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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - My Son And My Friend - My Son And My Friend 1

Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 04:14:15 +0000
From: Colton Henry <>
Subject: My Son and My Friend

Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction. The characters mentioned do
not exist and what you are about to read never happened. If sexual content
between minors and adults offends you, then leave now! You have been

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments, concerns or ideas. I
love hearing from all my readers! Pending the responses, I may continue
this story.

I walked past my son's room to sneak a peek inside. Dylan was still fast
asleep sprawled out on his bed. His covers had been kicked off and his pj
bottoms had risen to give my son a wedgie, which gave a nice outline of his
ass. His blond hair sprouted from his head like a mop. He was 13 turning 14
later this summer. I decided to let him sleep in a little longer before I
woke him.

It was nearly 1pm when Dylan awoke from his slumber and sat down at the
table with his cereal. I was on my computer at the other end looking at
some of the erotic pictures saved to my laptop. Of course, Dylan couldn't
see my screen and could not discern that I had an erection straining
against the confines of my jeans.

"What are you doing today, Dylan?" I asked him.

"I think I might go over to Cody's house for a bit" He grumbled still a
little groggy.

"I thought he was at summer camp or something?"

"Yah, he is. But Mr. MacDonald invited me over today to help work on his
car." Dylan said keeping his eyes on his cereal.

Mr. MacDonald, or Jack, had been my friend since we moved to this
neighborhood about 15 years ago. He lived across the street and his son,
Cody, was the same age as Dylan. He was 35 years old which was only 3 years
younger than me. Cody was an only child and his mother had left the family
a few years ago with a nasty divorce.

My own wife was at a business trip in another state and wouldn't be back
until the end of the week. My daughter, Emma, was 11 and currently at a
summer dance camp.

"So can I go?" Dylan asked looking up at me with his soft, brown eyes. The
cute moles on the left side of his neck and the softness of his face froze
me for a moment. The kid was growing cuter every day, but I knew I couldn't
act on this emotions. That would just ruin our relationship.

"Sure, have fun. Mind your manners though."

Dylan hopped up from the table and ran to take a shower. I desperately
wanted to barge through the door to perhaps catch my son naked in all his
glory, but I restrained myself by looking at some on the boys saved to my

Dylan dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a polo shirt. He scuffled into
his flip flops and was out the door. I watched him run across the street
and over to Jack's house. He was outside waiting for my son and picked him
up into a hug as my son flew into his arms. This would strike me as odd but
Jack had been like a second father to my kids since they were born. I waved
hello and he waved back. They turned around to go inside and I dashed to my
son's room.

Normally I am not one to pry, but with the prospect of finding something
sexual in my son's room, I couldn't pull myself away. His bed was still
unmade, and his clothes were everywhere so I didn't need to be careful
about putting things back to the way they were. The stale smell of dried
cum let me know my son was no stranger to jacking off. I rummaged through
clothes and books until found it.

"Eureka!" I shouted out loud as I picked up the Hustler magazine from under
the bed.

I flipped through the magazine peering at the images my son might be
pleasuring himself to every night. I went over to his trash can to grab a
dirty tissue that my son had previously used. I picked one up and found the
yellow dry stains that indicated it as a cum rag. I held it close to my
nose and inhaled deeply. The musky smell of my son threw me over the edge
and I let my pants and briefs hit the floor. I sat on Dylan's bed and
proceeded to furiously jerk my dick while looking at the pictures. As I was
already horned up, it only took a few minutes before I felt the inevitable
wash over me.

"Oh, yeah. Fuck, Dylan." I cried as I used Dylan's old cum tissue to catch
my own spewing seed.

I returned the magazine to its hiding spot and left his room. I went to the
window to look outside but noticed my son and Jack were not working on the
car. It was weird I thought but they must have found something better to do

It was nearly dinner before Dylan made his way through the door. He was
walking weird, kind of slowly, but said he was fine. He came back out 5
minutes later when dinner was on the table.

"What did you and Mr. Macdonald do today? I noticed you didn't work on the
car." I asked

"Huh?" Oh yeah, we decided to just watch some TV instead." Dylan shrugged.

We ate our dinner mostly in silence but he helped me clean up and I told
him he could do whatever he wanted tonight. He told me he'd probably just
play some x-box in his room or something.

It was a couple hours later when I decided to check in on him. He seemed
almost too quiet at dinner tonight and I didn't think it was because he was
becoming a teenager. I knocked 3 times on this door but didn't get a

"He probably has those headphones up too loud." I thought out loud.

I opened the door but found my son was gone.

"He must have snuck out the window." I said peering outside. "Isn't he a
little young for that?"

I then looked down to a pair of his boxers that were on the floor. I
noticed they had a stain on them, not the typical brown stain found in
underwear, but a clear, wet stain. I bent down to pick it up and ran my
index finger across it and felt that it was sticky.

I knew what it was immediately but convinced myself it must be Dylan's cum
from having a wet dream. The more I looked at the underwear the more I
realized it had to be someone else's. Dylan never sleeps in his boxers and
this stain was located on the back of this boxers indicated that it must
have come from his ass!

I started to panic and tried in vain to think of another plausible
explanation. Could Jack have done this? Dylan spends enough time over
there. And where is Dylan now?

I called out his name but no one answered. I decided to go out looking for
him but by this time it was already dark. I decided first to see if he was
at Jack's house as that was the only place I could think of where Dylan
might have gone.

I bolted across the street and up the lawn of Jack's house. I peered inside
the glass window by the side of his door and found Dylan's flip flops
laying there. I knew he had to be here then. I decided to get to the bottom
of the cum in Dylan's underwear mystery and walked around the side of the
house in the bushes instead of knocking on the door.

I crept up to the living room window on the side of the house where I could
easily hide by the heavy vegetation. I peered into the window and had to
bite my tongue from screaming out loud. Jack was resting in his lazy boy
with both hands holding the same bobbing head still while his dick made its
way in and out of the willing mouth. I instantly recognized Dylan's mop of
blond hair. Both man and my son were stark naked.

I wanted to bust open his door and beat the shit out of him for raping my
son but the intense erotic scene unraveling before my eyes rooted me to the
spot. I had a side view of the action with Dylan kneeling before the open
legs of my friend. As it was the summer time, the window was open leaving
only the screen between me and the action. All the noise they were making
was picked up by my ears.

"You like the, Dylan? Tell me how much you like it" Jack asked my son.

Dylan let the head of Mr. Macdonald's cock pop from between his puffy lips.

"I love it! I wish I could suck this all day!" My son replied as he
massaged the shaft of the cock just inches away from his face."

"I wish we could hang out more too, buddy." Jack said. He then gripped his
erection and began smacking the length of his cock along my son's face.

I heard Jack laugh at the sight before his eyes and I saw Dylan smile and
laugh too as he tried to catch the juicy cock on his tongue.

"You really want this, Huh?" Jack asked as he let Dylan's mouth once again
experience the pleasures of a man's cock.

Jack then grabbed the back of my son's head again to guide it along the
length. However, it looked like Jack was not forcing my son's head down the
shaft, but more lovingly stroking his hair. Dylan purred in the loving
embrace as he tried to get more of his cock down his throat. It looked as
though he could get about 3/4's of the 7 inches into his mouth. My son's
own cock, which was just barely viewable between his legs, was sprouting a
hard 5 inch hard on. It moved ever so slightly as his head began to move up
and down Jack's cock at an increasing pace. Then, a slight moan escaped my
mouth as a saw a droplet of precum form on my son's cock without any other
stimulation than the cock pressing against the inside of his cheeks.

Saliva was running down Jack's cock making it glisten in the dimly lit
living room. My son took the base of the shaft in his right hand to slowly
jack my friend off while Dylan slurped on the purple head. Dylan took his
other hand to collect some of his precum and wipe it onto his dick.

"Ready, buddy?" Jack asked my son. I felt my stomach turn as he called my
son the nickname I used.

Dylan let the cock slip out of his mouth again and nodded. He stood up and
turned around. Dylan bent over to slightly expose his pert ass to Jack who
was still sitting down enjoying the show. My boy reached back to pull apart
his ass cheeks. Jack reached for the KY lube on the table next to his chair
and generously began to apply it to my son's exposed asshole. He then did
the same for his own cock which was already pretty lubed up with Dylan's

Jack grabbed my son's hips and twisted them around causing Dylan to face
Jack. He then crept up onto the chair and straddled Jack's hips. I moaned
slightly as watched my son shimmy into position so that Jack could line up
his erect dick with my son's sphincter. Dylan then began to sit down onto
the pole making its way up inside his guts. He went slowly and Jack did not
rush to completely impale my baby boy.

Both man and boy moaned into each other's ear as their bodies became
one. Jack leaned in for a kiss and was met with enthusiasm from my son as
Jack's cock bottomed out in my son's ass.

"Fuck, Dylan. That ass is tight." Jack moaned in Dylan's ear as he smacked
my son's ass. He wrapped one hand around Dylan's back and the other on his
hip to steady his boy. "The best fuck I've ever had."

Dylan rested his head on Jack's shoulder. "It feels so good,
Mr. MacDonald!" cried my son in response.

"Call me Daddy or Sir, boy." Jack stated as his dominate side was coming

"Ok, Daddy." My son replied giving my friend a deep kiss. Although I
couldn't see, I knew there must have been tongue as Dylan began to bounce
up and down on Jack's lap. Although I had never been more turned on in my
life, my heart sank as the words of "Daddy" left my son's lips.

The pain had subsided and the real fucking was about to start. Jack let
Dylan control the tempo and used his hands to steady the boy. He squeezed
and grabbed at my son's smooth skin and Dylan tried to return the favor. He
grabbed Jack's chest and routinely kiss his fucker as he raised himself to
the tip of Jack's cock and let gravity do its work to return his Daddy's
dick to its rightful place deep inside his bowels.

Jack was beginning to become impatient with Dylan's pace and was thrusting
his hips upwards as my son came down. Dylan was grunting and bit his lower
lip to suppress the noise he was making. Jack whispered compliments into
Dylan's ear as his tongue snaked its way inside.

"You're so hot, Dylan. I'll always love you. Your ass is amazing. You're
such a tight fuck."

Dylan just moaned his gratitude as the fucking pace increased. The lube was
doing its job well and Jack's cock was slamming into my son's boypussy
without much effort. Then without warning and much to my surprise, Jack
stopped fucking my son.

"Time to finish, baby." Jack said as he kissed Dylan on the lips.

Jack stood up with his cock still imbedded inside my nubile son. He then
knelt down onto the floor next to his chair and placed my son's back on the
carpet. Dylan spread his hips allowing easier access for Jack's dick. Jack
then bent over my son's smaller body and placed his elbows on either side
of my son's face. The pace of which Jack fucked my son was no longer
decided by Dylan. Jack was now in control and he would decide how my son
was fucked.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" My son grunted locking eyes with Jack. The eagerness in
his voice was apparent.

Jack started slow at first pulling all the way out and pushing back in
until his trimmed pubes scraped against my son's hairless, smooth
scrotum. In regular intervals he would quicken his assault of my son's fuck
hole. Dylan tried to buck his hips with Jack's rhythm, but in vain as
Jack's thrusts became too fast for my son to handle. His breathing became
heavy and I knew this was a signal he was close to spewing inside my son.

Dylan was jacking his own cock between the two bodies as best he could to
increase his own pleasure. I knew he would not be able to get off this way

Jack was really driving into my son's ass now and I knew he wouldn't last
long, and neither would my son.

"Fuck yeah boy! I'm going to breed your pussy." Jack shouted.

Dylan didn't have time to respond as Jack made a hard final thrust as he
began to sigh with contentment. My son clawed and the shag carpeting as I
knew Jack's cock was painting the inside of his ass with sperm. Jack pumped
a few more times before coming down from his high. He kissed my son and
then lifted himself up to a kneeling position over my son.

"Jerk yourself off, buddy." Jack told my son. "Jack off and cum with my
cock inside you."

Dylan grabbed his own semi more freely than before and began to give it a
few tugs to return it to its full hardness. With a softening cock inside
his anus, Dylan furiously jerked his small cock. My son was moaning in
ecstasy as his dick was getting ready to shoot. The friction and pressure
that Jack's cock had put on my son's prostate for the last 10 minutes had
pushed my son to the edge.

Jack twisted my son's nipples as Dylan cried out loud. The first volley
shot from my son's tiny dick and hit right above his navel. He buckled his
hips skywards on the next 3 volleys which propelled the shots of cum up
towards his shoulders and chin. Dylan slowed his pace as his orgasm
subsided. He squeezed out the last few drops which fell and collected at
the base of his dick.

Jack's own cock had fallen so soft that it slipped out. His cum coated his
soft member and clung to my son's recently fucked asses. I wondered how
many times he had been fucked and how long my friend was doing this to my
son behind my back. Jack leaned back over my son and gave him a loving,
thank you kiss. My son's breathing was still heavy but I could see he was

"Let's get you cleaned up, kid." Jack told my son. He pulled Dylan up to
his feet and grabbed a couple of tissues to clean off Dylan's cum. My
friend kissed Dylan a few more times as his hands loving crept across my
son's smooth skin, grabbing and squeezing a few more times.

"Hopefully your Dad doesn't know you left." Jack smiled.

Dylan smiled back. "He doesn't know anything".

How wrong you are my son, I thought. Jack gave Dylan one more kiss on the
mouth and a light squeeze of his boy ass before Dylan made his way to the
door. I needed to get home so they wouldn't see me, and I bolted from the
bushes towards my house. Luckily, the two lovers must have shared a few
more tender kisses as I was able to make it through the door before Dylan
left Jack's house. I bolted up to my room and took out my raging erection
again. It only took a few quick strokes before I came inside my hand.

I washed my hands off in the sink and splattered some cold water on my
face. I felt rage, lust, sadness and joy. I had no idea how I would be able
to look into my son's eyes ever again. Then I heard a rustling in the
bushes on the outside of window and knew Dylan must be trying to sneak back

I made my way down the hallway to his room. I knocked as I slowly opened
the door. Dylan was sitting on his floor playing his x-box.

"How was your night, Buddy?" I asked Dylan using the same nickname his
other daddy calls him.

"Fine, dad". Replied Dylan, pretending to be concentrating hard on his
game. But I knew he had just started up his x-box.

"What are you going to do tomorrow?" I asked. I knew the answer before he
answered though.

"I think Mr. MacDonald and I might try to work on his car again." Dylan
said with a little enthusiasm and excitement.

"Tell him I said Hi then" I said as I closed the door. I planned to go back
tomorrow and watch again. The thrill of watch my son get fucked was just
too compelling.

I lay in bed that night thinking of if I was going to confront my son or
Jack about what they were doing. And if I was going to do that, how was I
going to do it? My son's tight ass and smooth body popped into my mind. I
brushed off the thought of ever fucking my own son but began stroking my
cock again at the thought of other men using his tight boypussy. I soon
blew my load at the thought of my naked son into my bed sheets and eagerly
looked forward to spying on my son and his lover, my friend, again.

Send me an e-mail of what you thought and if I should write more!

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - My Son And My Friend - My Son And My Friend 1