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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - My Boy


Jack Sprat

I will be the first to admit that I was a mama's boy. I can honestly
say that I was a real wimp. This all changed after I stayed at my Uncles

My mom and dad wanted to take a cruise and another extended tour of
Europe. They'd done this in the past and had put me in boarding school as
they didn't want me along. Now they thought I was old enough to stay with my
Uncle and he readily agreed to take me.

My Uncle met me at the airport. I was given a big hug, then he squeezed me
to his side. "You're going to be my boy for awhile."

We rode in his 4 X 4 truck. It was almost a 3 hour drive to his ranch. As
the scenery passed, we chatted up a storm. My Uncle is a real kewl dude and I
really looked forward to my visit. Arriving, I was shown my room. I unpacked
my suitcases and settled in.


I had a hard time adjusting to the ranch physical labor. I'm certainly no
muscular varsity athlete. Digging post holes and stringing barbed wire was
exhausting. I think my Uncle understood this, letting me work at my own pace,
not his, but he saw to it that I always finished the job.

We stopped work at sunset, and later in the evening, after dinner,
I was always shown more stuff, like how to tie bowline and other knots useful
for ranch work. Knots also came handy when I was rigging up my gear to go
fishing in the creek. I was taught how to use a running sinker, to let
the moving water take my line down stream until my pole jerked, meaning I had
a fish. I usually caught large ones.

I learned how to bridle a horse and cinch up a saddle real tight,
snapping the leather strap into the buckle and adjusting stirrups. And, I felt
especially macho when I ran the Caterpillar tractor, using the hydraulics to
load and dump the buckets of dirt. My Uncle showed me this too.

As time progressed, I noticed changes in my body. My arms were showing
muscle, fine hair was starting to grow on my chest and physical labor was
becoming easier, and I was proud of my accomplishments after a days hard

I always felt good when I correctly repeated something that my uncle
had just shown me. My Uncle would compliment me by putting his arm around me,
hug to his side, and say "You're my boy." Lots of times he would playfully
mess my hair or pat my butt. Recently, the butt pats had become long rubs, but
I didn't mind. It felt kind of good.

My voice was getting deeper and my peter was growing too. I jack off
more often...whenever I have the chance. Before I arrived at Uncles, my cum
was just little drops, now it comes out in big spurts. Of course, I have
fantasies. Sometimes they're about my Uncle.

Physically, my Uncle is a Marlboro man. Slim, muscular, and very
handsome. He always works outdoors shirtless, displaying solid stomach muscles
and powerful arms. His Levi's are tight, showing a good bulge in the front.
When he bends over, I try to nonchalantly walk behind him so I can look at his
well formed, tight, muscular butt, pressed hard against his faded blue Levi's.

One day, the rain wouldn't stop so we were both house-bound. It was real
muggy and because it was hot and sticky, I showered. Wearing only my white
briefs, I walked down the hall to get some clothes. My Uncle called from the
kitchen. "Come in! Let's rap."

I arrived in the kitchen to find that two chairs had been pulled away
from the table facing each other. My Uncle was sitting in one, wearing only
his briefs because of the hot weather, and I was dressed only in mine. He
pointed to the chair and I sat down, comfortably planting my feet, but aware
my legs were naturally open as were my Uncle's.

I watched in silence as my Uncles eyes stared at my crotch then moved up
to make eye contact.

"I've seen a lot of changes in you since you arrived. You've grown,
your muscles have developed, your voice is lower. You're developing
into a young man."

I didn't know what to say. I felt my uncle's stare return to my crotch
and watched as he ran his hand run up and down the front of his briefs where
a big bulge had appeared. Seeing this, my prick uncontrollably rose and
stiffened against my basket. I felt very self conscious.

"I've shown you a lot about fishing, horses and ranch work and I've
watch you grow. Now I want to show your pecker some good feelings you don't
know it has. Its all part of your growing process."

Uncle dropped his eyes, again transfixing them to my crotch. I could feel
his stare. My body turned limp. I could not help myself.

Uncle stood, his strong arms picked me up like a feather and carried me
to the bedroom. He laid me on the bed. I was Jello as my briefs were slid off
and tossed to the floor. I lay naked, hard and vulnerable.

Uncle quickly dropped his shorts. Standing over me naked, with his
big erect cock, he gazed at my open crotch, taking his time, surveying all
of my virgin malehood.

He put his hand on the back of my penis. Pushing it against my stomach,
he slowly massaged back and forth. His other hand held my balls, kneading them
higher into my crotch, giving me a burning desire to be touched even more.

One hand held my stem. With the other, he ran his finger slowly over
its tip, all around, complimenting me on my well shaped flared tip. Still
stroking, his other hand reached inside the bedside drawer, bringing forth a
towel and a jar of Vaseline.

Lifting a glob with a swirling finger he applied it under my drawn spread
legs. He took my cock and slipped it through his lips to meet his fast working
tongue while his slippery finger made deep teasing jabs in to my butt. Wow!
Jesus! Oh God!


Hearing this, his finger rammed higher tickling in all directions.
Sexually sensitive nerves were awakened. My body thrashed. I yelled in ecstasy
as spurt after spurt of my hot cum shot into his waiting mouth.

I was limp and exhausted. I lay on my side curled into a ball. Uncle
gently stroked my hair, reached down, and softly rubbed my bare butt.

"You're no longer my boy. Now you're my young man, and I'm going to show
you even more."

The End

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - My Boy