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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - My Queer Story - My Queer Story 1

Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 16:14:09 -0600
From: David Berkshire <>
Subject: My Queer Story: Chapter 1 by DaveBerk

I'm a queer and I believe I was born that way. From as far back as I can
remember (age four or five), I have dreamed of naked men. One recurring
dream in particular was about Roy Rodgers with Dale Evans and all his ranch
hands. They were all running around his ranch naked. I remember Roy had
this really long uncut dong hanging down just like my father's cock. I now
realize I dreamed of it soft since at that young age I didn't know they got
hard. I don't remember much about Dale. It figures.

Also from as far back as I can remember, I played with myself before I
dropped off to sleep. Of course that young it didn't get hard but it sure
felt good to fondle it. I had a fascination with the crotches of men too
from earliest times. Fortunately as I approached puberty, tight pants were
fashionable. Not only could you see the size of a guy's cock and balls
through his pants, you could often see whether his cock was cut or uncut (I
have always preferred uncut perhaps because my father's cock was uncut
while I am cut). I always peeked when I was pissing in a public restroom.
I got a thrill from seeing the cocks of other guys, especially grown men.
It was because of this fascination that I came to get into male sex so
young. But more about that later. Sorry (soon).

Since I played with myself every night before falling asleep, I discovered
getting a hardon quite early. I don't remember exactly when I got my first
hardon, but it was probably as early as physiologically possible. Very
soon I found that stroking my hardon felt very, very good. At about age
ten, I learned that I if I stroked long enough, the feelings got exquisite
- a dry orgasm. After a few months of this I would produce a small amount
of thin liquid with my orgasm - precum, I guess.

Then, sometime around my twelfth birthday, when I beat off, I produced a
small amount of thick white liquid - my first cum. I didn't realize what
it was until, soon after, my parents gave me a book to read on "the facts
of life." Mostly I used the drawing of the male apparatus for beat-off
material. Little did my parents know that no chance existed that I would
ever put the book's teachings into practice.

By now I was beating my meat whenever I got a chance: when I went to take a
dump; when I was home alone - several times a day. In only a few months, I
was getting much more cum along with hair around my cock which was
noticeably growing. I sought pictures of masculine men wherever I could
find them: the men's underwear and bathing suit sections of Sears' &
Montgomery Ward's catalogs were my best sources. Back then (late forties)
these catalogs had pictures showing some surprisingly big baskets with no
airbrushing of apparent cocks and balls. Through the thin material you
could usually tell whether the model's cocks were cut or uncut. I did a
lot of furious beating of my meat looking at catalogs and imagining what
the guys' cocks and balls would look like uncovered and aroused.

Now when I saw guys' cocks while pissing, I would get an almost instant
hardon. Sometimes if the restroom cleared out, I would beat off and paint
the back of the urinal with my cum.

It was the haunting of restrooms that led to my introduction to male-male
sex. See, I told you: finally the story of my seduction. It was June of
my thirteenth summer. For a few years, I had been riding the bus downtown
to visit the library to check out books. I was and am an avid reader.
Anyway, one time at the library, I got the urge to take a dump and headed
for the basement restroom. It was down a long flight of marble stairs
(making an ideal tearoom since it provided a signal that someone was

This time, as I entered the restroom, I was struck by the many men there.
All six booths were occupied, which was obvious, since all the doors were
off. The three urinals were also occupied and there were some men leaning
against the walls as if waiting for a booth to clear. My need was not
urgent so I too leaned against a wall - the one with the urinals - in hopes
I might catch a glimpse of cock. At first, I could see nothing, because
the men stood too close to the urinals, undoubtedly not wanting to shock a
tender young mind.. As I watched, I noticed that the men's right arms were
subtly moving in the unmistakable rhythm of beating off. This caused me to
spring an instant hardon (remember when it was instant?) That was a dead
giveaway. The man nearest me - a muscular young guy - deduced correctly
that I wasn't going to run from the room screaming rape if he showed me his
cock. He probably also remembered his own intense curiosity about guys'
cocks when he was my age. So he stepped back enough for me to see him
fisting his big hard cock. Since I had never before seen a grown man's
hardon, I was overwhelmed with desire. To me his cock looked huge - it was
probably about eight inches which is quite big enough, thank you. The man
dropped his gaze to my crotch and then looked up at me grinning.

I'll never know what would have happened between us next, because the man
in the end booth with a clear view of the urinals stood up raising his
pants. I got a good enough glimpse of his cock to see that it was soft,
but red. I imagined he had just beat off looking at the hard cocks of the
men at the urinals. Maybe, but probably he'd gotten a blowjob through the
glory hole in the booth just before I entered. Of course I knew nothing of
gloryholes or blowjobs at that tender age.

Anyway he fastened his pants and walked out. One of the guys waiting said,
"Go ahead kid. We can wait." Probably trying to get rid of me so they
could get back to sucking & fucking. Innocently I strode to the booth,
carefully lowered my jeans & shorts so as to not show my hardon.
Incredibly, I was embarrassed. I plead ignorance. Of course, as soon as
my butt hit the seat I was stroking my hardon down behind my jeans,
thinking no one would know what I was doing. Right! The hunky guy who had
shown me his hardon now moved to the urinal nearest me which had been
vacated - only about two feet away - with his big stiff one clutched in his
fist. He made no attempt to hide it, but grinned at me the whole time.
When he was in place, he pulled a big set of low hangers out of his
trousers and began to stroke his uncut cock, covering & uncovering the big
shiny head and causing his big balls to bounce up and down. It looked just
like what I imagined my dad's cock would look like hard. Little did I know
how right I was as I found out some years later. But back to this story.
The stud kept jerking his head, trying to get me to show him my hardon. He
even swept his hand from me to his crotch inviting me to reach out & feel
of his big man's cock. But I wasn't sure what he wanted. If we'd been
alone, I know I would have shown him mine and felt him up, as I did about
two weeks later, but again I was embarrassed to do it in front of all the
other guys. Besides my five inches was so much smaller than what he had.
I didn't realize that for my age, my cock wasn't too bad. I'm sorry to
report that I was so confused and scared that I pulled up my jeans and
left. But I was not to remain a virgin for long.

About one week later, I rode the bus downtown early enough to be there when
they opened. Having thought about what had happened and beaten off
repeatedly remembering the man's big hard cock, I was determined to stay
long enough this time to find out what it was all about. When the door was
opened at nine, I headed straight down the stairs for the restroom.
Naturally it was empty, so I headed directly for the best seat in the
house: the john with the direct view of the urinals. By the time my jeans
were down and my butt hit the seat, I was hard and stroking. Out of
modesty, I kept my jeans up to my knees, and looked down to watch my fist
stroking my hard cock gently - gently so I wouldn't go off too soon. Then
I studied my surroundings and noticed a large hole in the wall of the booth
with a scrawled message: Stick your hard cock through for a great blowjob.
'What the hell is a blowjob?" I thought. I led a very sheltered life.
Peering through the hole, I realized I would be able to see the crotch of a
guy sitting next door. That was such an exciting thought that I had to
stop stroking my cock for a couple of minutes. Then I heard footsteps
coming down the stairs. My heart sped up. Maybe I would get to see some
cock at the urinal or in the booth next door.

A very cute, slim young guy entered and headed for the booth next to mine.
I couldn't help noticing he had a nice-sized bulge in his jeans. Smiling
broadly he asked, "How you doing?" "Just fine," I answered brilliantly.
He entered the booth turned, unbuckled his belt, unzipped and lowered his
jeans. Watching through the hole I saw his jockey shorts encased cock and
balls. Sure enough, they looked nice sized. I watched as his hand kneaded
his bulge so that his cock seemed to swell slightly. Hooking his thumbs
into his jockeys, he lowered them so his balls and half hard cock flopped
out. His hand returned to pull the foreskin back to reveal the slick,
shiny head of his cock. Then pushed forward to recover the head. He
slowly stroked his cock until it stiffened to about seven inches (I
estimated comparing with my five inches). Sitting, he continued to stroke
his cock which began to drool a thin stream of precum which began to pool
on the floor.

A shadow fell on the hole cluing me to the fact that he was looking through
it at my cock. Since he had deliberately shown me his cock, I was
confident about showing him mine. Pushing my jeans & shorts down to the
floor like he had, I spread my legs so he could see me beating my meat
better. We watched each other stroking for a couple of minutes before the
man stood up. I was afraid he was going to leave just when I was getting
really hot. Maybe I'd done something wrong. But, no, he was not raising
his pants; he was shuffling forward.

Then he looked around the partition saying, "Looks like you're having fun."

"I am," I choked in a passion filled voice.

He shuffled around the partition so I could see him stroking his big, hard,
manly cock. "I am too," he assured me. "Want to play with each other?"

My dreams fulfilled! "Yeah!" I choked. Shuffling right up to me, he took
his hand off his cock and reached down for mine. As his big, muscular
man's hand folded around my cock, I wrapped my fist around his hot, thick
throbber up near the head so I could feel his foreskin slide over and
uncover the now purple head. Realizing how close to the edge we both were,
we stroked each other very gently. His precum wetted my fist so that my
stroking caused the slicky sound of stroking I've come to love.

After about a minute of this the man choked, "Stand up." When he saw how
shaky my legs were, he supported me with a hand under my arm until I was
firmly on my feet. Now our cocks were rubbing against each other. The man
said, "By the way, I'm Chuck."

I barely managed to reply, "I'm Dave."

As he cupped my balls, he said, "Very happy to meet you, Dave. Man, you've
got big balls. They're bigger than mine. I bet you shoot a lot of cum."

"Yeah, I'm so glad to meet you, Chuck," I told him. "Your cock is huge.
It reminds me of my dad's. 'Course, I've never seen his hard. This is the
best feeling I've ever had." Our hands kept bumping together as we stroked
each other. Chuck pushed my hand off his cock and wrapped his big man's
hand around both our cocks and continued stroking. Soon both cocks were
drenched in his precum so the feelings escalated to where I gasped, "I'm
gonna cum." Chuck dropped our cocks, stepped back and bent at the waist,
engulfing my cock in his hot, wet mouth just as I began to shoot. It was
the blast-off of my young life. It seemed to go on forever. The intensity
weakened my legs so that I collapsed over Chuck's back. Being a
considerate lover, Chuck wrapped his arms around me so I didn't fall.
Finally when my cock went soft, he let it slip from his mouth and stood
holding me in his arms, hugging me to him. He pressed his lips to mine and
forced his tongue into my mouth along with some of my own cum. I loved the
taste and became an instant cum-hound.

Chuck removed his lips from mine and nuzzled my cheek saying, "Man, you did
shoot a huge load of cum. Real sweet too." I only had energy to nod.
Saying, "I think you need to sit," Chuck lowered me to the toilet seat.
That's when I saw his still hard, drooling cock in front of me. Taking
hold of his cock, Chuck leaned forward and wiped the drooling head across
my lips, asking softly, "Want to try it?"

Looking at the big, shiny, wet head just an inch from my lips, I mumbled,
"Sure," leaned forward and took the head in my mouth. Licking the slimy
precum off it, I swallowed and began to slide my lips down the considerable
length of Chuck's cock. He placed his hands gently on either side of my
face, not forcing me but just clasping my head affectionately. I continued
taking in more & more of this man's big cock until it hit the back of my
throat and I gagged. Chuck said, "Back off a little," and lifted my head
back an inch or so.

I began to bob my head up and down his cock like he had done for me.
Meanwhile Chuck was murmuring, "Oh, Man, look at that sweet young virgin
mouth sucking my big man's cock. It's so hot. Oh, man. I'm gonna cum!"
Excited that I was going to make this hot young man shoot his load in my
mouth, I sucked harder. I felt Chuck's cock swell even bigger and grow
steely hard in my mouth. Then with a mighty pulse his cock squirted a big
wad of cum into my mouth. It was so much that I had to swallow, noting
that it tasted spicier and muskier than mine, but still delicious. Chuck
continued to pump his manseed into my suctioning mouth. After half a dozen
big squirts it slowed to a dribble and finally stopped. He withdrew his
still fluffed cock from my mouth and placing his hands under my arms,
lifted me to my feet and hugged me to him. Once again he kissed me,
probing my mouth for residue of his cum with his tongue. By now both our
cocks were hard again rubbing together between us. We continued to kiss
and rub until I felt Chuck's cock begin to throb and then shoot his cum
onto my belly and run down onto my own hard cock which set me off so that I
added my cum to the slime on our bellies. After we had stopped cumming and
our cocks finally began to go limp, we heard footsteps on the stairs. We
parted, pulling up and fastening our jeans.

By the time a grizzled old guy entered the restroom, we were washing our
hands at the sinks. The old guy went to the urinals and pulled out his
shriveled cock. It was probably the reek of cum which filled the room that
got his cock to begin stiffening. That and thinking about the fact that a
grown man and a kid had just had sex there.

Anyway Chuck and I finished washing our hands, dried off and left the
restroom. As we walked up the stairs Chuck said, "Man, Dave, that was some
of the best sex I've had in a long time. You're a natural at cock

"I loved it too, Chuck. It was the greatest experience of my life, and I
love the taste of cum," I assured him.

Chuck responded, "I love doing it with virgins. If I didn't have to go to
work, we could go to my place and go to bed and have sex for the rest of
the day. Unfortunately I can't, but I hope we meet up again someday."

"I hope so too," I told him sincerely.

Ruffling my hair, Chuck said, "Like I said, it was great. Until we meet
again, have fun and suck a lot of cock."

As he walked off, I called after him, "Thanks Chuck." Sure enough, we did
meet up again in a few months. Where else but in another restroom.

In fact from that day forward I haunted restrooms all over town. I never
entered a public building without visiting their restroom(s). In virtually
all of them, I would meet men for sex if I just hung around a while. I
quickly learned all the tricks of tearoom cruising: standing at a urinal
slowly stroking my hardon which I would show if a guy looked interested;
looking through the cracks in the doors of the johns to see if anyone was
interested in some fun; tapping your foot while sitting on the john;
slipping your cock under the partition for a blowjob if there was no
gloryhole; beckoning with a finger in the gloryhole to get a guy to shove
his cock through.

Because of this haunting, I began to have sex with grown men at least five
to eight times a week. Now I find it ironic that my fellow male playmates
thought of me as a sissy and a geek (long before that term was invented).
I was both and now proud of it. Anyway, my peers were always hot to brag
when they got a feel of a girl and lie about how they had fucked her (in
the late forties and early fifties very few girls put out). So if these
guys had been telling the truth, the few girls who did fuck would have been
too busy to even go to school. Anyway, here were all these guys
daydreaming about having sex, absolutely sure I was too timid to ever get
any. But I was living an unending orgy.

About a week after my experience with Chuck, I once again got to the
library very early and installed myself in the best seat in the restroom.
After only a few minutes of pumping my cock and reading the graffiti on the
walls of the booth, I heard footsteps on the stairs. My heart leapt and my
cock throbbed when the guy who had showed me his hard cock and tried to get
me to feel of it the first day walked in. He must have recognized me,
because he grinned and said, "Hi! How's it hanging. Or is it hanging?"
Stepping up to the urinal he unzipped and hauled out his balls and already
stiffening cock, which he wrapped his fist around and began to stroke.

I shoved my jeans and shorts to the floor, spread my legs so he could see
me pumping my hardon and replied, "It not hanging."

"Nice one," he responded, "and big balls for a kid," as he stepped over in
front of me stroking his now hard, drooling cock. "Want to play around?"

I answered, "Actually, I want to suck the cum out of your big man's cock,"
leaned forward and took the head and about an inch if his cock into my
mouth, swirling my tongue over the precum-coated head.

"God, kid that's good." And then as I took more and more of his big thick
cock into my mouth, he gasped, "Man, this is so hot. A kid sucking on my
cock. I've never had a kid suck my cock before." I had not been bobbing
my head up and down on his cock very long when it swelled bigger, grew
steely hard and began blasting the man's steamy load down my throat. He
came so heavily that I had to swallow very fast to keep it from spilling
out of my mouth, but I'm proud to say I didn't spill a drop. When his cock
finished shooting and finally began to soften I let it slip from my mouth
and looked up at the man. He was breathing heavily with a glazed look on
his face and had his hands braced on either side of the booth to hold
himself erect. "God, Kid!" he gasped, "That's a hell of a mouth you've
got. You sure drained my balls."

Reaching up and hefting his heavy hangers with both hands (it took both
hands to hold them), I replied, "They don't look any smaller to me. In
fact, you've got the biggest balls I've ever seen." As I began to gently
squeeze and roll them around in my hands, I continued, "You know, you
nearly drowned me with all the cum you shot. You've got really tasty cum."
In reaction to my fondling of his balls, his cock began to stiffen again.
Chuckling, I asked, "So you like what I'm doing with your balls? Are you
ready to go again?"

Gently pulling away, he said, "Not yet. I want to suck you off first. Get
up and let me sit." He dropped his slacks and shorts to the floor and sat
on the john. Excited that this handsome, muscular, masculine man wanted to
drink my cum, I quickly stood and positioned myself in front of him. "How
old are you, kid?" he asked. "Thirteen," I told him. "Man, you've got a
lot of meat for your age," he commented and leaned forward engulfing my
hard cock in his hot, wet mouth. The wonderful sensations began anew. As
he continued to suck me, I ran my fingers through his thick, black hair.
With one hand he played with my balls while with the other he stroked his
own cock. It was so thrilling to be sucked by this gorgeous hunk, it
didn't take me long to reach the peak. When I began shooting, the man
sucked me so far into his mouth, I was afraid he was going to swallow my
whole lower body. Again, I blasted a huge load down the throat of a grown
man. When he had drained me dry and my cock began to soften, he let me
slip from his mouth, stood up taking me in his arms and hugging me tight.

I reached between us and position our cocks together between our bellies.
Contact with his big, hard cock quickly revived my flagging member so that
quickly we were rubbing our hard cocks together. With my hands, I reached
up and pulled his head down to mine, plastered my lips on his and thrust my
tongue in his mouth. As our tongues dueled, we continued to rub our precum
slimed cocks together. Very soon we reached the peak and began to shoot
our cum all over our bellies & cocks. This was getting to be a habit - a
habit I liked a lot. We finally parted and I began to raise my shorts and

My companion commented, "Aren't you going to clean yourself up?"

Fastening my jeans, I told him, "No, I want to wear your cum on me. The
smell reminds me of you and what we did together."

He stopped his pants around the ankles shuffle toward the sinks, looked
back at me and commented, "Man, that's so hot." Leaning over and grabbing
his slacks, he continued, "If you can do it, so can I," raising his slacks
and shorts and fastening them. Walking over to me and taking me in his
arms, he looked down at me saying, "You're a hot little number. I wish I
could take you home with me."

"Yeah, but I'm afraid my mother would miss me," I kidded.

"Do you think she might take in a boarder?" he asked.

"She would like the extra money, but we don't have an extra bedroom," I
told him.

"Well then I guess I'd just have to sleep with you... naked," he replied.

"Whoooey," I exclaimed and shivered with pleasure. "I wish it could
happen, but I'm afraid not."

Rubbing his again hard cock against mine through our pants, he said, "No,
but it was fun to think about, wasn't it?"

He kissed me again passionately and we parted. "I hope I see you around
again sometime," he told me.

"Me too," I replied. We walked side-by-side out the door and up the

The man chuckled and said, "By the way, I'm John," and thrust out his hand.

As I took it and shook it, I replied, "I'm Dave."

"Happy to meet you, Dave" John said, "That was some great sex. Maybe we'll
meet up again sometime."

"I sure hope so, John" I assured him, and turned to go into the library as
John headed out the door.

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