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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Pony Man - Pony Man 2

Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 09:22:39 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: The pony man 2 (interacial minor/adult)

It was 3 agonising days and I hadn't seen any sign of the big black man or
his dapple grey pony. Being a kid of 9yr I felt disillusioned,
disappointed and betrayed as I sat on the corner of our street and scanned
the four compass points of direction for the familiar shape of the
vegetable cart. The fourth day dawned and again another school holiday and
as I sat in my usual spot waiting, a couple of friends tried to entice me
away to play games BUT I wasn't interested. I wanted my hands full hot
black man cock, I wanted to caress and taste the huge black man again.

Around 10 o'clock my heart skipped a beat as my tummy knotted because
there, rounding the corner and the end of the block came my big black man
and his small dapple grey pony. I heard a thumping in my ears and realised
it was my heart, pounding and my 9 year old cock sprung up like a little
trigger release as I watched Jerome approaching. I only noticed him until
he was about 10 metres away and then I realised there was another black man
walking behind with his hand on the vegetable cart. As they neared I ran
to Jerome and he quickly reached out and shook my hand in a grown up

"Hey there little man! Good to see you again, no don't try to hug me
because there may be people watching. Plenty of time for hugging later.
How have you be? Here let me introduce you to my pappy." Said Jerome as
he stepped aside and turned to an older man.

"Howdy Luke, how you doing? I have heard a lot about you and I'm very
happy to meet you.My name is Jake." Said the older black man who resembled
Jerome only he had some silver in his black hair and his face was slightly
creased from age.

I stepped forward and shook hands with the older black man, he was a big
burly man, slightly shorter than Jerome but more solid and his skin tone
was darker than Jerome making him pitch black. He wore baggy clothing but
he had a friendly smile and he spoke gently.

"Would you like to ride Dapple while we are selling our vegetables?" Asked

" Oh yes please! I would love that!" I cried.

"Here let me help you up." Said Jake as he held out two huge black hands.

I walked into them and they closed around my tiny waist, is fingers touched
in front of me as he grasped and lifted me. Like his son Jake allowed his
fingers to caress my rock hard 9yr old cock.

"Yeah! You're ready and loaded!" Chuckled the burly black man as he
settled me astride the dapple grey pony.

"Yeah, I told you pappy, this little tike is hornier than a toad and he
sure is one talented little man." Laughed Jerome as he led Dapple down our
road, stopping to sell his produce.

When Jake wasn't serving customers, he was walking beside Dapple with his
big hand resting against my back and butt, when people weren't watching a
would fondle and squeeze my butt, whispering if I like it. I answered him
in a whisper, saying it was very nice.

"Jerome told me about the fun you and he had in your kitchen." Whispered
Jake as he smiled up and me.

"Yeah! I especially liked his big black cock!" I whispered quite loudly
and Jerome shushed us, cautioning us to cool it for later.

As we neared my house, Jerome turned to me and queried whether we could
again go in but unfortunately this day my mum was home with a bout of flu
and I informed the two disappointed black giants. Their disappointment was
short lived as I explained that I knew of an unused old shop that was
situated two roads down from my home. I assured the men that the top was
deserted and isolated from any other buildings, telling them that I had
often played in it when I was alone.

We continued selling vegetables and turned down the second road, at the end
we crossed an unkept scratch of bush and approached the run down old shop
building. Once we neared the building, Jerome tethered the pony to a pole
and unloaded a bucket which he filled from a canister for the pony. The
two black men then turned and entered the building from the back and
explored the old building. It had been a general shop and the racks and
counters were still standing. The floor was littered with dust and the
windows were so dirty that hardly any light filtered through.

"Well it looks truly deserted and pretty isolated, we should be safe here.
Luke my man, are you ready for some cock fun like we had the other day?"
Asked Jerome as he smiled and me and groped his crotch, "I'll bet you can't
wait to see pappy's black meat."

"Oh wow yeah! Can I really see both of your cocks?" I shouted in glee.

"Yeah sure! Why don't you come over here and unzip my trousers, my big
black cock is waiting for you to wank him." Laughed Jerome as he groped
his ample bulge and beckoned to the little white boy.

I scampered over to Jerome and quickly unzipped his trousers, the thick
bush of krinky black pubic bush brushed against my fingers and as I giggled
I accused Jerome of not having underwear on. He chuckled good naturedly
and explained that underwear took to long to take off.

I quickly unzipped and lowered the big black man's trousers and as his
throbbing black cock escaped I grasped it and squeezing with both hands I
began to wank it to its maximum length and hardness. Jerome groaned as my
hands manipulated the loose skin along the steel hard shaft and as his
foreskin caressed the swollen strawberry pink cockhead I lent forwards and
began to lick it like an ice-cream on a hot summers day.

"Oh fuck yeah! Work my black meat! Aah! Aah yes! Lick me, fuck you're
one hungry little cock whore!" Cried the big black man as he watched the
little white boy lapping at his hard throbbing black cock.

"Well, well, you were right! This little man is hooked on black cock
alright! Wow, look at the little fucker go! Man, I could sure use some of
that!" Groaned the older black man as he groped and rubbed his crotch,
watching the little white boy going all out on his son's big thick black

"Why don't you go over and help my pappy? You won't he sorry, he has a
bigger, blacker and thicker cock than mine!" Informed Jerome as he gripped
his hard throbbing 9 inch black cock and began to gently slap it against my

"Oh wow, really! Can I!" I queried enthusiastically as I began moving
towards the older burly black man.

Jake had already began to undress and I rushed over to assist, as the burly
older black man began to unbutton his shirt, I latched onto the buttons on
his fly. My little fingers worked nimbly and soon I had his baggy corduroy
trousers dropping to the floor. He stood revealed in baggy white Y front
underwear and although baggy an ample bulge could be outlined in them. I
quickly hooked my fingers into the elastic and dragged them down, revealing
a bush of black krinky pubic hair. Beneath the bush hung a thick semi
erect black cock, with thick veins running down the broad shaft and into
the foreskin. Even semi erect I couldn't close my hands around the shaft
and as I grabbed it and began to squeeze and wank, the cock took on a life
of its own. It began to throb in my hands and it grew and grew until it
was much bigger and thicker than Jerome's. My hands drew back the loose
skin on the enormous pitch black throbbing cock to reveal a huge dark
purple cockhead, it looked like a large plum and thick, clear shiny liquid
oozed from it in a long strand.

I looked beneath it and there hanging between great big black muscular
thighs was an even bigger sack, as I watched the older black man grasped it
and squeezed. Miraculously to enormous bull balls appeared against the
stretched skin. I wanked the huge cock as I flicked out my tongue and lick
up the strand of shiny liquid. I then proceeded to lick on and around the
huge big purple cockhead, causing the burly black man to groan loudly.

"Oh fuck! Oh glory be! Look as that little pink tongue go! Yeah! Fuck
yeah! Lick my monster meat!" Cried Jake as he thrust his hips and reached
for my head which he clasped between his giant black hands, "work my cock
boy! Make an old man happy!"

I couldn't believe my luck, I was in heaven as I opened my mouth to its
widest and began to cram that huge cock purple cockhead into it. I licked
and sucked as my jaw ached but I wasn't stopping until I had that huge
cockhead buried between my lips. The 11 inch black cock throbbed and oozed
precum while big burly Jake groaned and moaned and I licked and sucked,
cramming my mouth full of hot dark purple cockhead.

"Oh fuck me! Suck me! Suck my nigga meat! Yeah whore boy! You go kid,
suck my big black cock!" Groaned and cried Jake as he began to gently
fucked my small pink lips that were stretched to their limit around his big
black meat."

While I was sucking on Jake's gigantic cock, his son Jerome had approached
me from behind and I could feel his hot cock trailing across my back, up to
my shoulders and across the black of my neck. As it moved I felt the wet
trail it was leaving behind and every now and then the big black man would
rub his cock around one spot then he moved on until he was tracing his cock
up one side of my cheek and across my forehead, back and down my nose. He
traced his cockhead around my stretched lips rubbing it against my lips and
his father's huge black cock. Looking down I was mesmerised, never in my
wildest dreams had I ever expected to see so much thick black throbbing
cock right up close. Suddenly I felt Jerome cupping my tiny pink butt in
his giant black hand and he squeezed as his cock nudged my nose. He ran a
finger between my butt cheeks and as it grazed my butt-hole my body
instinctively thrust backwards which caused him to return and rub around my
butt-hole. I whimpered around the enormous purple cockhead as the big
black than stimulated my butt-hole.

"Geez pappy! This here cock whore is butt hungry!" Exclaimed the big
black man as his finger rubbed the little white boy's butt-hole.

"Yeah I thought so!" Said Jake, "reach into my trousers pocket and fetch
the jar of salve, apply it to the kid's butt-hole and it will numb him,
it's what I used to deflower you when you were no older than this horny

Jerome quickly retrieved the salve and scooped some out on his finger which
he applied to my butt-hole and began to rub it in. My butt-hole began to
tingle and soon I could feel his finger pressing into my butt-hole. It
felt strange for something to be going in, instead of coming out. It felt
good and I pushed backwards trying to get more into my bum. The big black
man worked slowly but soon he had his finger embedded to the first joint
and as he wiggled it I whimpered and moaned around the huge cockhead, I
sucked harder and crammed more into my mouth. Jerome worked diligently
until he had his whole finger completely up the little white boy's
butt-hole. I was sweating but the sensations flooding up my spine from my
stretched butt-hole and exploding in my head were racking my 9yr body.

While I sucked and wanked Jake, he squeezed and fondled his huge bull
balls, groaning encouragement and urging me to take more of his humongous
cock into my tiny pink mouth. Meanwhile Jerome had begun to work a second
finger into my tingling numb butt-hole, he managed and soon he had to
fingers stretching and wiggling around inside me. I was whimpering and
moaning as my was worked from both openings to my tiny body.

"Oh sweet geez! This kid is something else! His ass is so, so hungry!
Fuck I ain't never seen anything like this!" Groaned Jerome as he started
to work his third finger into the little white boy's loose butt-hole.

"Oh God! Oh yes! Fuck yeah I'm cumming! Oh! Aah, aah,aaaahh, aaaaaaaahh
ffucckk, yes, yesss, yyyyyeesssssss!" Shouted Jake as his cock erupted,
shooting spurt after spurt of his hot man sauce into the little pink lips
that surrounded his even thicker black cock. The little white boy sucked
and swallowed as his eyes watered and cum oozed out of the corners of his
over stretched mouth.

Jerome had three fingers embedded in Luke's ass and as he frigged and
twisted his fingers stretching the boy's butt-hole, he was wanking the
kid's rock hard 3 inch pink cock. Stretching the foreskin back an forwards
and rubbing his big black finger around the sensitive little cockhead.
Jake's climax set the little boy into motion and as he gurgled in the man
cum sliding down his throat, his little body jerked and danced its macabre
dance of ecstasy. The boy was experiencing his second big cum. Although
dry his body was racked with ecstasy.

"Oh man, look at this little fucker go!" Chuckled Jerome as he manipulated
his fingers inside the little boy's loose gaping butt-hole, "pappy this kid
is really for some black cock up his little boy pussy BUT do you think he
could handle my meat?"

Jake took a while to answer, he was still riding the aftermath of his
ecstasy but he shook his head in acknowledgement and he stammered, "yes, oh
yes, BUT only the head, no more or you'll split him and then we would be in
real hot water."

Jake extracted his still huge softening thick black cock from the boy's
mouth and although the kid tried desperately to continue sucking. The big
burly black man had to reassure him that there would be more to come but
first he had to co-operate. I agreed and settled down while the older
black man lifted me up under my arms and held my chest to his chest. He
placed my legs around his broad waist and held me against him. As I was
wrapped around the big burly black man, I felt his hairy body against me
and krinky black hair felt good against my body as I snuggled into Jake. I
especially like the way it scratched against my rock hard 9yr old cock. All
the time Jerome had his three big fingers inside my butt-hole, wiggling
them around and whispering encouragement to me.

"Right I have him in the right position, BUT you restrain yourself. ONLY
AND I MEAN ONLY THE HEAD!" commanded the older burly black man.

"Yeah sure pappy! Trust me pappy!" Exclaimed the big black man as he
heeded his father's commands.

Jerome positioned himself in front of his father and grasping his rock hard
throbbing 9 inch cock with precum oozing freely from the strawberry pink
cockhead he stepped forwards and placed at against the boy's still opened
butt-hole. The kid's legs were stretched open around is father's burly
frame and Jerome took his cock and rubbed it around the pink butt-hole,
smearing his precum and lubricating it. He then aimed his swollen
strawberry pink cockhead and began to ease it up against the little white
boy's ass.

"I'm ready pappy! I'm starting to ease it in!" Warned Jerome as he
started to push his cockhead into the virgin pink butt-hole.

"Okay boy, take it easy, very, very easy. You must control yourself."
Instructed Jake as he moved his head and captured the little pink mouth
between his thick black lips, as the boy whimpered so he forced his tongue
into the kid's mouth, exploring and sucking on his lips.

I suddenly felt something hot nudging my butt-hole, then it got hard and it
started to push itself into my bum. I struggled to get away but Jake held
me and kissed me harder, Jerome whispered loudly in my ear telling me what
to do.

"Easy Luke, easy my little man! You are going to like this, just push down
hard like you're on the toilet taking a shit. Push hard like you are
having a big shit and you will get a lovely present." Ordered and
encouraged Jerome as his cockhead began to ease into this little white
virgin ass.

I listened to Jerome and I did as he said, the big hot hard thing was
pushing up in my bum and it was a little sore but also strange. Suddenly I
felt a big lump in my bum, I moved and it felt nice.

"Oh fuck! Oh yes! Aah fucking hell! It's so tight and so, so hot! Oh
fuck, man, man, man!" Cried Jerome as his big swollen cockhead popped into
the little white boy's butt-hole.

"Steady boy! Remember what I told you." Commanded Jake as he drew his
mouth from the little boy's and with one had he placed it on Jerome's
abdomen to steady him, "now Jerome, ONLY the head, move it back and
forwards BUT ONLY the head".

Jerome grunted and began to move his swollen cockhead back out then back in
until he was slowly fucking the little white boy, but being very careful
not to go further than his throbbing cockhead. The friction was
undescribable and it took all his will power not to thrust his rock hard
throbbing 9 inch cock into the kid, but he knew his thickness would split
Luke wide open. So he just fucked is swollen throbbing cockhead into the
little pink virgin butt-hole.

The hot hard lump was pushing and pulling in and out of my bum, first it
was sore but then it was nice, very, very nice and I tried to wiggle to get
some more in my butt-hole but Jake held me tightly and told me to be still
and just feel the nice feeling. I did as I was told and enjoyed the nice

Jerome fucked steadily but was suddenly caught off guard as his cock
betrayed him and he suddenly erupted into the tight hot butt-hole. His
climax gripped him like never before and as his big thick throbbing black
cock sent the most incredible sensations flooding and pounding through his
groin and over his body, he experienced an ecstasy he never knew existed.
He pumped 10 incredible spurts of man cum into the little white boy and
with each eruption he experienced pleasure unknown to him until now.

AAH AAAAAAHHHHH !!!! Screamed the big black man as his body was racked with
divine ecstasy.

He extracted is cockhead and staggered back against an old counter, gasping
for breath as his heart pounded and his father chuckled as he watched his
son's initiation into little white boy fucking. Jake still held the little
white boy as he watched his son's still rock hard cock oozing cum in the
last strands. He moved his body around so his tight krinky black hair
would stimulate the boy and his rock hard little pink cock.

"My bum feels empty!" I wailed, I want some more. My butt-hole felt empty
and hollow and I yearned to have something back inside giving me those
nice, nice feelings.

"Easy little man, you are going to get some more, just as soon as Jerome
can stand up. The little white boy turned his head and ordered the big
black man to stand which caused Jerome to begin laughing loudly.

"Jerome, come and take Luke. It's my turn." Ordered Jake as he spoke to
his son in a anxious voice.

Jerome stood and as he made to step towards his father he noticed that the
big burly black man's humongous cock was as hard as a steel rod and precum
was pouring from the huge swollen purple cockhead.

"Oh pappy! Your fucking dick is massive! Do you think you can get that
horse cock up in this little man?" Queried Jerome as he had never seen his
father's big black cock that swollen before.

"Yes I'll get it in, pass me the salve and take Luke from me." Ordered

Jerome did as ordered and Jake took some more salve and applied it
liberally to the little white boy's gaping butt-hole. He then moved into
position and rubbed his huge swollen dark purple cockhead around the lips
of the gaping pink boy pussy, spreading his precum to add to the salve for
lubricated he then moved his cockhead into place and grasping the thick
shaft which throbbed with an energy of its own and the thick veins stood up
noticeably as blood pounded into his hard huge horse cock he aimed it. He
eased his cockhead against the pink gaping butt-hole and began to slowly
ease it in. The boy's butt-hole seemed to almost grasp onto the tip of the
huge swollen cockhead.

"Oh fuck! This is one hungry little whore pussy! Man, this kid was born
for black cock! Fucking hell! His ass is actually trying to suck my cock
into it!" Exclaimed the burly older black man as he spat a large amount of
saliva onto his huge swollen dark purple cockhead and again positioned it
against the gaping pink butt-hole. He pushed and it began to ease into the

"Oh! Oh, it's big! Aah!" I cried as the big black man began to ease his
massive cockhead into my tiny pink butt-hole, I squirmed against Jerome,
trying to escape the invasion but Jerome held me tightly and whispered
encouragement as his big thick black lips captured my mouth and his tongue
invaded it to prevent me from crying out. He knew his father knew what he
was doing and the kissing would distract me, which it did.

Jake was patient as he worked slowly and diligently, pushing and stopping,
pushing and stopping until he had half his big cockhead in then he stopped
and waited, rubbing my back to relax and ease me. Then he started again,
pushing and waiting until his giant dark purple cockhead popped into the me
and my pink butt-hole closed around it trapping it into my hot tight
tunnel. The big burly black man groaned in pure pleasure as his cock was
captured by the little white boy's butt ring and as his huge cockhead
lodged so he felt the heat from the boy and the wetness from his son's cum.

I jerked and grabbed hold of Jerome when the giant cockhead entered my tiny
pink ass. The sharp pain faded fast as the salve took effect and my butt
felt very, very full. When the big black man began to move his cock, my
butt-hole became alive and as the great big cockhead moved in and out of me
I experienced sensations as my many nerves were stimulated in my boy ass.
As the cockhead pulled out I whimpered and when it was pushed back into me
I whimpered again, but Jake was gentle and soon I was wiggling around with
his huge dark purple cockhead buried in my boy pussy.

"Fuck oh fuck! Oh Jesus I'm in! Oh yeah oh fucked it's so tight! Aah
yes, yes! Man oh man, this boy pussy is sucking on my cock! Aah baby boy!
Oh sweet glory!" Cried, groaned and moaned the big burly black man as his
cock was embedded in the tight boy tunnel and the ass lips snapped under
the rim of his humongous cockhead, trapping it.

The older burly black man gauged the sensitivity of his cockhead and while
he gently fucked the little white boy he kept stopping when he felt his
orgasm nearing and when Luke wiggled around he extracted his huge cockhead
so that for 10 unbelievable minutes his cock was a million sensations that
flooded his very being. When he couldn't hold back any more he allowed
himself to climax and when he did he unintentionally thrust and drove his
great big thick black cock another inch into the little white boy. Luke
snapped his head back away from Jerome and cried out loudly in ecstasy as
his little body was suddenly racked by a strong orgasm. The big black man
have scraped his prostrate when he thrust and the little boy was in heaven.

his cock erupted and cum blasted into the little boy, coating the boy's
bowels with thick hot white man cum. His body jerked and spasmsed as his
giant bull balls pulled up tightly against his big thick muscular thighs
and as they pumped sperm into the little boy he experienced an orgasm like
he had only experienced about 25 years ago when he had fucked his own son
at the age of 10.

I cried out as I felt something hot and warm squirting into me and my body
jerked as I felt very, very nice all over. My bum didn't even hurt so I
guess I am now a big boy. Even my cock got a nice tingling feeling like
when Jerome sucked on it and nobody even touched it.

Jake extracted his big swollen purple cockhead and as he did cum poured out
of the little white boy's gaping butt-hole, it splattered onto his cock and
it splattered onto Jerome's hard throbbing cock below while it also ran
down Jerome's abdomen and seeped into his krinky black pubic bush. With
all the cum that had been expelled into the little white boy, Jake couldn't
resist crouching and licking and sucking on his son's huge hard black cock
while he savoured the mixture of his and his son's sperm. Jake sucked and
licked from his son's cock to the pubic bush and up the abdomen to the
little boy's gaping butt-hole where he tongued and sucked on the little
pink butt-hole, gathering cum in his mouth until it was full then he stood
and he kissed his son passionately, sharing the mixture of black man cum
with his son. Jerome placed Luke on the floor as he kissed his father and
as the two black men were lip locked together passionately, the little
white boy Luke grabbed both the big black throbbing cocks and began to lick
and suck them, he wanked on the shafts until the two grown black man cried
out and climaxed together with just a little cum oozing from their well
used cocks but Luke wasn't complaining.

After they had dressed and were on their way home, both men swore the
little boy to secrecy and cautioned him that even if his butt ached he
wasn't to reveal their secret or else he would never have their huge
throbbing black cocks to play with again. Luke vowed secrecy and Jake gave
him a small packet of crystals to place in his hot bath water, Jake
explained it would ease any aching and it would tighten his butt-hole back
to normal again. The two men promised the boy they would see him soon and
left him outside his home as they led their dapple grey pony and cart down
the road.
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