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Date: Sun, 22 May 1994 08:09:46 UTC
Subject: frndsboys (Man/Boy, Pedo)
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******** WARNING: ********

This story deals with the subject of sex between men
and very young boys and includes descriptions of a variety of
acts between men and MINOR boys.

If this subject offends you, or you are under 18, do not read
further! You have been warned!


The first time I had sex with an underage boy happened
in a way that was very unexpected. I have always liked
little boys, all smooth and hairless, their skin all blushed
pink with youth. I love to watch the little ones at the pool
with their wet bathing suits clinging to their tiny smooth
buns. Some of them wear bikini style trunks and look almost
naked as they swim and jump around the pool. I try to never
miss an opportunity to catch them in the locker room as they
change out of their wet suits. I just loved to see their
naked little asses and tiny hairless dicks.
On my last visit to the pool I spied a father with three
young boys. They must have been his sons as they ranged in
age from about eight to twelve. I timed my departure so I
could be in the locker room at the same time as them. They
had showered with their trunks on and were leaving the shower
area just as I arrived. I knew they would be changing out of
their suits very soon.
I picked a shower head that had a perfect view of the
three boys as they changed, their father who was a little
father down the aisle could not see me. I didn't care if the
kids caught me spying, but it could be trouble if the old man
caught me.
I stood in the warm spray of the shower as I watched the
boys strip off their suits. The two little ones had no
thoughts one way or another about being naked, but the twelve
year old looked a little shy. It wasn't until his father
said, "Come on Tommy, hurry up" that he stripped off his
suit. He stood facing the lockers as the suit came down off
his smooth pale ass. His buns were beautiful, smooth,
hairless and about the size of two halves of a cantaloupe
pressed side by side. His two younger brothers were equally
as cute, with their mops of wet blond hair and their
perfectly hairless little boy bodies. I dreamed of taking
their pointed little cut dicks and balls in my mouth and
licking all over their little hairless crotches. I would
love to sink my tongue up their tiny little assholes until
they begged for something bigger. They would scream with
pain as I buried my big hairy cock up their fiery guts.
My attention was drawn back to Tommy, the twelve year
old, who had just bent over to dry his legs, exposing his
tiny puckered asshole. What a beauty it was small and pink,
without a hair in sight. It made my mouth water. Tommy
turned and placed his left foot on the bench in front of him,
giving me a perfect view of his uncut cock. It was a sight
to behold, his foreskin looked as thin as tissue paper and I
swore I could see his dick head right through it. His balls
were a good size for a boy his age and he had just the first
signs of pubic hair. Not more then ten or twenty curly blond
Suddenly, he looked up, directly into my eyes, and
caught me staring at his dick. He lowered his eyes to my
crotch and got his first look at my ragging hardon. He just
stared, his mouth dropped open as his dick spring up to a
full erection, his foreskin pulling all the way back. Only a
young boy's dick could grow so fast.
From out of nowhere, his father grabbed his dick and
said, "Not bad son, but you have a ways to go before you
catch up to dear ol' Dad." The boy pulled his towel up to
cover his crotch and turned red as a beet. The boy turned
towards the locker as his father's hand swung around and
planted a loud slap on the boy's tight little buns. His
father looked directly at me and gave a very exaggerated
wink. I turned and quickly flipped on the cold water.
After I had cooled off enough, I left the shower area;
the man and his sons had left. I still felt very horny and
thought of jerking off, but this was not the place. I played
with my dick, through my sweats, the whole drive home. I
couldn't get those three little boys out of my head. I
relived that slap on the boys ass a thousand times. I was so
horny I could cum right in my pants.
When I got home there was a message on my answering
machine that lead to my very first sexual experience with a
young boy. It was Jack, who was my best friend all through
school and now we worked at the same place. I was best man
at his wedding. I could tell by the tone of his voice that
something was wrong. He explained that there was a family
emergency and he and his wife would have to leave town for a
day or two and could I watch his kids while they were gone.
They had two boys ten and twelve.
I jumped back into my car and drove right over. Sharon,
Jack's wife met me at the door and said they were glad I had
arrived. They had just enough time to catch their flight.
Jack came down the stairs and explained that Sharon's father
was ill and they had better get to his side before it was too
late. He thanked me repeatedly and gave me a few quick
instructions about the boys. They would try to be back on
Monday, two days from now.
Jack called the boys, Billy the oldest and Bobby his
brother into the room. They were already in their pajamas
ready for bed. Boy, were those kids cute. They were both
small for their ages, since their parents weren't very big.
Jack was always the smallest kid in school and now was only
about five, four. Sharon was not quite five feet. Billy had
on Spiderman pajamas that he had outgrown some and were worn
a little thin, Bobby had a sweat suit. Jack stood the boys
at attention and instructed then to do what ever their "Uncle
Jerry" told them to do with out question until he returned.
Jack and Sharon grabbed their bags and ran out the door
leaving the boys and I alone for the weekend. I settled back
on the sofa and watched TV with the boys. They lay on the
floor in front of the set, their heads propped up in their
hands. I couldn't help admiring Billy's little butt. It was
so small and cute, just like the boys at the pool. I
wondered how it would look with a big red handprint, just
like little Tommy's in the locker room. By the way the
material of his pajamas clung to his cheeks and pressed into
his tiny crack, it was obvious that he didn't have any
underwear on. Bobby's sweat suit was thick and baggy, but I
could still see the outline of his cute little body.
I slipped my hand into my pants and wrapped my fingers
around my throbbing hardon. Between Billy and Bobby down on
the floor and the visions of the little hairless boys in the
locker room, I was about to loose control. I imagined myself
slipping off the couch and laying down on top of Billy. I
press my cock into those smooth pajama covered buns and
nibble on the back of his ear. He pushes his tiny ass up and
in a breathless voice asks me to remove his close so he can
feel my warm skin against his. Little Bobby stands up,
removes all his close and presents his little peepee for me
to take into my mouth. Wow! What a fantasy that was.
Little Billy must have felt me staring a hole in his
pajamas because he wiggled his cute little buns and opened
his legs a little wider. This was all I could stand and
decided to send the boys to bed so I could jerk off. Billy
must have read my mind, because he jumped up and said it was
Bobby's bed time, but he got to stay up two more hours
because he was older. Billy must have caught me with my hand
down my pants, even though I pulled it quickly out, he stood
there staring at the bulge in my sweat pants. I could swear
I saw him smile.
Bobby came up to the couch and asked "Do I really have
to go to bed now?" "Yes", I said "I think it's time" "Will
you come up with me, until I fall asleep." Of course I
would. He took my hand and led me up the stairs to the room
he and his brother shared. After I tucked him in bed and lay
down next to him for a while, he said, he was too hot to
sleep and could he take his pajamas off. He sat up in bed
and I pulled his top up over his head. By the dim light of
the night light I could see his pale pink skin and couldn't
help running my hands over his chest and feeling his tiny
pointed nipples. "My pants to," he said. I laid him back
down, pulled the covers off and slid his small sweat pants
down his tiny boyish body and off his feet. Throwing them to
the floor, I ran my shaking hand up his leg feeling his silky
skin. My palm rubbed over his tiny dick and he started to
get a cute little boner. His smooth skin burned into my
fingers as I rubbed a trail from his inner thighs to his
nipples. God was this boy hot. I had never felt up a
smooth, hairless little boy before and it was more than I
imagined. I had already gone way to far and I had better
stop now before I rape the little lad. I rolled to my back
and pulled the covers up over both of us. Bobby rolled onto
my chest and tucked his little head up under my chin. I
placed my right hand on his smooth back and stroked up and
down, going lower each time until I was cupping his tiny buns
in my palm. Just before he drifted off to sleep he said,
"Dad says I'm too little to do what he and Billy do, but I
can watch. I love you Uncle Jerry."
This little kids body had me so hot I just had to cum
off. I reached down between his thin hairless legs and found
the top of my sweat pants. Hooking the waist band under my
balls my dick sprang up between his tiny legs and rested on
the crack of his ass. I pushed his legs closed and scissored
my cock between his legs. I could feel his hairless little
boner rubbing into my crotch hair. He was only half asleep
and squirmed around rubbing my ragging hardon in the hairless
little V made by the tops of his thin legs. I came! My cum
sprayed all over his smooth back. As my hot cum splattered
his skin, I swore I herd him moan. I rubbed my hand in the
pools of silky cum smearing it into the bony ridge of his
spine. I traced my slimy fingers down his tailbone and into
the smooth crack of his tiny ass. My middle finger toyed
with his tiny hairless pucker as my spread fingers stroked
and squeezed his thin cheeks. Working my slippery finger
into his asshole the boy started to work his ass up and down
on my finger. His little hairless pucker was expertly opening
and closing with each stroke. His little hairless dick
ground into my lower belly. His tiny asshole sucked and
squeezed my finger then as he shook all over it clamped down
with a powerful squeeze. If he hadn't been so young I would
have sworn the was having a wet dream. After his orgasm the
little boy fell fast asleep, with my whole finger buried up
his tiny ass.
I slid my finger from Bobby's tight little ass as I
rolled him off my chest and onto the mattress. He never woke
up as I slipped out of the bed and headed back down stairs.
I peeked into the living room and saw Billy was still laying
on the floor in front of the TV. He had the remote for the
VCR in his hand and was rewinding the tape. Without noticing
me watching he pressed the play button. The tape started and
right a way I recognized my favorite scene from the Prince of
Tides. The convicts had just burst through the door, grabbed
the cute little ten year old blonde boy and thrown him across
the table. While saying "Raw meat, I just love fresh raw
meat." he slits the rear of the boy's pants and ripping them
open exposes a glimpse of the boy's white underpants. The
next scene has the boy screaming as the man holds both his
small shoulders and rocks back and forth, obviously fucking
the shit out of the boy virgin ass. This is one of my
favorite scenes of any movie and could almost make me cum in
my pants just watching it. I love to see the boy scream with
the first penetration into his little bottom them the look of
embarrassment as his older brother catches his starting to
enjoy it.
At this point in the tape Billy hit the reverse button,
backed the tape up and played it over again. Seeing the
scene over again was making me horny. He watched it intently
and just when the older brother brakes in to stop the rape
he reversed the tape once more. This time when the boy had
his pants ripped open Billy reached back and rubbed his cute
little ass. This was more then I could stand.
Making a little noise before entering the room I said,
"What are you watching? Billy." He quickly hit the stop
button and looking a little embarrassed and very vulnerable
said, "Nothing, nothing at all. You can have the remote
control." I sat down on the couch and Billy came up and sat
next to me. He handed me the control and smuggled up close
to my side. Taking the remote from his small hand I wrapped
my left arm over his shoulder and pulled him close. His heat
was incredible and I could feel his soft, silky skin through
his pajama top. His small boyish body was so sexy I had all
I could do to keep from raping him. Just like the man in the
film I wanted to rip his pants open and fuck his little
twelve year old ass.
I started to flip through the channels trying to find
something to take my mind off this little kid's ass. On my
second time around Billy said, "Why don't we watch a tape?"
"OK" I said, and rewound the tape in the VCR a little bit. I
hit the play button and played the scene leading up to the
rape of the little boy. As the film got closer to the rape
scene Billy got noticeable more fidgety. As the Ten year old
blonde boy in the film was thrown across the table, Billy's
eyes were fixed to the screen. As the boy's pants were slit
open, I could see Billy's little dick standing up in his
pajamas. As the boy screamed on the film, I hit the reverse
button and ran the tape backwards, then forward again.
Billy's eyes never left the screen.
After the rape of the little boy was over, Billy looked
up to me and asked "Uncle Jerry, what was happening to that
boy?" "He was being raped," I said. "Did the man pull down
his pants?" "Yes he did," I replied. "Did he spank him or
something? The boy was screaming." "No he didn't spank him."
"Then why was he screaming? And why did he pull his pants
down?" I sat quietly for a long moment, not knowing what to
say to him. He must have thought I wasn't going to answer,
so he asked, "Uncle Jerry, what's rape mean?" "He was
fucking the boy," I said. He was forcing his big fat cock up
the little boy's asshole. The boy was screaming because the
man's cock was ripping his virgin little ass apart. The man
didn't care if he hurt the boy. He just wanted to cum up his
guts. After the little boy's cherry was busted he started to
like it. That's why he stopped screaming. Billy looked up
at me and with his big blue eyes opened wide said, "He
wouldn't have to force me." "You don't know what your
saying," I said. "Yes I do, Uncle Jerry. Rape me." I
couldn't believe my ears. Here was the twelve year old son
of my best friend asking me to fuck his virgin ass. I was
stunned. I had just got done molesting his ten year old
brother now I was about to rape him.
I stood Billy in front of me, between my legs as I sat
on the sofa. I pulled the hem of his pajama top up over his
head. He raised his thin arms up to allow me to pull the
shirt off. The kids thin chest was incredible, I could see
his ribs through his thin pink skin. I wrapped my hands
around his ribcage and slid my fingers down to his thin
waist. My fingers almost touching. I slid my right hand
around to the back of his pants and cupped both his small
cheeks in my palm. I wondered how loud he would scream as my
cock split apart his little buns. I pulled his pajamas down
to his ankles and he stepped out of them. There he was all
spermy naked in front of me. I grabbed an ass cheek in each
hand and pulled his hairless little crotch to my face.
Sticking my tongue all the way out I licked this boy from
under his tiny balls, across the underside of his little
hardon, all the way up to his nipples. I licked my way back
down across his sunken tummy and sucked his bony little cock
all the way into my mouth. His dick was about the size of
half a hotdog and fit very nicely in my mouth. I could
extend my tongue and lick his hairless balls. With one big
swipe of my tongue I sucked his balls into my mouth. It was
incredible, I could swirl my tongue around both his cock and
balls at the same time. I had sucked some cock in my time,
but nothing as tasty as this little lad.
The boy just stood there in front of me shaking at every
touch and getting weak in the knees. I still had all my
close on and I had to get my dick out of my pants and into
the little boy's ass. I pulled my mouth off his dick and
pushed him down to the floor. It was more like I guided him
down, because he was so passive. I ordered him to remove my
sneakers and socks and stood so he could slide down my sweat
pants. Stepping out of my pants, I pulled my shirt over my
head. I looked down my naked body to the twelve year old boy
kneeling before me. He sat on his folded legs, his
cute little dick poking up from his hairless crotch, his big
blue eyes asking, no begging me to use him to satisfy all my
lusty pleasures.
I cupped my hand around the back of his head and pulled
his face to my crotch. As I rubbed my dick head over his
lips he instinctively opened his mouth and stuck out his
tongue, just like an altarboy getting ready to receive
communion. I slid my dick to the back of his throat as he
oveled his lips around it. I guided his head back and forth
stroking my cock in and out of his mouth, going deeper with
each push. Soon I was grinding his nose in my crotch hair as
he gaged and choked, trying to breath around my dick. Sweat
broke out on his face as his skin turned blue, but the little
lad never put his hands up to push me away.
I pulled my dick out of the boy's throat and let him
cough and choke as he cleared the excess throat mucus from
his windpipe. The slime from his throat was just what a I
needed to fuck his virgin ass. I stood the boy up and turned
him around. Sitting down on the couch I admired the boy's
cute little buns. In a few moments they would never be the
same again.
Taking the boy by his thin waist I pulled his little ass
down onto my slimy dick. At first I just rubbed the wet head
in the hairless crack of the boy ass then when I felt just
the right spot, I started to pull him down onto my dick. I
could feel his little asshole stretch tight as my dick tried
to push past it into the boy's guts. Taking a firm grip of
the boy's boney hips I pulled him down. In one long steady
lunge I slipped my dick past his stretched little asshole and
into his guts. Billy started to pant, them moan, then
finally scream as my dick pushed his virgin guts aside.
Billy screamed "Fuck me! Fuck me!" as I held his thin
waist and worked his ass up and down my dick. His guts were
so hot I couldn't take much more, and by the sounds Billy was
making, he couldn't ether.
Billy started to cum, probably for the first time in his
young life, and as he came his asshole clamped a vise like
grip on my dick. That was all I could stand. I blasted his
guts with the biggest load I have ever shot.
After resting a few minutes Billy said, "So that's how a
man rapes a boy, I can see why the boy the movie started to
like it." "We better get to bed," I said, "Its getting
late." "Don't take it out," said Billy. So I just rapped my
arms around him and carried him up to his bed. I lay face
down on Billy's bed with the small boy underneath me. My
softening cock still buried up his ass.
The though of fucking the little boy in his own bed was
giving my another hardon. This didn't go unnoticed by Billy
who spread his thin legs a little wider and started to push
his delicious little ass up into my crotch. This was all I
needed and I started to fuck his little ass with gusto.
Since I had just cum a few minutes ago this time was going to
take longer. The boy was going to get the fuck of his life.
I made long deep strokes, almost taking my dick all the way
out then slamming it back in. Billy was moaning helplessly
beneath me. His little ass getting rubbed raw. I could tell
as Billy started to cum. I just fucked harder. I could feel
his little ass pucker nipping at my dick as I plowed deeper
and deeper into his guts. As I fucked Billy lay limp as a
dishrag, five minutes, ten minutes, then Billy started to
come alive. He bucked his ass up, milked my dick with his
ass lips and cam for a third time that night. I fucked one
last stroke and came inside him, my hot cum soothing his
burning insides. I collapsed on top of him and fell asleep,
my cock still buried up his tight ass.
I woke the next morning dreaming of fucking little
Bobby's ass. The ten year old. As I fucked in to his little
ass, I had Billy's dick in my mouth. My dick felt so good up
Bobby's ass this couldn't be a dream. I opened my eyes to
see two naked little boys taking turns sucking my dick. When
they saw my eyes open they came up on each side of me and
Billy said, "Bobby wants you to fuck his ass, like you did to
me last night. He saw us." "Bobby your too little," I said,
"It will hurt you too much." "I don't care," he said, "I
want you to do it" "Well I'll have to see if you can handle
it," I said as a picked him up and placed him backwards on my
chest. I pulled his little baby buns apart and slid my
tongue up and down his crack. I lifted him off my face just
long enough to tell his brother to suck his Bobby's dick.
Billy climbed up on my belly and took his brothers two inch
boner into his mouth. I pulled Bobby's ass down onto my face
and rammed my tongue as far up his little baby ass as I
could. The lads guts were steamy hot and he was loving every
bit of attention he has getting. The little lad rode my face
like a hobby horse. His little ass rubbing up and down. I
was beginning to think that maybe he would like to get
fucked. I pushed him off my face and stared at his puckered
little hole. It was opening and closing by its self. I wet
my finger and slid it in. The kid started screaming for more
so I worked my finger quickly in and out. His wet little
asshole was gapping wide and he rode my hand like a boy
possessed. I slid in another finger. The kid went wild, he
grabbed Billy's head and alternated between fucking Billy's
face and my hand. He screamed out at the top of his lungs
and came off in Billy's mouth. I don't know if any cum came
out, but the kid definitely came off. I didn't think a ten
year old could have that much sexual energy in him.
Now it was Billy's turn. He wanted me to fuck him
again and I wasn't about to argue. I had Bobby lay down on
the bed, his head close to the edge. I place Billy
kneeling over him in a 69 position with his ass in line with
the edge of the bed. After I got the two little boys into
sucking each other's dicks I stood behind Billy and slid my
cock up his tight little ass. His ass was still slick and
full of cum from last night and I fucked him hard and fast.
As I felt him cumming in his little brother's mouth I blasted
my load up his little hairless ass.
The boys stayed naked through breakfast and were in the
living room playing as I cleaned up the kitchen. As I walked
into the other room I found the boys sitting on the floor
working their fingers up their asses and playing with their
little hairless boners. God, those kids were cute and so
turned on to sex I couldn't believe it. "It looks like your
ready for some more fun," I said, as I walked up and slid my
hard dick right into Billy's mouth. Without having to be
told Bobby crawled over and started to lick my balls.
Bobby, looking up at me with those same big blue eyes
that Billy has, asked "Will you fuck me now? Uncle Jerry"
the kid almost made me cum in his brothers mouth. "If you
want me to, Bobby, I will," I said. "I do, I do," he cried.
I pulled my dick from Billy mouth and sent him to the kitchen
for the Crisco I used to make breakfast. I led Bobby to the
couch and as I lay down on my back I had him sit on my
stomach. I played with his little boner until his brother
returned. I had Billy smear my dick with the grease and then
placed Bobby over my dick. If I was going to get my dick
into his baby buns without doing permanent damage he would
have to take it in himself. I instructed him to just slowly
sit down on my cock and take just as much as he wanted.
Bobby reached back, grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them as
far apart as he could. He sat down and the head of my dick
slid right in, past his tight little ring. It had to be the
kid's will for it to go in so easily. The next three inches
slid in and then the kid hit bottom. He still had three or
four inches to go. He started to pant and sweat and sucked
in another inch. He worked himself up and down and with his
brothers encouragement, he took another inch. the little kid
had two inches to go. He pried his little baby buns apart as
hard as he could and slammed his little body down on to my
dick. He just couldn't get the last of it. The kid wouldn't
give up. He rode my dick for all he was worth, his little
peter slapping up and down with each stroke.
"Help me!, Uncle Jerry," he cried. "I want it all!" I
grabbed the little boy's waist and timing my hands with his
strokes I pushed him down on my cock. The heat was
incredible. His ass opened up and the last of my dick
buried in him. I started to cum up his tiny bruised ass.
Just then the front door flew open and there stood Jack.
Everyone froze, except Bobby who flung his little body up and
down yelling "Fuck me!, Fuck me hard!"
Jack was the first to move and I thought he was going to
kill me. Instead he stepped over to Billy, who was sitting
on the floor and grabbed him by the back of the neck. With
has other hand he opened his pants and pulled out his cock.
slamming it into Billy's mouth with one powerful stroke, he
said "I've wanted to do this for a long time and now I'm
going to fuck my two little boys.


The Pervert Writer

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