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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Pedoland - Pedoland 3

Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 23:00:18 -0500
From: reader-x <>
Subject: Pedoland-Ch3

The following story contains graphic sexual scenes involving
men and young boys. If material of this nature offends you
then you should not read this story.
Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most
states you are not allowed to read this story by law.
This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to
person's living or dead, or to events that may have
occurred, is purely coincidental. Additionally, the actions
of the characters in this story are in no way intended to
show approval of, or give sanction to,
their actions.

The author claims all copyrights to this story and no
duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except
by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the
consent of the author.


"Alex I need to ask you a few questions." "Yes Sir."
"Alex, do you understand that you are being presented for
consideration to be a `Pedo Boy'?" "Yes Sir" "Do you know
what a `Pedo Boy' is?" "Yes Sir" "Alex, tell me in your own
words what a `Pedo Boy' is."

"Sir, a `Pedo Boy' is a sex toy for the pedo. The pedo
can have sex whenever and wherever he wishes. The sex
includes sucking the pedo's penis, getting buttfucked by his
pedo. I am not sure that is all that a `Pedo Boy' is. I was
watching when Jason greeted you. You didn't treat him as a
`sex toy': you treated him more as a lover. The same with
Zack and Luckis." "You care about them as persons not as

"You are a fast learner, Alex. You are right; I don't
treat them as toys because they aren't toys. They are
persons with their individual needs, wants, etc." "Now I
have to ask you; do you want a pedo?" "Yes Sir, I want and
need a pedo. The `care and feeding of' `Pedo Boys' is not as
simple as I thought."

John chuckled. "You are right about that. Very well
Alex, I accept you."

John opened his arms and Alex moved into them. John
softly said "A `Pedo Boy' address his pedo by his first
mane. My mane is John. Ok?" "Ok." Alex could feel John's
hands gently rubbing his back slowly moving down towards his
butt. Then he felt John's cock pressing just above his
groin, reaching down Alex griped the cock and rising on his
toes found that he could put it between his legs just under
his little cock. Alex started to move his hips back and
forward. John groaned "GOD! Keep that up and you will look
like you creamed your shorts." "Feels good John." Alex could
feel John's cock rub his cock through his shorts and briefs,
sending tingles down to his toes.
John placed his index finger at Alex's lips and said
"Make it nice and wet, Alex" Alex opened his mouth and
swirled his tongue around the finger. John removed the finger
and reaching down used one hand to hold the waistband of his
shorts while he placed the finger on Alex's anis. Alex
shudder as he felt a wave of pleasure course through his
body. John slowly pressed his finger into Alex butthole. Alex
felt a sudden burst of pleasure as John's finger rubbed a
hard spot in him. His lungs felt like they were going to
explode as he gasped a weak groan. "You like that?" asked
John. All Alex could do was nod weakly. As Alex's hips
continued to move John's finger continued to rub that hard
spot sending waves of pleasure coursing through his body.

Alex could feel his heart speed up as pressure
built up in his groin. All he could do was hang on John.
Suddenly he felt a blast of intense pleasure and his body went
ridged as stars exploded in his eyes as his orgasm took him.
He could feel a warm wet sticky fluid drip down from his
shorts unto his bare leg.

As his legs buckled he felt John arms wrap around him and
pull him into John's lap. "That was a strong orgasm you just
had. I hope that you enjoyed it." Alex nodded. As he recovered
Alex wiped some of the fluid up with his finger. Bringing it
to his nose he smelled it. "That is my cum. You look like you
creamed your shorts." Alex licked his finger tasting the cum.
"Mnnn. tastes ok." "Let's get these shorts off of you." Alex
stood up as John pulled his shorts and briefs down removing
then and then took off his shirt.

Alex reached down and started to stroke John's cock. John
groaned "That feels good Alex." Alex knelt and bringing his
head down to John's cock he opened his mouth and put it around
the cock. Using his tongue he licked the head and slit feeling
John shudder "God you have a hot mouth Alex." gasped John.
Alex felt the head pressing against his throat and tried to
swallow it. The head went into his throat and he started to
gage but then manage to breath through his nose. `I got most
of his cock in my mouth' thought Alex. Pushing down and
swallowing he felt his nose press against John' groin. He
could feel the entire cock pulse in his throat and mouth. `I
DID IT' he thought. Pulling back until only the head was in
his mouth he swirled the head and slit with his tongue then
shoved his head down swallowing as he went. He could feel John
shudder as his hips started to buckle. "OH GOD HE'S DEEP-

Alex started to rub John's balls while speeding up his head.
Swirl the head and slit with his tongue then ram down the
shaft while swallowing the head. `He won't last long.' thought
Alex. He could feel the head pulse in his throat and shudders
race through John's body. Suddenly John's hips rammed into his
face and his hands pulled Alex's head into his groin. Alex
felt John's cock swell and shoot five blasts of cum into his
throat. He felt a little cheated; none of the cum was in his
mouth so he couldn't taste it. After a minute Alex was able to
pull his head up from John's groin. Keeping the head in his
mouth he swirled the head and slit with his tongue and was
rewarded with a full shot of cum filling his mouth.

Pulling off of John's cock Alex savored the taste before
swallowing the cum. Smiling up at John, Alex asked "Did you
like that?" John pulled Alex into his lap. "When your little
cock gets bigger I will deepthroat you and then you will know
how much I enjoyed that. Not every boy can deep-throat a man
so what you did was special and very enjoyable."

John lowered his head and kissed Alex on the lips while
moving one hand down to Alex's groin. Alex felt a tingle run
from his cock to his toes. He felt John's tongue press against
his lips. Opening his mouth Alex felt the tongue enter and
explore his mouth. The tingles became more intense as John
started to stroke his little cock. John broke the kiss and
moved his head down and started sucking Alex's nipple. Alex
could feel his heart start to race as waves of pleasure course
through him. Then his orgasm hit him. Then he heard
"Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg." `Did that come from me?' he
wondered as stars exploded in his eyes.

John held him for a few minutes while he came down from his
sexual high. Gently laying him on the couch John said "You are
so beautiful, your skin so soft and smooth, your boyhood soft
yet hard." John knelt by the couch and kissed Alex on each
eye. Alex could feel the kisses work their way down his face,
then his neck, as John's tongue licked just behind his ear he
gasped as a wave of pleasure ran down his spine to his toes.

He felt John's hand moving down his little chest, rubbing his
nipples, sending tingles down to his toes. The hand moved to
his stomach as John's tongue and lips reached his nipple.
"Feels. so.good." Alex gasped as he felt waves of pleasure
race through his body. Alex shuddered as he felt John's
fingers massaged his little nuts. Alex could feel the pressure
built up in his groin as he felt John's fingers and thumb
slide up his penis the thumb rubbing the silt on the head.
"Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg." Stars exploded in his eyes as his
orgasm took him. His little body went ridged as his hips
rammed up and his back arched, he could feel his dick pulse in
John's hand.

John stopped and waited for Alex to catch his
breath. "Do you know what pedos like about little boys?" "Our
butts and dicks?" responded Alex. "That to. Little boys
recover from orgasms fast. That means that I can give you a
lot of pleasure while enjoying your beautiful body." "I'm
beautiful?" "You are beautiful, cute, and very adorable." "I

John put his hand on Alex's inner thigh saying "Oh yes. Your
skin is so soft and smooth, your nipples taste good, and your
little nuts in their velvety sac feel so smooth." John's hand
moved to Alex's butt. "Turn over Alex." Alex obeyed and John
started to rub his butt. "Your bubble butt is smooth. The time
for talking is over. I want to taste you." With that John
placed a kiss on each of Alex's cheeks, and then he started to
work his tongue into Alex's crack.

Alex shuddered as he felt the tongue lick across
his anis sending a wave of pleasure to his toes. John's
tongue started to work its way into his hole sending tingles
up and down his body. Alex could feel his penis get hard and
twitch with every tingle. After a few minutes John stopped and
said "Turn unto your back and spread your legs." As Alex did
so John put lube on his index finger. "If you feel any pain
you must tell me Alex." "Ok John" John placed his finger
against Alex's butthole and pressed firmly against it. As his
finger entered he lowered his head and licked Alex's nuts.

Alex felt the tingle from his nuts as John's tongue went up
his dick and across his head and the slit. He shuddered as the
wave of pleasure shot through him. He groaned "Ummmmm...!"
Alex heart started to beat faster and his breathing got
heavier. As John started to suck his boyhood Alex started to
move his hips in synch with John. Waves of pleasure started to
come from his penis and his butthole. "Ummmmm...! Ummmmm...!"
He groaned. He could see stars as he felt his orgasm
approached, and then he felt a wave of intense pleasure as
John's finger rubbed something inside him. He felt his body go
ridge as his butt rammed upwards and his back arched as the
overload of pleasure sent him over the edge "I'm. Aaggggggg.
Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg." Stars exploded in his eyes as he felt
his penis pulse in John's mouth as the waves of pleasure
racked his body.

John stopped and waited for Alex to come down from his sexual
high before removing his finger. "Please don't take it out!"
cried Alex. "I will put it back in Alex. But first I must put
more lube on my finger and your boyhole." John applied lube to
Alex's boyhole and then to two fingers. Placing his fingers on
Alex's boyhole he said "Remember, if you feel any pain you
must tell me" "Yes John." John pressed his fingers slowly into
Alex. "Feels good John. Ummmmm...!" Alex shuddered as he felt
John's fingers rub his spot. As John worked his fingers into
Alex's boyhole he bent down and started to lick and suck
Alex's nipples. Kissing his way down to Alex's boyhood John
engulfed both the penis and sac into his mouth, his tongue
swirling around the head and across the slit as his fingers
rubbed Alex's special spot. "Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg.
Aaggggggg." For the fifth time Alex saw stars explode as his
orgasm overtook him.

As Alex recovered from his orgasm John removed his fingers
and told Alex to lift up his legs which Alex did pulling his
legs to his chest. He watched as John lubed his penis and
position himself between his legs placing his penis against
Alex's boyhole. "Remember Alex, if there is any pain you must
tell me. A tear in your boyhole would be bad for you." "I will

John pressed his penis into Alex's boyhole. Alex could feel
the head slowly enter him. "It feels big but it doesn't hurt."
"Good." Alex watched as John's penis sank into his body. John
slowly pulled back until only the head was in Alex, then
pushed in again until his sac slapped against Alex's butt.
John pulled back and changed his position a little then pushed
back in.

Alex shuddered as the head of John's penis rubbed across his
special spot. "Ummmmm...! Feels Ummmmm...! Good Ummmmm...!"
gasped Alex. With every stroke Alex
could feel a wave of pleasure shot through his body from deep
inside him. He could feel his orgasm building up. Then it hit
him. "I. Aaggggggg.AM. Aaggggggg.Cumming. Aaggggggg." His butt
rammed up and his body went ridged clamping John's penis deep
inside him. John stopped and waited for Alex to come down from
his orgasm then started up again. "You are so hot down there,
I like that in a boy. A few more minutes and you will make me
cum in you." "You keep rubbing that spot Ummmmm...! that .

Alex could feel John's cock filling his insides
moving in and out, sending waves of pleasure through his body
as it rubbed his spot. Alex shuddered as he felt the pressure
built up toward an orgasm. "Ummmmm...! Ummmmm...! Ummmmm...!"
Gasped Alex. John started to move faster "I. getting. close."
Suddenly John rammed his cock deep into Alex and held it there
"Aaggggggg.I.Aaggggggg.AM. Aaggggggg. Cumming" Alex felt the
head swell and shoot cum into him as his orgasm overtook him.
"Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg."

After a few minutes John gently pulled Alex into his lap and
said "You are my boy now. Remember you need to learn how to
care for a `Pedo Boy'." "I will, John" "We must see about
getting you a boy."

James announced "Dinner is served." "Thank you, James." John
made sure that Alex's briefs had a fresh pad in them then help
Alex put them on.

During dinner the boys notice that John seem to want to know
everything about them. Zack was seated next to John. Mark
explained that the boy who was current sexboy always sat next
to his pedo. Luckis asked "Zack, are the servants getting the
same food as we are?" "Yes. They get the same. Of course it is
selfserve. Take all you want, but eat all you take. I am not
used to someone serving me." Zack nodded at the older boy and
two younger boys serving the group. Mark chimed in "You will
have to get used to it and having your room cleaned every day,
your clothes laid out for you and quite a lot of other
things." "My room in the servant quarters isn't that hard to
clean." "You don't have a room in the servant quarters
anymore. Your room is in the main part of the house, close to
your pedo. That reminds me. Jason will sleep with John
tonight. The rest of you will get to enjoy your new rooms

John spoke up "Mr. Martin, what type of conditioning did you
use on me?"

"I spent 47 years knowing that if anyone found out that I was
having sex with little boys I would go to jail for life. When
I arrived here Jason jumped into my arms and planted a kiss on
my mouth and when I put him down, he pulled my pants down
saying that he wanted his lollipop. With people in the room, I
didn't stop him. I let him play with and suck my cock. With
everyone watching I undressed him and buttfucked him among
other things.

On the outside I could get sixty years for what I did with
Jason. Then Mark came over with Zack. Introduce us and in
front of Mark, Zack's mother, Luckis, Alex, you and a few
others I undressed Zack and had sex with him. The same with
Luckis and Alex. This brings up one other thing. Even in my
prime I couldn't produce ten loads of cum in less than four
hours. I am getting a hardon just thinking about it."

Zack slipped under the table and taking John's
hard cock put it into his mouth. John gasped and looking down
said "Better make that eleven loads." Mark stated "Zack knows
his duties as the current sexboy." Zack started to rub John's
balls with one hand while he used the other hand to stroke the
base of John's cock. He could feel his own little cock getting
hard as he swirled the head and slit with his tongue and then
went down as far as he could. John was breathing heavy and
Zack could feel John's orgasm building up. He felt the balls
tighten and speeded up his stroking and sucking. Suddenly the
head swelled and a blast of cum shot into Zack's mouth. He
swallowed as fast as he could but some still leaked out of the
corner of his mouth.

As he recovered from his orgasm John reach down
and lifted Zack up to his lap. He placed Zack so that his feet
were on each of his thighs with Zack facing forward. Seeing
the budge in Zack's undies, John hooked his thumbs into the
waistband and pulled them down. "Ah. I thought so. That is a
nice looking desert." "Desert?" "Yes Zack. Boymeat is very
tasty and makes a perfect desert." John licked the head and
slit with his tongue and started to suck on Zack's little
cock. Zack groaned as he felt tingles run through his body. He
grabbed the back of John's chair and held on. He could feel
fingers gently rubbing his little nuts and a hand rub his
little ass. Then waves of pleasure started to race through his
body starting at his cock. Then more intense waves of pleasure
started from his little fuckhole as John's finger entered and
found his pleasure button. His hips started to ram into John's
face as he lost control of his body. He could only hold on and
enjoy it. He could feel the pressure built up in his groin as
his orgasm approached. Suddenly it hit. Stars exploded in his
eyes as his hips rammed into John's face and his body turned
ridged his head swinging back. "Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg.

As his legs buckled John caught him and lowered him into his
lap. Gently rubbing his back John said "Oh Yes! That was a
very tasty desert." As Zack recovered he could feel a hard
cock pressing against his ass. Reaching down he felt John hard
cock. "Can I sit on it?" "Are you sure?" "Yes"

John lifted Zack up by his asscheeks. Zack reached down and
positioned John's cockhead at his boychute. Holding onto John
he started to lower himself onto John's cock. Zack could feel
the head slowly enter him. Once the head was in he flexed his
ass muscles causing John to groan. After a minute he lowered
himself the rest of the way. He could feel the mancock fill
his boycunt. The head rubbed across his prostate sending a
wave of pleasure through his body. He groaned.

The other boys at the table watched Zack ride John's cock and
started to get hard. Mark said "Go ahead and jackoff boys.
Alex, if you ask nicely Jason might suck you off." "What I
really want is to find out how good a desert boymeat is.
Jason, would you let me suck that beautiful boymeat of yours
that is trying to escape from your undies?" "Uh. Ok" Alex
smiled and came over to Jason and knelt down in front of him.
Jason lifted up his butt and Alex removed his undies. Bending
down Alex licked the head and slit then took all of Jason's
two and a half inches into his mouth. He swirled the head and
slit then swirled the shaft as he went down.

Jason groaned as he felt Alex's tongue lick the head of his
little cock. He felt a wave of pleasure as Alex took his cock
in his mouth. When he felt fingers rubbing his crack he spread
his legs. Alex's finger gently rubbed across his boyhole
sending a wave of pleasure up his spine. He instantly pushed
down on the finger causing it to enter his boychute. Then his
body shuddered as his hands grabbed the bottom of his chair.
Multiple waves of pleasure were coursing through his body as
Alex swirled his cockhead and rubbed his love button.
The pressure built up in his groin as Alex speeded up his
sucking and finger fucking. Suddenly he overloaded, stars
exploded in his eyes as his back arched and his legs locked
onto Alex's neck. "Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg. Aaggggggg." For
almost a full minute Jason's body was racked with waves of
pleasure as his orgasm ran its course.

As Jason relaxed Alex was able to get up. "You have strong
legs." he said as he rubbed his neck. "Iam sorrey. I din't
mean to." "It is ok Jason. Here let me help you get your
undies on." "I would have warned you about his legs if I had
known you were going to try boymeat for desert." "You were
right. Boymeat makes a great desert."

Just then Mrs. Swert entered with her desert cart. "I have a
special desert for each boy who was accepted by Mr. Miller
tonight. He hasn't had this since he was nineteen." "Does it
have seven scopes of ice cream?" asked John. "Yes Sir it does.
Along with whipped cream, sugar wafers, nuts and toped with a
cherry. You used to treat yourself to it once a week."

With that she placed a large frosted dish in front of each
boy. "Enjoy your special desert boys. I assure you it is very
good." The boys needed no other encouragement.

A few minutes later Mr. Martin said "The answer to your
first question is we told your subconscious the rules and that
pedos were good. So your fear of getting caught in the act
doesn't apply. The other question is easy. We have a procedure
to treat low sperm count. In the case of high level pedos we
go for max production. Also we did a little bio-engineering.
You now have a reservoir which holds four full loads of sperm.
With two loads in your testacies, you start out with six
loads. You produce one load every thirty minutes. When Alex
starts to produce sperm he will undergo the same procedures."

"I see." replied John. "I was surprise but please
that you rescued Jason. I must admit that I was happy to wake
up twenty years old instead of sixtey. I don't miss the aches
and pains of old age. Also I was worried that I wouldn't live
to finish raising Jason. By the way how did you find me?"

Mr. Martin Stated "You were looking for someone to
grab Jason and bring him to you unharmed. We got a DNA sample
and the rest is history. I was angry with my people because
they failed to spot you sooner." Mr. Martin sighed. "After
reviewing your record I understand why we failed to spot you.
You kept a low profile. There was nothing outstanding about
you. That is until we took a look at your boys. Every one made
the `Honor Roll' in school, all are very successful. Three of
your boys formed an investment group. The Royal Treasury
invested in Luke, Peter, & Potter. There has been no income
tax for six years. Last year the Emperor gave every man,
women, and child in the Empire One thousand Royal Crowns. All
because you specialize in raising children."

"Mr. Miller. You and other high level pedos, like
Alex, are considered to be a vital national resource. We
rescued Jason for two reasons. One; It was cheaper then trying
to keep you from rescuing him. Two; He was severely abused by
his parents. We couldn't leave him there. One last thing.
Under Imperial Law all high level pedos must on or about their
thirty fifth physical birthday report to their nearest
rejuvenation center to be rejuvenated back to twenty years

James came into the room. "Sir Mr. Stine is here
with a little girl." "Very well James. Show Mr. Stine in."

To Be Continued.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Pedoland - Pedoland 3