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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - My Little Tight End

From: (BoyLittle)
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 17:45:20 UTC
Subject: My Little Tight End #1 (pedo, m/b)

This is a repost of my story My Little Tight End, thanks to the many of
you who have written and offered suggestions and kind comments. Several
have asked me to repost parts of the story, so here they are.

ALL disclaimers apply, this is a story of Love and some sex in later
Chapters, but it is the story of LOVE between a man and a boy. If you
can't understand that, then go on to the next story on your server.

If you are under the legal age, then why are you here? Get out NOW !!!

This is my first attempt at writing a story for A.S.S., so any
constructive criticism is welcomed. Any flames or hate mail is printed
and then gleefully fed to my office shredder......

And now the story, Chapter ONE:

My Little Tight End
by: BoyLittle
Chapter 1

I'm so glad you've come, sometimes one just needs somebody to sit quiet
and listen. Right now I've got to tell someone my story. It's a story of
love, of happiness, of pleasure and yet also one of pain, of loss, and of
loneliness. In essence, it's the story of a boylover.

Tonight's New Year's night. I'm waiting for the Orange Bowl to start.
It's going to be a great matchup, both teams are undefeated. Penn State
is ranked #1 and North Carolina, my alma mater, is ranked #2. Yet, I'm
pulling for Penn State. Why you ask? It all has to do with a certain
person, one who happens to be the starting tight end for Penn State.

It all started unexpectedly about 11 years ago, during a warm North
Carolina August night. I was at a low point in my life. I was finally
getting emotionally stable after the loss of my first true love. It had
been five years since I had first meet that sexy little 8 year old named
Tommy, and two and one-half since I had lost him. I was 20, a part time
student at North Carolina. I was living with my lover, Bob, whose 41.
I'm not really gay, I'm a boy-lover, a pedophile, or whatever you want to
call it. But somehow I fell in love with Bob and so we live together.
But that is another story.

I had decided to volunteer as a coach for the 9 & 10 year old Community
football team. I had played football in high school and on the JV team at
North Carolina my freshmen year. So I decided to volunteer. I figured it
was a way to fill some time, enjoy myself (I always enjoy being around
boys), and maybe get my mind off Tommy. I never dreamed that I could
replace him. Boy, was I wrong.

I got to the first practice intentionally early, but the field was already
full with a dozen or so anxious little boys. There were also an
assortment of worried mothers and proud fathers, proud to see their boys
learning to play "a man's sport." I saw that the two other coaches were
talking with parents, so I headed straight for the boys. I wanted them to
think of me as a peer rather than an adult. After about fifteen minutes,
practice began. We had about 45 boys, so it was a job just trying to keep
order. I knew that number would drop within a month , but now we had a
small mob of little sex gods who wanted, or whose parents wanted them, to
play football We started with 2 laps around the field. Even this would
take awhile. Most of the boys took off sprinting, racing each other.
That didn't last long. Within a minute most had stopped running, some
were jogging, some were walking, and some had even sat down to rest. I
tried to get everybody to at least keep walking, but these were only
little boys. We had several fat kids who would make good lineman, but
were not used to running.

I had just started to talk with the other coaches when I heard a car door
slam shut. I looked up to see a boy of about 9 running towards me.

"How many?" he asked.

"2" I yelled in reply and he took off.

He started to jog around the field. He didn't run, but it was a brisk
pace. I knew he would slow down, but he didn't. He kept jogging a nice,
steady pace. He began to pass some of the other boys. I immediately knew
that he was different, he was special.

I watched him as he jogged. He was beautiful, Adonis's little brother.
He had long, stringy blond hair that hung down over his left eye. His
eyes were as blue as the sky. His legs and arms were firm with muscle,
but his stomach still had a trace of baby fat. And then there was his
butt. He had a large, perfectly round, firm butt. It totally filled the
seat of his otherwise baggy shorts. His skin was slightly tanned. My
god, I thought, this was by far the most sexy boy on the team.

The kid kept up his pace and finished before everyone else. He was some
athlete. I went to talk to him while the others finished.

"Hi, I'm Matt," I said

"Uh, hi. I'm, uh, Dylan," he said embarrassedly.

I saw his lips, so red and so soft. I wanted to kiss then and there but
knew I couldn't.

"You're some runner. Have you ever played any other sports?" I asked.

"Yea, I....uh, well.....uh, no, not really." he stammered back, catching
his breath.

They say curiosity killed the cat, so I knew better than to ask. If Dylan
was going to be my special boy, I wasn't going to ever push him.

"Well, Dylan, I think you'll make a great football player."

"Really?" he gleamed, "Gee, thanks!"

With that, he threw his arms around me and gave me a great big hug. I was
in heaven. As he hugged me I could smell his sweaty body, the scent of
pure boy. This aroma, plus his little body pressing against me, worked
like an aphrodisiac and my dick star ted to get hard. I hope he wouldn't
notice, at least not quite yet.

After a few seconds, he moved quickly away.

"Oh, man, I'm sorry. Really sorry," he said embarrassedly. He actually
looked kind of scared.

"What's there to be sorry for?" I asked reassuringly.

"Uh, nothing.......I guess," he said meagerly, with a slight smile.

"Listen, kid, I don't mind if you occasionally want a hug. Actually I
kind of liked it. I really like you, Dylan, you're really special. I'm
really looking forward to getting to know you."

"Really?" he said with a beautiful smile, "Cool!"

"Great! It looks like I've found my first friend on the team." I said as
I placed my arm on his shoulder.

"Yea, me too" he said with a little giggle.

All of a sudden I was higher than I'd been in a long time. Higher than
when I used to pop speed in my youth. I had found a boy, a beautiful,
caring boy and he was on the way to becoming MY boy. I couldn't believe
my luck.

By then most of the other boys had finished their laps. We gathered them
together by blowing whistles and introducing ourselves. Then we started
with some stretching and exercises. The two other coaches, both about 30
or so, lead them as I participated with the boys. For the couple of
stretches that needed a partner, I was Dylan's partner. This naturally
required some physical contact, which Dylan seemed totally comfortable
with. His skin was so soft and smooth to the touch, and the occasional
peeks of his underwear as his legs stretched this way and that in his
baggy shorts was relly getting to me. As we "warmed up", Dylan and I
talked. Now comfortable with me, he was far from shy. I could tell he
was quite intelligent just by talking to him. There was something about
him that drew me towards him, the way he smiled at me with that impish
little grin, the way he hugged me. His intelligence and maturity showed
in his speech. There was no doubt about it, this boy was special. And I
knew he would be mine.

I knew Dylan's parents were divorced or his father was never around.
Don't ask me how, I could just tell by the way he treated me. So I wasn't
surprised when he told me he lived with his mom. I did ask him about his
dad. He hesitated, which was unusual, then said, "I don't like to talk
about my Dad", very embarrassedly. I tickled him and told him that that
was fine. He seemed to perk right back up. Yet I was worried. I hoped he
hadn't been abused by his father. If so, it would definitely affect our
relationship. I never force or coerce a boy into anything. However, the
way he had hugged me so affectionately didn't fit in with being abused.
Not at all. I was curious, but decided just to go along very slowly and

When we were done with warm-ups, we began with several drills. Dylan was
by far the all-around best. He wasn't the best passer, but he could run,
jump, catch, and do everything else great. He was a bit tall for his age,
and had a large build, yet was by no means fat. He was very muscular, yet
his face was young and innocent. He was the perfect boy. I tried to
decide what position he might play as I watched him. He might be a
running back, but his talents would be wasted without a good offensive
line. He had the size for a lineman or linebacker, but he was far to good
a receiver. I could tell as he hit the tackling dummies that he was an
excellent blocker. It occurred to me that this kid was a natural tight
end. I laughed to myself and wondered how tight his end actually was.
Hopefully, I'd get to find out.

Practice lasted about two hours. All the boys were exhausted by then. I
guess I should have been, but the energy Dylan radiated revived me
constantly. I didn't have to try to stay near him, because he seemed to
almost cling to me. This kid seemed to like me almost as much as I liked
him. Now, if only he was attracted to me sexually. Hopefully, that would
come later.

When practice broke most of the boys either left with their parents or
talked and played together. Dylan however sat down on an old phone pole
in the shade. I went and sat with him. We were alone, and talked as he
waited for his mother. As we talked, I casually placed my hand on his
thigh. I could have sworn he looked up and smiled at me, but he never
said anything about it. About fifteen minutes passed. It was beginning
to get dark and only a few boys were left. Finally I noticed an older car
drive up.

"That's my mom," Dylan said as he got up, grabbing my hand, he said,
"come on", as he dragged me towards the car.

I followed Dylan hand in hand to meet his mother. She was a lady about 30
years old. She was wearing a dress that she had probably worn to work
earlier that day. I stood by Dylan as he energetically introduced me to

"Well, I'm glad you've found a friend, honey," she said to the boy. Then
she extended a hand to me and said, "Call me Becky. I hope Dylan here
hasn't been too much for you. He sometimes comes on too strong to

"Not at all. In fact, I really like the kid, kind of reminds me of myself
at his age."

"I'm so glad you feel that way. Well, we better be going, it was nice
meeting you, Matt"

"Likewise, Becky," I replied, "Dylan, I'll see you the day after

"You bet, Matt! Bye"

"Bye, Dylan"

With that he got in the car and left. I saw him wave at me as he rode out
of sight. Yes, I do believe I had found what I had been searching for for
two and one half years. Deep inside I knew Dylan and I would soon be
lovers, not just sex partners, but lovers. Don't ask me how I knew, but I

With a smile and without a care in the world, I drove home to tell
Bob about Dylan. I knew he would be happy for me.

Chapter 2

I'm glad you came back. There is still over an hour before kick off and I
have so much more to tell you. Now where did we leave off? Oh, yes......

Practice continued for several weeks. Slowly boys began to drop from the
team, Dylan, of course, remained our star player. I was somewhat sad the
day we finally issued equipment. Although I knew this meant the coming of
contact, it also meant that my boys would also have to wear shirts. I
loved to look at, and tickle, their stomachs and chests. And, of course,
Dylan was the best. OH GOD was he beautiful. His little pects were
developed more than the other kids' and he had great nipples. He was,
after all, MY boy.

One evening Dylan's mom called me after practice. She said she really
needed to talk to me. I was scared at first, then remembered that I
hadn't done anything sexual with Dylan, at least not yet. I told her I
really disliked talking on the phone and a sk if we could meet and talk in
person. She agreed to meet me the following evening at a local pub.

Becky was late as usual. She always was late dropping off and picking up
Dylan from practice. She sat down and ordered a drink. I already had on
ice tea, I'm not much of a drinker and didn't want her to get the wrong
idea. She was very blunt, which I like, and came right to the point.

"I hate to do this, but I'm at my wits end." she said.

"What is it?" I asked, "Is there anything I can do to help?" I was hoping
this had to do with Dylan and me.

She proceeded to tell me she was really glad that I paid a little extra
attention to Dylan.

"He talks about you all the time. He really needs a man in his life,
especially since his father........well, never mind about that. But I'm
afraid Dylan will have to quit the team. I simply can't afford the dues,
and I'm having trouble taking time off from work to take him to and from
practice. I really don't know what else I can do."

I had a sneaky suspicion that she was trying to make me feel sorry. She
need not, if only she knew how much I wanted to spend more time with her
son. I decided to be bold and go out on a limb.

"Don't worry about the money, that's no problem."

Not exactly 100% true, but I'd spend every cent I had on Dylan if I had
to. I then asked how late she usually worked. She told me usually about
7 or 7:30. Dylan had to stay at an after shool program, which really
strained her budget, but she had no other option. He was the oldest one
there and hated it, but what else could she do? I prayed to God that I
could answer that question and got really brave.

"Well, I only have classes until 1:30 each day. I really do like Dylan.
I didn't live with my father either, so I know how much a boy needs a
father. If you like, I wouldn't mind watching Dylan after school. In
fact, I'd kinda enjoy it."

Luckily I was correct and this is exactly what she had wanted to happen.
She even admitted that she had told the center this would be Dylan's last
week. She hadn't told him yet, because she didn't want to disappoint him.

We agreed that I would pick up Dylan from school every day and watch him
until about 8. She offered to pay me, but I refused. She was very
grateful, but not as much as I was. The was better than my wildest
dreams. Dylan was going to be my little lover, and it was going to be
easier than I imagined.

We then talked about Dylan a bit. I commented about his athleticism and
his skills.

"Didn't he tell you? Oh, of course not. Dylan was very active in
gymnastics since he was 4 until last year. He was very good, actually won
several medals at a state-wide meet. But he quit because he was afraid
the other boys would call him a sissy and such. I tried to persuade him
not to, but it was no good. He can be very hard headed at times."

"I'd sure like to get his little head hard myself." I thought silently to

I told her I'd pick up Dylan the next day, but asked her not to tell him.
I wanted it to be a surprise. She agreed.

I arrived at the school the next day 45 minutes before school got out. I
was excited, nervous, and hard. I did not want to miss Dylan. About 35
minutes later I noticed four teacher's leading the kindergartners to their
busses. I guess they did this to keep them from getting confused and
ending up on the wrong bus. I watched several cute little guys skip along
carefree to their busses. I was taken back to when I was a sixth grader
and used to suck off the kindergarten boys in the bathroom during recess.
I got hard again thinking of kneeling down and giving a boy his first
orgasm as three of his friends watched. My underwear was getting a little
wet spot when suddenly I was shocked back to attention by the sound of a
loud bell and the sight and sound of hundreds of children laughing as the
erupted from the school.

I guess there were plenty of cute kids, but I was looking only for my boy.
Finally I spotted him and yelled out, "Hey, Dylan! Over here!"

"MATT !" he looked up and yelled. With a smile he ran to me and gave me a
great big hug. I told him from now on he was going to spend the
afternoons with me instead of the day care center. He was ecstatic and
gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. He immediately was a bit embarrassed,
but only because he didn't want the other boys to see him do that. He was
quite affectionate with me, and I loved it.

It took no time to get to Bob's and my house. Our house ain't much, but
Dylan loved it. He explored every square inch of it, from top to bottom.
He was intrigued my our large screen TV, our computers, and especially our
king size bed. He jumped up on it and spread out. I wanted him in the
bed, but was waiting to be careful. I was about to lay down beside him
when he got up and went in the computer room.

"You got any games?" he asked.

I sat down in the chair and turned on the computer. He climbed up in my
lap, just like I hoped he would. I loaded up Wolfenstein 3-D and showed
him how to play. As he sat in my lap and played the game, I became rock
hard. I don't know if he noticed, he didn't respond or make any mention
of it. As he squirmed around playing the game, I was able to arrange my
dick so it was between the cheeks of his beautiful butt. We sat this way
for ten minutes or so, him wiggling around as he played the game, me
getting closer and closer to orgasm with him sitting on my hard cock.
Finally, I couldn't help it any longer and shot a load in my underwear. I
don't think Dylan noticed, but I was in heaven. One squirmy nine year old
on my lap, and a load of warm cum in my underwear. I just sat back and

After a few minutes, I noticed that he was having trouble controlling the
game using just the mouse. I told him he had to get use to the mouse or
he'd never live past stage one.

"I wish you had a joystick." he responded.

"Well," getting really brave I said, "I'm sure your joystick wouldn't work
on this game, kiddo."

"What joystick?" he asked, an answer to my prayers.

"This one." I said, as I grabbed his little dick through his shorts and
squeezed softly. I couldn't tell for sure since he had on his shorts, but
I could have sworn it hardened a little bit when I squeezed it.

He giggled and said, "Hey! You grabbed my wee-wee."

He was smiling and didn't look scared, embarrassed, or angry.

"Oh, I'm sorry Dylan." I said, "I didn't mean to make your uncomfortable.
I was just joking."

"It's OK, just don't tell anyone, OK? I don't want them to call me a fag
or something. They wouldn't understand."

"You bet, kid. It's just between you and me."

Dylan played on the computer a bit longer. I kept my hands to myself, I
wanted to get in the boy's pants, but I didn't want to rush things and
blow everything. He played around for an hour or so, but he never found
my gifs, thankfully. I have about four hundred gifs of naked boys,
probably half of those are action shots. I hoped he would enjoy them with
me later, but I didn't want to introduce them quite yet.

After awhile, Dylan's attention waned from the computer, so we moved to
the living room and watched cartoons. Dylan laid on the floor, while I
laid on the couch. While he watched TV, I watched his little ass. It was
so round and firm. I knew I would be in it one day, but not today.

At about 4:15, we began to get ready for practice. We went to his house
to get his pads and stuff. He led me into his bedroom and I sat down on
his bed. He then shocked me as he started to undress right there before
my eyes. This kid trusted me even more than I thought. I stared at him
as he removed his clothes. Soon he was standing there in front of me clad
only in his underwear. He was wearing a pair of HeMan underoos. They
were very tight. He had a distinct little bulge in the front. As I looked
at it, I could actually see the outline of his little dick and
scrotum. I was extremely pleased when I saw he was cut, at least I
thought he was cut (he WAS still wearing his undies). His big beautiful
butt filled out and stretched the back of his underoos. I stared
silently, trying not to drool, my dick hardening again in the still damp
mess of my own underwear. Unfortunately, he started dressing and was
dressed in a few moments and we left for practice.

On the way to the field, I decided it was time to go one step further.
Dylan was comfortable kissing me, undressing before me, and he even let me
touch his "wee-wee" while he sat in my lap. It was time for things to get
a bit more serious. I prayed that I wouldn't go too far and scare him
off, or worse. I shuddered for a minute, I didn't want to think about the
"or worse."

During practice, we were working on several new offensive plays. I was
filling in as a defensive end opposite Dylan. I had on a helmet and
shoulder pads, but only was wearing my coaching shorts. I had noticed
earlier that Dylan hadn't worn a supporter or a cup. The team did not
supply cups, but several of the boys dad's, especially the lineman's, had
gotten them one. I doubt Dylan's mom had thought about it, never having
felt the agony of being kneed in the crotch. But I saw this lack of
equipment as the perfect opportunity. During the next play in which a
pileup occurred, I reached down and gently squeezed one of Dylan's balls.
He yelped a little and looked at me questioningly.

"Now you see the importance of a cup. A defensive end on the other team
wouldn't be so gentle." I told him.

He nodded, then grinned that impish little grin of his and said, "I'll get
you, watch out, I'll get you."

The next play he blocked me, as was his assignment, but he caught me by
surprise when he reached down with one hand and squeezed my crotch. He
didn't squeeze my nuts, he actually grabbed my dick!

"Oh no you don't." I gasped, and grabbed him on the next play.

We did this back and forth, groping each other back and forth. We both
got hard, but were able to keep that fact unnoticed. The other coaches
didn't mind our play (of course, they couldn't see what was REALLY going
on) as long as we didn't bother the other boys. Dylan was the best, of
course, he knew exactly what to do.

After that drill was over, practice broke up. I drove Dylan home, where
his mom was waiting. He had left his football stuff off at my house, so
he didn't undress in front of me this time. Of course, his mother was
there, too. He gave me a great big hug and went into his house.

The next day, I stopped at the sporting goods store before I picked up
Dylan. I bought him a Youth size Medium jock and cup. I had to guess at
the size, but I was pretty sure I was correct.

As now was usual, Dylan gave me a great big hug when I picked him up from
school. As soon as we got to my house, I told him I had a present for
him. He jumped for joy.

"What is it, Matt? What did you get me?"

"Close your eyes and I'll give it to you." I said.

He did, and I got the cup out of the bag. It was already in the jockstrap
when I gave it to him.

"ALL RIGHT, a SLINGSHOT!" he said as I busted out laughing. I corrected
him and told him it was an athletic supporter and a cup.

"Oh, sorry." he said embarrassedly, with that impish little grin that I

"Do you know how to put it on?" I asked.

"No, not really." was his reply.

"I didn't think so, most boys your age don't. Take off your clothes and
I'll show you how. You'll need to take off even your underwear." I added
a bit nervously.

Would my little plan work? I waited breathlessly......

And with that, Dylan did. Stripping in front of me seemed perfectly
natural to him. He peeled off his shirt and shorts, then slipped his
hands in the waistband of his little underoos and pushed them to his feet.
When he stood up, he was standing before me perfectly naked. His chest
was quite developed, I knew that already from practice. On his stomach,
there was still a slight trace of baby fat. And his dick was perfect, it
was cut, the little head perfectly attached to the tiny shaft. His balls
were very tight and pulled up close against his body. I could tell
simply by looking at him that puberty would not lay its evil hands on him
for several years. I would be able to enjoy this boy for a relatively
long time.

After staring at him for what seemed like forever, I jumped back to life
and got the jock strap and showed him how to put it on. As I did so, my
hand ended up on his little bare ass. Its skin was truly as soft as that
of a baby. I squeezed softly and felt all muscle. I thought about how I
was going to love eating this little "rump roast" one day, but not today.
I'd have to go slow and steady to make sure I didn't force him or scare

"Now that you see how to wear it, take it off and put it on yourself." I
told him.

He did as I watched. As he removed the jock, I thought his dick looked a
bit bigger, but knew it was probably just my imagination. He put it back
on, then removed it again. I was kneeling down so I could see. Naked, he
gave me a big hug .

"Thanks for the gift, Matt."

As he hugged me, his little dick pressed up against my stomach. I knew
this was the day, a day we both would remember. And apparently, so did

When he stopped hugging me, he jumped up and laid down on the bed, still
buck naked. I laid down beside him. I slowly started to massage his ass.

"Oh, Dylan, you are so beautiful." was all I could say. "Do you know
that? You're really gorgeous. Honestly."

"I like you a lot, Matt. You make me feel so special. And I can do
things with you, and tell things to you, that I wouldn't dare do or tell
anyone else, not even my mom."

"I know Dylan. Our relationship is very special. We aren't just friends,
it is much more than that."

"Yea." was all he said as we laid quietly for a few more minutes.

It was Dylan who broke the silence.

"Uh........can you take yours off to? I don't mind, really. Actually, I
kinda want you to." he said very quietly.

I could hear a bit of embarrassment in his voice. The boy had at least
some idea what was happening and accepted it. Kids are sexualized earlier
now than ever, and he apparently was getting ready for this.

I quickly, and clumsily, took off my clothes. I laid back down facing
Dylan, my raging hard on gently touching his leg.

"Thanks, Dylan. This is much better."

We lay there silently for a few minutes while I simply ran my hands
through his lush head of blond hair.

"You've really got a really big wee-wee...uh, I mean dick. I've never
seen one so big before. Mine is so puny."

"No," I replied, "it's just that you are a little boy. When you get
bigger, so will your dick. And mine's hard, too. That's why it's so

"Yea, I know."

Dylan hesitated a moment, then he said, "You want to do it to me, don't

"Why do you say that sweetheart?" I replied, his question catching me off

"Because your dick is hard, and I've heard older boys joke in the bathroom
about what that means. Mom also gave me this stupid book about sex, so I

"Does your dick ever get hard?" I asked.

"Yea, sometimes in the morning."

"Do you ever play with it?" I continued my questions.

"Not really. I touch it sometimes, but I don't really know what to do."

And then he asked me again, "Do you want to do 'it' to me?"

"Do what to you?" I asked to see what he really knew.

"Uh ...well.....I don't know......IT!"

And then it really dawned on me, "You really don't know what boys do
together to make each other feel good, do you?"

"No, not really. Will you show me?"

I couldn't believe my ears.

"Are you sure you want this?" I gently asked.

"I think so. I am a bit scared, but this is all so strange and new."

"That's normal. You can say STOP at any time, and I will. OK?"

" do it to me. DO IT NOW, MATT!" he yelled and giggled at the
same time.

I took my hand and touched his little dick. I had already decided a hand
job was all for today, there would be so many other days for other things.
I touched his silky head and felt his rod begin to come to life.

"Wow, that tickles. But, it really feels good." he said softly to me.

I then went and felt his little balls. They were the size of marbles. I
felt each, then noticed the boy's sex rod was now standing a full
attention. It was just right, three inches long and stood up perfectly
straight. It was beautiful. I grasped it and starting stroking up and
down. Dylan soon started to wiggle around on the bed.

"Yea, Matt, " he moaned, "do it to me."

I continued to jerk the little boy off. His little dick was so very hot.
I noticed that he started to move his hips in tempo with my hands and I
knew he must be getting close.

"Don't worry, Dylan, everything is going to be OK." I reassured him.
"Your body is going to feel better than ever in just a few minutes." From
other experiences, I know that some boys get scared at the approach of
their first orgasm and I didn't want this to happen to Dylan.

He relaxed and I kept going. His hips were going faster and faster.
Then, it happened.

"Matt, I'm going to pee.....I'M GOING TO PEE, MATT! OHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

And with that he came in my hand. I held firm to his little dick as I
felt it spasm in my hand. It was dry, but I'm sure it didn't feel any
less intense.

After he was spent, I laid down beside him and slowly starting stroking my
own hard dick. I was smiling at him as he opened his eyes.

"My god, Matt, that was, like, totally awesome."

"I know, Dylan. I love you and wanted to share that with you."

"I love you, too, Matt." he whispered as he pecked me on the cheek.

Dylan ran his hands over my body as I jacked myself off. I'm not an ape,
but I have a little bit of hair on my body. Dylan was fascinated by this
and played with the hair on my stomach and crotch.

"Matt, are you going to squirt the sperm?"

"You mean, shoot off? Yes, Dylan, all men do."

"Will you tell me when, Matt?"

"OK" I said as I continued to jack off. I could see Dylan's little dick
and smell the sweet smell of his little boy body. It didn't take me long.
I told Dylan about five seconds before I exploded.

I shot four blasts in the air and onto my stomach. Dylan watched in
amazement. He rubbed a finger in my cum and tasted it.

"Not bad." he said, and burst out laughing.

I grabbed my boy and pulled him on top of me. Totally relaxed, we fell
asleep, him laying on top of me, my hands cradling his beautiful ass.

We woke later as Bob's cat came jumping up on the bed to see who was
sleeping in the middle of the afternoon. And it was just in time, too.
We had just enough time to shower and clean up before Dylan's mom came by
to pick him up.

Shortly thereafter Bob came home from work. He told me he had come home
earlier, but had heard our noises and left. I thanked him, then told him
all about the afternoon. He was really happy for me as he slipped out of
his clothes and pulled me close to him.

That night I couldn't help but think how lucky I was. I had two lovers,
and had made love with both of them in the same bed on the same afternoon.

Chapter 3 - The First Game

It was the afternoon before our first game. All the boys seemed excited
and anxious at practice. Dylan was no exception. For the first time I
noticed he had trouble paying attention. We (the coaches) knew this would
happen, so we concentrated on just the basics. We practiced mostly punt
and kickoff procedures, a simple mistake on covering a punt can easily
lead to an opponent's touchdown. We also made sure that everybody knew
what position they were going to play, especially on special teams.
Chris, our quarterback, took a lot of practice snaps, most of the passes
going to Dylan. We hoped to surprise the other team by passing lots to
our tight end.

Practice ended early and we told the boys to make sure they got a good
night's sleep. I had to drill this into my own mind as well, as Dylan was
spending the weekend with me, his first time sleeping over. After
practice, Dylan and I went and had a nice meal. The boy could pack away
almost as much food as I could, which is a good bit. We left the
restaurant and headed home to spend our first night together.

We decided to watch TV when we got home. I laid down on the couch, and
Dylan laid on top of me. I had been watching him every afternoon for two
weeks now, this position seemed totally natural. I was happy to see that
WTBS was having a Brady Bunch Marathon, I'm a huge Brady Bunch fan.
Dylan and I watch it every afternoon together. I also admit, I have this
strong fetish for Bobby Brady, I have had for years. Once I told Dylan that
I thought Bobby was really cute, but that he was cuter. He just giggled.

During those first two weeks we had played some sex games, but nothing ever
more than hand jobs. We didn't do it everyday, but at least several times
each week. Dylan did really enjoy it, he often would start things. He
had learned to jack me off and liked to make me "squirt the sperm." If
he wanted to, I never stopped him.

I had decided that this weekend though, it was time for things to
progress. I didn't know how far, but I really wanted to blow him. I had
decided that his response to that would control exactly where we went

About 9:00, I suggested he go take his bath. He got up, then asked me to
help him. I followed him into the bathroom where he was undressing. As I
started to run the water I looked over at him as he took off his
underwear. He was so beautiful, and so hard. I knew he wanted to fool
around, but I decided not tonight, he needed to be fresh for tomorrow's

I lifted him up, put him in the tub, and started to bathe him. I washed
his back, his arms, his chest and his stomach. I told him to stand up.
His little cock was still very hard at attention, I looked at it but did
not touch. I washed his legs very thoroughly, then turning him around, I
washed his butt, running a soapy finger up his crack. He giggled a little
when I touched his little pucker hole for the first time. I turned him
around again, and finally washed his crotch, slowly taking his little
balls into my hands, then working on his hard little dick. He was quite
surprised when I did, in fact, just wash him, and then told him to get out
and dry off without jerking him off.

"We can have lots of fun tomorrow AFTER the game, but tonight you need to
get your rest." I tried to reassure him, "Tell you what, Bob is out of
town this weekend (I had made a special request of him to leave), we can
play around all day tomorrow after the game if you want (I sure did), but
tonight you need to get some rest so you can KICK SOME BUTT tomorrow at
the game!"

"OK.............but first you have to let ME wash YOU"

I wasn't expecting this, but was very pleased. I quickly striped down as
he dried off. He washed me, the only other person he had every bathed.
He seemed to rub his hand threw the hair on my chest and pubes an extra
long time. He did give my dick a few jerks, but quit when I looked at
him somewhat sternly. I never thought I would EVER tell a boy to stop,
but here I was, telling him to forget it.

He turned me around, as I had done to him, and washed my butt. He giggled
as he slid his finger into my crack. As he touched my hole, I shuddered.
He then really caught me off guard when he drove his finger up into my
ass. He stopped, and giggled heartily, when he had one finger in past his
first knuckle.

"That's enough, kiddo," I said as I got out of the water. I hugged him
close to me.

"But tomorrow's going to be fun" he whispered.

I couldn't help but smile as I realized the love that I had for this boy,
and that he shared that love back with me.

"Now it's bedtime," I told him, "For you, the couch folds out into a bed."

He looked at me hurt, "You mean I can't sleep with you?" I even thought I
saw a small tear.

I could hardly hold back my own giggling.

"Of course you can baby, I was just joking."

And with that I picked him up and carried him into my bed. I was glad Bob
had gone away for the weekend. I'm sure he probably wanted to stay and
watch, but not THIS weekend. I didn't want to scare off Dylan.

Dylan snuggled up next to me as we lay in bed. My dick, which by now was
as hard as Dylan's had been earlier, was resting between his legs. His
hard little dick was poking me in my belly. As we lay there, Dylan
started to hump me a little.

"Dylan, you really need to go to sleep"

"I know, but I'm just so excited about tomorrow, and about tonight."

"Well, try to go to sleep. I'll help you relax a little, but no humping.
We'll play those games tomorrow AFTER your football games."

He mumbled something about OK, and lay still. His arms were around my
chest and his head was resting on my neck. I reached around and pulled
him tight. I started to slowly massage his thighs, his back, and his
butt. I could feel his breathe against my neck getting slower and slower
as I continue my massage. Half awake, half asleep, Dylan turned his head
and kissed me.

"I love you, Matt."

"I love you, too, Dylan"

Soon he was sound asleep. I continued to rub his butt, but started to
drift to sleep myself. Several times I found my finger right at his
little pucker hole, oh how badly I wanted to go in it, but decided that
could wait until tomorrow. Soon, too, I wa s fast asleep.


Don't ask me much about the game, I really don't remember. We won, Dylan
scored two touchdowns. My memory of the game is drowned out by the
memories of the events that followed.

For our victory meal, the team all went to Pizza Hut. We all had a great
time, but Dylan was pushing for us to leave early. Either this lad knew
that something special was about to occur, or he was incredibly horny. I
soon found out: both.

When we got home, Dylan literally ran into the bedroom. When I got there,
he was lying on the bed, his shirt was already off, and he was working on
his shoes. I started to undress too. Soon we were both naked, laying
side by side on the bed.

I started to tickle him. He giggled and squirmed around on the bed. Then
he jumped up and ran out into the house. I pretended to chase him, I
would almost catch him, but then I'd let him slip away. Finally, I
thought I had him trapped for real against the back sliding doors. I was
wrong, when, all of a sudden, Dylan grabbed the door handle, slid open the
door and ran into the backyard, still, strip stark naked. We live in a
fairly wooded area, and the neighbor's house is a ways away, so I knew no
one was liable to see him. Quickly I shut the door and locked it. I then
went and got a glass of ice tea and sat down to watch TV. When Dylan
realized I had locked him out of the house, he started yelling and banging
on the door. I ignored him for a while, but after a couple of minutes, I
went and let him in.

"Come here you crazy kid." I said as I opened up the door. He jumped into
my arms, wrapping his arms and legs around me.

I carried him back into the bedroom. It was time for us to become lovers.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I laid down beside him on the bed. Neither one of us were laughing
anymore, Dylan could sense something special was going to happen. We
starred into each other's eyes.

"Dylan, you know we are very special friends."

"Yea, I know."

"I bet I'm the only person who you let play with your dick."

"Yea, and I like it a lot. It feels really good."

"I know Dylan," as I kissed him softly on the lips, "But there are other
things that two guys who really like each other can do together, guys you
actually love each other. And, Dylan, these things are even better. They
are special things only two people can share, but only if they really
love each other."

"You mean, like fags do?" he asked very softly and a little embarrassed.
But I could tell he was breathing heavier and beginning to sweat just a

"Yea, if you want to call them that. But 'fags' are really only two guys
who really love each other. Nothing wrong with two people loving each
other is there?"

"No, I guess not."

This was followed by a long period of silence. Finally, I put my hand
carefully on Dylan's thigh.

"Dylan, I love you." I said softly.

"Matt, I love you, too. Are we fags?" he answered.

"Maybe, maybe not. I'm not really sure. But no one has to know how we
feel about each other."

"Good," he replied.

Dylan hesitated for a minute, then said, "Do you want to do those other
things you were talking about?"

"Yes, Dylan, yes I do. More than anything. Please, I know that you will
like it"

I was so horny, he HAD to say yes.

"I know I will too, Matt," was all he said, "Now, do it to me."

And with that it was final. There was no turning back. We were about to
become lovers, and we were finally going to truly make love.

"Just relax and do whatever feels natural." I instructed.

I kissed him hard on his lips. He kissed me back passionately and grabbed
my head. I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue against his mouth. He
opened his mouth and my tongue entered. He moaned as we began to french
kiss. I pulled him tight to me. We were rubbing our dicks against each
other. Dylan was making love to me as passionately as I was making love
to him. Finally he withdrew.

"What else can we do?" he asked.

"Well, we can lick and suck on each other, especially on our dicks.
That's called a blow job and feels really really good. Some people also
like to play with the other's guy butt."

"You know.....uh...."

I could tell he was embarrassed.

"Go ahead baby, there is nothing to be embarrassed about with me."

"Have you it up......there?" he asked very softly.

"Oh, you mean fucking? Yes, I've done it. Where did you learn about
something like that?"

"I've heard guys joking about it in the bathroom at school. Isn't it

"I don't think so, in fact, I like it"

"Matt, do you want to make 'love' to me now?"

"Dylan, are you sure you want me to?"

"Yes Matt, I want you to make me feel better than I've ever felt."

With that I bent down and started kissing his little chest. I sucked each
of his nipples making them stand erect. The boy just laid there with his
eyes closed, enjoying all of these new sensations. Slowly I began to lick
down his stomach, tracing little paths with my tongue to his belly
button. He had not showered after the game, and his scent was extremely
strong. But it wasn't a stink, rather it was just that beautiful smell of
pure boy.

Finally, I couldn't hold back any longer. I grabbed the base of his hard
dick and shoved it into my mouth.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" he yelled as I engulfed his hard on in my mouth.

I was finally doing what I'd wanted to do since I had first meet this
perfect little boy at practice all those weeks ago. I started sucking his
dick up and down, squirreling my tongue along as I went. Dylan was
whining, panting, grasping for air, squirming all over the bed. This boy
is really getting into this, I thought, as I took just the little purple
cut head into my mouth and sucked hard. He yelled out in pleasure again,
and started bucking his hips as I sucked him up and down. I followed his
bucking, allowing only the head of his dick to stay in my mouth. His
whole body was red and glistening with sweat. I knew this boy had never
experienced anything like this and I didn't want it to end too fast.

After a few minutes of just working the head, I resumed sucking Dylan's
entire dick, I knew how sensitive the head is sometimes, and I didn't want
him to have a heart attack. I moved off his dick and onto that little
sack beneath his dick, taking both of his little "marbles" into my mouth.
I sucked them as he continued to whine. My mind drifted to his friends, I
wondered what they would do to experience what he was experiencing right

By now, Dylan was really heaving his hips rhythmically and I knew he was
getting close. But I didn't want it to stop just yet. I got up, moved to
the foot of the bed, and rolled him over onto his stomach. He opened an
eye and gave me a big smile. He watched back over his shoulder as I
started playing with his butt. I spread his cheeks apart and ran my
finger up and down the crack.

"I can see your butt hole." I told him.

He giggled. I bent closer and starting to slick up his crack with my
tongue. He began to giggle really hard.

"Ohhh, isn't that nasty?" he asked.

"I don't think there is anything about you that could possibly be nasty,
kiddo. Doesn't it feel good?"

"Yea, it feels great. But I just thought you would think it was nasty
down there"

With that I resumed tonguing his ass. I drove my tongue deep, swirling it
around his little pucker hole. Slowly he began to relax and I was able to
press my tongue inside his hole.

Dylan almost went hysterical with this.

"You've got your tongue inside my butt hole." he managed to get out
between bursts of laughter.

I continued to drive my tongue in and out, soon I could not possibly go
any deeper. One thing I do love about young boys is how easily they
loosen up. Young boys are much easier to loosen up than grown men, I
know, I sleep with one of each.

Finally I decided it was time to finish Dylan off for now. I rolled him
back over onto his back. His little dick was still standing straight up,
and I took it into my mouth once again. He moaned loudly as I did. As I
sucked his little three incher, I put my finger up near his mouth. He
understood what to do, and immediately started sucking it. When it was
nice and wet, I took it and slowly put it up his ass. He was tight, but I
sensed no pain. I found his little prostrate, only about the size of a
pea, and played with it.

Soon he was fucking my mouth hard, and I knew he was ready. I felt his
sphincter squeeze tight around my finger, followed seconds later by spasms
in his dick. He yelled out in ecstasy so loud that I thought for a moment
he was going to have a heart attack. His climax seemed to last ten
minutes, but I knew it was probably only ten or fifteen seconds. As soon
as he started to relax, I withdrew my finger from his butt, and my mouth
from his dick.

I laid down beside him and waited for him to return from Nirvana. His
body was still bright red and wet from sweat. Combined with his football
sweat, his odor was unbelievable, all boy, every bit of it.

Slowly I began to notice his senses coming back to him. I was smiling at
him as he opened his eyes.

"Oh my god, Matt," he gasped, "Wow!"

"I know, Dylan. I know"

"Matt, I love you."

"I love you, too, Dylan."

We lay there quietly for a few moments when suddenly Dylan sat up and
said, "My turn."

He bent down and started to suck on my dick. He wasn't as good as I was,
but I wasn't going to complain. I believe boys naturally know how to suck
dick, but Dylan was actually much better than even I expected. He gagged
a few times, but kept on going.

"Breathe through you nose and try to relax your throat." I added

He did and the gagging ceased. He could only take a little over one half
my dick, but that was a good enough for me today. My dick is a little
bigger than most, about 7 and one half or 8 inches, so I knew it would
take him awhile to learn to handle all of it.

He did get a good rhythm going and started really getting into it. He
then reached down and stuck his finger up my ass. He really didn't know
what to do with it, but the mere thought of his finger in my ass, and his
mouth on my dick, drove me crazy and brought me right to the edge.

"I'm going to squirt" I managed to yell to Dylan as I was swimming in his

He never let up, as I was praying he wouldn't do, but I felt I had to warn
him. With that, there was not stopping me, and I exploded into his
mouth. He gagged for a second and was able to hold just the head of my
cock in his mouth. He continued sucking on it as I shot my sperm deep
into his little throat. It felt so wonderful.

But then, he continued to suck on my dick and wouldn't stop. After I cum,
the head of my dick gets real sensitive, and as he continued to suck on
it, I started to squirm around and yell, "Oh Dylan, OH DYLAN, Stop it,
PLEASE, it hurts, it feels so good, it hurts, Stop it, I can't stand it,

He was laughing at me as I begged him, but he continued to suck on my raw
penis. I was afraid he had a little sadistic streak in him, but then I
realized he was just getting me back for locking him outside earlier in
the day.

Finally he let go of my dick and laid down beside me again. I pulled him
up close and whispered in his ear, "I love you, Dylan. I love you so

"I know, Matt." he answered, "I love you, too. And I love sucking your
dick, and having you suck mine."

"So do I kid, so do I."

We lay there together for a few minutes when I rolled over and looked at
the clock. Just to think, all of that, and it was still only three
o'clock in the afternoon...............

Chapter Four - Later that Afternoon

Yes, indeed, it had been an eventful afternoon, and we still had all
evening and night to make the day even more memorable. The fun had really
just started, and I wasn't ready for it to stop.

Dylan and I laid naked in bed in the post coital bliss of after glow. We
just lay there, smiling, talking, gently caressing each other's body.
Neither one of us had stayed soft very long after cumming, and our
hard-ons were raging once again.

I had been stroking Dylan's great ass for awhile when I turned to him and
said, "You know what we're doing is very special, don't you, Dylan?"

"Yea, it's like nothing I've ever done before. It's even really different
from when we've fooled around before."

"I know," I replied, "Do you know what all this means?"

"No, it's all so new."

"It means we're now lovers." I told him. "You do want to be my lover
don't you?"

"Yea" he said with a smile as we embraced again.

We started kissing passionately once again. This boy was a great kisser,
and learned quickly exactly what to do with his little tongue. This
really excited me, especially since I love to kiss, but Bob's not really
into it. Dylan kissed me just as passionately as I kissed him. Some
people may say that it is impossible for a boy to understand and enjoy sex
as much as a man does, but they are wrong. They obviously have never meet
Tommy or Dylan.

We kissed for probably five or ten minutes. Dylan had his hands on my
head, but I continued to play with his butt. I had his cheeks spread
apart and was toying with his little pucker hole. I could feel it loosen
and tighten rhythmically, as if inviting me in. But my fingers never
penetrated his hole. This entire time, Dylan was humping his little dick
against my stomach. I was in heaven.

Finally Dylan withdrew from kissing me and said, "You want to do that to
me, don't you Matt?"

"Do what baby, " I answered, hoping he was thinking what I was thinking.

"You know.....f-f-fuck me."

My mind screamed out HELL YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!, but I tried to be a
little more calm with Dylan.

"Yes, Dylan, I really do. Fucking is the greatest thing two people who
love each other can do together."

"But your dick is SO big, won't it hurt?"

"Not really. You might be a little sore, but it really doesn't hurt bad
if it's done right. Have I EVER hurt you, Dylan?"

"No, I guess not."

The silence that followed was finally broken by Dylan, "You can do it if
you want to."

"Are you sure?" I replied, "We don't have to, especially not today. It
would be OK, Dylan."

"No, Matt, I want you to fuck me. Please Matt, I love you."

He said that with that grin that always drives me crazy. This boy really
did love me and was willing to give me his little butt to prove it. I
rolled him over on his stomach and got started.

"Just relax, the most important thing you can do is just relax. If you
don't, it can really hurt."

I started by running my tongue up and down his anxious, waiting ass. His
hole had already relaxed from me playing with it during our kissing, so my
tongue drove straight in, past his little sphincter.

"OOHHHH." Dylan moaned.

I started to fuck him with my tongue. My face was deeply embedded in his
crack, my tongue was as deep inside him as it could go. I made sure to
rub my tongue around the sides of his ass, getting them as wet as
possible. I am always amazed me how I never taste, or even smell, shit
when I'm having sex, who knows why.

I leaned up, wetted a finger, and inserted it into his little ass. My
finger slid right in without a bit of resistance. Dylan giggled. I was
surprised at how much my tongue had loosened him up. My index finger slid
in and out with ease as I finger-fucked him. I had it in to almost the
second knuckle before I felt any resistance. I didn't sense any pain on
Dylan's part, he just continued to relax as I had told him. God, this kid
trusted me. I had to be so careful and not hurt him. I withdrew my
finger and got the tube of KY and my little three inch dildo out of the

Dylan saw my little toy and started to laugh.

"Do you like my little toy, Dylan?" I asked.

"Yea, who'd you cut it off of?"

I laughed and explained what it was. I tickled him a little and watched
him squirm around on the bed. God, he was so beautiful.

I got the tube of KY out and opened it up.

"What's that?" Dylan asked.

"It's something to make you really slippery, it makes fucking more

He accepted that explanation and started to play with my little three inch
dildo. He put it up to his mouth and started to suck on it. He could
take all of it, which he could not do with my real cock. At least, not
yet that is.

Dylan giggled as I spread his cheeks and spread the lube all over his

"You like that you little gigglebox, don't you?" I asked.

"Yea, it tickles"

"Good", I said as I finished his crack.

I got a good gob of lube on one finger and began spreading the lube inside
Dylan's hole. I made sure I coated the sphincter real good. I guess I
spread almost a half tube of jelly over and inside the kid. I wanted to
make sure the kid was well greased and wouldn't get hurt.

I then coated two of my fingers and slide them into Dylan's ass. Dylan
moaned slightly as I did. The two fingers slid in even easier than I
imagined. I then tried to get the tips of three fingers in. It was
tight, but I got them in, almost to the first knuckle. By this time I
realized I could forget using the three incher on Dylan, I was going in

"Are you ready, Dylan?" I asked once more.

"Yea, I am" he replied, but I could sense the nervousness in his voice.

"If you are scared, we don't have to do it."

"I am a little, but I want to. Go ahead, Matt, fuck me."

Again, his little smile that melts my heart returned. I knelt on my knees
and let Dylan lube up my dick. He enjoyed rubbing the slippery goo on my
raging tool, almost too much, I had to stop him or I would have cum right

I laid Dylan on his back and lifted his legs into the air, like a baby
being changed. Being able to clearly see his little rose blossom, I took
a Polaroid picture of it, I wanted both of us to remember what his little
virgin ass looked like.

With him in this position, I scooted up to him. He felt my dick touch his
hole and he said, "I'm ready."

I told him he could say stop at any time and I would. I then pushed
slightly forward. His hole gave instantly at first, and then clamped

"Push out like you are trying to shit." I instructed.

He did, and I felt his muscles open up. I slid in just a very little bit,
and stopped so he could get used to me. I was trying very hard not to
hurt my little boy. We repeated this process, and I was able to get my
head about half way in.

"Dylan, when I tell you to, give me one big push. It may be sore for a
second, but it won't last long."

"OK" he said easily. This kid was really trying to please me.

Catching my breath, I yelled, "NOW."

I felt him exhale and forcefully push out. I pushed in just enough to get
my head in, it glided in, fairly smoothly, and with a "pop" was all the
way in. Dylan whimpered for a moment and as I shoved it in.

"Oh God, Dylan," I asked, earnestly concerned, "Are you all right?"

"Yea" he squeaked, "it really doesn't hurt now, not that much."

I could feel his sphincter spasm, trying to relax. I just stayed where I
was until it began to calm down.

"Just remember to relax" I told him hopefully.

As I stayed there, kneeling before Dylan, letting him get used to the huge
foreign object up his cute little ass. The more he relaxed, the more I
began to see his own little dick begin to throb and come back to life.

"You can go on now." he finally said.

"Here, let's try it this way."

I moved around, carefully lifted him up, and sat down on the bed with him
sitting on my lap, the head of my dick still inside his ass.

"Now you take as much as you want, as slow as you need." I instructed

Dylan was now facing me, and I studied his face as he worked to take all
of my 7 and a half inches in his butt. I watched his angelic face make
weird faces, as he tried to get me all the way in. There was some pain,
but he definitely wanted me, and worked hard to allow me to enter.

Deciding to try to divert is mind, I pulled his face to me and started to
kiss him. He loved to kiss, and his mind seemed to shift from his ass to
his lips. My dick entered more naturally now that he was not totally
focused on it, slowly but surely I felt it go in. Finally I felt the soft
skin of his cheeks on my pubes and I knew I was all the way in. I and my
little lover were now one.

"You did it Dylan, you got it all the way in." I panted, enjoying the
undescribable pleasure of being in his ass. Dylan reached a hand back and
felt my dick engrossed in his ass.

He smiled at me and said, "It really kinda feels good."

Dylan was so very tight. His ass was also extremely wet. It felt as if
bolts of lighting were flashing up and down my dick as I started to really
fuck him.

"Does it feel good, Matt?" he asked, wanting reassurance and praise.


Actually I tell all the boys that, but with Dylan it was REALLY true. He
had the wettest and tightest ass I've ever fucked.

I began to slowly pump my dick up and down. Dylan giggled and pulled
close to me, so his dick could rub against my stomach. I began to fuck
Dylan harder and faster.

"Turn around Dylan." I told him. With that he was able to get just a
little more of me into him. I was fucking him vigorously now and he was
bouncing up and down as he rode my cock.

"I feel like a cowboy!" Dylan giggled. I noticed he DID resemble a cowboy
on a bucking bull, I was really bouncing him up and down.

"Ride 'em cowboy!!" I was able to pant.

Dylan laughed and continued to jump up and down on my dick. He pretended
to grab a lasso and whirl it over his head.

"Yeeha" he yelled.

We were really having a great time, but I was really getting close.

"OH GOD, DYLAN," I yelled, "This feels great. I'm about to cum"

With that, he fucked me ever harder. I couldn't take any more.

"OH DYLAN, I LOVE YOU." I yelled out as I erupted my hot jism up inside
his warm, wet ass. I drove in so deep I thought I could feel him breath
on it.

"Yea, MATT, come on. Come all in me." he responded as he kept on humping
up and down.

When I had finished cumming, I grabbed him, spun him around, still sitting
on my dick, pulled him tight to me, and kissed him long and deep. I then
fell back on the bed.

"God," I thought, "I love this kid."

We lay there awhile, gently kissing while I recovered. Dylan was a master
now at working his tongue in my mouth and I just lay there and let him do
it. He was also humping away on my stomach. I remembered he hadn't got
his rocks off since his first blow job earlier in the afternoon, so I knew
he was really probably ready to go again.

I leaned up and said, "Dylan, do you want to fuck me?"

"I do, but I don't know how" he said, almost pouting.

"That's OK, I'll show you."

"OK!!" he gleamed at me, and flashed that patented little smile of his. I
swear that smile could win a million dollars from a beggar.

I laid down and placed two pillows under my back. I spread my legs over
my head, and said, "Can you see my butt hole, baby?"

"Yea," he giggled, "it just winked at me."

"It's all yours, honey, go for it"

Giggling, he drove his fingers into my ass, not one but two. I told him
to wet them first. He sucked them in his mouth, and then shoved them in
my ass again. He wasn't very gentle, but after sleeping with Bob, I am
fairly loose anyway.

"Dylan, put your wee-wee in me. I want you to really fuck me. It will
feel good, you will like it."

Trusting me, he maneuvered his dick to my butt. I rested my legs on his
shoulders and guided his dick with my hand. He jammed it in rather fast,
and started pumping away.

"Wow, Matt. It's so wet. I love it!"

"I knew you would. It feels pretty good on this end, too."

He fucked me faster and faster. I could feel his little balls banging
against my ass. Dylan's laughter was replaced by his panting.

"Fuck me Dylan. Fuck me hard."

I love boys who fuck hard. Their dicks are so little they can't hurt you
and I love to see them enjoy it.

"Come on, Matt, make me cum. Yeah"

I knew he was getting really close.

"Come on Dylan, fuck me." I yelled back. "Cum inside me Dylan, fuck me

He was fucking me with every bit of force his little body could muster.
He started whining loudly, "uh....uh,uh.....UH......UHHHHHHHH"

Shouting at the top of his lungs, he shoved his dick hard into me and fell
on my chest. His little dick popped out of my ass, but he just lay there,
gasping for air. He was a thousand miles past Nirvana, I hugged him and
held him close.

When he returned to earth, he kissed me on the neck.

"Oh my god, Matt. It was.....oh my god...." was all he could pant.

"Shhh, baby. I know, I know." I whispered.

We lay there, two lovers who had given each other all there was to give of
themselves. I could feel his heart beating as he lay there on top of me.
It was perfect.

"Matt," Dylan looked up and asked, "Can we do it again?"

"In a little bit, my love, in a little bit. We need to wait a bit, or we
might have a heart attack."

"I think I've already had about a million, billion, zillion. Can we do it
EVERY afternoon?????"

"You bet, know, I think you are a better tight end in bed
than you are in the field"

"Yea, but my end's not as tight anymore." he giggled.

I laughed and started to tickle him all over. We rolled around on the bed
laughing and screaming.

What a night we were going to have.......................................

Chapter Five - ROAD TRIP !!!!

The biggest game of the year was quickly approaching. This would be more
than just a game, it would be an entire weekend. All the boys were really
pumped up, especially Dylan. (Of course, I was the one doing most of the
"pumping" with him.) It would be our only road trip of the year, and we
were even going out of state.

Over the years, this game had become a little rivalry, actually, quite a
big rivalry considering these were only nine and ten year old kids. To
these kids, the Chapel Hill-Charlottesville Community game was as big a
game, no, it was a BIGGER game, than the UNC-UVA game the same weekend.
The coaches of the two community teams had been friends years ago and had
set up this game. Each year the teams would take turns traveling to play
the opponent, and it would always occur during the weekend of the big
UNC-UVA college game. We always took the boys to the college game too,
but attending that game was the second biggest point of the trip.

The big Friday was finally here. We were picking the boys up directly
from school and hitting the road. We had rented two fifteen-passenger
vans to carry our group of thirty-one boys, three adults, and myself. We
had a trailer for the equipment, so the vans were really quite roomy. We
had had each boy bring his stuff to load the trailer the night before, so
by the time school got out we would be ready to go.

I heard the school bell ring and two seconds later our vans were quickly
surrounded by thirty-one screaming boys, all ready to go. We did a quick,
yet very thorough head count, and five minutes later we were on the road.
I had eight boys I would be in charge of, watching out for, counting, and
sleeping with. They rode in the same van as I did, and would be sharing
two connecting rooms with me. Of course, Dylan was one of these little

While Paul, one of the boy's fathers drove, I sat in the back with the
boys. All fifteen of them, my eight, plus the ones Paul would be in
charge of. I was seated in the very back bench, with Dylan sitting on my
lap. I had other wiggling, squirming little boys on each side of me.

"God," I thought, "I'm in heaven."

As we rode, I tried to help the boys with the little bit of homework they
had. Although third and fourth graders don't have much, we assured their
parents that each boy would complete any assignments they had for the
weekend. We (the coaches) always made it very clear to the boys and their
parents that school work always had to come first.

There actually was very little homework to be done, as I guessed there
would be. Mostly reading and math assignments, with a few other things
here and there. Luckily, they all had had a big spelling test earlier
that day, because trying to help fifteen frustrated boys with spelling
assignments would have been enough to drive me crazy.

The boys chugged away at their assignments. For the most part, trying to
write on a crowded, bumpy, moving van was more difficult than the work
itself. Dylan naturally sat on my lap while he read. He had started to
do his math (battling that dreaded arch enemy of all nine year olds -
FRACTIONS) when Chris, the quarterback, edged his way towards me. Chris
was a very good quarterback for a nine year old, but he had a tough time
reading. He was very good with numbers and math, but he couldn't get the
knack of reading. I knew he was in a special class for slow readers, and
that he often just looked at the examples in his math book instead of
reading the directions.

Chris had finished his math, but needed some help with his reading. As
Chris approached, Dylan got off my lap without me even asking him. It was
actually easier for him to do his math sitting on the seat. Chris climbed
up on my lap and started to read aloud quietly from his book, which was
only a few steps above "Dick and Jane." Even though this book was clearly
much easier than the other boys, it was extremely difficult reading for
Chris. He struggled with any word over two syllables, and half of the
words that were only two syllables. His constant sounding out of words
really embarrassed him, I could tell. To help him relax, I started,
almost unconsciously, to slowly rub his thighs, right below where his
shorts ended. It seemed to help him relax and his reading was going
better. I looked over at Dylan who had noticed my rubbing, and he shot be
back with his impish little smirk. He knew Chris would be sharing our
room, could Dylan also be contemplating the idea of a three way, and maybe
a four way?

By the time Chris was finished with his reading, the rest of the boys had
been done with their homework for some time. It was time for a rest stop.
Nine and ten year old bladders aren't too big to begin with, and their
owners can only stand to be locked up in a van for so long. We stopped at
a rest area on the Interstate and the boys went wild. They all fought to
get out of the van and ran to the bathrooms. I followed, being the good
adult that I was, someone needed to keep on eye on these boys. Lord knows
what kinds of perverted souls lurk in rest stop restrooms. Hell, I
personally can remember a certain cub scout troop at a rest stop near
Burlington about a year ago.....but that's another story for another

Anyway, I followed the boys into the restroom. This particular restroom
had about ten urinals on a wall, with no partitions between them. (My
favorite kind.) I knew in a minute, a casual glance up the line and I
would see a bunch of little wee-wees in the open. The boys started to take
spots behind each urinal. I stepped up to a urinal in the middle, with
Chris and Dylan on each side of me. Casually, I glanced up and down the
row, all I could see was nine little wee-wees. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.
Dylan caught me glancing around and started to giggle. I gently punched
him in the arm and said, "Shhhh." This kid had no doubt I was already
enjoying my weekend.

All too quickly the boys had relieved themselves and zipped back up. They
proceeded to go outside, some running around playing tag, while others hit
the pop machines, filling up their now empty bladders again. After a few
minutes to let them burn off some energy, it was time to herd the boys up
again. It was quite a job, count, count, and count again to make sure we
didn't leave anyone. Finally, we had them all and we hit the road again.

We got to Charlottesville just after dark. We went to a Pizza Hut and
pigged out, thirty one little boys really leaving a big mess. We left the
waitresses a very generous tip, but they earned every red cent of it. We
loaded the thirty one boys, now even more hyper with a sugar and caffeine
overdose from dinner, back into the vans and headed for the motel.

I was really beginning to look forward to the quickly approaching night. I
was in charge of eight boys, who, with myself, would be sharing two
connecting rooms This meant either three or four boys would be sharing my
room, with one or two of them having to sleep in my bed. No question,
this weekend held distinct possibilities, especially since Dylan was

We arrived at the Holiday Inn around 8:30. Ray, the head coach, and I
went in to register, leaving the boys in the vans with the other two
adults. We were having no trouble registering the mob, until the clerk
said, "I'm sorry, there seems to be a little mix up with your rooms." He
said it almost mechanically, without even looking up from the computer
screen. It seemed two of our rooms, which were connecting as requested,
had only one king size bed in them instead of two doubles. The clerk
apologized, but did offer us to connecting rooms with doubles, but they
were on a different floor. To use those, we would have to split up our
group, which we did not want to do.

Ray and I discussed our "dilemma" between ourselves. We really didn't
want to separate the group, so I graciously volunteered to take the two
rooms with the King size beds. While Ray and the other parents probably
wouldn't want to share their bed with four other squirming nine year olds,
I couldn't think of anything that would be better. With everyone in one
big bed, I knew that Dylan and I would be conducting a Sex Education class
before the weekend was over.

I went back to the van and told the boys the news. No one seemed to care,
except Dylan, who I knew was thinking exactly the same thing that I was.
This kid was truly a little sex machine stuck in high gear.

I gathered my eight boys and headed for the rooms. There was really never
any discussion about who would sleep with who. Four of the boys were
really close friends, Freddy and Joey (brothers), Blake and Josh. The
four of them lived near each other and had been friends virtually all
their lives. It was just automatically assumed that they would share a
room by themselves.

That left four boys who would share a room with me. Naturally there was
Dylan, as well as my new buddy, the quarterback, Chris. There was also
Sean, our punter. Sean was also a soccer player and was an extremely good
punter for a nine year old, why he could punt the ball an incredible
average of fifteen to twenty yards! Sean had thick curly brown hair and
brown eyes. He was always wearing his umbroos soccer shorts to practice,
with only a pair of little boy boxer shorts underneath. On many occasions
those shorts had given me an excellent view of his dick, which was uncut,
the only one I knew about on the team. Finally, there was Eric. Eric was
a ten year old and played wide receiver. He was relatively tall (about
the same as Dylan) with long arms and legs. Although he appeared gangly,
his long arms made him a good receiver, and he could really catch the
ball. Eric was one of, if not the most, quietest boys on the team. His
parents were older than all of the other parents, and he was extremely
well mannered.

I looked over the boys as we entered our room. They were definitely a
diverse group, but I was sure that they had one thing in common: they were
all going to have a weekend they would remember for a long time. And so
would I. Dylan and I had discussed it before the trip, and agreed that
these boys would be the best participants in a boy sex orgy if one was to

When we entered the room, the boys realized just how big a king size bed
was. There would be plenty of room for the five of us, with even some
room to spare, since I didn't intend to avoid physical contact. But
tomorrow was going to be a big day for the boys, and they needed some
sleep tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow NIGHT would even be bigger.

By the time we got the vans unloaded, the stuff out of the trailer, and
the boys into the rooms, it was past 8:45. I told the boys in my rooms
that they could watch TV or whatever for awhile, but they had to start
getting ready for bed and have lights out by 10:00. Our game was at 11:00
the next morning and the college game was at 4:00. I called the front
desk and asked for a 7:30 wake up call, hoping to have the boys dressed
and ready to go by 9:00.

So here I was, sitting in my room with four little sex gods, Dylan, Sean,
Chris, and Eric. I promised the boys in the other room that they could
keep the connecting door closed as long as they stayed in their room,
remained reasonably quiet, didn't break anything, and didn't burn the
hotel down. They seemed to like the freedom of their own room, but it
wasn't just for them, it was an essential part of my plan. An orgy of
four boys is much safer than an orgy of eight. I didn't need any of them
to go telling mom and dad what really went on in the motel. Besides, if
everything went along right, there would always be more time and more fun
in the future.

At 9:00 I got up and told the boys I was going to take a shower. I got a
towel and a pair of clean underpants and headed for the bathroom. I left
the bathroom door open a little, I wanted to make sure they could get me
if they really needed something, and I was hoping a boy might need to piss
while I was in the shower. Hopefully they would and I would get another
chance to see their little wee-wee as they peed in the toilet.

I undressed and got in the shower. I was taking my time, hoping the sound
of running water would have the desired affect on someone's little
bladder. After a few minutes, I heard the door open and I moved around so
I could look through the curtain and see the toilet. I started to get
hard while I was staring, excited about what I might see. I starred, but
no one came to the toilet.

"What gives?" I thought to myself.

Suddenly, the shower curtain opened and Dylan climbed into the shower with
me, stark naked, and hard as a rock!

"DYLAN!", I exclaimed, very surprised, "WHAT are your doing???"

"I thought you might need a hand with this." he said as he reached out and
grabbed my hardening dick.

"Well," I said as he knelt down in front of me, "be careful. We've got
company in the next room you know."

"How about if we do it with them?" he asked.

"Maybe, IF they want to. But, tonight, we've got to get some sleep. We
have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." I replied.

"OK," he sighed, "but we can have lots of fun TOMORROW night, RIGHT?"

"We'll see, Dylan, we'll see"

As Dylan started to stroke my erect cock, I started to wash his back. I
was soaping up the wash rag when I heard, "What are you guys doing in
there?" And with that, Chris poked his head around the curtain and looked
at us.

"We're taking a shower," Dylan simply answered.

"Together?!?" Chris asked, with a slight bit of disgust.

"Yep," was Dylan's only response.

Meanwhile I had pulled Dylan to his feet and was trying to stay behind him
in order to obstruct my raging hard-on from Chris's view.

"Oh, OK." was Chris's response as his head disappeared behind the shower
curtain. I thought that would be the end of it.

I was wrong.

"Mind if I join in?" Chris asked, as he pulled the curtain aside, and
stepped into the shower with us, his gorgeous naked nine year old boy body
fully exposed for my viewing.

Dylan smiled and knew that we were both thinking the same thing. I
continued to wash Dylan as he and Chris splashed around. By this time,
Chris's little dick had responded to the same feelings that Dylan and I
shared, and was rising to attention as ours already were. No mention was
made of their erections, but, my god, they were beautiful.

A few minutes later, we heard more noise in the bathroom, and Sean, the
punter, called out, "Is EVERYONE in the shower?"

"Yep" giggled both Chris and Dylan at the same time.

"Then make room for me!" he exclaimed, and another second later, another
naked nine year old was squeezing into our already crowded tub. Thank god
for a good hotel and a lot of hot water I thought, this is really getting
to be one long shower.

"Yours is different!" Dylan exclaimed as he looked at Sean's uncut dick.
From his loose fitting boxer shorts, I already knew what Sean's dick
looked like, but it was obvious that this was the first uncut dick that
Dylan had ever seen.

"He uncircumcised" I said, trying to act like an adult, while standing
naked with a hard-on in a shower with three naked nine year olds. "Most
boys in the US are 'cut' at birth, but some are not."

"Where's his dick head?" Chris asked.

"Oh, it's here, underneath." Sean said, as he reached down and pulled his
foreskin back to show his little purple knob.

"Cool!" Dylan exclaimed, "let me try that." And with that he reached out
and a started to stroke Sean up and down.

Sean closed his eyes and leaned back against the shower wall. Obviously
new to the experiences he was feeling in his crotch, he just leaned back
and enjoyed the well trained hands of young Master Dylan do their thing.
Soon, Sean dick's responded as expected, and another nine year old with a
raging hard-on was standing in our mists.

While we were going over our "anatomy" lessons, we had failed to notice
the curtain slide open again. As we turned around, there stood Eric, shy
as he was, still in his underwear. But the sight was getting to him, for
even as he kept his hand covering his crotch, the front of his underwear
was definitely tenting out with what promised to be a really nice little
hard-on. He was, after all, a year older, and a year bigger.

"Either climb in and join us, or close the curtain. You are getting the
floor all wet." I said matter of factly to Eric.

"Oh, I don't know." Eric replied.

"Come on in, the water's fine!" Chris called out.

"Yeah, come on in!" shouted Dylan.

Sean was still just enjoying Dylan's hands on his very erect hard-on to
respond with anything.

"Well.......ok....." said Eric. And he climbed in, still in his

"NO UNDIES IN THE SHOWER !!!" both Chris and Dylan yelled out. And with
that, they turned on Eric, grabbed his underwear and pushed them to the

Eric reached out to grab them, and as he did so, his hands moved away from
his crotch. Free of his underwear, and his hands, his dick bounced
upright and proud. What a fine dick it was. Obviously bigger than the
three nine year olds in the shower with me, but still all little boy.
Beautiful, and I mean, beautiful circumcised head, and the beginning of a
healthy set of balls. Eric was definitely going to have an early puberty,
but today, he was still all little boy.

Dylan won the wrestling match for the underwear, and picked them up and
flipped them over the shower curtain. So here I was, naked with my own
hard-on still sticking out, surrounded by four little boys, all with their
own hard-ons, all waiting to see what was next.

Not sure exactly how much to push on, I decided to continue to wash Dylan
as I had been a few minutes earlier. I washed him all over, his back,
chest, arms, and legs. I did not hesitate to wash his baby soft smooth
butt, and even ran a soapy finger up and down his crack. The other three
boys just stood and watched, all remaining very quiet, and all with some
degree of an erection.

I decided to risk a little and wash Dylan's crotch. I maneuvered around
so I could kneel down in front of him and started to wash his dick and
balls. As I did, his partially erect dick became rock solid again. He
moaned a little and sort of bucked his hips as I washed his most private,
sensitive extremity. The other boys just watched in awe. I decided not
to go that far with Dylan, and just washed him.

As I was rinsing him off, Chris spoke up. "Does it tickle, Dylan? I
mean, your boner, you know....I'm starting to get one again, too."

I looked over at Chris and noticed his dick was rising once again to full

"Yea, Matt and me like to play with them a lot."

I caught my breathe for a minute, maybe that was a little more than I was
ready to say right then. But Dylan had already said it. It was too late.

I just continued to finish rinsing Dylan. As I was, Chris moved over to
me and asked, "Will you wash me now, Matt?"

"YES YES YES YES" my brain was screaming out, but I was a little more
under control with Chris, "Sure, come on over here."

I started soaping up the back of his shoulder. He was just a tinsy bit
tense at first, but soon relaxed and was enjoying it. I washed his back ,
then his chest. Tickling his little tits and making them hard. I then
washed his butt. It wasn't as large as Dylan's, but almost as firm. He
didn't tense up at all, and even giggled a little when I rubbed my soapy
fingers in his crack. I was able to get a quick feel of his little pucker
hole, but didn't try to go in. He was very tight, and we didn't have a
lot of time. Besides there was always tomorrow, and I knew these boys and
this weekend were definitely headed in the right direction.

I turned Chris around and started washing his crotch. Just like it was an
everyday occurrence, I reached down and grabbed a handful of boy dick. He
looked down and smiled at me, and I smiled back at him. He giggled loudly
as I first grabbed his very hard dick, but as I started to rub it up and
down his giggles slowly turned to moans.

"Yeah" he purred, reminding me of Bob's cat.

"You like this Chris? Does it feel good?" I prompted him.

"Uh-huh, it feels great!!!"

"You want me to make it even feel better?" I inquired, deciding to go for

He looked at me puzzled.

"Let him suck it. You'll like it." Dylan said.

I looked over at my little lover and saw that he was still slowly
masturbating Sean. As I looked at him, he reached over and started to
jack off Eric, too. I guess I couldn't expect to have all the fun.

"You want to put it in your MOUTH?" Chris asked and giggled. Sean and
Eric also laughed, finding the idea of a blow job gross. I knew that
wouldn't last for long.

"Yeah, I do. Can I ask you?" I replied.

"You can if you want. Isn't it dirty?" Chris returned.

I engulfed his hairless little three inch hard-on in my mouth and sucked
on it for about fifteen seconds.

"I don't think it's dirty, besides, I just washed it " I answered, "but I
will stop if you want me to."

"NO!! Do it again, Please!" he was begging me now. I knew he was in

I took his dick in my mouth again and resumed my blow job. I looked over
at Dylan and noticed my little sex maniac, while still jacking Sean, had
leaned over and was now sucking on Eric's half teen sized dick. I smiled
inside, but my mind was on Chris's first blow job. I was sucking him hard
and fast, swirling my tongue around as I went. Chris was moaning and
whining as I sucked. He placed his hands on my head, as if trying to keep
me from stopping. If he only knew I was not going to stop. I had a job
to do and I wouldn't stop until I had accomplished it.

I was going to make this kid cum. As I continued to suck, Chris whined
louder , breathed faster, and started to buck his hips. I knew that he
had never felt anything like this in his young life. His whole body was
shaking and I knew he was close.

he moaned and finally screamed out.

As he came, I felt his dick throb and was truly shocked when I felt
something warm and wet in my mouth. This nine year old had shot a little
load of boy cum in my mouth. I've had a few young guys do it before, but
it always shocks me. I wonder why some boys are able to emit a fluid,
(it's really not the mature semen, this is thin, watery and much more
yellow) while other boys can't.

I reached up and caught Chris as he recovered from his first climax ever.

"Wow" was all he was able to say.

I smiled, patted him softly on the head, and said, "I know, kiddo, I

My attention then turned to the other boys. Eric apparently had just cum
in Dylan's mouth, as he was standing there, his mind somewhere in another
world. Dylan turned and started to suck on Sean. As he did so, the sight
of his ass sticking up in the air was calling to me and I couldn't handle
it anymore. As he sucked Sean, I reached over and grabbed his little ass.
He apparently realized what I was doing, for he reached out and braced
himself against the wall, putting a hand on either side of Sean, never
taking his mouth off Sean's dick.

Positioning myself behind him, I gently slid my dick up his warm boy ass.
Dylan moaned in pleasure as I did. He had been fucked many times by me in
the last few weeks, and he was really learning to enjoy it. As the shower
water was still running, not quite as hot as before, I stood there and
fucked Dylan while he sucked on Sean. Chris and Eric watched in amazement
with open mouths. Sean stood there with his eyes closed, feeling the
pleasure in his groin. I was fucking Dylan pretty hard and fast and we
got into a nice rhythm. He would go all the way down on Sean as I pushed
all the way into his butt.

I was moaning, "Oh Dylan, yeah, it feels so good, I love you Dylan". I
knew I was getting close, and I hoped Sean was too. Finally I yelled out
in pleasure as I shoved my dick all the way Dylan's ass and shot my load.
I could see Sean suddenly jolt upright as he climaxed in Dylan's mouth.
Dylan had two dicks cumming in him at the same time, and I knew he loved

By now the shower had finally run out of hot water and was getting cold.
The five of us quickly got out of the shower and dried off. I pulled on
my underwear and looked at the clock. Just ten o'clock. What an hour it
had been. As I walked out of the bathroom, the boys in the adjoining room
opened up the adjoining door and came running in.

"Ten O'clock boys, time for bed" I said, pretending as if nothing had
happened in our room.

"OK, Matt, see you in the morning!" Freddy called out as he and the others
scampered back into their room.

As the door closed, my boys came giggling out of the bathroom, still
naked, still beautiful. I hugged all of them and pushed them into the
bed. After the sex in the shower, it didn't take long for the boys to
fall asleep, Dylan laying face down on top of me, the other boys close by
my side. As I drifted off to sleep, with four naked little boys tight up
against me, I couldn't help but think, tomorrow was going to one BIG

Chapter 6 - "Garden of Paradise"

I woke up in Paradise. This was truly the boy lovers Garden of Eden.
Amongst the trees and bushes, young, naked boys ran around carefree,
without a single care or worry in the world. They frolicked in the streams,
playfully splashing anyone and everything that moved in their vicinity.
They lay on the beaches and fields, kissing and embracing each other.
Some had sex playfully and impishly, others mad and passionately. All
these boys, smooth and hairless, never aged, some were younger, some
older, but they had always been, and would always be, boys.

And in the center of this perfectly wonderful place was the Tree of
Innocence and Beauty. But unlike the Eden of the Bible, it was NOT
forbidden to eat of the Tree of Innocence and Beauty. For the fruit of this
tree was unlike that of any other tree, the Tree of Innocence and Beauty
bore fruit of actual LITTLE BOYS !! Yes, it was forbidden to eat of the
Tree outside of the garden, and the consequences were hideous and
gruesome, but it was not so in the garden. The only requirement to enter
the garden was a true love and desire for boys. No one with the qualities, if
he could find it, was ever barred from entering the garden or enjoying its
many wonderful fruits.

As I basked in the pleasure offered by the garden, I began to sense panic
and fear forming in the boys. They began running and screaming towards
me, as if I and I alone were their only hope of protection. Finally I saw the
source of their panic. It was a serpent, slithering towards me. Its eyes
showed the sadistic pleasure it received from turning the wonderful, worry
free place into chaos. I grabbed the serpent as it reached me. I noticed it
began emitting an all to familiar ringing sound, then suddenly the serpent
turned into a telephone headset.

I picked it up and realized it was not a serpent at all, but just the damn
wake up call. I was able to hold back my disgust at the operator for
disturbing me, she was only doing her job. I looked around the room still
half asleep as I hung up the phone, and realized not all had been lost. In
the same bed with me were 4 naked boys, perfect specimens of the true
beauty of the Tree. I thought of the previous night and realized in its own
way, this room had been part of the Garden. Inside we were safe from all
th prejudices and taboos of the world outside. Where we could love freely
and be loved back.

Unfortunately, it was time to wake up the boys. I hated this fact and asked
myself that question which I have asked myself a million times before,
"Dear God, why do they have to grow up. Why, dear God, Why? Why
can't I ever find direction to the wonderful, magical place of Never Never
Land, where everything is perfect and the boys never grow up. I would fit
perfectly, Peter Pan the Pedophile, and the Lost Boys. But I would love the
boys, they would have found everything they needed, and not lack anything
their hearts desire, since we have each other. Why, Lord, why am I to
suffer eternal agony because of the close-minded mores and taboos of this
close-minded society. Why? Please tell me Lord, Why?"

Yet I knew this was all fantasy and all these questions utterly useless. I
forced myself to return to reality, which wasn't all that bad. Here I was
naked in the bed with 4 naked little boys, three of whom I had sex with the
night before. And I knew we would be spending this evening in the same
hotel, with the same boys. Unless something major or unexpected
happened, tonight was going to be even more exciting. MUCH more
exciting if I had anything to do with it.

Dylan was the first one I awoke, but that only made sense as he was
sleeping on top of me, his head resting on my shoulder, his arms clamped
around my chest. My dick was standing straight up between his legs, its
tip rubbing lightly against his little boy asshole. It made me really horny to
realize this, but we had a schedule and a limited amount of time. (Of
course this had never stopped me before, but this morning was different.)

I kissed Dylan on the forehead, then once on each eyelid, then on his nose,
and finally on his lips. I felt him move a little, then knew he was awake
when he opened his month and his tongue brushed mine. I opened my
mouth and we kissed.

"Good morning, my little sex demon, " I said, "Did you sleep well last

Dylan said nothing, just smiled and rolled off the top of me and onto the
bed. Unfortunately, Eric was on that side of me and Dylan landed right on
top of him. With those two awake, that left only Chris and Sean to wake

Chris was right beside me so I reached over and tapped him on his

"Come on, Chris, it's time to get up."

He opened his eyes, looked at me, then looked around the room. Dylan and
Eric were tickling/wrestling on the other side of the bed Suddenly seeming
to remember where he was, Chris gave me half a smile, moved a little,
then pulled his pillow back up over his head.

"Oh no you don't, Chris. We've got to get up."

I mischievously reached under the covers for his cock. At least one part of
him was already "up", I grasped it and gave it a few long strokes.

Chris bolted upright and yelled, "Hey!" But then, two seconds later, he
seemed to remember where he was and the events of the past evening, his
angelic face began to relax, and he laid back down and faked a stretch.

That left only Sean to wake. Like myself, little Sean was an extremely
sound sleeper. The phone had rung, Dylan and Eric were getting rougher
and rougher in their wrestling, Chris had jumped up and yelled, and
through it all, Sean slept.

I reached over Chris, gently shaking Sean and whispered in his ear, "Sean,
come on, it's morning. Time to get up."

He rolled over a little, mumbled something totally incoherent and remained
sound asleep.

I bent down, kissed his forward, and whispered again in his ear, "Sean, you
need to get up."

His grunt was more audible this time and I felt him push my face away.
Bob tells me this is how I am in the mornings. Of course, all Bob has to
say is "My, look at Julian (the 8 year old neighbor boy) walking naked
across his yard." With that, I spring to life. But I doubt that would work
with Sean.

I reached under the covers and tickled his belly a little, then once again
kissed his forehead. With no response, I moved over and stuck my tongue
into his ear. This finally brought him unwillingly to the land of the living.

"OK, sleepy head, it's time for you to get up."

"Don't wanna get up.....tired....go backa sleep," he moaned and turned
again and tried to escape under the blankets.

"No Sean, we've got to get up."

I climbed out of bed, pulled the covers off the half asleep boy, effortlessly
picked him up and carried him into the bathroom. He grunted a bit, and
half tried to cover his early morning hard on with his hand, but he was too
half asleep to have much success with anything. I carried him into the
shower, and turned on some warm water. No need to be sadistic with the
ice cold stuff.

As the water cascaded down his body, he finally began to really awaken.
Finally, he was squirming in my arms and trying to get down.

"Well, Good Morning, finally!" I said.

Sean grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist and went into the
bedroom without saying anything. I dried myself off, turned off the water
and went out into the room. I guesss when he saw Chris, Dylan, and Eric
all naked in the bed, his memory of last night returned and he was no
longer embarrassed, for as I came out, all four of them were lying on the
bed, trying to work the remote control for the TV. Four perfect little boy
asses, naked to the world, laying there on my bed. I wanted to climb on
top of each one of them and fuck them right there, but I knew that would
have to wait till they were ready, but I know I was ready right then.

I pushed the boys towards the bathroom and told them to get ready. They
all took turns in the toilet, and brushing their teeth and all the other
morning rituals, then started to get dressed. They dressed in their
uniforms, minus shoulder pads. We were going to get breakfast first, then
head to the playing field.

Chris, Eric, and Sean were impressed when they saw Dylan's jockstrap and
his cup.

"Why does he wear that funny thing?" asked Sean.

Remembering Dylan was probably the only boy on the team to have a
jockstrap, and his reaction when I first gave it to him ("Thanks for the
sling shot!") I was about to explain its protective purposes when Dylan
chimed in, "So he can fuck me without my underwear getting in the way of
my asshole."

All the boys laughed, and so did I.

I then remembered that I had another room of boys I was responsible for,
and I had not gotten them up yet. I banged on the connecting door until a
sleepy boy in his Funpals undies opened it up.

"Com'n guys, time to get up!!" I shouted into the darkness of the room.
Four more little boy bodies started to come to life. One of them seemed
embarrassed that I saw him in only his undies. If he only knew what I had
seen the night before in my room..........

The boys told me when I returned that they had decided that NO ONE
should talk about what happened the night before. They didn't want people
to think that they were "faggots". But then they also said that they wanted
to make sure that we'd all have the same room assignments for tonight. It
sounded like a winner to me.

And we were a winner on the field, too. We won the game against
Charlottesville, 21 to 19. The game went down to the wire. Dylan scored
once, as did Eric. Chris passed for both of these, but was also sacked four
times. The players on the other team were a great deal bigger than our
guys. Sean saw when Chris got sacked the first time and became very
nervous. Sean was smaller than Chris, and was a soccer player, not a
football player. The thought of the other linemen running towards him
and smashing him to the ground gave him the jitters. It wasn't a shock
when he didn't kick well. He almost missed the ball the first time he
punted, and he did drop a later one. Our regular place kicker couldn't
come on the trip, so Sean was going to have to do it all. He was capable,
but he was scared. Each of the four times he kicked off, he immediately
ran off the field, he didn't even try to cover the play. His nervousness and
preoccupation with the size of the opposing team led him to miss all three
of his extra point attempts. I kept encouraging him, and tried to remind
myself that he wasn't used to kicking footballs, especially extra points, but
he was still aggravating that he was so scared. It got so bad the head coach
decided to go for it in the fourth quarter on fourth down and seven, rather
than trying a punt. We failed to convert of course, and the other team took
over and marched down the field to score. Sean just sat at the end of the
bench for the last quarter. I really did feel sorry for him, yet I was busy
with my other coaching duties. I just didn't have the time to go over and
comfort him.

Their drive gave them the lead, 19 to 18, with 3:00 left in the game. To
most teams, that sounds like a lot, but we had led 18 to 7 at the beginning
of the quarter only 6 minutes earlier. The momentum had definitely
shifted to the other team, and my boys seemed ready to accept the fact that
they were going to lose the game. I called them over to me, all except
Sean, and gave them a quick pep talk. I told them we could and should
win the game if they only tried. I told them we could win by passing, if the
line would hold together. The other team was big, but we were faster. I
did my best to "pump" them up, every so often thinking to myself about the
"pumping up" that would come later that night, and what a downer it
would be if they were depressed from losing the game.

We got the ball on the kick off at fairly good field position, on the 42 yard
line. Dylan gained five yards on the pass play on first down. Chris got
sacked again on second down, but we called our pass play to Eric for third
down. We only had about nine plays total, and only a couple of passing
plays, but we tried to keep them mixed up and the other team confused.
The pass play was successful and we gained a first down.

We continued to advance down the field, slowly but surely. The clock was
running down, but we finally scored a touchdown, or we thought we had.
The referee said no, he was down just outside the goal line.

"Ok, fine," I yelled, "First and goal to go!"

We were sure to score I thought. But then again, maybe not. First down
was a bad snap and Chris lost 2 yards recovering the ball. Second down
was an incomplete pass. Third down was a pass to Dylan, complete, but he
was tackled just short of the goal line again, so we were back to where we
started 3 plays before.

Fourth down and 45 seconds left. The coach called a timeout. What to do,
what to do? I yelled over to the coach, "KICK A FIELD GOAL!!!"

With what Sean had been through, everyone was shocked, Sean most of
all. The other coaches thought I was crazy, but after we talked about it for
just a minute, they agreed, he'd have to kick it for us.

I pulled Sean off the bench and said, "Look, it's shorter than an extra point.
You kick these all the time in practice."

"But I can't Matttttt, this is difffferentttt, I can'tttt do itttt!"
It was obvious how scared he was in his voice.

"Why not, Sean?" I asked, "It's just like practice, and you make them all
the time in practice."

"But, Ma-aatt (he somehow made my name into two Syllables), I can't. I'll
get.......I'll get.........clobbered." And with that he started to cry.

"Sean, LISTEN TO ME !!!" by now I was almost shouting at the boy, "You
WON'T get hurt. I PROMISE ! If anybody hurts you, I'll take care of
them MYSELF!"

I tried to make myself sound confident, knowing there really was nothing I
could do.....what could I do, a 20 year old coach going out on the field
and beating up an 9 year old linemen because he hurt one of his players?
Yeah, right. But I had to make Sean believe me.

"You really mean it?" Sean asked, looking up at me and starting to smile.

"You bet kiddo. Go out there and win us the game!"

Not quite a "Win-one-for-the-gipper" speech, but I hoped it would have the
same affect.

The referee was blowing his whistle to get us back to play when Sean
finally started getting ready. Our coach called another time out, our last
one, so Sean could get a few practice kicks in on the sideline.

The officials blew the whistle again, and it was time. I gave Sean a quick
thumbs up for ecouragement. Dylan was the long snapper on the team, he
had the widest spread of his legs of anyone (gee, I wonder why?) and Chris
was the holder. I held my breath as the ball was snapped. Chris was still
turning the ball when Sean kicked it. I closed my eyes, I knew it would be
no good. Sean would blame himself, and It would be all my fault. But I
had to look -----the ball hit the left goal post, bounced down and hit the
cross bar, and then, as everyone at the game and on the field held their
breath, finally dropped over and behind the crossbar. I couldn't believe it,
but the official was standing there with both hands raised in the air, THE

Sean had won the game. He ran off the field with a smile on his face that
was as big and as beautiful as any I had ever seen. He had won us the

Well, not quite yet. There were still 40 seconds to go, and we had to kick
off to Charlottesville again. This time, after his kick, Sean raced like a
madman down the field and jumped on the pile of tacklers. He was not
about his victory get away from him now.

With just a few seconds left, the other team couldn't score and a when the
final gun sounded we were once again proud owners of the "Bullwinkle
Cup" for another year.

Actually, the "Bullwinkle Cup" was a tradition that had started out as a
joke with the first game. But soon, it became tradition. The "Cup" itself
was actually a 32 oz. plastic drinking cup with a picture of Bullwinkle the
Moose on the side of it. Bullwinkle was dressed as the do-it-all
quarterback of his famous alma mater, Whatsamatta U. The cup had been
given away as a promotion by McDonald's after the first game, and just
seem to take on a life of its own over the years.

We proudly took our "cup" and went to eat. We had called ahead and
made reservations for a private party room at Shoney's. Ever take 31 dirty,
9 year old boys to a restaurant who had just celebrated a "miracle" victory.
Unless you have four times the patience of Mother Theresa, and more
tolerance than King Solomon, take my advice - DON'T! But the people at
Shoney's were really really super, and the boys had a really good time.
They really didn't make too much of a mess, except the ones that had
spaghetti, but overall, it was a memorable meal for the boys, and for the
hired help.

After everyone had eaten, we had the annual victory drink from the "Cup".
We filled the cup with Coke, and passed it around to each of the members
on the team. Sean, being the hero of the game, had the honor of taking the
first drink.

After the celebration at Shoney's, it was time to head over to the stadium
and watch the UNC-UVA game. As we headed the boys back into the
vans, I wondered if we shouldn't put leashes on some of them, the
"miracle" victory had really got them all sky high. But boys will be boys,
and I knew it was going to be an adventure at the UNC game keeping them
all in their seats.

But I also knew, it was going to be even more of an adventure for four of
them and one assistant coach, back at the motel later that night. I could
hardly wait for the UNC game to end.

Chapter 7 - After the game

Carolina lost the game. Oh well, everything can't go right, can it? But
do you really want to hear about that game? No, I didn't think so.

The one thing I will tell you about the game is that Sean sat on my lap
the entire time. He was the hero of our game, our little savior, so he
felt entitled to the seat of honor. I still paid a lot of attention to
Dylan, and he didn't seem to mind Sean sitting on my lap. He had earned
the privilege, at least for today.

The game was over by halftime, UNC was getting stomped. After the half
time food/potty break (even though almost every boy had already gone, they
had to get up and go again when the rest of the crowd in the stands did),
Sean fell asleep on my lap. The game was dull and the little guy had had
a big day. I was hoping he was going to have a big night, too, so I let
him get some rest now. I knew he was going to need it.

It was late October and a typical early evening for Virginia, a bit nippy
but not really cold. Most of our boys were wearing their jerseys with a
turtle neck or some other long sleeve shirt under it. Some wore shorts,
while others wore blue jeans. Sean was wearing black cotton sweat pants.
They were very soft to the touch and baggy. As is my custom, I brought a
blanket along with me to the game, Bob taught me a long time ago how
useful this could be at times.

We had just returned from our bathroom/snack trek (I love bathrooms in
football/baseball stadiums - always a "room with a view") The boys were
about as interested in the marching bands as I am in a Hustler magazine,
but we were waiting for the second half to begin. I was sitting there
with Sean laying back on me, resting his head against my shoulder. "What
a perfect weekend this has been," I thought as this little boy rested on
my lap. I took the blanket and covered him with it. This would help keep
him warm, and also keep him covered.

Sean was quickly falling asleep as he laid on my stomach. My hands
reached under the blanket and started making little circles on his
stomach. Lazy, loving little circles. Slowly I edged my fingers down and
started brushing across the top of his sweatpants. After a few passes
over the top, on the next circle down, I slid my hands under the waistband
of his pants. The circles got bigger, up over his chest, down under his
sweatpants, coming closer and closer to his little boy cock. Finally, my
fingers stopped moving up and just stayed under his sweat pants, casually
rubbing his lower stomach through his jockey shorts. As Sean moaned
softly to me, I slid my hands down, and rubbed over his already hard
little boycock. Sean was well on his way to sleep, and did nothing.
Carefully I picked up the edge of his jockeys, and slid my hand down to
his little cock and took it between my fingers. And I do mean his
"little" cock.

As my hand worked up and down on his little cock, Sean moaned again,
opened his eyes and gave me a weak, reassuring smile. This was all the
response his level of consciousness would allow. Had I done this before
this weekend, I'm sure his body would have been suddenly shocked to full
awareness. But now Sean trusted me, and returned to his restful bliss.

I continued to fondle his little dick and balls. I just couldn't get over
how LITTLE they were. His dick was drawn in by the cold, a little head
with virtually no shaft. His sack was drawn up, tying to protect it's
inhabitants from the chilly night air. But I like'em little and Sean was
just about perfect as far as I was concerned.

Dylan must have either realized or figured out what I was doing, because
he was sitting right next to me. I saw him give me that little impish
grin of his, the one where he sort of bit his bottom lip with his upper
teeth. I smiled back and simply shrugged my shoulders. He seemed to
understand and wasn't hurt the least bit. He knew that I loved him and
always would.

Sean's little dick got even harder as I played with it. When erect it was
about 2 1/2 inches long. I slowly rubbed it up and down, then all around.
I wasn't trying to make him cum, just to enjoy himself and the feelings
growing in his crotch. I imagined him having dreams of wild sex as he
squirmed a little on my lap. I only hoped I was in them. I also smiled
to myself as I made plans to make his dreams come true when we got back to
the motel.

We left the game at the beginning of the 4th quarter. The boys were
bored, cold, and wanting some "real" food - McDonald's. I carried Sean
back to the van without waking him. Get your rest little guy, you are
going to need it tonight.

We got back to the hotel around 8:30. I knew all thirty one boys had the
same thing on their mind (no, that's what I had on MY mind), they had
visions of the INDOOR swimming pool. We would be in no rush tomorrow
morning, so we agreed to let the boys go down to the pool until it closed
at 10:00 pm. IF they behave themselves and weren't too rowdy. Of course,
with thirty one boys splashing around in swimming suits, I might be the
one that had to behave himself. At least, until we got back to the hotel
room at 10:00.

It took my four roommates about 3.5 seconds to change once we got into the
room. They nagged my to hurry into my suit and then dragged me out the
door. I examined the boys while riding down the elevator. They wore a
nice variety of bathing suits. Chris and Dylan wore long, fairly baggy
swimming shorts. Dylan's was fairly tight on his cute little ass, but
baggy on his legs, and I knew from past experience that they would allow a
peak here and there of the little dicks and balls that they covered up.
Eric's suit was the kind Bob would liked, high cut on the thigh's, much
like running shorts. They would allow plenty of glances, possibly even
allow a little thing to hang out a little if he was sitting just the right
way. But Sean's suit was my favorite. He wore a pair of tight little red
Speedos. Most people would have probably said they were a size too small
on him, but I thought they were perfect. His suit seemed to fit exactly
every contour of his little body. You could even tell that Sean was
circumcised, that's how tight the suit was. He was so cute standing there
in his speedos, smiling at me, he looked like a little Greg Luganis.

The pool was almost empty when we entered the room. The few people that
were there soon left as they saw all thirty one of our charges come
rushing in the door. It was a nice pool, junior Olympic sized with all
the boys favorites, a diving board. There was also a hot tub, which I
knew I would enjoy. With two pool lifeguards, and three other adult
leaders, I felt relieved of my duties as an adult, and immediately got in
the hot tub. It was very very hot, yet not uncomfortable. Several of the
boys saw me, and they came over and got in also. Five of the boys,
including Sean and Dylan joined me in the tub.

As before, Sean took his seat of honor on my lap. With less than a foot
coevered up under clothes, I could feel his baby soft skin everywhere. It
was great. One of the boys soon discovered the knob that turned on the
bubbles. They giggled as the timer was set for the entire forty five
minutes. This is what I was waiting for, it was my time to have a little

I started to tickle Sean and Dylan. Dylan was seated to my right, while
the other boys were on the other side of the spa, looking over at us.
Under the cover of the bubbles, I started to tickle Sean and Dylan's
stomachs, occasionally rubbing down their swim suits and across their
thighs. Dylan definitely know what this would mean, Sean may have begun to
get the idea. If not, he would soon enough. With the bubble machine
going, everything under the water became invisible. As it needed to be.

With Sean sitting virtually naked on my lap, I was naturally hard. While
tickling Dylan, I playfully reached down and checked his crotch. He too
had risen to the occasion. He looked up at me with a smile, knowing where
we were headed. I then "accidentally" rubbed over Sean's crotch. His
penis was totally flaccid. That would soon change.......

I started to grind my hard dick against Sean's little butt, moving it up
and down in his little crack. He noticed, giggled, and whispered, "Your
wee- wee's hard, ain't it?"

He let out a long burst of laughter, I guess he now realized what he was
in store for.. I again started to inch my hands towards his dick, along
the way I found out that I had been beaten to the finish line. Dylan was
already in Sean's trunks and working away. Whoever said that three's a
crowd was a total fool.

I was familiar with hot tubs and knew that no one could see what we were
doing. So to spice things up, I grabbed the top of Sean's Speedo and
started to pull them down. With Dylan's help, they were soon around his
knees. Sean's only response was to giggle. After his trunks were down, I
reached down to check on Dylan's work. He had done a good job, as Sean
was now as hard as a rock.

I struggled to rid myself of my trunks. Soon my raging hard on was
rubbing directly against Sean's little butt. I reached over to Dylan and
realized that he had already taken his trunks off, too. I started to jerk
him off and reached down to do the same for Sean. However, again I found
that Dylan had already beaten me to the prize. I just started to hump
against Sean's butt, while I continued to jerk off Dylan.

By now Sean's giggling had turned into hysterical laughter. He didn't
understand all that was going on, but he knew it felt good. I continued
to hump Sean and jack off Dylan, as Dylan jacked off Sean. Eventually I
felt Sean reach over for Dylan's dick.

"You want to help?" I asked, thrilled at the idea of teaching a young boy
how to give a hand job to his friend.

"Uh-huh," Sean said with a smile.

"Here, let me show you how. Don't squeeze too hard."

As I instructed, I guided his hands to Dylan's dick and showed him how to
move them up and down. He got the basic idea and I let go, focusing now
on his little ass sitting on my lap. It was very small, and I wanted to
fuck it so bad, but I would never hurt Sean, so that would have to wait.

I continued to hump up and down his crack though. I pumped faster and
faster as I got closer to cumming. If anyone was really paying any
attention, I'm sure they would have seen Sean bouncing up and down on my
lap. At this point, I didn't care anymore, I was about to cum.

I put my arms tight around Sean and hugged him close as I erupted into his
crack. He had no idea what was going on, and with the bubbles and the
water, I'm not sure he even felt me cum on him, but he knew it was new,
and it was fun. I really liked this kid and his attitude. I knew it was
going to be an unforgettable night.

Although it was only about 9:15, I suggested to "my" boys that we go up to
the room now. I told the boys in the adjoining room that they could stay
in the pool with the rest of the group, I would check on them a little
later. Chris and Eric, who had been playing with the rest of the team in
the pool, saw us drying off and rushed over to join us.

Just as it didn't take long to get to the pool earlier, it didn't take the
boys long to rush back to the room. This was good, because Sean was still
pretty "excited" by the playing in the spa and still sported his little
erection as we walked down the hall. In his tight Speedo's, it was
definitely a sight to see. Once in our room, and the door locked, we
returned to a little garden of paradise, our actions dictated by our love
and adventure, not the morals or laws of an unknowing society. Our
actions would be restricted only by the amount of pleasure we could

Nothing was ever officially said, but we slowly migrated into two groups.
Chris and Eric together, and then Sean, Dylan and myself. It had happened
naturally and I didn't want to do anything to spoil the moment or the

"Just let everything flow naturally and it will be perfect," I kept
reminding myself, "just let it flow....."

Chris and Eric had settled in to their side of the bed. I do have a bit
of voyeur in me, besides, what boy-lover would NOT want to watch a 9 and
10 year old make love, not just sex, but love. However, I had 2
absolutely perfect, horny, little guys of my own to keep me busy. I tried
to drown out Chris and Eric and concentrate on Dylan and Sean.

By this time, Dylan and I were already out of our trunks and naked on the
bed. Sean still wore his sexy red Speedos. They were tented out in the
front where his little hard on still raged, waiting for whatever was going
to happen next. I was ready to play with that tent's inhabitant right

Sean laid down on the bed and looked at Dylan and I both lovingly but also
nervously. Other than what happened last night after the shower, and the
little time in the spa just before, this little guy was still a virgin.
He didn't know what to do , or really what to expect, but he did know it
was going to feel really good. I had no intentions of letting him more ways than one.

Dylan and I both had the same thing on our minds and we both seemed to
know just what to do. One on each side of Sean, we reached over and
started to pull off his trunks. Sean lifted up his bottom with even being
told to. By the time we got them off, his face was red, he was breathing
much faster, and his little dick was really rock hard, and starting to
twitch. It was obvious he was both anxious and nervous, but not scared.

"Just lay back and try to relax," Dylan said, "Trust us, it's going to be
even better than before."

Dylan and I then jointly began to work on Sean. It was truly a new
experience for the both of us, jointly working together to pleasure the
same boy. The experience was truly exquisite, totally undescribable from
my standpoint. Here was my little lover and myself, both working as one
to sexually satisfy another young boy, who was, for all practical
purposes, still a virgin.

We started with Dylan kissing him as my hands slowly caressed and massaged
his body. I rubbed my hands everywhere, except over his little genitals.
As I was doing this, Dylan continued to kiss Sean. He kissed his forward,
his eyelids, his ears, his nose, his cheeks, and finally, his mouth.
However, Dylan stayed there only momentarily, before beginning to proceed
down Sean's body, working down his neck, and his chest. Running into my
hands working on Sean's lower parts, Dylan returned to kissing Sean's
mouth, and started teaching Sean to french kiss.

As I continued to caress Sean's front side, his arms, and legs, and
stomach, and chest, everywhere but his crotch, I could feel his
temperature rise with every touch of my hands. His body became wet with
sweat. Although Dylan told him to relax, parts of him would spontaneous
tighten as he felt the incredible build up of sexual tension run through
his body.

Catching Dylan's eye, I gently rolled Sean onto his side. The boy had no
response, it was clear he was lost in the bliss of erotica. I rubbed his
shoulders, then down his back, over his beautiful little ass cheeks down
to thighs and calves. Then I went back up and made my way to his
beautiful little virgin boy ass. I cusp a cheek with each hand and just
held them. They were much smaller than Dylan's and still had a good deal
of baby fat. I gently squeezed them with my hands, testing the exact
level of firmness. I slid my finger just inside of his crack, and for an
instant got a view of his little asshole.

Dylan decided that he wanted a larger piece of the action. He scooted
over farther on the bed and rolled Sean fully onto his stomach. I was
resigned to massaging Sean's thighs as Dylan took charge of the action.
Dylan climbed between Sean's legs, reached up and spread apart Sean's butt
cheeks. As he did, we got an incredible look at Sean's virgin hole. It
was a delicate pink, and I could have sworn I saw it twitter a little.
Dylan used his one finger to rub up and down Sean's crack, coming ere so
closer to the little virgin hole. Sean was moaning in pleasure, I knew he
was really enjoying it.

Sean let out a rather loud sigh when Dylan finally touched his asshole.
Dylan rubbed his finger around it, causing the hole to relax as he did so.
He then wet a finger in his mouth and started to move back towards Sean's
little hole. I stopped him.

Dylan looked up at me with curiosity and a bit of annoyance. He knew what
he wanted to do, and I had stopped him. I got up, went over to my clothes
bag and got out a tube of lubricant and my little three inch dildo. I
knew Sean could probably take Dylan's finger ok, but I was planning on
having more up there than just a finger and I didn't want Sean to have any
pain with the littler things.

As I returned, I remember Chris and Eric on the other side of the bed, who
said you can't get lost in a king size bed? They were tangled up in a 69
position, sucking happily on each other's hard penises. They seemed to be
enjoying themselves and finding there way around without our help, so I
decided not to disturb them.

"Here," I said, "these will help."

I also turned Sean on his back again, then placed two large pillows under
his lower back. This gave Dylan the access to Sean's asshole, but allowed
my to do something as I could now have access to Sean's little hard on. I
decided no need for Dylan to have all the fun.......

Dylan properly lubed up his finger and inserted it where nothing had ever
been inserted before. He was very gently and I no longer felt obliged to
supervise. I was smiling to myself at what a good teacher I must have
been to Dylan, as I turned my attention to Sean's rock hard little boy
cock, sticking straight out from his hairless groin and marble sized
balls. It was still fully erect, standing straight up, and now the head
was almost a deep purple color. I reached down and gently petted it.

"OHHHHHH," Sean gasped as I touched his dick. It had not been touched
since the spa and really longed for attention once more. As I stroked it
up and down, I also reached down and felt has miniature balls in their
little bag. They were hanging low beneath his body, as with his sweat and
temperature rising, I could smell that great scent of boy rising from his
body. I was really getting turned on. I returned to his little dick and
started to work earnestly on it. I looked down and saw the Dylan was
trying to insert a second finger in Sean's virgin bottom.

"Do you like that Sean?" I asked, hoping to hear him beg for more.

"Yeah," he managed to squeak out between pants, "my wee-wee really feels
GOOD!!!! Please don't stop."

"What ever you say kid," I replied, "whatever you say."

I continued to play with his dick, rubbing it up and down, then squeezing
it a little, wriggling it around some, then finally working into a steady
stroking of jerking him off. Dylan continued to finger fuck Sean as I
jerked him. I knew it was time for something a little more. Dylan
withdrew his finger and started to lube up the three incher.

Sean noticed it and said, "that looks just like Dylan's. What are you
going to do with it?"

"Dylan wants to put it in you like he was just doing with his fingers. Is
it OK Sean? Can he do that?"

Sean simply nodded and continued to grin a happy smile. He knew that we
would not hurt him, besides, it always amazes me how flexible and easy to
loosen up little boys are. I knew that we couldn't hurt him now. Just
another wonder of youth I guess.

I resumed masturbating Sean and Dylan started to insert the dildo in
Sean's ass. Dylan slowly and gently inched it in. I sensed not one bit
of discomfort from Sean. I just kept stroking his little cock as more and
more of the dildo disappeared. Finally, the little rubber replica balls
were tight up against Sean's buns.

"It's all the way in, baby." I said, with some pride in my voice. Sean
was really one hell of a little kid.

Dylan started thrusting the dildo in and out of Sean as I continued to
masturbate him. I had to have more, so I bent down, and took his little
miniature into my mouth. The little boy was beginning to thrash around on
the bed, really getting into it. I finally could hold back no more and
thrust his little cock into my mouth.

Sean whined and started to babble incoherently. He was really off into
la- la-la land. As I looked up at Dylan, I realized that he had removed
the dildo from Sean's ass, and was greasing up his own little "three
incher" and was getting ready to stick it in Sean's waiting hole. I
couldn't blame him, but I was the one that wanted to be the first to fuck
Sean, but I knew he wasn't ready for me yet. Simply because of cock size,
Dylan was going to be first.

Dylan scooted up on the bed until his dickhead was just rubbing against
Sean's little hole. He pushed a little, but it didn't go in.

"Just relax a little, " I instructed Sean.

I turned and resumed sucking Sean. From my new position, I could suck
Sean's little dick, and still see my lover's dick as it started to push
into Sean's butt. I could feel Sean's abdomen pushing out as he tried to
get Dylan's head into his ass. I knew once the head was in, the rest
would be easy.

I sensed Sean grimace slightly as Dylan got his dick in past Sean's tight
anus. Shortly after, I felt the discomfort drain away from the boy as a
whole new series of feelings swept over him. I really did want Dylan and
Sean to enjoy themselves, and I didn't want Sean turned off to the idea of
fucking. I wanted to be in Dylan's place someday, hopefully soon.

Dylan now had his dick all the way in Sean's ass, his own little balls
were tight against Sean's butt.

"It's all the way, Sean, " I said, "do you want to see?"

Sean leaned up on his elbows and smiled. He had not thought of this, but
the idea seemed to intrigue him. He felt down to his own balls and hole,
Dylan's body and balls tight against him. With that, he squeezed his ass
muscles a little tighter around Dylan's dick. Dylan moaned loudly, Sean
giggled more than ever. Everyone definitely were enjoying themselves.

I bent down again and took Sean's dick back into my mouth. As I did so,
Dylan began getting his rhythm in fucking Sean's ass. Dylan's pace
gradually got faster and faster, but I was concentrating on Sean's dick.
I wanted this to be a memorable blow job. I sucked it hard, up and down,
swirling my tongue around it all the time I suck just eh sensitive head,
then returned to the shaft. Whatever was necessary to give the boy the
ultimate amount of pleasure. As both boys were really hot now, the odor
emanating from two bodies was getting really strong. I know of nothing
like the smell of a boy "in heat", and now I had two, I was in heaven.

As Dylan's fucking became more and more forceful, I noticed that Sean's
body started moving in rhythm with Dylan. I matched this rhythm with my
mouth, bringing even more pleasure to Sean. Both of the boys were really
beginning to moan loudly, and now I began to hear moaning coming from
Chris and Eric on the other side of the bed. I wondered what people out
in the hall would think if they could hear the noises as loud as I was.

Then it happened. Dylan shoved his dick deep into Sean's ass and stayed
there. Sean pushed his stomach up meet Dylan, shoving his dick deep into
my mouth. Sean let out a high pitch squeal as Dylan shouted out,
"YEAHHHH, SEAN, OH, YEAHHHHHHH!" I could feel Sean's dick spasm in my
mouth as he came, I simply laid there and cherished the moment.

I withdrew Sean's dick from my mouth as I felt his body fall back on the
bed. Dylan was already laying down across Sean's knees. The look on both
of their faces showed they were in a state of nirvana, several hundred
light years from our hotel bed. I smiled as I knew that I had helped
teach them how to get there.

I lay back down myself and started to slowly masturbate myself. I knew
that as soon as Dylan recovered, which would not be long for him, he would
see me and know what to do. I was correct, for in just a few minutes, I
saw Dylan sit up and start to attack my dick. I ran my hands through his
hair as he sucked on my dick, then rearranged him so we could do a little
69 action. My hands clasp his butt, my finger slowly working their way
into his asshole as we sucked away. Before long, he rolled over,
repositioned himself, and took his favorite position - Cowboy - sitting
tight on my lap, my hard cock firmly inside his tight little boy bottom.
Dylan loved to play "cowboy" and could ride my dick like a bucking bronco.
This kid loved wild sex as much as I did.

Having my mind occupied with Dylan on my lap, I didn't notice Sean recover
and sit up beside me. Honestly, I never noticed him at all until he
whispered in my ear, "You wanna do it to me?"

He said it so innocently and sincerely. I could tell by the way he said
it that he really did want it. I don't know if it was because he saw how
much I was enjoying fucking Dylan, or if he just really wanted to feel me
inside him. Whatever the cause, he really wanted me to fuck him.

"I don't know Sean, you are really kind of little."

"NO, NO, NO I'm NOT !!!! I'm almost as big as Dylan." Sean almost shouted
at me, obviously upset by my last statement.

"I'm sorry, Sean," I said, "I just don't want to hurt you. My dic...urrr.
my wee-wee is pretty big, and I don't want to hurt you."

"But it doesn't seem to be hurting Dylan. In fact, he seems to like

"True, but Dylan and I have done this lots of times. And it even hurt
Dylan a little at first."

"I'll be OK, if it really hurts, I'll tell you stop."

I couldn't believe I was arguing with a boy NOT to fuck
him....And I really wanted to fuck Sean. Life is funny sometimes.
Finally I gave in. Dylan helped grease me up and relubed Sean's ass.
Even Chris and Eric stopped their sex play and slid over to watch, they
knew this was going to be something to see.

Finally, it was time. After using what felt like a half of tube of lube
on my dick, Sean climbed up over my dick. Half sitting, half squatting,
Sean lowered his little butt towards my waiting adult hard on.

"Just like before," I instructed, "relax and try to push out. Take it as
slowly as you want, and you can stop at any time." However, I knew with
Chris, Eric, and Dylan as an audience, it was unlikely he was going to
stop, no matter what. Luckily Dylan had loosened him up a lot, I hoped
things would go smoothly.

Sean started down. He had his back to me so I could see his face. My
dick pressed up against his little hole, it entered slightly as he
rhythmically pressed on. I knew it would be easier when I got the head
inside. And I wanted the head inside so bad.......

"Sean, I need to get the knobby part inside first. It will go a lot
easier after that. When I tell you, push with all your might, it may hurt
just a little, but then it will be ok. If it hurt's too much, you just
stop. OK?"


"Are you ready?"


"OK.....NOW, PUSH!"

I felt his hole open some, but the my timing was off and it didn't go in.
I told Sean it was OK, that it was my fault, he had done everything right.

"Shall we try again, Sean?"

"Yea, I'm ready"


With that, my entire head passed into his young body. Sean let out a
short, but I could tell, painful cry and I could see his entire body
shudder with the pain.

"OH MY GOD, Sean.....are you alright?" All the sexual excitement was
gone. I was even starting to soften, I was so afraid that I had hurt the
boy. A boy who had trusted me so completely.

"It hurt at first, but now it's only kinda sore." I could not see his
face, but I could tell the hurt from his voice.

"Let me pull it out, we can do this some other time."

"NO," he immediately responded, "just give me a little time."

So I sat there. Three naked nine and ten year olds around me, one perfect
little guy half sitting on my lap, my now hard again dick partially buried
in his ass.

"OK, I'm ready" he said as I felt his body begin to relax. Although
better, I could tell in his voice and the muscles of his back that he was
still pretty tense.

"Really Sean, it's OK, we can do this some other time." I said. I did
not want to hurt the boy, especially because I hoped there would be many
more "other times."

The next time he said something I could tell he was forcing himself to
relax. His body relaxed and his voice sounded as perky as ever. He
slowly started down my cock, inch by inch. I could sense without him
saying it when he needed to stop and when he was ready to lower himself
some more. I never expected him to take it all, maybe 3/4's of it, six
inches or so, but not all of it. But he was determined to get it all in.
By this time, Chris, Eric, and Dylan started cheering him on, just like
they had done at the football game earlier today.

He still had a little to go, and I didn't think he was going to make it.
Then he exhaled deeply one time, his colon relaxed, and pop, he was
sitting on my pubic hair, his little miniature balls in their bag, resting
on top my much larger testicles. The other boys cheered, and everyone had
to feel the small stump of my dick as it was sticking into Sean's ass.
Dylan even got out my Polaroid and took some pictures.

All the celebration was great, but I was getting very close to cumming.
Remember Dylan had started out riding my cock before Sean took over. I
knew I was about to cum. I started to hump up and down and Sean took my
cue and started working himself up and down my dick. Dylan reached over
and started stroking Sean's dick.

"Oh Sean," I moaned, "You are so tight. You are one of the best boys I
have ever fucked!" (I always tell my boys that to compliment them, but
with Sean it was the absolute truth.) I was know focused on just one
thing, filling Sean with his first load of semen.

"Yeah, oh, yeah, ummm, oh, ogh, yes, yes, Oh Sean, yes, oh, yea,
YEAHHHHHHHH !!!!!" I thrust my dick deep into Sean's butt as I exploded
into the boy. I half expected to see cum fly out of his mouth I shot off
so hard.

As my orgasm died down and I relaxed, I worried momentarily if I had hurt
the boy with the power of my orgasm. Actually, not at all. In fact, he
was quite proud of the effect he was able to have on me. This truly had
been a pretty wonderful day in Sean's life.

By now it was past 11:00 and we were all exhausted. I was just about to
lay down with the boys for some sleep, when I remembered I had never
checked on the boys in the other room. I threw on a pair of shorts,
covered up the naked little boys on my bed with the sheet, and opened up
the connecting door between our rooms.

The boys were all in one bed, awake, with very bright red faces. I swore
I saw someone quickly pull the covers up as I opened the door, the boys
looked very embarrassed as they lay there. At that moment, I looked down
and saw four pairs of underpants laying on the floor next to the bed. My
dick began to stir again as I realized we were not the only ones
experimenting with a little sex that night.

"Hi, what you've guys been doing?" I tried to asked nonchalantly.

"Nothing," one of them managed to squeak...

"Just watching TV," another finally blurted out.

"OK, then, if you don't need anything, good night. Get to sleep soon."

I chuckled to myself as I closed the door, peeled off my shorts again, and
climbed into my bed. For a minute I mused over the idea of joining the
boys from the other room in bed, but then Dylan slid over to me, and Sean
snuggled up close, wrapping his arms around me. What more could I have
there than I have here? Within minutes, we were all fast asleep.


It was after 8:30 when I awoke the next morning to the theme song from the
"Pink Panther". I thought to myself as I got up to pee, "I better call
Raoul in Amsterdam, I have some new pictures and a story that they would
like on the bulletin board."

As I returned to the bed, I realized all the boys were still asleep except
for Chris who had gotten up and turned on the TV. As I settled back into
bed, Chris slid over and leaned up against me. I casually reached around
him and started tracing circles on his chest and stomach, as we both
watched the cartoons. Bob had taught me the technique long before, long
slow tickling, more loving than tickling, but long slow circles, up and
down, first to the navel, then a little lower, then a little lower,
brushing over the underpants - except Chris didn't have any underpants on.
As I went lower, I bumped into his little rock hard boycock. The night
before he and Eric had pretty much stayed to themselves as Dylan, Sean,
and I had our fun, this morning he cuddled up tight to me. Who was I to
argue? So I slowly jerked the boy, not really to climax, just slowly,
lovingly jerked him up and down.

I was startled a minute later as I felt his hand reach over and grab my
now hard cock. I took his hand and gave him a quick primer on the
technique. His jerkings grow more intense, as mine did to him. I was not
planning on it this morning, but here I was quickly building to a climax
with another beautiful little boy. It didn't take long for either one of
us to cum. As Chris's hand did its magic to me, I started to shoot cum
into the air, my hands were having the same effect on Chris. He bounced
up and down on the bed and squealed with glee. With that, the other boys
woke up. We had not exactly been quiet and now I was sweating with a
little river of my own cum running down my stomach.

"Oh, looks like you need a shower." Dylan said as he opened his eyes to
the sight.

"Yeah, things seem to be a little messy here."

"And I'm going to take it with you !"

"Me, too!" chimed in Sean.

"Me, too!" added Chris.

"But, I'm going to be FIRST!" shouted Eric, as he threw back the covers,
and ran towards the bathroom. We all jumped up and chased him into the

I wanted to take hours in the showers with my naked little charges, but I
knew that we had to be fairly quick, as we had to pack and head for home.

As we were loading the vans, I noticed that Sean was walking a little
funny and had a hickey on his neck. I pulled him aside and told him to
tell his mom it was a bruise from the game. I just hoped his walk would
return to normal.

We loaded the vans and headed for home. My "boys" filled the backseat and
slept most of the way home. We were all tired, what with two football
games and two nights of wild sex, we hardly had any energy left.

We got back to Chapel Hill a little late, but all the parents were there
and relieved to see us. All except Dylan's mom, I had told her I bring
him home after everyone else was picked up. I watched as Sean ran over to
his mother and gave her a big hug. She looked at his "bruise" and I heard
him say that it was from the game. As they walked back to their car I
overheard him telling her about the game and how he had kicked the winning
points. As he got out of earshot, I could hear him say he also pulled a
muscle and that's why he was walking a little funny. He truly was the
team's hero, as well as my little guy. As he climbed in his car, he
turned around and gave me a wave. What a great little kid.

I got our stuff together and headed towards Dylan's house. He asked me
about inviting Sean over to spend the night one of the nights that he
slept over my place, I told him we would have to see, but I really liked
the idea.

We got to Dylan's apartment, picked up his stuff from the car and started
up the steps. With that the door flew opened and a cute 5 year old, red
headed , freckled boy bounded out of the door and down the steps. He
jumped into Dylan's arm as he yelled out, "DYYYYYYY- LLLLLLAAAAANNNN

Dylan dropped his luggage as he caught the flying boy. He looked at me
utterly surprised and confused, not knowing what was going on.

I simply shrugged back. I didn't know how, but I had a feeling our life
was about to change forever.........

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