean, I might as well just bend over right now."
He stood and dropped his shorts right in front of Colin.

Colin swatted at Paden's smooth muscle ass. Paden pulled up his shorts and
sat down again. "Best two out of three, then," Colin said, "and we'll even
count your one earlier win."

"Pretty confident then?" I asked.

"Like you said, some of us have been playing this game a lot."

I looked at Paden. He nodded. "Alright," I agreed. "Let's do it."

First, we played capture the flag, which was the one game Paden and I had
won earlier. This time, however, we did not win, and the score was tied
1-1. Going into slayer for the last game, I was a bit nervous.

"I gotta take a piss," Paden announced before we began, and he got up and
walked to the bathroom. When he came back, he was completely naked, and his
soft teen cock swung pendulously from side to side. He passed in front of
us, and then took his seat on the couch, sitting very close to
Mitchell. "Ready?" he asked nonchalantly.

I grinned. It was a good move on Paden's part. Both Mitchell and Colin
hadn't been able to keep their eyes off of him, and now that he was
thigh-to-thigh with Mitchell, I had no doubt that at least one of our
opponents was going to find it difficult to concentrate.

The game remained close thanks to Paden. Every time Mitchell was close to
making a kill, Paden would press his thigh against Mitchell's, distracting
the younger boy. Colin accounted for most of the kills on their team, and
he was growing frustrated.

Finally, Colin and Mitchell had amassed 49 kills; Paden and I had 48. My
heart was racing; there was a very good chance we would lose. Suddenly,
Paden leapt from couch. He threw his whole body into the game play, as if
the movements of his body would affect the movement of his player on
screen. Colin and Mitchell briefly took their eyes off the screen and eyed
the movements of their alpha jock friend. Their distraction was long enough
that Paden and I were able to win the game. Paden took out Colin, and I
took out Mitchell.

"Fuck yeah!" I shouted and leapt up. Paden and I hugged, pressing our bare
chests together.

"Nooo!" Colin shouted. "That wasn't fair."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Paden said, returning to his seat
on the couch. He threw down the controller and leaned back on the couch,
stretching his muscular soccer-jock legs out in front of him.

"You didn't have to look," I pointed out with a smirk.

"Who wouldn't look?" Mitchell said. "Ugh."

"So I guess it's time to collect on the bet?" I said. "What do you think
Paden? Which one do you want?"

Before Paden had a chance to respond, Colin had climbed into my lap, and
Mitchell had started pulling on Paden's soft dick. Colin and I kissed, and
I pushed my cock mound up against his round ass. Mitchell slid off the
couch and between Paden's legs. Paden spread his legs to give the younger
jock full access to his healthy endowment.

Colin pushed his ass down onto my crotch, meeting each gentle upward thrust
of my hips. My growing cock was straining against the thin material of my
board shorts. I could feel Colin's hard cock pressed against my stomach.

To my left, I heard Mitchell slurping and sucking on Paden's hardening teen
meat. Paden moaned gently. Paden placed his right hand lazily on the back
of Mitchell's shaggy head. "That's it, Mitch," he groaned. Just the feeling
of Paden's hand on the back of his head was enough encouragement for
Mitchell to keep up his mouth work on his idol's now fully hard jock cock.

Colin and I broke our kissing long enough for each of us to remove our
shorts. My semi-hard Italian cock drooped down against my right
thigh. Colin's smooth, 7-inch teencock pointed at my chest as he settled
down again in my lap. The feel of his naked cock against my chest and his
ass in my lap brought new life to my dick, which rapidly firmed and climbed
up the crack of his muscle ass.

I reached down and spread Colin's cheeks. I nestled my fat sausage between
them. I moved my hips against my 16-year-old lover, letting my cock slide
up and down the crack of his ass. He pushed back against me; I grunted and
pushed up against him again. His ass was slick with my precum.

I felt Paden get off the couch and looked over to see that he and Mitchell
had taken their action to the floor. The two teenage jocks were in a 69
position. Paden's head was closer to me. He hungrily attacked Mitchell's
15-year-old dick. I again marveled at the size of the tanned teen. His
larger than average cock, although no larger than Paden's at the same age,
seemed absolutely massive on his much smaller frame. Paden opened his mouth
wide and swallowed down all of Mitchell's cock. Mitchell released Paden's
dick from between his ruby-red lips and loudly gasped, "Fuck!" His muscular
legs stiffened as his sensitive cockhead found a home in the back of
Paden's throat.

Colin's beautiful cockhead slid all over my hard abs and chest as we
continued our frottage hump. Finally, Colin rose up and hovered above me. I
pulled his cheeks apart, and he reached down for my fat fuck prong. He
positioned the broad, flat head of my dick at his hole and slowly eased
himself down on me. When his tight sphincter enveloped my swollen cockhead,
I closed my eyes and moaned. I let go of his ass cheeks, and he continued
his gentle slide down my pole.

On the floor, Paden had moved deeper between Mitchell's legs and was
tonguing teammate's tight hole. Mitchell was still working Paden's dick,
sometimes taking as much of it into his mouth and throat as he could before
letting out a gurgle and removing it, breathing in deeply; sometimes
stroking the thick length of Paden's teen meat while nibbling and sucking
on his smooth nutsac.

I was now fucking Colin in earnest, thrusting my hips up hard and fast. My
cum-laden balls bounced up to slap his hairy teen ass again and again. He
moaned repeatedly as I drove my cock deep into his hole.

Mitchell was on his knees in front of the couch, and Paden stood behind
him, poised to breach the younger boy's fuckhole with his nearly 9-inch
16-year-old prick. Mitchell gripped the back of the couch and gritted his
teeth as his rosebud opened to admit Paden's slick, thick weapon.

The sound of skin slapping skin filled the room. My sac thwapped loudly and
regularly against the round cheeks of Colin's ass. Paden's muscular thighs
bounced against Mitchell's smooth ass again and again.

I grabbed Colin's hips and repositioned him, so that he was lying against
the arm of the couch. He held tightly onto me as we moved; my dick never
left his hole. At first, we didn't move at all. I covered his lips with my
own, and we kissed. He wrapped his legs around my waist. My cock was buried
inside of him, and I could feel his ass clenching and releasing the shaft.

Paden was roughly fucking Mitchell's ass, and the couch moved with each
powerful thrust of my 16-year-old protégé.

I eased my hips back, sliding only a few inches of fat Italian meat out of
Colin's ass, and then pushed myself back inside of him. I reached down and
positioned his hips to make sure that my curved prong could easily reach
and stimulate my lover's g-spot. I felt his whole body tense when the
flared head of my cock nudged his prostate for the first time. He drew in
his breath sharply. I rotated my hips, maintaining a constant pressure on
his pleasure spot. Then, I slid out; he tightened his hole around me, and
his legs squeezed me tight. I shoved forward again. I quickened my motions,
fucking Colin's boy hole with short, fast thrusts, never removing more than
a few inches of my long dick from his hole.

"Oh God," I heard Mitchell moaning again and again. Paden's hands were on
the smaller boy's waist, and with each relentless power thrust, he pulled
Mitchell's smooth ass down onto his cock.

Colin bucked his hips up against mine, meeting me thrust for thrust. I
reached down and pinched his hard nipples and squeezed his plump pecs. I
bent forward and gently bit each hard nub. He whimpered. I could feel his
hard cock throb against my stomach as I covered his body with mine.

I repositioned Colin again. This time arranging us so I could see Paden and
Mitchell more easily. Colin's head was near Mitchell, who was at the other
end of the couch. As Paden and I continued our power fucks of our bottom
boys, Mitchell and Colin kissed.

I saw that Mitchell had reached under himself and was stroking his leaky
prick while Paden fucked him. My eyes met Paden's, and I glanced down
significantly at what Mitchell was doing. Paden understood the implication;
if Mitchell came while Paden was inside of him, it wouldn't satisfy our

A sudden desire to help Paden meet his goal overcame me. "Switch?" I
suggested breathlessly, pausing from my deep assault on Colin's hole.

Paden grinned broadly and nodded. We each eased out of our lovers'
holes. Colin whimpered quietly when my dick head escaped his sphincter.

We all moved to the floor, and Paden and I switched holes. Colin and
Mitchell were head to head with Paden and I between their legs at either
end. I locked eyes with Paden and pushed up Mitchell's legs, revealing his
wet, smooth hole. I pressed my cockhead against his hole, which quickly
gave way and admitted me into him. I pulled his hips up and fed my pipe all
the way into him.

Paden followed my lead and easily slid into Colin's hole, which I had
loosened with my fat prick. Soon, we were fucking in rhythm, matching each
other thrust for thrust, never taking our eyes off the other. When I
positioned Mitchell higher up into my lap, Paden did the same to Colin;
when I arched my hips to get a better shot at Mitchell's g-spot, Paden
followed suit. I leaned forward onto Mitchell, covering his body with my
own. I wrapped my arms under his shoulders to hold him close, and I fucked
him with short, quick jabs. Paden did the same to Colin. Paden and I were
face-to-face; we kissed.

I broke the kiss and leaned back, again pulling Mitchell up into my lap and
onto my shaft. Paden also sat back. Colin reached down towards his hard
7-inch dick. Paden slapped Colin's hands away; he wasn't going to ruin his
chance to fuck a load out of Colin. Colin reached for his cock again; Paden
grabbed Colin's hands and held them up above the boy's head.

"Not this time," Paden grunted, still working his dick in and out of
Colin's hole.

Colin writhed under Paden. I looked into Paden's eyes and nodded my
approval. Colin had been very close to cumming when I had suggested the
switch, so I knew his desire to finish was strong.

I pushed Mitchell's legs up and placed them on my shoulders; he was now
almost doubled up as I raised myself over him and drove my dick straight
down into his hole again and again. I reached down and started stroking his
dick. His body jerked, his tight hole gripped my dick, and then he was
cumming. His teen spooge spurted out onto his chest, shoulders, and neck.

I was close to releasing my own load. I pulled out of Mitchell's worn ass
and stroked my dick hard and fast from between his legs. The pressure built
at the base of my dick, and I moved up so that I was kneeling over
Mitchell's chest. I let out a low growl, and my first rope of cum flew past
Mitchell's head and landed in the dusting of dark hair on Colin's pecs. As
soon as my hot, thick spunk hit Colin, his own dick erupted, oozing his
teen cream out into his dark pubes. Two more ropes of my jism landed on
Colin, a third hit the top of both boys' heads, and the remaining volleys
dropped heavily on Mitchell's face and chest.

"Yessss," I heard Paden moan when he felt Colin release his wad. With one
last deep thrust, Paden unloaded his balls inside his friend's guts.

Some cum still oozed from the tip of my softening prick. Paden pulled out
of Colin's messy hole. He looked at me proudly and confidently.

"Good job, BP," I said. "Good job. Looks like you satisfied your end of the

"What are you talking about?" Colin asked. He reached for a pair of shorts
in order to wipe the cum from his body. I grabbed Mitchell's shorts and
handed them to the cum-splattered boy under me.

"I told Paden that if he could fuck a load out of you or Mitchell without
you guys having to jack off, I'd let him fuck me."

"Are you serious?" Mitchell said. He sat up and was trying to wipe clumps
of my cum from his shaggy golden hair.

I nodded. "Definitely serious."

"So when is this going down?" Colin asked. "Here? Now? I gotta see it."

"Same here," Mitchell threw in.

Paden laughed. "Definitely here. Not right now, though." I was relieved to
hear Paden didn't want to collect straightaway.

Paden and I were on our knees facing each other. Colin and Mitchell had
leaned against the couch. I looked across at my near double, my student in
more ways than one. His broad chest glistened with sweat, and his
trunk-like cock dangled between his powerful jock thighs. My own swinging
cock still beat him in girth, but in length we were nearly equal. My
scrotum hung lower and looser than his, though, and my sperm tanks were
larger. Still, the similarities were striking.

"Why not now?" Colin asked eagerly. He was looking back and forth at each
of us. "Can't you get hard again?" he teased.

"Fuck yeah I can get hard again," Paden said and started stroking his dick
back to hardness. "But when we do it, I want it to be the only thing I do
that day, so that I'm fully loaded, fully rested, and super horny."

"I don't think horny is a problem for any of us," Colin said. He was right;
we were all sporting semi-hard pricks.

"True, true," I agreed. "So what next?"

"My parents' bedroom has a big walk-in shower," Mitchell said.

"To the shower, then?" I suggested and stood up. My hard cock arced up
towards my abs. The others also stood, and Mitchell led the way to the


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