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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - My Physical

Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 19:46:05 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: My Physical

This story is purely fictional. If you don't like it, don't read it.

My Physical

       When I was 14, I had to get a last minute physical to go to scout
camp. My name is Billy and I'm 5'4, 140 pounds with short brown hair and
blue eyes. I'm short with a thin build and was very nervous about getting
this physical. I was nervous because I am always getting boners. In gym
class, I can hardly strip down to my white briefs without sporting a boy
boner. I knew from my last physical that I would be forced to strip down
to my briefs and I would get stiff in front of the doctor. To make matters
worse, it was the last minute and the only doctor available that afternoon
was Dr. Rostov. Dr. Rostov was a kindly older man who happened to live
down the street from our house. I waved at him on my paper route. I knew
I was different from a young age and never found girls attractive at all.
However, I always got boners when I was around older men like my dad,
granddad, uncles, scout leaders, teachers, and any other man over the age
of 40 or so. Something about their gray hair and mature manner caused me
to get pounding stiff boners that all teenage boys get constantly. I was
terrified to act on my gay feelings, but I masturbated every night to my
collection of older men in my active imagination. Sometimes I would lay on
my back and spray my thin jets of boy cum onto my hairless belly or would
slip my boner between my pillows and hump them until I shot off. Then, I
would lick up my juices so it wouldn't stain the pillows.

       Dr. Rostov had agreed to stay open late at his clinic until I
finished my paper route and I was to ride my bike there. When I got there,
the nurse let me in and then let herself out behind me. She told me to go
down a hallway and Dr. Rostov would meet me there. I trotted down the hall
wearing my white t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, white socks, and a brand new
pair of tight, white Fruit of the Loom briefs. I liked briefs even though
dad wore boxers. The soft cotton would hold my young penis up over my taut
scrotum and kept them all in place. I ran into Dr. Rostov in the hallway
and a shudder went down my spine right to my penis. It twitched in my
underpants as he turned to greet me. Dr. Rostov was around 55 or so and
had come to the United States from Russia. He was tall, around 6'3,
slender, with long, but strong looking arms. He probably weighed around
185 pounds with just a slight paunch that hung just a little bit over his
belt. He kept his slightly receding slick gray hair, which had once been
black it seemed, combed straight and neat and he wore a pair of reading
glasses that made him look distinguished. His face was thin with an
aristocratic nose and a slightly bushy moustache that extended just beyond
the corners of his mouth. Dr. Rostov had a thin pair of spectacles that
made him seem kindly and distinguished at the same time. He smiled a broad
smile and greeted me by grabbing my shoulder and ushering me down the
hallway. When his strong ran slipped down to the small of my back, I
swallowed hard. The twinge in my briefs went to a full throb when his hand
patted my firm young butt cheeks. I felt my penis start to push into the
cotton panel of my underpants and I knew was in trouble.

       Dr. Rostov took me to an examining room and told me to take off my
shoes so he could weigh me. I noticed the slight Russian accent he spoke
with as I removed my sneakers. He made small talk as we went to the scale.
He weighed me, measured my height, took my pulse and blood pressure, then
gave me a small plastic cup and told me to pee in it. I trotted to the
bathroom and peed in the cup without much trouble. I came back and he put
a cap on it and set it on a counter. He told me to go to the examining
room and strip down to only my underpants while he did the urinalysis. I
gulped when I heard that last part. I was going to be so embarrassed
getting a boner in front of Dr. Rostov.

       I went into the room and closed the door and began stripping. I
folded all my clothes neatly and sat on the edge of the examining table in
just my briefs. I had a full boy boner within seconds of taking my jeans
down. I tried to think about other things like baseball, which didn't work
at all. The front of my briefs was tented out and precum began to seep
from my slit and wet the front panel of my underpants. I wished I could
control it but just gave in and stared at my toes. The door opened and I
jumped because I was nervous.

       "Relax Billy, it's just me, Dr. Rostov," he chortled.

       He came into the room and his eyebrows rose up on his forehead when
he saw my boy boner tenting my white underpants. He began the physical
like nothing was wrong. He chatted with me and made lots of jokes. I was
starting to relax when he told me to lay down. I did and my boner made an
obscene sight pushing upward in my 26 inch waistband Fruit of the Looms.
Dr. Rostov began poking my abdomen and then I inhaled deeply when his long
fingers touched my elastic waistband and he pulled it up and away from my
tummy. My circumsized penis snapped down against my belly with a wet slap!
It throbbed against my hairless belly and a strand of precum stuck to my
belly while still attached to my slit. I closed my eyes in humiliation.

       "You are a healthy young man, no?" said Dr. Rostov.

       "I'm...uh...sorry Dr.'t help it. Please
don't be mad....please?" I implored

       "Billy, it is very good to get such a strong erection. Don't
worry. I'm not mad at all. Happens to all boys who come here your age. I
see all boys like you get erections. I remember getting them all the time
as a boy in Russia. Ok?"

       I opened my eyes and he smiled at me paternally and I felt better.
He gently eased the waistband back down and encased my pounding boner.
Dr. Rostov had me stand up to check me for a hernia and told me to pull
down my underpants. I complied and my boner sprung forth again throbbing
and a long strand of precum swaying from my bright purple mushroom. Daddy
told me that men in our family had short, but thick penises and big
testicles. I had seen Daddy's penis several times and his seemed extremely
thick in the shaft and had a mushroom head that was much thicker than his
shaft. Daddy's testicles were real big looking and had lots of hair on
them. My testicles were bigger than most of my friends, but had barely any
hair on them. My peter was short like Daddy's with the same mushroom that
was wider than my shaft. Dr. Rostov squeezed each of my testicles firmly
and had me cough.

       "Good Billy. You have good-sized testicles for boy your age. Make
lots of sperm, yes?" he inquired.

       "Um....I don't know Doctor," I lied.

       "Billy, you must be honest with me ok? You can trust me. I know
you play with it all the time and stroke it until it spurts off yes? If
you want, I can teach you all about sex Billy? It will be secret between
us. No one will ever know if you don't tell them. Would you like that?"

       I nodded eagerly, but with fear too. At that point, Dr. Rostov
told me to take my briefs all the way off, which I did. He took out a
ruler and measured my boy boner at just a hair less than 5 inches.
Dr. Rostov told me it would grow at least another inch, which made me
happy. He gripped my penis and showed me how to masturbate even though I
had been beating off for almost two years. I began to moan and groan and
he quit stroking my boy boner.

       Dr. Rostov began to run his hands over my creamy white skin and
occasionally would cup my tender scrotum. He leaned in and kissed me on
the mouth. His bushy moustache tickled me and I giggled. I stopped
giggling when his long, powerful tongue thrust into my mouth. My boyish
tongue wiggled back as I gave in to his manly affections. Dr. Rostov sank
back down into his chair and pulled me to him. His mouth opened wide and
he began licking my tender 5 inch boner. I began taking short quick
breaths as his tongue bathed my sensitive mushroom. A small glob of precum
oozed out and the old doctor swabbed it around my head causing me to grip
his shoulders.

       "Ohhhh....ungh.......ungh......," I moaned as he fellated me.

       "Ooooooooooo," I groaned as he took my peter into his mouth. He
swallowed my boner into his mouth and his tongue ran circles around my head
and shaft. Soon, I felt my scrotum against his stubbly chin. I had a firm
grip on his shoulders when my orgasm hit me. I shuddered violently and
bucked my hips forward. Dr. Rostov sensed my impending orgasm and pulled
back until only my knob was in his mouth. His strong Russian hand jerked
my shaft as I erupted.

       "I....ungh....I....ooooh.....ungh.....gonnna.....OHHHHHHHH!" I
gurgled as my thin jets of white sperm pulsed onto his tongue. My orgasm
was fast but it was also my first time getting a blowjob. I panted heavily
as my orgasm receded. Dr. Rostov pulled back and licked his lips and gave
me a big smile and pat on the rear end.

       "Very good Billy. Sperm is very high in protein. Just what a
growing boy needs!" he leered.

       "I think you need an injection of protein from a real man's sperm,
yes?" he grinned.

       I could only nod weakly as I contemplated my adolescent fantasy
come true. I was stunned to see Dr. Rostov stand up and remove his lab
coat. Oh God, he's taking off his clothes! He told me to sit on the edge
of the examining table and I did so without taking my eyes off this mature
hunk. He stripped off his striped tie and unbuttoned his blue Oxford
shirt. I eagerly waited as he undid his belt and dropped his gray dress
slacks to his ankles, revealing his hairy legs. Dr. Rostov stood before me
wearing just a pair of white Jockey shorts with the y-front. His penis was
resting to the left and was propped over a hefty bulge where his balls
filled the pouch. My mouth fell open at the sight of this gorgeous older
man. He grinned at me as he put his fingers inside the waistband and
dropped them to his ankles with his slacks.

       I nearly passed out as his well-aged, manly penis swung free from
the confines of his briefs. It looked about 4 or 5 inches limp and was
uncut. I had heard about uncut cocks from my friend's porno magazines, but
had never seen one in person. His knob was under a thick layer of skin
that looked like a fleshy sleeve or collar. It covered most of his knob
except for a bit of the tip and his slit showed. The shaft was a pale
fleshy color and the knob looked shiny purple like mine. Dr. Rostov's knob
looked almost cone-shaped under the thick foreskin with a tapered tip and a
widely-flared ridge at the back of the knob. Frankly, his balls scared me.
They were enormous. Bigger even than Daddy's. They were fat and hung very
low in his scrotum and wobbled between his hairy thighs. I could only
imagine how much seamen came out of them when he spurted.

       "Now Billy, I am going to show you how a baby is made. I will play
the part of the man and you will be like my wife, ok? Good. I'm going to
make my cock hard for you and then put it inside you and have a good cum
inside that tight young bottom of yours. I won't lie to you Billy. It
will hurt at first, but then it will feel very good."

       "I know Dr. Rostov. Sometimes I watch my Daddy my Mom. She gets on her back and Daddy holds her
legs open and shoves his boner in her top hole. He's got a thick one with
fat balls. She really groans and cries out until his
stuff in her."

       Overcoming my fear, I reached down and gently grasped Dr. Rostov's
big peter. It leapt at my touch and I gripped it firmly. I was mesmerized
at the amazing sensation of sliding his foreskin back behind his knob. The
skin peeled back and then popped behind his cone-shaped head. His old
boner grew and grew until I could feel it's full pounding length.
Dr. Rostov told me it was almost 8 inches in length. I masturbated the old
doctor and rubbed his constant flow of precum over his shiny knob and
shaft. I groped his heavy balls and dreamed of having a pair of apples so
large. They rolled in my hands and he groaned at my ministrations. I
hardly noticed Dr. Rostov reach over and pick up a tube of lubricant from
his desk. I reluctantly let go of his beautiful erection as he gently
pushed me face first over the side of the examining table. My boy boner
was painfully erect against the paper covering the table and my testicles
pressed against the cool wood frame.

       "Unghhhh...," I groaned as a long, strong finger wormed it's way up
my rear end. The lubricant made it go in easy, but it made me moan
nonetheless. The finger loosened me up quickly until I felt a second
finger worm in next to it. I felt a large dollop of precum ooze from my
slit onto the paper as I relished my rear end being loosened by his strong
fingers. I knew I was going to be bred soon and was scared, but a little
bit thrilled too. I yelped a bit as the fingers slipped out and I heard
his belt buck jingle as he scooted close to me. The sound of lubricant
being rubbed on his boner was clear in the room and I felt sticky fingers
spread my cheeks wide. I felt Dr. Rostov's mushroom, still encased in his
foreskin press against my bud. I grunted as his foreskin retracted and the
thin cone-shaped tip spread my sphincter wide. When his ridge cleared my
sphincter and popped in, I gave a startled shout until I realized it felt
warm and good. Soon, inch after inch of hard Russian cock filled my
clinching rear end. When his heavy scrotum pressed against my cheeks, I
knew I had 8 inches of mature meat in me. Dr. Rostov had taken my cherry!
My rear end burned a bit, but it also felt SO good.

       Dr. Rostov talked to me quietly and began to slowly pump his manly
penis in and out of my no longer virgin butt. I grunted with each thrust
and felt his strong body press against mine. He began to steadily pump his
long penis into me and I was subsequently humped into the examining table.
My boner and balls were getting mashed into the table, but I didn't care.
I was at his mercy and loved the sensation of being screwed by this hot
older man. Soon, Dr. Rostov was pulling his boner all the way back to the
knob which bunched up his thick foreskin and caused me to moan with
pleasure and pain. My own boner was leaking like a faucet as precum
smeared across my belly. As Dr. Rostov picked up speed and began to hammer
all 8 inches deeply into my belly, I became aware of an impending orgasm,
my own! Just when I thought I would spurt, Dr. Rostov eased his hard penis
out of my hot rear end with an audible "plop." I gasped at the sudden loss
and desperately wanted to be filled again with his boner. He told me to
lay on my back on the table as he slipped his slacks and briefs to the
floor. He stripped off his shirt and t-shirt and climbed onto the table
wearing only his black dress socks. His mammoth erection swayed between
his legs and glistened from the lubricant. I held my knees to my chest
like Mom did for Daddy and watched him line his penis up with my hole. I
screamed as he impaled his long boner into my tender hole. I clawed and
clutch at the merciless penetration but cried out in pleasure as his hard
penis fulfilled my every fantasy. His massive scrotum slapped my cheeks as
he jack hammered in and out of me at a blurry pace.

       My desperate cries of pleasure filled the room as did the sound of
his manly body slapping into mine. I yelled out I was spurting as my boy
boner erupted in a shower of thin, long spurts of boy sperm. They
splattered my hairless chest and belly and some of the strands shot onto
his hairy belly and groin. His belly slammed into my taut scrotum causing
every last drop of boy juice to shoot out my wide slit. Sweat began to
pour off Dr. Rostov as he labored towards his orgasm. My cries of pleasure
spurred him on as he mumbled in Russian and talked dirty to me. Soon, he
began to tense and buck awkwardly before groaning and moaning like a dog in
heat. His mature body jerked violently as he reached his climax. His big
Russian meat swelled in me and I knew he was spurting his protein deep in
my tunnel. The old doctor collapsed on me as his softening penis slipped
from my hole and strands of thick white cum leaked out of my hole. He rose
to his knees and I watched his foreskin reclaim his glistening knob and I
knew I was going to like getting more physicals.

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