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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Prescription For Boy Pee - Prescription For Boy Pee 1

Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 06:33:39 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Prescription for Boy Pee

Prescription for Boy Pee
Chapter 1

I typed in the password that the doctor from the University of Los Angeles
had given me. The website opened – a special new global database that
would hopefully lead to a diagnosis of my condition. It said there were
over a hundred thousand questions for me to answer. But then, that number
would quickly shrink. For instance, as soon as I checked that I was "male"
(the first question) the number of questions went down by some 10,000. So
I forged ahead. Anyway, I had no choice. I was down to less than 100
pounds. I was dying. I had been checked for AIDS, of course, multiple
times. Yes, I was prone to cruising for dick. Okay, I wasn't a total
slut, just a very occasional hook-up via internet ads. Anyway, I was found
to be totally free of any and every STD. Also, I had been checked for
every conceivable type of cancer. Still, no diagnosis.

I was down to about ten thousand questions when I got to: "Does anything
smell differently to you?" Among the choices on the list was "urine."
When I checked that, the question number went to less than 2 thousand. It
then asked me if urine smelled worse, better, or just different. I checked
"better," and then a box appeared that said I was finished with the
questions. It further said that the results would be sent to my doctor who
would contact me. I got a call from them for blood work the next day, and
the day after that, I was sitting in the doctor's office.

"We have a diagnosis," he said. I was relieved but still didn't know what
to think. The doctor looked relieved as well, but still frowning. "You're
not going to die," he said, "in fact, with the right treatment, you are
going to recover and be absolutely fine. But..." (Shit, there's always a
"but.") "But the treatment," he continued, "is to say the least,
unorthodox. The cure," he continued ("cure," I liked THAT word) "is to
drink the urine of pre-pubescent boys."

WHAT THE FUCK???!!!! He paused to let that sink in, and then, "It's not
really as bad as you think," he said. "Urine is a product of what we eat
and drink, so there's nothing at all harmful in it. And you will probably
even like the taste as you did check off on the survey that urine smells
good to you now. That's how the computer program picked what to test for
in your blood and how we arrived at your diagnosis. The thing is," he
continued, "there are things in it that you need so your body is naturally
craving it. It's natural at this juncture for it to smell and taste good
to you." Again, he paused for a moment, allowing me some time to take all
this in.

"Now, the thing is," he started again, "is that you're more-or-less on your
own in this. Your condition affects about 1 in 30,000 men. Since it is so
rare, and since there is already known a cheap cure for it, (odd as it is)
there has been no money for research for medicine or even to find donors."
"Donors?" I asked, still trying to take all this in. "Little boys who will
pee for you," he said matter-of-factly. But fuck! When he said that, I
felt my cock twitch.

"But you're not alone," he continued. I've already e-mailed you a link to
a website. Apparently there is a wealthy man in England whose son has this
condition. He has a small foundation that can give you money to advertise
and to pay donors. And the website lays out a whole plan of how to go
about it. I know it sounds very weird, but people have done it. And
believe me, I've heard of much stranger things in medical science. The
bottom line is that you can get totally better."

"For good?" I asked. "Well, you will have to drink the urine for the rest
of your life, but yes, your body is going to totally recover and be fine.
Just go home and look at the website and the support groups. All your
questions will be answered."

"When should I start know...looking for, um, donors?"

"Immediately, considering your condition," he said. "I'd put some flyers
up in your neighborhood today -- do anything and everything – call your
friends, family, local pastors, direct them to the website so they know the
need is legitimate. And I am writing you a prescription as well. So, you
can copy this and post it, and if you ever get in trouble with the police,
you can show it to them as well." He handed me the prescription, but in a
fog, I just stuffed it into my pocket.

Someone wheeled me to a waiting cab. "Police?" I suddenly thought as I got
up out of the wheelchair and into the cab. "Why would I get in trouble
with the police?" I pulled the prescription out of my pocket. I must have
read it ten times before it even began to sink in. It said simply: "Drink
urine directly from the penises of pre-pubescent boys once or more per
day." Man! Oh man!!! What the doctor didn't know; and what the police
would never know, is that all my jack off fantasies were about sucking on
small, young boys. And now, I was going to get their little cocks in my
mouth, and it was all legitimate! Legal even! Doctor's orders! My
disease had just turned into a dream come true!

At home, I grabbed a bottle of Ensure from the fridge, then made a bee-line
for the computer. The website had a special link that I was to give to
potential donors, that explained the nature of the treatment, and
legitimized it all. It explained that the disease was a particular
imbalance of electrolytes and other chemicals in the blood, that could only
be brought right by the chemicals, including the special hormones, in boy
urine. It said that I should check each boy all over for signs of puberty
(some druggies for instance, would shave, or even shave their kid's pubes
just to get a few bucks). Plus, if they were naked then there was no worry
about getting pee on their clothes, which might cause their parents not to
bring them back. There was even a picture of a guy who looked about 40, on
his hands and knees with his lips totally engulfing the penis of a stark
naked boy. The little tyke looked to be about 4 years old, and had a big
smile on his face. Finally, the site emphasized the importance of putting
the mouth totally over the penis. If the urine came in contact with the
air, the hormones would start to deteriorate immediately and lose their
effectiveness. Oh man! I still had to ask myself if I was dreaming.

I quickly made some flyers and posted a few around the neighborhood.
Actually, I just printed out what was on the website but filled in my own
contact information. The flyer was all very medical sounding and made a
reference to "urine donations or sales." Because of my illness, I had lost
my job and was on disability and living in Section 8 housing. It wasn't a
really bad neighborhood – kind of mixed. The thing is, there should
hopefully be some poor people nearby who would do (or have their kid do)
anything for money. In my weakened condition, I couldn't walk very far, so
after making my rounds up to the main street and back, I went home and

It was about 2 hours later when my phone rang: "Is you the man who put the
poster up about needing a boy to give his piss to you?" (I didn't use
those words, of course, but...) "Yes, ma'am, that was me," I answered.
"Can I bring him over now?" she asked, (yes, it was a "she" and obviously
black). My cock twitched. "Yes, I'm ready any time." She hung up without
further words, and I waited. I also played with my cock, getting it fully
hard. Oh fuck!

It couldn't have been more than five minutes when there was a loud knock on
my door. "How much you payin'?" she blurted out as soon as I opened the
door. "Um, come in," I said, my eyes on the little black treasure she
brought with her. "Ten," I said, when I closed the door. "I needs
twenty," she replied urgently. "Fifteen," I said. "I NEEDS twenty!" she
cried. I know exactly what she "needed." Twenty was the amount of dollars
you needed to get a good fix. I hobbled off to my bedroom and returned
with a 20 dollar bill. She grabbed it out of my hand and was gone, leaving
me alone with my prize. And what a prize he was!

About as black as anyone I've ever met. So beautiful and sexy! He was
also impossibly skinny, easily seen as he was only wearing basketball
shorts and a wife beater. I LOVE wife beaters on skinny young boys! His
hair was closely cut, almost shaven. His narrow face was beautifully
handsome. All-in-all, he was a dream.

"What's your name?" I asked him. "Andre," he said. Nice. "A beautiful
name for a beautiful boy." He looked at me. Hmmm, did I say that out
loud? "I'm `Sam,'" I said. "Did your mom tell you what this was about?" I
asked. "All she said was you need me to pee for you," he replied,
seemingly unconcerned. "Did she tell you how it worked? Did she look on
the website?" I asked. "We ain't got no computer," he said. Man, his
voice, while still high and boyish, was deep for his size, so sexy and "black" sounding. My hard cock was throbbing in my pants.
"Well," I ventured, "I have this medical condition. And there are
chemicals in the pee of young boys that will make me better. Now, the air
will damage the chemicals, so I have to, um...I have to drink it right from
you peepee... you know... put it in my mouth... wrap my lips around it."
Oh fuck, just hearing that shit come out of my mouth was enough to drive my
own self crazy!

"You mean you want to suck my dick?" he asked, but with only a little bit
of surprise. "Well, yeah," I answered, "suck the pee out anyway." "Okay,"
was all he said, as he shrugged his shoulder. FUCK!!! This was really
going to happen! "One more thing," I said, emboldened by his "whatever"
attitude as well as my increasing horniness, "I need to see you totally
naked first. I need to verify that you're young enough and also, it will
make sure no pee gets on your clothes which would make your Mom mad." (Not
that she would notice in the state she was going to be in.) "Aaight," he
said, and immediately started kicking off his shoes. Raging with lust now,
I slid off the chair I was sitting in and onto the floor, my face level
with his crotch in "cock suck" er, I mean "pee drink" position.

He took the liberty to put his hand on my shoulder to balance himself while
he removed his little socks. So cute. And just that little bit of
intimacy – and the fact that he felt like doing it – and did it! –
it was all! My cock was throbbing in my pants!!!

Next he stood up to pull his tight, white, wife beater shirt up over his
head. I tried to memorize his beautiful, wonderful, hairless armpits as I
nearly drooled in abject lust. And now, finally, the pants! Taking his
good old sweet time, he first slowly pulled down his dark red and gray
shorts, then stood up and folded them over once and laid them on the couch.
Then... AHHH!!!... thumbs in the boxers and down they came. He just kicked
them aside then stood up and... what??!!! Whoa!!! His dangling soft dick
must have been friggin' 4 inches (10 cm) long! Okay, maybe half an inch of
that was foreskin, but still. It was huge! Not thick, but so fucking
long! It looked so enormous and so sexy on his little body! "Wow, Andre!"
I couldn't help but say, "you really got a big one!" "Really?" he asked,
in that immensely sexy little black boy voice. "Oh, YES!" I said, my mouth
watering. I looked up to see him smiling down on me, his hands on his
hips. Such a sexy stance!

"How old are you?" I asked, so weak with lust I could only half speak.
"Teeuhn," he answered. Man, only 10? Actually, his body size fit that but
his cock size sure didn't. His dick would have fit on a 14 year old. It
was pretty skinny, but then I like that too – goes down easier! But so
long! And to top it off, he had that incredibly skinny body that still
somehow looks good on a black kid. A white kid who weighed the same would
be a scrawny been pole (not that that isn't hot to me as well). But Andre,
had a shape to him – an impossibly skinny waist, barely wider than my
hand, branching out into a V-shape above and even the beginnings of pecs!
Despite, his slender frame, his ribs did not stick out, giving him a
totally smooth appearance on his delicious, dark, black skin.

I reminded myself that I needed to verify that he was not yet into puberty.
His voice said he wasn't, "kinda," but his cock size said he might be, even
though he looked hairless. "I gotta make sure there's no hair on you
anywhere," I said. "You gotta be young for this to work right." He just
shrugged his shoulders and waited. I watched my hand going toward it.
Yes, "IT." His groin. OH FUCK!!!! For the first time in my entire life,
after years of fantasizing, I was about to touch a hairless little boy
dick! I could feel my heart pounding and I think I almost heard it, too.

He made no motion to back away when I made contact, seeming perfectly
content to let me rub all over and fondle him. I took my time, shaking
from the physical and mental sensations of what I was doing. But, as I was
feeling weaker, I had to keep things moving. "I...I gotta check your ass,"
I blurted out, then wondered if I shouldn't be using words like "ass"
around a 10-year-old. But anyway, he turned around like it didn't bother
him in the least. And oh man! I was not, I mean, I was NOT ready for the
sheer magnificence that was his ass. Nearly jet black like the rest of him
of course, it was narrow and came out into 2 fantastic thin globes, forming
huge, deep dimples in the sides of his muscular little cheeks. It was
beautiful. I rubbed it. I shuddered. My cock strained in my pants. Oh

"I gotta check you real good everywhere," I said hoarsely, "bend over." He
did. "Bend your knees and stick your butt back at me." Fuck he DID!
"Spread your cheeks!" I gave it almost as an order. Oh mighty fuck, he
DID! He reached his little hands back and DID it! SHIT!!!!! I was
looking at his hole, his hairless hole – the first little boy hole I had
ever seen in my life! I was about to cum in my pants. With trembling
fingers, I reached out...oh man! Again I had to ask myself if this could
really be happening. Ahhhhh... I started about an inch from his tight
littler shitter and just gently rubbed, checking for stubble in case he had
been shaved. He felt as smooth as a newborn. I circled around getting
closer, closer. Oh fuck, contact! I don't know how it felt to him, as
again, he made no sound nor movement. But for me – there were fireworks
going off in my brain! I rubbed, I rubbed, I rubbed on that tight little
hole! Had I had the strength, I could have done it forever! I brought my
finger into my mouth. No taste, really. I got my fingertip all slobbered
up with spit. I went back. I rubbed, now the slimy, slick spit making the
whole process even more erotic for me. And I heard him suck in his breath!
Oh fuck! I had to take my hand away from him and pull my pants and boxers
down to release my cock, it was aching so badly.

"Mr. Sam?" I heard a voice from afar. Oh yeah, it was Andre's. "Hmmm?" I
said in a fog, as he turned around. (My hard 6-inch cock was hidden from
him by my too big t-shirt.) "Can I pee for you yet? I really gotta go!"
"Okay," I said, breathlessly. OH FUCK! His cock was starting to rise! It
must have been all that hole rubbing. It was about 5 unbelievable inches
now and sticking straight out! I dove on it and instinctively started
sucking like mad. Probably not what was needed. As I heard him gasp, I
felt it push toward the roof of my mouth and continue to expand in hardness
and thickness. FUCK!!!!! I slowed down to just a gentle sucking, hoping
that would encourage him to start his piss.

By now, he was holding on to my head and making little "ooh" and "ah"
sounds. I was really getting tired already. Yet at the same time, I was
in bliss, barely able to process with my overwhelmed brain that I was
actually sucking on the dick of a little boy! I wanted it to last forever.
But nothing was happening. Reluctantly, I pulled off my little African
god. His cock "boinged" upright – a full, nasty, hard, throbbing 6
inches of dark black sausage now; the pink head, just barely peeking out of
his long, delicious foreskin. Once again, I was bowled over by his size.

"Where's your pee?" I managed to ask, grabbing the pile of the rug to hold
myself steady. "I'm tryin' Mr. Sam; but I can't pee when my dick is all
hard like this," he said with genuine concern. "Anyway, I was waitin' on
you. I thought you was supposed to suck it out of me." Oh fuck, hearing
him say that made me shiver!

"No, Andre," I said, as I slid my butt over on the rug so I could collapse
against the couch. "You're just supposed to pee like normal. I didn't
mean to get you hard. That was my fault," I said, panting now more from
exhaustion than lust. "Does your coc—er, your thing ever get hard like
this?" "Sometimes," was all he said. "Well how long does it take to go
down?" I asked. "I dunno," he said, "sometimes it takes a long time."

Oh man. I really needed this kid's piss. My body was craving for it. And
I was horny for it too. I had never thought about piss in my boy fantasies
before. But now, the thought was suddenly making me crazy – a little
boy spurting out his homemade fluid for me. It would be just like taking a
cum! Only way better! It would be like a cum that wen on forever! Oh,
fuck, I couldn't wait!!! And I had to get it done before his stoned-out
excuse for a mother came back and dragged him home.

"Andre," I said, really feeling almost too tired to speak, "you know when
you asked me a little bit ago if I was going to suck your dick?"


"Well that's what I'm going to have to do. That's the only way I know to
make your peepee go down."

A pause, and then, "Aaight."

"Do you know what dick sucking it?"

"Uh-huh." (I wasn't convinced he really did.)

"I you know what's going to happen?"

A pause, and then, "No."

So I explained to him that it is what made older boys and men's bodies
squeeze out the white stuff that made babies; and while he wouldn't shoot
out any white stuff, his body would still make the squeezing motion and
jerk and shake and that it would feel really, really good. I told him that
it was normal and natural and that he didn't need to be scared when his
body started shaking all by itself. Well he was all for it. "Let's get
started!" he said with a smile and a gleam in his dark eyes.

"Okay, lie down on the floor," I said. "Get a pillow and get comfortable
if you want." He grabbed 2 pillows off the couch and put them next to me
against the couch. When he got situated he was half sitting up, half
leaning against the sofa. I looked down on his dark skin, his masculine
tribal shapeliness, his humongous African cock. He was beautiful.

I was going to explain to him that I was too weak to do a very good job,
but then, what did he know? All I would be able to do would be to hold him
in my mouth and suck – like a baby trying to get milk. I practically
fell onto him as I leaned over to get my head onto his stomach where I
rested it. He pulled his arm out from under me and laid it across my back,
clutching my shoulder with his hand. Nice. I moved forward to take him.
I could only get half of his hard piston into my mouth. Still it felt
amazing. For him, too, as he let out a little gasp, the moment I slurped
it in.

And then...I sucked...I just sucked. Again, there were fireworks going off
in my brain. Yes, I had just had his cock in my mouth, but that was under
the medical pretext of drinking his pee. It was a different mindset. But
now, I was SUCKING him! I was giving him a bona fide blowjob! "Ohhh," I
found myself moaning onto his man-sized boy-stick with renewed energy.
"Yeah!" he sighed out in response, giving my shoulder a squeeze.

And so, I kept it up. I sucked. Like a little baby who couldn't move (and
in my weakness, I really couldn't) I just sucked. And my cock never went
down. I sucked and moaned and hummed on him, and made my mouth water and
get him all wet. I blew. I know you don't hear about that much, but in
truth, when you blow – keeping your cheeks from puffing, but filling you
mouth with more air, it makes pressure - it squeezes the cock, giving a
wonderful and different sensation. "Ooh!" he blurted out when I did it.

I was so tired and weak from my illness, on any other occasion, I would
have just fallen asleep right here on the floor. But now, fueled by my
raging horniness and the boy of a million boylover's fantasies under my
head - in my mouth...! I would not stop. I could not. I sucked. I
sucked. I sucked and sucked and sucked.

He throbbed in my mouth – oh fuck! Every time he throbbed, I sucked or
blew a little harder, causing a verbal outburst from his 10-year-old lips,
which made me up my passion on him even more, causing him to up his, and me get the picture...

"Ooh!" he was blurting out with more regularity now, as his man-sized
peepee was throbbing constantly, feeling so hot and innocent, so naughty
and so manly in my hot, wet, sucking mouth!

"Ooh, ooh, ooh! Oh, Mr. Sam!" he called out. I think he was getting
close! "Don't worry, big guy," I managed to say by just opening my mouth
around his cock but never moving off from it. "Whatever happens, just let
it come, it will be fine." "Okay!" he gasped and I felt his delicious
appendage throb even more as I went back to my intense, yet baby-like
sucking on his chocolate lollipop.

"OOHHH!" he cried out louder now, and his skinny little body started to
move back and forth under me. To keep contact in his rising horniness, he
put both his hands on my head, running his fingers through my hair. It was
so sexy!

"OOHHH! OOHHH! OOHHH!" he was bucking his hips up now and saying his mad,
loud "OH's!" with each buck. I felt my cock leaking and half thought I was
going to start shooting my load without even touching it, such was my now
insane lust on this little boy!

I remember my first cum took a long time at my own hand and I suspected it
might take a while for Andre. "OOHHH! OOHHH! OOHHH!" he kept bucking for
the next 2 minutes, then 3, 4... He was making those involuntary fuck
motions over and over as his little body strained in the throes of
pre-orgasm, the marvelous muscles of his legs, back and ass, waiting for
his virginal peepee to catch up and send him into orbit. Was he holding
back? Was he worried about me, maybe?

Using a great deal of strength, I pushed myself up his stomach, disengaging
my mouth from his rock-hard dick. "Let it happen, Andre!" I sad, having to
almost shout over his mounting grunts, groans, and various outbursts.
"Just let your body go crazy! It doesn't matter if I get bounced around or
thrown off. You can't hurt me!" "Okay, Mister!" he managed to shout in
response as I dove back down on his prize morsel, now attacking it with
new-found vigor. I sensed he was getting close and I was determined to
take him there – to take him there and make it the best moment of his
life in the process. And fuck! I was a boylover sucking my first boycock!
It would be the best moment of my life, too!

"Oh Man!" he cried, now bucking his hips up farther and faster, causing my
head to bounce, but I fought to keep my sucking mouth on his unbelievable
tool. "OH FUCK!" he screamed, and hearing that language come out of him in
his 10-year-old but so sexy black voice - I almost creamed my pants right

"OH FUCK!" he cried again. And then I felt him grab my head and literally
lift his entire middle with my head off the floor a good foot or more.
"SSSSHHHHIIIITTTTT!!!!" he screamed almost crying. YES! He was
CUMMING!!!" Oh FUCK! I sucked on him like there was no tomorrow as he
clutched my head tightly and smashed it to his bald little boy crotch. "OH
YYYYEEESSSS!!!" he screamed as I felt the mighty, rhythmic throbbing of his
huge boy-dick. My own dick was pulsing in time, almost ready to burst
forth in its own crazy orgasm. He remained lifted up off the floor, giving
a mighty, extra thrust upward with each tantalizing throb of his supreme
fuck tool. In my weakness, it was all I could do to keep my sucking mouth
on his crazy stick, otherwise, I surely would have been jacking off.

His thrusts and throbs finally started slowing from their frenetic pace.
He gave about three more that were several seconds apart, punctuating each
one with a loud, sexy, little-boy grunt. Then, with a loud thud, he
literally fell back onto the rug, taking me with him, my head finally no
longer able to stay glued to the center of his maleness. We both laid
there panting, my head still resting on his soft, enticing stomach. I
watched his dick begin to deflate. Even that, had a hugely horny aspect
for me. "So THAT'S what a blowjob is like!" he said very happily, then
sighed. "Yup," was all I could manage. Then he reached up and started to
run his fingers through my hair again. To say, "thanks" maybe? Who cares?
It felt so wonderful.

But then: "Mister, you want my piss now? I really got piss BAD!" "Yes!" I
blurted out in a lustful guttural tone, and somehow found new strength (no
doubt fueled by my sudden new level of horniness) to get myself up on to my
knees. He wasted no time in quickly standing and bringing (nearly ramming)
his soft, but still magnificent, 4-inch tool into my mouth.

The deluge started immediately and hit the back of my throat causing me to
choke and by reflex pull off his still spurting member, and getting piss
all over me. Thankfully, he was able to stop the flow. "What's the
matter?" he asked urgently, "don't you like it?" "Yeah," I said hoarsely,
"just go slower – as slow as you can." And I sucked my horny mouth back
onto his black tool, and again, immediately, he started pissing. Oh shit!
It was marvelous. It was beyond my wildest dreams. I don't mean just the
taste which was awesome, but the entire scene, the boy, me on my knees, his
sexiness, the fact that he was giving me his piss. "HMMM!" I screamed into
his crotch, almost crying, causing him to start to back away, but I quickly
grabbed him and smashed him back into me. He let it flow freely again,
again, offering me his intimate touch in holding my head and running his
fingers through my hair.

I had to cum. I HAD to! My pants had remained down all this time, and
now, I reached under my shirt and grabbed my poor aching cock. I dare not
jack it too hard as no way was I going to start having a crazy cum right
this second and end up missing one drop of this handsome boy's offering to
me. Still, it felt great to finally get my hand on it, and knowing I was
about to cum seemed to give me new found energy – and lust:
"HHHHMMMM!!!!" I screamed again into the bald little crotch, tears of
passion coming down my face, him still slowly and deliberately pissing,
still soothingly rubbing his hands all through my hair.

It must have gone on for a full minute. It was unbelievable! It really
was like taking a big long cum – this liquid from this so sexy masculine
cock, this boy nectar from one who couldn't yet produce cum, still, sharing
with me his essence, the fruit of his body produced somewhere up inside
him. "HHHMMM!!!" I screamed over and over – half screams/half sobs,

Finally, the stream of life slowed to a dribble, then stopped. He stood
still for a moment and kept that wondrous peepee in my mouth, before he
stepped back to dislodge himself. But that was my cue – my cue to blast
off. Falling onto the floor with a thud, I jacked my dick with unbridled
lust now, needing no more than 10 seconds to start shooting out my juice.
"AAAAHHHH!!!!" I screamed, causing him to jump back and almost scaring
myself at the intensity of it. Yet still, he stood transfixed watching as
my cum continued to shoot in mighty pulses out of my raging cock. "Oh!
Oh! Oh!" I gasped. "Oh, Andre!" I had to say his name. "Oh, Andre," I
said again as I was finally coming down, "that was the best, I mean, the
best time of my life. You're the best, man!" And that was all I could
say. He smiled at me proudly.

"So that's what cum is?" he asked, looking at my dick and my messy shirt.
All I could do was nod. I was weak. Spent. "Man, you got piss all over
you!" he said (not that I really minded). But then, I didn't want the bed
to end up smelling like pee. I just had to lie there a moment and try to
recover from everything. "Well," I said feebly, "you don't have to, but if
you want, maybe you can help me get cleaned up." He paused, but only for a
second, then reached down to grab the hem of my shirt and start pulling it
up. I was able to raise up but only a little and he ended up having to use
all his strength to finally pull it over my head and get it all the way off
of me. I was panting in exhaustion.

He disappeared and came back in a minute with a wet washcloth with which he
gently wiped my face and chest of the pee and cum. He stopped when he got
to my dick, and so I, using all the strength I could muster, took the wet
cloth from him and finished the job. "Could you help me get to bed?" I
asked. But then. Something strange. Something really strange. I found
that I got up off the floor rather easily. It took me a moment to process
it, and then...oh fuck, it was working! "Andre!" I shouted, almost
scaring him, I think. "Look!" He looked at me but was confused. "Look,
how easily I got up!" I said. "It's working! I'm feeling better!" "I
made you get better?" he asked, his eyes widening and his mouth breaking
into a huge smile. Then he actually jumped up and down. So cute!
"C'mere!" I shouted and grabbed him in a hug, our naked bodies standing in
the middle of the living room, joined as one. Oh man! I felt like crying

"What time if you mother coming back for you?" I asked, as I broke the hug
and stepped back from him. "Who?" he asked. "Your mother," I said again,
"the woman who brought you here." "Aw," he answered, "that's my
grandmother and she ain't coming back."

"Oh." I wasn't sure how to proceed. " are you getting home?" I
asked. "Walk," he said. I must have given him a worried look. "I just
live right around the corner," he said, and then: "You nice." And came
back to hug me again, leaning the side of his head against my chest. He
probably didn't have anyone who ever expressed an ounce of worry about him,
or hug him either. "You want to hang out a while?" I asked, "Eat
something? Watch TV?" "Okay!" he said.

So, we hung out. I got into another t-shirt and some pajama pants. He put
his boxers on but nothing else. We laid on the bed, watching TV and
snacking (I had lots of different snacks because I was supposed to be
eating all the time). Eventually, he got close and nuzzled into me, using
my shoulder for a pillow. I put my arm around him. Oh, Andre.

After about an hour, he was ready to go. I was already feeling weak again,
but he gave me a nice drink of pee before he left, although it was only
half as much as the first time. But he said he would try to stop by

Anyway, the website said that the best and fastest cure was actually to
drink from as many different boys as possible – boys with racial and
ethnic backgrounds from all over. Apparently this kept the body guessing,
and rather than the body getting used to the pee, the body kept processing
it and building itself up faster. Hey, I had flyers out, had already put
ads out everywhere – had even called a few pastors as the doctor had

I was hopeful. Tomorrow was another day.


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