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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - My Sports Physical

Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 00:08:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: ds elliot <>
Subject: "My Sports Physical" (Gay Male/Adult-Youth Section)

My Sports Physical

by ds elliot

This is a story about a teenage male and his coach and teacher. The
relationship is sexual in nature. If you aren't interested in reading
stories depicting gay sex and love relationships, if such stories offend
you, or if reading such stories is illegal in your particular area,
please stop reading now and navigate to another site.

This story is a Copyright 2004 work. The author retains all rights.
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And now for the story...

I suppose it would help if I gave you a little background information
about me. Not that there is a whole lot to tell you at this point. I'm 16
so I haven't lived and experienced all that much yet. My name is Bobby. I
am 5'10" tall and think I may grow a little taller over the next couple
of years. I have short blond hair that is kept short by my mother and her
clippers. I weigh about 165 pounds. I have dark blue eyes. I've been told
I'm good looking, but that is something I can't really assess. I don't
think I'm ugly or anything like that, but I don't know about attractive.
I'm also told that I have a great personality. Many people have told me
I'm like the typical boy next door or everyone's favorite little brother.
I don't know about that either. I'm just a guy who tries to do the right
thing and live up to the expectations of my family, and they seem to
expect a awful lot of me most of the time. I live in a rural area outside
of a small town in the mid west. Most of the people around us are farmers
-- big farms with livestock and wheat and corn. We aren't that fortunate.
Our place is only a few acres -- enough for a couple of cows, a vegetable
garden, and some fruit trees. I've got three brothers and three sisters
-- all younger than me. We live in a three bedroom place with one
bathroom. To say we were poor is an understatement, but I didn't really
realize that until much later in life. My parents had their room. My
brothers and I shared the second bedroom, and my sisters shared the
third. To say we were crowded into a house too small for all of us is a
plain fact. Privacy wasn't an option for anyone in that home. There was
always someone around -- always.

I'd been working since as far back as I can remember. We all had our
responsibilities at home, and being the oldest I had more than anyone
else. In addition to my chores at home and caring for my younger
siblings, I also worked at any neighboring farm when work was available.
Sometimes I was paid in cash and other times with food. I never saw any
of the money from that work. Those arrangements were made by my father,
and he took the pay I received. I didn't really mind. It was my
contribution to our family. We had the basics. There was always food to
eat -- perhaps not as much as any of us would have wanted, but we weren't
going hungry.

Clothing was always second hand. We shopped at the Goodwill store in a
town about 45 minutes from home -- two towns away. Most of the clothes
and shoes we got were from donations others made to our church and some
of the other churches in our small town. All of the things were decent
and clean. They just weren't new. I remember being just as happy after
receiving new second had items as any other kid was when getting
something new from the store. I guess that is because these things were
new to me -- and more importantly they fit me better since I always
seemed to be growing.

Toys were a luxury item we couldn't afford. We did have a few things to
play with, but those items were toys we made or imagined. We did have a
very small black and white television set, but reception was very poor.
Needless to say, we didn't sit around watching television. There simply
wasn't time what with our chores and school work.

My mother was a religious person -- a fundamentalist religious person.
All of us constantly received an ongoing lecture on the ways of saints
and sinners. The minister of our church railed against the sins of the
flesh, the sins of drinking alcohol, the sins of teenage lust, the sins
of greed, the sins of associating with those who did not believe as he
did, and the sins of not giving back to God (and here I think he was
talking money that somehow was supposed to get from his hand to God). It
always amazed me that as poor was we were, my mother always had something
to put into the collection plate as it was passed through the
congregation. Sunday was devoted to worship of our Lord -- in church and
again at home. When we were small, mom read to us from the bible. As we
grew and learned to read, we each took turns reading from the bible and
discussing the meaning of each passage. I will confess to you now that I
never really understood where our minister or my mother got the notion
that God was so vengeful and spiteful. Many of the passages I read talked
about forgiveness and helping others -- kind acts where sinners were
saved. I learned early on not to question the teachings of the church or
my mother. God's punishment for doubt may have been eternal damnation to
hell, but my mother had a more immediate and more painful approach -- a
trip to the shed where my father made use of his belt - beating the
lesson in through my bare, upturned bottom. Not being able to sit for a
few days taught me quickly that one doesn't question anything if one
wants to sit in the near future.

Neither of my parents ever seemed to be happy. Life was a struggle at
every turn. That struggle showed in their faces and body language as I
grew older. It also seemed that as we grew, their patience seemed to
wane. My father drank -- his own homemade brew. It was a sin and
something we dared never mention, but it was obvious. He grew angry over
the slightest transgression, and his answer more frequently seemed to be
a trip to the shed where he demonstrated on a bare bottom just how
unhappy he had become. On occasion too, my mother would receive the brunt
of his unhappiness -- evident in a loud argument after we had been sent
to bed, a split lip the next morning, a bruised cheek, or a black eye. It
was obvious too at night in their room as the bed springs groaned out the
rhythm of their struggles followed by rough sex. According to our church
and our beliefs, the man was the head of the household. The woman was his
to command. I knew of my mother's displeasure when my father drank. I'm
sure now that she just didn't want to have sex with a drunk, but her
resistance simply seemed to increase my father's desire to have sex. Many
times I could hear his comments from their room -- none of them tender
and loving, but demanding and mean.

Despite all of that, I was a happy kid. I was outgoing and friendly and
polite. I would talk with anyone who engaged me in a conversation. I
always tried to have nice things to say to people. Everyone I encountered
seemed to be nice too. I don't know that I was popular, but everyone
seemed to like me and was nice to me. Oh sure... all kids get teased at
one point or another growing up. In middle school some of the guys teased
my about my second hand clothes. At first it hurt my feelings a lot, but
I decided that I shouldn't be ashamed of what I wore. When they would
start to tease me about wearing their older brother's pants or shirts or
coats or shoes, I would tell them to be sure to thank their mom's for
donating them to the church so I could get some use out of them. That
seemed to stop the teasing right away. In fact some of the boys would
bring me things right from their home that would be donated to charity. A
couple even brought me some brand new items -- mostly new underwear or
socks. I was probably about 12 when I got my first really new pair of
briefs. I was so proud of them.

As puberty started I knew I wasn't supposed to be thinking about sex, but
many times that is all that seemed to be on my mind. I don't know that I
was actually thinking about the actual act of sex or sex with someone in
particular, but I was keenly aware of the changes in my body -- hair
growing in places it hadn't been before, penis and testicles growing, my
voice changing. I knew better than to try to discuss any of these changes
with my parents. I was certain it would mean a trip to the shed for the
beating of a lifetime. At 13 my mother took me to the minister's office
in the church after Sunday service. I didn't know why I was there, but I
didn't question my mother. The minister spent four hours telling me the
facts of life, or at least his version anyway. I was embarrassed by his
directness and certainly felt as if my face was a bright red the entire
time. What I learned was that good boys don't touch themselves in that
area aside from washing and peeing. Good boys didn't think about other
boys or even look at another boy below the waist. Good boys only looked
girls in the face. Good boys didn't even think about touching a girl in
any manner except for holding hands. Good boys didn't have sex before
marriage. Good boys didn't think impure thoughts. Good boys prayed if
they thought impure things -- and they kept praying until those thoughts
passed. The devil was chasing my soul and would catch it if I failed to
be good. I didn't get to ask any of the questions that were on my mind.
He lectured for the entire four hours with a passion I thought only
reserved for the pulpit. When I left his office I knew sex was bad -- all
sex -- until I was married to a girl from our church. Sex was for making
babies and not for pleasure. I wasn't to spill my seed for fear of
eternal damnation.

I was scared to death of sex by the time I left his office. I was afraid
of even thinking about the changes in my body. I was even more afraid of
the erections I seemed to get constantly for no reason. I couldn't
understand why God would allow these changes to occur and then expect me
to wait at least five years before I could do anything about them. At 18
it would be acceptable for me to marry and finally have sex. Five years
seemed like cruel punishment at that time.

I turned 15 the week after my freshman year of high school started. I was
really excited about this transition. I felt like adulthood was quickly
approaching. I felt more grown up. My voice had changed -- no more
cracking at inopportune times. My body was always muscled from chores and
hard work, but it seemed to be filling out more. My chest was bigger. My
legs were stronger with thicker thighs and solid calves. I'd grown a few
inches over the summer it seemed. One of the most exciting parts of
starting high school was one teacher, Mr. Hendricks. I had him for two
classes -- History and PE. He was a great guy. I wanted to be just like
him. He was the youngest teacher at the high school. I guess he was in
his early to mid 20's. He was friendly and helpful. He never put anyone
down for a dumb answer or silly question. He took the time to explain
things and demonstrate things especially in PE. Looking back I guess I
had a bad case of hero worship. In my book he could do no wrong. I think
I talked about him more than anyone or anything in those days.

We were into the school year about a month or so when Mr. Hendricks
pulled me aside to ask if I'd like to join the wrestling team. He needed
someone in my weight class and thought I'd be great. I know my chest
puffed out about a mile with the invitation and compliment. I wanted to
join the team so much. I'd never participated in any of the sports
programs at school because I was needed at home for chores and work. The
other consideration was that only one bus ran the route passed our place,
and that bus left 15 minutes after school was out. I had no way to get
home if I stayed after school for sports. I was so excited that none of
the past reasons I couldn't participate even entered my mind. I told Mr.
Hendricks that I would talk with my parents.

I did talk with my parents, and the answer was the same as in past years
-- No. I had responsibilities at home. I didn't have transportation home
after practice. It was a waste of gas and time for my father to come into
town just to pick me up when the bus could bring me home for free. There
was no money for uniforms or clothes. Dejected I walked around the house
sulking. That pissed my father off. He yelled at me for being selfish and
inconsiderate. He took me to the shed and beat the hell out of my bare

The next morning I found Mr. Hendricks in his office in the gym complex.
He asked me to sit in the chair by his desk. I know I winced as my ass
touched the seat of the hard chair. I told him all of the reasons why I
couldn't be on the team even though I wanted to join the team and learn
how to wrestle. He asked some questions about my family. I answered him
directly and honestly. I wasn't ashamed of being poor. After answering
those questions he asked if I'd been punished for asking. I told him that
I was punished for sulking and talking back to my father. He asked about
the punishment. I told him. It didn't occur to me that every other kid
didn't receive similar punishment when they upset their parents. He asked
to see my bottom. I unfastened my pants and pulled them down so he could
see my belt ravaged ass. He told me to wait for a minute while he got
something. He came back with a salve that he proceeded to rub into the
welts on my bottom. He told me that the salve would help to keep the
welts from breaking open and bleeding or getting infected if they did
break open. He excused me from PE for the rest of the week and gave me
the ointment to put more on the next day.

Mr. Hendricks became a friend that day. He was someone I could talk with
honestly and not worry about anything. I found myself searching him out
during my study period to just talk. I think we covered every topic under
the sun. I was so amazed that he didn't have the same views of the world
my parents or our church held. It was eye opening to get a different
opinion. One of the many things Mr. Hendricks did for me and for the rest
of my siblings was to enroll all of us in a school program that allowed
us a free breakfast before school each day as well as a free lunch. My
parents wouldn't take charity (or so they said), but since this was a
government program available to about half of the kids in the school he
convinced my parents to let us participate. One other thing he did was
allow me access to the boys locker room prior to school. Our bus dropped
us off 30 minutes before the next bus arrived. I got to take a shower
each morning before school. At home we only took a bath on Saturday. With
so many kids in the family, time in the bathtub was never long and never
in private. I always had to bathe a younger brother as I washed myself.
Having the whole locker room and shower to myself was like heaven --
peace and privacy. It wasn't like I ever did anything in the shower when
I was there by myself, but it was just nice to be alone.

The summer after my freshman year I worked at one of our neighbor's farms
full time. The farm was about three miles from out place so each morning
I would jog to work and then back home after I'd finished. Some days were
only eight hours, but most were more. I worked five or six days each week
depending on the needs of the farm. It was hard work, but I liked it. It
seemed that I could watch myself grow and develop each day. My arms got
bigger and stronger. My chest grew in size with defined pecs. I had no
fat around my mid section as ab muscles developed into a six pack. My
legs grew in size from the work and the jog to and from work each day. As
always I didn't get my paychecks from my labor. I don't know what I was
paid each hour or how much I made. My father did buy a newer pickup truck
at the end of the summer. I really wanted some of the money I was earning
to spend on myself, but I knew better than to ask. As I did the mind
numbing and routine work around the farm, I would daydream about what I'd
buy if I had the money. There were so many things on the list, but I knew
I wouldn't have to worry about making any choices.

As school started that September, my mother was pregnant with her eighth
child. Home was hell since neither of my parents seemed to be pleased
with the pregnancy. School was a reprieve for me from home. I couldn't
wait until I was 18 and could finally leave. I hadn't worked it all out
in my head yet, but I was beginning for formulate a plan to get out and
away. I wished I could have taken my brothers and sisters with me, but I
knew that would be impossible. The best I could do for me and for them
was to get out on my own and make enough money to support myself and help
them as best I could. I had Mr. Hendricks for another History class this
year so at least that was a positive aspect of school and life in
general. We spent my free period talking and catching up since we hadn't
seen each other since the previous school year. After catching up, Mr.
Hendricks told me he thought he'd found a way for me to be on the
wrestling team if I was still interested. Knowing what had happened last
year, I didn't get my hopes up but was interested. He told me that Mr.
Willis who ran the post office lived just a few miles passed my place. He
left work at 6:00 each evening when he closed the post office in town and
had agreed to give me a ride to my driveway. He also told me that he'd
make sure I got home after any meets and had transportation to meets at
other schools. He went on to tell me that he had a bit of a slush fund
stashed that would pay for the uniform I would need as well as the shoes
and other items. I was beyond excited. I hugged him tight and thanked him
profusely at the news. I just hoped my parents would agree to let me

When I broached the subject later that evening with all of the details
already worked out, my parents said that as long as it didn't cost any
money and I didn't need a transportation then I could join the team. As
we sat at the kitchen table discussing all of this, it dawned on me that
I was already as tall as my father and in much better condition. I knew
at that point there would be no more trips to the shed if he didn't agree
with me. He seemed to know this too. Since I hadn't done chores all
summer because of my more than full time job, my usual duties had been
assigned to my siblings who were completely capable of the work and knew
what was expected since they'd 'helped' me over the last several years. I
couldn't wait to tell Mr. Hendricks!

Mr. Hendricks seemed to be as happy about my news as I was the next
morning. He set a schedule that would start the next week. Each day after
school he would start teaching me how to wrestle as well as start me on a
strength and conditioning program. I couldn't wait! The first day we met
to start work, he gave me two new jock straps, new gym shorts, a pack of
new socks, and a pack of new t-shirts. I couldn't believe he would give
me these things -- that anyone would. I stripped down as we talked and
got into the workout clothes. First we spent time in the weight room as
he showed me what to do and helped me with the workout routine. We spent
about 1 hours in the weight room before we moved to a room with mats on
the floor for wrestling. He showed me several moves and holds as we
practiced. He made it all seem so easy at first until he felt I had a
particular hold down then he'd actually use his strength to resist my
attempts to apply the hold. It was fun. We both worked up a sweat. When
finished I showered in the locker room while he showered and changed in
the Coach's locker room. He offered to take my gym clothes home with him
to wash since he knew I'd have to wash them by hand at my place. I was
out in front of the school when Mr. Willis pulled up to pick me up. I was
home by 6:25. My family didn't hold dinner for me since they ate
religiously at 5:30. They were kind enough to leave a plate of food for
me on top of the stove. I ate alone then washed up the dishes before I
started on my homework.

This routine continued until about two weeks before our first match. Mr.
Hendricks told me I needed to have a doctor's release form signed. I
asked what that entailed. He told me that all kids who play school sports
have to get a physical prior to the start of their sport just to be
certain there aren't any health problems. I'm sure he saw my jaw fall. I
told him there was no way my family would pay for me to visit the doctor.
I couldn't recall ever going to a doctor. When any of the shots were
required, we got them at the school from the nurse. Mr. Hendricks told me
that he had a friend who was a doctor in Rockport. As it happens Mr.
Hendricks also lived in Rockport. He'd arranged for the doctor to see me
after his regular hours on Friday for no charge to me or my family. He
told me he'd like me to spend the weekend at his home if that was
possible. Mr. Hendricks had two tickets to a college football game on
Saturday and invited me to join him. I was really excited. I hadn't been
to a football game before so this would be a first. I knew most of the
guys on our high school football team and most were friends, but I
couldn't come into town just to watch a game. My parents considered that
a waste of time and gas. My mother also considered those events as
invitations to sin. She knew what teenagers did during and after the
games. I never did ask how she knew what went on. I certainly didn't
know. I'd heard all the talk from the guys, but I knew most of that was
just talk and wishful thinking.

Instead of asking my parents that evening, I told them what I was doing
over the coming weekend. Neither said anything -- like they didn't really
care. I told them I would be leaving after school on Friday and would be
back sometime Sunday afternoon. My mother didn't even raise an eyebrow
when she heard that. Up to that point there was so excuse for missing
church. Nothing more was said about the weekend.

I packed extra clothes in a sports bag Mr. Hendricks had given me for my
gear. I picked out the best of the clothes I had. They might not have
been new, but at least they were clean. I was so excited about getting to
spend the whole weekend with Mr. Hendricks -- my hero -- that I was
unable to pay attention in any of my classes. The day drug on until the
final bell rang. The wrestling team had a short practice that day --
typical on Friday since everyone wanted to get started on the weekend.
The guys in the locker room were bragging about plans and hopes for the
weekend as we all showered and changed. Since teachers weren't supposed
to see students outside of class, I knew not to say anything to my
buddies or anyone else. I walked two blocks to a small restaurant to wait
for Mr. Hendricks. I saw him pull in and walked to his car. We drove to
Rockport talking about the team and what to expect at our first match. I
was apprehensive about the physical and thought that Mr. Hendricks was
doing his best to distract me. He could see that I was nervous and told
me that I had nothing to worry about. While I wanted to believe him, I
just wasn't sure.

We parked in the back parking lot of the clinic and entered through the
back door. As we came in I could hear someone talking. Mr. Hendricks
poked his head in the first door to wave at the man sitting at the desk
talking on the phone. He paused his conversation to say hello and direct
us to exam room two. He told Mr. Hendricks to have me get ready and he'd
be in as soon as he could finish the consultation. We proceeded to the
assigned room. We both walked in and closed the door to the room once
inside. The lights were on. The room seemed to be too white and too
bright. There was a counter with a sink and various containers of things.
The exam table sat in the center of the room with a white paper covering
the leather top. There were two chairs to one side of the room and a
stool on wheels. I'm not sure what I expected or if this was anything
like I expected. I just looked around taking it all in. Mr. Hendricks
took off his jacket and hung it over the back of the chair. He was
wearing shorts and a tight fitting tank top. I guess I hadn't noticed
that until now. He told me I needed to strip down so I'd be ready when
the doctor came in for the exam. Normally I wasn't embarrassed or shy
about being naked in front of other people, but this was the first time I
would be naked while the other people were dressed.

Mr. Hendricks asked if I'd like him to leave while I got undressed and
had the exam. That was the last thing I wanted. He was my security
blanket in this new situation. I asked him to please stay as I started to
strip. When I was naked he told me to sit on the table since he wasn't
sure what the doctor would want to do first. I sat on the table -- higher
than Mr. Hendricks. His eyes were level with my mid section as we talked
and waited. Before too long the doctor came into the room. He was
friendly -- introduced himself and shook my hand. He was very calming and
gentle it seemed. My nervousness seemed to melt away as he told me what
he was going to do first. I followed him to the side of the room where he
had me stand on the scale. Once weighed, he measured my height. Both of
these numbers he noted in the file he brought into the room with him. I
went back to sit on the table. He checked my ears, nose, eyes, throat. He
listened to my heart and lungs. He took my temperature and blood
pressure. Nothing he did was painful in any way. We talked a bit as he
progressed through his exam. I felt so comfortable and relaxed. This
wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected it to be.

The doctor told me we were almost finished as he walked to the stool to
sit. He made a few more notes in the file then told me to walk over to
where he was seated. I walked to him -- stopping about two feet from the
stool. He was still writing as I walked to him. He turned on the stool to
place the file on the counter then turned to face me. He planted his feet
on the floor about two feet apart and told me to put my feet on the
outside of his shoes. I moved closer and did as he asked. My legs were
spread fairly wide apart with my crotch at his eye level. He looked in my
eyes and asked if I would mind if my Coach moved closer so he could show
him a couple of things since the Coach taught a health class and didn't
see many uncircumcised boys in the area. I told him I didn't mind. The
Coach, Mr. Hendricks, had seen me naked before so I wasn't nervous. When
the doctor reached out and touched my penis I sucked in a deep breath. I
know I was holding my breath as he retracted my foreskin and the head of
my penis came into view. He told Coach to move closer as they both looked
at my penis. I know my face was bright red. No one had ever touched my
penis before. No one had ever retracted my foreskin. No one had ever
looked at my dick before. The doctor talked with the Coach about things
to look for in uncircumcised boys and the importance of washing around
the head of the penis. The doctor then asked me some questions about my
cleaning habits. I think I expelled all the air in my lungs and inhaled
again before I could answer. He then asked if my foreskin slid easily
over the head of my penis when erect. Just the mention of being erect
caused my penis to begin hardening in his hand. I don't know if I
imagined it or if it happened, but it seemed that the doctor was sliding
the skin back and forth as my penis grew to fully hard.

I looked down in horror to see my dick hard in the doctor's hand. I
wasn't horrified by the doctor holding me and occasionally squeezing and
stroking me. I was horrified by my erection. I tried to apologize, but
the doctor told me he'd be worried if I wasn't hard. At that point some
precum began to form at the tip. The doctor squeeze my dick and more
oozed out the opening and began to drip down my hard and pulsing cock. He
released his grip on my dick and told Coach to put his hand around it and
feel the play in the skin. As Mr. Hendricks wrapped his hand around my
dick it seemed to get even harder with more precum leaking out the tip
and running down the sides. He moved his thumb to the head of my dick and
smeared the precum around the head. I went weak in the knees as the
doctor reached out to my waist to steady me. Mr. Hendricks released my
dick from his hand. As I looked down it twitched and jerked wildly with
my racing heartbeat. If he'd held it only a few moments longer I know I
would have cum.

The doctor then reached out and fondled my testicles -- rolling them
between his thumb and fingers as they rested in the palm of his hand. As
he continued this massage of my nuts, they pulled up tight to the base of
my dick. I was so damn close. I'd never felt this way before. I was light
headed and giddy. I was so damn horny. The doctor asked some questions
about my sexual activities. I remember telling him that I wasn't. He
asked about masturbation. I'm sure I told him the church line that had
been preached to me for years. I hadn't masturbated for months. I'd never
had any kind of sexual contact with anyone. I really like the feelings I
was getting as he continued to fondle me and occasionally rub my dick. I
wasn't thinking clearly. My thoughts were clouded by the sexual tension
and the extreme desire to cum. I vaguely recall telling the doctor that I
though Mr. Hendricks was hot and liked when he touched me. He took his
hands off me and began writing more notes in the file. I continued to
stand where I was with my legs spread and my dick red and harder than it
had ever been. My eyes were glazed and my thoughts and vision limited to
my erection as it pointed toward the ceiling and twitched as it strained
for release.

The doctor moved to the exam table and lowered it some as the Coach put
my arm over his shoulder and walked me to the table. I could feel my
balls aching as my thighs rubbed against them as I walked. Coach seated
me on the table and had me lay down. The doctor told me he just had one
more part of the exam left. He needed to check my prostate. I didn't know
what that was, and I didn't care at the time. Mr. Hendricks stood behind
my head and ran his hands over my chest. As his fingers ran over and
around my nipples I moaned. I looked up into his face. He looked so happy
and yet concerned as he told me to relax. I was trying to take his advice
as the doctor approached the foot of the table. He told me he needed me
to raise my legs and pull my knees toward my head. I did as he asked. As
my knees nearly touched my chest the Coach placed my hands behind each
knee and told me to hold my legs wide apart and pulled back. I did as he
said. The doctor commented on the amount of precum that had leaked from
my dick since I was on the table. My navel was full to overflowing. I
felt the doctor touch my hole. My hips bucked up as he grazed over the
opening. He was rubbing something cool and slippery around the opening.
The sensation of the doctor rubbing my hole and Mr. Hendricks rubbing my
nipples was nearly sensory overload. I thought I might pass out from the
sensations coursing through my body and surging toward my throbbing dick.

The doctor put pressure on my hole. I felt his finger slide inside. I
gasped and moaned as he twisted his finger inside me. He continued to
slide his finger into me as my dick bucked up from my belly in desperate
need of release. He slipped his finger in and out a few times as my hole
relaxed more. His next thrust into me hit something that cause me to see
stars. My whole body shook as his finger grazed that spot. More
insistently now he poked and prodded that sensitive area as I whimpered
and moaned on the table. My dick felt like would explode. The doctor
slipped his finger from that spot then wrapped his other hand around my
penis. He raised my dick from my stomach a few inches then prodded that
spot one more time. I sucked in a deep breath and raised my hips from the
table as I felt my balls squeezed and finally my dick erupted. I thrashed
around on the table like a fish out of water as my first real orgasm
rocketed through my body and exploded out the end of my dick.

I don't know how long it lasted. At the time it seemed to go on forever
and yet ended all too quickly. As I gradually became aware of my
surroundings again I felt the final stages of the orgasm as my ass
muscles contracted around the finger trapped inside. When I opened my
eyes I could see splatters of my cum on Mr. Hendricks' shirt. I was aware
of cum on my face as I licked my lips and tasted some of own semen. Mr.
Hendricks took my hands from my legs as the doctor helped me to lower
them to the table. I looked at Mr. Hendricks again and noticed that he
was erect. As I continued to calm down, Mr. Hendricks brought a damp
towel over to wipe the rest of the cum from my body. Once that was done
he helped me to sit up. My dick was still over half hard. He brought my
clothes from the chair to the table. While I dressed he talked with the

As we were preparing to leave the doctor handed me a signed form saying I
was in great physical condition and cleared to play sports. He also told
Coach that he should check my prostate again that evening since he didn't
get a good reading. The thought of Mr. Hendricks checking my prostate had
me instantly hard. I had my shirt out of my pants so the erection wasn't
obvious to anyone but me. We left the doctors office and headed to a
restaurant for dinner. This was another first for me since I'd never
actually eaten in a restaurant before. It was exciting and fun sharing
these firsts with Mr. Hendricks. He was understanding and helpful when I
told him I had no idea what to order. His explanations of various items
on the menu made the selection easy. After dinner we went to a movie at a
local theater. I'd seen movies in the classroom, but never at a theater
so yet another first. He picked an action film that kept me on the edge
of my seat the whole time.

Back at Mr. Hendricks' home we relaxed in the living room talking about
the movie and the restaurant and the doctor's visit. Mr. Hendricks told
me that we didn't have to do the prostate check if it made me
uncomfortable. The thought that he wasn't going to check me caused me to
worry. I nearly begged him to check it for me. As we talked more about
the experience at the doctor's office I asked if he was hard too. He told
me he was because he liked me so much. I told him that I like him very
much too, and probably loved him more than anyone outside my family. He
told me he loved me too as he put his arm around my shoulder. As he
pulled me toward him in a hug, I wrapped my arms around his waist -- so
happy I wanted to cry.

Mr. Hendricks stood and pulled me up from the couch. He told me we should
do the test in his bedroom since I'd be more comfortable there. I
followed him to his room. I sat in the chair and took off my shoes and
socks. When I was naked, he said I seemed to be excited to have another
exam as he fondled my dick. I told him I'd been hard since the doctor
suggested it. Mr. Hendricks laughed and swatted my butt as he pulled me
into a hug. I told him that I would probably leak on his shorts if he
held me much longer. He told me he should probably take them off then. I
agreed that he should. I watched in awe as he stripped off his clothes.
Our bodies were very similar in build, but where he had dark brown hair
and warm brown eyes, I was blond with pale skin and deep blue eyes. Hair
grew over his pecs and traveled down over his abs to his pubic hair. His
dick was darker skinned than mine, but about the same size. He was an
inch or two taller than I and perhaps weighed 15 pounds more than I, but
we seemed to be a perfect match. He held his arms out to me. I moved in
and wrapped my arms around his waist as he pulled me tightly to his body.
When our dicks touched, it seemed a current of electricity traveled
between us. The contact make me tremble as the current raced from my dick
to my brain and back again leaving me weak in the knees and light headed
from the sensations. As our dicks glided together the intensity of the
contact seemed to grow to the point where I felt helpless to control my
body. My dick was straining to experience another immense climax and
dragging every other part of me along for the ride. Mr. Hendricks licked
at my ear and nibbled on my ear lobe. I was out of my mind with lust and
love for this man. I don't know what I said to him in those tender
moments, but I suspect I confessed undying and eternal love for him as I
begged him to teach me how to give him similar pleasures.

We made our way to the bed. I was under him as he ground his crotch into
mine. I was holding him tightly trying to register all of the sensations
in my mind, but those sensations were coming so quickly. Next he was
swirling and biting at my nipples. I was on overload -- too many new
feelings coursing through my body. He licked and kissed his way to my
balls. He licked and kissed them before putting first one and then the
other into his mouth running his tongue over the swollen orbs. My dick
was leaking profusely as he licked up my dick to the head. My whole body
quaked as he ran his tongue over and around the head of my dick. I gasped
and grabbed handfuls of quilt when he gradually sunk down on my dick. His
tongue swirled around and over the tender flesh. I was so close - too
close. I pulled at his head, but I didn't want him to stop. He backed off
slightly allowing me to calm down some before he started to build the
fire once again. I was thrashing around on the bed. Sounds were coming
from my mouth, but I didn't recognize them. Finally the moment arrived. I
felt my balls pull tight as he continued to sucked on my dick. I raised
my hips and with a loud moan, perhaps a scream, I began firing cum into
his mouth.

As I gradually began to become aware of my surroundings, I thought I'd
experienced a part of heaven. Absolutely nothing could be better. Mr.
Hendricks was laying next to me in bed gently rubbing his hand over my
chest and stomach. I loved his tender touch -- his fingers so warm and
soothing against my skin. He was staring in my eyes. I pulled his head
closer and kissed him on the lips. It was tender at first but increased
in intensity as his tongue entered my mouth and mine struggled to enter
his. We kissed as our tongues danced and dueled. I became aware that he
was still very hard as his penis poked at my thigh. I pushed him onto his
back, determined to give him as much pleasure as he'd given me. I did
everything he did and more as I slowly found my way to his dick and
balls. He was moaning and sighing as I started to lick his hard cock. The
smell and taste was him only stronger. I couldn't get enough as I sunk
lower to suck on his balls and lick the area behind his sack. He was
leaking and pleading to get off. I sucked him down as far as I could. I
was determined to give him as much joy as I had experienced. He soon
announced that he was coming. I sucked harder as the first shots rocketed
into the back of my mouth. He continued to pump his cock honey into my
mouth, and I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up with the flow. I
nursed on his dick until it became too sensitive to bring pleasure. I
crawled up next to him and held him as we cuddled and regained our

I had never imagined anything could be so good. I was eager for more. I
was too excited to sleep. It took a while, but I gradually brought his
erection back to full force. I reminded him that he still needed to do
the exam the doctor ordered. He asked teasingly what he should use to
examine me. All I knew was that I wanted a part of him inside of me more
than anything. It never even occurred to me that he could get more than a
finger inside that tight orifice. He was more than determined to show me
that he could. I trusted him completely and wanted what he wanted.

He moved between my legs and raised my knees to my chest. With his hands
on my ass, he lifted up so that my knees were touching the bed on either
side of my head. He began licking around my hole. The sensations were
remarkable. Each time I thought it couldn't get any better, he took me to
yet another level of pure pleasure. As he licked around my hole he
gradually probed inside with his tongue. It was amazing. Every part of my
body was focused on the thrills his tongue provided. Gradually he
replaced his tongue with his finger. I was relaxed and waiting for more
pleasure. Soon one finger inside became two as he worked to stretch the
opening wider. When two became three, I experienced some discomfort, but
I could never call it pain. As he was working his fingers inside to open
me wider, he applied lubricant to his fingers which made the process so
much easier. Only moments later I was begging him to put it inside of me.
I was ready. I watched as he applied lube to his dick. I was licking my
lips with anticipation of the new feelings that would soon be mine. I
felt the head of his dick rub over and around the opening in a teasing
manner. I was grunting and pleading for it as he lined it up with the
opening and pressed inside. The initial stretching was a bit of a
surprise as my hole opened wither than ever before to accommodate his
size and length. I relaxed as he pressed forward, slowly pushing more of
himself inside -- deep inside. When I felt his pubic hair against my
cheeks, I sighed in shear relief that I finally had all of him buried
deep in me. Somehow I knew he would always be a part of me from that
moment forward. No experience could be more intimate than having another
inside your body. As he rested deep in me my body relaxed more. Gradually
he began long slow strokes in and out of me. The feelings were
overwhelming. Each time he slid inside he grazed my hot spot. The
friction caused me to buck each time and try to gain more contact at that
special location. When he could no longer hold back, he increased the
pace of his thrusts. As the pace increased so did the force behind each
thrust. Soon he was pounding away as my ass -- slamming into my swollen
prostate and causing me to buck up to meet this thrust. Each time he
withdrew, my muscles seemed to try to grip his dick to make certain he
didn't withdraw completely. We had a rhythm established that gave each of
us incredible pleasures -- pleasures that surpassed any that had come
before. He changed his position to one where he was more on top of me as
he gripped my shoulders and began hammering in a re rapid and erratic
rhythm. The friction of his body rubbing against my dick coupled with the
sensations he was creating in my ass soon had me panting and moaning. I
felt the now familiar tingle in my nuts as my orgasm began to build. I
was gasping for air as I felt my ass muscles begin to squeeze his hard
pole. With a loud grunt I started to fire cum between us. That seemed to
send him over the edge as he slammed hard into me before shouting out his
own climax deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me -- nearly lifeless
as he struggled to gain control of his breathing and heart rate. I could
do no more than smile at the ceiling as I held him tightly to my body
while my ass continued to hold onto his dick. I could have stayed that
way forever, but nature didn't cooperate. As his dick began to soften, he
slipped out of me. I felt an immediate emptiness, but somehow knew that
he would be back inside me soon. The thought of that alone was heaven on

We untangled ourselves and headed to the shower. I would never be able to
approach a shower again without thinking of first time we showered
together. It too was a sensual time of exploration and admiration and
appreciation for each of us. Washing the body of someone deeply loved who
loves you in return is a very humbling yet heady experience. Our purpose
was not to arouse or stimulate the other. We'd done that already. This
time was to share a trust and love and an intimacy that only lovers can
share. Call me nave or foolish or completely stupid. It just doesn't
matter. At this point in my young life I was totally and completely in
love with Mr. Hendricks. I knew he loved me just as much. He'd done more
for me than any other person in the world. He cared about me. He taught
me many things. I respected him. I wasn't concerned with lifetime
commitments. I had only realized what love really was. I didn't know if
love lasted for years or ended at some point. My experience was that love
ended at some point. I could see that in my parents. They must have loved
each other once, but that time was long gone. They stayed together our of
obligation or because each was too lazy to find love again. I found love!
I was going to enjoy it and treasure it for as long as it lasted. I hoped
it would last a long time, but that was the future. Right now I was
floating on a cloud bolstered by love and an incredible night of love
making -- sex. Who cared what tomorrow brought. Right now is all any of
us can ask for or expect. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

We made our way back to bed -- his bed. We both climbed in and cuddled
before falling off to sound sleep. I hadn't slept in my own bed alone for
years. I was always saddled with my youngest sibling. This was so
amazingly different. Sleeping in the arms of a lover is pure bliss. I
slept soundly and was completely rested when I woke early Saturday
morning. I separated myself from Mr. Hendricks and headed to the
bathroom. I took a morning piss then brushed my teeth and washed my face.
I made my way to the kitchen to find coffee or juice. Mr. Hendricks
always had a cup of coffee when we met up in the mornings so I was sure
he'd have some here at home. I found it and started the pot brewing. When
the coffee was ready, I poured myself a cup and headed back to the
bedroom to sip the coffee while I watched Mr. Hendricks sleep.

The sheet just covered his waist. He was sleeping on his side facing me.
I watched the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest as he slept so
peacefully. I got a very hard erection as I watched him and recalled the
events of the previous evening. It occurred to me that God couldn't
possibly be upset with two people who chose to share love. Our minister
and my mother were dead wrong. Nothing as beautiful and perfect as what
we shared could possibly anger a just and wise God. They simply didn't
understand the depth and strength of the emotional connection two men
could share. At that moment I decided that I would no longer be attending
services at our church. I would find another that acknowledged a kind and
loving God -- the God I envisioned.

Mr. Hendricks began to stir. He stretched his body and gradually opened
his eyes. When he finally focused on me in the chair he asked me to come
back to bed. I immediately climbed in next to him and cuddled up next to
his warm body. He stroked my penis for a few minutes as he kissed me. I
was so ready for more of what we'd been doing that I couldn't wait. He
needed to take his morning piss so left the bed for only a few minutes --
enough time to pee and brush his teeth and wash the sleep from his eyes.
When he got back into bed we kissed more. Now we were both aroused and
ready. He told me that this morning he wanted me inside of him. I hoped
for this opportunity, but didn't dare wish it. Hearing him tell me that
brought tears to my eyes as I continued to kiss his lips and ears and
neck. Before long I had worked my way down his body and found myself
pushing his legs to his chest to get at his hole. I did for him what he
had done for me. I never once had second thoughts. The taste was strong
and concentrated, but it was the taste of Mr. Hendricks. I couldn't get
enough of him. My jaw finally tired so I began with my fingers -- playing
with his hole teasing the opening and stretching him open to accommodate
me. I started with the lubricant at two fingers. I was sliding them in
and out easily as I tried to stretch the opening even more. With three
fingers inside he was relaxing and ready for me. He applied the lube to
my penis after kissing it and sucking on the head for a few minutes. When
he had me more than ready I placed the head at the opening and pressed
inside. I slid all the way in. He gasped for breath and panted as I
filled him with my cock. As his muscles relaxed I started pulling back
and pushing all the way back inside. The feelings were out of this world.
A few more long strokes and I was ready to pound away at his ass, and I
did. I felt myself getting close, but it was too soon so I stopped all
motion and rested in place until I could regain control. As I rested I
felt his muscles squeeze my hard dick. Wow!

When I started to slide in and out again, I kept long slow strokes. Mr.
Hendricks would moan and sigh in time with my moves -- moaning on the way
in and sighing on the say out. I loved the response. As I increased speed
so did his vocalization. As I began to slam hard into him, he became
louder and more demanding. I followed his commands and fucked harder and
harder. My balls were slapping against his ass as I hammered away. The
tension was building in my groin. I knew I couldn't stop this time. As I
continued the pace, Mr. Hendricks was stroking his dick. I pushed his
hand away and started to stroke him in the same rhythm as I was fucking
his ass. That seemed to set him over the edge. I felt his muscles
constrict around my dick as I was slamming into him. In only a moment his
cock erupted in my hand spraying cum all over him and the bed. Seeing
that caused me to push in harder and deeper than before as my cum
rocketed into the depths of his body. I continued to slam inside, trying
to get deeper still as I continued to blast cum from my cock. I know I
wasn't silent when I shot deep inside him, but I was only aware of the
tight, warm feelings coming from my dick. I fell forward between his bent
knees. He wrapped his legs around my body as I continued to shudder
through my orgasm and the afterglow which followed. As I came down I
realized that I was still planted firmly inside a warm cocoon of love. We
kissed and held each other as I stayed hard inside. The constant kissing
and stimulation caused me to start bucking my hips again. That caused
more stimulation which created a need for release. Within moments I was
once again fucking hard as Mr. Hendricks held on with his legs wrapped
tightly over my back. This time wasn't so much about love as it was
animal lust. It was a craving that insisted on satisfaction -- immediate
release. I hammered away faster and faster as I felt that now familiar
tingle. I pounded harder as I rushed to climax. When it started, it came
hard. I didn't shot as much, but it was just as intense as the first. I
collapsed as I felt my dick twitch inside the warm tunnel. Completely
spent, my dick slipped out. I rolled off my partner and was gasping for
air as I tried to gain my senses.

I think I slept or passed out. I don't know which. When I opened my eyes,
Mr. Hendricks was looking at me and smiling. He suggested we take a
shower and get something to eat. At the mention of food I realized I was
starved. Sex really increased my appetite for food and for more sex, but
right now food was the main priority. We showered together again. It was
fun washing each other and continuing the exploration, but our stomaches
encouraged us to wash faster so we could feed the other cravings. Mr.
Hendricks cooked for us -- omelets and French toast. He was a good cook.
After breakfast was finished and the dishes washed and dried, we dressed
and headed to the football game. We talked and laughed the whole day. The
game was great. The home team won. The crowd was excited and energized.
The feelings were contagious as everyone celebrated the victory. Mr.
Hendricks decided we'd go to dinner after the game. We went to a nice
steak house restaurant. I had no idea about the various cuts of beef
offered on the menu so Mr. Hendricks explained the various cuts and made
some recommendations. I took his advice. I'd only had meat cooked well
done, but he encouraged me to try my steak medium rare. He hadn't steered
me wrong yet so I agreed to try it. The meal was fantastic. I'd never had
such tender and flavorful beef before. We ordered dessert once we'd both
cleaned our plates. By the time we left the restaurant, I was stuffed.

Back at Mr. Hendricks' house we talked about the changes in our
relationship and what we both needed to do. Obviously what we were doing
couldn't become public knowledge. Neither of us could tell anyone. We'd
also have to make certain that we didn't change our routines at all or
change the way we interacted. He was my teacher and coach. I was his
student. It would be difficult to go back to the way things were, but it
had to be that way for both of us to survive. Time together would come
when we could make it happen, but that would likely not be frequently and
certainly not as often as we both wanted. We sat on the couch talking and
nibbling on popcorn as we discussed our lives.

At 10:00 we headed to bed. It was yet another glorious experience made
even better because I knew what was coming. The excitement of knowing how
good it would feel made the waiting excruciating pleasure. When we'd
exhausted ourselves we slept only to replay our sexual exploits again the
next morning. I didn't want to ever leave, but I knew that soon Mr.
Hendricks would be driving me back to my home. My only consolation was
that we had a few more hours together. Our shower took longer as I tried
to memorize every part of his body as I washed him. He seemed to be doing
the same to me. We cooked breakfast together and ate slowly as we talked
about our plans and dreams and goals. After we cleaned up the kitchen we
went back to the bedroom to dress. Mr. Hendricks gave me a wrapped
package. I'd never had one before. I was so excited to get the present
from him. I carefully unwrapped the box being careful not to tear the
paper. In the box was a new pair of jeans and a sweater Mr. Hendricks
said was the color of my eyes. I couldn't wait to put my new clothes on.
I looked in the mirror admiring myself some, but also seeing the changes
that had occurred over this past weekend. Somehow I seemed older, more
mature, more grown up, and more aware of the world around me and my place
in it.

Mr. Hendricks stood behind me as I looked in the mirror. He wrapped his
arms around my waist and pulled me to him. I could feel his warmth and
smell his cologne mixed with his unique scent. As he held me he kissed my
neck. I turned in his arms to face him and we kissed for several minutes.
The kisses weren't intended to arouse the other, though that did happen.
Rather the kisses were an expression of tenderness and love -- the love
we shared for each other.

Driving back home was a mixture of emotions for me. It was like going
back in time to a place I didn't want to be and no longer belonged. It
would be two years before I could legally escape the confines of my old
life, but at least there was some light at the end of that road. I had a
direction and a reason to continue on my new course. Life wasn't perfect,
but at least I had found love. I found what I wanted more than anything

And that brings me to the end of this story...

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